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  1. The Trump Jr meeting - really a Feud between Kremlin and Obama White House
  2. Aussie Woman Shot By Cops
  3. I'm tellin' ya, don't mess with Bill & Hillary!
  4. Trump campaign going broke
  5. Heil Trump
  6. Hey Lib's; a former KGB agent reports to the NYT...
  7. Maybe, but would be sweet
  8. Loretta Lynch sets trap for Trump Jr., Manafort, Kushner
  9. Governors from BOTH Parties Hate the Rep HC Bill
  10. Are you ****ing serious? Washing off bum juice- racially insensitive?
  11. GoFundMe for Raw knee
  12. Jamie Dimon And The Dust Of History
  13. Those of you who live by the sea...
  14. FoxNews fires Charles Krauthammer, picked up by Daily Kos
  15. Good Defense!
  16. Wow...Refreshing!
  17. Abuse of Power
  18. Republican donor kills himself after talking about working with Russian hackers to ge
  19. Media Beware: The Southern Poverty Law Center Has Become a Dangerous Joke
  20. A win for Trump!
  21. Scions and Scoundrels
  22. Rand Paul - Rs want to subsidize the death spiral-flaws remain
  23. The Chest Of Remembrance.
  24. oh my goodness, worst speech ever
  25. Stop the presses. Latest Trump scandal.
  26. How do dems ever hope to be taken seriously
  27. White House is paralyzed
  28. Abortion on Demand comes to Oregon
  29. Wow! Ralph Peters and Tucker Carlson....
  30. More on obaama/clintoon email corruption
  31. Best-Run States Are Low-Tax Republican..
  32. June 7, 2016
  33. BART withholds videos of crimes to protect criminals
  34. Story Time
  35. Briget Bardot - Islamiphobic racist Ho
  36. Have a Great Day everyone!
  37. Clooney
  38. Really Canada
  39. The Dreck At NBC News
  40. What he said, what they heard
  41. Army Combat Readiness
  42. Tight ass Democrats
  43. Seventeen Inches
  44. Met With Lawyer Linked to Kremlin During Campaign
  45. New climate change study
  46. IRS at it again
  47. Recap on G20 and Trump / Putan Exchange
  48. Trump and Putin to form Cyber Security Unit
  49. Have You Seen The Other Guys?
  50. Take Your Daughter to Work Day at the G-20
  51. Hey NY, you are missing the villiage idiot
  52. Mike Rose was approved for the MoH
  53. Norway voluntary tax plan, so much for that. Another socialist myth, busted.
  54. The Titans Of Industry
  55. Trump ties to Russia confirmed
  56. Loser John Podesta out on a X-country trip w/ wife BUT flips out over Trump- LOL
  57. You watching Begon?
  58. WaPo at it again.
  59. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson takes questions in off-camera news briefing...
  60. Well, This Got Swept Under the Rug Quickly
  61. Statements that Floor You
  62. GOP, Guys Of Putin
  63. Trump Poland Speech
  64. Isis close to defeat
  65. Trump vs cnn
  66. Duh!
  67. Let's get real about minorities in the US
  68. Ketchikan, The Bush Pilots
  69. Obama's boy Chicago mayor Emanuel- Happy 4th! 102 shot 15 kills
  70. Why do Libs support Islam?
  71. Poland this evening
  72. And now, for a little bit of sanity
  73. More Americans trust President Trump than the media!
  74. Another NYPD officer murdered
  75. Trump Supporters Cry Bias After NPR Tweets the Declaration of Independence
  76. CNN Melting Under Criticism
  77. Matt Walsh: Dear ‘progressive’ parents, your children are not social experiments.
  78. Millenials...again
  79. North Korea: "Screw you, Mr. President!"
  80. for Fk-sakes Oregon...
