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  1. The ME, News, Muslims and the democrats
  2. Saudi Arabia is Islamophobic
  3. He's not my president
  4. Worse than a troll
  5. A Pol w/Clarity on Illegal Immigration
  6. What?
  7. Hey libs and social fascists..pony up
  8. Ok, which one of you Trump fans was it?
  9. Russian interferance in our security proven
  10. 6 times in his first 30 days!
  11. Presidents Day Reminder
  12. The Flynn Conversation Leaker
  13. President Trump’s Terrible One-Month Report Card
  14. Help Wanted
  15. Time after time...they just don't get it
  16. Oh no - not another Obama admin email scandal...
  17. Terrorist Attack in Sweden:
  18. Tucker confront's Washington Post ...
  19. And Ya All Missed What Is Behind The Curtain
  20. Almost 2 million Brits sign petition to dis-invite so-called Prez
  21. He's done hardly anything at all
  22. The Obviation
  23. How rational are you? How rational do you want to be?
  24. The Party of No
  25. California proposing Single Payer
  26. "Uh, no thanks, Meat"
  27. RINO McCain
  28. "Open Minded" Liberals #? (I've lost count)
  29. Palm Beach weekend
  30. Con-wayed
  31. USDA enforces other messages
  32. Not so concerned about Bannon after reading this:
  33. And the Presidential rankings are out.
  34. Confederacy of the Divided States of America
  35. Lying to Us Only Matters If We Dislike You
  36. Trump vs Obama
  37. No alarm, only 22 shot in 48 hrs. Chicago, 11 killed & live on Facebook
  38. Ultimate Reset Button
  39. They do eat their young
  40. California is a big place.
  41. Trump opponents, what would he have to do to gain your support?
  42. THE MSM lies by omission
  43. Politics As Usual Not Anymore
  44. Liar in Chief
  45. A Day Without A...
  46. Hows the round-up going?
  47. Always Believe the Headlines
  48. Oh, those tolerant lefties
  49. A gun in the hand of every nutcase...
  50. Muslim Woman Warns Canadians about Sharia Law!
  51. trump supporters .... what would convince you to not support him?
  52. Gov Moonbat unaware on dam concerns - Akses President Trump for fed aid
  53. Neil Gorsuch Vows To Interpret Constitution Using Scalia’s Original Intent
  54. Why Democrats are Embracing Conspiracy Theories
  55. Interesting Take on Israel and Palestine
  56. Another promise trotted out
  57. In the Washington Post no less
  58. Obama's military on review
  59. Obamacare now a "Loose Stool"
  60. Commie BEATDOWN
  61. Putin Starting to Wonder If His Puppets Are Smart Enough to Pull This Off
  62. The Age of Universal Hypocrisy?
  63. What if the election is deemed fraudulent
  64. Post and Times reporting
  65. Intelligence Leaks - Democrats Strike Again
  66. President Ryan
  67. Huffington Post compilation thread
  68. Oh man, they're just messing with Trump now.
  69. A night to shine
  70. Why is Steve Bannon considered a racist?
  71. P o s white boy
  72. Utah Republican has no response for a little girl who asked if he believes in science
  73. DeVos Says Trump’s Forty-Per-Cent Approval Rating Means More Than Half of Country...
  74. Never mind Trump....why didn't Gov Moonbeam fix the Oroville dam?
  75. Ok, Who is missing?
  76. time for "truth" check
  77. Before the crash that she blamed on speculators, Senator Elizabeth Warren made a bund
  78. The Earth is Flat again?
  79. Trump needs some speech coaching
  80. Triple victim score
  81. MAGA at the Grammy's
  82. Planet Money says
  83. Climate Scientologists - 'NOAA cheated and got caught’.
  84. Trumps not as productive as he wants you to think.
  85. Teachers unions in a panic over school choice
  86. Nasty woman!!!
  87. Like Dust In The Wind
  88. How liberal professors educate
  89. Commentary: Does Europe fear Muslims more than the United States?
  90. Michael Strickland convicted.
  91. In Oregon, the Inmates are running the Asylum
  92. Libertarian Dispatches from Bizarro America
  93. Oh Canada
  94. Why conservatives might be more likely to fall for fake news
  95. "You didn't build that"
  96. 72 convicted terrorists from Trump ban countries
  97. Mexico to fight US to stop deportations
  98. Kelly--not Megyn--steps in it
  99. Putin trades Snowden for Clinton? He is angry
  100. In case you missed it, Trump flip-flops on China
  101. And now for something uplifting
  102. What's up with Trumps handshake?
  103. PSA- burka bank robbers
  104. opine on social security and medicare, please.
  105. Post-Super Bowl, NFL warns Texas about 'discriminatory' laws
  106. Mexico not ready for Mexicans
  107. Illegal Alien Voter Fraud in Texas
  108. Another $3 million Florida golf weekend
  109. Free if you want a set.
  110. 2017 Forecast
  111. 9th Circuit: DENIED!
  112. Iran has backed down quietly
  113. Top Priority... secure borders... 1st year as president...
  114. Texas Cartoon Attacks Update
  115. Secret Service Adds Emotional Protection Division To Safeguard Trump’s Psyche
  116. Paris to Build Eight-Foot Bulletproof Wall Around Eiffel Tower
  117. Palin Ambassador to Canada
  118. Even Putin has to be second guessing his choice.
  119. I, for one, welcome robot bureaucrats...
  120. OMG Trumps done it! Bombs Away!
  121. How many wars do you think Trump will get us into? Think he'll nuke someone?
  122. Dear White People - by Netflix
  123. Oh good, I'm tired anyways.
  124. Mellissa McCarhy does another skit.
  125. Niko and Snowflakes shut down airports in the Northeast
  126. Sessions in
  127. God Bless the scared little boys clinging to their guns...
  128. Nordstrom dropping Ivanka
  129. ****gibbon?
