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  1. Your government at work.
  2. Origins of PARF Found
  3. IMF & USA gas taxes
  4. Unbelievable!!! With video!
  5. How To Solve The Drug Problem
  6. Documentary on N Korea on Netflix
  7. Austin, but not New York?
  8. banjo and metal-- WTh???
  9. Stock Market All-Time High
  10. Response to B-2's
  11. moving people from welfare to disability
  12. It will be interesting to see how this turns out
  13. Sandy Hook article, who writes this stuff?
  14. Americans migrate from less-free liberal states to more-free conservative states
  15. Feds use fake mobile phone cells
  16. Illegals Call For Free Healthcare in California TV Commercial
  17. Who should build a 200 mph train? the unemployable and unskilled of course
  18. More stuff from your friendly neighborhood fascists!
  19. Forbes article on Chicago being last in Federal firearms law enforcement.
  20. Most Illegal Immigrant Families Collect Welfare
  21. I think he'll regret this
  22. Truths about environment pollution
  23. Interesting article from Cracked of all places....
  24. Drug Dog Searches Ruled Unconstitutional
  25. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and this letter to the US Senator, hmmm...
  26. How many gay people are there in the United States?
  27. Cold Dead Hand....Jim Carrey
  28. Food Nazis got my kid today
  29. I want a girl like...
  30. Nah.... government is not too big.
  31. Are You Satisfied With Your Elected Officials?
  32. It's delicious! Today's fascist rant from Mayor Bloomberg
  33. Some of us are just more equal....
  34. A quote to ponder
  35. Israel speech
  36. Tea Part Defends Right to Ride on Manatees
  37. Nullify the war on drugs
  38. The Venn Diagram of Irrational Nonsense
  39. Another Teen Shooter!
  40. We have no nobility here
  41. more green
  42. Kenya condom advert pulled after religious complaints
  43. Hey! How does that fascism taste? Yummy!
  44. Of Course
  45. Boulder Co, epicenter of segragration
  46. Fomc
  47. Growth and Opportunity
  48. Punish success, embrace failure, the liberal way.
  49. Minimum wage? Can someone explain this?
  50. Racist Prosecutors Lynch Black Doctor
  51. A bit of the ultraviolence...
  52. Dying Iraq vet writes letter to Bush/Cheney.
  53. DiFi's anti gun bill, goes down
  54. PBS The "S' is for SEX
  55. Meanwhile, inside the beltway..
  56. Federal Assets
  57. Paul makes his run for the white house....
  58. Russia protests taxing Cyprus savings accts
  59. Growth and Opportunity Project?
  60. We Are Going Down
  61. Chelsea Clinton Buying $10 Million NYC Apartment
  62. Oh boy, Oh boy.....
  63. A sad example of what political speak does to everyday life
  64. "It's an economy about nothing"
  65. How can this be?
  66. an altercation
  67. Gun control may be working as it is
  68. A new GOP....with Romney & Palin?
  69. Iran fires two nuclear ICBMs into Israel
  70. Bad Lip Reading
  71. Pretty sure guns are illegal in Mexico.
  72. Absolutely wild speculation
  73. 100 rounds
  74. Pictures of biden and holder at a news event, oh no you don't
  75. Caption the photo...
  76. Should the Minimum Wage be Indexed to Inflation?
  77. The Obama administration contradicts itself
  78. Adam Carolla parfs Gaavin Newsome
  79. Well! Since you asked nicely.....
  80. Toronto meets California - Nobody Expects the Toronto District School Bd. Inquisition
  81. Agenda 21
  82. What would you say if you found out God was real?
  83. An Argentine Pope, an Argentine Queen and the New World Order
  84. New Pope
  85. White Smoke - there is a Pope
  86. HowSausage is Made
  87. Scientific Method - The Hits Keep Coming.....
  88. Means Testing Social Security - but how?
  89. How the congress retirement plan compares to yours
  90. Social Security Chain Letter
  91. State Taxes
  92. How to write a grant proposal
  93. Have we discussed Mark Kelly?
  94. Can't Believe This Went Unnoticed...
  95. Long Time Comin'...
  96. Soda lovers in NYC rejoice!
  97. armistice is over
  98. drone attack
  99. Do You Think His Wife Knows?
  100. the President wears mom jeans
  101. What if someone presented to you a new God?
  102. TSA Newark fail
  103. housing and jobs
  104. Mark of the beast is nigh
  105. N. Korea economic sanctions include 'race cars' ??!!
  106. Guantanamo or Manhattan
  107. Classic! Brennan Sworn In On Original Draft Constitution... Doesn't Include BOR!
  108. If McConnell loses, at least we'll have a smoking hot Senator in his place.
  109. droning on
  110. Kpfk
  111. 15
  112. Woman survives grizzly attack with .25 cal pistol
  113. Too many billions-too few results
  114. Halleluja!
  115. Biggest Liars in History...
  116. open discussion topic:
  117. North Korea?
  118. He Tried It His Way
  119. Igold 2013
  120. Moe comedy from the left!
  121. Great, my Rem 870 will soon make me a felon
  122. Here's a good idea.
  123. 16% voter turnout in SmelLA....
