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  1. Trudeau channels the Obama vibe
  2. Vegan...old Indian word for 'poor hunter'
  3. New Bold Prediction Thread
  4. It is Cruz Fiorina, it turns out
  5. Coming Home
  6. Obama's AFFORDABLE CARE ACT criminally speaking
  7. 125,000 surgeries cancelled
  8. Investing based on the POTUS?
  9. Obama Rutgers Commencement Speaker :(
  10. 16,060,000 families did not have a single member employed
  11. On the fence... or bluntly lying?
  12. Every reality TV show needs
  13. Trump is the only adult in the room!
  14. Brady/ VS HRC. This is nuts
  15. test post please delete
  16. Not a decent one in the mix...
  17. "man" with a gun...or "coward" with a gun. Which is it?
  18. Dollars for Debbie
  19. Look who's calling Drumph a Nazii
  20. Does racisim exist against whites?
  21. Delegates?
  22. Mary Jane is good for you
  23. Chelsea speakes
  24. A Cruz sex tape.
  25. No one saw this coming
  26. The other side of the Dream Act
  27. Speaking of eligibility
  28. 52 Minutes With A Sled Driver
  29. Ted Cruz eligibility?
  30. Definition of Irony
  31. Harriet Tubman on $20 Bill
  32. Commie Republicans
  33. Palmyra
  34. Dead presidents...
  35. Muslim Brotherhood...
  36. Planning a social engineering
  37. Dems have a voter problem too
  38. The Cruz Fools Gold Standard
  39. From Each According to His Ability...
  40. Vote Early, Vote often for Ted Cruz
  41. Biden the fool/tool
  42. Trump, outside the lines.
  43. Boston ....
  44. Putin's 3 hour 40 min Q & A
  45. Obama consults those smarter than himself...good plan
  46. Saudi Arabia Threatens America - Obama sides with Saudis
  47. The Piper gets paid
  48. Obama - Executive Order
  49. Minimum Wage
  50. My Not Dear Father
  51. It's the strangest thing
  52. Should soldiers be honored on memorial day if they fought an unjust war?
  53. When dildos are outlawed...
  54. Bernie and Hillary - tonight's debate (CNN)
  55. At least the Ohio State U administration has some cojones
  56. Thoughts on Trangender
  57. What are HR Clintons Accomplishments?
  58. Please Post Pics of the Political Supports...
  59. Lou Holtz Nails It!!!
  60. i bet the clinton GS speach has nothing worth seeing
  61. Doing Something
  62. Uh oh, looks like Christians used to cut off heads too.
  63. Colorado
  64. Climate Inquisition
  65. Let's look at the Moral Gopers that led the Cilinton Impeachment
  66. NRA imposes 20 day waiting period and 18 page application for buying a costume
  67. NY Crime Committed With Guns From Vermont? Really?
  68. A Tale of Two Cities - Libya
  69. Now CIA Directer stepped in the trap.
  70. 400 More Liberal Whackos Go Off The Reservation
  71. Where's the Democrats?
  72. Our military secrets are not safe from our own.
  73. What would Martin Luther King Jr think of Mr Obama?
  74. RIP Al jeezera
  75. Off The Cliff
  76. Refute this !
  77. Britains head of Equality/Human Rights on Islam
  78. He said what?
  79. Obama Hikes Post-Presidency Payments
  80. The Second Amendment
  81. Hilary and Grayson, the dems can pick em
  82. Big Head Todd and the Monsters?
  83. What is Liberty? John McAfee
  84. Is Bernie Sanders Your Stoner College Roommate?
  85. The Obama Doctrine
  86. Cruz/Kasich
  87. Where's Fint?
  88. Bernie voters represent!
  89. What is the big deal?
  90. Pejorative Invective
  91. Delegates are the scam
  92. Cruz wins Wisconsin?
  93. An increased minimum wage should increase all wages
  94. 1964
  95. The Friends of Rafael Cruz
  96. Learning from other countries
  97. Sanders Details His Economic Plan
  98. the panamanian document dump
  99. Would this anger you ?
  100. HRC will win ... I will almost bet on it
  101. Heard about this?
  102. Black Lies Matter?
  103. No sweat flying to Brussels now.....
  104. Don't be fooled again
  105. Obama SecDef...Obama double crossed me
  106. He just can't say it and won't even publish it
  107. Don't Mention the War
  108. The West doesn't do enough for refugee's
  109. Bernie not on the DC ballot!
  110. Trump says "April Fools!"
  111. March 2016 Jobs Report
  112. Hillary's Speech to Goldman-Sachs
  113. How can a deficit hawk support Cruz or Trump?
  114. Who will vote for Kasich? You missed one Lubey
  115. I Give Myself a 1 Star
  116. Who Will Vote for Cruz - Reply only if
  117. Who Will Vote For Trump - Only Reply if Your Gonna
  118. Who Will Vote For Bernie? Only Those Reply
  119. Who Will Vote For HRC? Only Those Please Reply
  120. Abortion
  121. Instead of a $15/hr min wage, why not catastrophic health care?
  122. Bernie vs Trump supporters....who are more Violent? (Social Experiment)
  123. The New York Fix is in for Hildabeast,
  124. Ike NATO and Trump
  125. Tonight's Republican Town Hall
  126. What does this say to you....
  127. This simple calculator tells you how ea presidential candidate's tax plan affects you
  128. Hillary/Nixon
