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  1. Obama wins
  2. speeder, how much $$ did you win?
  3. obama wins
  4. CBS Calls It.
  5. Status Quo
  6. Election night at 10PM CST, 106 people watching PARF, yet all quiet??
  7. GWB loses - 8 years too late.
  8. Intrade just went mid-90s
  9. Well- this has been fun - but tomorrow I go back to work!
  10. There's only three things thats for sure
  11. In an hour and a half . . . we'll know
  12. Voting Machine in PA Caught Giving Obama Votes To Romney
  13. Obama Off to an Early Lead...
  14. Apparently some people still don't know who is running for president.
  15. Official Electoral Count, Add' em up boys
  16. Terrorist attack in Fresno.
  17. How does the media "call states" for one candidate before polls close?
  18. 20 of 21 countries surveyed would favour Obama over Romney
  19. Who else voted Gary Johnson?
  20. Romney's Election day Ground Game -
  21. Cincinnati News: 1.3 million counted with 91k lead for Romney.
  22. Why Romney?
  23. 2012 Election thread -- Let's win this one for Breitbart
  24. Voting Fraud in Ohio?
  25. EPA Scrambling to Implement More Regulation before End of Year
  26. final polls
  27. From Hope and Change to Fear and Loathing
  28. More from the religion of peace and love
  29. MSNBC Already Has Election Results!
  30. Path Analysis
  31. Done voting.
  32. What is the middle class?
  33. This Seals The Election For Obama - And He Had Nothing To Do With It
  34. Naked (girly) Man see right to Womans/girls sauna
  35. More on Ben Gazi from the pres.
  36. Obamacare Casualties - Kroger to Slash Hourly Workers
  37. I'm young, female and voting for....
  38. How does this work?
  39. your VP for another day
  40. What will Our Dear Leader be doing on Nov. 7th?
  41. It's a done deal; Redskins win it for Romney
  42. Seal Team 6 movie tonight.
  43. People are turning away from Obama
  44. Obama might take the popular vote too.
  45. Six most paranoid fears for obamas second term
  46. The story of a pilot rescue
  47. Christmas Shopping
  48. Disgruntled white guys?
  49. 5000 Chinese miners coming to mine near you
  50. Thank goodness it's almost...
  51. its almost over
  52. CNN yesterday, Peirs Morgan/twit
  53. Rupert Murdoch threatens NYC mayor Bloomberg over Obama endorsement.
  54. The best revenge? WTF
  55. 2ND Amendment under fire by silliness
  56. Why is Obama a better choice than Romney?
  57. No on B!
  58. I'm Bazza - and I approved this message....
  59. WTF is wrong with all you anti-religion zealots?
  60. Romney threat
  61. Think all those people....
  62. Biden Finally Gets One Right!
  63. If Elected What would you do?
  64. Romney bid to be Liar-in -Chief
  65. It's official, worst president ever
  66. The Blackmail Caucus - Krugman
  67. October Jobs report All UP - VERY SOLID
  68. Funny.
  69. PARF Silent on New Benghazi Details?
  70. Ethics complaint against Romney for failing to disclose his big auto rescue profit
  71. Countdown to Obamagedden
  72. The Economist
  73. Is Staten Island the new Lower 9th Ward?
  74. romney?
  75. Would you go to a rally for the other guy?
  76. Geraldo Slams GOP Bloodlust over Benghazi
  77. Can Mitt Romney win New York State?
  78. Obama Got It Right For Once
  79. The Ides Of November
  80. Remember "Government is just the name we give to the things we do together"
  81. Official Electoral College Vote Total Prediction Thread!
  82. I think its over for Romney. 218.
  83. Gov. Christie - Bucket of Suds & Washcloth...
  84. Romney Screws Mormon Church - CRUT Tax Shelter
  85. all us white devils going to hell
  86. Obama surging in Swing States
  87. Voting on 12 Constitutional Amendments
  88. Are you a Lamanite or a Nephite?
  89. Now Romney likes FEMA 10/31/12
  90. MoveOn.org and Michael Moore Commercial...
  91. At Least He Can Play Basketball
  92. Building Chrysler Models Including Jeeps in Italy for export to US
  93. "Dirty Trick Thursday" tomorrow! What's it gonna be?
  94. Sumtimes what they're not sayin'.....
  95. dracula econ 101
  96. Obama maintaining strong lead in Ohio.
  97. "You're doing a heck of a job, Barry"
  98. Seal Team Six movie this Sunday
  99. Do national polls and the popular vote matter much anymore?
  100. Romney has a Christie problem and a FEMA problem
  101. Take this one with a grain of salt....
  102. The Bottom Line...
  103. Mitt is the greatest.
  104. Obama on Hurricane: 'We Leave Nobody Behind'
  105. "You're doing a heck of a job, Brownie"
  106. A New Paradigm
  107. Honest Mitt hiding from questions again.
  108. "Rogue"U.S. General Arrested for Activating Special Forces Teams; Ignoring Libya Stan
  109. Obama is handling hurricane....
  110. Romney kills Canadian woman
  111. The Obama meets Sandy victims photo op. Lets call it.
  112. Sandy is Godswill to defeat Romney -bet you did not see that one coming
  113. Making big elections about small things ...
  114. Why do they make so easy?
  115. How can the polls vary so much?
  116. We did see this coming right?
  117. ZOMNEY (Spam Has Its Own Key)
  118. Walmart Black Friday Strike
  119. romney might win this one....
