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I've owned two, and driven a whooooooole bunch more.

In absolutely stock form, the 914 is primitive and reasonably civilized. I was reminded of this recently when I got to drive EJM's bone-stock (even to skinny 165-width tires!) 76 2.0 car. It was fairly comfortable over the bumpy stuff, but responded well to control inputs. The limits were not that awfully high, but the car behaved very well when it got to those limits.

I remember my old 1.8 being pretty similar, after the alignment was corrected.

My 2.0, when I bought it, was also bone-stock. It did have the stock sway bars F&R, and 195-width tires. It handled much better than the 1.8 did, as well as having more get-up-and-go. It was louder, though (my mechanic said "a well blown-out stock muffler"), and less comfortable.

Now--or rather, last time it ran--it was pretty hard-suspended for street driving. Acceptable, certainly, but not as comfy as EJM's. The limits were a whole lot higher, though. It's also got a bit more "oomph" than stock, mostly due to the Bursch muffler on it. Which is even louder than the blown-out stock muffler. Quiet it ain't.

A 914-6 drives a lot like a 914, except that it will accelerate and it will brake. Even the stock 110 HP 2.0 T-spec original Six motor will propel the car with more gusto than the 2.0 Type IV will. It also sounds worlds better. (And having the 911 "M" brakes up front helps as well.) More-advanced 914-6es start getting pretty incredible pretty quickly. The 993 VarioRam-equipped Six I've driven was absolutely unbelievable.

The 911 doesn't drive that differently from a 914-6, but you can feel the extra weight in the car. It also does have a tendency to "poke its hips out" from time to time, and is easier to hang the tail out when you are incautious.

But all in all, it's not all that different!

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