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  1. Early SWB Fuel pump bushings
  2. Two Minutes Hate
  3. What would Walt do?
  4. Who is Paul Ryan?
  5. what is funnier than being caught out as a racist?
  6. victimless crime spree
  7. Paul Ryan. You Didn't Build That Career
  8. NOAA requests bid for ammunition?? Real or Fake?
  9. The Panic
  10. Are the majority of Dem's really so Socialist?
  11. But you will still lose your luggage
  12. Mitt Romney Miami Campaign Event Held At Juice Shop Owned By Convicted Cocaine Traffi
  13. '60 Minutes’ Edits Out Crucial Point by Ryan
  14. "Obama That I Used To Know
  15. Romney's Double Standard re Tax Returns
  16. On 2nd thought, I now support Romney & Ryan
  17. Another Gun Homicide by Law Abiding Gun Owner
  18. Did Romney raise foreign cash?
  19. Huma back in the news.
  20. Gerald Celente- the untouchables
  21. Break down in a bay, swim to an airport get arrested.....
  22. Mitt Romney is not capable of lying, neither was GWB
  23. Trickle Down Fairy Dust
  24. Why the VP pick now?
  25. what if Obama loses and ...
  26. Wow...
  27. Big Pimpin
  28. LOLO, libs, what's your problem
  29. 2016 The Movie, anyone going to go?
  30. How to Avoid Taxes like Romoney
  31. want some more big brother paranoia?
  32. Thank you Mr. President
  33. U.S. Government Debt Grows $10 Million a Minute
  34. See something? Say Something!
  35. Even more wackadoodlery from the left:
  36. Guns. Is this simple statement true or false?
  37. Truthfully...are you a MINION?
  38. Chris Mathews
  39. Obama misunderstands "success"...
  40. Got to love it when Blago opens his mouth...
  41. Bonus Bit: “Well, maybe you can teach the vets to milk cows.”
  42. wasting time
  43. Governmetn doesn't create jobs or stimulate the economy
  44. So many positive Obama threads...
  45. Sinaloa Cartel - 'Fast and Furious’ Is Not What You Think
  46. what is the meaning of death?
  47. What is the meaning of PARF?
  48. Mitt Romney's Favorability Still Lags Behind Barack Obama's
  49. Obama Lead Over Mitt Romney Grows Despite Voter Pessimism
  50. Mitt Romney Started Bain Capital With Money From Families Tied To Death Squads
  51. Romneys spokeswoman makes a boo boo.
  52. the state god and church
  53. How much will it cost to re-build Iran?
  54. VP pick. Its got to be Ryan.
  55. Will Smith baffled by proposed French tax increase: ‘God bless America’
  56. The Ft Hood Terrorist, Nidal Hasan, why has there been so very little in the news?
  57. How Liberals Argue
  58. What is the meaning of life..... cereal.
  59. Did Barack Obama really have his college records sealed?
  60. What is the meaning of strife
  61. Loughner pleads guilty....
  62. General David Petraeus as VP?...
  63. What is the meaning of life
  64. Was This An Accurate Assessment?
  65. Michigan Surpassing 48 States Shows Autos Drive U.S. Recovery
  66. Shooting at Sikh temple in Wis., at least 7 dead
  67. Barack Obama Runs On Empty And Toward Defeat
  68. arming rebels
  69. Leveling the playing field?
  70. True Colors - Obama repudiates Bill Clinton
  71. Did We Invent God? - Next Episode of "Through the Wormhole" with Morgan Freeman
  72. 8.3
  73. Why you should not pay any health care bill
  74. Amtrak lost $800M on cheeseburgers and soda
  75. Economic Report
  76. True Colors - Romney's Economic Plan - Boon for the rich...
  77. drug testing for welfare...
  78. The year was 1947
  79. How to suck at your religion
  80. California Prop 30
  81. Cure for liberals
  82. More from the biased liberal media
  83. The White House- Busted
  84. Illinois: AWB Proposed
  85. Germany rebuffs Obama's economic advice, cites U.S. deficit
  86. Maureen Dowd NYT Article On Romney
  87. UPDATE: Holder and The New Black Panthers
  88. Renewable energy
  89. Another 200 million waste in Iraq
  90. Tub of goo kills self and kids.....
  91. Bad Day for Climate Change Deniers:
  92. 3D printing and Gun Control
  93. immigration?
  94. here's a fun one
  95. Today on the Five
  96. Chuck Schumer adds gun control measure to Cybersecurity bill
  97. Salt Lake City - Man With CWP - Bloodshed...
  98. A very good day for Mittens.....
  99. Obama supporter interviews herself..
  100. For Mitt Romney's VP, 'I'm Partial' To Rob Portman, Says John Boehner
  101. Bad News for Bam Bam
  102. Obama Running Scared.....
  103. 719 in Iraq "did build that" and died for it
  104. Not a good day for Mittens.
  105. If it looks like a same sex chicken, talks like a same sex chicken,...
  106. "America's Two Economies" WSJ
  107. Proof that Harry Reid has not read the Constitution
  108. Yep - Obama is for Gun Control
  109. Chick fil-a
  110. who is john galt
  111. Too Big to Fail is Too Big
  112. More Crap that Should Piss Everyone Off
  113. Diane Feinstein
  114. “Government is just the name we give to the things we do together”
  115. theres a RIOT going on in da O.C.!
