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Question 914 performance characteristics

I'm curious about how my car would compare to other 914s. The only other one I've ever driven had an RX-7 rotary and auto-cross slicks. I'm sure it had modified suspension, too. Mine (suspension) has been modified also (KYB, stiffer springs, fatter tires, etc). In fact, the whole car has been slowly and incrementally modified with the "standard" inprovements. I know there are convincing arguements about the virtues/ vices of different mods (like FI/ carbs), but I wonder how far from the factory baseline I have strayed, and what a stock or almost stock 914 would drive like. So here is whar I want to know from you folks:
Is your 914 stock, or at least really almost stock except maybe tires? Briefly, how modified is it?
Are you glad it is or is not modified, in terms of driving characteristics? I'm sure we have all done what we have done to our cars has been to improve "performance", but has it been worth it? Does it really drive "better"?
I guess these questions don't apply to autocrossers or other off-street 914s.

So here is my start:
-Car has revised tires, shocks, and springs. It has been slipped two or three splines on the torsion bar and spacers under the steering rack. It has the stock anti-roll bar. Its got 40 idf carbs, a hydrualic webcam ("street-grind"), swivel feet valve adjust screws, HD oil pump, low-pressure fuel pump, short-shift kit.
- I might wish I had FI, but I do see a lot of fuel injection related posts. The webers are easy to mess with, but hard to mess up badly, but make it also a less than perfectly smooth idle. I think my throttle response is as not strong in the midrange as it is at low and high revs. The bushings are getting worn in the shift linkage, so now the short shift is sorta a handicap, really exagerating the problem (new bushings are on the way from PP, hoo-ray!!). Lastly, I wonder if the wide tires, hard springs,etc contributed significantly to my tearing the suspension off at the under battery try rust area. Anybody wanna chime in? Anybody driven more than one? Is yours different now than when you bought it?

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