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  1. Carl Rove is back.
  2. twitter campaigns
  3. USA Today: IRS
  4. When did Alan Grayson stop beating his wife?
  5. Another IRS insult
  6. The Nixon In Hillary
  7. Americans fighting in the Ukraine?
  8. Pat Buchanan w Tom Woods on Churchill
  9. Islamophobia
  10. Hardwired (2009 - movie)......the "what if"
  11. When will Super PACs
  12. Hillary 2016/Continued
  13. Message to conservatives.....
  14. beer goes croney in fl
  15. HBD F.A. Hayek
  16. microsoft, amazon, and other companies stand up for net neutrality
  17. Feeding off Garbage sold to us...who does this serve?
  18. U.S.: Russian planes flew near California, Guam, in upped activity
  19. CIA Whistleblower faces ire of angry Justice Department over Benghazi questions
  20. The festering Benghazi transparent Lie
  21. Why is finding Lerner in contempt of Congress not a question of law?
  22. Racist Democrats killing innocent people in a cartoon
  23. The new face of the democrat party
  24. Catharsis
  25. Not the first time Clarkson has stirred controversy...
  26. and then they came for Jeremy Clarkson
  27. trouble at the bundy ranch ...
  28. What's Your Favorite All Time Campaign Slogan?
  29. Cooking The Books.
  30. The left - Right thing, again
  31. House of cards
  32. Why do we have to have a (D) or (R) after a politician's name?
  33. 2 More Days, and Beygone and his Brilliant Contributions Will be Back!
  34. Oh no! I've been discovered!
  35. Have the Republicans become the Bengazi party?
  36. Racism not limited to Basketball owner...
  37. April Jobs Report
  38. Fed-up freshman’s ‘white privilege’ essay goes viral: ‘I apologize for nothing’
  39. 8 million so far.
  40. a lot of truth in this oinion article
  41. So another jerk makes a racist remark
  42. You know Carney is in trouble when he repeats the reporters first name
  43. ...waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists
  44. So a jerk makes reprehensible and ugly remarks.....
  45. "Ich bin ein point one percenter!"
  46. The New Bentley In The Thrift Store Parking Lot
  47. Failed execution, why the fuss?
  48. A question for the Atheists and believers alike
  49. chokepoint, your account is terminated
  50. When did you stop being a racist?
  51. Guantanamo: How is it possible?
  52. Defying the Victim Tribe
  53. What Does The American Dream Mean To You?
  54. The Great White's Next Move
  55. Clippers owner Donald Sterling. What to do?
  56. Clive Bundy Video
  57. NRA Convention in Indy
  58. If we could only talk......
  59. How is war profitable
  60. Anyone care to defend BHO's foreign policies?
  61. Net neutrality
  62. dipso for president
  63. Why do nut libs
  64. Soylent Green Energy
  65. That Bundy, He's Quite the Character ...
  66. even in the south, poeple would rather work to improve the ACA than repeal it
  67. I wish nothing but misery for you, especially your family
  68. No comments on the affirmative action ruling?
  69. Thomas Piketty, Economist: Capitalism Does Not Work!
  70. Did Obama have a fighting chance?
  71. Hooray for Hollywood
  72. Fifty Million Well Spent
  73. A Good Analysis of Obama's Administration.
  74. The Bush crime family, still at it.
  75. So, Who Would Like to Have Webb Back on the Forum?
  76. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  77. In The Presence
  78. More Obama Failure
  79. What if Jesus Christ Wasn't Crucified?
  80. The CEO makes 1000 times my salary
  81. Heathcare.gov: Failed Heartbleed check
  82. The Paradox
  83. Why was (big bad business) insurance industry on board w/ Obamacare?
  84. OK, which Con is doing something illegal again?
  85. RWebb=Lusso1
  86. Holy moly!
  87. 8 million
  88. Send in the killer drones...
  89. Is Gun Violence a Public Health Problem?
  90. Bloomberg pledges 50 Million for "gun safety"
  91. Are you a member of the 81%?
  92. Am I the only one whose health care costs have gone up?
  93. So is health insurance still a good idea if only a quarter of the doctors accept it?
  94. Nut lib doomsday prepers
  95. Cooking the books
  96. Am I going to Jail?
  97. MSN Headline: NATO Our Troops Will Fend Off Russia
  98. a reminder on reporting threads
  99. Right wing crazies top Al Queda in US Killings.
  100. Sign of the times?
  101. Is Rahm going to be Hillary's VP?
  102. Isn't Francis a great Pope?
  103. Could a budget without deficits eliminate the Military?
  104. Bush's Wet Dream
  105. That is How the TP Treats Their Own Kind
  106. Dixie chicks
  107. 442 (And I don't mean the Oldsmobile)
  108. A Sleight Of Hand Distraction
  109. Have We Talked About Nevada?
  110. The Real 1%
  111. Stephen Colbert to replace Letterman...
  112. Why do atheists care so much?
  113. House passed Ryan Budget
  114. Would you have my back regardless of Political Differences"
  115. Well, Hillary finally dodged some sniper fire sort of
  116. so long
  117. How?
  118. Even Jimmy Carter acknowledges Clinton /Obama failures
  119. Jesus was married. Confirmed.
  120. A relationship with God...
  121. Emails Show Lerner Fed Tax Information to Democrat Elijah Cummings
  122. How much is "their fair share"?
  123. meanwhile, in un-bizzaro world ....
