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I hope the group will excuse my posting "rant" and I'll happily take it down, but after all the help all of you have given me in this in terms of advice and steering me to the right people this really pisses me off that a self Professed "Porsche Expert" shop would act like this.

Work to bring the old girl back to life included a waste gate rebuild by Todd Turnbull; all new fuel lines from Len Cummings; Cylinder head, P-B valve guides, Vinton Guide Seals, Rocker Arms and shafts, etc. from Rennsport Systems; K27-7200 and SingleOutlet Performance Street Muffler RarlyL8 custom design) from Brian Bodart at Rarly8; complete CIS system rebuild and calibrated the fuel distributor and warm up regulator, set the plate height on the air meter, and cleaned the injectors by CIS Flowtech; full interior re-do from Robert Budd; and a Mr. Ice project from Griffiths Technical. Not to mention all the 930 Euro OEM parts from Pelican parts.

All I wanted these heroes to do was a "final tune" on the car before I went to have the interior put in. After having me drive 1+ hours to Richmond to make an appointment then having me have the local shop hold the car for 2+ months for a "slot" on their schedule, they sent me the following email:

Just a couple days before I was due to bring the car up on the trailer and truck I was getting jsut to do so.

Hi Bob,

First, I want to make sure you understand we do not have adequate storage to keep your car indoors. Second, there are items/information we need PRIOR to you bringing the car.

1. Pictures of install during different stages of install

2. Detailed receipts of labor and list of ALL parts -with ALL part numbers- replaced during install. This is very important.

3. Receipts and detail on everything that has been machined or rebuilt or repaired during reassembly.

I am sure you can appreciate the request for the level of detail needed for our specialists to sort through a rare engine that has been assembled by someone who is (assumed) not a specialist. We need to know everything that went into the internals and assembly, especially after the condition we saw everything in a few years ago.



Rachael Clark

||| Perception Motor Werks


All of the above folks jumped thought their butts to get me the details these people wanted so I could bring the car in. TODAY.. the day before I was to drive it up there I sent them an email to ensure they received the info they wanted and confirm we were still "on" for delivery tomorrow.

This is the response I received:


I sent along all of this information to our technicians and the question is, what were your expectations for this appointment? Looks as though you have already done your research and had experienced professionals install the engine and work on the car. Our technicians are uncertain where we come into play as we would be going into a large project essentially blind when these other professionals have spent so much time with your particular car.

From what we see, you have involved some of the best. Our suggestion would be to continue the intimate relationship you have started between these folks and your car.

If you have had this work done and you think there may be any issues with the work/ fine tuning, then you need to bring it back to them for a follow up. In our experience, once you have developed a relationship with a shop, it is most wise to continue that relationship through completion.

So, in conclusion, I do not see the benefit for either party for you to bring your car to us. Especially when the shop that did all the work is right in your back yard.

Given the history, this is not something we wish to get involved in. Best of luck with the completion of the Porsche.



Rachael Clark

|| | Perception Motor Werks


I realize that I'm just a retired army guy with a car and not in the same league as these people, but their sarcasm and "elitist" attitude really hacks me off. Not to mention their sarcasm toward people and companies that do great work.

Fortunately I contacted them before I had driven all the way there tomorrow to be turned away at the door.

Ok.. rant over... my apologies to all.

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