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  1. EPA slaps HD
  2. who knew that greg gutfeld had a decent head on his shoulders?
  3. $400M cash WAS ransom!
  4. The Trumpster's speech tonight
  5. Hillary supporter BURN
  6. Still more liberal media bias
  7. Finally a recycling program I can support
  8. Clintonian Enemy #1
  9. Princeton HR department: Don’t use word ‘man’
  10. All right, which one of you was in Ohio?
  11. Bought out my Son's 1/2 of the Sig P238
  12. And the stats are in for last weekend shootings Chicago / 52 shot 9 killed
  13. another white guy survives after shooting at cops
  14. Islam has some real benefits if you like really young girls
  15. Two Wrongs
  16. Diversity is Strength
  17. Where is the Campaign $$$ going towards???
  18. Women that would be a better choice to be first female POTUS than HilLIARy
  19. Managed Chaos
  20. conservtaive talk show host admits they created a post-factual world, created trump
  21. Soros
  22. Milwaukee - One thing missing from this story
  23. Three weeks without foxpaws
  24. Ellen DeGeneres Accused of Racism Over Usain Bolt Meme
  25. Biden...
  26. The Good Little Girl Syndrome
  27. Mob Connections - Trump and Organized Crime
  28. Pathological lie
  29. how an outsider destroyed a political party
  30. Soros...what a humanatarian
  31. Worst Obama Mistakes...
  32. BLM vs BSM
  33. Perjury this time
  34. What Bubba Did Not Say About Hillary at the Dem Convention
  35. Child Rape Enabler
  36. If Trump was black:
  37. The Clinton Crime Foundation
  38. Liberals on guns
  39. Mandates
  40. Trump and the Pietist Christians
  41. What, nothing about Milwaukee yet?
  42. Here we go again!
  43. Hey hey, Big spender.
  44. All right, which one of you was it?
  45. Chis Coumo - we couldn't help HilLIARy any more than we have
  46. What's up parficans
  47. This Isn't Racism! No Way! Can't Be!
  48. Bad news on the Western World's doorstep
  49. This Election
  50. Clinton Strategist: “Kill Julian Assange — A Dead Man Can’t Leak Stuff
  51. Party like it's 1999!
  52. Hillary, more pie in the sky
  53. "Tools"
  54. White people, proud for what
  55. Another Reason Not to Fly
  56. I hope Trump weighs in on this one.
  57. Little Malia - chooming it up
  58. More bad news from the UK
  59. Is Hilliary "Too Big To Fail" ?
  60. militia who took over oregon refuge start pleading guilty ....
  61. Just another day in Chicago, 19 shot, 9 killed.
  62. Just another day in Chicago, 19 shot, 9 killed.
  63. The Seddique Mateen Endorsement
  64. HillLIARy Clinton - Muslim killer
  65. Democrats - the party of thuggery
  66. Long conversation with a couple from Russia
  67. ‘Budget-Crunched’ VA Has 167 Interior Designers On Staff
  68. so when will conservatives give up on the whole "liberal media" conspiracy?
  69. Donald Trump plan calls for cuts in corporate taxes, personal income tax rates...
  70. It's the Lawlessness; stupid.
  71. Democrats Dismiss Voter-Fraud Worries, but Reality Intrudes
  72. Hackable Server = dead scientist
  73. Greatest politician of all time?
  74. HilLIARy and Kaine - we be transparent
  75. Hillary's health?
  76. Bomb boy still trying to cash in
  77. The Playbook
  78. First Southwest, now Delta - Coincidence?
  79. Theme Songs for the 2016 Election
  80. Random politically-incorrect images
  81. I should be able to sell my citizenship.
  82. HilLIARy 1996 - a walk back through her early lying years
  83. Nynor
  84. Secret Nuclear Deal With Iran - Confirmed
  85. Is HilLIARly Clintion a mail order ^*#t?
  86. For all of the HillIary fans
  87. Our mushroom farming govt.
  88. This is how bad HR Clinton is...
  89. Desperation Time!
  90. The Alphabet Versus the Goddess
  91. Muslim Mayor of London, it isn't related
  92. White dress shirts in suits is what I wear 95% of the time
  93. Trump wants to nuke Europe and Clinton wants to tax me to death
  94. What part of the globe is safer now, than 8 years ago?
  95. Trump Vs. Clinton Silver Lining
  96. Your homework for this week:
  97. "I Ran the C.I.A. Now I’m Endorsing Hillary Clinton"
  98. Jobs Report (July 2016)
  99. If He Doesn't Want To Be A Loser.
  100. Is Melania Trump a Mail Order Bride?
  101. Is Trump's Wife a Mail Order Bride?
  102. Carbon Tax on Natural Gas Bill - ?????
  103. does it really not have anything to do with religion?
