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With some tuning I've got it so it is running 13.5-14.0 AFR's at steady state cruise and 10.0-11.0 at full boost. I had it on the dyno today to confirm and it pulled 330 HP and 321 lbft at the wheels on the Dynojet at Carburetor Connection in Kirkland WA. That was with a 0.5 bar spring still in the wastegate. It has a boost spike that builds from 0.5 to 0.8 bar from 4k to 5.5k rpm, and then it drops back down to a steady 0.5 bar till 7k redline.

You can see on the dyno chart where boost settles from 0.8 bar back down to 0.5 bar at 5,500 rpm. After talking with Chris C at Turbokraft, the next step is to install an electronic boost controller and start turning up the wick. The EBC should mask the spike and incorporate into the higher boost levels. Chris feels it should be safe up to 1.0 bar with his intercooler and the 964 cams which lower the dynamic compression a bit. Hope to have the EBC on ASAP, see about what retuning is needed, and then return to the dyno to document the improvements.
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