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Ok, second round of 2 cent advice, Realizing you have limited money to spend and want a 911 engine for your 914.

Do you have the oil tank, hoses, mount etc, to put a 6 in your existing car?
Oil tank $700
Hoses $350
Mount $$300 Plus install
If you do a 2.5 or 2.7 you probably need a additional cooler and hoses $350;

2.0L case and bearings, bored for 90mm jugs. Oil bypass mod, case savers, no squirters.

The way the case is set up its really only good for T cast iron cylinders but has been bored for 90mm Aluminum cylinders. Adding piston squirters this is $440 from Ollies. sell case or get squirters installed. If you had a case for 2.2/2.4 cylinders cast iron T P&C a good used set is less expensive.

Measured/checked and is ready to go
-2.0L (66mm) Counterweight crank and bearings ready to go
Worth some money sell to fund project. Displacement will get you more on limited budget.

-2.7L (70.4mm?) crank with damaged/undersized rod journal
Not worth much but 1st under rod bearings are same cost as standard. Keep and use.

-2.7L and 2.0L rods
Sell 2.0 rods with crank or separate
-2.0L heads, rebuilt
Sell and buy later heads. The set you have will probably require machine work to use with 90mm Cylinders. Factor this in vs selling and purchasing later that need rebuild

-Worn 90mm Alusil jugs, good matching CIS pistons
Cylinders Worth about $200 in credit with EBS so that's about market value. Either need to re-plate for around $1200 (and still need pistons) or find a set of NiKasil in spec if you want to reuse with aftermarket pistons I got a set of good Nikasil in the last year for $500 but looked for about 6 months. Still need pistons the ones you have are not very usable.
Set of Je pistons is about $1000. Might get lucky and find are usable set of stock use 2.7 P&C but will be limited on cam selection

-Worn cams which will be sent to Dougherty for a new grind
You might be able to go next most aggressive cam, grind around $400
-4 rib oil pump
-Set of Weber 40IDAs
If in good shape and set up for your eventual engine configuration really nice.

In the end no inexpensive way to do what you want. Might look into building a 4 cyl for now if funds are limited as you could build/buy a 4 for the cost of the supporting hardware for a 6 swap.

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