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  1. For fun...Bill Nye the Science Lie
  2. So are liberals for violence or against violence?
  3. It's now legal to drop a duece on the sidewalk in Denver
  4. If you like your healthcare plan... awe crap
  5. 29 Coptic Christians gunned down in Egypt....
  6. Segregation - NOW!
  7. DHS Chief - If you knew what I know....
  8. Did Trump Threaten Opus and Bloom County?
  9. lHas a former POTUS tried to sabotage his successor before?
  10. Vince Foster
  11. Manchester-Minneapolis-whatever
  12. Jared Kushner...another greedy pig
  13. Liberal approves of a Trump position!
  14. "Germans are bad, very bad.. look at the cars they're selling..."
  15. Shattered: Interview with Author
  16. Muslim Ban banned again
  17. A Burrito in Portlandia
  18. Britain reacts to Trump leaks
  19. Obama Attacks Reporters
  20. Liberal reasoning 101
  21. Bodyslamming the msm
  22. Now it's that dude Wasserman Shultz
  23. I Hit You Because I Love You
  24. As Long As They Vote Democrat...
  25. Finally - the evidence of Prez Trump's collusion with Russia
  26. Far more disgraceful
  27. Democrats poor losers
  28. Disgraceful
  29. It's Not Paranoia...
  30. The Art of the FAKE Deal
  31. Oregon's Senator Ron Wyden
  32. ex-CIA Chief Quote
  33. The MSM News and reality
  34. ''Russians"
  35. Seth Rich
  36. Just wait till your father gets home...
  37. BREAKING: Terror attack at Ariana Grande Concert UK
  38. Remember guys, it's a religion of PEACE
  39. Hillarys step collapses
  40. Moments in Trumps speech
  41. Iran put on notice; that a new sheriff is in town
  42. Class Action against the DNC
  43. Now I understand!
  44. Russians!!!!
  45. PARF formula
  46. National Security Advisor..I don't remember
  47. Mattis: Trump’s Tactics Call For US To ‘Annihilate’ ISIS Soldiers In Syria
  48. Voter Fraud
  49. Hip Hop for those to stupid and lazy to learn an instrument.
  50. When every kid gets a trophy we all lose
  51. Saudi weapons deal - Good or bad?
  52. When does the Dem party rename itself the Socialist Party?
  53. Tiny handcuffs
  54. Saudi Foreign Minister Says He Wants to ‘Drain the Swamp’ of Extremism #MAGA
  55. Trump's Excellent Adventure
  56. Klavan on govt investigations
  57. Harvard Media study
  58. We want equality by getting special treatment
  59. Journalists operate at a lower level than average
  60. CNN Breaking news- POSSIBLE Alan Dershowitz & Anteeny Weiner 3 way w/ underage girl
  61. Some Black Lives Don’t Matter
  62. Judge dismisses clock boy lawsuit demanding $15 million dollars for Muslim discrimina
  63. Feinstein still says there is no evidence collusion
  64. Anothe Fox A Hole gets shown the door..
  65. A Coup Attempt, Not a Constitutional Crisis
  66. Hard time for Weiner
  67. Better to burn out than fade away
  68. When Socialism Ends with a Bang....or a Wimper
  69. Alec Baldwin plays the God card
  70. Ex CIA dir. Brennan feeling a bit guilty? SALT Conf. -gives Trump a pass
  71. ABC Newsturd to Trump
  72. Comey Confusion
  73. Press bias
  74. Sideboob
  75. Continual disruption/distraction as a strategy?
  76. Trump's Family Vacation
  77. Will special prosecutor look for leaks?
  78. what happens to PARF trump supporters when he is exposed and impeached?
  79. Trump as big a threat as IS IS
  80. psss...Feb 28 Was the CIA cloud storage hacked? (Amazon $600mil contract) WaPo Bezo
  81. Barack Obama says Donald Trump is ‘nothing but a bulls**tter’
  82. NYT says Trump knew Flynn
  83. Roger Ailes Dead
  84. Houston We Have A Problem
  85. Any consequences for Erdogan's bodyguards assaulting journalists in DC?
  86. The Muslim Brotherhood goes to DC
  87. It starts - special counsel named...
  88. Trump tanks markets
  89. Soooo glad Barry O' the muzzi in chief is gone!
  90. Excellent description by Tim Snyder
  91. The sniveler in chief
  92. Do we now rely on Putin for meeting transcripts?
  93. Media In Full Execution Mode
  94. Who do you believe
  95. Watergate size and scale
  96. i thought trump saved these jobs?
  97. Genocide of whites in Africa
  98. Trump asked Comey to shut down Flynn investigation
  99. Advice from Mitch: Less drama
  100. CRYPTOSCURRENCIES...Anyone in?
  101. Finally...A well balanced liberal SJW
  102. Trump lights White House blue to honor fallen police — something Obama wouldn’t do
  103. WaPo's Bezo - spanish translation means 'thick lip'
  104. Ann Coulter finally gets something right!
  105. Map of American people's attempts to guess where North Korea is
  106. Seth Rich, Vince Foster, Stevens, Hillary Clinton
  107. 2013 Washington Post article on Anonymous sources
  108. Well, there goes the Russia story...
  109. Signs of oil boomlet
  110. Conway hates Trump the Chump
  111. Unconstitutional NC Voter Supression Act fails again
  112. The downward spiral of the Trump White House.
  113. Trump revealed classified info to Russians in Oval Office
  114. Donald Trump the fool
  115. Today...Syria/Russia
  116. FBI did not inspect the DNC servers for hacking
  117. SNL to fire Melissa McCarthy
  118. Keneth Starr.. Rosenstein’s Compelling Case
  119. Brokaw on Comey firing
  120. new FBI director?
