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  1. Bible Got It Wrog...About Camels Anyway...
  2. Thank you President Obama!
  3. Nagin, going to jail
  4. Rumors
  5. More on Global Warming
  6. eric bollen thinks he has stumbled on something brilliant
  7. 2014 election cycle starts in San Diego
  8. imminent stock market crash?
  9. GOP is all about small government, of until they arn't
  10. Wow -- Democrats, Hypocrisy and their War on Women
  11. Wal Mart ad lamenting the loss of American mfg..
  12. House Republicans FINALLY do something Worthwhile !!!)
  13. "I can do anything I want"
  14. Suicide Bomb Instructor Accidentally Kills Iraqi Pupils
  15. Why do you "deserve" healthcare exemption?
  16. Why do you "deserve" healthcare?
  17. Anti Voter ID marchers require Photo ID to march
  18. Rand Paul
  19. Why is the Right so afraid of Hillary Clinton?
  20. Is this acceptable behavior?
  21. Fox headline
  22. The GOP today
  23. The don't want Trader Joe's? Really?
  24. You know Congress is FUBAR'd when .. .
  25. Blood Money
  26. A Gender Differentiation Issue
  27. When was the last time you got your money's worth at the movies?
  28. Joe Biden: Can't think of a reason not to run for the Presidency
  29. Is there a handbook for going on the take?
  30. Ah Oh: Fox Desperate for Better Ratings, Hires Carville!
  31. Attack on power substation in San Jose, last April. Anyone hear about this?
  32. Kerry, bring the terrorists in,
  33. Colonel Captured
  34. War on Chicks
  35. We Need One New Law
  36. Hillary's platform
  38. Bat Guano Crazy - Two stupid Democrat ideas for the Price of One!
  39. 4+ Minutes of freefall, sound barrier+, No GoPro's in 1960
  40. Seinfeld puts it in perspective for the PC morons.
  41. Does all in life move left?
  42. Why are Feminists so anti...
  43. This just in from the Congressional Budget Office
  44. The Tennessee Promise
  45. So why do all the bleeding-heart commies...
  46. Diver Dave - GoPro - Cozumel Mexico video FUN
  47. RINOs
  48. The Whigs
  49. Bill O'Reilley
  50. Grab yer popcorn - creationism/evolutionism debate
  51. The NSA Violates the 3rd Amendment
  52. Washington Post: Universal Basic Income
  53. Dipso made it to the Superbowl
  54. Who Benefits from the Minimum Wage?
  55. Grimm Fairytales
  56. Does Hollywood still have any recent former servicemen and women?
  57. Government Series II Les Paul
  58. Article V Convention of the States?
  59. A crackhead leaves Washington
  60. John Stewart last night
  61. Oh look, nobody would have expected,
  62. It's time obaama, stop dithering
  63. Soul Sisters
  64. MSNBC is so enlightened a Racist attack on a Cheerios Ad for the Superbowl
  65. Netflix Streaming Video
  66. Obamacare. $4 per month.
  67. These are YOUR Leaders Democrats
  68. Obama Caught, FINALLY!
  69. immagration reform held up because of racism says GOP lawmaker
  70. Even Hitler can't keep his doctor under the ACA
  71. I wish global warming was real
  72. Just when a nice woman speaks for the GOP...
  73. Hmmmm
  74. What Drives Success?
  75. Maybe wind power is a bad idea.
  76. A possible candidate in 2016
  77. Bwahahaha
  78. He Pushed Away The Crown Thrice
  79. Patronizing and smug
  80. More of That Thing Fowpaws says never happens
  81. How about setting a "Maximum Wage"
  82. Willie Robertson attending SOTU address
  83. More empty words from the GOP
  84. Are presidents just puppets?
  85. Father's Rights
  86. pickle-herrings in the puppet-show of nonsense
  87. albino shape-shifting lizard beeches
  88. How Is Obamma Considered the Best Prez Of All Time?
  89. NSA following you on Google maps
  90. Imagine my surprise ...
  91. Response to the President's State of the Union Address
  92. Plutocrats
  93. Poll: 63% Don't Have Confidence in Obama to Make Right Decisions
  94. Deion Sanders
  95. Chuck Schumer introduces law to test tracking devices on disabled children
  96. Il ccw
  97. New type of Ammunition - Radically Invasive Projectile (R.I.P.) awesome
  98. polarization and the march of the GOP off the right wing cliff
  99. The failure that is Obama
  100. Mall killer, avid skateboarder,
  101. He's coming to Detroit!
  102. Again, Why do we vote?
  103. Racial Tolerance
  104. Congress
  105. Sorry Nut-Cons. Dems Are Gaining, Reps Are Losing.
  106. Chuck Schumer calls for IRS to destroy
  107. What Do You Do On Monday?
  108. Teacher who brought pot to potluck was my nephew's teacher
  109. What Obama and his Lieberal minions don't understand
  110. oblamer's ratings, still better than nixon's...
