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  1. Fed. More idiocy.
  2. 20th Century Brings New Method of Warfare
  3. Red State Experiment Gone Bad - Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback
  4. Obama sends a basketball team to defeat ISIS
  5. M Obama...another useful fool
  6. Few Towns Away from Clock Boy, a Whataburger Want Serve Cops!
  7. Kid Gets Into Trouble for Homemade Clock...School Thinks its a Bomb
  8. Rossi In!
  9. Tonight's debate
  10. Dixie Chicks yea or nay?
  11. best story yet, warning, idiot content
  12. Mass incarceration
  13. Another Shoot Out In Vegas
  14. Another immigration "success" story...
  15. Muslim Brotherhood Founded 50% of the Mosques in the West
  16. GONADS! fresh gonads!
  17. Words of wisdom from Charlie Reese
  18. Challenge to fight
  19. Whaz up Ozz
  20. It has been my belief
  21. NHTSA to require self-actuating brakes.
  22. Travail Of Tears
  23. Crane Collapse At Mecca Kills Muslims
  24. Blue State Economies Twice as Large as Red States
  25. Do Muslims Celebrate 9/11?
  26. Al Queda declares war on Isis
  27. Obama and Climate Change info
  28. It's just - whatever you can get away with...
  29. USMC study of females in combat roles
  30. 10,000 new Syrian Refugee's
  31. Public Unions...FDR warned us
  32. bobby jindal calls trump an unstable narcisist
  33. Thermal Nuclear War
  34. If Hillary.......
  35. Black Lives Matter.....not so much
  36. IRAN DEAL ! Lets all do something !
  37. Is this how HRC will go dwn ?
  38. "You are now an American citizen."
  39. All scientists should be militant atheists- Lawrence Krauss
  40. is chicago the next detroit?
  41. Russia to Kerry/obaama, bite me
  42. And now for something different
  43. The exodus to Europe
  44. Ok, the next step in the Islamification of Europe
  45. Biden...something is wrong with the economy
  46. Take the pledge
  47. colin powell thinks the iran deal is a good one
  48. NASCAR bans Rebel Flag at Southern 500
  49. GOP voters like obama's ideas, as long as they think they come from Trump
  50. Nice read on refugees
  51. Angelique Kerber
  52. Who do I vote for 2016?
  53. Its all good! Hillary's sorry. *whew*
  54. Even more win-win-win.....
  55. Hillary says the people in the government knew she was using private email
  56. Hillary on MSNBC
  57. Paradise Lost
  58. Two wolves and a sheep voting on lunch
  59. free market health care
  60. Bigger balls than John Boehner
  61. Hillary Pleading the 5th? Ya, I think thats that...
  62. And Nero fiddled
  63. Resurrection?
  64. cute the right wing crazies "see told you so, they want to put us in jail!"
  65. Where Progressivism Leads - Lottery Winners in IL get IOUs
  66. Hilliary behind bars - how much would you pay?
  67. Clinton aide to plead the Fifth on email server.
  68. Chinese war ships shadow obaama
  69. If GOP is right, why are red states so far behind?
  70. huddled masses
  71. Looks like Obama has the votes to make this Iran deal stick.
  72. Fairness and Felonies
  73. pope to forgive women who have had abortions
  74. Sheriff David Clarke: President Obama started this War on Police
  75. Game changer? Carson tied with Trump
  76. Game changer? Carson tied with Trump
  77. Saw First Act of Racism EVER in SF Bay Area Yesterday
  78. Black wives matter
  79. The Tea Party Candidate?
  80. Good things about Obama
  81. Proof that black lives matter
  82. Why People Don't Listen to Reason and Evidence
  83. cnn I won't be watching
  84. Why can't the Democrats come up with a halfway decent candidate?
  85. Fisker, startin up again
  86. State vs Federal budgeting, Same principles on a larger scale?
  87. Please BUy American !
  88. Why Trump will get the GOP nomination
  89. ESPN = PC cowards
  90. Denver again proves its tolerance by .... being intolerant
  91. Let's not bring up what happened.
  92. and up in Canada..
  93. MSN.Com Home Page...
  94. meanwhile in Sweden
  95. jury Duty Summons 9/28/2015
  96. trump already flip flopping: will accept "investments" in his quest for the president
