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  1. From Iowa, Hilary's VP.
  2. What IS a community organizer anyway?
  3. Love the One You're With
  4. Democrats War on Doctors
  5. Grab your popcorn, suspend your disbelief- NOAH rocks!
  6. Darrel Issa should just stop now.
  7. THIS is why we don't trust ANYTHING the anti-2nd Amendment crowd says
  8. ObamaoCare covers the sterilization of women
  9. Obamacare penalizes the ‘wrong’ insurance 18x more than NO insurance.
  10. false equalency in the media
  11. At The Mercy Of The Vicissitudes Of Time
  12. pathology of privilege (crony capitalism)
  13. Finally, one good use for Obamacare
  14. Harry Reid says,
  15. Best FLOTUS -> POTUS conversion ranking
  16. A short history of Obamacare delays....
  17. Another Dem bites it.
  18. Things are tough in Calif when this happens
  19. Liberal smugitude knows no boundaries
  20. obama prosposes major revision of the NSA phone tapping
  21. Nuclear Role-Playing Game?
  22. How can I deflect being wrong about Russia......
  23. No Rspct for the Prez.
  24. A typical anti gun, anti 2A Dimocrat state congressman - not safe for work
  25. Do we deport anyone?
  26. Obamaoists Sotomayor and Kagan
  27. Oba-ma cand do...anything
  28. Is There More Than One Satan?
  29. Clueless Voters Explain Why They Voted for Obama
  30. The Koch Brothers, a Liberal Conspiracy?
  31. wide spread illegal wage supression uncovered
  32. Rep McCaul blasting Malaysia for search
  33. Open season on squirrels
  34. crypto anarchist meets Glen Beck. 3D printing
  35. Netflix: Hating Breitbart
  36. Vote Fraud and putting the Rat into the Democrat Party
  37. The Iraq war Worked!
  38. Obama attacks Social Security
  39. Obama continues to waste our money
  40. Obamacare Works
  41. Obamacare Works!
  42. Trifecta: Corruption-Vote Fraud-Race
  43. The Obama/Putin phone call
  44. Grab your popcorn for the movies- "Religion is Baloney" 2014
  45. Grab your popcorn for the movies- "God's not dead" 2014
  46. Grab your popcorn for the movies- "Son of God" 2014
  47. Grab your popcorn for the movies- "Noah" 2014
  48. Communicating in meme
  49. "everyone's very grateful' for Obamacare!" Sez Ellen
  50. "The Leader of the Free World"
  51. Obama wasting $17M per month advertising Obamacure
  52. Defending the First Amendment.
  53. Reverse Racism
  54. Proof of citizenship to vote
  55. The Democratic Party's Foolish Koch Obsession
  56. Raw Meat for PARF Righties
  57. CALPERS pensions are doomed.
  58. Cenk
  59. Abandon our allies
  60. It's alright we told you what to dream
  61. ATF Conducts Raid to Steal Customer List
  62. People are still dying to come to the USA
  63. Where is the Light Brigade when you need it ?
  64. The Newest Red Line for Syria.
  65. The Decline And Fall Of America
  66. America has a foreign policy????
  67. Where is the Hildebeast?
  68. Obama's in your face LIE about Illegals and Obamacare
  69. More good news on Obama's most transparent administration in history
  70. Were the founding fathers "angry white men"
  71. Atheists God=NO Aliens=YES
  72. Oh my...
  73. ARM's are back! Economy to go off the cliff again?
  74. Recovery Summer - maybe 2014
  75. Putin: More Transparent than ever
  76. Fred Phelps about to meet his maker.
  77. lindsey graham now unhappy with spying ...
  78. Are we still laughing at Romney about Russia?
  79. Iran and Syria = Awfully quiet, shouldn't we know by now?
  80. What to do about Putin
  81. House of Cards
  82. "a draconian edict of a heavy-handed bureaucracy,” (EPA)
