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K27 7006
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Would lime to also upgrade cams and eventually go twin plug.

Starting to consider EFI, not sure why, maybe just need to spend money.
I have a good running euro cis system and I know cis extremely well but efi knowledge is limited and certainly not into tuning efi.
Also scared I am opening a can of worms that is going to lead to lots of trial and error tuning that I am not really wanting to do since I can drive and enjoy the car as is.

What I would like out of the car is better throttle response and less turbo lag/broader power band. With the latter I realize I will have to change turbos.
The first thing you have done correctly is to identify your performance needs. Now set a budget.

The one part of this that is the decider is the Ignition system. What are you going to do and use? The fuel side is all about the delivery. If the CIS delivered the fuel correctly and the AFR's are in check, the gains will be minimal. But alas, this is not the case. The electronic fueling will always win that contest. But with electronic fueling and weak ignition, you have gained nothing. Of the two, throttle response is more about ignition than fuel. What ignition are you using or going to use? Decide this first then work from there.

Turbo lag is about getting the engine to react quicker in combustion. You need exhaust energy to get the turbine to spin. Changing the turbine size helps but clips off the RPM range that can be safely used.

If the cams you have have a LSA of at least 114 you could advance the intake some to help with the lower end response too. But this will be a small change due to other constraints.

My advice is to start with the Ignition first. This same ignition can be incorporated into a full EFI system later. Then if any change can be done to the cam timing and the turbine housings, do this next. Once you have reached these limits, then re assess where you are falling short and address these areas next. Do it in a deliberate way so you FIX what you need fixing and not head down that rabbit trail so many end up. That just wastes money and gains nothing but headaches.
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