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  1. If OFA holds a Global Warming Rally in DC and no one shows up ....
  2. school vouchers
  3. Global Warming, is it a scam?
  4. Budget deficit down again!
  5. The healthcarescam just keeps getting better
  6. Is a militant attack a military operation or terrorism?
  7. Go to school in Calif, choose your own bathroom
  8. They take their cues from their Commander in Chief ...
  9. Time to ban alcohol, tobacco, ... and doctors.
  10. Confirmed: Obama is the Messiah after all!
  11. stop and frisk unconstitutional
  12. When will Cdn mounties begin enforcing laws in Buffalo or Detroit?
  13. New drug policy?
  14. The Caddyshack President
  15. I've just found the next Republican Presidential candidate.
  16. leaving the country
  17. Show some respect to our leaders, please Mexico
  18. What happens if racism ends?
  19. Republicanism
  20. More DC two step.
  21. Excuse me. I canīt find my thread.
  22. I guess everyone needs to feel persecuted...
  23. Another Tireless Democrat Crusader for Just-Us
  24. Why settle for Hillary when you can have Bill 2.0?
  25. PARF perestroika
  26. Duck Duck Goose (step)
  27. The joke's on us....
  28. Barack Obama - A geography super genius!
  29. Joe Biden - Buy a Shotgun
  30. obama chickens out....
  31. Obama: We don't have a domestic spy program
  32. haha, no one wants to post for fear of ban ...
  33. Sign Up for Obamacare, Get Your Information Stolen
  34. Liberal News Is Dying
  35. Embassy Closures
  36. At this point, what difference does it make?
  37. Obama lies about his age
  38. NSA Data Secretly Used to Prosecute US Citizens
  39. Best Screwdrivers
  40. Buy more guns for crime control
  41. Never fear, Congress gets better insurance
  42. GOP goes on attack – against its own
  43. But wait, obama says AQ is done
  44. Is this the new normal ??
  45. Peggy Noonan
  46. We need White Student Unions in our colleges and universiries
  47. More Chicago Thuggery
  48. Neocon revival
  49. Understanding PARF
  50. We are sooo loved around the world
  51. CIA in Benghazi
  52. Google pressure cookers and backpacks, and get a visit from the Feds.
  53. McD's Dollar Menu - ready to pay $1.17??
  54. Slakjaw got lucky. awe yeah
  55. Game Changer with Russia?
  56. Dem presidential candidates
  57. To CNBC On 8/1/13 RE: A New Level Of Uncertainity
  58. Sheila Jackson Lee the next DHS Secretary?
  59. PARF seems to be feeling guilty
  60. GOP Hopefuls
  61. Obama enters Hill health care dispute
  62. Zimmerman in the news again.
  63. Just wondering again ? White collar crime does pay it seems.
  64. This is Bryan Stow
  65. Disability Survey
  66. Manning
  67. Obama Field Organizer, Sext-erbator, and Hooker
  68. Politics as Reality TV
  69. 1st rollout of the Obmacare call center. You just can't make this up
  70. Will Weiner shrink from the public eye or raise his head again?
  71. A little humour for atheists
  72. If Hillary were to make it......
  73. the extended generation
  74. Weiner Leather
  75. The Pope gets it!
  76. If Obama had a son...
  77. "How To Defend Yourself"...just on TV
  78. More Welfare Fraud
  79. Weiner refuses to pull out - Vows to stay in until finish
  80. ballistic missile in syria?
  81. Affordable Healthcare Act in Maryland
  82. Security in the electronic age
  83. Big Bad Banks
  84. Unions Gone Bad
  85. Obummer at Knox
  86. Ohio police: "It's ok for banks to rob people"
  87. Socialism, Capitalism, Both are Extremes
  88. Mel Reynolds?
  89. Efficient Gun Control Idea
  90. Line Item Veto is Unconstitutional
  91. E-mail Sent to CNBC on 7/25/13 Re: Errily Creepy
  92. optimism
  93. Is this SYG or murder? with video
  94. Did you vote for Obama?
  95. MSM fooled again! "Racist" sign holder a liberal plant
  96. It says she's stupid!
  97. Stand Your Ground Laws Cause More Crime
  98. A Black Voice
  99. Second chances
  100. Another Progressive Shill
  101. The Zimmerman speech Obama SHOULD have given
  102. Fire Created and Stoked by the Left
  103. Zimmerman was lynched by the media
  104. More Obama-Ordered Government Intervention in Our Lives
  105. Parf
  106. To CNBC On 7/23/13
  107. Judging A Book By Its Cover
  108. Prophet or Crazed
  109. Zimmerman's Parents in Hiding from 'Enormous Amount of Death Threats'
  110. Pondering The Output Of The Subconscience
  111. Who in the land of PARF appears to be "itching" for civil war/unrest?
  112. US Judge blocks erection of monument
  113. why isn't the NRA telling us martin would still be alive if he was armed?
