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Originally Posted by scarceller View Post
This thread has details on drop in replacements. The ones I know 100% fit and run fine are these bosch numbers:
0-280-150-364 Special all metal tip
This one should also work:

I run the 364s in my car and several others in this thread do also without issue.
You need to be very careful with just dropping in any old injector that meets the flow rate. The flow rate matters but so does the injector offset or dead time, this is the amount of time it takes the injector to fully open and to fully close. The DME compensates and calculates from the time built into the software for the stock injectors. So when you decide to pick another replacement injector this must also be accounted for.

The above 364 and 360 have very near offset times to the stock injector.

Also, Steve is correct that stock injectors don't inhibit performance they work just fine at hi flow rates. The modern injectors just atomize fuel somewhat better and this helps at real lo flow rates like idle and very light throttle. Bottom line is don't take out your stock injectors unless they have an issue! But when it comes time to replace them they are very expensive and then it may be nice to move to the more affordable modern injectors. These are not cheaper in quality, in fact they atomize fuel better but cost less because they are produced in huge volume. The injectors I'm considering for my upgrade package will be Ford 24lb injectors most likely bosch # 0-280-155-715 because they are readily available and I have the full spec sheets from Bosch. I am running these at the moment in my 84 Carrera with my MAF conversion and they run well, still testing though.
Originally Posted by scarceller View Post
The new 715 injectors would not really help MPG nor reduce carbon compared to new factory injectors. But the fact that the 715 injectors are factory new could certainly help when compared to old tired factory injectors.

However, the new chip that would support the new injectors will likely improve MPG because it's specifically tuned PartThrottle ignition table is somewhat better tuned than the factory table. Any MPG improvement would come from the better tuned PT ignition table and most likely not from the injectors alone.
Originally Posted by scarceller View Post
The 0-280-155-715 will NOT just drop in and work. It's funny you found these as I am currently testing these exact injectors in my 3.2L but they flow more fuel than the stock injectors and because they are also hi-impedance injectors they require more injector offset/on time. I had to change several parameters in the DME program to accommodate these injectors. I'm still testing them and so far they work great but they will require a custom chip to use them. Don't bother trying to install these in a stock DME, car will start and run but will run very rich. The only drop in replacements have to be lo-impedance injectors so the injector offset/on times match.
Well.....I found some info on the 715's I got today and the info comes from non-other than scarceller himself. What was your final assessment? Are you still using them?

I've got a very custom chip so I'm hoping they are as wild an improvement as my 784's have been... I can't imagine anything could be better than the 784's, but I can dream.
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