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  1. Fiorina Loves Puppies
  2. Nothing but class at the Trump rally.
  3. obaama wants to refund unesco
  4. President to make his reality TV debut on Thursday
  5. Bergdahl, in yo face Barry
  6. Just good folk looking for a new home
  7. JT on Friedrich Hayek’s Road to Serfdom
  8. Those silly tolerant democrats and their wacky facebook comments!
  9. Cruz in the lead.
  10. Climate Change Pact
  11. mosque fire bombed.
  12. We Demand....
  13. Oh, those silly Iranians...
  14. And now for something completely different ...
  15. Can we please call those a-holes DAESH instead of what they want to be called?
  16. The hollowing
  17. US Intel: ISIS May Have Passport Printing Machine, Blank Passports
  18. Ferengi?
  19. Sometimes the mask slips....
  20. Adding Cubans to the no entry list
  21. Expect to see more from CAIR
  22. Uber
  23. Sharia 'Police' setting uo shop in Germany
  24. The Maflower compact, first official government document in the new world
  25. Another Load
  26. Why is the Left and the Right Screaming at Trump ?
  27. Congress approves new old cars..!
  28. No one is discussing how to effectively fight Islamic terrorism
  29. **my first vote**
  30. News on Benghazi
  31. White House Disqualifies Donald Trump
  32. Spinning as we Speak
  33. Understand Obummer's Ultimate Goal - A One Party Gov't
  34. Keep Talking, Obummer...
  35. Safety Tips
  36. Man accused of kidnapping, terrorizing, and sexual assault uttered “Allah Akbar"
  37. Chicago gangs, troubling law enforcement and now terrorist. Your kinda town Obama...
  38. Lynch v. Emmanuel
  39. This is funny.
  40. a total gaping vagina...
  41. Lt. Col Ralph Peters on President Obama
  42. Sometimes ya gotta call a duck, a duck:
  43. December 7, 1941
  44. Its happened more than once...Hardcore conservatives with certain 'ideas'...
  45. Who will Ms Clinton choose as her running mate? Sorry if already discussed.
  46. The Mailed Fist
  47. Interesting opinion piece from USA Today
  48. Geez Obama looks like crap
  49. What does "purchased legally" mean here?
  50. If Govt was on "Our Side"-.........
  51. Bill Warner video
  52. If We Did Not Invade Iraq, There Would Be No Problem With Islam?
  53. SNL tonight.
  54. Dec 5 1933 a reason to celebrate
  55. Why is there no CAHR or CABR?
  56. What ever happend to the captured third terrorist - San Bernardino
  57. under which presidency have we had the most mass shootings?
  58. Obama is not seeking a legacy
  59. What is a country supposed to do?
  60. Cops are the true heros.
  61. Attorney General Loretta Lynch vows to protect America against her greatest fear
  62. A little good news
  63. November Jobs Report
  64. Nothing To See Here Move Along
  65. Donald now at 36% support
  66. Why is Fox not showing the chick terrorist's face?
  67. What motivates the resistance to calling islamic terrorism what it is?
  68. Another smooth move by the White House
  69. where is the condemnation of christian terrorism?
  70. Chicago corruption in Law~ Largest in US~ Has much changed since Operation Greylord?
  71. McCarthyism's Triumphant Return
  72. I am laughing with the Egyptians, gotta watch!
  73. Rubio: Refundable tax credit to pay for health insur
  74. "we need to catch people who are accumulating this tactical gear and weapons'...FOX
  75. Mad Dogs And Muslims
  76. Top 35 Federal wankers that don't do crap.
  77. A threat more deadly than IS.
  78. Daily news just can't wait
  79. Free healthcare in Mexico
  80. San Berdoo Shooting, PARF version
  81. Just turned on the shooter in CA
  82. Register your cash. Greece
  83. He's a good guy, punish him! Hurt him! Do not let him get away with it!
  84. Do NOT accept refugees from NC or SC...
  85. When the President goes full retard...
  86. Suck it up Muslims ( Listen to this guys take on Them )
  87. Why are these two pictures different....
  88. He Is Not Even A Clever Thug
  89. The president who lost his voice
  90. Future pres. cand. Chicago Mayor Emanuel dem, the cleaner, fixer, master of cover-up
  91. Need some liberal help
  92. Donald Trump Holds Presser with Black Pastors After Meeting ‘I Saw Love in That Room’
  93. from the "i know something about statistics" file ... 'pause' in climate change false
  94. Still the ONE
  95. Downtown Chicago from my hotel window...
  96. The End Of The Cushy Life
  97. Trump by Bill Bennett
  98. Alberta implementing carbon tax
  99. Proposed republican budget cuts
  100. Obama fiddle while Rome burns
  101. The push for clean energy
  102. Oh, come on you guys. Not again.
  103. Another right wing terror attack.
  104. Don't accept EBT? Goodbye.
  105. This "PC chit" has done got outta hand!
  106. Chicago's Magnificent Mile (Michigan Ave) stores closed down by protesters
  107. Looking for better printer control - software suggestions?
  108. Uh oh, Jesus has returned.
  109. Could this Quran curb extremism?
  110. Take that ISIS!
  111. Pregnant Pastor's wife raped and murdered...
  112. How to determine who is a real Christian.
  113. What do You Know About Jehovah Witness
  114. Trump
  115. Thanksgiving
  116. Trump is FOSSIL
  117. resulted in 'termination of the pregnancy'
  118. One pilot lived eh....convenient
  119. Taking a stand for what you believe in the face of PC pressure!
  120. Let KiIlling Begin
  121. My eye hurts.
  122. Didn't think I'd see this in Az
  123. Syrian rebels destroy Russian rescue helicopter after landing with TOW
  124. Turkey shoots down Russian fighter
  125. 45 minutes
  126. Finally, something EVERYONE in PARF can agree on!
  127. Are Muslims genetically inferior?
  128. Trumps new VP?
  129. 0% accuracy for Trump.
