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Porsche Crest Project Heavy Metal - an all steel classic, remastered

First – my apologies for the title. Maybe it’s a little over the top. Too much. That’s not really my style. But I wanted it to be catchy, and exciting. It should probably be titled “OMG not another backdate”. My second choice for a thread title was “Project Snowball - a body in white...” but that was a bit girlie I thought. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

So, this is a catchy-titled new thread on an old project (spoiler alert – clicking the link below will take you back in time to 2013).

Old member, new project, obligatory pics.

That gives a bit of background on the car and my starting point. A good solid SC with a bit of character, and an interesting past, but a with a mismatched CIS motor that didn’t really run well and some questionable details. This new thread begins at the beginning, but ends partway through, with a body shell, painted, in Single Stage Grand Prix White. I like to think I am as far down the slippery slope as I can get by now. Except that means it’s all uphill from here?

In this thread I’ll present the preparation of the body shell from start to finish, and focus mostly on details that relate to doing a backdate in a fairly accurate, factory correct manner. There are a lot of things that are people miss, or ignore, or simply don’t realize, about the process. I had no clue about most of this when I started, so this thread is my best attempt at giving back a bit. I’m a bit of a detail fanatic. Things bug me if they aren’t just so….. you’ll see. I’ve learned to accept that I have a problem. Maybe several. I try to use them to my advantage.

Now of course there is no right or wrong, everyone does things differently, but my hope is to re-create the longhood driving experience, as convincingly as possible, but amplified. A 73 911, but a little cleaner, lower, meaner, faster, lighter, louder and shinier than the real thing. Maybe put together with a bit more care than the production line allowed for. Along the way I’m discovering that every impact bumper car has a longhood hiding inside it waiting to get out…. This thread documents some of that. Full disclosure – the car isn’t done. It’s painted. I work slowly. Don’t get your hopes up too much. I’ll get caught up to present day over the next few weeks but updates might be sparse after that. I’ll try to keep at it, and keep up with updates in real time as I move (hopefully quickly!) forward. I am selfishly using you guys and gals as motivation to keep at it.

Once I got the car, I did what any reasonable person would do. I put it in storage and tried to forget about it. It didn’t work. I had rented some garage space a half hour away where I could access the car, jack it up and have a good look-see, and even disassembled the front end in an effort to assess the condition of the tub. It was about this time that I caught the backdate bug. It’s a real thing. I think maybe it’s a strain of tetanus. Apparently it’s drug resistant.

I started to obsessively research doing a backdate and shop for parts. The asking prices at the time for nice used steel hoods, fenders, etc. were not much less than brand new, genuine parts direct from Porsche. In some cases the asking prices for rusty, dented, crappy hoods were more than I paid for new. So I bought all new body parts from the factory. For me, having fresh new sheet metal, shipped to my door in one easy purchase, made it an easy decision. And I started to accumulate some other bits too. Reading the PET is dangerous.

I got a hood, front fenders, steel “S” bumper, and steel RS touring rear bumpers (really!!!) from Porsche. Probably a bunch of other stuff I’m forgetting. I got a new front latch panel, suspension pan, fuel tank support, etc. from Restoration Design, along with a reproduction alloy decklid (a Christmas present… “To: Me. Love, Me.”) I drilled it for the gold emblems 911 and P O R S C H E. I displayed it in the living room for as long as I thought I could get away with. Not long really.

Fast forward a bit and I found a really nice shop space, perfect for my needs, large enough, well lit, 12 ft. ceilings, gas heat, affordable rent and a 3 minute drive from my house. It’s in an older neighborhood and backs onto a laneway so nobody is going to complain about a little noise, paint fumes, etc. I’d been without a place to work since I gave up my last shop in 2007 order to quit my j-o-b and start a business. That’s working out OK for me, so I have some free time here and there to play with cars and bikes. Nice to have a shop again and have dirt under my fingernails and primer dust everywhere.

The shop is small by most people’s standards but I can only work on one thing at a time…. parts and cars have a habit of expanding to fill the available space anyway, so less shop = fewer headaches. And I have storage elsewhere.

Finally a year or so into my ownership of this 78 I got to work on it in earnest. My original plan when I first got the car was to do it as a hot rod impact bumper “Beater” SC, keeping the groovetastic P359 Mottled Cork Interior. I even bought a Blaupunkt cassette player to fit the hole in the dash left by the CD player that I couldn’t stand to look at. I was also going to put EFI on it and started to research throttle bodies and injection, when a funny thing happened – somehow Mechanical Fuel Injection grabbed my attention. Initially I thought the throttles and stacks could be a great basis for an EFI system….. but then I learned more and more about the MFI system and became thoroughly fascinated. I am probably going to be very, very, very sorry I ever did this, but I dove headfirst into buying MFI pumps, throttle bodies, stacks, air cleaners, fuel filter consoles, you name it. I have two of everything. 3 of some things. I have a brand new 2.7RS space cam from Bosch. Injectors. Lines. Wiring diagrams. Reams of papers and books (some of them in English). And I have started to build a test bench for the pump. Fun stuff. All this started driving the project in a certain direction.

But never mind that. That’s for another thread. By the time I ever get to that we will probably have flying cars and I’ll have to buy gas on the black market. Point being, the possibility of MFI on a 3.2SS in a galvanised steel backdated body, was just too yummy to ignore and the plan for the car really started to gel.

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