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power prom/standard dme update.

i just had to pen this update !
with my emissions test{final one} now out of the way, i am back to running on power prom.
prior to said test, i switched onto standard dme settings, and sticking to 91 oct, ran the car for 4 weeks. hitting the rev limiter{first time for me, actually}was quite a surprise, at around 55mph in 2nd gear. thought my engine had blown!!
a new air filter, fuel filter, wires, dist cap/roter etc etc, had made the engine quite willing to rev freely, and i was enjoying driving the car again.
then after the test, i switched back to power prom, after 4 weeks. well, what a difference. talk about night and day!
you know the feeling when you have finished work for the weekend, its a beautiful day, sun shining etc. some bozo in large suv tailgating me all the way up woodward avenue {detroit custom cruise fame} so i let it all go at the lights, nice easy start, no 5k drop the clutch, and when pedal is all the way up, put on the lead boots. very surprised look on bozo's face, as i pull away from him quite handily, but even more surprising to me, was i changed up into 3rd gear, at 63 mph in 2nd gear, and not at rev-limiter!
oh well, i was a teenager once, you know!
what a difference, in how the car responds. standard, flooring it in second, you kinda wait until the revs hit around 3k/3.5k, and then you feel the willingness. power setting, it really gives from 2k, and really motors from 4k up.
i dont drive like this all the time, but its quite a change over stock.
the driveability is so much better, you dont have to put your foot down from the lights, just to keep up with all the other traffic.
i dont give a damn, for the inflated promises that some people/business give about their parts. i see it in all other areas.
what i do know, is that this chip has transformed the engines characteristics, and i'm not talking about bhp. its the way it makes the car more driveable, in any gear, and its a real pleasure to enjoy the wider power band.
i dont mean to sound like an advertisement for FR.W, but as far as i'm concerned, and for my car, this dme upgrade has been well worth it.

regards, bob.
1984 944 na.
FR. WILK power prom/dual chip.
2005 buick. daily beater
2002 grand am--better halfs ride.
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