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  1. Trickle-down Economics
  2. Practically the entire southeast is horrible for poor children trying to get ahead
  3. Good job guys! Another Democrat jumps the reservation (and an employee)!
  4. Even more bad news for the Cons.
  5. And not a single **** was given
  6. Obama amnesty creates loophole for illegal immigrants to vote in elections
  7. Angry white atheist shoots three Muslims.
  8. The Clown Commercial, it's on buzzfeed
  9. Why lefty's support Islam/Muslims.....
  10. libt*rd lament
  11. Sowell on obaama's last apology tour
  12. Obama to pay illegals tax refunds for years they weren't in US
  13. DMV and Illegals in CA
  14. Joe Bi-den's butt buddy
  15. 0.2% of welfare applicants use illegal drugs
  16. Ain't It Strange
  17. Another Liberal win!
  18. Our government supplies the enemy.
  19. Good job, make him look bad with his veto
  20. Comfortably Numb
  21. We don need no ground troops---
  22. Left-Wing Activist Manipulates the Media to Spread His Message
  23. The IRS Will Seize Your Legally-Earned Money If You Deposit It The Wrong Way...
  24. I thought ISIS was under control and......
  25. Good job guys! Another nutcon goes off the reservation.
  26. It Has Come Back To Haunt You
  27. Hey TABS, heads up!
  28. So is he right ? Has Sarah hit her expiration date ?
  29. MSNBC host Harris-Perry to AG Holder...Would you quack like a duck for us?
  30. Harry Reid
  31. Sharyl Attkisson: Why Did Hillary Survive a Brian Williams-like Tale?
  32. Randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris
  33. Jeb, going for the female vote!
  34. Down with EBT, yah you know me
  35. Which came first?
  36. Why is this disgusting, racist thread allowed on ANY Pelican forum?
  37. Dem POTUS candidate pool?
  38. I'm sure that.....
  39. The Stupidity At Fox
  40. Who is supplying ISIL with arms?
  41. These Nine Maps Show How The GOP is Destroying Southern States
  42. Obama is not the only one
  43. Duplicate ignore
  44. Warrior King...quotes Eastwood
  45. It's good to be the king
  46. Death by Prescription in Rural (Red State) America
  47. WTF just happened?
  48. January 2015 Jobs Report
  49. The High Horse
  50. The Doctors said it is a miracle of God
  51. This guy POTUS (aka POS) is over the edge
  52. The Reason Why President Obama Will Not Say Islamic Jihad
  53. You won't see this on NBC
  54. San Francisco Min wage
  55. The MSM and their lies...
  56. Special PARF thread for the kids.....Jordan pilot burned
  57. King Abdullah II for president
  58. Bad news for Detroit- 10 reasons- and no, this isnt from The Onion
  59. Food stamps, who gets em.
  60. War Is A Shot Away
  61. The President Says, "ISIS Is A Bankrupt Ideology"
  62. "Profiling the POTUS "
  63. Ok, rhetoric aside, what would you do about Islam vs. The West?
  64. The GOP bozo show.
  65. Carley Fiorina may enter
  66. Jeb bush exposed
  67. President Stupid
  68. Bad New For Red States - worst foods for sex
  69. How much is too much before the world strikes back?
  70. It's a New Day in Texas
  71. Hillary is gonna be our next Prez and I'm...
  72. Why are many so-called liberals so RIGID!
  73. Jebs the frontrunner?
  74. Yanis. The most significant economist in the EU
  75. Over At Fox They Don't Have To Be Clear
  76. Over At Fox They Don't Have To Be Clear
  77. Job growth? Not for Americans.
  78. A Correct Anthropological Theory: I think I'll have a beer!
  79. Woman tells Muslims a thing or two
  80. Much like gambling at Rick's . . .
  81. Good news for Obamacare Haters
  82. George gets off again, liberal heads explode
  83. you have a right to counsel until we say you dont
  84. Killing OBL
  85. Proof of Climate Change.....
  86. Hillary explains the Lewinski misunderstanding
  87. Nothing on Mr Obama's replacement for Mr Holder?
  88. Obamanomics that even Dems hate
  89. Kissin cousins
  90. 7 DOJ Lawyers Banned from Court in F&F Case...
  91. Four Star General Wesley Clark Says On FOX That Obama Is A Failure
  92. FAUX News Gets Owned by Children
  93. We Are Subjects...
  94. A little History for our ProLibs
  95. Calif DMV
  96. Red States Are Killing Women In Their Prime
  97. Koch is the reason that Republicans want their pipe
  98. Red States Are Killing Men In Their Prime
  99. Red States Are Killing Children
  100. Red States Are Ready To Explode
  101. Red States (Rural South) are Dying
  102. Poll: Which of these opinions is closest to your own?
  103. Seriously WTF?
  104. FYI...who funds the 'anti frackers'
  105. Sarah Palin..the whole world is laughing
  106. War/anti war movies
  107. L.A. Prosecutor gets one right!
  108. Power goes out for 2 weeks. Are you prepared?
  109. Bergdahl Charged with Desertion !
  110. Yay - Team Obama - another success story
  111. A Muslim minority
  112. Met with Obama
  113. Chuck Norris is comming for you libs next! ;-)
  114. More bad news for the Cons
  115. WH, won't interfere with Japan, another bozo moment
  116. So This Is What It Looks Like
  117. Map: 16 states have more people in prisons and jails than college housing
  118. Am I depotable?
  119. The Olsteens Take on Why Go to Church...
  120. How do you feel about (Google's) version of the future?
  121. AQ is gone, dead, Yemen is our star
  122. Life expectancy ... Red states, blue states
  123. Yippie, Christmas came early for the Republicans
  124. The Pedophile Express
  125. Nothing goin on so obaama interviews trash
  126. Why no thread abt the greatest danger we face
  127. Do black lives really matter?
  128. Shall we all compose a"Open Letter " to Seth and michael?
  129. Netanyahu to speak in Congress, it should be good
  130. Democrats STEAL the cheese
  131. "Paging Black73..."
