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  1. Obama Consults with MSNBC Hosts Sharpton, Maddow on Tax Rates
  2. What if Syria uses chem. weapons?
  3. The War Criminal
  4. IRS Announces 2013 Surtax rules - are you ready?
  5. Spackle Adhesion?
  6. Another Cover Up?
  7. Crazy world
  8. We need to outlaw boats!
  9. American Civil War....
  10. beige book
  11. [B]Lotteries and the Afghan War[/B]
  12. Fisker, how ya doing?
  13. Planned Parenthood takes a bullet in the War on Women
  14. Governing II
  15. Obama throws party, no one shows up
  16. Bill Whittle - Liberals pay attention!
  17. Where the money is going with looming tax changes
  18. Barack and Mitt have lunch....I like it! :)
  19. Palestinian Statehood - UN Vote
  20. More maddening gov't intrusion
  21. Innate Knowledge, you're born with it.
  22. Save me, oh please.
  23. An up side to Obamacare
  24. Seriously guys...
  25. iSpeech Obama App...
  26. Proposal for the Battle of the Century -- Jesse Jackson Jr.'s seat
  27. The Cross Roads Of Destiny
  28. Who was the best POTUS?
  29. More cover up/secret, GITMO, nothing new
  30. Nasim Taelbs "ANTIFRAGILITY"
  31. Sandra Fluke charges by the Hour
  32. BP Temporarily Suspended from New Contracts with the Federal Government
  33. Typical obama, blame someone else
  34. Free phones and free guns
  35. Red Vs Blue
  36. GOP law aimed to inhibit voters
  37. Pharaoh
  38. Is this mass hysteria?
  39. Angels at work in Sydney
  40. Angels at work in Sydney
  41. It's Official Obama is really a Communist
  42. Susan Estrich says it well...
  43. What if dogs were 30 foot high chickens?
  44. Fire in Bangladesh Factory, likely WalMart source
  45. What if God was a 30-foot chicken?
  46. Safe, Legal and the Black Friday Special
  47. GoPro Video Land Use or Scuba Diving Lighting
  48. New Zealand, Pro & cons for expats
  49. Tipping point?
  50. Doomsday Preppers
  51. Democracy playing out in Egypt
  52. cops V dogs shootings
  53. presidential press conferences
  54. Dear Red States:
  55. Borg of thought here..?
  56. Happy Thanksgiving -- made possible by the triumph of Liberty over Collectivism
  57. Fiscal Cliff Diving
  58. A really great speach...
  59. Senate bill rewrite lets feds read your e-mail without warrants
  60. Why Africa is not a military power
  61. Gubmint says thanks for half your paycheck in 2013!
  62. GoPro and alternatives.
  63. Whats the best code service reader for BMW
  64. Is healthcare a right or a priviledge?
  65. Love that Anonymous!
  66. Belt tightening at work due to Obamacare
  67. To Govern
  68. 1.63 million
  69. The truth from obama, words of wisdom
  70. All Used Up
  71. Another myth
  72. A Poem for the libs here
  73. Demographics is destiny
  74. the auction of you
  75. Some bum just insulted my wife.
  76. Rorbacher kicks Anderson Coopers butt
  77. Dividend and Cap Gains Taxes
  78. 'Old bangers' and classic cars to be banned from Paris
  79. The politics of farmers
  80. She's Coming to America
  81. Tell me again why we should look to the USPS as an example of gov't success??
  82. Guess there won't be any Twinkies when the zombies come
  83. Haley Barbour gives advice to fellow Republicans
  84. Unions kill the Twinkie
  85. soledad obrien is OK with voter fraud...
  86. Suddenly clear
  87. Romney Sabotages Republican 2014 Effort
  88. john kerry as defense secretary
  89. The obama princess, Rice
  90. My man, Jerry Brown
  91. the religion of peace is at it again .....
