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  1. Paulson Or When Will The Rooster Come Home To Roost
  2. The Great White And The Minnow
  3. Texans Twerking
  4. IRS and Lerner, some good email
  5. McCain on censorship...
  6. "Let me be clear"
  7. Oh no! Here comes McCain.
  8. CA to give illegals driver's licenses
  9. Wow Illinois. How about that?
  10. O's - I have a Drone - speech (on Syria )
  11. welfare queens
  12. If the US attacks Syria, we will be violating the Chemical Weapons treaty.
  13. WankerFest Opportunity
  14. Putin puts a smack down on Obama
  15. 16 year old boy sentenced to 17 years for murder
  16. The Collapse of the Obama Presidency
  17. This place needs new mods...
  18. Where is Obama on Syria...Today?
  19. Radicalising Syria: how the rebels are becoming more Islamist
  20. Dang funny
  21. State overides parents to order treatment for infant
  22. Teachers packing heat in Arkansas???!!!
  23. Hey DARISC, your 'unsubscribe' button isn't working
  24. The Weiner LOST
  25. Who really is in charge?
  26. Our World Leader, never really was.
  27. Californians - Call Jerry Brown today re: new gun laws
  28. Because Obama
  29. Hooray Colorado!
  30. Way To Go Colorado
  31. France stands against Islam
  32. Trying to save face X 20
  33. "Mild Pedophilia"
  34. Today's Quote
  35. Bikers descend on DC
  36. Global cooling over the next 50 years?
  37. Ramifications
  38. Bill Clinton Explains Why He Became a Vegan
  39. Global Warming, DOA
  40. Even the Progressives know they are full of crap
  41. Unbelievable small?
  42. Uh oh,
  43. Bringing the ME to a boil - who has the biggest gaping credibility problem?
  44. Hello??
  45. AIPAC pushs for Syria bombing with hundreds of lobbyists
  46. Mr Obama's Chief of Staph
  47. CCW Soccer Mom carries at all times, gets shot anyways
  48. Obama: The most lying liar ever
  49. The Master Plan Revealed
  50. Aflac
  51. Winston Churchill On Mohammedanism
  52. Putin Love
  53. Does anyone know anyone who supports attacking Syria?
  54. The Irony, the Exquisitely Painful Irony
  55. Another post about Syria
  56. Come on, man!
  57. Question for the Obama supporters...
  58. and screw everybody else.....
  59. North Korea kills more than Syria
  60. G20 - latest news
  61. McCain Playing Poker with Syria
  62. Go Big or Go Home--OR--More Crap from the EPA
  63. Put Her In Charge
  64. Is there anyone on this board that..
  65. Secssion talk in Colorado and California
  66. PARF Addict
  67. Putin says NO to O.
  68. We're not talking about Benhazi....we're talking about Syria!
  69. WTF Colorado?
  70. More Jack Booted Thugs
  71. You short, fat, and white
  72. Finally, some of you can get the help you need
  73. Senate votes for war
  74. It Isn't My Red Line!
  75. Hasan shaved in prison
  76. International Norms
  77. Not safe anywhere
  78. War in Syria, have you written your representatives in the Senate and House?
  79. Mental Illness WWJD?
  80. Who here has ever drawn a gun on someone?
  81. Egyptian Press hard on Obama
  82. How many atheists does it take to screw in a light bulb?
  83. McCain, Grahm, DMW.
  84. The Office of Faith-Based Community Initiatives
  85. Is there an anti-British sentiment around here?
  86. Here is a sad, sad story.
  87. Rothschild Conspiracy Theories
  88. Bored FL black teen murders white man - no cries of racism
  89. Constitutional Limit on Presidential Power
  90. The Civilian Marksmanship Program
  91. New York corporations gets $26 trillion from the fed
  92. Detroit gets $52 million from the fed
  93. Just first 2 blasts.. outside the house - buy a shotgun
  94. Kerry has officially jumped the shark
  95. Suicide rate quadrupled under Obama Presidency
  96. The President
  97. The Middle Class
  98. a small and personal victory for our allies
  99. sound familiar?
  100. ID this guy
  101. Who Should Feel Nervous Right Now
  102. Shellie Zimmerman in the news.
  103. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin
  104. Big Mac Attack
  105. E-mail to CNBC on 8/28/13 RE: 1000 Qualifications
  106. What... No Martin Luther King, Jr. thread?
  107. NEWSFLASH - US Begins Carrier Ops off Coast of Syria
  108. Obama is a bad President
  109. He is getting closer to the war, on his own
  110. Monkey with Grenade
  111. Impeachment
  112. .Fed vs. BofA - Toxic Mortgage Loans
  113. US judicial decision...freedom from religion
  114. War with Syria
  115. How many gods are there?
  116. A true market-based healthcare system would require no tax money to support
  117. What will the Nobel Peace Prize winner do?
  118. FOX News versus the others?
  119. Lindsey Graham
  120. poor obama
  121. Dominos driver racially profiles and murders knife wielding attacker
  122. The gig is up. Evolution is a lie.
  123. PARFer Responses when Obama Attacks Syria
  124. I pledge allegiance to the flag of Obama
  125. Just-Us sues to keep poor kids on the Progressive Plantation
  126. More govt dishonesty regarding background checks
  127. Blacks murdering Whites and response from Black leaders
  128. Guns and bad guys.
  129. We're breeding monsters....
  130. Crowbob's Breakout Thread
  131. Fort Hood Terrorist Shooter Guilty
  132. Please tell me this is a joke...
  133. Rome is burning, the Emperor is on a trip
  134. another senseless death...
