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just ordered a pressure sensor and a thread taper - wanna learn, what's going on there right now. gonna make an adaptor of brass and a custom banjo bolt to fit it onto my current WUR.

do you know, what's the thread of that pressure damper? still can't understand, what are your findings: you've mentioned in the other thread that you've installed it on the FD side, plus the type of hoses also plays a role (either they are rigid and made of steel, or they are made of rubber, which also helps take pulses away). some other people report that it's not needed at all. however, just found some new items on ebay for ~$35 shipped, which seems okay.

there are still some more questions:
1. why does microsquirt need to know your RPM (in the simplest config, just to replace WUR?)
2. with the cost of microsquirt, why do you all guys still prefer to stay with CIS, instead of going full EFI? I am adored with the elegance of your solution, but I can't justify my decision of going this way. I just feel like doing that - although it sounds quite irrational %-)
3. how does this thing acts (or is expected to act) during cranking and close-throttle deceleration?
4. speaking about your metering unit - is it just the matter of geometrical overlaps/intersections of various openings, or there was a lot of try and error defining exact proportions/size of these intersections. I am about to launch my own cnc milling machine, and it seems that would be a nice test project, but it would be sort of a disappointment, if because of the wrong size or the wrong location of these overlaps it won't work as expected.
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