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When I took the CIS Flowtech 007 modified fuel head I used to have completely apart to rebuild it with a Salvox rebuild kit which includes the rubber diaphragm and all the o-rings I could see some rough machine work inside the hole the control plunger fits into that did not look like it was done by Bosch.

The Bosch machine work was nearly smooth as glass everywhere.
The hole in the fuel head the control plunger cylinder slides into has a little bit wider area machined around where the six metering slits are in the steel control plunger cylinder.
That area was around 14 mm long and it had surface scratches that looked like maybe Larry machined that area wider so fuel would have a little more room to accumulate and change direction before it was pushed through the 6 metering slits.

When I did a flow test with all 6 injectors on the lines they all flowed real close to equal amounts.

It looked like he adjusted them to flow as much as possible by starting with all six 3mm allen screws screwed in all the way and then left the one that flowed the least amount of fuel screwed in all the way and then slowly backed the other 5 out by gradually turning the 3mm allen head screws counter clockwise to decrease spring tension on the small disc valve that is pressed against a metering orifice under the injector line fitting in the fuel head until they all flowed the same amount of fuel as the one that was screwed in all the way.

Larry won't tell you what he does but he likes talking about going fishing or maybe he was just trying to change the subject while I was asking about the 007 fuel head modifications. It was around 10 years ago that I talked to him.

He asked me to not tell people what he did when modifying them.
If you don't have a CIS fuel head test bench and a machine shop to do what he does to them I don't think I'm hurting his business by telling what I do know.
930 fuel head mods are a small amount of what he does. The majority of his work is rebuilding CIS fuel heads from old Mercedes sedans. There are a still lot of those out there being driven daily.
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