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Originally Posted by puff View Post
What are these simpler options?!
Well, compared to 25usd for injector and 15aud for the pressure sensor, ~$100 local pricetag for a dampfer is a bit too much.
In the discussion there was "FD end" term - FD stands for feed?
What's the purpose of this dampfer? Remove pressure fluctuations caused by injector? Am I right in understanding that all of them (pressure sensor, bigger hole of the upper two holes, the side channel of the fuel injector and the dampfer) are connected to one chamber?
Have you published the model of your metering block? (Panning and tilting it freehand makes it much easier to understand the way it's been machined)

Next, has anyone made calculations with formulas to learn the duty cycle on the injector needed for a certain pressure drop? Or this figure is different depending on the initial pressure? If it is PID-regulated, then it's nice to know these very P,I,D?
I lost my sleep because of this project))
You could do an arduino if you really want to roll your own. Not sure if there is a 'duino that is suitably hardened for use in an engine compartment, but I wouldn't be surprised. Of course you are rolling your own and very quickly as you add features the level of complexity rises.

Another gent in here used a picaxe I think to do a simple controller.

I plan on using my FCIS MS to control ignition as well, don't try that with a 'duino.

I love the 'duino and have all sorts of them around my house, from devices to open hotel room door locks to a modification on my 10 year old coffee maker to control it with alexa, but I looked at this project and decided it wasn't reasonable.
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