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So to determine the optimum value should I look for richest VE cell or some other measurable unit?

This morning I tried from 400 to 450. Nothing tha tI could feel different but I still have massive lean spots of idle light accell. I tried richening those cells a lot but still lean stumble. Yesterday I tried to lean those cells (if the lean stumble was too rich --> no ignition --> read lean) but that was not it.

My TPS still gives too low numbers low revs so I cant dial AE to help small trhottle inputs. After the stumble it goes very rich on low kpa cells. The same happens when WOT. First lean surge and after AE rich for some time. I have tried to adjust but still work to do and I even added MAP AE to the mix to counter TPS problems.

My ms3 reads 12.4-12.2 Volts and my Voltage gauge reads 13.1? I also measured only 3-4Volts from Vref. This could make TPS wonky? One time I saw both CLT and MAT jump up at the same time the voltage droped from 12.4 to 12.2V. I think my CLT sensor tip touches cylinder head once in a while as I had to dremel it thinner to be able to squeese it in between the fins on cyl4.

I have a new high Amp alternator to install next winter but I guess I can check the wiring once more.

EDIT: After some battery voltage calibration searches I think my main problem is the vref being too low. Might even be bad wiring as vref should be at least 4.7 at any sensor and mine shows about 3-4Volts? All sensors seem to work so hopefully not ground to vref issue but maybe short somewhere. BUT, the low vref should in theory rise the ts vbat not make it lower (maybe this behavior is different from ms2 to ms3pro?)

EDIT2: I might have had one sensor ground momentarily on the vref when I measured those voltages above ( I remember switching some wires around) but now they were really good at 4.95V. Alternator is having hard time as battery was 12.95 not running and 13.1 running and injector 4 had 12.5V running. I need to check what ts batV shows and adjust the difference for the 12.5 V the injector sees. Injectors are from relay for fuel pump and Injectors. Should I hunt where the 0.5-0.6V goes between battery and injector?
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