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  1. The evolution in teaching math, 1960-
  2. 3-Year-Olds Branded “Racist,” “Homophobic” Put In Government Database
  3. He used to be one of my favorite singers...
  4. What an embarrasing clown...
  5. Why does this guy's story deserve to be big news???
  6. Bill Clinton gets it right
  7. World's biggest debtor nations
  8. Interesting Concept
  9. Greenland Ice Melt
  10. Suskind-Confidence Men:
  11. "I’m a sap, a specific kind of sap. I’m an Obama Sap."
  12. Secret recordings raise new questions in ATF 'Gunwalker' operation
  13. Lose Lose on Palestine/Israel
  14. Obama / Hillary ticket?
  15. What comes after 'Europe'?
  16. Millionaires already paying higher percentage
  17. Two Days in Detroit....Very Sad :-(
  18. Thanksgiving 2022
  19. Clinton Clip
  20. Swipe my EBT...
  21. Mr Perry, your 15 minutes are up
  22. What Would It Take
  23. Good News For A Change
  24. 2012 election back on...
  25. An Existential Moment
  26. Petition to create Palestinian state
  27. We have to pass this bill RIGHT NOW....
  28. Chi Trib says "Obama should withdraw"
  29. Ginger Pride
  30. tax breaks
  31. Military Pork
  32. Solyndra: Will criminal charges be filed?
  33. Parf
  34. GM UAW new contract...
  35. Would we have been better off with Ms Clinton as POTUS?
  36. obama saves Libya
  37. SayRah Palin
  38. The End Of Civilization?
  39. Obama Is A Lame Duck
  40. A new Bailout, we have too much money
  41. Priorities in federal spending
  42. Krauthammer nails it. SS is a Ponzi scheme.
  43. Just watched "Thor"
  44. Should faking a name of Facebook be a felony
  45. More trouble for the WH?
  46. The Democrats Are To Blame For The Lack Of Jobs
  47. Peter Schiff congressional testimony 9-13-11
  48. State Of Poliics 9/15/11
  49. FBI investigator on 'enhanced interrogation'
  50. Wealth inequality - good article
  51. Wheels comin' off the Obama Bus...
  52. Question for the mods
  53. Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist Resigns Over Global Warming
  54. growing dope ok in the UK
  55. My front bumper repair is turning into a nightmare.
  56. Obama goes 1984
  57. Presidential Library
  58. Tribal Slavery
  59. Rise of the 'gigayacht'
  60. The Half Billion Dollar Press Conference
  61. Hey Foxxxy!!!
  62. Pass this jobs bill!
  63. Obama and the Unions: A case study
  64. Unions for Unions...
  65. Obama highlight reel
  66. Anyone watching the race to replace Anthony Weiner?
  67. Fourth Trimester Abortion
  68. Obama's Rich
  69. Govt. Intrusion
  70. Let's discuss a one page tax return...
  71. Audience at tea party debate cheers leaving uninsured to die
  72. Poverty Soars Under Obama
  73. The 2nd Debate...
  74. The history of the song: God Bless America
  75. Cloning
  76. What is the "Corporate Jet Owner" Tax Break
  77. Who do you hate more? (Revised)
  78. Is Obama Really This Obtuse
  79. The Bible - cut and pasted
  80. President Flake
  81. Perry V. Obama
  82. Who do you hate more?
  83. A disgusting monument to Osama bin Laden
  84. Solyndra folding out.
  85. It's a TRAP
  86. No more Open Carry in California
  87. A DC 10 on the tarmac
  88. A Hero FINALLY is Acknowledged
  89. Was the 9/11 attack successful? I vote yes.
  90. What happened to Adam & Eve's first children?
  91. Dang Liberals
  92. Politics and Religion
  93. American Jobs Act: Read All the Details
  94. 12 words by Karl Rove on obama
  95. I think I'll send Huntsman a check.
  96. BarryO’s uncle quietly released from jail
  97. $344M more loans for Solar Projects!!!
  98. 1.2 Trillion Dollars in Secret Loans
  99. Hey Arizona,
  100. Can You Identify the Presidential Candidate?
  101. U.S. government passes patent reform; critics deem it sellout to big business
  102. Words Words Words
  103. Obama Jobs Speech
  104. How is it that unions are not subject to RICO prosecution?
  105. Obama Tax Increases
  106. Create a Caption for This Picture...
  107. A Foxy quote...
  108. Companies don't like creating jobs
  109. Tonight Is The Tonight
  110. Foxy knows nothing about Obama....
  111. Unions fighting for the workers...
  112. This pretty much sums it all up:
  113. Buzz word Bingo and why Obama is in Trouble
  114. Tonight's Repub debate
  115. The Affirmative Action President
  116. Romney sucks.
  117. More civility from the left: TEA Party Zombies must die!
  118. Where your taxes go....! These people know whats best for you
  119. the Perry Solution
  120. Yup, Your President Is Doing a Great Job!
  121. Obama To Come Back Stronger Than Ever!
  122. "I was there. Sept 11, 2001"