  104. Uh oh...more DNC scandal!
  105. More Brilliance From CNN
  106. Hilliary's not going to make it 3 more months
  107. Let the bad guys go free.............
  108. Laws are for the people
  109. Another Crisis, Another Opportunity
  110. Tax meat until it’s too expensive to eat, new UN report suggests
  111. Exterminate the roach ~ DC Metro cop caught assisted Daesh
  112. "Greens" Tip Their Hand
  113. Reparations...
  114. Trumps not going to make it 3 more months.
  115. GOP Fundraiser Meg Whitman, Calling Donald Trump a ‘Demagogue,’ Will Support Clinton
  116. Just a cop earning a little extra on the side
  117. Morning Joe on the Trumpet
  118. The Johnson Thread
  119. Trump defends rodger ailes
  120. It would be better to press reset in the 2016 election. Painful but...
  121. oblamer says trump unfit
  122. Ransom?
  123. Teflon Hilliary?
  124. The DNC is crumbling...
  125. Islamic State: If Muslims Ran America, ‘Lucrative African Slave Trade Would Have Cont
  126. Morning Joe on Hellery
  127. Can DT be any more stupid?
  128. Trump Victimized Once Again
  129. Buffet, who is also under audit, calleneges trump to a townhall to discuss tax return
  130. Are you a Globalist or a Nationalist?
  131. Teflon Don?
  132. glen beck's "the blaze" in ruin
  133. Trump sets a record!
  135. An Open Letter To Mr Khan
  136. Now we know why the word "free" has such allure
  137. The Donald needs to look up "sacrifice" in his Funk and Wagnalls
  138. No 1 reason to vote for Hellery
  139. Slick's safety
  140. Russia
  141. It's the Pitts!
  142. the potential first lady
  143. Megyn Kelly Has Meltdown Over Trump Muslim Ban — Is Rebuked By Huckabee
  144. Hildabeast Interview on Fox
  145. While all eyes and media are on Trump and Hillary
  146. Kinsella on TPP short essay
  147. Mass shooting in Mukilteo WA
  148. USNS Harvey Milk (T-AO-206)
  149. Hillary Clinton - champion of women and girls
  150. TPP both Trump and Clinton say no, yet Obama pushes as his legacy achievement
  151. Sucks to be North Carolina
  152. Pantsuit
  153. Is this true?
  154. 322 Million people
  155. HRC - Reality Check - Better or Worse than Obama
  156. New linkage bushings installed
  157. Is He Trying To Lose? List The Silliest Statements
  158. Democratic National Convention Day 4
  159. High tax hillary
  160. An apology.
  161. Leaks show DNC asked White House to reward donors with slots on boards and commission
  162. Victoria Woodhull-First Female Presidential Candidate
  163. Putin Warning to the JV...
  164. GOP folks praising DNC convention
  165. Clear and Present Danger
  166. Julian Assange...
  167. Guns , Gays, and God...
  168. No One Trusts The Democrats
  169. Obama In Wonderland Speech
  170. Bernie Sanders Leaves the Democratic Party
  171. one more tea party fail
  172. Bloomberg blasts the Donald
  173. Old Bill still has it
  174. New Headline
  175. trump backs raising the minimum wage too
  176. Bernie's Dear Koba Letter
  177. New campaign slogan for Hillary?
  178. Yet another shining example of Liberal open mindedness
  179. Nixon's DNC breach - Hilliary's DNC breach
  180. Atrocity du jour
  181. With all the disenchanted D's and R's, will Mr Johnson get traction?
  182. Michelle Obama: America Is Allready Great
  183. Trump - 85, ISIS - 0
  184. The Dimocrat wall
  185. Dim rep calls Jews termites
  186. 19 second video
  187. the fear is not real. may we all live in as safe and good of times as now.
  188. Taco Bowl Engagement
  189. Why do Jews still vote democrat, why, why
  190. Yo Foxy
  191. 21-Gun Salute
  192. 2016 Democratic National Convention
  193. Stand up....for Helleryyyyyyy
  194. Hellery
  195. Moose and squirrel
  196. Where is 'Black Money Matters' to cry out against rent a center and payday loans?
  197. Heading into the Progressive Convention
  198. Should the Postal Service Handle Your Loans as Well as Your Mail?
  199. Clinton Cash free for a limited time.
  201. Beyond Comprehension
  202. Boycott google?
  203. The Boy Crisis
  204. Hellery on guns
  205. SoS Kerry on Air Conditioning.
  206. President Obama vetoes bill seeking to amend Former President’s Act of 1958
  207. Here comes the Duke!
  208. Bernie's True Colors
  209. "The world has bever been less violent"
  210. Predictions 8 years ago...
  211. Has Anybody Noticed
  212. Tim Kaine
  213. 20,000 DNC Emails posted
  214. Trump’s anti-LGBT board - it was not just a party platform thing
  215. Wait a minute!
  216. Shootings in Munich
  217. Munich Shooting Spree
  218. Yesterday afternoon..5:30 Pacific
  219. Ivanka
  220. What will Hilliary do now. . .
  221. The Last Best Hope
  222. Trump tonight...
  223. Foxy please..
  224. Here's a preview of Trumps speech.
  225. Deranged leftists
  226. this is how you win allies and make russia scared of you right?
  227. Mike Pence
  228. GOP Convention - Cruz Boos and few endorsements for Trump
  229. Corruption
  230. Beyond comprehension
  231. Martial law declared in Turkey
  232. How the Clintons robbed the Haitians
  233. Trump and Turkey
  234. Pretty clever.
  235. Minnesota, the most racist state in America
  236. Partial Transcript Of The FBI Interview With HRC
  237. Violent Right-Wing Rhetoric
  238. Trump wants his VP to control domestic and foreign policy.
  239. To protect and to serve...
  240. most Americans on the boarder ... don't want a wall
  241. Most Powerful Statement of the Night...
  242. Paul Ryan at the convention
  243. Poor Paul
  244. 47 Years ago this week
  245. The GC Crowd Never Gets It
  246. Religion of Peace Dress Rules
  247. GOP platform to include reinstatement of Glass-Steagall
  248. Time to admit a fundamental truth about Trump
  249. Nice speech. Oh wait.......
  250. Germany axe attack: Assault on train in Wuerzburg