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  1. Three quotes from NJ State Senators
  2. Sorry for the Inconvenience
  3. Have we discussed the recent 3-D printer gun and its plans being taken offline?
  4. is the USA a christian nation?
  5. Interesting Conundrum In Ohio...
  6. The Girls of FOX NEWS rule!.....
  7. Your Plan for Syria?
  8. Happy Fred day
  9. She's lied her whole life.....
  10. You know the founders never envisioned technology like....
  11. Gun crime down, but peoples' perception of gun crime up?? What gives?
  12. Obamacare, never let a crisis you created go to waste
  13. Sanford wins, Weiner for NYC mayor next
  14. Further proof that Democrat voters are useful....
  15. Fellatio- International Style
  16. A Sheriff Talkin' Like a Dictator
  17. 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy
  18. Air Force Officer In Charge Of Sexual Assault Prevention Program, Arrested For Allege
  19. Fox 'news' gets another one wrong.
  20. Any right wing PARFers missing?
  21. Coming this week, Rice goes under the bus
  22. This can't be good for the economy
  23. The Surveillance State
  24. Israel detonates series of huge bombs in Syria capitol, military dead, WW3?
  25. What's up with Wayne La Pierre?
  26. Sex and alcohol make you happier than kids and religion.
  27. 15k dow
  28. Chalk one up for the good guys...um... er.. girls!
  29. Every time I think our President...
  30. Israel doing the job BHO is too much of a pussy to handle
  31. California leads the way
  32. Courtesy of Mr. Holder.
  33. Racist liberals
  34. Obama: The fall
  35. Obama: The fall
  36. Why is this Legal?
  37. Poll: 29 percent of registered U.S. voters feel armed revolution necessary
  38. Taking bets. Wanna bet Obama let's these guys skate?
  39. According to Carl Rove, democrats are going to take the House.
  40. Just what we need, another corporate shill in the administration....
  41. Background Checks Died Because GOP Didn't Want To Help Obama
  42. Rattlesnake logic
  43. Are We Allowing Law Enforcement Too Many Donuts?
  44. Senator Gillibrand (D) FINALLY says the obvious.
  45. Are We Allowing Law Enforcement Too Much Surveillance?
  46. How the health care act affected one of my clients
  47. Saudis warned the US about Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2012
  48. hi cap mag commercial
  49. Electric car charging stations companies fued / fraud and taxpayers
  50. State of the Nation
  51. Fisker savior? Bob Lutz and the VL Destino
  52. the GOP war on science: first strike edition
  53. Congratulations to D.Feinstein!
  54. Bend Over Here It Comes
  55. Govt Acct Office to probe Big Sis
  56. Are We Allowing Law Enforcement Too Much Firepower?
  57. Rush Limbag, what tool....middle of the roader rant...
  58. George W. Bush the Man
  59. No Obamacare for Congress
  60. 60 mins. undate tonight
  61. American's Greatest Fear
  62. More CA gun nincompoopery....
  63. learning v education
  64. DiFi's Husband's company gets "bullet" train contract. Inconceivable!
  65. Make it Hurt at the airports
  66. Grandpa Saves the day
  67. Very insightful blog post on gun control -- from a liberal
  68. Newsw Flash - You Don't Get To Be Prez By Being Stupid...
  69. More on election fraud
  70. Goerge Bush library opened today.
  71. chemical weapons used by syria
  72. The underground economy
  73. This one doesn't pass the smell test....
  74. Alimony reform in FL - about time!
  75. Boston Bombing - Gov Conspiracy?
  76. Epic Incompetence
  77. Bombers on Welfare
  78. Irony
  79. Chinese woman sues Fed Reserve for USD devaluation
  80. State Sponsored Terrorism
  81. Lisa Murkowski
  82. It's over - The Constitution is dead
  83. Absolutely
  84. Taxing internet sales
  85. A Conservative Politican on Gun Laws
  86. Wmd
  87. Getting a gun
  88. GDP Accounting Revision coming in July
  89. Your friends on the other side....
  90. crony capitalism D Stockman
  91. He Partied during the Manhunt
  92. The best gun control ad I've ever seen
  93. Boston and the 4th Amendment
  94. So, whodunnit?
  95. The Liberal Pope Has Spoken
  96. Will Boston learn any lessons from this?
  97. No Miranda warnings for Boston suspect. Idiocy.
  98. the "religion of peace" - what's your solution?
