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  1. Too late...but watch this...
  2. Voting lines/problems
  3. Election Eve Acronyms
  4. ~ 2016 Election Day Discussion Thread ~
  5. "Donald Trump is a scary man who will start a war if he's elected"
  6. Scumbag whiner til the end
  7. Democrats take early lead in east
  8. Voter Suppression, it's happening
  9. Government Policy Change article
  10. Chew Soap...
  11. Let the Impeachment Begin
  12. Did Trump concede yet?
  13. Grab a cup of coffee...
  14. Battle muskrats or vote....what to do?
  15. Fox News - Lies Again
  16. Those Clinton zombies are getting desperate.
  17. The Clintons Commercial
  18. Hilliary drunk again
  19. Brexit in the making?
  20. I'm voting for .....
  21. If you are voting for Clinton....
  22. Prop 61
  23. The Electoral Vote
  24. Actual Issues
  25. Cabinet of Creeps
  26. WTF Obama?
  27. Donny's Twitter Account Taken Away
  28. Reno Dead
  29. Musings
  30. Confusion
  31. Virginia Governor grants voting rights to 60k felons, enough to sway election
  32. Latinos voting early
  33. Ever give your airplane seat to a person in uniform?
  34. Oh, this is bad news...
  35. Comey: Oops! My bad!
  36. HRC only cares about money, power, and herself...
  37. Clinton directed her maid to print out classified materials
  38. Knowing of how corrupt...
  39. Clinton embezzled money for Chealsea's wedding
  40. The Maid did it
  41. Video of Huma Abedin Every American Needs to See
  42. The Clinton Machine to Huma
  43. Obama encourages illegal voting.
  44. So you will just ignore the Clinton Foundations Pay For play?
  45. Jump'n the MotherF***'n Shark
  46. Breaking: Trump Rushed Off Stage By Secret Service
  47. THAT'S my gurl....
  48. So then there's this...
  49. American comeback story...
  50. Who attends political rallies?
  51. CNN: Clinton News Network
  52. Hillary? Isn't this, er, wrong??
  53. Sanders "non-agression pact with Clinton
  54. blind decreasing radius corners ahead
  55. KKK goes Trump
  56. SCOTT ADAMS' BLOG: Unhypnotizing a Clinton Supporter
  57. Remember the private meeting between Hillary and a FL election supervisor?
  58. NYPD blow whistle Clinton emails Child sex crimes, exploitation, pay to play, perjury
  59. More of that stuff that never happens...
  60. Tuesday predictions.....
  61. How SJW Liberals REALLY View Blacks...
  62. Is Cuomo in trouble?
  63. Spirit Cooking...
  64. That darn good economic news
  65. Aides take the fall for Christie
  66. Went to Burger King yesterday.....
  67. Self employed client got Obamacare notice "i'm dropping insurance, too much"
  68. An actual Trump sentence
  69. Hmmmmmm
  70. This is a thoughtful article
  71. FBI examining fake documents targeting Clinton campaign: sources
  72. Just remember the old Democrat Motto: Vote early/vote often
  73. Trump's newest bankruptcy in just four years.
  74. Today's Wikidump...
  75. A nice summary:
  76. What are the odds
  77. Please take the time...
  78. Trump inspired
  79. Divesting Clinton and Trump from their wealth if elected
  80. Obama WH staff - Clinton / National security is a waste of govt. resources
  81. Election will Humiliate the Media
  82. Who made HRC Bark Like a DOG
  83. The end of the world, due to ranch dressing
  84. Farrakhan compares Hillary Clinton to Hitler in sermon
  85. -- Historic Events --
  86. Go out there and LIE
  87. The polls seem to be shifting
  88. Huma Huma Huma
  89. Abortion
  90. uh-oh. The Hockey-Stick graph is real
  91. OK, which one of you did it this time?
  92. Evan McMullin for President 2016
  93. She lies even when she doesn't need to!
  94. BLM, a little over the top....
  95. Fake Tim Kaine story about banning the church
  96. Newt Gingrich on Hillary
  97. Trump's clear link to Russia...
  98. So it's Nov 1st....
  99. What state will flip and MAGA?
  100. 1 week out...what odds do you give?