  130. Fake News Rap Sheet: Last Week the MSM Was Caught Telling FORTY Lies
  131. "I'm not sure I'm convincing the court"
  132. Aint easy being a pimp
  133. Trump Accuses Media of Not Reporting Voices He Hears in Head
  134. Some people want a bully for president, others want an intellectual
  135. Global warming results fabricated just in time for obama's speech
  136. Eschatology
  137. Boy, did Trump screw up this one.
  138. Indian princess, sit down and shut up
  139. Uh oh. There're already questioning trumps mental health.
  140. If Obama built the wall like he promised.....
  141. All the big Ancestry sites are owned by Mormons
  142. Where on Executive Order 13769 name a specific religious belief o single out Muslims?
  143. For the libbies from your fave news source NBC - woman trained by ISIS
  144. For the libbies from your fave news source CNN - children trained by ISIS
  145. Uh oh! Dipso's source has to pay up! Bigly!
  146. Confirming what we already knew
  147. Now that's a shame .......
  148. Pelosi Forgets Who Is President!
  149. Piers Morgan on Tucker's show last night
  150. DeVo for the win
  151. Who is going to do it first ?
  152. So Finally We Have a President That Is Real
  153. to obama: way to go douche bag!
  154. Maxine Waters on impeaching Trump: "Putin is continuing to advance into...Korea."
  155. They all lie but this guy is special:
  156. Why Comey gave her a pass
  157. He's in total denial
  158. Nationality Act 1952. Law Dem's originally opposed. Commies welcomed to US
  159. The last 6 presidents have imposed some type of travel/immigration ban
  160. Trump should give libbies of America free vacation stay to ghettos of Leipzig Germany
  161. Blame the Judge!
  162. Super Bowl LI
  163. Muslim Brotherhood Protests Removal of Jihad Verses From Jordanian Curriculum
  164. Just as bad as they are...
  165. Lets protect our secrets
  166. The end game: martial law
  167. obaama's last second funding for the UN
  168. 3 million dollar weekend
  169. What do I not know?
  170. New post A list of the President's executive orders so far (copypaste from reddit)
  171. How would an expert tactitioner analyze the left?
  172. Trumps up to 78%!
  173. Dr. Phil on The View
  174. Trump Inheritance
  175. Thank God for Harry Reid
  176. The 10 Commandments
  177. Machete attack on soldier at the Louvre...
  178. The Bowling Green Massacre?
  179. No more vote fraud investigation.
  180. Abolish 501C and let's see who REALLY cares about their mission
  181. Tucker Carlson To Sierra Club Director....
  182. GW/drought takes a turn, oh my.
  183. His first go at CIC. Botched.
  184. So I guess this is a good idea?
  185. Remember Clock Boy
  186. GOP unveils bill to allow political activity by churches
  187. It's the battle of the reality tv show hosts.
  188. Make the American Military Great Again
  189. Memory Holed
  190. Israel to Nominate Trump for Nobel Prize
  191. They are destroying UC Berkley to protest Milo
  192. Yes Alice, there is voter fraud
  193. Iran on Notice
  194. Boycott Starbucks ?
  195. What with it being Black History Month..
  196. Heh...
  197. Paul Ryan is getting frustrated.
  198. Dems stay home and whine, Repub senate acts!
  199. Poor little snowflake Trump.
  200. The Third Jihad
  201. The Insiders Strike Back At Trump
  202. ''So'' you libbies in America want the security of Europe?
  203. Celebrity Political Opinions
  204. Female professional Killers
  205. 3.3 million acres for sale......
  206. The nominee tonight
  207. Are libs really upset about the temporary travel ban...
  208. Cook County's Current Debt Situation.
  209. Soros the leach - Ties to over 50 'partners' Woman march on Washington
  210. Illegal Aliens Really Do Vote – a Lot
  211. 'Boobgate cop'
  212. You're Fired!
  213. Scientists Criticize 'Hottest Year on Record' Claim as Hype
  214. Poor Shaun
  215. And Why is Increased Airport Security Bad?
  216. And Why Is the Mexican Wall a Bad Thing
  217. Art of the Deal
  218. Tears of a clown. It would be impossible for this to get funnier....
  219. The mullahs say hi.
  220. Welcome
  221. Out of control
  222. Trump values Bannon's military experience over General Dunford's
  223. I have hope for Bill Maher
  224. All right, who was in Canada.
  225. Iran response to Trump's temporary travel ban
  226. Airport Protesters
  227. When your base melts down
  228. Vetting, a big problem
  229. Another interesting take on voter fraud -both sides of the 'fence'
  230. Is it really that hard....
  231. Sanctuary Cities
  232. Why does the immigration ban exclude a few countries??
  233. Hollywierd training the next generation early
  234. liberal fools, Hitler vs President Trump
  235. GM to cut 625 jobs in Canada, move some work to Mexico: union
  236. a liberal commercial
  237. Can't we all just get along, and settle on a nickname for those who support Mr Trump
  238. Poll - Trump Rating 1st qt 2017
  239. Scarborough to Bannon: ‘Taking on the Press Like That — It Always Ends Badly’
  240. 100% behind NATO?
  241. Wooden Stake
  242. Trump calling the boss Saturday
  243. More fun with immigrants and the religion of peace..
  244. Gorbachev says...
  245. New social Meme-It was the Russians!
  246. Uh, oh ....Miami-Dade Complies with the President.....
  247. And You Wonder Why Your Party's In The Crapper
  248. Trump sued for violating the Constitution - Foreign Emoluments Clause
  249. State Department Leadership Resigns
  250. Uh oh, it's on now.