  81. States: "Screw you, Mr. President!"
  82. My City is gone
  83. Oh Canada?
  84. Why not read it?
  85. Gas price lowest in 12 years
  86. Happy Brexit 1776 day, everyone....
  87. A Swedes' Love Letter to the US - Happy 4th
  88. Nk bm
  89. Generation Z and Conservatism
  90. Obama warns Americans against patriotism...part of new apology tour?
  91. NY
  92. ISIS getting pounded from Mosul. MSM? Crickets
  93. Trump wall is working
  94. Liberls jagoffs wasting more time and taxpayer money
  95. Well, He's Not a Phony...
  96. Gettysburg
  97. Buffett on healthcare reform
  98. Military Town
  99. Geo Fascism and propaganda
  100. Thread bashing for those addicted to personal attacks
  101. Where Are the White Women At?
  102. I can't help but admire Donald J Trump!
  103. Tonight's speech by THE PRESIDENT
  104. A Catalog of Lies
  105. Liberals surprised and upset at Obama!
  106. Islam in the Phillipines
  107. America and India Tackle Terror, While Canada Plays Identity Politics
  108. refusing medical care to religious idiots
  109. Truth vs. CNN
  110. President Trump, Melting Under Criticism
  111. Opioid epidemic
  112. CNN
  113. Bronx Hospital shooting
  114. CA SB 562 yanked - libbies scream
  115. San Francisco channeling its Sweden
  116. Federal judge blocks California ban on high-capacity magazines
  117. The Whole World is laughing
  118. Charlie Gard
  119. Good looking liberal "women"?
  120. Imagine This In Your Neighbour Hood
  121. CNN Producer Says Russia Narrative ...
  122. Us bombs nk
  123. Susan Rice The Liar
  124. Time magazine, mad at trump.
  125. Retired, Forgotten Media Whore/ Reality Star Attempts a Comeback
  126. Is Nancy all there?
  127. Snowflakes
  128. Swedes have gone totally bonkers
  129. Well, some places in Europe are fighting Islamism
  130. How to lie with statistics...
  131. Megan Kelly Circles the Drain !
  132. Amateur
  133. Were Confederate Generals Traitors?
  134. Google fined 2.4b euro
  135. Student Sentenced to Prison for Registering Dead Voters as Democrats
  136. Identity Politics have gone Super-Nova
  137. Theresa May and the DUP
  138. Trump the
  139. This, Right Here. This Is Where Obama Choked.
  140. CNN cuts three after another Russia Hoax
  141. President Trump Gives Joint Statements with Prime Minister of India Modi
  142. A Fateful Day In June
  143. Thanks Canada!
  144. Proving a point ironically
  145. Supreme Court reinstates Trump travel ban
  146. Deutsche Bank
  147. Laugh of the Day :)
  148. Now Bernie in the barrel
  149. Russian Pee Party
  150. Hollywood helping Republicans
  151. Chaffetz to resign...
  152. Trump gets to pick another SCOTUS
  153. Substantial Numbers of Non-Citizens Vote Illegally in U.S. Elections
  154. Making America Great Again
  155. Our con man and chief
  156. Michael Brown's family gets $1.5 million settlement
  157. Arizona Antifa
  158. This kind of stuff needs to stop.
  159. Dems lose in GA. This is how they respond.
  160. More Fake News? WaPo
  161. Who Can You Trust?
  162. Teenage Jobs - BS from the AP
  163. So who is lying?
  164. Canadian Sniper, new record
  165. Hillary poll, nothing new here.
  166. Republicans for Nancy!!
  167. Pizzagate That will teach you to listen to Alex Jones
  168. Why Not?
  169. Trump: Immigrants Should Not Get Welfare for Five Years
  170. Why not Medicare for everyone?
  171. Interesting lefty attacks in Europe
  172. The Trump effect in Saudi Arabia
  173. YouTube's new SJW refugee video getting destoryed!
  174. Flint airport stabbing
  175. getting away with murder
  176. Holder vs Trump 2020
  177. News Flash: Hating President Trump is not a platform
  178. Leave Russia Alone Says GOP
  179. Otto Warmbier is dead-what is the appropriate action for the USA?
  180. Call of Duty WWII: Female soldiers. Black Nazis. No swastikas. Because 2017.
  181. Another loss for Dems in GA
  182. The Trump Mandate
  183. Why does HRC still have security clearance?
  184. never mind
  185. Tabs On How To Twist A MSM Arm
  186. Who said this about immigration?
  187. House Guests
  188. Normally we'd be airing the White House press briefing…but unfortunately we're not al
  189. Russia to shoot down US aircraft over Syria
  190. Why Obama’s presidency didn’t lead to black progress
  191. BREAKING: Van hits London Peds - Multiple Casualties - Developing
  192. Just curious.........
  193. More Fake News?
  194. I'm Confused - Trump and Special Cousel
  195. Higher Education...Free Speech
  196. Meanwhile, back in the real world (Mosul)
  197. If you voted for Trump because you believed him about immigration, you got played.
  198. When the Govt. decides what 'hate' is
  199. John Cleese on Political Correctness
  200. Cosby Mistrial
  201. AJ and MK
  202. A Priest tries to educate the Pope
  203. Denzel Washington calls upon journalists to tell the truth
  204. Illinois lottery issuing IOUs to winners
  205. Has anyone read any/all of the Federalist Papers?
  206. Winning, canceling more legacy
  207. The inconvenient truth about the Democratic party
  208. Democratic strategist defends 'Hunt Republicans' tweets
  209. Can there be obstruction in a fraudulant charge?
  210. Antitrust Laws
  211. Congressman Scalise dead
  212. I live in a van down by the river
  213. A new religion
  214. What's the thought process here?
  215. Compare and Contrast...
  216. I Wonder
  217. American Mentality?
  218. Rodman Gives Kim the Gift of Trump: 'The Art of the Deal'
  219. Trump Ends Vital Federal Program
  220. What Freedom of Religion means to "true patriots"
  221. A Modest Proposal
  222. Tired of Hearing About the GOP Target Practice
  223. 167,000 Children under age get married. Where ?
  224. Tolerance on display
  225. I wonder if these two things are related?
  226. Samuel L. Jackson is a ****
  227. Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Waters, Schultz finally have what they want
  228. I always liked her
  229. Lets Sing Campfire Songs together !
  230. Incitement to Violence
  231. Rush
  232. Happy birthday, President Trump....
  233. The third red scare
  234. Happy Birthday Donald
  235. Upsscott OK?
  236. As a registered Republican for 35 years let me say...
  237. Sex abuse in the Middle east
  238. Congressman shot in Alexandria, VA
  239. Detached From Reality
  240. Proof positive Sessions lied today!
  241. Trump afraid to go to Great Britain...cancels trip
  242. More of that thing that never happens
  243. Mayor of Rome is an effin racist
  244. Death Penalty for Blasphemous Facebook Comments
  245. trump and Putin aren't going to like this.
  246. Coming to a State near you soon
  247. Know thy enemy - the Putin Interviews
  248. Do you have the same political beliefs as your wife/girlfriend/significant other?
  249. This is what Socialists do
  250. A Jew rebuts Bernie on Christians