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  1. Is this how God works?
  2. Idea for new Forum..?
  3. Still supporting the Troops, the Pres not so much
  4. Military background requirement for Pres.
  5. Them Changes
  6. Msnbc gets their ass handed to them and a schooling in foreign affairs
  7. And who said this?
  8. Why is there no Life on Mars
  9. Sugar's GoPro Duck Hunt
  10. Closing of PARF - the common web.
  11. Isn't obama in south America and Biden in Russia?
  12. Things you won't see on liberal "news"
  13. Who is biggy w
  14. Even CNN is doing a little accounting.....
  15. Caught on Tape: The left's Economic Terrorism Playbook
  16. Stop hating america!!
  17. Taco rage!
  18. What is the goal in Libya?
  19. Just finished my taxes
  20. Thoughts on Pawlenty?
  21. Who said this?
  22. Bobby
  23. A coup in the United States
  24. Chris Christie
  25. some light on the Libya intervention
  26. Who Is Running the Country?
  27. Political Cartoon
  28. Obama Ghraib...
  29. Where did all of the Obamunists go?
  30. President Obama's family
  31. Poll: US should be a "world power"
  32. What are you doing to support?
  33. Farrakhan to Obama: Who the hell do you think your are?
  34. More from jiminy carter's best friends
  35. Europeans "puzzled" by what a dufus Obama is...
  36. Helen Thomas comes clean.
  37. Three Ways Of Exercising Poodles
  38. Tough talking obama, yeah sure
  39. Three Ways Of Exercising Power
  40. Another Success For Obama
  41. When Will Hillary Drop Out
  42. Britain Bashes Bama
  43. CA truly the land of fruits and nuts....
  44. Utah!
  45. Saddle Up, Coboys!
  46. Obama should lead by example & Golf at Pebble Beach Tomorrow
  47. PPP poll: Among independent voters, Charlie Sheen beats Sarah Palin for President. Se
  48. Hillary Clinton jumping ship, angry with Obama
  49. Did Anyone Else Notice How fast...
  50. Obama seeks UN permission for strikes in Libya
  51. Executive Action
  52. Executive Action
  53. More Bad News for Conservatives
  54. A Sad Outcome
  55. Obama: Help Japanese as you're "filling out your brackets"
  56. Administration proposes changes to copyright laws
  57. More proof of the coming apocalypse.
  58. Pakistan just freed CIA contractor.
  59. Bam Bam needs another vacation, I guess
  60. The Washingon Monument Syndrome
  61. Ignorance is Strength
  62. Obama = Whiniest President Ever
  63. Where's Obama been as global turmoil spreads?
  64. 'The work of the Lord' vs. coincidence.
  65. The Administration Finally Gets Serious About the Budget...
  66. Palin is bugging Fox's owner
  67. Something to Argue About - Looting in Japan,,,, NOT.
  68. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
  69. The Tranparent obama
  70. A Failed CIC
  71. Who Smells Like John Galt?
  72. Why is it that...
  73. Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket funeral for seven dead Perry County siblings
  74. Tightening the Noose
  75. What The Japanese Earthquake Means For You
  76. Indiana vs Wisconsin
  77. NPR Busted (part II)! The next shoe falls (audio)
  78. School of Glock
  79. Gov't Funded Media
  80. Meet the New Boss...
  81. PIMCO Out Of US Treasuries
  82. Obama is "deeply offended" by this
  83. Clapper, another obama TOP PICK
  84. $350k cleanup: "That's not my Job."
  85. New Obamacare issue??
  86. Another success for Obama
  87. Most Recent Terrorist Arrest
  88. Texas bests California...
  89. What's obama doing about
  90. My Plan to Destroy America
  91. Who is John Galt
  92. Coffee Prices
  93. Simple incompetence or diabolical subversive plot?
  94. PIMCO Boss Says, "No Way Out Of Debt Trap"
  95. I wonder if Dick Cheney will be in attendance?
  96. Fat Tuesday
  97. Obama lied, pelosi lied, health care savings are bogus
  98. NPR Busted... (sting video)
  99. ???????: The smartest liberal commentator
  100. On second thought, let's leave Bin Laden in Afgaynistan (NSFLTR)
  101. George Will on high speed rail
  102. TN considering nullifying Obamacare
  103. Obama and GITMO
  104. the new civility....