  111. The Happy Face
  112. Another crazy funny vid
  113. Just to stir the pot...
  114. Sperm Donor now a father! Congrats
  115. Is atheism a religion?
  116. Kiev
  117. How to beat your
  118. If morality flows from God....
  119. The Truth
  120. Another Attack on Freedom by the Commies
  121. A FOX Poll for the leftists
  122. Huckabee Announces Not Candidate for Presidential Race
  123. Libya, its not a womans body part
  124. Big Government's $175,000,000.00 Boner
  125. The Obama Interview In The New Yorker Magazine
  126. Eliminate Corporate income tax
  127. Olympic security debate
  128. GOP Congressman: Wives Should 'Voluntarily Submit' To Their Husbands
  129. Good for Texas
  130. Saul Alinsky's power mower tactics 1971
  131. Does calling a parf poster a liar get you banned?
  132. Saul Alinsky's power tactics 1971
  133. man who wants to ban abortion never even thought of why a woman would want one
  134. Utah gun maker turns down $15m deal with pakistan
  135. Real unemployment @ 37.2%
  136. If you're honest with yourself ...
  137. Finally, help for the doctor that helped obaama kill OBL
  138. As I enjoy my twilight years,...
  139. Not Fonda Jane in the news again
  140. Yet Another Corrupt Republican
  141. Another inexplicable murder
  142. I wonder if...
  143. I wonder if...
  144. Reason 2,365,287 to oppose "reasonable" gun laws.
  145. Abortion Barbie
  146. Hey Down Under - Is this true?
  147. What? no red line?
  148. Taking race out of our language
  149. Russia Builds a New Navy to Dominate the Arctic Ocean - global warming
  150. Iran Gives in to Sanctions
  151. Anti-saver policies, will the result in deflation?
  152. 50 years ago
  153. Wackadoodle Nutcons
  154. Bitcoin 2.0 smashing the middle man
  155. Obama Mandates Racism???
  156. Free Tuition
  157. Some Ideas from Marco Rubio
  158. The economy hit the Schacht
  159. Just The Facts Jack
  160. Somebody Has To Pay... For My Weed
  161. Did Jesus have Warp drive?
  162. Here's a disgusting photo of people lining up to register their newly regulated guns.
  163. Nation of Moochers
  164. we were talking about creationism being taught in schools ....
  165. Another Charlie Rose Episode Of Seinfeld
  166. Weinstein Goes After 2nd Amendment
  167. Nobel Peace Prize - 2007 - One Nominee's Story
  168. Who needs Congress when you have a pen and a phone
  169. Mitt Romney Slapped With Racketeering Lawsuit
  170. Kerry's really impressing our allies!
  171. "IF" you had to go to the "island"What two Songs would you take?
  172. Red states
  173. Fixed up the Island while I was gone.
  174. Top Defense officials briefed Obama on "attack"
  175. Somebody has to pay
  176. Fox News, Rush Limbaugh
  177. A California reporter visits Texas and does a comparison
  178. Colonoscopy is no big deal!
  179. Culture Complexity and Capital Markets
  180. Does Hillary Have A Brain Tumor?
  181. If Christie is guilty, and he immediately admitted so and stepped down......
  182. Nissan or a Mitsubishi , seriously lol
  183. Hugh!
  184. And now something from the rest of the world - Ariel Sharon dies.
  185. Collateral Effects of the ACA
  186. Unemployment Figures...hmmmm
  187. Obamacare is great!
  188. Hitler's "Mein Kampf" topping eBook charts
  189. Christie's response
  190. so, using traffic jams for political pressure
  191. The strip searched Indian diplomat.
  192. The 50 year war
  193. How do you close the flood Gates?
  194. Applications Surge!!!
  195. Religion in schools
  196. Hey Rick
  197. Ambassador Rodman
  198. Snowden was Nothing compared to...
  199. LA County Sheriff Lee Vaca to resign tomorrow!!
  200. Oklahoma wants another biblical statue
  201. The Official Hillary 2016 Thread
  202. Have you guys heard about these DHS cheek swab checkpoints?
  203. Ink 'em Inequality
  204. Which is closest to 13 mm?
  205. Intelligence Inequality
  206. Texas releases gun ownership data.
  207. mirror mirror
  208. Oh sure, the media is independent (a lighter look)
  209. obaama wants to hire more teckies
  210. While you were partying, Lynn Stewart got out
  211. MACRO Scuba Diving GoPro Hero3 Video
  212. EPA's Global Warming Expert was a fraud
  213. The treads of our own M.D. is paying out.
  214. Before Edward Snowden, There Was Joseph Nacchio
  215. Wow. Obama will literally lie about anything.
  216. California liberals, be proud
  217. Why bother with legal immigration...
  218. Ding ding ding
  219. California, Illegals can be lawyers
  220. Duck Dudes Doin Good
  221. WHo Benefited MOST from the Nazibamma Scam?
  222. Thank you Mr. President
  223. Did God Act Alone?
  224. Can NYC get any worse? Just watch!
  225. Conservatives sure do think about cornholers a lot......
  226. Thank you President Obama!
  227. Comment on this Quote
  228. Ben Carson 2016 - Thoughts?
  229. Is this a Greek F'in Tragedy or what???
  230. New Years at The Beach
  231. Send Out The Clowns
  232. Hurray!!! Republicans are Successful in Beating Back Science!
  233. the world is going to ****? challenge accepted
  234. Those horrible, patronizing Romneys
  235. Sheila Jackson Lee's Holiday pinch hitter
  236. Dems know the writing is on the wall ...
  237. News Media Reputations?
  238. Real Clear Politics - Poll Data 12/30/2013
  239. Is it enough yet?
  240. You All Do Realize That I Won’t Stop Right?
  241. income inequality
  242. OK Then, Who Is In? Sign Up For The Respect Train!!!
  243. oblamer has a new hero
  244. Pravda is alive
  245. The LAME Duck Dynasty
  246. Merry Christmas: Planned Parenthood thinks their customers are sluts
  247. Finding out the Leaders of your Party are Racist
  248. DNC very worried.
  249. Wondering if Its Possible...
  250. Finding out your friend is a racist