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  1. Ukraine shows TEA Party how it's done
  2. How pervasive will ID theft be for those that sign up on the "A"CA exchanges?
  3. Hillary going after the black vote
  4. Banned NFL ad
  5. Promises made, Promises kept -- Is Healthcare.Gov working?
  6. Subliminal Advertising
  7. Piano Teacher Monopoly
  8. Obama's third term
  9. Black Friday is racist
  10. ‘Immediately surrender your rifle’
  11. United States is ripe for a takeover
  12. The TABS Report For 11/29/13
  13. Obamacare...Orwell was an optimist
  14. This would never happen here....
  15. K street EU style
  16. Is the deal with Iran a good one, yes or no?
  17. A Special Request of the Moderators
  18. Can't even trust your waitress
  19. Just another healthcarescam delay
  20. Ayers' new book
  21. I'm surprised it was a female.
  22. Herre it Comes: Universal Health Care. And the ACA Made it Possible.
  23. Here is one for you JFK Haters and Reagan Lovers
  24. Just curious - How many subjects have signed up for Obamacare in Oregon?
  25. Pope Francis Says "Trickle-Down-Theory" is Bogus
  26. Calling all Lefties: Thanksgiving Directive from Our Dear Leader
  27. ObamaCare Policy given to CO dog without application
  28. cops mace a womans (pussy)cat as punishment
  29. Karzai vs Rice
  30. Kill Yourself. NOW!
  31. Right vs Left on the economy
  32. obaamacare hurts the poor, smoker
  33. Has Mr Obama improved our relationship with any countries?
  34. Obamacare contract given to favored contractor without bid process
  35. Fuel Prices & Cars
  36. did Kerry and obaama sell us out, to Iran
  37. wind power not so green?
  38. TV Documentry - Urban Survival, need participants
  39. Fisker Bankrupt
  40. In Fairness, Some Noted Things POTHUS has done to date
  41. Our leadership...
  42. It's been 5 years....
  43. Those (Fox) polls still keep a coming
  44. Stock Market All-Time High
  45. Pakistan, Doctor still in prison
  46. Do Trolls have souls, do they care
  47. Are humans important to souls?
  48. Even Calif. won't change for obaama
  49. Behind the Curtain
  50. Democrats on Nuclear Option in 2005
  51. The 'nuclear option' was just voted on and passed.
  52. "You Are Not A Prisoner Yet"
  53. Omamba got zactly what he wanted - Fundamental change
  54. Women in combat?
  55. Biden's shotgun advice
  56. Those Polls, they just keep hitting, harder
  57. Gotta love NYC. Ray Kelly wants armed guards.
  58. I know! Let's call it something else!!
  59. Progressives are so smart -- Our Dear Leader edition
  60. What would happen if there were no hypothetical questions?
  61. Blank Check, yes, I said that
  62. Would You Convert to a Different Religion if...
  63. and she voted for him/this
  64. Obama is coming to town
  65. Another one falls
  66. Obamacure website ( only 60 - 70% complete
  67. Update Just-Us loses in Louisiana
  68. Progressives are so smart -- Democrat House Leadership edition
  69. Progressives are so smart -- MSNBC edition
  70. The next "Phony Scandal" for President Footnote
  71. JW's Move Into A New Era
  72. Just when We Thought We Didn't Have to Kick George Zimmerman Around Anymore......
  73. Kenney Assassination Theories
  74. The SS lives. Comments from Libs
  75. Standing Tough Under Stars and Stripes
  76. What is your position on abortion?
  77. When does a human develop a soul?
  78. Ziimerman arrested again.
  79. How to Read the Tea Leaves
  80. The Grassy Knoll
  81. Why don't more conservatives support abortion?
  82. How many stars does the nidiculous thread deserve?
  83. For those who think US troops won't fire on citizens
  84. Draft dodger thread....broken?
  85. what other laws...
  86. Who are the 14% ??
  87. Whining About the Thread rating system is nidicolous
  88. That Pelosi..she's a funny one
  89. So that's why they come back...
  90. Winning On Wall Street
  91. If a private business did Obamacare, it would be prosecuted
  92. Pelican trumps Amazon ! In packaging anyway
  93. who let the wolves in? the police state is here
  94. Maternity cover under Obamacare is an "essential health benefit"
  95. Thread rating system is riduculous
  96. Chris Christie for president
  97. Faith Healing and Child Mortality
  98. It Will Drop through The Floor
  99. What a Foxy Lady
  100. Institutionalised child sexual abuse in religous cult
  101. Barrack Obama Is
  102. Oopsy - Muslim radicals accidentally behead one of their own
  103. Leno lovin up on Obama
  104. Tanstaafl?
  105. TABS Just Loves CNBC In The Morning
  106. Republicans blast Obama
  107. Hillary 2007 - If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan
  108. Obama Says You Can Renew Your Old Policy
  109. Was Cruz right?
  110. US draft dodgers....
  111. an investment banker's view on the 1% ... hint: the game is rigged
  112. Rate Suckers
  113. After All The Hysteria...
  114. I guess Obamma was a better prez then Hill'ry
  115. Why, liberals, tell me why
  116. More people without insurance now than before the ACA
  118. Parents ban daughters from watching tv
  119. Insurance purchased through the exchanges to be exempt from govt anti-fraud policies?
  120. Face of Obamascare not even a citizen
  121. Those who think Obamacare will fold under it's own weight...
  122. Clinton campaign fundraising idea
  123. Where is Tort Reform in the ACA?
  124. New Poll, New LOW
  125. All the trolls and plants in one thread.
  126. So Obvious A Few of You Are Trolls
  127. Philippines
  128. Perspective
  129. Open letter to President Nazibamma to
  130. Sugar Daddy
  131. ...about that stock market and QE...
