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  1. Ivanka
  2. What will Hilliary do now. . .
  3. The Last Best Hope
  4. Trump tonight...
  5. Foxy please..
  6. Here's a preview of Trumps speech.
  7. Deranged leftists
  8. this is how you win allies and make russia scared of you right?
  9. Mike Pence
  10. GOP Convention - Cruz Boos and few endorsements for Trump
  11. Corruption
  12. Beyond comprehension
  13. Martial law declared in Turkey
  14. How the Clintons robbed the Haitians
  15. Trump and Turkey
  16. Pretty clever.
  17. Minnesota, the most racist state in America
  18. Partial Transcript Of The FBI Interview With HRC
  19. Violent Right-Wing Rhetoric
  20. Trump wants his VP to control domestic and foreign policy.
  21. To protect and to serve...
  22. most Americans on the boarder ... don't want a wall
  23. Most Powerful Statement of the Night...
  24. Paul Ryan at the convention
  25. Poor Paul
  26. 47 Years ago this week
  27. The GC Crowd Never Gets It
  28. Religion of Peace Dress Rules
  29. GOP platform to include reinstatement of Glass-Steagall
  30. Time to admit a fundamental truth about Trump
  31. Nice speech. Oh wait.......
  32. Germany axe attack: Assault on train in Wuerzburg
  33. Citizens Against Senseless Gun Violence
  34. Cleveland Trump rally
  35. Kasich a no show
  36. Kettles Medal of Honor
  37. Blinded by the....
  38. The next step in the disarmament of America
  39. 9:00 AM Baton Rouge
  40. Holy crap I am one drunk mfer
  41. Turkey shut down American Airbase Incirlik
  42. Anyone remember when we had a leader of the free world?
  43. Voter's Guide as entertainment?
  44. How would obaama read this
  45. Turkey army group announces takeover ...
  46. The new Trump/Pence logo.
  47. 28 declassified pages 9/11 Commission report
  48. Can't have islamic terror without muslims
  49. Why do those A-holes have such a hard on for killing French people?
  50. More mass-killings in France
  51. Wonder how the MSM and Democrats...
  52. HilLIARy's Choich for VP
  53. It is time to crown Mr VP....
  54. Attorney General Loretta Lynch - the hostile witness
  55. Is Hillary Guilty?
  56. Could Hilliary make this speech?
  57. Will there be violence at the Rebooblican Convention?
  58. JUST US little people
  59. SCOTUS Justice Ginsburg sane or losing it?
  60. The real reason liberals hate the Republican Party?
  61. Protestors blocking roads/intersections, and the repurcussions
  62. Hilda's voice
  63. Man wearing BLM shirt fires 17 shots at officer’s home and marked patrol car
  64. Well here's some pretty good symbolism for you. :-)
  65. Obama and the narcissist's memorial speech
  66. Bern, snuggling up to hilda
  67. The Vortex.
  68. hows that brexit going?
  69. Starting to see glimmers of the platform
  70. Robots Killing Americans
  71. bin laden junior
  72. Riots
  73. For When You Get Pulled Over
  74. I always like this guys take on stuff.
  75. Worst Drivers, and Worst Scenery - The Connection?
  76. Dem Corrine Brown, jail time
  77. Three more assasination attempts on cops....Tenn., Mizzou, and Georgia
  78. TABS is Frowning.
  79. The Dallas Shootings Started At 6:47 PDT
  80. Dallas cop shot by protestors
  81. A Royal Pile Of Shyte
  82. POS liberal elite
  83. Thought I would drop this.....
  84. down goes the first "religious freedom" bill
  85. CCW holder shot by police in Minnesota
  86. Dick Cheney should — and eventually will — be tried as a war criminal: former Interna
  87. Why no terrorist attacks on US soil?
  88. More Ignoring The Constitution From Obama
  89. "Why" did she do it?