  101. Grope & Change!
  102. Time Magazine goes full retard
  103. Megyn Kelly - Recent Michael Moore Interview - What a hoot!
  104. How many Billion$ has it cost taxpayers thru the years Clinton corruption probes?
  105. The Defense of HRC
  106. nearly 3,000 killed in Chicago under Obama's boy Rahm Emanuel mayorship
  107. Chicago Oct.24, 2016 weekend 17 KILLED + 41 SHOT who cares anymore - not newsworthy
  108. Nostalgia for Obama
  109. Ok, which one of you deplorables was it.
  110. Breaking. HRC tour bus tipped over, side of road
  111. Meme's.....go!
  112. This is how they do it in Kansas
  113. I'm in love
  114. Carville suchanass
  115. Hot, Don't Touch!
  116. Term you attempt to vote them out?
  117. Got an hour to kill?
  118. No matter the outcome Trump is NOT GOING AWAY
  119. 'dirty donna' leaked Hillary debate questions
  120. Trump's Path to Victory?
  121. Its One Thing Being a Sociopath, but how does she live with herself and keep track?
  122. Looks Like the Clinton News Network (CNN) is in some thick stuff now...
  123. Trump Should Pardon Hillary
  124. Money, the mother's milk of politics
  125. The voice of sanity. Peter Thiel
  126. A Constitutional Crisis
  127. L. Lynch pleads 5th on $1.7B CASH payoff to Iran
  128. Precious Snowflakes
  129. Loophole fun
  130. RICO for the Clintons?
  131. Hitlary Virus Warning
  132. Indian Muslim slaps a Chinese girl - bad decision
  133. it may be Halloween but see B. Clinton dressed as Russian general @ donation party
  134. Pss. HSBC bank // Comey on board of Dir. // Clinton Foundation donor $81 mil.
  135. An unfortunate name
  136. Don't disturb our air space
  137. A Boat Load Of Ignorance And Intolerance
  138. It's over, Trump has won
  139. 96% raise in rates
  140. So, I've voted...
  141. FBI Reopening Investigation into Hillary Clinton’s Private E-mail Server
  142. FBI Reopens email
  143. The POTUS addresses PARF:
  144. Billary campaigning for a 3rd term.
  145. Darn that economic growth!
  146. Victory for Bipartisan Civil Disobedience
  147. Ringo
  148. Why does Hollywood support Hilary ?
  149. Clintonian Corp. Corruptocrat's Career of Cringe-worthy Cover-ups
  150. How about that Obamacare
  151. Soul Cycle Community?
  152. The Future of Religion in America
  153. Trey Gowdy
  154. Cyber Warfare - State Sponsored
  155. More on that thing that never happens...
  156. Gruber Gruber Gruber ...
  157. Rape Gangs
  158. Megyn Kelly continues to believe she's the subject. Embarrassing the profession
  159. The National Debt that isn't?
  160. There is NO national debt
  161. What do you think?
  162. America´s Moment of Truth
  163. the day Reason died...
  164. So, where's FP?
  165. No Canuk Canoes
  166. Clinton's Pay off Investigating FBI Agent. #PrayforKach
  167. Are there no rules in PARF?
  168. This is it folks, Obama knew about the server and LIED
  169. Who are the Dems going to Blame if Hillary Gets Elected?
  170. Facial Recognition
  171. Early voting results...
  172. Why does Hilda spend so much effort on appearance?
  173. Tom Hayden
  174. Voting tomorrow
  175. Clinton Foundation Fair Pay...
  176. The Pentagon wants their Bonus back
  177. "POTUS Hillary" is a riot.
  178. Donna B, still lying but it won't work
  179. Help with veracity of post?
  180. How About That
  181. Awkwardly landed ideas -vs- MSM supported Perpetual lying.
  182. Today, the world is a better place, (good riddance tom)
  183. More Hilda lawlessness :-\
  184. The Senate vote in California
  185. My REAL legacy when I leave this Earth...not what I expected.
  186. mickey moore gives another reason to vote Trump
  187. Pitts nails Trump -- again
  188. Bill Belichick for President
  189. Capitalism vs Socialism
  190. Is red-beard qualified?
  191. From a Canadian Rancher friend
  192. Tobra's thread poll part duex:
  193. Please Register Your toddler !
  194. It's a connected world
  195. Russian Hacking?
  196. I did NOT have classified relations with that server... in my basement. -H R Clinton
  197. I've changed my mind.
  198. accept election results?
  199. Obama compares Obamacare to incendiary device. (Note 7)
  200. Down Ballot Voting
  201. Clinton fatigue - when does it set in?
  202. Pardon me
  203. Need a laugh?
  204. How many will vote for neither Ms Clinton or Mr Trump
  205. Can someone explain Hillary's hemispheric energy grid?
  206. If There Is Political Instability In The USA
  207. Philippines' Duterte, in China, announces 'separation' from US
  208. How many Libertarians can you *actually* vote for?
  209. Accepting the results of the election
  210. Kennedy, clinton, Behghazi and the FBI
  211. Email, Schmeemail, I'll just breach SAP on live TV
  212. Architecture firm proposes a ‘Border City’ between the United States and Mexico
  213. i think it doesn't matter anymore, its going to happen no matter what
  214. So you say you want open borders...
  215. Finally Trump
  216. Iraq
  217. Lets Us See Now The Wealthy Are Going To Pay For
  218. Omg usa wtf
  219. Debate III
  220. Debate drinking game
  221. The Trump campaign:
  222. Maybe a Trump presidency wouldn't be so bad after all
  223. Maybe a Hillary presidency wouldn't be so bad after all
  224. Why are right wingers so dumb?
  225. Leftist Projection - Which food group are you?
  226. Me and Marco
  227. CNN cuts feed as Wikileaks exposes more Clinton corruption
  228. Hillary wins the third debate!
  229. "To be white is to be racist"
  230. Doofus
  231. Why are Lib's so Lawless?
  232. Russia/US WWIII
  233. DNC bus dumps human waste into storm drain
  234. Susan Sarandon: Hillary Clinton ‘more dangerous’ than Trump
  235. rewind 1996 Hillary Clinton and the FBI - "Filegate"
  236. Rigging the election Vol. II
  237. Whiny little *****es
  238. Hillary Statue in New York
  239. Wikileaks (to date) summary
  240. What about Bill, what will he do
  241. It's Over, Trump heard using the N word
  242. But can trump win? yes/no only please
  243. Hurricane Hilda breaking up?
  244. Republican Main Street
  245. Why Would Putin Do It
  246. Iran Nuke Deal - Rubio on CNN
  247. Election rigging? DNC, say ot ain't so..
  248. republican governor calls for coup
  249. Bird Dogging
  250. TNN, Trump New Network