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Originally Posted by 1979-930 View Post
My interpretation of that e-mail.
"We really don't know anything about tuning a 3.3 Turbo; especially one that has been slightly modified."
It's better they declined to work on it than tried to learn with it.

+ 1

For the shop to decline now is awkward but was probably the right thing to do. One of the disadvantages about building a motor a la carte is that one shop is not responsible for the entire process. Running lean at boost is what kills these engines. Fine tuning the fueling requires a dyno as well as some type of adjustable warm up regulator if the mixture needs to be adjusted.

There are multiple mixture conditions that need to be set - idle mixture cold, idle mixture warm, cruise mix, boost mix, and redline boost mix. This is not too big of a problem when everything is stock, but becomes a lot harder when things are modified. My warm up regulator has been to Alabama three times and then to Texas as well. My fuel distributer has been to Alabama twice. Each trip takes weeks to months round trip. These Porsche professionals are terrific at what they do, but only so much can be done long distance and it is never as plug and play as we would like.

If you imagine that you are the shop that is assigned the final tuning, you get all of the responsibility (blame) if something doesn't work correctly and none of the profit for the work that was done along the way. Furthermore, if it doesn't work then you've got a car taking up space in your limited shop space for months.

My suggestion is to get the car running (timing etc) and get a data logging air fuel ratio gauge. Then do some tuning of your adjustable Brian Leask modified warm up regulator to get the afr in a reasonable range for street driving. After you get it relatively close on the street, bring it to the dyno and be prepared to fix some things and find that it messes up others.

The only alternative is to bring the car to someone like Chris Carroll at Turbokraft and let him design, build and tune your motor like what he has done for so many others on the board e.g. Hams930. Unfortunately, you are well beyond that point.

Best of luck, my car was finished two years ago and I'm still fine tuning it.....

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