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  1. Seven of Obamacare’s Biggest Failures
  2. Why High GAS Cost is good for America
  3. Spain brings the pain
  4. Human sacrifices in Mexico
  5. Obama is a muslim !!!!!!! OMG
  6. Heck of a job Verrilli
  7. Olbermann fired again
  8. Is this going too far?
  9. Even newer info on Zimmerman/Travon!
  10. A good start to get rid of the defecit
  11. Foxconn reminiscent of early US factories?
  12. obama gave Iran the heads up on Israel
  13. What's dividing our country
  14. New info on Martin/Zimmerman case?
  15. Does Chuck Norris hit women?
  16. Is Obama grumpy today?
  17. Nationalized Healthcare
  18. Obamacare: History Repeats?
  19. Will Spike Lee Get Prosecuted?
  20. RUSH supports Martin - escorted out!
  21. Looks like a bigger landslide than we thought!
  22. I wish this was fake: The 50 words you can't say in NYC schools....
  23. Something to think about
  24. 10 Things You Don't Know About: JFK
  25. How will the Supremes Vote?
  26. A bit of levity for the PARFeristas
  27. Poor taste
  28. Will the SCOTUS allow Obamacare to change The-People/Govt relationship?
  29. Newt and Ron Paul ?
  30. Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight!
  31. Media Coverage of Trayvon
  32. Has Obama ever publicly commented on a victim
  33. So what does he intend to give away now???
  34. end the participation award-
  35. B.Obammy Speech and what I think of it
  36. California income tax going to 13.3%, state sales tax to 7.5%
  37. Would the media coverage be different if Allen Coon looked like Trayvon Martin?
  38. Dhimmitude -- What does it mean?
  39. Dick Cheney cancels trip to Canada, saying it's too dangerous
  40. Iraqi Woman Who Was Severely Beaten In California Home Dies
  41. Jeff davis won abe lincoln lost
  42. 2012 Ammo Shortage
  43. Right Wing Hatestream Media(TM) Do I have to send Shaun a dollar for using his term?
  44. Obama administration and personal data collection and storage
  45. Jim Yong Kim to head World Bank? WTF?
  46. Obama in Oklahoma (pipeline)
  47. My father sent me this... (MAJOR HASSAN vs SSGT ROBERT BALES)
  48. GOP vs _____
  49. Voldemort > Santorum
  50. "Climate Change": The End Game
  51. Precursors to martial law?
  52. Is Mitt Romney hitting the brakes.
  53. Trayvon Martin case
  54. Why NPR is crap
  55. Even the Danes are laughing at him
  56. SS Candidate Code Names
  57. Knee Replacements
  58. Another liberal hissy fit....
  59. in the kingdom of Daley
  60. Help Save America From the Poor
  61. This thread is gay.
  62. A funny thing happened on the way to the Obama fundraiser
  63. Is there a pill you take for Irony?
  64. Be the first one on your block to get your...
  65. If you get something political in nature
  66. Did the POTUS Truly say this?
  67. Still think there is no anti-Obama racisim?
  68. Resource Chart for those in need of assistance
  69. A Republican with a sense of humor
  70. presidential poll
  71. It doesn't take a village.
  72. How would you make PARF a real forum?
  73. emissions in california
  74. I'm in Hawaii!
  75. Killing Bald Eagles for religious purposes
  76. Obhammy Movie of Seal Team 6
  77. Speakin' of Govt. Bullying...
  78. I am cracking up today.
  79. So much for small gov't- Santorum and porn
  80. Delaware Constitution of 1776, ART. 22
  81. Who has more power for abuse . ..
  82. "Why in the hell would I sign this!"
