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  1. Finally: The Romney Tax Plan.
  2. Unemployment rises sharply
  3. The Attack
  4. More Violent Rhetoric from the Left
  5. Interesting.
  6. For the first time ever, Romney leading in Elec College votes
  7. Dennis Miller at Romney Campaign Stop
  8. No printed Newsweek anymore - does anyone care?
  9. Tagg Romney: I Wanted to 'Take a Swing' at Obama During Debate
  10. Would you wait 6 yrs. to claim 5 mil. lottery
  11. I'm Warning You Romney Supporters
  12. Mittster's Binders FULL of Women
  13. Another $245 million down the drain....
  14. Gas price response from Barack?
  15. Obama & gun control
  16. romney's B.S.
  17. Romney wins popular vote...
  18. Poll numbers are moving:
  19. Final debate topic?
  20. Hookers, Gun Running, Murder, SCANDAL
  21. Left Wing Tolerance
  22. Crowley-another black mark for the US media
  23. $1.86 gas because of bad economy?
  24. romney-style medicare
  25. Poll in Massachusetts question
  26. Obama did what?
  27. Summary of Debate #3
  28. What a waste of Time
  29. BO on Letterman ~ Question about US dept.
  30. Accomplished and Embattled:Understanding Obama's Presiency
  31. Why does the USA do nothing about SYRIA?
  32. Job creation...
  33. Affirmative action gone terribly wrong.....
  34. Climate Change - big bidness!
  35. What Would JFK Do?
  36. Joe Biden: 'We are leaving in 2014. Period'...
  37. The great Gatsby Curve
  38. Romney tax plan and Economic Growth by Bruce Bartlett
  39. Townhall debate tonight. - Q for Lib's
  40. Of course there's no left leaning media bias............
  41. The self-destruction of the 1%-NYT book review
  42. The Clowngina of Stupid
  43. Is there an Asprin Factory in Lybia?
  44. Hillary takes the fall for Benghazi
  45. Worrisome Study...
  46. This Benghazi failure; Hillary or BarryO's fault?
  47. Michelle Obama: ‘We Are in the Midst of a Huge Recovery’
  48. Koch Industries, other CEOs warn employees of layoffs if Obama is reelected
  49. National Healthcare, what's the big deal?
  50. Employer coercion
  51. Top 10 ways to deal with the internet's biggest morons
  52. Rules of Diversity - Gay trumps Disabled, Black Female
  53. Global warming has stopped.
  54. CA Ballot Propositions, how will you vote?
  55. Farage on the UK EU and USA
  56. The car that got away
  57. Another reason to vote Romney
  58. Romney up in FL
  59. Biden vs Biden debate (video)
  60. Newsweek... It's about time they noticed
  61. Sound Familiar? It should.
  62. Can't wait to see this
  63. David Axelrod at the Nationals Game
  64. My *****es are disrespecting me.
  65. Romney, this guy is hilarious.
  66. atlas shrugged part 2
  67. Is this woman the wife of one of you guys?
  68. Joe Babbles...Really?
  69. Did Biden really vote against the Iraq and Afganistan wars??
  70. "I'll be damned if I'll have him lecture me..."
  71. Gee, I missed the Vice Presidential debate..
  72. Looks like Romney will win
  73. Summary of Debate #2
  74. Biden should be committed
  75. We don't need no voter I.D. laws
  76. Slippery Slope of Socialism
  77. Koran-burning pastor Terry Jones barred from entering Canada at border
  78. Let's say you are in a fight...
  79. Ryans already starting with the trickery
  80. "Moderate" Mitt: "Where've Ya Been Boy?