  129. Transgender Bathrooms?
  130. Will getting rid of trade deficits help?
  131. Who are the presidential nominees comic book doubles??
  132. Pakistan explosion leaves many dead at Lahore park
  133. US kills second in command of ISIS
  134. What's your lesser evil
  135. Nature
  136. Which (hypothetical) candidate gets your vote?
  137. John Kasich LIES about breaking the law, calls respectful Police Officer "An Idiot!"
  138. Enquirer's Lies about Ted Cruz
  139. The greatest terrorist hunter in history
  140. Open carry at the GOP convention
  141. List All the Reasons Why TO Vote for Rodham Clinton
  142. All right, which one of you was it?
  143. If so and so becomes President, I'm moving to?
  144. Why?
  145. Terrorist Trump supporters
  146. Just who is barry 'O???
  147. What's your definition of a RINO?
  148. What are the candidate's plans for dealing with heroin?
  149. Despise barry o' but i get going to the ballgame
  150. Terrorist attack in US
  151. Happy Birthday ObamaCare - 6 yrs. Old Today
  152. When did being anti-Republican mean being pro-big gov?
  153. Judge Sarah Palin
  154. Uneducated...and making the "smart" move...
  155. Neve fear, our leader will do whatever is necessary
  156. Cruz says he will carpet bomb isis
  157. What's different about islam?
  158. Flint Water Crisis - Where Is Hillary Now?
  159. Brussles airport has bombs going off in it
  160. Brussels airport explosions
  161. I think Bill wants Hillary to go to jail
  162. Trevon Johnson: Black Victim-hood overdrive
  163. When did the Democratic Party lose its way?
  164. Liberals are like spoiled little sisters...
  165. EPA wants to regulate your track day
  166. Like Death, when the end won't be on our own terms.
  167. Silently, boots on the ground
  168. Trump and the NY Jets vs. Ditka...
  169. Our "leader" is in Cuba
  170. Black on black
  171. List All the Reasons Why NOT to Vote for Rodham Clinton
  172. Blithering Idiots....
  173. So when exactly did the GOP lose it's way?
  174. What if a woman candidate for president acted like Donald Trump
  175. What kind of President would he be?
  176. Romney for Cruz
  177. Paradise On Earth
  178. The Art of the Lie- How Trump does it
  179. 30-ish % of Americans are going to be pissed...
  180. North Korea
  181. Who is Eswin Mejia?
  182. Hillary emails on wikileaks
  183. Obama Vs Trump ( OR CRUZ)
  184. 'Pissy' GOP shows just how lost our country is...
  185. Explain how trump wins
  186. Our tax dollars at work at the EPA
  187. Oh no, no more Republican debates.
  188. Who will Trump hire
  189. Why I Trust Trump
  190. Putin-Syria
  191. Merrick Garland - SCOTUS
  192. trump finally breaks the law ...
  193. So much Hitler talk recently.
  194. Fascism
  195. Trump at it again. Can you believe ANYTHING he says?
  196. Super Tuesday - Part III
  197. More lies from hillbilly, about Libya
  198. What rag to read for a reasonably objective opinion?
  199. Too good to be true?
  200. If you invoke the Name of Hitler in any way during the Presidentail Campaign
  201. Some good news from mizzou
  202. Inability/Unwillingness towards change, and what fuels anger...
  203. I went to a pro wrestling match, once....
  204. The Lights Are Going Out Right Across America
  205. taxes and obama care
  206. Trump Discloses VP Choice.
  207. Protest in Chicago
  208. King Ohxxxxx, you attend THIS, but not that????
  209. Lib/progressives your thoughts
  210. Screw you guys...
  211. Asher Edelman "Gordon Gekko" Sanders Best For Economy
  212. Obammy and Justin Trudeau.....
  213. obaama, it's always someone else's fault
  214. Free College
  215. Hey Enzo; why do you like Trump so much
  216. RFI..Cheney/Haliburton
  217. Nutter GOP Battle Royale tonite - Miami
  218. Is heroin in your neighborhood?
  219. I'm sure this is just coincidental
  220. Trump fans are getting even crazier.
  221. James Comey
  222. Anti-Trump Republicans come to terms with Cruz
  223. Gun advocate shot.
  224. The End Game
  225. Kasich In Ohio
  226. USS Barack Obama
  227. If I were Nancy
  228. Are political parties only mythology today?
  229. Interesting Climate Change issue
  230. Are issues important anymore?
  231. The Runhing For President Show
  232. The Crap we pay for.....
  233. Who would you rather see in an Orange jump/pant suit?
  234. Osama Obama still giving aid to the enemy
  235. militant atheism alive and well
  236. After Bern
  237. Kasich and Rubio should drop
  238. Art of the Deal - FAIL
  239. Trump comparison to Hitler!
  240. Iran, obaama/kerry nuke deal
  241. Cruz can't fight Hillary
  242. Hrc
  243. The Canadian Prime Minister
  244. Mitt: Old Indian word for too little too late
  245. Are the libturds jealous?
  246. Time to scrap the idea of a sole POTUS?
  247. Romney, if drafted I will run
  248. How's that $15 minimum wage working out for you?
  249. Nancy, RIP
  250. R,I.P. Nancy:(