  123. I Want my 50 IQ points back
  124. Bush Tax Cuts and Jobs
  125. The Dallas Solution...
  126. choke therapy - Germany must quit EU
  127. Union: Obama should attack 'unpatriotic' Apple
  128. I Told U So
  129. Does it feel like the '30s? Part II
  130. Please, Just Admit Your Wrong! Obama and His Staff are Not What Your Hoped For...
  131. What do you expect to be in "The Plan"?
  132. The Barbarians Are At The Gate...
  133. I'm with DeMint on this one
  134. is the teaparty astro-turf or grassroots
  135. Barry In Charge
  136. Unions Are:
  137. To win Pres in 2012?
  138. Labor day
  139. Interesting read; we could learn from our neighbor's experience
  140. New Spot to go Dumpster Diving
  141. Government to sue 17 banks
  142. What Does 9/11 Mean to People in Afghanistan?
  143. Its Never Gonna Happen Is It? Some Will Never Accept Obama Failed...
  144. Weird. Just got a labor day message from Sec of Labor Hilda Solis
  145. Would you be angry if you were in this union?
  146. GOP's Solution: Raise taxes on those making under $100k.
  147. O new jobs for Zero
  148. Another $4.2 Billion waste
  149. Obama pulls back on new smog standards
  150. The missing witnesses
  151. Obama Care Explained
  152. Science v. Religion
  153. Stopping the slaughter in Libya
  154. On Board The USS Minnow
  155. Obama V's? ........some polls
  156. the anti-science party
  157. Darwinism and other bone headed ideas, are they funny?
  158. The GOP War on Voting
  159. ignorance about atheism
  160. Judge rules on Obama's Social Security Number
  161. Obama schedules jobs address to coincide with GOP 2012 debate
  162. Call me sappy
  163. Jewish Boycott
  164. The English grammar nazi, Obama ball-buster thread
  165. Why?
  166. Cleaning a plastic Fuel Tank
  167. English grammar nazis, read it and weep.
  168. Obama Among The Luminaries
  169. Obama's Uncle Arrested
  170. Getting a "Moderate" into the WhiteHouse
  171. Moderate's Choice for 2012
  172. Dirt! The Movie
  173. global warming deniers are like racists
  174. Question for the Repugblicans
  175. VFW Feels Snubbed
  176. Could it be guilt that has Buffet wanting to pay more taxes
  177. Even More Good News!!!
  178. More Good News!
  179. Who here on Parf is an attorney or ex attorney
  180. Obama fighting Carter for the seat at the bottom
  181. Pins and needles - the Great Obama Jobs plan of 2011 ver. 2.08
  182. Illegal Aliens Are Not Committing a Crime by Being Here?
  183. Good News!
  184. al qaeda #2
  185. syrian WMD's
  186. Primaries and Caucuses - Party Rule Changes R & D, 2012
  187. Magnificent Bastard
  188. Is this an accurate assessment of President Obama?
  189. How Reagan changed everything and made 9/11 possible
  190. Reagan's first term offers measuring stick for Obama
  191. A Brief History of President Obama’s Fiscal Record
  192. Taxes and the Center Bank
  193. America's Ruling Class -- And the Perils of Revolution
  194. Don't want Israeli products? The government wants to know.
  195. Same sex couples given a walk by INS.
  196. Leezza, Leezza, Leezza. ... I love her very much
  197. 80% of Politicians Don't Understand Economics...
  198. Obama and Huricane Irene
  199. Carmakers' rebound is driving jobs in U.S.
  200. Typical Republican
  201. Tax dollars down the tube for some 'Green' dream...
  202. Murder
  203. The national Debt Road trip
  204. Dealing With Muslims
  205. Debt Increases by U.S. Presidents
  206. Obama's people, the 47% that don't pay taxes
  207. This made me rage...
  208. What does Obama know about spending ?
  209. Obama killing goat herding business with oppressive new regulation
  210. We are from the LA county government and we are here to help
  211. Underestimating Rick Perry
  212. First homosexuality, now pedophilia?
  213. Reagan beats Obama
  214. Living on the edge: 64% of Americans can't handle a $1,000 emergency expense
  215. Met a fairy today
  216. Obama announces business regulation rollbacks.
  217. New fault line discovered in DC!
  218. Does Q-Daffy have a God button?
  219. On the Golf Course...
  220. I'm trying to figure out our economy
  221. How will the Dems fire Obama?
  222. Golub releases ill-informed screed
  223. Damned Obama!
  224. Redistricting -- Then and and Now
  225. How many plagues will vist D.C.?
  226. Straight to hell...
  227. Please tell me this is not going to happen....
  228. Golub responds to Buffet
  229. Taxes obviously taxes are the solution
  230. First Call for Impeachment ...
  231. - 26
  232. What does Warren Buffet know about taxes?
  233. Rick Perry..Social security is unconstitutional?
  234. New california redistricting
  235. Do you want your tax dollars to take of the poor?
  236. Obama's book, Audacity of Hope
  237. Whaaaat About Mexico?
  238. Do republicans celebrate labor day?
  239. Why is 120 billion from poor/middle class Americans
  240. Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Group
  241. Help Me Understand What Is So Bad With Myths and Religion?
  242. Big turn around for Obama
  243. The Stench of a Vote for Obama
  244. The Rapture hits South Carolina
  245. Obama, out of his depth??
  246. Gary Johnson "R" - stands a chance?
  247. A Question
  248. Dipso's on Ban Island
  249. Have we discussed the American hikers imprisoned in Iran?
  250. Wikileaks - Central America, not the USA source of gun in Mexico