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  1. Legal marijuana in WA not working out so well
  2. Yet another case of nanny state political correctlness
  3. Among the Reasons I Like Bobby Jindal
  4. Uh oh.
  5. Hold onto your money Cons.
  6. John Kerry and James Taylor
  7. The liberal/progressive plan for indentured servitude
  8. Boy Says He Didn't Go To Heaven
  9. Europe sweeping them up and we're letting them go!
  10. When Is The Funeral?
  11. Sen. Rubio on J. Stewarts show tonight
  12. Where did it go?
  13. cont'd thans to Sammy, Beygon, and Hugh...
  14. growing goverment
  15. Lets Paint It Black
  16. Hubba Hubba
  17. Red States - Are the Hardest Places to Live in the U.S.?
  18. Are the mods off their feed?
  19. Is This For Real?
  20. FAUX News Is Out To Pasture Or Why Obama Won't Call It A Jihad
  21. Gas Prices, another obaama twist.
  22. Not a bad start
  23. More joy from the Religion of Peace
  24. United States representated at Paris vigil?
  25. The Fools In Town Are All On Our Side.
  26. Too bad Baaaaarock didn't make the party
  27. More horrible news for the Cons.
  28. alGore is older than he looks
  29. ASSOCIATED PRESS George Zimmerman arrested on aggravated assault
  30. While you watch France, what's happening in obaama's house
  31. Understand Religions...
  32. When will the US get it's first black President?
  33. December 2014 Jobs Report
  34. The stark difference between the parties.
  35. The auto industry, today's speech
  36. Good Riddance - Wicked Witch of the West to retire in 2016
  37. Republicans smarter than dimocrats
  38. Black Rights Activist: Bad Time playing L.E.O.
  39. Freedom of Speech
  40. One day in and the Republicans have declared war.
  41. COTA F1 cronyism
  42. Paris Attack
  43. A gift.
  44. The Boner is pissed.
  45. Why I love NPR
  46. How to lie with charts
  47. Bubba and a sex way....
  48. Under Obama: Federal Debt Up $84,266 Per Full-Time Private-Sector Worker
  49. David Duke…without the baggage
  50. What the eff is wrong with these sickos?
  51. Lib Elites get Grubered...
  52. The GOP Clown Car…The year in review
  53. Ethanol and Cheap Gas Prices
  54. What is the longest you have been awake for?
  55. Will he return?
  56. Licenses for Illegals in CA
  57. Virginians, what about Jim Webb?
  58. Sanctions against NK?
  59. It's only money and it's not even his
  60. San Franciso compilation thread
  61. Crazy
  62. I don;t know what to say.....
  63. longer childhoods
  64. Confessions of a Public Defender
  65. Transgender teen's suicide
  66. Misguided
  67. The Chief shoots and scores
  68. Gotta love that Race Baiter Jesse
  69. Posted without comment but.....
  70. Happy New Year
  71. Yee Haw, toddler kills mother at walmart.
  72. San Francisco puts the kibosh on anyone wanting to do business there
  73. according to the air force, the F35 will be 10 years behind current CAS aircraft
  74. APGW Heresy: CO2 Helps Rainforests
  75. Republicans not off to a good start.
  76. NYPD Work Stoppage
  77. Anti-Gun Cops At It Again...
  78. Gun Control
  79. We think of it as a free country
  80. More on Gruber, better than the golf stories
  81. Just the facts Ma'am....
  82. Will the Hatestream Media Destroy the U.S.?
  83. The Angry Bride and Groom
  84. Cubama
  85. Shaun...
  86. For Legion, Sammy and other IL and Chicago haters
  87. NO WHITES ALLOWED: Obama widens racial divide kicking "whitey" off the golf course
  88. Obama outlaws Christian marriage to make the U.S. a Muslim caliphate
  89. Obama court-martials bride-to-be & deports all Army captains
  90. Obama commands IRS to audit war hero newlyweds
  91. From the "what an arrogant a-hole" file:
  92. Study proves Southern white people have more black DNA than rest of USA
  93. End of Combat Operations in Afghanistan??
  94. Why Fast and Furious....
  95. Another crazy obaama claim
  96. Alcohol & in an inebriated state of mind.
  97. Being a criminal just got easier
  98. I think that it is great that CO legalized pot
  99. safety net "handouts" account for 12% of federal spending
  100. Kentucky's planned Noah's Ark on hold
  101. Where is Leigion when you need him
  102. CCW: IL vs. GA
  103. so now even by the GOPs standards Obama is a sucess
  104. How can the same God be worshipped so different?
  105. Do you have HPPD ?
  106. In Soviet Crimea, Property Lose You
  107. More bad news for the Cons.
  108. The Problem with Government
  109. "...making strides"
  110. Idiocy...cubed!!!
  111. Another one falls
  112. Some Merry Xmas thoughts
  113. Joe Cocker - Fly With the Angeles - I was a disciple
  114. Government Accountability Office: Team Obama broke the law.
  115. McDonalds and market failure
  116. Drop kicks and free kicks in the NFL
  117. Last Man Standing
  118. Irony
  119. Two NYPD Officers Assassinated...
  120. NYPD officers down
  121. Pub ettiquette for Christmas drinking
  122. Overheard this prayer
  123. Back to the place of his birth
  124. Cowering With Fear
  125. Your refund and the IRS
  126. Cali fuel rationing?
  127. Sony, North Korea
  128. Graphic crime scene photos
  129. Weimar Russia
  130. Inflation
  131. NK this could get very interesting
  132. The latest Republican House win
  133. US and Cuba seek to normalise ties
  134. President Obama Annouces Full Diplomatic Relations With Cuba
  135. President Obama is the Most Admired Man in the World for 6th Year in a Row
  136. SEIU Illegally Collecting Dues From Non-Members
  137. so, putin now exposed as a joke ....