  99. We need to have background checks to buy Pressure Cookers
  100. Things we'll do to keep the public safe:
  101. CISPA: Death of the Fourth Amendment?
  102. This should be interesting....
  103. Watching the idiots on the news reporting on Boston bombing suspects
  104. Gun Control Laws
  105. massachusets news alert
  106. Looks Like a terrorist
  107. The Judge gets it right...
  108. No protection to Vets & Families
  109. Careful who you Demonize when you have skeletons in your closet
  110. MSNBC: NRA 'in the Business of Helping Bombers Get Away With Their Crimes'
  111. Opinion of Alan Gottlieb and his organizations?
  112. Police Survey on Gun Control
  113. Decorated Vet Arrested for Rudely Displaying AR15
  114. USPS - Typical Gov't Agency!
  115. Gun Control FAIL!
  116. insiders and the roll back
  117. Wow... So many violations of rights I lost count
  118. How to give away Billion$
  119. so austerity is based on a mathmatical error
  120. Why didn't obama stop this attack
  121. Ricin sent to Senator's Office
  122. Left wing logic
  123. public debt and economic growth
  124. Been to the shooting range lately?
  125. Reid shows his true colors
  126. Learn how DHS keeps our nation safe...
  127. It Must Not Be #2
  128. And Freedom Dies a Little More Today
  129. Did you see what the wicked witch of the west said about the Boston bombing?
  130. Need a Tax Benefit?
  131. What if???
  132. "Mayors Against Illegal Guns"
  133. Adam Scott wins Masters, the first for Australia
  134. This is embarrassing. I ned a drink!
  135. Gay Marraige Infertility Benefits. . . Thank You Liberals
  136. Cool, yo. My VTECH-gun-confiscation-homies-just-kicked-in
  137. California's prop 13
  138. Barber Race ... no really race
  139. Amazing.......
  140. Quality indocrination
  141. Your Intellectual Experience With CS Lewis
  142. Some crazy republicans campaign sticker.
  143. cluster fk
  144. So just what exactly stopped killers @ Columbine, Aurora, Newtown, VA tech?
  145. What your GoPro Hero3 PCB looks like
  146. Fox Paws is a ...
  147. Good News Everyone
  148. Ben Carson
  149. cool GoPro video..
  150. No GoPro's Harmed by Ken Block in Russia
  151. Architect of ObamaCare: "just beyond comprehension"
  152. obama's new dod training manuals claim catholics are extremist?
  153. Chicago complete ban on guns is RIGHT! Store owner wielding bat BEATS perp w/GUN
  154. Safe, Legal and Rare part ?
  155. Stun Guns maybe next on the list
  156. Paul Ryan
  157. This should be fun to watch.
  158. Fox continues to lose credibility
  159. Obamacare is Incomprehensible
  160. Mass Stabbing - Clearly we have to Ban All Kitchen Knives!
  161. NYT: Better to fight back. But with what?
  162. S. Korea v. N. Korea
  163. Why California is Left.
  164. The wind really blows.
  165. Do we still live in a constitutional republic?
  166. Obama Bumper Sticker Has Lost Its Luster
  167. "Better Investments"
  168. bitcoin making a stab at the state
  169. Trayvon's parents get a wrongful death settlement.
  170. Anti Drone Ammo...
  171. Pinko Commie Left Wing Liberals Hide Vocanos
  172. This is fun....
  173. As it turns out, they knew about Holmes in advance.
  174. Why do we keep hearing and seeing these three words?
  175. This make you feel better Fint?
  176. Stuff you won't see elsewhere.......
  177. GoPro Vid of Eurocar Meet & Drive in West LA/PCH (GT3, Cayman S, Exige, M5 Content)
  178. Another genie out of the bottle?
  179. Wonder if DEA monitors PPbb
  180. Consensus failing?
  181. The Constitution State, yeah ******* right
  182. Another disingenuous atheist dies
  183. A quote for the ages
  184. WTF is wrong with L.A.?
  185. And Why Does North Korea Hate Us Again?
  186. CT Gun Control Bill Passes House
  187. N Korea
  188. Lies, Liberals, and video tape
  189. someone should probably read it again ...
  190. Should we Eliminate Estate Taxes for 5% of the Popn?
  191. Stocktown is Bk
  192. If the Media were fair...
  193. Arch Duke Ferdinand
  194. More amazing Ms. DeGette
  195. Obama Looking for $100Mil for Brain Mapping Research...
  196. Well, Rand Paul is out of the race.
  197. Current gun control bills pending in California.
  198. Looks like Hillary is going to take it.
  199. WTF is wrong with Colorado?
  200. Unparralled Idiocy
  201. Good read on 2A and the current debate (long)
  202. Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America
  203. F-Off Krugman - LOL
  204. Gasoline Sulfur Content - 30ppm to 10pmm
  205. Best April Fools day Hack ever!
  206. james holmes
  207. Obama declares April Budget Responsibility Month
  208. Stupid DMV (Vermont/California) and Crazy NADA value of my car
  209. Tie welfare into kids grades??
  210. The Obamas live the 1 percent life
  211. So, as long as you do nothing "wrong"
  212. What does Reagan's budget director think about Republican fiscal policy?
  213. The Republican Party
  214. Anyone notice the Google 'Spotlight" today?
  215. May your chains rest lightly upon you
  216. Response to B-52s
  217. Your government at work.
  218. Origins of PARF Found
  219. IMF & USA gas taxes
  220. Unbelievable!!! With video!
  221. How To Solve The Drug Problem
  222. Documentary on N Korea on Netflix
  223. Austin, but not New York?
  224. banjo and metal-- WTh???
  225. Stock Market All-Time High
  226. Response to B-2's
  227. moving people from welfare to disability
  228. It will be interesting to see how this turns out
  229. Sandy Hook article, who writes this stuff?
  230. Americans migrate from less-free liberal states to more-free conservative states
  231. Feds use fake mobile phone cells
  232. Illegals Call For Free Healthcare in California TV Commercial
  233. Who should build a 200 mph train? the unemployable and unskilled of course
  234. More stuff from your friendly neighborhood fascists!
  235. Forbes article on Chicago being last in Federal firearms law enforcement.
  236. Most Illegal Immigrant Families Collect Welfare
  237. I think he'll regret this
  238. Truths about environment pollution
  239. Interesting article from Cracked of all places....
  240. Drug Dog Searches Ruled Unconstitutional
  241. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and this letter to the US Senator, hmmm...
  242. How many gay people are there in the United States?
  243. Cold Dead Hand....Jim Carrey
  244. Food Nazis got my kid today
  245. I want a girl like...
  246. Nah.... government is not too big.
  247. Are You Satisfied With Your Elected Officials?
  248. It's delicious! Today's fascist rant from Mayor Bloomberg
  249. Some of us are just more equal....
  250. A quote to ponder