  81. More Solyndra money games - A culture O Coruption
  82. Lara Logan on AQ in Afghanistan - WOW - This is not a Game
  83. Kid Rock and Sean Penn have been to PARF, lived to tell about it (video)
  84. Unemployments looks better if there are 49 states
  85. The "Debate" tonight
  86. When does life begin?
  87. New poll says Americans are troubled
  88. California Cap and Trade
  89. Candidate pros and cons - a reality check
  90. You get the Government you deserve - California edition
  91. Antarctic ice
  92. An absolute triumph of govt. regulation over business:
  93. Any thoughts on what a lame duck POTUS and Senate could stick us with in a few months
  94. Wynn On Obama: "I'll Be Damned If I Want To Have Him Lecture Me"
  95. Mittster to repeal Obamacare, Will it happen?
  96. Mitt not allowed to tell his SEAL story any more.
  97. The fix maybe in
  98. 12 Steps
  99. Jimmy Fallon on the Pros and Cons of the upcoming VP Debate
  100. Heaven is real, says neurosurgeon who claims to have visited the afterlife
  101. SF Sheriff keeps job after beating wife, intimidating witnesses
  102. Today is the most magnificent day in history.
  103. New book shows U.S. top earners pay larger share of taxes than any other industrializ
  104. Would you vote for an atheist?
  105. Kid Rock: "I'm Sorry Obama Didn't Do a Better Job"
  106. the O'admin comes clean about the libya attack
  107. Abbot and Costello Explain Unemployment Statistics
  108. divorce and the Bible
  109. Now he is flipping on abortion.
  110. Mitt flips again.
  111. I don't get it ....
  112. Some eye candy and bad news for the cons.
  113. More films for the cons
  114. First AARP and now the Big Bird for abaama
  115. The Obama way...Another Obama Tax Grant Gone Bust
  116. dems, the part of tolerance, yeah right
  117. Another Take on the Debate
  118. Do you consider yourself....
  119. Lybia, the Ambassador, obama, and LIES
  120. Obama misrepresents .................everything
  121. Everything Romney Said is True! Obama only told lies...
  122. (A Glorious Anniversary)
  123. Congressman calls evolution lie from 'pit of hell'
  124. This is what liberals consider "Peace"
  125. The Price of Politics
  126. Lets say the tax cuts DO expire on 1/1/2013; what will the Feds do with the $?
  127. What do a 5' step ladder, a copper bird bath and an 8" bronze bell have in common?
  128. When is the economy big enough?
  129. Obama Donor Scandal - October Surprise
  130. Report: Teacher attacks student with Romney t-shirt, compares it to KKK...
  131. Ohio - Early voting
  132. Operation Jubilee in London
  133. Hey Baz-check this out
  134. Tundra pulling Shuttle.
  135. one month to go...
  136. Mitt used the Gish Gallop debate technique.
  137. Report: Obama spent $1million on weed
  138. Obama debate notes
  139. Mitt Romney; Better by far. This is not a game.
  140. Before you talk about..........
  141. Because they're sooooper smart.........
  142. unemployment below 8%
  143. California Gas
  144. Get on the bus...or get run over by it
  145. Interesting to note
  146. Mitt's lies are becoming the story.
  147. Clint Eastwood is a genious
  148. "The Smirk"