  116. the genius of mutual indebtedness
  117. Where does our tax money go?
  118. Assigning blame for Aurora
  119. Obama "You didn't build that" in context
  120. Pleasantly Surprised
  121. And you wonder why racism still exists....
  122. The Big Bad Banks
  123. Aurora, Here We Go Again
  124. Too good not to share
  125. Gordon Crovitz: Who Really Invented the Internet? - WSJ today
  126. Obamas coming to town
  127. Louisville assault victim charged for revealing attackers names
  128. Good work -- the ranting here made a real world change!
  129. Another Triumph In Electric Automobile Technology Coming in 18
  130. Conversations overheard in the ABC news war room
  131. A tax on your miles driven
  132. Krauthammer on Obama's "You didn't build that"
  133. WTF is wrong with people
  134. Under Obama or Romney
  135. Brutal Syria conflict is Obama's shame
  136. Health care: The problems in pictures
  137. Romney v.s Obama vote?
  138. Cloward and Piven
  139. Wanna know why california’s broke?
  140. McCain opposition research on Romney, lots of fun facts!
  141. Too busy to worry about jobs....
  142. This Just In: Hardheaded Socialism Makes Canada Richer Than U.S.
  143. Condelezza Rice as V.P.
  144. A simple political philosophy
  145. The War on business ...
  146. PARF is a Gold Mine
  147. Texas GOP Platform wants to ban Critical Thinking
  148. Obama crimes list?
  149. Obama Voters go to Walmart
  150. Fuchers...
  151. Gramps
  152. OBAMA "If you have a business somebody helped you "
  153. Hillary gets shoe'd & tomatoe'd
  154. I got frisked at the airport.
  155. And how about Mitt's 100 Million 401K?
  156. America Is (not) The Greatest Country In The World
  157. Movie called 'Chasing Madoff'
  158. George Obama (is doing well)
  159. The weener on a come back?
  160. Clinton snubbed in Egypt
  161. Prez goes off promter, idiocy ensues...
  162. "Middle Out" Economic Plan?
  163. Will Romney even make it to the election?
  164. Green Party
  165. Searchable CWP holders for NC
  166. Obama lowers the bar.
  167. Romney Rice
  168. How low can Obama go?
  169. U.S. Olympic Team outfits - Made in China
  170. Drought strikes 26 states
  171. How The Rich Got rich
  172. Obamamoney
  173. HR 4133, The quiet bill for unlimited Israeli support
  174. So Mitts goes to the NAACP....
  175. The Fed gives away $16 Trillion without congressional votes
  176. Mexico election fraud- The news story you never heard about
  177. American Exceptionalism
  178. Mitt profits from outsourcing.
  179. How is this not theft? Eminent Domain to be used for mortgages?
  180. GE Primestar Solar
  181. Where is JJ, really
  182. Smartphone Users More Likely to Vote Obama
  183. Hugh R = Paris Hilton
  184. The Science is Settled
  185. How many Dem's just voted to Repeal Obamacare? - OR- ....
  186. Democratic Hypocrisy
  187. Have The Domino's Started Falling.
  188. Romey explains his finances
  189. Gun Buyback Backfires
  190. What's the differance between Romneycare and Obamacare?
  191. Government Motors=China Motors=One world Government Motors
  192. Yo foxy
  193. Another reason to GET OUT OF THE UN
  194. what is a "negative interest rate"?
  195. Denise Rich renounces her US citizenship
  196. Karl Rove Gave Secret Speech Outside Romney Donor Retreat
  197. Condoleeza Rice is on the list for VP.
  198. Allen West: Social Security Is 'A Form Of Slavery'
  199. Romney's Swiss Bank Account
  200. Three More Questions
  201. Debates would be more fun Jordanian style.
  202. Barny got married, OMG.
  203. I'm here till I'm 88!!!!
  204. ObamaVision
  205. Welcome to California, Jose.
  206. Drones Spying on Conservative Journalists
  207. God Particle, likely found
  208. Tear Jerker
  209. Compare and Contrast
  210. Yassar Arafat. Poisoned?
  211. Happy 4th of July
  212. united nations small arms treaty
  213. obama/clinton bow to Pakistan
  214. Three Questions
  215. Usa: Bk
  216. Mammoth Lakes goes 'Tits Up'
  217. another pet 'green' company is bankrupt
  218. Scientologist spies allegedly deployed against Katie Holmes
  219. The crux of Robert's decision: is-ought Social engineering
  220. A Koch brother front group - $9 million ad campaign attacking health care reform
  221. Trolls
  222. What do you guys think about the USDA trying to get more to sign up for food stamps?
  223. Roberts to the rescue for Romney
  224. The Market has spoken
  225. The Next New Tax
  226. Who pays for Obamacare - the young - the poor
  227. Healthcare Costs
  228. IN DEPTH: What The Affordable Care Act Does - And Will Do Read more: http://www.rand
  229. Romney "Very Pleased With" Individual Mandate
  230. A new campaign slogan for Romney
  231. A Republican Con for whom I have newfound respect
  232. large company is over 50 employees
  233. How long until Romney takes credit for Obamacare?
  234. The Day The America Dream Died
  235. Oops
  236. If this doesn't persuade you to vote for Obama, I don't know what will.
  237. Supreme Court Rules...
  238. Health Care Reform uphelld by SCOTUS..boon for Porsche owners
  239. Obamacare lives
  240. How About This. Rush Limbaugh: Mitt Romney 'Not Ready For Prime Time'
  241. God. A beautifully distilled thought.
  242. Stockton, KA: work for 1 month, get lifetime health care?
  243. Good guy or cheap bastard? Mitt gives supporter a truck.
  244. 35 people sworn in as U.S. citizens at Disney resort
  245. Oh, oh... Federal court upholds Obama EPA’s climate change regulations
  246. Senate votes to ban bath salts
  247. fast and furious, holder in contempt
  248. New pistol coming
  249. Another Mustang Thread
  250. Where's the leak?