  132. Gun Control, Mental Health and Abuse of Psychiatric Diagnoses
  133. Clinton on obaamacare
  134. Stephen Ross comments
  135. Toytota Dealership Woes
  136. The Truth about Navigators
  137. Puppycide
  138. So Obvious A Few of You Are Plants
  139. 5th Book...Looking for a little help...
  140. Hillary's Nightmare
  141. Carville a racist
  142. Dow Hits Another Record Close
  143. White Politician Wins by Faking Blackness
  144. Harry and Louise - 1994
  145. Who is saving money under the ACA?
  146. Obama version of Hail to the Chief
  147. Arafat was killed with Polonium-210
  148. Happy Veterans day
  149. why isn't PARF all about this? oh cause it proves the media isn't liberal
  150. USMC, Happy Birthday
  151. Lifted from another site...
  152. Joe Scarbourghs New Book
  153. The Affordable 996 Thread ...
  154. USS FORD joins the USS REAGAN
  155. Iran's nukes
  156. Military Purge: Obama Wants Troops to Obey Him, Not the Constitution
  157. The Human Operating System
  158. Ectogenesis
  159. Poll: 78% of Uninsured Not Interested in ObamaCare
  160. The Deplorable Health Care Act finally snags one in NC...Kind of
  161. Is Oreilly throwing in the towel on Obamacare?
  162. It's up to 4 now...
  163. How about that Chris Christie
  164. Obama is a standup guy
  165. Morons Cost Taxpayers $2 Billion Dollars
  166. Veterans Day Monday and we get this trash from the White House
  167. The Truth-O-Meter
  168. CMA Twerks all up on o'Bamacure
  169. At least the Republicans are doing something
  170. Biden, oops.
  171. Louisiana Police stun father as son died in house fire
  172. Look out California, ocean trash is headed your way.
  173. Loyal Obama Supporters....cancelled
  174. "the scandal fog of this administration…
  175. It's a Good Start... (Canadian Senate)
  176. Sen. Kelsey (R-TN) you are making conservatives look bad
  177. Politifact
  178. Do you realize it?
  179. In Your Face stupid tax payer
  180. O'blamer; "What I said was..."
  181. Food Stamp Recipients in a bind due to cuts in program
  182. The Problem With This Country Is:
  183. Sorry, we can't find that page on
  184. The FED Is Afraid Of Deflation
  185. If you like your Doctor, bite me, cuz I don't care
  186. I'm curious: wht did the post of "the beating will continue" close
  187. Only in America - Canadian editorial
  188. Obanacare discrimination?
  189. Is the LAX shooter a "White Hispanic?"
  190. New Forever Stamp from the Post Office
  191. LAX Shooter Had Anti-Govenment Views
  192. Christian Science Church In Illinois Looks Exactly Like A Penis
  193. LAX Shooting. Too Many AR15's in This Country?
  194. NSA Haiku Generator
  195. Who's missing?
  196. fox news loves bank fruad
  197. "when even jon stwert turns against you ..."
  198. Do you realize it?
  199. And where is the money coming from?
  200. Number Six
  201. How will they survive
  202. Lois Lerner: Felon
  203. obaama bringing us together,
  204. if cash in corperations hands gave us jobs, we'd be the most employeed nation ever
  205. Those poor disenfranchised women voters in Texas
  206. Straight talk from my employer
  207. DHS orders $500,000 of broadcast pepper spray gear
  208. Democrat's pain and cramping from Obama's Period
  209. Rep Blackburn...digging her!
  210. Yeah, right... the Germans are really seeking US guidance on economics....
  211. Medical Association has weighed in on ObamaCare
  212. Monkey Spanking President; Let's blame the Insurance Companies...Brilliant!
  213. Obama, women and the bus
  214. New site, holy crap! Obamacare lives!
  215. Kathleen Sebelius... 'Whatever'
  216. Cheney going out of the country.
  217. Yes, This Is For Real:
  218. Obama in his own words: Transitioning to Socialist Health Care from 2007
  219. Howard Dean tonight
  220. What an Icehole -- John Kerry predicts ice free Arctic by 2013
  221. The Obama Train
  222. The rats are leaving the sinking ship...
  223. Goodbye browser cookies, hello permanent unique identifiers(?)
  224. How can anyone ever believe Him again?
  225. Asian Bumblebees
  226. If you like your healthcare, you can keep your healthcare, but...
  228. black box in your car
  229. bypassing the swearing filter
  230. Obama lied: NBC news report
  231. Sticky: The beatings will continue...
  232. What? Obama lied? It isn't true.....
  233. one for the "who cares file"
  234. It Can Not Be Stopped
  235. "Vacuous Cipher"
  236. WWII Vet Mugged
  237. More from the Spy in Chief
  238. Nobel peace price?
  239. You would vote for Ted Cruz? Really?
  240. CO fat cat congressman wants healthcare exemption for his district
  241. Anagrams of truth
  242. Government is shut down today and the world still functions
  243. “Indefinite Delivery and Indefinite Quantity.”
  244. In Search of Republican Grownups
  245. Its really So Simple...
  246. Down with the Democrat Party
  247. Down with the GOP
  248. Nice German cars
  249. Suppressing the Vote
  250. Past the Tipping Point