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  1. Nursery School Children Show Signs of Radicalization
  2. Vehicle attempts to ram Presidential Motorcade in Springfield, MO
  3. Why is SPLC transferring millions offshore?
  4. Kachi how about a map of flood plains around Houston
  5. Meanwhile, down at Ole Miss
  6. Don't Be Evil
  7. State of Ca.
  8. Not so fast on that pardon for Arpaios
  9. Can a Democrat Senator survive being reasonable?
  10. Be careful where you donate to help for Harvey
  11. the point of humans
  12. Gdp @ 3%
  13. Joel Osteen shoveling water and other stuff
  14. Help the President
  15. Maxine Waters: We Will ‘Go After’ Pence Once Trump Impeached
  16. Transgender Transracial Transable Guess what comes next
  17. Thoughts?
  18. Southern Poverty law center
  19. A Different take from a Black Woman
  20. Who writes this stuff
  21. A challenge to Congress re: Texas flooding
  22. X
  23. Was Charlottesville a False Flag?
  24. One over Japan- NK gets one off the ground
  25. Who's buying tix for HRC's book tour?
  26. Quintessential Republicans
  27. How long till Hurricane is blamed on Trump?
  28. Antifa stands for Anti First Amendment, not anti fascism
  29. Americanization Movement
  30. Headline post on Yahoo
  31. Chachi married a real peach
  32. The PARF Reset thread
  33. Mattis tells troops to 'hold the line' until US is less divided
  34. Formally recognize AntiFa as a terrorist organization
  35. Freedom (to only say what I agree with) of Speech
  36. Canada ramps up deportations amid growing migrant influx
  37. Mayweather vs Mcgregor
  38. Our friends are still at it
  39. Good News just makes a footnote
  40. Caligula: Nicholas Kristof Nails It
  41. Alec Baldwin: Trump Won’t Last Full Term, GOP Will Lose House and Senate by 2020...
  42. Back to School time
  43. Court Admits DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schulz Rigged Primaries Against Sanders
  44. Charles Barkley Labeled "White Supremacist" For Telling Black People To Stop Killing
  45. Gorka gets Scaramucci'd
  46. Student Group Says USC's White Horse Mascot Is a Racist Symbol
  47. Here's How Many Bernie Sanders Supporters Ultimately Voted For Trump
  48. Former Ralph Lauren model expected to replace Anthony Scaramucci?
  49. President Trump pardons Sheriff Joe Arpaio
  50. Put that in your Antifa cup a tea
  51. BLM Founder: We Won't Meet With Trump Because 'We Wouldn't Have Done That With Hitler
  52. Why Is the Southern Poverty Law Center Targeting Liberals?
  53. Trump is winning the statue war
  54. How quickly we forget
  55. This Is What Americans Think Civil War 2.0 Would Look Like
  56. Antonio Sabato Jr., launched his congressional bid after RNC speech blacklisted him i
  57. Pelosi's father helped dedicate Confederate monument
  58. Time Magazine, Clinton and Russia
  59. What's Mississippi to do....
  60. BLM message from Kentucky
  61. Chinese Army Gives Strange Reasons Why Recruits Can’t Pass Fitness Test
  62. ACLU in trouble with racists
  63. The Denver cheerleader torture scandal
  64. Liberals denounce the ACLU for white supremacy
  65. CNN for the win
  66. Antifa, the Democrat's new KKK
  67. Last Days Act of Defiance at Seabase
  68. I see the 'stones are back on tour....
  69. Another resignation
  70. Madness....transgender info for Kindergarten
  71. Right in the nuggets
  72. effn RACIST Lib's