  97. Why do people come here illegally?
  98. Caroline Kennedy's Email problems
  99. Colorado Republicans looking ahead
  100. Biden 'best to preserve obama 'legacy''
  101. Are there really more Asian babies being born here as "Anchor Babies"?
  102. Black Woman, Peggy Hubbard - Black Lives Matter is BS!
  103. Find out who to vote for who is closest to your opinions
  104. The Truth from Admiral Ace Lyons own mouth
  105. Hate Chicken
  106. Who would you rather buy a used car from, Hillary or Donald?
  107. Media fanning the flames as markets slide
  108. Gotta have a fall guy
  109. WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW: trump says hedge funds "get away with murder"
  110. Trump 2016: Archie Bunker Runs for President
  111. And The Joke Is On You
  112. Yes, the American Nation is Exceptional
  113. Race Relations in America
  114. It's MillerTime!
  115. The 2016 Presidential Election Cycle
  116. We have met the enemy and he is Trump
  117. Why politicians are like lil Birds
  118. Black LIES Matter
  119. Give it the DT's....that is Donald Trump
  120. GOP shock jock proposes slavery for undocumenteds
  121. So, If Ms Clinton doesn't get coronated POTUS, who runs for Democrats?
  122. An Indian, a Black woman and a Black man walk into a bar…
  123. a compilation of songs for HRC
  124. shocked this has not come up yet ... ashley madison list leaked
  125. Week 7
  126. While You Slept. What Happened on January 1, 2015.
  127. Photo of HRC...A Resemblance?
  128. Orange is the new hillary:
  129. Soros, obumas buddy buys coal stocks
  130. A new (old) way to make money
  131. 13 Steps to living on the dole
  132. more guns
  133. FOOD for thought .......
  134. Uh Oh - There May be a Backup of the HRC Server
  135. Mr Deity and the Sting
  136. Is the Witch about to get tossed off the Broom?
  137. The Texas Conspiracy
  138. GOP / DNC wants to choose for you.....
  139. Is Snowdens Apt big enough?
  140. Will Obama fold to N.K?
  141. Question for HRC supporters
  142. Who's to blame for losing the Iraqi war...
  143. Jeb or George. Only a mother could tell
  144. Human Resources
  145. Controlled Experiment
  146. Removal of "top secret" designation...
  147. West Point Historian says yes, Civil War was about slavery
  148. Donald sucks. I hate him.
  149. Now the POW MIA flag is a Symbol of Racist Hate
  150. Why aren't the Dem's lining up for the POTUS spot?
  151. Not looking good for Shrillary
  152. This Col Sanders guy is cracking me up
  153. Why is the moderator of a debate the story?
  154. Are Red State More Primitive?
  155. Surprise: Gun Deaths and Violence Rampant in Red States With LESS Gun Regulation!
  156. Bernie just might pull it off
  157. California at it again
  158. Chuck, the man
  159. 5 cents per round! Ammo Gun Violence Tax WTF?
  160. Environmental Protection Agency??
  161. Let The Promise Of Free Stuff Begin!
  162. Ferguson Idiocy Part 2
  163. Trump
  164. Deceit, Delay, and Destruction --that's Hilliary
  165. Did you watch the GOP debates?
  166. Favorite part of the Big 10 debates ?
  167. 2008 Presidential Debate. Iran Deal
  168. Chris Wallace....
  169. Rick Perry
  170. Carly...
  171. #FREEtheBACON
  172. A True Blue Marxist
  173. You don need no stinin job
  174. GOP Debates
  175. GOP Debates
  176. GOP Debates
  177. Still Think Trump isn't a Democratic Plant?
  178. MORE "truth" from the left...
  179. Lead Exposure
  180. FBI looking into Clinton’s private e-mail setup
  181. Machine Discipline
  182. For The Integrity Of The Game
  183. Political debates
  184. John Kerry's/Obama's State Dept.
  185. B-b-b-Biden???
  186. GOP candidates forum tonight 7 - 9 EST
  187. Diversity is Strength
  188. The Ayatollah's New Book...
  189. Michael Savage: Trump Is the 'Winston Churchill of Our Time'
  190. Fast and Furious, continued. Uh Oh
  191. So Jared Fogle?
  192. Hillary and Huma
  193. Trolling the Donald
  194. Just another Clinton coincidence
  195. What's the difference between a socialist and a democrat?
  196. Has the US spent too much on Israel?
  197. War on Girls
  198. Climate data tampering
  199. the FOURTH planned parenthood video
  200. This May Not Go Away For Hil-rey...
  201. On Socialism...
  202. How are things back in L.A.?
  203. Melowese Richardson
  204. Demorats - contest for the biggest crook
  205. Up In A. Pillar Of Smoke
  206. In a Few Thousand Years From Now...
  207. Cecil the Lion
  208. Syria refugees
  209. a THIRD Planned (un)Parenthood Video
  210. Jonathan Swift's Menu
  211. Which America do you live in?
  212. If he only could,
  213. Jon Stewart's **** don't stink
  214. Fox News - King Maker?
  215. Why There Are 4 Million Fewer Babies in the U.S.
  216. BBQ outlaws
  217. Repubs - contest for biggest idiot
  218. Ted Cruz
  219. Can Hil-rey escape the latest DOJ investigation of her emails?
  220. Can we trade prez's?
  221. If you like your Nuke Plan, you can Keep your Nuke Plan.
  222. Hillary caused Benghazi attack?
  223. real economic data vs rightwing BS
  224. How to create a Monarchy
  225. Obama is releasing Jonathan Pollard now? Unreal.
  226. uh-oh
  227. More Unintended Consequences of Obamacare
  228. TABS On The Doom And Gloomer Spiels
  229. Pelosi - just a stupid liberal whore
  230. Trump Puts Telemundo in its Place
  231. Trump "University" Scam =Class action lawsuit
  232. Obama Strip Oath to Defend the US from Citizenship Oath
  233. theives with the law
  234. Illegal Alien Crime Wave in Texas: 611,234 Crimes, 2,993 Murders
  235. Jefferson and Jackson are out
  236. How's that $15 minimum wage working out for you?
  237. Is Obama a Lunatic or an *********?
  238. How come Texas has more icy road deaths than Michigan?
  239. Donald…the unknown student at Wharton
  240. How many "Less Crunchy" partial birth abortions will buy a Lamborghini?
  241. Trump / McCain
  242. Canfederate battle flag supporter murdered
  243. You can't make this stuff up
  244. Tuim
  245. Kerry is to process this...
  246. Completely Unexpected
  247. I am interested in your thoughts regarding...
  248. Mark Dice - Fun with racist idiots
  249. Gun Free Zone
  250. Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing