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  1. The "What is he going to do after the midterms" thread...
  2. Dog Haters
  3. State of WA wants to outlaw/impede gun transfers
  4. Who are the independent thinkers in PARF?
  5. RELEASE the HOUNDS!!!
  6. How Is It Possible To Believe In God?
  7. Another fence jumper at the White House?
  8. Chris Matthews sings - I lost that lov'n tingling
  9. Hey Mod's, I'd Like To Know
  10. Why
  11. Liberal Intolerance
  12. Even more of that thing that never happens in Colorado
  13. Women's war for regained victim status
  14. Parf poll- if you do not have legit id, vote here. No id required!
  15. Copycat Terrorism Attack
  16. And what would the down side be to amnesty for illegals?
  17. How to Beat ISIS...
  18. was the universe made for meercats?
  19. Crist vs. Scott
  20. Vote Fraud in Chicago
  21. Nothing to see here/Canada
  22. Ebola
  23. Say what?
  24. N. (Narcissist) I.C...
  25. Speaking of douchebag moves .....
  26. Blue States are from Scandinavia, Red States are from Guatemala
  27. Wow - Dem Desperados
  28. American politics: Such an entertaining enigma.
  29. Immigration: Another Big Republican Screw-UP
  30. Mark Udall needs to pull his head out ...
  31. MOAR of the thing that doesn't hapen...happen...
  32. Trump hasn't ruled out a Presidential run.
  33. Justice in Nature
  34. Ohio Governor John Kasich: Obamacare is here to stay
  35. while you all are trying to find your ebloabuddie
  36. october surprise
  37. Ebola Ebola Ebola!!!
  38. Really, really bad news for Dems
  39. Idiocy on Parade at the NY Times
  40. Hillary fired for unethical behavior as a lawyer?
  41. Obama controlling the fights back
  42. Fast & Furious gun used to shoot Americans
  43. If there is an Ebola epidemic in the US, will Obamacare be a good thing?
  44. Today from our dear leader
  45. Obamacare ‘bronze’ plan premiums expected to jump 14% in 2015
  46. War Against Fundamentalist Islam
  47. Finally -- Someone's willing to control Our Dear Leader's Spending addiction
  48. If true, what could go wrong with this plan?
  49. More Feminist Follies: Bigotry at Wellesley
  50. Hillary's LA welcome
  51. Apology to cockerpunk
  52. My latest PM, what is this stuff.
  53. Please Support my Daughter's Marathon Run for Breast Cancer Research!
  54. More bad news for the Cons.
  55. The Best and the Brightest
  56. This is funny.
  57. Justice?
  58. Never Fear, obaama has a plan
  59. Hollywood Tax Credit...whoopee
  60. Obama should resign
  61. There Is Nothing Like A Good Case Of Death
  62. Critical of Ebola response? You are a racist...
  63. Biden News
  64. Obama: "I've got to have a Congress that can work with me."
  65. Racist Voter Suppression
  66. Will ACA pay for Ebola treatment?
  67. US tax payers save $7 for every dollar they spend on family planning
  68. CIA Report: Arming Rebels is Useless
  69. Red states have 100% more ebola!
  70. killing the petro dollar
  71. Intelligentsia
  72. Inherent Resolve????
  73. President Coward
  74. In 6 years, has Obama improved
  75. New York Times confirms WMDs were in Iraq
  76. Obaama's ari war
  77. Rats! Top 10 rat infested
  78. Houston Mayor violates Seperation of Church and State
  79. The right to Coerce and the Duty to Obey
  80. America's Future
  81. Take note, Obamaonists
  82. Who will he pardon?
  83. The Most transparent Administration ever
  84. Why The Ukraine
  85. Will obaama issue a new red line?
  86. Bergdahl verdict in.
  87. 18 years and 12 million dollars
  88. Is the loss of Baghdad imminent?
  89. The next Detroit..
  90. Today in Mental Stability....
  91. Reading Level
  92. Whoops
  93. Typical Democrat Ranking member
  94. Poor persecuted Louisiana Xtians just trying to do good.
  95. Swedish marine add openly mock US recruitment adds
  96. Kerry pledges mo money to Gaza
  97. Most FEMA Concentration Camps located in Red States
  98. just say NO to the
  99. CA Doctors need LGBT Sensitivity Training
  100. Why War?
  101. what's up with NK's 'leader'?
  102. This week in Detroit: iPhone VS. House?
  103. Jesus
  104. Demo meltdown daily double. 10/10
  105. Does Alison Lundergan Grimes know anything?
  106. Abortion Barbie is a Mean Girl
  107. Moo without a Teleprompter, just like daddy
  108. Message To Blue States About To Turn Red
  109. Gwenth and obaama
  110. Grmany offers free college to American students
  111. An AWESOME use of journalism...
  112. Feminist Follies pt. 3: They are obviously not that kind of girls
  113. Feminist Follies pt. 2: iPhones are Sexist
  114. UAW Thugs
  115. Iran/Contra/Drug smuggling movie coming soon.
  116. Presidential material. Michael Huckabee
  117. my baby had a sandwich, not a gun!!!!!
