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  1. Only five this time
  2. Washington fights back against gun control
  3. We should put a breathalyzer in every car
  4. Hubba Hubba
  5. Child Exploitation, shamelessness knows no bounds
  6. Porwolf
  7. Goodbye 2nd Amendment/ Massachusetts
  8. Paternoster - Machine of death?
  9. States With the Most Guns in 2012
  10. Interesting read for those who refuse to live in denial about school security
  11. Inauguration revelers - Splanin' thread
  12. NJ Woman Stabbed Mulltiple times
  13. a good start: backscatter scanners to be abandoned
  14. Did Newtown actually involve an "assault rifle?"
  15. THE Imbecile
  16. Can a Doctor Fix Medicaid?
  17. Nagin indicted
  18. Take this, Jennifer Granholm
  19. when should you shoot a cop
  20. My Money
  21. Bring out your crappy gun and score $2K from Feds in buyback plan
  22. What is the correct size of government?
  23. Algeria
  24. for a man who promised to unite a divided america
  25. Refreshing idea for public school in America
  26. Gun Control for Dummies - It's Common Sense
  27. curency wars- Bundesbank maneuvers
  28. Guns Don't Kill People
  29. Bohica!!!
  30. Of threats and daughters.... Part II
  31. Mali: The Next Vietnam
  32. Your Dr.: "So Tell Me About Your Sore Throat...
  33. Dogs need armor and weapons
  34. Commentary on the 23 Executive actions
  35. I am so tired of my freedoms and liberties
  36. Pray for Hillary
  37. Will Mr. Obama face impeachment?
  38. Dog and pony show by administration. Pathetic
  39. Recent Gallup Poll & Obama's Priorities
  40. Loaded Video
  41. NRA's new Video: Obama 'elitist hypocrite'
  42. How many here...
  43. Funnier than hell!
  44. What do you do if a family member has an internet stalker?
  45. A Sheriff's letter to Joe Biden
  46. Uh Oh....PETA getting in the fray now
  47. Obama opposes Debt Ceiling Increase
  48. Do this sheet in business and go to jail, but It's OK in DC
  49. Love my local Sheriff..
  50. Good To Have Friends
  51. second amendment --
  52. New Video Game Allows Players to Murder NRA President
  53. From Bill O'Reilly's message board:
  54. liberals have to pay a dollar more for a smoothie
  55. so it begins, in NY, goodbye 2nd ammendment
  56. E=mc˛ is liberal claptrap.
  57. Already Miss My Tax Cuts :-(
  58. as predicted, house is robbed
  59. Detroit Explained
  60. So Invent Your Own Gubmint ;-)
  61. So Invent Your Own Religion...
  62. Would your state and local cops cooperate with a confiscation order?
  63. the non recovery recovery
  64. EPA goes from job killing regulations to people killing experimentation
  65. Presidential Game Plans A, B and C
  66. Great Truths
  67. Self Defense
  68. Thank you, Mr.President
  69. piers morgan on guns,
  70. "Socialism is a philosophy of failure...
  71. Firearms to Crime Ratio in USA
  72. corgie, we are GIVING jets to Egypt
  73. Confiscation is the only way
  74. Father of the Year
  75. less than 2% of firearm related crime involve assault weapons
  76. Pravda: Americans never give up your guns
  77. List of gun haters
  78. California Tax on Driving?
  79. crisis of state intervention
  80. Toronto?
  81. Obie considering Executive Order on guns
  82. economy
  83. Another nail in the coffin - IL to issue DLs to illegals
  84. Man Bear Pig
  85. A lesson on Gun Safety
  86. NY State Gun owners...heads up
  87. Free to Go
  88. Al Gorezeera
  89. Obama, winning the war against America
  90. okay, corgi, assault weapons and such...
  91. more consternation for the cons
  92. Why aren't the "rich" paying my taxes?
  93. Hillary Clinton, 1992
  94. The Best Political Leader In America Today
  95. Chris Mathews Implies
  96. Diane Feinstein Is A Rational Woman?
  97. What the Hell is it?
  98. The President Picks Another Loser
  99. The "not so affordable" care act
  100. Quote of the day
  101. Obama: President for Life?
  102. Digging up George W Bush dirt....
  103. Government Requires Regristeration of Crazy People
  104. Honey Boo-Boo is fine, "All My Babies' Mamas"... not so much
  105. Senator Feinstein will introduce a bill
  106. Marine schools Feinstein
  107. Finger Bang
  108. Second Amendment - What should it allow?
  109. falklands again?
  110. Fiscal Cliff Pork
  111. If you put a frog in water and slowly turn up the heat...
  112. You guys will love this.
  113. I am beginning to like this guy
  114. Al-Jazeera buys Current TV from Al Gore
  115. Another Disgusting Progressive
  116. Whose your daddy?
  117. its been ~30 days since syria mixed the sarin
  118. Another day in the Socialist Republik of Illinoisistan
  119. Lincoln: the movie
  120. Predictable-Hypocritical
  121. Behind Schedule
  122. Even a Straight Man...
  123. The fiscal "cliff" is really just a hill.
  124. Hobby Lobby to defy Obamacare contraception mandate, face millions in fines
  125. Giant TSA story best of 2012
  126. Cockroaches are circling.
  127. Debt Ceiling Fight
  128. currency wars
  129. Just How Close
  130. Celebrites...you can go....
  131. Political lesson of 2012
  132. Probability of Civil War?
  133. New York newspaper publishes names of local gun owners
  134. What is the role of Lubemeister?
  135. What is the role of religion?
  136. Just what is the role of Government?
  137. French court rejects 75 percent millionaires' tax
  138. Let's Go Over The Cliff!
  139. Chicago needs gun laws, or Feinstien, or both
  140. What would happen if the USA stopped "defending the world"
  141. Bloomberg crime wisdom
  142. Attack defies explanation
  143. expanding the empire
  144. How did this election change you?
  145. Have you called your congressman
  146. god bless harry reid....
