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Well be careful. ...
I just had a negligent discharge in my kitchen the other night. ... Scared the crop outta me.
Good point and pet topic of mine.
Yep, it's inevitable: if you shoot enough, you WILL have a round go off from a firearm that you are holding! Inevitable.
Oh yah yah, I've heard dozens of guys say that it NEVER did and NEVER will happen to them -- but that's just empty talk.

Have seen 3 people KILLED by negligent discharge of a firearm, and the trigger pullers were skilled shooters.

There was a time when I would fire over a thousand rounds a day from up to 4 different pows ( CAR15 with XM203, AK, SKS, M60, M79, Uzi, Swedish K, M-1, M-1 carbine, M-14, Springifelds, FN's, MP38, assorted pistols -- we had an exotic and active amory). I always felt that I was "at one" with a weapon, and that I was safe.

THEN it happened while showing an HSc to a friend. Luckily, I was always super-conscious to never point a weapon at anyone, even unloaded, bolt open, no mag, etc. -- so the round just went thru the screen door. Again, lucky that no one was passing outside.

Yep, scared the "crop" out of me. In fact, immobilized me for a second -- stunned.

I tell my kids that if anyone (especially at a party, with alcohol) is showing off their weapon, GET OUT OF THE ROOM and far away. Don't even try to convince the guy to put it away!
Do not be the unwitting victim of an unintentional discharge. Those unwitting bullets are like magnets. In fact, they find their mark better than well-aimed and intentional shots. (Anyone with snub nose experience knows this.)

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