  124. Your Political Whores at Their Best: Duplication Nation - as per the GAO...
  125. Bill O’Reilly unloads on Alan Colmes....
  126. Immigration and Fast Tracking Illegals
  127. fint - drone memos
  128. On this day in 1616.....
  129. March 5th -- The best day ever!
  130. Chavez has passed away
  131. Make It Hurt
  132. Colorado and Rape
  133. Time Magazine and Health Care Costs
  134. more subsidies
  135. Does failure to register firearms mean they are illegal or undocumented?
  136. Now Tell Me This Ain't The Way It Turned Out
  137. Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un - say what??
  138. Say what Warren
  139. A victim of my own success?
  140. Fun With Charts...
  141. The Opposite of 1861
  142. I'm bummed....(putting it mildly)
  143. Who do I make the checkout to?
  144. Democrats have a high tolerance for intolerance
  145. Debt explained yet another way
  146. Theft - moved
  147. More $$$Cuts and Illegal Turn Backs Under Obamma than any Republican?
  148. Sequester is Here!
  149. What a Maroon
  150. Democrats are so smart - here's proof
  151. Do your job LCK
  152. WNBA is now mainstream - here's proof
  153. Gun Control Works
  154. Bernanke Before Congress 2/13
  155. The Next Pope
  156. How Tolerant Are You
  157. Poll: Will Saturday Night Live Make fun of Bob Woodward?
  158. Pissed off the wrong guy!
  159. "tuition equity" Bill in Oregon legislature
  160. There may be hope for NY gun owners
  161. White House bullies Woodward?
  162. papers please
  163. Pope Pederast the 266th
  164. Poor baby
  165. For the left, the end justifies any means no matter how dishonest.
  166. Damned well said by a fellow curmudgeon
  167. Why are There so Many Muslims in Detroit?
  168. Leave
  169. Hmmm...Gun Study from DOJ
  170. second amendment
  171. Los Angeles über alles
  172. oregon bill - omg!!
  173. Firearms Companies Restricting Sales to Government Agencies
  174. Progressive Paradises
  175. Oh NO, more cover up from the obam admin @ NASA
  176. Another U.N. Succes
  177. More Tesla Fail
  178. The Dr. that helped obaama kill OBL
  179. MD discussing gun control now, link to live audio
  180. My county Sheriff on Glenn Beck
  181. I feel much safer now.
  182. GM, Government Motors more offshore
  183. Ivory tower prof calls gun owners insane
  184. The California Drop
  185. "Black teens say Obama isn't the answer"
  186. Washington State to tax...Bicycles?
  187. France Tries to Attract Companies to Bailout Failing Industries
  188. VP gives home invasion advice
  189. This is What Missourians Really Think About Gun Control Laws
  190. TN voting on gun control law ban
  191. Saylor "had" Down syndrome He is dead now
  192. If Walmart Shoppers Are Broke, Then We're All In Trouble
  193. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  194. University of Colorado releases rape prevention plan for hapless women
  195. Snopes Lied?
  196. Political Capital
  197. People really are getting more stupid...this should not be a surprise...
  198. Asst CHP Deputy arrested for helping son escape
  199. Washington state gun bill to allow for house searches
  200. Missouri introduces gun confiscation bill
  201. 56% of gun shot homicide victims African American.
  202. JJ jr by the balls
  203. Raise the Minimum Wage?
  204. "Race Riot"...since when is black on black a race riot? Oh..muslims are involved
  205. Moving closer to 1984 every day
  206. Stay Classy San Diego!!!
  207. Reporting from the tax trenches
  208. Now Missouri jumps into the fray
  209. comparing apples to apples
  210. firearms bubble
  211. Students Told to Stop ‘USA!’ Chant, Take Off American Flag Bandanas
  212. An Adverse Shift
  213. Another Example of Tolerance and Diversity from one our Progressive Friends
  214. I really like John Stossel
  215. New Democrats
  216. Drinking Game: State of the Union Address
  217. Obama speaks
  218. Castle re run, best thing on TV right now
  219. Happy Birthday, Charles
  220. Will Uncle Ted make an ass of himself?
  221. No more Blue Angels or Thunderbirds
  222. Tesla fail
  223. Jesus Christ is my nigga
  224. North Korea - Improving the Nukes
  225. So God made a liberal
  226. Cataract or Rincon
  227. Are you a civilian or a citizen?
  228. More Public Housing Nonsense-LA Times
  229. Interesting gun statistics
  230. Are there Chris Dorner t shirts yet?
  231. Oh my... "Evolutionary" biologist and mathematician jump into gun debate
  232. New Jersey's civilian disarmament bills... it's for the criminals
  233. Is Gun Control Legislation Obsolete?
  234. A new product I am thinking of launching, need your input.
  235. If you can't force people to do what you want, force them to buy insurance...again
  236. Maryland's disarmament plans
  237. Been there, don't wanna go back
  238. A man who I would like to see run in 2016
  239. Gun Violence Prevention Task Force release recommendations
  240. George Bush Self-Portraits Perplex Art World
  241. Thought provoking video on "Rights"
  242. california über alles
  243. Glenn Beck
  244. Gun Control
  245. No more guns for sale in Colorado?
  246. Japan vs. China+Russia over Islands
  247. The Law
  248. Where was Waldo?
  249. Killer in SoCal
  250. Whom can the President Kill?