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  1. Hats
  2. How Stupid Have the Sheep become? (Repeal the Bill of rights)
  3. The 10 Most Dangerous Cities in America
  4. The upcoming civil war
  5. shenanigans at the Orange Day parade
  6. Maybe the Bureaucrats at the EDA need to hire a few Rocket Scientists?
  7. Faithfully execution of law
  8. Corgi is not Latroz
  9. Dedicated Bureaucrats from the NTSB are on the Case
  10. The Zimmerman Verdict Riot Thread
  11. zimmerson NOT GUILT
  12. Gay Marriage Poll
  13. Why is there so much facination with the Zimmerman/Martin episode?
  14. The World ended today -- Women and Monorities hardest hit
  15. Another Alynskyite Obama Scandal brewing at the FEC
  16. Big Sis to Quit
  17. The Rule of Law?
  18. A Young Bill and Hillary
  19. Big Government Implodes
  20. Motor City Madman....our next CIC?
  21. Another good reason to get rid of public employee unions.
  22. Dow, S&P 500, & Russell 2000 at all time highs
  23. Anthony & Eric in 2016
  24. Sarah Palin says she's considering a run for U.S. Senate
  25. More Political Activism by Obama's Big Government
  26. WTF - is there no common sense left??
  27. Obama's IRS Strikes again
  28. leaked document from pakistan re. bin laden
  29. Accusations of racism in the PPOT forum...
  30. 3rd amendment, or we can just take all your stuff
  31. Death wish, or just doesn't want to work again?
  32. Are bullies always victims?
  33. Watergate II
  34. Who will be next?
  35. The Corruption of Religion
  36. Welcome To Obama's America
  37. Snowden, where will he go
  38. Is there a plan?
  39. Timing is everything
  40. Yea obama!!!
  41. Universe might be oval-shaped
  42. June Jobs Report +195,000
  43. Another racist speaks
  44. Coboy humor
  45. I'm shocked! Shocked at an intelligence agency caught spying
  46. Mail Isolation Control and Tracking program
  47. Why do we not tax religious organizations in the US??
  48. Preamble to the Declaration of Independence
  49. 2 Cows Economic Models
  50. Deviously brilliant
  51. coincidence?
  52. I should be a minority by Friday... I want my entitlements
  53. CEOs
  54. leash a cop save your dog
  55. Dirty hippy scumbag chalk activist found gui...
  56. California bankruptcy (union style)
  57. I blame the EPA and the rest of the tree huggers
  58. root of the decline of a generation
  59. Egypt, a great place to visit. Oh wait...
  60. A Sporting Event You Wish You Had Been To In Person
  61. Yes, he is in Africa
  62. Historic PRIDE celebration in SF
  63. BOA protester faces 13 years for writing in chalk on the sidewalk.
  64. Europeens are proper unhappy with Obama
  65. Boo Freakin' Hoo
  66. Is obama in Africa?
  67. Another look at Christie
  68. Food Stamps Will Feed Half Of US Kids, Study Says
  69. All Electric Corvette, I'm not buying one
  70. Obama Needs to be More Like Republicans
  71. Dueling Economists
  72. More Democrat Welfare State follies -- HUD style
  73. Who will protect us from Nanny Bloomberg's Posse?
  74. Ecuador gets threatened by obaama
  75. British are PC'd to death
  76. so gold just dipped below $1200/oz
  77. Harry Potter as political allegory
  78. SCOTUS Ruling on Prop 8 question.
  79. Fess up, whose garage is this?
  80. I shouldn't have to call Putin...
  81. Great, now we are going to see more Cons in PARF
  82. Black Panther, can Holder get him off again
  83. DOMA Struck down
  84. Mom takes a hella beating for her kid...
  85. This is your President, why?
  86. Why is it...
  87. Cloesd thread
  88. Serious Question for Liberals
  89. Mods---Beygone has to GO!
  90. I am tabs
  91. SS Disability/SSI
  92. Mods---DARISC needs to go.
  93. It's time to start impeachment hearings
  94. Clarence Thomas Compares Affirmative Action To Slavery, Segregation
  95. The Reset Button
  96. Mods---Latroz needs to go.
  97. Takin' out the Trash -- Science: 1; EPA: 0
  98. Takin' out the trash - good guys:1, scumbag thieves: 0
  99. Snowden: Kerry Deeply troubling
  100. Obama and Kerry, help for the Brotherhood
  101. 0 called a war criminal in Irish Parliament
  102. obama's speech in Germany
  103. New spell check
  104. The top 9,486 ways Opie won't answer a question.
  105. Marijuana shown to prevent Alzheimers
  106. Will the NBA Have A Choice?
  107. The Government Plantation
  108. The polar bears are dying!
  109. Global Warming Scientist Interview
  110. Another fabricated distraction
  111. Will Obama negotiate with terrorists??
  112. CA spending ObamaCare money on Democrat voter outreach
  113. Jimmy Hoffa Why?
  114. Judge: Obama Comments 'Unlawful Command Influence'
  115. How to legally carry concealed in CA without a CCW
  116. Drones
  117. Predictions Thread
  118. More New The MSM Will Ignore
  119. Where are the voices
  120. This will really make you sick
  121. More waste of our tax dollars
  122. Obama Defends NSA Surveillance Program, Says It's 'Transparent'
  123. You can no longer just remain silent.....
  124. Sweden
  125. Mayor Bloomberg speaks
  126. ID the Protest - a new PARF Guessing Game!
  127. The Patriot Act: what could possibly go wrong?
  128. NSA admits listening to U.S. phone calls without warrants
  129. Obama arming Syria "rebels"
  130. Kansas Kommies Win
  131. Still a chance to bleed the obamahealthcarescam dry
  132. Syria - What is the "new" evidence?
  133. The question libertarians just can't answer
  134. 94 year old Republican faces deportation.
