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En Passant!

Love the car! Thanks for posting pictures. I look forward to seeing more.

You asked about gauges so I'll just go over it here. They are held in by a U shaped bracket behind the dash. It takes a little gymnastics to get to some of the screws but it isn't that difficult. Before you remove stick your camera up in there and take a photo of the wiring. Tape up each set of wires and label so there's no guesswork later. Notice the little rubber sleeves on the back of the gauges, they fall off easily.

Once you've got them out, lay them face down. Start at the bottom (six o' clock). With a nice flat blade screwdriver (say 1/8" wide and at least six inches long) GENTLY pry the rear lip of the gauge face ring away from the housing. This part is pressed into the housing. Slowly work your way around without bending it too far out and mangling it. I had to go 'round mine at least three times. I had one gauge that refused to let me in. I ended up poking a hole with a teeny tiny screwdriver so I could get behind the ring.

Slide the outer ring off being mindful of the needles. They're soft aluminum and really easy to bend so watch out when lifting the inner rings. Don't attempt to remove any needles because in most cases the gauge will lose calibration. Unscrew the back of the gauge and slide the inner components out. Use a dry brush to de-funk everything. I oiled everything with camellia oil, it's oil that smells like flowers. Look for broken gears or anything that looks problematic. I didn't have any broken internals but I assume you can buy replacement parts from VDO.

I repainted my needles with Testors red from Hobby Lobby to match my interior. Use a long brush and load it well to get the paint nice and even across the needle. Repaint your gauge rings if you like. Mine were rusty. To remove rust easily soak in white vinegar completely submerged for a few days to a week, remove and immediately dry. Go over it with a soft steel brush and you'll get clean, shiny metal. Wipe it down with xylene and paint. A Preval system is the best way to paint stuff at home if you don't have a compressor.

My housing screws were rusty and rather than replate I just cleaned the rust off and covered them with paraffin wax. Kinda messy but it works.

Put the gauges back together. Turn the gauge face down on a table and press the face ring lip back into place with a piece of wood or other object that is softer. Go around a few times until it feels seated properly. Put 'em back in the car and gaze longingly whilst you go vroom vroom!

Hope this helps!
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