  138. Jeb...what does PARF think?
  139. Observation of Prime Minister Sharif - Pakistan
  140. Breathe easy
  141. Judge finds President Obama amnesty unconstitutional
  142. Idiocracy
  143. How do you fight this crap?
  144. Hillary the Inevitable
  145. Republicans and Democrates leading the way
  146. Maybe this guy should be president
  147. A New Low? Newtown Families Sue Bushmaster.
  148. Christmas, F Yeah!
  149. ISIS issues rules for slaves/rape
  150. Newtown Families suing Bushmaster and suppliers
  151. Sydney Under Islamic Attack
  152. Detailer in San Francisco
  153. Stephen Colbert interviews Smaug
  154. Another Argument for Concealed Carry
  155. Those Funny Palestinians Are At It Again..
  156. CIA "Torture" didn't work...
  157. Priorities
  158. Arkansas, Badonkadonk
  159. Meet your next Tea Party candidate
  160. Barry can Dance
  161. Leadership Defined
  162. Congress Endorses Spying on American's Communications
  163. federal gov't runs out of money at 11.59PM... that's rich.
  164. Chris Rock to be on Dennis Miller today
  165. Andrew Klavan: Leadership
  166. Taliban 2nd in Command released by
  167. Nobody is on our side.
  168. NPR gun article.
  169. Meet your other next candidate for POTUS
  170. clive bundy vs young black men
  171. Meet your next candidate for POTUS
  172. A Sincere Thank You
  173. teeter tott-er-bench
  174. Looter Hits White Man With a Hammer! Won't see this on the news
  175. President Palin
  176. Ben Shapiro: Republicans Secretly Want Obama's Amnesty
  177. Blacks Worse Off in Blue States
  178. White House Release of CIA Interrogation Technique Report
  179. Error, please delete
  180. How long does he have?
  181. Toll roads in Orange Counta
  182. Watch Gruber squirm ...
  183. kill to enforce
  184. A good story out of Ferguson
  185. Asking Nicely
  186. Thank you Global Warming
  187. No, the other one
  188. Pelosi teaching teens
  189. another year, another huge bailout for red states
  190. Why we need a race war
  191. I CAN breath
  192. CIA report to be released
  193. Example of Federal Government over reach!
  194. Have you met with your congressman?
  195. Correcting the Record
  196. The “Bible Belt” is the Porn Belt: Surprised?
  197. The Thin Gossamer Of Air
  198. but everyone knew this would happen
  199. Carter - obaama
  200. US, now number 2 in world economy
  201. Rolling Stone
  202. Gun Buy Back Time Again
  203. More crooked friends of,,,
  204. A reason to celebrate
  205. LOL Hillary Astroturfs with Cun-Try Music
  206. We Must Use Smart Power In The 21 ST Century
  207. Oh Jesus, not again!
  208. Illegal immigrants flood canada
  209. There was no Executive Order on Immigration!
  210. Cop that shot the 12 year old.
  211. California has gone off the deep end
  212. Dr. FrankenGruber
  213. Newt/Ben Carson for Pres and VP
  214. Purple Hearts for Fort Hood
  215. More from the religion of peace:
  216. Oh Really?
  217. The Lesson of Ferguson
  218. No indictment on the Garner case in NY, guy selling loose smokes choked to death
  219. 17 States spinning wheels
  220. National Debt now over $18T
  221. 18 trillion
  222. Militant Atheist strikes like cobra in Alabama
  223. high 5 to Mr. Charles Barkley!
  224. He Is Nothing
  225. Jon Stewart draws parallel between FNC and "race propagandists"
  226. Very sad commentary on life or DEATH in Chicago
  227. Another Obama Purge
  228. Looks Like We Blew It Guys.........
  229. Chris Rock on how to avoid getting your ass kicked by cops
  230. Fergusson center of the Univers
  231. Russian Astroturf
  232. Were you wondering what Farrakhan says?
  233. Another apology for the truth
  234. Wilson resigns, bad move?
  235. Even Global Temperatures are falling under Obama
  236. GOP payback, imagine that
  237. The very definition of Irony
  238. Even oil prices per barrel are falling under Obama
  239. Why don't white people riot?
  240. Democrats in disaray
  241. More GITMO detainees released
  242. The Party of No
  243. What kind of car is this?
  244. Schumer
  245. Swisher Sweets, Homework and Chores
  246. Why Do Campaigns Cost So Much?
  247. Flat-Broke Diva
  248. US forces, in Yemen, rescueing non Americans
  249. Black and angry about Fergusson
  250. The Truth