  90. A crap for brains judge up there ..
  91. What to do with Hilliary?
  92. Libertarian Party; Gary Johnson
  93. Sensible Regulation
  94. Congress Explained
  95. trouble in paradise
  96. Long-awaited British inquiry into Iraq War
  97. Clinton Foundation Investigation-Status?
  98. Orlando Shooting - No one shot or killed before 513AM
  99. The Real Marijuana Moms of Beverly Hills
  100. Oversight
  101. FBI Recommendation: No charges against HRC
  102. You Owe Them Nothing
  103. BREAKING: Wikileaks Releases Hillary’s EMAILS On 4th Of July
  104. Are The Chickens Coming Home to Roost in Saudi Arabia
  105. Going for a record in Chicago
  106. Suicide bomber at (near) US consulate
  107. NYC Blast, just a hobbyist
  108. Will HR Clinton get Indicted?
  109. Gary Johnson
  110. Putin, another finger for obaama
  111. Well, he wasn't gonna get the Jewish vote anyway
  112. Bangladesh
  113. California gives the 2nd Amendment the finger
  114. Blue Angels
  115. ..and on the Obamacare front
  116. WHo is behind the Clinton Corrution machine?
  117. Bergdahl-Pardon...
  118. Redheads a minority?
  119. What a coincidence
  120. N.D. legislator who voted against gay rights bill caught sending pics on Grindr
  121. Those poor Palestinians...
  122. While Muslims work at world domination through breeding
  123. Obaama and Kerry should be held responsible
  124. Riot at the California Capitol
  125. Is the lefts victimhood mantra propelling this...
  126. Had To Let A Friend Go Last Week
  127. Transcendental Meditation declared relig. Taught pub. schools '77, deem violated 1st
  128. Istanbul must respond with...LOVE!
  129. Is direct combat 'fair'
  130. George Will
  131. Ben ga Zee, Waterloo for the team obaama
  132. Go UK!
  133. Jesus rejects Trump
  134. When the Sheriff says "all we can do is pray..."
  135. Supreme Court Strikes Down Abortion Restrictions In Texas
  136. Gift Idea for Your Favorite Republican
  137. Faith
  138. It Is A Beautiful Day
  139. Another Democrat Politician...busted.
  140. You get what you asked for. Now live with it.
  141. Texit
  142. Veepstakes
  143. The most worthless College degree thread
  144. Religious hate crimes in America today...
  145. Oh those silly college profs
  146. Are You Effing Kidding Me???!!!
  147. Britain Votes For Britain First
  148. Allahu Akbar! Suicide Jihadis Blow Themselves Up While Fighting Each Other
  149. Obama ignoring Supreme Court?
  150. Mosby spanked again,
  151. Profiling Stomps on the Constitution
  152. Deadlocked Supreme Court deals big blow to Obama immigration plan
  153. Cinema Attack in Germany - reports say 20 injured
  154. Sup. Court - affirmative action upheld - rev. discrimination legal
  155. Brexit
  156. CNN libertarian Town Hall
  157. Even more server stupidity
  158. So, despite your favorite, who do you really think will win?
  159. Just boys having fun
  160. Another tragedy
  161. Islam and Orlando...Bill Whittle
  162. Why History Is Important
  163. Eleanor Mondale
  164. The "Trump Has Tiny Hands PAC"...
  165. Is our government and media brainwashed themselves into senselesslyness?
  166. Congrats to P.A.R.F. - 1 year since any disiplinary action
  167. Why America’s men aren’t working
  168. The plus of either POTUS Hillary or Trump
  169. How to create starvation in 2016
  170. Claiming the sidewalk
  171. Happy Juneteenth
  172. OBAMA didn't create this 'Culture of Dysfunction' did.
  173. Gaza Kindergarten Graduation
  174. Shooter's father and wife...
  175. I Think My Dog's a Democrat ...
  176. Russia ignores warnings, bombs U.S.-backed Syrian rebel group
  177. Parents Upset That Children Are Being Taught About Islam at Manhattan Beach School
  178. Okay?
  179. Qatar: Man Arrested For Smuggling Bacon In His Anal Cavity
  180. Jo Cox: British Labour MP dies after being shot in street
  181. Transgenderism Is A Fake Legal Construct
  182. fox calls for the pope to resign for being too christ-like
  183. Obama visits PARF:
  184. Ban the gun?
  185. Study Reversal - Liberals are more Psychotic, not Conservatives
  186. Anonymous hacks ISIS’ Twitter, makes it as fabulously gay as humanly possible
  187. Help Me Out PARF, when exactly was America great
  188. ALWAYS comforts me to know the cowards got their guns legally...
  189. Student Debt? What's That?
  190. Gun control, and it starts!
  191. I say let's keep all the guns and get rid of the nut jobs
  192. This is how a Leader reacts to the terror in Orlando...
  193. The Beginning Of Stage 4
  194. Where are all the others?
  195. This could have never happened today in France if they had tougher gun control. D'oh!
  196. Walmart Hostage Taker - Mohammad Moghaddam
  197. Does anyone believe Trump can successfully make the pivot?
  198. London's new Muslim mayor bans ads...
  199. Reinstate Assault Weapons Ban
  200. Politicon - do you wear costumes?
  201. The Islamic State’s suspected inroads into America
  202. Clash of Clans
  203. 'We consider this an act of terrorism,' 20 dead inside Pulse Nightclub, officials say
  204. "Non-Binary" now? AYFKM?
  205. Hillary/Nixon
  206. How do you feel about these 5 issues that affect our country?
  207. Where's Trump?
  208. Obama endorses the Criminal
  209. Why the Court Matters
  210. Modern Feminism
  211. Kasich taking a page from hildy's book
  212. Peace and Love from our Palestinian Friends...
  213. Ben Stein on "Mexican" Judge
  214. A Message Fom The Queen
  215. Rat Watch
  216. The Establishment birthed Trump!
  217. Will Bernie go third party?
  218. San Bernadino
  219. and the "winner" is....
  220. What is God?
  221. In Which Paul Krugman Becomes Tabs
  222. Newt & Rove for 2020...a match made in Hypocrite-Heaven!
  223. Nothing to See Here...Move Along
  224. An Old Soldiers Rant
  225. Both Trump and HRC are correct....
  226. History repeats itself
  227. SJW's and feminist special snowflakes
  228. TABS Is Smiling Today
  229. Too Much Awesome!!!
  230. Hug an Athiest Day!
  231. Unemployed company pension where to put
  232. hate machine
  233. Hillary: Trump unfit to lead nation because of Trump U suit
  234. ACLU Leader Resigns after Daughters' Experience in Public Bathroom
  235. Another NRA Card-Carrying "Hero" makes the world a little safer...
  236. Barack and the black community
  237. Richard Nixon..Traitor
  238. Anyone still have hope for our country?
  239. This is why there should be a bounty on liberals
  240. Will POTUS Hilliary spend money . .
  241. It's fast approaching the time to accept Teddy Bears into locker-rooms
  242. Obama’s America: US Government Now Has Nearly As Many Employees as ALL Fortune 500 C
  243. CAIR Memorial day
  244. Weiner
  245. The rewards of globalization
  246. Hillary; tech-inept, or selfish scheming felon?
  247. On the Atomic Bomb attack on Japan...
  248. California
  249. Another Putin threat
  250. Trump. Master of Persuasion