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My "ReFuze" panel upgrade adventure

Howdy All,

As my title suggests, I will be documenting my experiences and adventures in this post. It will be my intent to hopefully assist other members on this great forum who may be contemplating this type of upgrade. I will document my experiences as well as any mistakes I will make along the way. Essentially I am sure this will be a source of entertainment for the electrical masters that lurk on Pelican.

I consider myself technically gifted enough to be willing to give things a go as long as I feel they are within my scope. That said, I can muddle myself through electrical and always say I know enough to be "really" dangerous. Having had a 66 Dub and experiencing electrical gremlins surrounding the old torpedo German Fuses, I knew I would prefer to upgrade them to something more modern in the 78 SC.

When I decided to pull the proverbial trigger, there was one ATO fuse panel that kept popping up, the one being offered by CR out of the U.K. that is based on a Circut board with multiple soldered points for each fuse. Many fine Pelican's have used this upgrade and documented their experiences with this particular product without any discernible issues and have really liked the upgrade relating to reliability, safety and convenience. CR also offers many other high speed upgrades for our cars as well. In a conversation with our own "timmy2", another possible upgrade option was brought to my attention. An item he has had experience on customers cars. Those that know "timmy2" will probably agree that he knows his "stuff" when it comes to the electrical nuances of these great cars. This company he brought to my attention is based in CA and the panel is produced by CDD Autogear offering the "ReFuze" upgrade as well. The great thing is that our host offered both of these options and one can review both options and their prices are within a few dollars of each other, so my Q&A began with both companies via emails, online research and a phone call. It wasn't an easy decision to make what platform to try out.

Fast forward to a week later when I sent an email to the CDD Autogear Company, on a Friday late evening or early Saturday morning I don't exactly recall, with the expectation of hearing back from the following week during "normal" business hours and something I would expect to be totally normal. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised when I received a quick reply and a personal phone call the next day from the owner, Alan. We had a very pleasant conversation about what I was looking for as well as his background and product information. Alan is a first rate Porsche Enthusiest who has enjoyed these cars for a long time. It was immediately evident that he is passionate and knows how things are suppose to be done and done correctly. During our conversation, I explained my interest in possibly adding an accessory or two at some future point and would like the idea of these items having a clean fused power source. After listening to Alan's suggestions, we agreed upon a viable solution for my particular needs. I also felt that the conversation was very educational and I benefitted greatly for the call. If also helped that Alan is a very nice guy who is easy to talk to.

After the call ended, I reviewed all of my compiled data and it was clear to me what the best choice for me, the ReFuze option by CCD. Included in his kit for our 78 911 SC, the three fuze engine bay block is included. This is an added bonus since I could not get it confirmed if this was included in the other manufactured item.

In addition to the ReFuze kit for our car, I added another three fuse block so I can run additional fused accessories in the future which adds an element o safety to our cars aging electrical systems. I placed the order Wednesday morning and it arrived the next afternoon. I cannot get a letter from Placerville to Sacramento that fast and I'm only 45 miles away. When I opened the package, it was immediately obvious that I made the right choice. Upon inspection, the quality is immediately evident. The blocks are well designed, rugged and will be able to stand up to the riggers of 911 driving. The fuse block have a solid rugged feel and the attention to detail is impressive without any sacrifice to appearance. It's hard to put into words, but if you ever get a chance to personally inspect his products, you will know what I am attempting to describe. The kit includes the necessary zip ties, mounting hardware and fuses.

I will post my progress as I go. Between work and family commitments including helping my aging parents, I'll update as much as I can over the next few weeks.

Thanks for checking in,
Cheers "Bugs"
Aka Trevor

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