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You are a brilliant engineer and always enjoy your thoughts.
I did read the post on engine bearings and how they work.
My immediate thought goes to the IMS issues for several years of Porsche Engines ...including my 2000 Boxster.
The article notes the big issues are
-Oil starvation with high load (extreme would be no or low oil)
-low rotation speed (low RPM's ....hence no pressure )
-low viscosity ( thin oil easily squeezed out between components)
-elevated temp (decreases oil viscosity)

So the simplicity is........we need more oil capacity, higher RPM's , higher oil viscosity and the ability to keep the temperature of oil lower.
Also any effect to reduce the creation of air from moving parts which reduces viscosity and increases heat ....Air will heat faster than oil (I think?) and also replaces the oil film surfaces with air so less oil and increased metal to metal contact and wear.

Since our engines have a fixed oil capacity the variables we can change that will .....reduce wear to engine components hence reduce possible failure and longer life are basically controlled by the oil pump, the oil and any modifications that will reduce air mixed in oil ,lower temperatures of components, increase viscosity ( only to a point based on temperature ) improve flow and pressure to an optimum .
So an efficient oil pump that reduces air and improves flow at low RPMS and creates more pressure seems like a good thing.

That seems to be what Porsche has done ( not sure given the IMS problems ...but it's generally accepted that low mileage engines that sit and are driven like little old ladies (low RPMs ) and others are doing with their redesign of older pumps .
I am trusting that those re-engineering old style oil pumps are addressing the basics of undesirable effects.

But Chris you are correct that real proof is needed....but seems many of the ill effects are controlled by the driver .......oil type/capacity, RPMs and oil cooling. But engineering of pumps and engine components should be able to adresss other nasty effects.

Chris ...get work on these !

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