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  1. Sex, Lies and Videotape - and other vices - UPM - Vegas
  2. Just How Unpopular is Obama?
  3. 4-11: Trump tops Republican presidential hopefuls
  4. economic confidence is sliding
  5. Lightning does strike twice...
  6. American workers got what they deserved
  7. Really I just don't know what to say...
  8. You going to church on Sunday? Easter?
  9. The gall of this tool...
  10. Racial Violence at McDonalds
  11. Re-arranging the deck chairs.
  12. Good Friday and Holy Week
  13. Shocking News; Oil WAS behind the invasion of Iraq
  14. Congressmen West: Obama is a low-level socialist organizer (video)
  15. red capes are for bullfighters.....
  16. Paul Ryan Booed at His Own Town Hall Meeting
  17. Understanding PARF
  18. Understanding PARF
  19. What was that about the Senate Again?
  20. Drones in Libya
  21. Simon & Schuster's Revenge
  22. McDonalds For That Special Occasion
  23. The Obama Youth
  24. Politician Says Taxes MUST Play Role in Rebuilding Economy
  25. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Says Apple’s iPad Kills American Jobs
  26. Understanding Tax Cuts
  27. Michelle's near miss
  28. Tax Fact #48/2(9+3). Spending: Is it an issue?
  29. When Disaster Strikes...
  30. Tax Fact #11 - There is no Tax Fact #8
  31. Tweeting the Revolution: The Role of Social Media in Toppling Dictatorships
  32. TAX FACT: We need 100% tax rate on those making more than $75,000
  33. Tax Facts # 9. Look at the German Tax System
  34. Union bimbos gettin' down... (video)
  35. A Typical Response To Radio Tabs
  36. The Next Election
  37. Interesting allegations re: Obama
  38. Obama insults reporter (video)
  39. replace all the monkeys-
  40. What's with Jan Brewer in Az ???
  41. Now, this is rich....roll eyes
  42. Ayn Rand on Sexuality (this gonna rile some of y'all up)
  43. Tax Fact #7. Some corporate tax breaks destroy jobs.
  44. Government Spending Per Capita, 1900-present
  45. Leo Berman - maybe not the sharpest knife in the drawer
  46. Charles Manson breaks his silence to warn about "Global Warming"
  47. Ayn Rand on Liberty vs Socialism: A true visionary (Video)
  48. Tax Fact #6. When it comes to corporations, the story is much the same — less taxes.
  49. S&P goes negative on US outlook for first time
  50. Tax Fact #6 - You are getting screwed
  51. Look at the left
  52. What is your actual tax rate?
  53. Tax Fact #5. Since Reagan, only the wealthy have gained significant income
  54. Best Analogy
  55. A Reflection On The Obama Week
  56. Tax Fact #4. 4. Many of the very richest pay no current income taxes at all.
  57. Tax Fact #3. The wealthy are now paying less taxes than before.
  58. Zero and the budget Rant
  59. Global warming?
  60. My Kind of Girl!!!
  61. FoxNews-- Fair and Balanced
  62. Are we on the same page about BO's birthplace yet?
  63. Tax Fact #2. The wealthiest Americans don’t carry the burden.
  64. The Paranoid Soul
  65. Tax Fact #1. Poor Americans do pay taxes.
  66. Death penalty opponents have more blood on their hands...
  67. What's really going on in sacramento?
  68. US Deficit - a short history
  69. Obama Blows up the Bridge
  70. TR - a man's man
  71. What Needs to Happen First
  72. Waiting in line at the food stamp office
  73. What's wrong with the kids???
  74. My triumphant return!
  75. Sleepers at obamas speech
  76. Stoopidity knows no bounds when it comes to unions and teachers
  77. The PARF Defict Reduction Plan
  78. Paul Ryan on Obama's Speech
  79. TABS Agrees With Mossguy
  80. Israeli President Peres Agrees With TABS
  81. Looks like Obama is trying to cut the deficit now.
  82. President Of B of A Agrees With TABS
  83. It's a revenue problem, tax the rich, ?????
  84. No Space Shuttle fro Houston
  85. What happened to the Dip?
  86. UN Plan: Give bugs and trees the same rights as humans...
  87. Teachers support cop-killer
  88. Big Government on the Brink...
  89. The reckoning and re-balancing.
  90. BP money being spent on what?
  91. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - the ultimate meet...
  92. "Pray for Obama. Psalm 109:8".
  93. Budget Compromise: A poll
  94. "Qu'ils achètent de nouvelles voitures"
  95. 11th Hour Budget Deal to Avert Shutdown
  96. 38.5 billion, BFD. the new repubs rolled
  97. Planned Parenthood funding and political contributions to dems
  98. Really going out on a limb here
  99. Where do the Dems find these people?
  100. Letter to my congressman
  101. Modest Proposal to Solve Budget Impasse
  102. Impeachable offenses
  103. Ticket for Driving @ Speed Limit?
  104. Bambam heads off to another vacation
  105. Govt Shutdown...Military Pay...Whats Next?
  106. Eat the rich
  107. The company he keeps.....
  108. Paul Ryan
  109. donald trump and the birth certificate
  110. John Edwards suicidal?
  111. Glenn Beck going off Foxnews Channel
  112. Lawyers' party
  113. Masters of Greed and Public Relations
  114. Gun regs affecting gun access?
  115. The $33 billion dollar dog and pony show.
  116. Gov't shutdown?
  117. This is why we should re-elect President Obama
  118. The truth about "Hate Crime"
  119. Debbie Harry, thanks America!
  120. Holder announcement on KSM
  121. Joke...
  122. Obama needs your help!
  123. Florida preacher should stand trial for some kind of hate crime
  124. march sadness delIDOT
  125. book burn
  126. Cowboy Poetry
  127. Moore's New Release Makes the Job Loss Situation Clear!!!
  128. WI woman charged in death threats to Rep lawmakers
  129. Nappy playing numbers games to cover her lies
  130. A European's Warning to America
  131. "Ignore the man behind the curtain!" VDH again
  132. dupe.
