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Well let's try this again.....

After toying with adding Euro Foglights to my car and reading up on various forums as to which is the best way to hook them up, I am finally taking the plunge and installing these.

The following is a "how to" of sorts related to the options available, installation, and a lot of details surrounding it. I apologize if this gets too technical for some - lots of wiring diagrams are coming up. Why am I doing this? Well, mostly to start some discussion about this mod to our cars, plus this whole procedure is at best poorly documented on all of the major 944 boards - too many people keeping things "close to the vest" or not taking the time to document what they did.

Euro Foglight Lenses:

The first step in the process is obtaining a set of euro foglight lenses, or to make your own set from a set of USA foglight lenses and a set of cracked lenses. Since making a set is a *LOT* cheaper than spending the $200/ea for the lenses, I chose to make mine.

To do this, either obtain a set of driving light lenses from a set of broken euro foglights (Best), or make their equivalent from some USA lens reflectors and hardware. In my case I bought off of Fleabay a cracked euro fog lens for one side, and used US spec hardware from a fellow Pelicanite for the other side.

There are some differences in the two approaches, which I try to highlight below. The following pictures show the differences in how the lenses are secured using the Euro DL hardware (first picture) and what needs to be done to convert a US version lens. Here is the Euro Foglight with the Driving Light (DL) mounted in place (I am using 1 OEM and 1 homebuilt mounting screw in this picture):

For the US conversion, the reflector lens is actually the same one as used for the foglights, but with a light shield (Euro DL on Left, US fog on Right). The dimensions are the same for each, making a conversion possible:

You first need to remove the shield for the bulb in the foglight reflector. I did this by drilling out the rivet on the backside of the reflector and wrestling the shield out. The rivet was where the lower hole is in the middle stamped piece:

Once the reflector is set up to be a driving light, there are some other modifications that need to be done to mount it into the DL location. The Euro DL hardware uses a "C" type plastic runner to guide the lens through its adjustments. The US foglights instead use a "Blade" type runner. The two posts that are used to hold the lens in place need to be carefully modified to work with the foglight plastic runners. I used a hacksaw to carefully remove the inner material in each post, so that the runners could slide between them:

The other thing that needs to be done is to add some adjustment screws for the DL's. This is not as simple as first thought, as the DL's screws are longer than those used for the foglights. I was able to obtain screws at my local Ace store (~130mm/M4x0.7, with a nylok M4 nut) that matched the OEM hardware closely (Top 2 are OEM foglight adjustment screws, lowest one is OEM DL adjustment screw):

The holes for these adjustment screws in the USA lenses are closed, likely to prevent moisture from getting into the lens. You therefore need to use a drill to open them up enough to allow the screws to go in. I also used a rubber washer at the screwhead to help prevent water from getting into the lens - the same setup as is used for the foglight adjustment screws.

Once you have assembled all of the items the lenses should look like those in the pictures below. I have verified that there is enough room in the lens assemblies to fit all of the above hardware, and the units are now installed in my car.

Next step is to wire the units up....
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