  130. Ackmed, the bomb builder
  131. Stay home!
  132. happy voxgiving
  133. Ben Carson…learned everything he needed to know from sarah palin
  134. Trump keeps making things up..RIght wing bends over and says..give us more.
  135. Poll: HilLIARry the "best choice" to deal with ISIS
  136. Hillary Death Spiral
  137. Which is worse, make up bad stuff or good stuff?
  138. Intolerance Masked As Tolerance Is Still Intolerance
  139. Mondays Fire "What happened Aprill 3 1965? "
  140. the conversation today in america:
  141. It Is Finished
  142. A bunch of killers
  143. Why are so many media outlets lying about what Trump said?
  144. How Many of you with Irish heritage condemn the IRA?
  145. 75% of targets off limits
  146. Serious question
  147. Politically incorrect Hot Chicks....
  148. For all the Islamophobes who post here - especially ex military
  149. How bad could it possibly be...
  150. Muslims yes, Christians NO.
  151. its not that he's like a nazi .... he is a nazi. literally.
  152. The Lying Class
  153. So why do we call ISIS what they want to be called?
  154. 5 Middle Eastern Men caught crossing the border
  155. Black Fridays Matter
  156. POTUS.. not as dumb as you think.
  157. So Humana wants to dump Obamacare
  158. Ballsy boast...
  159. a bit more climate change....
  160. Did the HRC Campaign really try to go after comedians?
  161. Up Yours, Barry
  162. _slam_c Terror_sm
  163. self induced abortions spike when clinical abortion access is restricted
  164. Second American killed by a terrorist today
  165. Trumps still at it.
  166. Who Is Funding ISIS? What Do They Really Want?
  167. Maximum Mileage
  168. Black Lives Matters group outraged that the dead people in Paris are taking
  169. WHEN, not if, it happens here
  170. So what's barry's excuse for the muslims at the soccer game?
  171. Barry says 'it needs to stop'....F U barry!
  172. Someone say "conscription "?
  173. A Few Questions: Terrorists, Torture, Refugees
  174. more from Ichabod Kerry
  175. Pax Russiana
  176. Is it racism
  177. Obama on Islam
  178. Kasich steps on his pecker.
  179. If we can import 75,000 ISIS terrorists...
  180. An Alternative
  181. Stage Three
  182. Yellen: Proposed Fed law would be ‘grave mistake’...
  183. The Onion describes PARF in 2003
  184. Congressional salary should same deal Army gets
  185. Huma says "Hilary often confused."
  186. Trump is willing to shutter Mosques.
  187. Finally a religion I can sink my teeth into.
  188. Minnysoda Democrat, ISIS isn't evil
  189. American Coup D'etat
  190. What US policy on ME should be
  191. This just in: Utopia is not Liberal
  192. HilLIARry (just like Obama) won't admit it's "radical Islam"
  193. obaama frees five more from GITMO
  194. If Just one competant person had a fire arm...
  195. Brazil
  196. The DemDebate
  197. Russians To The North, Russians To The South
  198. Futile gestures
  199. not collecting stamps
  200. "ISIS is contained" -Barack Obama...yesterday!
  201. Will there be an October 12 attack?
  202. Well It Is Not Shinola
  203. The gloves are it time to open up a 55-Gallon Drum of Whup-Ass?
  204. Meeting astronauts is fun
  205. Paris attacks
  206. Attacks in Paris
  207. can't believe this has not been posted yet. the end for trump?
  208. 100,000 Syrian Ref to a town near you
  209. Uh oh. Looks like a shellacking is coming.
  210. Guy with the red state charts dissapeared!
  211. Trump and Putin ..not so fast Donnyboy
  212. BBBBBBRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr! global cooling
  213. Carsons friends are scammers too.
  214. Ms Clinton's redeeming qualities that make her a good choice for POTUS
  215. hilary laughs
  216. Awesome milestone - 1M illegals have landed in Europe
  217. Jury Nullifcation
  218. Thank you Mr. President, thank you very much
  219. Is this a serious debate?
  220. I don't want to hear about the other candidate/party...
  221. Obama appontee's tuim
  222. Mizzou Racial Strife
  223. When did "tolerance" become so...intolerant?
  224. You guys got skills.
  225. Two Cops Kill Young riots
  226. What happens if they find out the truth? We'll attack!
  227. Genius
  228. Hands up...don't shoot
  229. Christians are being persecuted, by red cups
  230. Chicago scum
  231. I Just Want To Vote For A Person That...
  232. Monday is the 77th anniversary of
  233. Military too PC now?
  234. Worlds top leaders
  235. Donald Trump Monologue - SNL
  236. Two Problems With Hillary As President
  237. What Will The USA Be Like In 20 Years
  238. What Will The USA Be Like In 20 Years
  239. What Will The USA Be Like In 20 Years
  240. GITMO to Colorado
  241. "File and Suspend" for SS being eliminated
  242. POLITICO's campaign admits they lied about Carson's West Point "admission fabrication
  243. Canada, you too?
  244. More obaama fail, but it's only money,
  245. Keystone
  246. still the man
  247. Oh no! Another fizzle for the Cons.
  248. Wonder why this doesn't make the news
  249. Carson's campaign admits he lied about West Point "admission"
  250. This is horrible news.