  73. Breyer's Fallacy On The 2ND Amend.
  74. Voting/Election Fraud will be discussed tonight on...
  75. Tear down statue of an accused sexual predator
  76. Tucker Carlson Questions Why ESPN Pulled Asian Announcer Robert Lee Off The Air
  77. Dumb and Dumber
  78. Parf goes to phoenix
  79. Dear sweet Maxine
  80. usually you pay double for this
  81. Trolling as a hobby
  82. DNC collections worst in ten years, how can that be
  83. Maxine Waters goes full idiot.
  84. Removing Columbus Statue in NY
  85. The solution to DC politics?
  86. Trump on Afghanistan...
  87. HOw can we predict an eclipse decades in advance?
  88. President Trump stares straight into solar eclipse without glasses*
  89. Tucker Carlson and the Daily Caller: Taking white nationalism mainstream
  90. You Racist Eclipse Watchers
  91. Becareful if you mess with statues in TX
  92. There is a Deafening Silence......
  93. I'm going to reserve judgement
  94. Another Trump Appointee which defies logic
  95. Message from Paul Ryan
  96. The Libiot Left is so bankrupt of ideas...
  97. USS John S. McCain
  98. This needs to be torn down
  99. Underreported Story of the Day
  100. Might be a bit more than bank fraud
  101. Another peaceful Antifan...
  102. Charlottesville: The Other Side
  103. Paul Ryan is hiding under the desk...
  104. What do Frank Serpico and Colin Kaepernick have in common? Same color poop, perhaps?
  105. SK and US military exercises - will they?
  106. Scott Adams nails it.
  107. The environment vs. fracking, Obama, and Hillary
  108. Lincoln, and his posthumous proxy Grant,
  109. The end of the Trump Administration
  110. How to spread the big lie
  111. Bannon "The Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over"
  112. CNN's Angela Rye: Washington, Jefferson Statues "Need To Come Down"
  113. Good Morning!!
  114. Free speech event in Boston....
  115. I want these Confederate flags removed right now
  116. Defend this - CNN Prints Map Noting Confederate Symbols, Tells Antifa ‘Here’s Where t
  117. If you voted for Trump...
  118. The Squishy Secrets of Hard Hate-Crime Stats
  119. Charlottesville Antifa counter-protester armed with bat gets beat up, raises 150k
  120. ‘US Created ISIS to Distort the Image of Islam’
  121. Basement dweller pours coffee on alex jones
  122. Why do schools/colleges "teach" history?
  123. Finland this time
  124. Bannon out
  125. Lincoln and Mob Rule
  126. has DJT made america great again?
  127. The Trump Effect
  128. Finally, some good memes!
  129. Stop Fracking? Stop Drilling? Welcome 1820...
  130. So You Tear Down Statues of the Past...
  131. Why Can't people Say What They Feel? Even If It Is Stupid or Hateful?
  132. Explain Why We Are Supposed To Let In Illegals?
  133. Missouri Senator Calls For Presidents Assassination
  134. President trump's second pardon?...
  135. All Conservative News is AltRight
  136. Another attack in Spain
  137. Chihuahua Killers
  138. Dallas ISIS Recruiter Encouraged Ariana Grande Bomber
  139. U.S. Has 3.5 Million More Registered Voters Than Live Adults
  140. They Must Read Pelican
  141. Uh oh...look who the FBI is investigating...
  142. Phoenix gives Trump the Phinger
  143. How long for Bannon?
  144. Trump’s first pardon
  145. Hey right wingers. Here's what real fake news does
  146. What does the US communist party say about charlottesville?
  147. "Crowds on Demand"