  120. Re Libya-He ignored, denied and lied, why doesn't anyone seem to care?
  121. Hurricane Sandy effect on the elections
  122. Micheal Goodwin - Voting for Romney
  123. Interesting observation
  124. Transferable Skills
  125. You Can't Make This Stuff Up
  126. Bwahahahaha!!!
  127. HIS wife's plane
  128. If Dipso had children...
  129. Funny
  130. Car Keyed Karma
  131. Romney is bad.. Luke strikes again
  132. Super PAC's are spending like crazy this election
  133. The media will put pointy white hats on all of us
  134. Obama slams Romney's Massachusetts record in N.H. speech
  135. Biden's crude comments to Charles Woods (SEAL's father)
  136. Is voter fraud being committed in Ohio?
  137. Romney economic speech at company that received stimulus funds
  138. Great News Libs: 2012 U.S. Electorate Looks Like 2008 electorate
  139. Newspapers endorsing political candidates
  140. Republicans for Obama
  141. A bad week for Willard
  142. The SHARKS VS the JETS
  143. Romney makes major economic policy address
  144. Mock Vote
  145. the Beeb
  146. Why we should worry about a Romney Win
  147. CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack, sources say
  148. For the first time.................
  149. GoPro Hero2 and Wifi for only $199
  150. Like shaking hands with a dead fish ...
  151. President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho
  152. Intrade politcal market prediction
  153. Military voters still face trouble at polls
  154. Oops! Obama Says He Wants Wind Turbines 'Manufactured Here in China'
  155. Obama's 20-page economic plan: The math still does not add up
  156. The pride you must feel...
  157. Living Forever?
  158. Democratic and Republican politicians set aside differences in election - KY
  159. I think Romney's got it in the bag
  160. Meatloaf
  161. Hey look! Gloria Alldred is back in the news.
  162. Condoleezza Rice on Libya:
  163. The Danish agent, the Croatian blonde and the CIA plot to get al-Awlaki
  164. Why Mitt Romney skipped Italy on his swing through Europe
  165. Yeah, this is the guy that married not fonda Jane
  166. RCP Poll data back to Oboma -201 Romney -191
  167. 12 days left What Will It Be?
  168. Firings Reach Highest Since 2010 as Ford to Dow Face Sales Slump
  169. Powell Supports Obama II
  170. Let the Blames Begin...
  171. Jersey shore has angered god ?
  172. Heated races in Congress
  173. Look At My Airline Ticket
  174. First Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren - Now Nobel Laureate Michael Mann
  175. What Happens When We Discover A Living Cell on Another Planet?
  176. Who should the middle class vote for?
  177. Sucks to have to fire your own son
  178. dustoff ops in af dirt as$ stan
  179. Why our economy sucks....a video from Canada
  180. Trump offers $5 million to Obama for college and passport records
  181. CNN tonight
  182. Recommended Reading - why repubs deny science and reality
  183. Taliban or republican?
  184. Yahoo Calling Romney President
  185. Only in California
  186. obama is a crappy CEO?!
  187. Hey look! Trump is back in the news.
  188. Is rape something that God intends....
  189. Rape babies are a gift from god.
  190. Obama/Axelrod at it again...
  191. DIPSO UNCOVERED! He is Republican Plant!
  192. Who would you rather buy a used car from?
  193. Germany
  194. He knew
  195. What annoys me the most about Mr Romney
  196. Who is Frank Marshall Davis?
  197. What annoys me the most about Barrack....
  198. The first debate
  199. Ahhhh.....The Wonders of Voting In Flor-e-duh!
  200. State senator's son badly beaten tackling men removing Romney sign from outside home
  201. Can terrorists manipulate our election?
  202. Anatomy of a Cover-up
  203. 2008 called
  204. Obama's Links to Communist China
  205. Benghazi @ debate 4. agreement?
  206. Sowell nails Zero as usual
  207. Chris Christie and the POTUS searching for a clue
  208. UN calls for anti terror internet surveillance.
  209. Editorial: Romney endorses Obama
  210. Biggest "OWNED" Moment Of All 3 Presidential Debates
  211. Summary of Debate #4
  212. Dems vs. Reps
  213. Classic Romney
  214. Obama Win or Lose -- Which cities will burn?
  215. The new Sarah Palin
  216. Unions are not the bad guys.
  217. Handing out FREE O-Phone's from the government
  218. Tonights debate
  219. New GoPro camera packs a punch!
  220. Thank God for Athiests.
  221. Lets all vote for obama
  222. No Thoughts for the Folks in Brookfield Wisconsin?
  223. De-Underbussing
  224. Thousands call Planned Parenthood for mammograms after Obama's claim
  225. George McGovern Passes, RIP
  226. Again, Expalin Why Showing ID at the Voting Booth is Non-Constitutional?
  227. Kill List
  228. Diebold II: Return of the private elections
  229. Something that could really help around here:
  230. More BS from CNN
  231. Looks like Romney has been around for a long time.
  232. The Salt Lake Tribune endorses Obama
  233. Republicans out Libyans working with US
  234. Tagg Romney Invested in Ohio Electronic Voting Machines
  235. Has Barrack and/or Biden ever lied?
  236. Romney has his work cut out
  237. Salt lake city, Tampa, Denver endorse Obama
  238. Gays want to get married for the tax benefits
  239. Ben Stein commits conservative 'heresy,' admits on Fox that taxes must be raised on t
  240. Support whoever wins for the benefit of the country?
  241. The value of a liberal arts education (video)
  242. The BBC And Obama
  243. Williard's Romnesia cured by Obamacare
  244. Iacocca: Vote for Mitt Romney for president.
  245. Romney personally gained tens of millions from the auto industry bailout
  246. General Motors shuts down another plant.....for SIX MONTHS!
  247. Energy Indep. leads to $6 gas - Willard forget to mention
  248. Obama political definition denies solder benefits
  249. Obama
  250. Not Otimal???? are you ****ing kidding