  124. the death of money - Rickards
  125. Gohmert vs. Holder
  126. Good old Fox.
  127. Looks like we got us a SNITCH in Harlem...
  128. Jeb Bush calls some illegal immigration "act of love"
  129. The Hammer Coming Down
  130. Who Do You Think Knows How to Use a Gun
  131. Obamacare policy - reported from a friend
  132. Another Con caught filandering.
  133. Disturbing Event in the Ukraine.
  134. Godspeed Otis
  135. it's all clear (humor)
  136. Full disclosure in a time of perpetual retribution
  137. More bad news for the Cons.
  138. You Paid for These
  139. Chicago: A Case Study in Socialism
  140. The Unknown Known
  141. That "thing" that never happens keeps happening
  142. Increasing Minimum Wage...
  143. PARF, unplugged.
  144. Active shooter at Ft Hood
  145. Miley Cyrus going for the conservative vote.
  146. Why Ukraine Is Important
  147. ACA breaks even in polling (best ever resualts) democratic support up as well
  148. Your insurance is cancelled. Would you like to buy some from us?
  149. What if
  150. the real culture of takers
  151. Ted Cruz Asked Facebook Friends About Obamacare
  152. Mary Barra, head of GM
  153. Legion: first person in Illinois to lose CCW license
  154. This is horrible news for the Cons.
  155. Obama Administration Considering Releasing Spy
  156. Real obamacare story
  157. Ten of millions sign up for the ACA in CA....
  158. Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change vs IPCC
  159. Chickens come home to roost for Obama
  160. The Truth about Deplortations, obaama lied
  161. N/S Korea shouting, Russia military action...is Obama who you libs really think....
  162. ACA reaches enrollment goals
  163. How did you vote? We told you how to vote.
  164. 60 Minutes - The Stock Market Is Rigged
  165. A Desperate Plea
  166. Lib friends
  167. Biden: Illegals are already Americans
  168. The House Republican Mess
  169. Russia sends troops, Obama administration sends a selfie
  170. Lib's here; Just mess'n with us or actual idiots?
  171. This just in: Fats Christie has investigated himself and found no wrongdoing!
  172. From Iowa, Hilary's VP.
  173. What IS a community organizer anyway?
  174. Love the One You're With
  175. Democrats War on Doctors
  176. Grab your popcorn, suspend your disbelief- NOAH rocks!
  177. Darrel Issa should just stop now.
  178. THIS is why we don't trust ANYTHING the anti-2nd Amendment crowd says
  179. ObamaoCare covers the sterilization of women
  180. Obamacare penalizes the ‘wrong’ insurance 18x more than NO insurance.
  181. false equalency in the media
  182. At The Mercy Of The Vicissitudes Of Time
  183. pathology of privilege (crony capitalism)
  184. Finally, one good use for Obamacare
  185. Harry Reid says,
  186. Best FLOTUS -> POTUS conversion ranking
  187. A short history of Obamacare delays....
  188. Another Dem bites it.
  189. Things are tough in Calif when this happens
  190. Liberal smugitude knows no boundaries
  191. obama prosposes major revision of the NSA phone tapping
  192. Nuclear Role-Playing Game?
  193. How can I deflect being wrong about Russia......
  194. No Rspct for the Prez.
  195. A typical anti gun, anti 2A Dimocrat state congressman - not safe for work
  196. Do we deport anyone?
  197. Obamaoists Sotomayor and Kagan
  198. Oba-ma cand do...anything
  199. Is There More Than One Satan?
  200. Clueless Voters Explain Why They Voted for Obama
  201. The Koch Brothers, a Liberal Conspiracy?
  202. wide spread illegal wage supression uncovered
  203. Rep McCaul blasting Malaysia for search
  204. Open season on squirrels
  205. crypto anarchist meets Glen Beck. 3D printing
  206. Netflix: Hating Breitbart
  207. Vote Fraud and putting the Rat into the Democrat Party
  208. The Iraq war Worked!
  209. Obama attacks Social Security
  210. Obama continues to waste our money
  211. Obamacare Works
  212. Obamacare Works!
  213. Trifecta: Corruption-Vote Fraud-Race
  214. The Obama/Putin phone call
  215. Grab your popcorn for the movies- "Religion is Baloney" 2014
  216. Grab your popcorn for the movies- "God's not dead" 2014
  217. Grab your popcorn for the movies- "Son of God" 2014
  218. Grab your popcorn for the movies- "Noah" 2014
  219. Communicating in meme
  220. "everyone's very grateful' for Obamacare!" Sez Ellen
  221. "The Leader of the Free World"
  222. Obama wasting $17M per month advertising Obamacure
  223. Defending the First Amendment.
  224. Reverse Racism
  225. Proof of citizenship to vote
  226. The Democratic Party's Foolish Koch Obsession
  227. Raw Meat for PARF Righties
  228. CALPERS pensions are doomed.
  229. Cenk
  230. Abandon our allies
  231. It's alright we told you what to dream
  232. ATF Conducts Raid to Steal Customer List
  233. People are still dying to come to the USA
  234. Where is the Light Brigade when you need it ?
  235. The Newest Red Line for Syria.
  236. The Decline And Fall Of America
  237. America has a foreign policy????
  238. Where is the Hildebeast?
  239. Obama's in your face LIE about Illegals and Obamacare
  240. More good news on Obama's most transparent administration in history
  241. Were the founding fathers "angry white men"
  242. Atheists God=NO Aliens=YES
  243. Oh my...
  244. ARM's are back! Economy to go off the cliff again?
  245. Recovery Summer - maybe 2014
  246. Putin: More Transparent than ever
  247. Fred Phelps about to meet his maker.
  248. lindsey graham now unhappy with spying ...
  249. Are we still laughing at Romney about Russia?
  250. Iran and Syria = Awfully quiet, shouldn't we know by now?