  147. An apology is in order
  148. George Bush Senior in Intensive Care
  149. Rosie O'Donnell needs our help!
  150. Islamist Egypt and our jets
  151. NBC news anchor breaks DC gun law...
  152. Gun Buy Back L.A. Van Nuys
  153. Gun Permit Holders Published On Website
  154. My favorite Christmas show
  155. Shocking Obama confession- OMG
  156. truce
  157. I find this hard to believe
  158. America called a laughing stock
  159. Nerve Gas
  160. voter fraud AGAIN
  161. The C Word
  162. Why Vegans are Hated
  163. Benefits.gov
  164. Gun Control, Wrong Solution. Wrong Problem
  165. Who is or was your favorite President...
  166. Spelling lessons and legitimate rape
  167. Arizona people??
  168. Piers Morgan is a nitwit
  169. Are You So Sure
  170. Armed guards, good for the pols kids, but not the rest?
  171. Isn't Funny How Progressives are "For the 2nd Amendment" at Election Time?
  172. Is the real problem...
  173. The way to stop a bad guy with a gun...
  174. A very conservative Federal Judge's view on gun control
  175. bug splats
  176. Americas loonie bins
  177. John Kerry as SecState?
  178. Blue states need a total gun ban
  179. As of Today, over the cliff or not?
  180. Oh what a beautiful morning!
  181. Egan kills two birds with one stone.
  182. Hey, look who else wants us to ban guns!
  183. Ibpkoubtrxr
  184. One Sandy Hook Massacre is a Tragedy, but 122 every day is a statistic
  185. Now that high cap mags are no longer a good invetment, I'm gonna buy up
  186. You Canadian Monsters!
  187. ‘Fast and Furious’ Gun Found
  188. GM to buy 200 million shares back from the Fed....stand to lose $30 Billion
  189. Too sane & logical for Mainstream media
  190. Biden to be the point man on new gun control.
  191. Why I Carry A Concealed Handgun
  192. Is this news? Time mag's person of the year...
  193. Why stockpiles of high volume magzines and ammo?
  194. Adrressing the irrational anti-gun crowd
  195. Disarming the Myths Promoted By the Gun Control Lobby
  196. Texas tests school allowing teachers/admins to carry concealed
  197. Question: Where was God during the school shootings?
  198. Hillary still bobbing and weaving
  199. Gun Control Graphic, by state, with elections results
  200. "high cap magazines don't make a difference"
  201. Shots fired, local elementary school in lockdown.
  202. Sandy Scam Bill - aka, business-as-usual Pork City...
  203. How much new tax $$$$$$$$$$$$$...
  204. Merry Christmas Muslim Brotherhood
  205. What About the Media?
  206. "Assault Weapon Ban" - Did it work in CT?
  207. DOJ: Murders of School-Age Children Down 42%; Only 1% Take Place at School
  208. Too big to jail HSBC money laundering
  209. It might be all over for the gun lobby
  210. So who is behind Bushmaster?
  211. Would firearm magazine licensing of any kind work?
  212. The Great Pumpkin
  213. westboro vs. anonymous
  214. What to call this Thread? Payback is a MoFo, or you brought it on yourself?
  215. Media Fail
  216. Is there a personal right to self defense?
  217. We can pass a law that will "fix" school shootings
  218. Wow...just wow!
  219. Parents Protest Yoga Classes as Religious Indoctrination
  220. Clinton.... President??
  221. What exactly does a federal "Assault Weapons Ban" mean?
  222. "speaking on a condition of anonymity..."
  223. What new gun legislation would have prevented this event?
  224. Politics before "modern" media?
  225. The Liberal Influence on Today's College Bowl Game - No Pistol Offense...
  226. THIS is the crisis they have been waiting for...
  227. Do we really need Automatic Weapons available to anyone with a credit card?
  228. so are the Fiscal Cliff negotiations all theater?
  229. Rice drops out
  230. Another Casualty in the Democrat War on Women
  231. Senator Menendez and his illegal intern
  232. Who moved my economic freedom?
  233. Oregon Mall - Yep - Gun Free Zone
  234. The Brady gun nuts are grasping at straws.
  235. The Untold History of the US
  236. The mayor of Hanna, AB is a poopie-head :)
  237. Will the Pope be coming to PARF? next
  238. The afghan quarterback
  239. obama aid to Egypt,
  240. Illinois - concealed carry!
  241. Can we get some perspective on racism?
  242. congratulations Michigan
  243. Fiscal cliff negotiations
  244. Obuma's re-election ceremony to be private
  245. It Is A Much Safer World
  246. THIS is why gay-marriage is crucial for society
  247. Heading to San Diego for Christmas....beer meet up wankers and wankers invited
  248. Happy Chanukah
  249. The Most Important Vote You Can Make
  250. The Real story about the 91% Tax Rate