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Had some people ask more about the torsion tube replacement. Ill try to explain what we did, keep in mind there are many ways to get to the end result. This is just the path we took. One of the reasons we did it this way was because I really really didn't want to cut the back seats out of the car, then weld them back in. There are 3 pieces of steel used on each side. The inner, the really inner and the outer sheet metal. The order to replace was important in order to get full welds 360 degrees around the torque tube. The inner piece kinda gets extra weld. It gets it from the inside and as much as we can from under the car.

We started with the used donor replacement tube. I cut off the surrounding metal with a power saw and used a wiz wheel to ground out the factor welds. I was left with a round tube with the transmission mounts still left on. I then bead blasted the part and painted with epoxy primer. Knowing that some of the tube will have to be cleaned off to weld.

The old tube in the car was cut out using a small wiz wheel. I figured a saw might not be safe. I cut a square hole in the tube from the underneath, enough to get the wiz wheel inside the hold. Then I twisted it to just cut a line all around the tube. Then repeated on the other side. There was still metal that needed to be cut out. So I made some rough cuts, square, to get the remaining torque tube out.

Not a lot of rust but its a lot more metal will need to be removed in order for the tube to be fitted.

Next we trimmed the area for the new metal starting inside out. The holes are already made in the new panels. The tube was bolted to the jig fixture and the inner sheet metal was lined up and tack welded in place. Now here is where we got cheeky. The torque tube was pulled out to give us access to the back of the sheet metal. This was we were to guarantee that it was welded in the 90 degree corner.

Then the torque tube was put back on the jig, bolted up and welded 360 degree around starting from the outside. We did as much as we could from the underneath of the car but maybe only 270 degrees. Its welded on the other side so that didn't matter much.

Next was just working inside out. Doing the middle panel, then the outer. All the time having at least 3 points connected to the jig. Some shims were used to take out some friction in the tube. We are talking 1000/th of an inch.

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