  132. ISIS taking punches, not standing up.
  133. GOP on the Government Cheeze.
  134. Richard Dawkins reads his hate mail...
  135. Another Anti-Gun Liberal Elite in the Media
  136. $120,000 worth of debt on every taxpaying American...what does this mean?!
  137. GOP Making America Less Safe?
  138. No democrat too vile to be re elected
  139. Well, he's never lied to us before
  140. If He Said It, It Must Be True
  141. Isolated Incidents of Union Violence
  142. Well, so much for Obama not raising my taxes huh?
  143. Obaama not helping Hillary
  144. State of the union.
  145. Paris Plans To Sue Fox News
  146. Valaree Jarrett dodges another one
  147. Yet Another Invasion of Privacy by Government
  148. Holly Hobby Lobby
  149. Legal marijuana in CO working out so well
  150. What we've always suspected
  151. Those re-districting bastages
  152. Short Bus Missing an Occupant
  153. Where's Bergdahl
  154. Once again...the republicans are heading down the wrong road
  155. While we were sleeping, Michelle takes a vacation
  156. F*** the Pope.
  157. Legal marijuana in WA not working out so well
  158. Yet another case of nanny state political correctlness
  159. Among the Reasons I Like Bobby Jindal
  160. Uh oh.
  161. Hold onto your money Cons.
  162. John Kerry and James Taylor
  163. The liberal/progressive plan for indentured servitude
  164. Boy Says He Didn't Go To Heaven
  165. Europe sweeping them up and we're letting them go!
  166. When Is The Funeral?
  167. Sen. Rubio on J. Stewarts show tonight
  168. Where did it go?
  169. cont'd thans to Sammy, Beygon, and Hugh...
  170. growing goverment
  171. Lets Paint It Black
  172. Hubba Hubba
  173. Red States - Are the Hardest Places to Live in the U.S.?
  174. Are the mods off their feed?
  175. Is This For Real?
  176. FAUX News Is Out To Pasture Or Why Obama Won't Call It A Jihad
  177. Gas Prices, another obaama twist.
  178. Not a bad start
  179. More joy from the Religion of Peace
  180. United States representated at Paris vigil?
  181. The Fools In Town Are All On Our Side.
  182. Too bad Baaaaarock didn't make the party
  183. More horrible news for the Cons.
  184. alGore is older than he looks
  185. ASSOCIATED PRESS George Zimmerman arrested on aggravated assault
  186. While you watch France, what's happening in obaama's house
  187. Understand Religions...
  188. When will the US get it's first black President?
  189. December 2014 Jobs Report
  190. The stark difference between the parties.
  191. The auto industry, today's speech
  192. Good Riddance - Wicked Witch of the West to retire in 2016
  193. Republicans smarter than dimocrats
  194. Black Rights Activist: Bad Time playing L.E.O.
  195. Freedom of Speech
  196. One day in and the Republicans have declared war.
  197. COTA F1 cronyism
  198. Paris Attack
  199. A gift.
  200. The Boner is pissed.
  201. Why I love NPR
  202. How to lie with charts
  203. Bubba and a sex ring...no way....
  204. Under Obama: Federal Debt Up $84,266 Per Full-Time Private-Sector Worker
  205. David Duke…without the baggage
  206. What the eff is wrong with these sickos?
  207. Lib Elites get Grubered...
  208. The GOP Clown Car…The year in review
  209. Ethanol and Cheap Gas Prices
  210. What is the longest you have been awake for?
  211. Will he return?
  212. Licenses for Illegals in CA
  213. Virginians, what about Jim Webb?
  214. Sanctions against NK?
  215. It's only money and it's not even his
  216. San Franciso compilation thread
  217. Crazy
  218. I don;t know what to say.....
  219. longer childhoods
  220. Confessions of a Public Defender
  221. Transgender teen's suicide
  222. Misguided
  223. The Chief shoots and scores
  224. Gotta love that Race Baiter Jesse
  225. Posted without comment but.....
  226. Happy New Year
  227. Yee Haw, toddler kills mother at walmart.
  228. San Francisco puts the kibosh on anyone wanting to do business there
  229. according to the air force, the F35 will be 10 years behind current CAS aircraft
  230. APGW Heresy: CO2 Helps Rainforests
  231. Republicans not off to a good start.
  232. NYPD Work Stoppage
  233. Anti-Gun Cops At It Again...
  234. Gun Control
  235. We think of it as a free country
  236. More on Gruber, better than the golf stories
  237. Just the facts Ma'am....
  238. Will the Hatestream Media Destroy the U.S.?
  239. The Angry Bride and Groom
  240. Cubama
  241. Shaun...
  242. For Legion, Sammy and other IL and Chicago haters
  243. NO WHITES ALLOWED: Obama widens racial divide kicking "whitey" off the golf course
  244. Obama outlaws Christian marriage to make the U.S. a Muslim caliphate
  245. Obama court-martials bride-to-be & deports all Army captains
  246. Obama commands IRS to audit war hero newlyweds
  247. From the "what an arrogant a-hole" file:
  248. Study proves Southern white people have more black DNA than rest of USA
  249. End of Combat Operations in Afghanistan??
  250. Why Fast and Furious....