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With the wiring harness and Bridge Adapter modifications completed, the next step was to add wires to the main wiring harness for the driving lights. Block "C" of the main wiring harness contains the connections in question, C21 and C31. To add these wires, two blade receptacles from the old wiring harness were removed.

The C block of the wiring harness can be easily opened up using a small blade screwdriver:

The locations where the DL wires need to be inserted are circled in red:

The block lower than the one you are modifying also has to be separated, as there are 2 plastic retaining pins that hold the receptacle in place. Once the wires are inserted, close up the connector block by snapping things back together.

Routing the wires out into the engine compartment was fairly straightforward, as there was a blank firewall plug just below the fuse panel:

Punch a hole in the grommet and run the wires, then put the fuse panel back in position. Here you can see the wire added to the G6 bridge adapter Pin #7 that goes into the passenger's compartment to Pin #2 of the DL switch:

The last items to do are to complete wiring the DL switch into the dashboard, and completing the wiring from the fuse panel to the driving lights.

A second connector to mate with the DL switch was wired into the car as follows:

1) Pin #5 was soldered to a wire connected to Pin #56a of the turn signal stalk connector.
2) Pin #1 was soldered to Pin #1 of the existing foglight switch
3) Pin #2 was connected to the wire routed out from Pin #7 of G6 on the fuse panel
4) Circuit #57 needs to be connected to Pin #6 of the DL switch. This can be done by soldering a wire from the DL's connector in the wiring harness to Pin #57 located in the Headlight switch connector. Pull the connector apart and solder the new wire into the existing terminal. This is the white wire coming out of the headlight switch, outside of the wiring harness.

For wiring the driving lights from the fuse panel, 2 wires were run out of the firewall. The driver's side wire followed the wiring harness along the framerail to the light. The passenger's side wire was routed up along the firewall over to the cruise control, then down to the light.

Since there is only a single hole in the front bumper cover for running wires to the foglights/DL's, a 3rd wire was punched through the rubber grommet and used for the DL connection. Bullet style connectors were used. The ground wire was connected to the foglight ground wire:

After connecting everything up, the lights were aimed properly, and the logic tested. Everything is working as shown in the logic table above.

Here is a summary of the changes needed to make this conversion:

I hope that this helps others who are thinking of adding Euro Fog lights; at least it will help me to be able to keep things straight if I want to change things around later on.

Cheers, Keith
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