  135. And you think the DHS is there to help you,
  136. Shoot them down, get reward.
  137. College Tuition/Fed Funding
  138. the monopoly of monopoly money
  139. Bradley to Chelsea
  140. don't be scared of the government, be scared of the NRA
  141. English sure is a funny language...
  142. Republicans blame Obama for Katrina response.
  143. Where is obama's red line, in Long Beach?
  144. E-mail to CNBC on 8/21 RE; They Won't Go Quietly
  145. Palin/Chomsky 2016
  146. 51st State
  147. You go G. W.!
  148. "Democrats have failed the black community...."
  149. If I had a son....
  150. Just in case FNews forgets to cover this update about the IRS scandal...
  151. Global warming report from the UN.
  152. chris christie signs law banning gay converstion therapy
  153. The Inevitability of Power Abuses
  154. A meeting of the minds...
  155. But, we are RESPECTED, arent we?
  156. Tea Party Darling Ohio Governor John Kasich Turns Liberal!
  157. Study: Single-Payer Health System Feasible, Could Save $1.8 Trillion in 10 Years
  158. Illiterate kids coming. Common Core- get the answer wrong and still get A!
  159. Anti-Protest Law Passes Nearly Unanimously And Is Signed By The President
  160. Ted Cruz
  161. "We're building a domestic army" -Marine Corps Colonel speaks out
  162. Civil war in America
  163. Citizens United law ensures that affluence buys political influence
  164. Atlanta Airport Immigration Officer (POS)
  165. Leaked UN plan to disarm citizens
  166. Is PARF the Home Radical Right Wingers?
  167. Arlington,TX doesn't like strong self-sufficient landlowners
  168. put this in your NSA pipe and smoke it
  169. does anyone care about Egypt?
  170. Nations are entitled to set their own laws right?
  171. Is it Racist to report Chevy Volt sales?
  172. Saving the world with a boldness, feds ban ATE blue brake fluid
  173. the fed and the physical gold market
  174. Obama killed Bin laden, but was too wimpy to watch
  175. not working link
  176. Another one bites the dust
  177. Talk about overreaction
  178. Micheal Steele, Former RNC Chairman, says the GOPers in the house are "asinie"
  179. Why is this rodeo clown with the Obama mask in the news?
  180. The beatings will continue...
  181. Boardwalk Empire
  182. If OFA holds a Global Warming Rally in DC and no one shows up ....
  183. school vouchers
  184. Global Warming, is it a scam?
  185. Budget deficit down again!
  186. The healthcarescam just keeps getting better
  187. Is a militant attack a military operation or terrorism?
  188. Go to school in Calif, choose your own bathroom
  189. They take their cues from their Commander in Chief ...
  190. Time to ban alcohol, tobacco, ... and doctors.
  191. Confirmed: Obama is the Messiah after all!
  192. stop and frisk unconstitutional
  193. When will Cdn mounties begin enforcing laws in Buffalo or Detroit?
  194. New drug policy?
  195. The Caddyshack President
  196. I've just found the next Republican Presidential candidate.
  197. leaving the country
  198. Show some respect to our leaders, please Mexico
  199. What happens if racism ends?
  200. Republicanism
  201. More DC two step.
  202. Excuse me. I canīt find my thread.
  203. I guess everyone needs to feel persecuted...
  204. Another Tireless Democrat Crusader for Just-Us
  205. Why settle for Hillary when you can have Bill 2.0?
  206. PARF perestroika
  207. Duck Duck Goose (step)
  208. The joke's on us....
  209. Barack Obama - A geography super genius!
  210. Joe Biden - Buy a Shotgun
  211. obama chickens out....
  212. Obama: We don't have a domestic spy program
  213. haha, no one wants to post for fear of ban ...
  214. Sign Up for Obamacare, Get Your Information Stolen
  215. Liberal News Is Dying
  216. Embassy Closures
  217. At this point, what difference does it make?
  218. Obama lies about his age
  219. NSA Data Secretly Used to Prosecute US Citizens
  220. Best Screwdrivers
  221. Buy more guns for crime control
  222. Never fear, Congress gets better insurance
  223. GOP goes on attack – against its own
  224. But wait, obama says AQ is done
  225. Is this the new normal ??
  226. Peggy Noonan
  227. We need White Student Unions in our colleges and universiries
  228. More Chicago Thuggery
  229. Neocon revival
  230. Understanding PARF
  231. We are sooo loved around the world
  232. CIA in Benghazi
  233. Google pressure cookers and backpacks, and get a visit from the Feds.
  234. McD's Dollar Menu - ready to pay $1.17??
  235. Slakjaw got lucky. awe yeah
  236. Game Changer with Russia?
  237. Dem presidential candidates
  238. To CNBC On 8/1/13 RE: A New Level Of Uncertainity
  239. Sheila Jackson Lee the next DHS Secretary?
  240. PARF seems to be feeling guilty
  241. GOP Hopefuls
  242. Obama enters Hill health care dispute
  243. Zimmerman in the news again.
  244. Just wondering again ? White collar crime does pay it seems.
  245. This is Bryan Stow
  246. Disability Survey
  247. Manning
  248. Obama Field Organizer, Sext-erbator, and Hooker
  249. Politics as Reality TV
  250. 1st rollout of the Obmacare call center. You just can't make this up