  135. The House blocks Guantanamo closer again.
  136. Need help smogging 78 930
  137. well at least australia takes sexual assualt in the millitary seriously
  138. Oh boy... This is not good.
  139. What's happening in Afghanistan
  140. Is the GOP Really this stupid?
  141. The wavy thin red line
  142. Why do they make these wild ass declarations?
  143. Common Ground
  144. Politicized Bureaucracy is bad, but Paramilitary Politicized Bureaucracy is worse
  145. Snowden is a patriot IF
  146. CIA Deputy Director Resigns
  147. US Govt spying - US Mail vs email
  148. NSA's Prism Program: Dates When Data-Collection Began
  149. Rich Entrepreneur: The Wealthy Aren’t Job Creators, Middle-Class Workers Are
  150. Let's see how cozy Google and Barry O's thugs are...
  151. penn-
  152. Bush more popular than Obama
  153. "I don't have to listen to your call to know what you are doing"
  154. Only Six Percent Of Scientists Are Republicans: Pew Poll
  155. Hitlary joins Twitter
  156. gold not clearing - interesting
  157. "The kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life"
  158. Hillary's State Department
  159. Snowden...Hero or Traitor?
  160. ...Hero or Traitor?
  161. Racism is over in America!
  162. Karzai: US must explain
  163. Interesting read in "The Atlantic".
  164. A Man Of Artifice and Arrogance
  165. May Jobs Report +175,000
  166. Do you understand this ?
  167. fyi
  168. Toy gun buy-back in Hayward, CA
  169. "Transparency and the Rule of Law Will be the Touchstones of the Presidency"
  170. "Sunlight is the Greatest Disinfectant"
  171. Dipso deconstructed...
  172. NSA Data mining
  173. “The law is not subject to the whims of stubborn rulers”
  174. Can you hear me now obama?
  175. NJ Dems cancel gun vote.....
  176. SC High School forced to hear prayer
  177. JFK's Man Crush On Hitler
  178. Why Does This Keep Happening?
  179. How long till a Congressman gets called on his own lavish spending?
  180. How does your party represent you?
  181. Seven Ronald Reagan Legacies The GOP Won't Be Honoring
  182. Saw Barack and Joe today.
  183. Fats Christie
  184. I need to get some bushings made...
  185. Rice gets a promotion
  186. I need to get some bushings made...
  187. One of the scariest articles I have read in a long time.
  188. The Reverend Al now demands evidence ...
  189. The EPA too?
  190. Jasper police video
  191. Liberal Thinking ( The Left)
  192. The most transparent administration in..
  193. See No Evil
  194. No George Bush on our money anytime soon.
  195. Time give up your DNA
  196. Where's Joe?
  197. harvested
  198. 162 people gave 60% of the super pac money in 2012
  199. 25 most dangerous 'hoods in the country
  200. A crack in the veneer?
  201. Why US Health Care Costs So Much
  202. power to an alternator
  203. Tea Party Draws a Bead on...
  204. More on democrat voter fraud
  205. Tiger shoots 44!
  206. Second Amendment Redux
  207. Free at Last
  208. The Dr in Packistan that helped obama kill OBL
  209. The End of the Light Bulb Freedom Act
  210. Mitt is going to help in 2014
  211. The Swamp III
  212. IRS may have targeted Pro-Israel groups, Oy!
  213. The US is short of money but then, we can give it away
  214. A non-political thread, just pitting women against men
  215. A shocker from Nevada/Harry Reid
  216. Gun control efforts on the west coast
  217. Way to go Ohio
  218. salt lake politics... no different than anywhere else.
  219. bachmann is out!
  220. Chris Christie Announces Presidential Bid...
  221. More from your friendly neighborhood IRS office....
  222. another union fat cat
  223. Dems in Calif/anti fracking bills
  224. The Holy Trinity (A Triune God)
  225. Do we need the 2nd to save us....
  226. Your side is bad, no your side is bad
  227. The real Trayvon Martin....some actual facts
  228. "Missed it by THAT MUCH..."
  230. Democrats are soooooo courageous -- exhibit John Hickenlooper
  231. Name calling
  232. Pope Francis: "Atheists who do good will be redeemed."
  233. NJ: Land of Decree and Home of the Slave
  234. Is limited government a oxymoron?
  235. guitar raid connecting the dots
  236. Interesting developments in NYS Safe Act
  237. Nidal Hassan is still getting paid -- More proof Liberals as sooooo smart
  238. Did anybody punch anybody yesterday?
  239. Salute, no time for those formalities, screw him.
  240. monsanto and the bees that could be resistant to round up
  241. If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon
  242. This is the Chicago Way
  243. Optimus Prime>Jesus Christ. No contest.
  244. Holder needs to go....
  245. But I thought Arizona had it together
  246. It really is Bush's fault!
  247. Plagues of Locusts
  248. Surprise, I agreed with Obama
  249. The problem with freedom
  250. US 'faith healers' charged over second baby's death