  149. Fact checkers are coming in.
  150. Your ok with a candidate saying 'shut up' ?
  151. Philly student's Romney T-shirt likened to KKK sheet
  152. Obama, on the bright side
  153. Obama KOed in 15 Minutes Of The First Round
  154. The Spanish media Fast and Furious outrage..
  155. This is the debate I am looking forward to
  156. Move over Obama - The Obamunists NEW Poster-child...
  157. $90 Billion Green Energy could pay for 2 million teachers
  158. Gore says dont pick on Obama, he was "high"..
  159. AARP to obama, keep our name out of it
  160. Summary of Debate No. 1
  161. Happening now: Barack crashing and burning in debate
  162. Happening now: Romney crashing and burning in debate
  163. scary if true about economy
  164. Presidential Debate Drinking Game
  165. Alan West NOT apologetic about calling "progressives" Commies
  166. Dr. Bellar Sums Up Obamacare in One Sentence...
  167. Cutter: Romney Should Denounce Daily Caller Video
  168. Wait, pregnancy begins when?
  169. Obama's Peace Dividend...
  170. Federal bailout of state and local government begins
  171. Biden "middle class buried"....
  172. U.S. Is Tracking Killers in Attack on Libya Mission
  173. Ryan caught on tape "30% of Americans want welfare"
  174. Stay tuned...Obama's other race speech to air tonight on Fox at 9:00
  175. Obama lied, the Ambassador died.
  176. Laughter at the debate.
  177. WTFU libertarian rebuttal
  178. Barstool Economics
  179. Romney hasn't hugged his garbage man!
  180. If Obama wins, may his most vociferous supporters...
  181. The Ad that is Killing Mitt in Ohio
  182. Romney Didn't Build That! Bain Capital That Is.
  183. Obama waives sanctions on countries that use child soldiers
  184. Republicans stop registration.
  185. Pat Caddell: Media Have Become An "Enemy Of The American People"
  186. I wonder if they hand out Chavez phones in Venezuela?
  187. Univison connects Fast & Furious to murders of Mexican teens.
  188. California bans "Gay to Straight" therapy for teens
  189. Generous with other peoples money.
  190. Who would Ahmadinajad pick?
  191. Wake the f__k up! Samuel Jackson in Obama campaign spot.
  192. Romney Shaking that Etch-A-Sketch Again.
  193. Taxes in Calif.
  194. Why do Adam and Eve have belly buttons?
  195. An Errand into the Wilderness
  196. George Soros is big bad oil?
  197. Remember That Welfare Lottery Winner?
  198. Inadequate Stimulus
  199. Oil and the Yuan
  200. Obama Administration RE: Egypt - WTF???
  201. Ann Romney drives another nail into Mitt
  202. The True Cause of Terrorism Revealed - Food
  203. The Imaginary Campaign
  204. What's happening over there?
  205. think you have a problem?
  206. Why did the FF do away with cruel and unusual punishment
  207. The U.S. vs Greece
  208. Clever politician joke
  209. you libs are still at it I see
  210. Friedrich Hayek
  211. Mitts favorability even lower than Bush.
  212. Michael Savage won his lawsuit
  213. Reagan;s Farewell prophetic!
  214. How about this
  215. Thank you President Obama
  216. Conservative Colleges
  217. There ARE "Two Americas"
  218. Executive Orders....
  219. Which way will the NPA's vote?
  220. Ohio & Florida
  221. Facelifts should require necklifts....
  222. Is it possible to get out of the Mideast?
  223. Spain & Greece still failling
  224. PARF Challenge of the day - criticize your own party/candidate
  225. THE BIG LIE: “Rich People Create Jobs”
  226. Caption this Photo
  227. It's official! We Have A Black Muslim In The Whitehouse!
  228. Mr President, this is how a leader responds.
  229. The best reason for Obama supporters..
  230. punk'd nypd drone program
  231. Obama Campaign Quietly Ditches Faux Flag
  232. Romney Can't Figure Out Why Plane Windows Don't Open?
  233. Federal Dollars Developed Natural Gas Boom
  234. Fox-News, Yes, Fox-News, Reports: Voter Fraud is Non Existent
  235. Another Obama tie to Arabs
  236. 4 Years Ago Today. Sept. 24. 2008
  237. Another Obumma tie to Arabs
  238. What does your political lawn sign say?
  239. Free Plan B pills available to minors
  240. How come no new thread about the WH changing its tune about Benghazi attack?
  241. The largest lose of airpower since the TET offoensive...
  242. Dear Leader Compares campaign volunteers to fallen troops and diplomats
  243. Chevrolet Volt - 46% of it made in America
  244. 99 Days until the largest tax hike
  245. Obama Apology Tour Sets World ablaze
  246. what is the lesson here?
  247. Is it OK to vote on the basis of race, only?
  248. And your Porsche is?
  249. Romney “foolish” and hypocritical
  250. The Romney's And Abortion