  148. A scary treatise of our military situation today
  149. Even Neo Nazi's Need Love.
  150. Just a minor manipulation
  151. Does the ACA, (or Obamacare) embrace fascist ideology?
  152. More CEOs bail: winning!
  153. Trump; If they only had jobs.......
  154. The Silence of the Pacifists
  155. LOSER! Business Council disbanded
  156. Russians
  157. Leadership vs spinelessness
  158. Secrets, Merkel pays
  159. Russia, Russia, Russia
  160. A lot of dancing around to avoid having to fix this country
  161. The Trump Library
  162. Confederate monuments and civility.
  163. How about a little truth
  164. Renaming stuff....due to racist ties.
  165. Some things don't change...
  166. How long before Kelly "fires" Trump?
  167. Don't be a sucker
  168. Trump going off the rails right now....
  169. Who's fault is this?
  170. Liberals acting like Nazis
  171. U.s. Duped by 'monumental' lie about charlottesville
  172. EPA slashes regulations, alligator population in decline
  173. Devil in the White City
  174. If You're Going to Live Here, Speak the Language...
  175. Trump DIDN'T Tell White Supremacists to Attack!
  176. What do you guys think about this one?
  177. North Korea Backs Off Guam Missile-Attack Threat
  178. Democrats found their 2020 candidate
  179. Terrorist or nutjob with a bad temper?
  180. Free Exchange of Ideas
  181. People are too angry.....need to "get a life"....
  182. When will Kelly Scaramucci Bannon?
  183. Perspective
  184. Our Cowardly, Terrorist Coddling President
  185. Pick a torch, America
  186. Well, that about says it...
  187. "Social" Justice
  188. Liberals are pro-union
  189. Is This How Big Oil Will Die?
  190. Sept 22 Phoenix Proctor Needed - Rick et al?
  191. On our why back to greatness
  192. former Pres. Com in Chief Obama mocked the military- DISGUSTING
  193. Democrat vote fraud, again
  194. Clinton returns Manafort call 1 day too late
  195. Breaking! Hillary To Be Offered Plea Deal For Guilty Plea
  196. Into the Abyss: A Scenario for the Next Korean War
  197. Trump considering subsidizing air pollution
  198. "Fire and Fury"
  199. More fake news from the left
  200. Criminalizing Noncriminal Behavior
  201. North Korea has nuclear warheads.
  202. More of Obama's mess for Trump
  203. Keep on Tweeting, Meat!
  204. Poor Diane and Nancy
  205. Another Trump Failure
  206. Correcting Al Gore
  207. Rent-Seeking Bastard
  208. Blumenthal, the con of cons
  209. What has Donald Trump done since he has been in office!!!
  210. Will Flynn fold?
  211. When you really can't make up your mind....
  212. State-sponsored propaganda. It's here
  213. Booby 3 Sticks . The Boy Scout vs. the Con Man
  214. Alt Right Kobayashi Maru
  215. No Bias in the Media
  216. Lusting for this Hot Russian Bird...
  217. illegalos don't get welfare, right?
  218. Something else that never happened
  219. H.R. McMaster blackmailed by Clinton Machine
  220. Trumps little get together tonight
  221. And it's Grand Jury time!
  222. Everybody Relax
  223. trump is a sniveling pussy
  224. Phone call for Mr. Trump!
  225. Two spies say explain how Russians do it
  226. More climate crazy hypocrisy
  227. The President's popularity and money troubles
  228. National CCW Reprocity
  229. Trump Technique
  230. Nancy at the helm.....until she dies
  231. Russia and motives
  232. Trump Admin brings overhaul to LEGAL immigration
  233. Looks like sanctions bill has been signed
  234. Any golfers out there ?
  235. The Liar in Chief..again
  236. A Question for the (Real) Military Guys
  237. Trump admin to take on race-based discrimination in school admission
  238. Step 1: Parfdems, Admit You Are The Problem
  239. Step 1: Admit you have a problem
  240. China smacks down the Orange Fool
  241. Procter & Gamble: The Talk
  242. Putin Neutered?
  243. Trump, beta male with cash
  244. Rasmussen: Trump's popularity dips into the 30s, 61% disapprove
  245. Coup D'Etat In The WH
  246. Seth Rich...Trump and Fox colluded to manufacture the story.
  247. Randy P, what's happeining in the Philipines
  248. Political Infiltration: Sneaky
  249. Peggy Noonan
  250. Kelly's second task