  92. Is there anything that Mr Obama could possibly do to get himself impeached?
  93. A GOP Myth
  94. One guys choice
  95. Mitt is still babbling.
  96. Even Better...Ha what arrogance
  97. obama on TV right now
  98. Pelosi to stay on as House minority leader
  99. Nation Horrified To Learn About War In Afghanistan While Reading Up On Petraeus Sex S
  100. Guys come through
  101. My ex-wife's lover
  102. U Boyz Are Becoming More Stupid By The Day
  103. How would you balance the budget - Show your work!
  104. My new favorite Pizza Chain
  105. Yes Virginia, it really is amature hour in the White House
  106. Is it still Godwin's Law?
  107. Is it too much to ask that English be spoken in the USA?
  108. Just doesn't make any sense
  109. isreal vs. syria
  110. Rocky Mountain High, Colorado
  111. US Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr going down - FINALLY!
  112. Citizens in 21 states ask to secede after Obama re-election
  113. El-Mo
  114. Newt speaks
  115. The sandwich
  116. If you opt out of Obamacare, can you opt back in later?
  117. Clear Channel (owned by Bain Capital) has now suppressed progressive radio
  118. Jump off the cliff
  119. Axelrod Wants to Inspire More People to Be "Journalists"
  120. Happy Veterans Day
  121. 2016
  122. Petraeus, what really happened
  123. Are you over 50 ? Then pay more in taxes
  124. Orca Flop
  125. Why the Republican Party is in trouble
  126. the far right fringe
  127. What would it look like if we went to a flat tax rate?
  128. Happy birthday
  129. What an incredibly strange coincidence
  130. watching fox
  131. Shouldn't the Govt be allowed to mandate exercise?
  132. I have no mouth and I must scream.
  133. We SHOULD raise taxes on the rich
  134. America's jobs gap: 9 million
  135. CIA Directors resigns
  136. what do you conservatives think of this one:
  137. The man who smelled too much
  138. Being Liberal
  139. Are you drinking better than you were four years ago?
  140. Elections have Consequences
  141. Obamacare Revisited
  142. How are you planning for your 2013 tax bill?
  143. Time To Start Shrugging
  144. Unlike some people here,
  145. The republicans even lost Florida.
  146. My Dad started watching Fox News
  147. Bye to Criminal AG?
  148. How is the world stock market doing
  149. We are a third world electorate
  150. Florida voting -- what's the hang-up?
  151. The Republican Party is dead... and it's not why you think.
  152. The Tipping Point
  153. Are the UN Troops and APCs rolling into Lubbock yet ?
  154. interesting news: puerto rico 51st state?
  155. So far so good, where's that green font?
  156. Obama's To-Do List: What He Plans for a Second Term
  157. Yo, Island!
  158. GOP continues dominance of Oklahoma politics
  159. WTF can we agree on?
  160. So...WTF can we agree on?
  161. Bohica
  162. Obama wins 8 of 10 wealthiest counties in US.
  163. Please explain Rep Gov / Dem President
  164. I think I understand
  165. Chris Matthews: Glad we had the storm..
  166. A bet's a bet and I am a man of my word
  167. Election bonuses.
  168. Post-election commentary
  169. GW Bush accidentally votes for Obama:
  170. Karl Rove vs. Fox News
  171. President Obama sending National Guard into NY & NJ to help Sandy victims!
  172. The hangover....
  173. Romney's concession speech
  174. You are not allowed to be successful
  175. So, will you Obama supporters hold him accountable now?
  176. Obama wins
  177. speeder, how much $$ did you win?
  178. obama wins
  179. CBS Calls It.
  180. Status Quo
  181. Election night at 10PM CST, 106 people watching PARF, yet all quiet??
  182. GWB loses - 8 years too late.
  183. Intrade just went mid-90s
  184. Well- this has been fun - but tomorrow I go back to work!
  185. There's only three things thats for sure
  186. In an hour and a half . . . we'll know
  187. Voting Machine in PA Caught Giving Obama Votes To Romney
  188. Obama Off to an Early Lead...
  189. Apparently some people still don't know who is running for president.
  190. Official Electoral Count, Add' em up boys
  191. Terrorist attack in Fresno.
  192. How does the media "call states" for one candidate before polls close?
  193. 20 of 21 countries surveyed would favour Obama over Romney
  194. Who else voted Gary Johnson?
  195. Romney's Election day Ground Game -
  196. Cincinnati News: 1.3 million counted with 91k lead for Romney.
  197. Why Romney?
  198. 2012 Election thread -- Let's win this one for Breitbart
  199. Voting Fraud in Ohio?
  200. EPA Scrambling to Implement More Regulation before End of Year
  201. final polls
  202. From Hope and Change to Fear and Loathing
  203. More from the religion of peace and love
  204. MSNBC Already Has Election Results!
  205. Path Analysis
  206. Done voting.
  207. What is the middle class?
  208. This Seals The Election For Obama - And He Had Nothing To Do With It
  209. Naked (girly) Man see right to Womans/girls sauna
  210. More on Ben Gazi from the pres.
  211. Obamacare Casualties - Kroger to Slash Hourly Workers
  212. I'm young, female and voting for....
  213. How does this work?
  214. your VP for another day
  215. What will Our Dear Leader be doing on Nov. 7th?
  216. It's a done deal; Redskins win it for Romney
  217. Seal Team 6 movie tonight.
  218. People are turning away from Obama
  219. Obama might take the popular vote too.
  220. Six most paranoid fears for obamas second term
  221. The story of a pilot rescue
  222. Christmas Shopping
  223. Disgruntled white guys?
  224. 5000 Chinese miners coming to mine near you
  225. Thank goodness it's almost...
  226. its almost over
  227. CNN yesterday, Peirs Morgan/twit
  228. Rupert Murdoch threatens NYC mayor Bloomberg over Obama endorsement.
  229. The best revenge? WTF
  230. 2ND Amendment under fire by silliness
  231. Why is Obama a better choice than Romney?
  232. No on B!
  233. I'm Bazza - and I approved this message....
  234. WTF is wrong with all you anti-religion zealots?
  235. Romney threat
  236. Think all those people....
  237. Biden Finally Gets One Right!
  238. If Elected What would you do?
  239. Romney bid to be Liar-in -Chief
  240. It's official, worst president ever
  241. The Blackmail Caucus - Krugman
  242. October Jobs report All UP - VERY SOLID
  243. Funny.
  244. PARF Silent on New Benghazi Details?
  245. Ethics complaint against Romney for failing to disclose his big auto rescue profit
  246. Countdown to Obamagedden
  247. The Economist
  248. Is Staten Island the new Lower 9th Ward?
  249. romney?
  250. Would you go to a rally for the other guy?