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Thought I'd Chime in. I have posted pics of my "unmolested" 82 Hammerhead. Getting any HARD evidence on these one-offs is nearly impossible. I have posted of my issues with mine. The original owner is still alive and we are still searching for more paperwork. I was told by Porsche classics division reps just what onboost said, it was the wild-west at Werks I. Maybe build sheets some day, who knows.
Mine was imported specifically under a "racing only" title. Due to headlight issues, mainly, it was not considered "street legal" by US DOT. I personally have never seen or heard of one with dual pop-ups. The vents are a completely different issue. Sorry, in my research and opinion, it may be factory but added after (possibly by the factory) the model 82 year.
Yes, I have gotten it from more than one source at Porsche that only 10 were built. Again, mine was originally ordered to race with the thought that the hammerhead added some aerodynamic edge to the car. Other than the hammerhead, it had very little in the way of options as it was going to be stripped to track. Luckily, never got to the track!
Yes, again. Parts were sourced from other places than WERKS I. Speaking to the factory reps in Germany, I was told the valance was fabricated off-site, one at a time. These are fiberglass and Porsche did not have the factory set-up to do this work (at least in 82). This caused a huge backup in the order to delivery time. I've gotten various answers as to how the fenders were fabricated. The 2 most popular answers: 1-"coke" bottles were cut out, new metal welding in, polished then fitted to the car, 2-(my most likely thought)that each set had to be hand fabricated from a "buck" as they made so few they didn't have a model to "stamp" the sheet metal. I think this as the profile is much wider at the bumper than a stock 930. With the amount of work involved to cut, weld, finish...would be easier to hand hammer as so few were made. This was a VERY expensive option. From order to delivery, mine took 9 months to fabricate.
Just my opinion. I know the issues with getting hard documentation. This one would be WAY ahead of the 82 I have as the vents came along later and the pop-ups don't make sense. You can look back to the photo I posted of mine, dual headlights both sides. Porsche reps confirmed in writing that this is how the 82 was built. Certainly not saying not factory, but it's going to have to be documented out the wazoo for me to believe it. Good Luck in getting your paperwork, you'll need it!!
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