  118. More Feminist Follies: Why Fat Chicks can't get Dates
  119. Poll: 1/2 of Democrats like Socialism (other 1/2 lying)
  120. Airstrikes failing ~ What of A10?
  121. ALMOST VP and a heart attack away from POTUS
  122. Fiscal Year 2014
  123. The HITS, or I guess, The Cover Ups keep coming
  124. Brittany Maynard - death with dignity
  125. At Harvard, the chickens are coming home to roost
  126. Who The The Fanatics Here
  127. Damn, she's hot!
  128. Carter blasts Obama on ISIS/Iraq
  129. RNC gives up on gay marriage
  130. Pier Morgan Interview on ISIS/ISIL and the President
  131. ISIS. BHO is lost.
  132. OMG! Militant Christians sue the school!
  133. The ME, just not getting better
  134. England just screwed Bloomberg
  135. NASA admits global cooling
  136. Pro Lifer wants to kill people infected with Ebola
  137. Slipping and Sliding away on the Slippery Slope
  138. Queen Dingbat
  139. John Oliver on Civil Forfeiture
  140. The GOP - The party without Scientists
  141. supreme court passes on ruling on gay marriage
  142. "but i ordered a white baby!"
  143. the poor and middle class are just greedy MYTHBUSTED
  144. Ex Americans fighting for ISIS
  145. This week in Detroit: Detroit's famous son
  146. Jules Bianchi
  147. Southern States Participate Most in Social Welfare Programs
  148. Biden again, again, again
  149. Has the Lack of the Draft made young men less patriotic ?
  150. Before 2008
  151. Labor-force participation rate lowest in red states
  152. Seasonal Allergies Last Longer In The South - Sucks To be In A Red State
  153. scalia does not believe in the first amendment
  154. More bad news for the Cons. New jobs report #s are good.
  155. Militant attack in NFL overturned
  156. the 7 deadly sins and the south
  157. Panetta dumps on obaama
  158. Obamacare and your Ebola diagnosis
  159. Gun Club near School in industrial area
  160. Artist creates huge dirt portrait on National Mall
  161. This poor boy will be scarred for life, I tell ya ...
  162. How Would you describe POTUS strategy ?
  163. So how is the economy and job market?
  164. Crimes against bureaucracy
  165. They are all in over their heads
  166. It's still really AQ, not some phoney name.
  167. Militarized Police and Access.
  168. Californians gain "right" to have relatives’ guns confiscated
  169. Another Obama/IRS Scandal. Yawn.
  170. That Tingle Might Be Ebola
  171. Master Race or Master Faith?
  172. Ebola is here...
  173. Mental Midget at FOX News gets owned
  174. Daily intelligence briefings
  175. Islam Will Prevail Over the West
  176. Drownings in the OC
  177. The Ugliest People Live In Red States
  178. If you had to make a choice, where would you live?
  179. Red States Have The Worst Food
  180. Which would you rather lose? The Right to Bear Arms, or the Right to Vote?
  181. That bus is almost ready for new suspension
  182. That "thing" that never happens...
  183. Weapons
  184. #ISISMovies
  185. This Week in History
  186. Why is the LEFT team NOT bragging about all their wins ? LOL
  187. California passes law that makes virtually every man guilty of sexual assault
  188. Inventions from Blue states
  189. Is it time for a woman President?
  190. Church asks each member to give out $500.00
  191. Militants at it again
  192. Child Maltreatment Deaths in the USA - Red States In the Lead
  193. Obama acknowledged he was wrong on Iraq ?!?
  194. Police shot in Ferguson
  195. Rumors from Michigan
  196. Can Anyone Please Explain The Low Productivity of Red States?
  197. This week in Detroit up close: Why Detroit sucks- 24 reasons.
  198. Obama's Race Card
  199. So, kach, who exactly do you have a problem with?
  200. Attention Kachie Why we don't film anymore in MI
  201. HIV Infection - Red States Have More Than Their Share
  202. Vagina Cookies
  203. Woman beheaded in OK
  204. Guess we don't have to wait any longer for them to strike at home!!
  205. Bush Lite
  206. SpaghettiOs
  207. Bush international airport
  208. civil disorder, social strife or disregard of the law
  209. how militant satanists are doing a better job than militant atheists
  210. Holder planning to resign?
  211. More idiocy; Ferguson erupts again
  212. Why Did Obama feel the need to Mention Ferguson, MO during his UN ISIL Speech?
  213. Obaama's cllimate change, China says NO
  214. People that put roller skates on a Porsche
  215. Religion and Red State Problems
  216. Mo Detroit Freaky-- Cats on the loose
  217. State Peace Index - Guess Who Scored Lowest
  218. What is an infidel?
  219. Gun Violence Highest In Those Bloody Red States Of Course
  220. Looks like the President is reading Dipso.
  221. Gen. Tony Zinni
  222. Obaama warned Iran, so who did Iran warn
  223. The lack of respect is palpable....
  224. The Danger
  225. Building Walls to Keep People In
  226. Bombing inside Syria has started
  227. The Worst Drivers By State In The US
  228. Kerry and Iran, the deal for nukes
  229. Vast majority supports action vs ISIS, vast majority feels plan will fail, why?
  230. Take the Oath against trolls. Sign here
  231. Good News Everyone!
  232. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  233. hillary/allinsky letters
  234. Red states on the dole
  235. Pennsylvania Ambush of State Trooper
  236. PA Cops
  237. Something about transparancy from obaama
  238. Behavioral Risk Factors of Not Enough Sleep - Red States
  239. Understanding the "peoples disconnect with recent wars
  240. He Could Have Been The Best President Ever....
  241. Where Babies Are Born Too Soon - Yes That Too
  242. Michigan, the home of the 8-wheeled Porsche
  243. More zebra cars in blue states
  244. Neo-Confederate Movement and the Christian Right
  245. Southern diet could raise your risk of stroke
  246. "O'zapft is" - Munich Oktoberfest starts today!
  247. State Rankings - Homeless Plans
  248. Cap-Ex v Share Buy backs
  249. America please will you stand up !
  250. Rural America Entrepreneurship