  83. The Pro-Obama threads
  84. The Anti-Obama threads
  85. ObamaCare - scratch that - ObamaLOVE 4 U
  86. Free Health Care
  87. Carney, Art
  88. The Hidden Purpose Of The Disappeared 777
  89. Rand Paul has a major problem his name is Ron Paul
  90. Who is the stupidest member of Congress?
  91. Obama threatens vetoes of bills requiring him to follow the law
  92. Obama, playing chicken with impeachment, steps it up.
  93. S. J. Lee, How old is it?
  94. Would you like the "other" party to vanish?
  95. Piyush
  96. Very Cool, GoPro mounted on a Pelican Beak
  97. 100T global debt achieved
  98. Seattle classifies musicians as handicapped
  99. ObamaoCare Czars "roam the battlefield and shoot their own wounded"
  100. Al Franken's democratic precinct workers blowing off steam
  101. And so it begins.....
  102. Uncle Earl, of corse the democrats will re elect him
  103. much publicized ACA failure is actually a success
  104. When did Alan Grayson stop beating his wife?
  105. Dead People Voting
  106. Poor little Diane, can't seem to get and apology.
  107. The 88-Million-Dollar Welfare Queens
  108. Did Obama get elected Because Republicans Hate American Voters?
  109. Who Can Save the GOP?
  110. I overheard a liberal at the coffee shop
  111. Gov't thinking on pensions
  112. Docs vs. Glocks
  113. the real sinking ship ... not the USA, the GOP
  114. High Turnout is a good thing, right?
  115. This show will play well in Minny soda
  116. A little Seuss for the Pelican troops
  117. Another Republican "Stands His Ground" in Florida
  118. Read all 10
  119. When a liberal has his smug removed(Smugectomy)
  120. PAR Word of the day
  121. They just can't keep their fingers out the cookie far.
  122. More from batty Harry
  123. Did Obama get elected because he's part black?
  124. Nothing happening, might as well golf
  125. Ken Ham is building an Ark. You're paying for it.
  126. How Obama Controls the Media
  127. How is "Gun control" working in Russia
  128. Spelling Lesson from the Smartest President ever
  129. Why are liberals so religious?
  130. Every bad thing that has ever happened in the history of the planet
  131. The perky US jobs report for February in two simple charts
  132. Honest Question: When May I hit another car?
  133. Ted Cruz said it!
  134. What Scares You More?
  135. The world went quiet
  136. Who is more at odds with their party?
  137. Will Obama ever enforce his health law?
  138. Western Posturing May Actually Force Putin to Do What They Accuse Him Of.
  139. White Guilt
  140. Obamacare question.... non political
  141. NPR lies
  142. And the nobel peace prize nominee is ....
  143. Example of Minnesota Nice at the Progressive public school
  144. liberal racism and white guilt in hollyweird
  145. interesting tax code article
  146. Abortion Barbie's electile dysfunction
  147. Lois Lerner's nasty accident
  148. Help in understanding Ukrainian problems
  149. That Gavin Newsome is a smart, smooth talking guy
  150. Georgia
  151. Build me a time travel device thingy.
  152. obama lost one today
  153. Obama scores again
  154. Godwin's Law
  155. A pretty good Nut Lib website.
  156. 12 years a slave
  157. Looking for ONE,
  158. I don't get warm and fuzzies from gov't employees taking the 5th
  159. Time to ban finger guns
  160. A complete lack of forethought
  161. "If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan"...Well...
  162. Southern Belle Lindsey Graham blames the Ukraine on bengazi.
  163. Nationalization of Freddie, Fannie and the Obama Regime's Securities Fraud
  164. Cell phone kill switch? really ?
  165. Columbia says Fox News presents more opposing views...
  166. Our enemies must be trembling
  167. here is one for you putin lovers
  168. How long before the US heads over to the Ukraine! Pssssst, there is oil there...
  169. Another Government shutdown -- Global Warming doing the work Ted Cruz couldn't
  170. "Green" Buildings use MORE energy
  171. Obamacare Exchange Accidentally Enrolls 4,000 Illegal Aliens...
  172. California Democrats lose supermajority in the senate
  173. What Europeans are calling Obama....
  174. Jonathan Davis from KORN wants to country to be what it used to be.....
  175. US Immigration Issue...
  176. US Customs and Immigration thrown open the doors?
  177. A question for the Law and Order Special Victim's Lobby
  178. Hitler on Obamacare
  179. the ACA IS contributing to inflation now-
  180. Obama: "The 1980's called-wants it's foriegn policy back"
  181. The Idiot Biden strikes again
  182. Honest Question: When May I Shoot a Student?
  183. Idiot Anchor?
  184. Knife Violence
  185. Back When We Were Proud Of Our Leaders
  186. Clinton Library
  187. "Alaska" virus?
  188. The new face of food stamps in Obama's Amurca
  189. So I Can Get My Way If I Threaten You?
  190. Hairy Reid: You Amurcans are liars
  191. Leader of the free world
  192. A New Low for Republicans: They Turn Their Backs on Veterans
  193. Score one "I told you so" for Alaska
  194. Please tell me it's true
  195. Peggy Noonan, Progressives win, whats the prize?
  196. Democrats; Why do they worship power-crazed totalitarians?
  197. This is horrible! The deficit is continuing to shrink!
  198. Sounds like she'd fit in nicely right here in PARF
  199. Pussification continues, to a new low
  200. More of that THING that never happens
  201. gentrification - a viewpoint by Spike Lee
  202. Wil no one rid me of the troublesome ....
  203. Dems want immigration reform so they have people to clean their toilets
  204. "there has got to be some downside to having a woman president"
  205. Well written piece on business owners being sued for refusing to support gay weddings
  206. Oh, that Ted
  207. Doing The Lords work.....
  208. Putin Wins the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Medal Race, Loses Ukraine
  209. You know your govt is corrupt when...
  210. How to Opt Out of Obamacare
  211. Another nail in the global warming coffin
  212. Warthogs
  213. Biden: Obamacare frees single moms from the need to work
  214. Fox News Laugh
  215. Big Cajones - he speaks truth to power to the POTUS
  216. More Obama threats
  217. Is a bi-lingual job requirement discriminatory?
  218. The Vindictive Obama
  219. Cutting food subsidies for military families. Are you kidding?
  220. The Game Is A Foot In The Ukraine
  221. Uganda's President Is A Mental case
  222. My liberal parody
  223. Seahawk: Young People Are Not Knuckleheads
  224. Liberals Killing people
  225. Predictions for the 2014 Mid Term Elections
  226. Help with stubborn stuck shower valve removal
  227. Obama Loses The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Medal Race
  228. Good riddance Piers Morgan
  229. I have a Confession...I'm 330 and 718...
  230. Why did Dem's pass/push ObamaCare?
  231. With which faction will Fox News back?
  232. Question for the mods
  233. Arizona, no thread yet?
  234. january 2014 the 4th hottest january on record
  235. It's ironic isn't it?
  236. Election 2014: Is PPOT PARF representative of voters?
  237. Michelle Obama hates young people
  238. Michelle Obama: 'Young People Are Knuckleheads,'
  239. wow, couldn't not post this in PARF
  240. America is becoming more secular.
  241. Another over reach by Herr Obama & Co.
  242. Nice kids
  243. amazing daily show segment on the right's facination with russia and putin
  244. Obama threatens again
  245. Economist Imprisoned
  246. Anti- government protest around the world
  247. Tesla Finally Dead
  248. A Social Experiment
  249. They've obviously never visited PARF
  250. Un-Constitutional Things Un-Happen