  121. American ISIS Jihadi Girls....
  122. What the Elites do not get
  123. Trump won't be impeached
  124. ABC canceled Last Man Standing
  125. How Stupid Can You Be America?
  126. Obstruction of Justice:
  127. Where is the smoking gun on the 'Russia thing'
  128. Question...immigration and law...what is the red line
  129. Exodus of the Xtians
  130. Trump Primes the Pump.
  131. We will be entertained
  132. Tass
  133. Putin hates Hillary
  134. Rose colored glasses...
  135. HRC is a proven liar...
  136. What must Pence be thinking?
  137. What did Trump give the Russians?
  138. They walk among us...NSFW (language)
  139. Uh oh...another misunderstood Dem politician
  140. Thread for evidence of Trump/Russian collusion
  141. A racist note sparked protests at a Minnesota college. The school now says the messag
  142. New Steely Dan Song...hilarious
  143. Trump to investigate his imaginary claim of voter fraud
  144. To Say, ‘Stop Raping Me!’ in English, Press ‘1’ Now
  145. Tough day at the office
  146. Left having a hard time following their comedians
  147. ...three separate occasions
  148. Discernment and the news.
  149. Let's just have a beer.
  150. this list
  151. James Comey...Your Fired
  152. Who needs a wall when you have a Trump
  153. mortality data by county
  154. On display at the American College of OB/GYN conference
  155. Wharmpess
  156. Another day in the swamp
  157. Transgender..a Dr.s opposing view
  158. Pay Attention to Puerto Rico
  159. TX Gov punches SancCities in the nutsack
  160. Elderly lady with dogs body slammed for telling urban youth to quiet down
  161. Its not Bush's fault, its Trump's fault
  162. Tax ‘To Tackle White Privilege’
  163. Idiots of the USA national security - rogue FBI and Navy
  164. Hillary Clinton launching political organization
  165. Another day, another failed nomination
  166. What a true war hero is .. in case anyone forgot.
  167. The Donald's best pals: Barack and Hillary
  168. OPEC: Impotent
  169. It Is Getting Crazy Out There
  170. What happens when the balance of power fails
  171. When you 'give them room to destroy' and marginalize the Police
  172. Women and Special Operations.
  173. Buzzfeed wants Trump assasinated
  174. The Bomb is in the Books
  175. Trump shows Russia the door - Libs, pls explain
  176. HomObama
  177. Yannis on kicking the can Greek style one more time
  178. Russia's influence
  179. Colbert: Trump is 'Putin’s C–ck Holster'
  180. Ya, He's not that bright...but
  181. Health Care Coverage Has Consequences
  182. HCA going . . going . . .
  183. Merkels balls bigger than trump's balls
  184. Heart Disease.
  185. the definition of tyanny
  186. North Korea
  187. Hey Donnie, where's my effing wall??!!
  188. The douche admits he was a draft dodger
  189. "Peaceful" Protests
  190. More silenced speech
  191. "I Would Be Honored"
  192. Nuttless Wonders
  193. Open your world......
  194. Trump the Trust-Buster
  195. it just gets better
  196. trump loses on all accounts in budget battle
  197. the idiocy of these comments speak for themselves
  198. At Least Now, the Charade Can Be Dropped
  199. R&R HOF, Joan Baez, hypocrites
  200. Interesting budget proposal
  201. Just another failing sanctuary city
  203. North Korea Solution?
  204. How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World
  205. Another week, another massive march against Meat
  206. Trump Won Because
  207. Pussy Hat Linda Sarsour says: Give Sharia a Chance
  208. Uh oh...liberal bedfellows just doing what they do...
  209. F1 spoiler alert: snowflakes in Russia.
  210. Stealthing!????
  211. Heineken ad...
  212. Trump's speech to the NRA..
  213. He thought is would be easier!
  214. The 'bluffer in chief'
  215. How Socialism Always Ends
  216. The Truth About Islam
  217. Doctors in California - Healthy California Act
  218. Smoking?? Plastic water bottles!
  219. First Lady booed!
  220. Trump Tax Proposal
  221. $400k for Obama speech...guess who
  222. UN Says Repealing Obamacare Violates International Law
  223. What if any positive the Dem's accomplished since GOP indie Trump to date?
  224. "Progressives" get parade held for 82 years cancelled
  225. Melania Trump's Birthday Today
  226. Nappy is in hot water, building her own clinton foundation!
  227. Mexican government clowns
  228. Poor Butthurt Media
  229. Flynn--the stench just won't go away
  230. Finally, a story about DAESH with a happy ending
  231. Another day, another YUGE loss
  232. Simply because Dean is an idiot
  233. Thomas Sowell, various topics
  234. Iran deal...brilliant
  235. Finally, a solution for the starving......
  236. Russian spies
  237. And now, a word from the State Department
  238. Recorded more than 1/2 Century ago
  239. . . . about that wall
  240. Just Give Sharia a Chance
  241. Still The One
  242. New Orleans takes down 1st of 4 Confederate statues
  243. NK threatens to sink carrier....
  244. Apple dividend hike
  245. French Election
  246. The best and brightest
  247. Evil Meania strikes again
  248. The Science March
  249. Please, God, Stop Chelsea Clinton from Whatever She Is Doing
  250. Trumpchi coming to the US