  114. Capitalism is Killing our Morals
  115. Are blacks really being led astray?
  116. I forgot all about Hannity.
  117. immigration checkpoint comedy
  118. Does Stand-Your-Ground Law Apply to Road Rage
  119. More Media Bias
  120. If Obama gave me 100k for Xmas
  121. Starting my own religion, what do I need to know?
  122. More race baiting crap from AP
  123. Rachel Jeantel is going to college out of this
  124. It's the CHICAGO way
  125. Sign of the times
  126. The last part of Obama's talk today
  127. Another no-knock, no warrant raid of the wrong house
  128. Why the hell is Obama getting involved in the TM case
  129. DXM or "Lean" Side Effects
  130. Another Trayvon Martin
  131. All you guys that want to retry the Zimmerman case...
  132. Civil War
  133. There is Hope
  134. Charles Barkley on Zimmerman
  135. Black man not guilty after shooting white teen. No one cares
  136. When will George surface?
  137. As a civilization....are we are in REVERSE?
  138. It's not over until it's over....
  139. Health Insurance to drop by 50% next year in NY
  140. Another 2nd Amendment Hit Piece from the MSM
  141. brandishing
  142. At least they didn't invite Bill Clinton
  143. A Liberal admits to having a problem ...
  144. Stevie Wonder Won't Perform In Florida
  145. another shooting
  146. Which is the Best Religion?
  147. The Superior Morality of the Religous
  148. Who will take the Zimmerman challenge?
  149. Police Officer/Veteran Killed by Unarmed 17 y/o Male
  150. Travon Martin and the elephant in the room
  151. Dear old people
  152. Liberals and the MSM Approve
  153. So I guess we're going to let two stupid people ....
  154. 'this is for Trayvon' Black Youths Beat Maryland Hispanic
  155. Hats
  156. How Stupid Have the Sheep become? (Repeal the Bill of rights)
  157. The 10 Most Dangerous Cities in America
  158. The upcoming civil war
  159. shenanigans at the Orange Day parade
  160. Maybe the Bureaucrats at the EDA need to hire a few Rocket Scientists?
  161. Faithfully execution of law
  162. Corgi is not Latroz
  163. Dedicated Bureaucrats from the NTSB are on the Case
  164. The Zimmerman Verdict Riot Thread
  165. zimmerson NOT GUILT
  166. Gay Marriage Poll
  167. Why is there so much facination with the Zimmerman/Martin episode?
  168. The World ended today -- Women and Monorities hardest hit
  169. Another Alynskyite Obama Scandal brewing at the FEC
  170. Big Sis to Quit
  171. The Rule of Law?
  172. A Young Bill and Hillary
  173. Big Government Implodes
  174. Motor City Madman....our next CIC?
  175. Another good reason to get rid of public employee unions.
  176. Dow, S&P 500, & Russell 2000 at all time highs
  177. Anthony & Eric in 2016
  178. Sarah Palin says she's considering a run for U.S. Senate
  179. More Political Activism by Obama's Big Government
  180. WTF - is there no common sense left??
  181. Obama's IRS Strikes again
  182. leaked document from pakistan re. bin laden
  183. Accusations of racism in the PPOT forum...
  184. 3rd amendment, or we can just take all your stuff
  185. Death wish, or just doesn't want to work again?
  186. Are bullies always victims?
  187. Watergate II
  188. Who will be next?
  189. The Corruption of Religion
  190. Welcome To Obama's America
  191. Snowden, where will he go
  192. Is there a plan?
  193. Timing is everything
  194. Yea obama!!!
  195. Universe might be oval-shaped
  196. June Jobs Report +195,000
  197. Another racist speaks
  198. Coboy humor
  199. I'm shocked! Shocked at an intelligence agency caught spying
  200. Mail Isolation Control and Tracking program
  201. Why do we not tax religious organizations in the US??
  202. Preamble to the Declaration of Independence
  203. 2 Cows Economic Models
  204. Deviously brilliant
  205. coincidence?
  206. I should be a minority by Friday... I want my entitlements
  207. CEOs
  208. leash a cop save your dog
  209. Dirty hippy scumbag chalk activist found gui...
  210. California bankruptcy (union style)
  211. I blame the EPA and the rest of the tree huggers
  212. root of the decline of a generation
  213. Egypt, a great place to visit. Oh wait...
  214. A Sporting Event You Wish You Had Been To In Person
  215. Yes, he is in Africa
  216. Historic PRIDE celebration in SF
  217. BOA protester faces 13 years for writing in chalk on the sidewalk.
  218. Europeens are proper unhappy with Obama
  219. Boo Freakin' Hoo
  220. Is obama in Africa?
  221. Another look at Christie
  222. Food Stamps Will Feed Half Of US Kids, Study Says
  223. All Electric Corvette, I'm not buying one
  224. Obama Needs to be More Like Republicans
  225. Dueling Economists
  226. More Democrat Welfare State follies -- HUD style
  227. Who will protect us from Nanny Bloomberg's Posse?
  228. Ecuador gets threatened by obaama
  229. British are PC'd to death
  230. so gold just dipped below $1200/oz
  231. Harry Potter as political allegory
  232. SCOTUS Ruling on Prop 8 question.
  233. Fess up, whose garage is this?
  234. I shouldn't have to call Putin...
  235. Great, now we are going to see more Cons in PARF
  236. Black Panther, can Holder get him off again
  237. DOMA Struck down
  238. Mom takes a hella beating for her kid...
  239. This is your President, why?
  240. Why is it...
  241. Cloesd thread
  242. Serious Question for Liberals
  243. Mods---Beygone has to GO!
  244. I am tabs
  245. SS Disability/SSI
  246. Mods---DARISC needs to go.
  247. It's time to start impeachment hearings
  248. Clarence Thomas Compares Affirmative Action To Slavery, Segregation
  249. The Reset Button
  250. Mods---Latroz needs to go.