  133. I Got Denied for Solar - not political but energy related
  134. Follow the Money...
  135. Obama is the Best Ever!
  136. Obama gets openness award in private
  137. Hey S CA Ya Just Beat Out Detroit...
  138. Happy Ceasar Chavez day!
  139. Obama unilaterally decides to go to war!
  140. Obama unilaterally take
  141. Michelle Rhee
  142. Soldier gets 24 years for murder in Afghanistan
  143. What will Q-daffy do next?
  144. Demoncrats not caring about Americans
  145. Making US Babies
  146. another Republican can be crossed off the hopeful list
  147. 3 Presidents, 3 Speeches, 3 Wars...
  148. Welcome to the Republican Party...
  149. War on Libya
  150. Obama's Inner Bracket
  151. Talladega Nights
  152. What's Going on In Germany?
  153. More Transparency
  154. Another Example of Government Waste
  155. Tennessee's tea party declares war on public education
  156. Thanks heaven my internet is operating!
  157. Solution to the problem in Libya:
  158. Illegals and Impounds: Complete Madness
  159. Captain Zero
  160. Radical-In-Chief: Understanding what makes Obama tick (Videos)
  161. More Nuclear Histeria
  162. Anarchy in England
  163. Fake quotes ?
  164. They've finally figured out how to kill the beast...
  165. 20th century battlfields, military channel
  166. State workers
  167. City, State, & Federal Gravy Train Stories
  168. False Flag
  169. Whats going on in Canada?
  170. Worse Than Bad
  171. Krauthammer spot on again
  172. Napolitano says stories of violence spilling into US from Mexican drug trade false
  173. Texas House passes voter ID bill
  174. Libya vs Iraq
  175. ..
  176. Global warming vs. belief in God
  177. The Donald on The View
  178. Some days you just get locked out...
  179. Is this how God works?
  180. Idea for new Forum..?
  181. Still supporting the Troops, the Pres not so much
  182. Military background requirement for Pres.
  183. Them Changes
  184. Msnbc gets their ass handed to them and a schooling in foreign affairs
  185. And who said this?
  186. Why is there no Life on Mars
  187. Sugar's GoPro Duck Hunt
  188. Closing of PARF - the common web.
  189. Isn't obama in south America and Biden in Russia?
  190. Things you won't see on liberal "news"
  191. Who is biggy w
  192. Even CNN is doing a little accounting.....
  193. Caught on Tape: The left's Economic Terrorism Playbook
  194. Stop hating america!!
  195. Taco rage!
  196. What is the goal in Libya?
  197. Just finished my taxes
  198. Thoughts on Pawlenty?
  199. Who said this?
  200. Bobby
  201. A coup in the United States
  202. Chris Christie
  203. some light on the Libya intervention
  204. Who Is Running the Country?
  205. Political Cartoon
  206. Obama Ghraib...
  207. Where did all of the Obamunists go?
  208. President Obama's family
  209. Poll: US should be a "world power"
  210. What are you doing to support?
  211. Farrakhan to Obama: Who the hell do you think your are?
  212. More from jiminy carter's best friends
  213. Europeans "puzzled" by what a dufus Obama is...
  214. Helen Thomas comes clean.
  215. Three Ways Of Exercising Poodles
  216. Tough talking obama, yeah sure
  217. Three Ways Of Exercising Power
  218. Another Success For Obama
  219. When Will Hillary Drop Out
  220. Britain Bashes Bama
  221. CA truly the land of fruits and nuts....
  222. Utah!
  223. Saddle Up, Coboys!
  224. Obama should lead by example & Golf at Pebble Beach Tomorrow
  225. PPP poll: Among independent voters, Charlie Sheen beats Sarah Palin for President. Se
  226. Hillary Clinton jumping ship, angry with Obama
  227. Did Anyone Else Notice How fast...
  228. Obama seeks UN permission for strikes in Libya
  229. Executive Action
  230. Executive Action
  231. More Bad News for Conservatives
  232. A Sad Outcome
  233. Obama: Help Japanese as you're "filling out your brackets"
  234. Administration proposes changes to copyright laws
  235. More proof of the coming apocalypse.
  236. Pakistan just freed CIA contractor.
  237. Bam Bam needs another vacation, I guess
  238. The Washingon Monument Syndrome
  239. Ignorance is Strength
  240. Obama = Whiniest President Ever
  241. Where's Obama been as global turmoil spreads?
  242. 'The work of the Lord' vs. coincidence.
  243. The Administration Finally Gets Serious About the Budget...
  244. Palin is bugging Fox's owner
  245. Something to Argue About - Looting in Japan,,,, NOT.
  246. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
  247. The Tranparent obama
  248. A Failed CIC
  249. Who Smells Like John Galt?
  250. Why is it that...