  83. Saying goodbye to your friends....
  84. F-35 program is in trouble
  85. Does this ad bother you?
  86. A Wet Paper Bag Outsmarts Obama
  87. I pledge allegence to ubammy ...
  88. Obama's List
  89. Is it time for Gingrich to suspend his campaign?
  90. CBO gives Obamacare new cost #'s
  91. Game Change ?
  92. Obama's Energy Chief Chu Hits Reverse on European Gas Price Goals
  93. You know you are an atheist when...
  94. You know you get paid to much when . . .
  95. Many Deep South Republicans Believe Interracial Marriage Should Be Illegal
  96. Average U.K. Gas price now $9.94 a gallon !!!
  97. Only in the south.
  98. Eric Holder, seeking to block Texas Voter ID
  99. Time travel for conservatives.
  100. Amazing....
  101. Just the kinda guy we want our (your) Prez to worship...
  102. What happened to the GOP?
  103. Romney and Trump Lunch
  104. Cheese Grits
  105. Quid pro quo teamO
  106. The Dance...plz find the difference.
  107. Where's my gold USA?
  108. Corporate CEOs Embrace Tax Hike Plans Rejected By Paul Ryan
  109. Anyone need a bodyguard?
  110. Birth certificate?
  111. fun with government bullying
  112. Let the Vetting Begin!
  113. Obama is responsible for high gas prices
  114. Minimalism
  115. TSA fail
  116. Welcome your soldiers home
  117. Rush loses more.
  118. Is Obama's new mortgage announcement going to help anyone here?
  119. Is this racist?
  120. Bin Laden's Body not at sea?
  121. Voters Slowly Realizing Santorum Believes Every Deranged Word That Comes Out Of His M
  122. Obama, NOT
  123. Sooo....
  124. Great news if you want to marry your cousin.
  125. Tranny Nanny
  126. Why do Dem's want churches to know which women are using BC?
  127. That's Pat!
  128. Are we getting anywhere?
  129. POTUS, Please read !Quote from Churchill
  130. Holy Christ!
  131. Limbaugh lost major advertisers.
  132. re-hypothecation
  133. Why is Jesus so Mad?
  134. Going to Arizona...what papers do I need?
  135. Whats up sluts
  136. Will gives up on presidency
  137. Ca. Lt. Gov. Newsome is a F'in pr!ck...
  138. President Obama calls for Ending Oil & Gas Subsidies
  139. Louis Farrakhan channels dippso
  140. Why is everyone picking on our POTUS?
  141. Sheriff Joe Arpaio
  142. 60 seconds
  143. Meat Industry/Animal Abuse
  144. Christianity and other bone headed ideas, are they funny?
  145. Andrew Breitbart Dead
  146. deleted
  147. Anyone in SoCal see the commercial at the end of American Idol last night?
  148. This'll Teach those Muslims
  149. The gangster in the White House....
  150. the alaskan give-a-way
  151. What if...
  152. Can't get it up? How about a nice rectal exam
  153. LOL be careful who you pick a fight with
  154. Opaqueness
  155. At The Range
  156. HOLY SCHIT!!! This isn't a spoof!!!
  157. Are Americans sheep?
  158. It Is Already happening
  159. nd I think it's "sloppy" when my kids lose $20...
  160. UAW (among others) Thuggery...
  161. American muslim judge makes decision based on Sharia Law
  162. Inside scoop on WH occupants:
  163. The Afgan apology
  164. America’s per capita debt is worse than PIIGS!
  165. Republicans are Grreeaat
  166. If Obama wins re-election in 2012 ..?
  167. language
  168. Obama to Use Rogue Planets to Attack Earth!!
  169. US Prepares to Invade Syria
  170. Market at 13k, 35k postal employees about to go
  171. Obama threatens America
  172. Cops: Dad hit son for not watching Obama
  173. Racism
  174. The Gibson raid
  175. Georgia wants to outlaw vasectomies...
  176. Obama right again.
  177. Genuine question for gun owners...
  178. How your education dollars were spent
  179. Is Black History Month racist?
  180. Is Texas racist ?
  181. what does it mean?
  182. Indiana lawmaker: Girl Scouts in league with Planned Parenthood
  183. There is intrusive...
  184. Found Out The Real Story Behind How Our Neighbor Passed...
  185. Is Santorum Really Satan????
  186. Corporate Social Responsibility
  187. GoPro Vids and pictures you have taken
  188. Does Opey even know who's on first??
  189. Violence in Iraq drops 50%
  190. More bad economic news
  191. Michigan GOP Primary
  192. Archive footage...B-29's in the pacific
  193. Commies Steal Food from Starving Squirrel
  194. New Pelican app?
  195. Keep Hope Alive
  196. Iran again?
  197. A Target
  198. The Sheriff says spread'em wide, he wants to frisk you!
  199. Gay AZ Sheriff, pulls out of Mit's....umm campaign...
  200. Whoops.
  201. The George W. Bush Presidential Library
  202. How Romney Ranks Among Richest US Presidents
  203. Watching Houston funeral...... wishing I got religion...
  204. How to post a successful thread on PARF
  205. Libertarian Anarchist connection
  206. Payroll Tax "holiday" extension
  207. which one of you...
  208. New sign in Mexico
  209. The comedians are turning
  210. Still more bad economic news:
  211. How best to solve the conundrum of the exhorbitant cost of end of life care?
  212. GM Profits
  213. debt and sovereignty
  214. The Swamp
  215. Outmoded thinking, I'm sure
  216. One set of Lunatics pissing off another set of Lunatics
  217. climategate-gate?
  218. The Government can
  219. 2/15/2012 OBAMA's Approval Rating >50%
  220. Apoplexy - some of you will get from this
  221. Why is it there is so little outcry as Mr Obama tramples on the Constitution?
  222. Update: Los Angeles County Beach Boondoggle
  223. Most disquieting aspect of the contraception imbroglio
  224. Who's ready to buy a $67,000 Hyundai
  225. Gas Prices
  226. Highway bill stalled in Senate over Paul's Egypt amendment
  227. Clown Show
  228. Is anyone following this flap about the Mortgage Settlement?
  229. new military budget
  230. A pictorial guide to understanding the GOP
  231. a reason to watch Fox News...
  232. Red States = Biggest Waste of our Tax $$$
  233. Vote for Pres
  234. Exclusive: Obama to pitch lower corporate tax
  235. Is anyone following this flap about contraception and health insurance?
  236. 26 things Dr. Tom Woods
  237. Bar code/country of origin
  238. More Socialist Ideas that Don't work: Gun Registry
  239. Coming to a back yard near you: Nuclear Power!
  240. Los Angeles County raises fines for playing football on the beach.
  241. Sex Selection Abortions
  242. Seattle Library Lets Man Watch Porn in View of Children
  243. Mimi Alford: 'We had races with rubber ducks in the bathtub'
  244. GoPro founder and his Rothmans Porsche
  245. And down the slippery slope we continue to go
  246. Santorum
  247. For you guys that like to laugh at us Floridians
  248. Gay maariage is BAAACCCKKKK!!!!!
  249. My contribution to PARF
  250. NEA staff goes on a cruise (member pay)