  105. Jesse Jackson Jr on Unemployment
  106. Ensign walks the plank
  107. Why employee pensions aren't bankrupting states
  108. Bend over... Saudi Day of Rage planned.
  109. You guys know about AZ vs. Gant?
  110. Wisconsin Governor Walker calling for end to state subsidies for recycling
  111. Strategic Petroleum Reserve
  112. George Will: the smartest conservative commentator
  113. A future car
  114. College Admissions
  115. Interesting Article on Teachers
  116. Hay Democrats, I Guess I'm Stupid But Why Is It Many States Have Budget Shortfalls?
  117. President McCain: Year Two
  118. Concerning THOMAS JEFFERSON
  119. BATFE filming cross-border gun trafficking...instead of stopping it
  120. Iran becomes a member of the United Nations' Commission on the Status of Women
  121. Border Agents Forced to Face Down Bullets With Bean Bags?
  122. What's my state assemblyman up to?
  123. Brits Ahead of obama, again, still
  124. TABS Is A Great American Visionary
  125. Government Spending -- What's our Share???
  126. Wasteful foreign aid!
  127. Do Over
  128. WTF-saw?
  129. Poor Boehner's losing control of the 'baggers
  130. What's happened to us as humans?
  131. obama says "no guns for US agents in Mexico
  132. US postmaster does stand-up routine, but doesn't realize it
  133. Don't mess with Texans
  134. palm trees in wisconsin!
  135. Too Much Damage Has Been Done
  136. WI union POV w/ bonus Dropkick Murphys song
  137. Two directly related articles, cause and effect:
  138. Would you guys vote for me?
  139. Nice clip - Michael Moore explains well, basically wealth redistribution.
  140. Fox News ..Opinion Poll
  141. Jindal's wife's "foundation"
  142. Clean my own bathroom or mow my own lawn?
  143. The Flee Party Symbol?
  144. Oink oink!
  145. TABS Is Right On
  146. I think I'm gonna become a Jew.
  147. What is Obama Running Here
  148. If Steve Forbes is right, things will get worse before they get better.
  149. A Scary Union mob in Wisconsin (video)
  150. Moving to California...
  151. Boeing wins tanker contract: Thank you Senator Murray
  152. Who cut off the oil from Libya? OBAMA did.
  153. Supreme Court rules for Westboro Baptist Church
  154. Charles Koch on the Economy
  155. Humans caused global warming - 15,000 years ago
  156. A Tortured Justifcation:
  157. Kerry/Edwards
  158. Communists in Madison discuss their "master plans" (video)
  159. Newt to announce Thursday, so we know.
  160. Liberal law creates more problems than it fixes? Go figure.
  161. More Liberal Hate Speech...
  162. Am I the only one who has a problem with our telling Libya what to do?
  163. Present Effects
  164. Astronomical Effects
  165. Figuring out Past Temperatures
  166. Another successful gun "buyback"
  167. Why I don't care about climate change
  168. Ted Kennedy, even worse than you thought...
  169. Teach me about Clinton, SC
  170. Teach me about Clinton, SC
  171. Let Us Lay The Blame Where It Really Belongs
  172. Obama and History
  173. The RULE of Obama
  174. Everything you ever wanted to know about "climate change" (Fermilab lecture)
  175. Calif. Gov Jerry Brown: vote for tax hikes or I cut $25B from budget
  176. Mike Vick, the Hero
  177. Just another Oregonian Dem
  178. why are global warming believers so smarmy and condescending?
  179. Time to exploit our HUGE shale oil reserves
  180. GOP anti abortion lunatics
  181. Why do Democrats trust Government...
  182. 2 Bills -- One News Agency...
  183. States Rights
  184. Saudi's Up Oil Production
  185. Cornhusker kickback
  186. Why are Americans so ill-informed about climate change?
  187. Westboro Baptist Church vs Anonymous
  188. What's The Big Deal About a Government Shutdown?
  189. Chuck says it best.....
  190. Here's a good one- Bruce Thornton on the strikes.
  191. This is too easy. Another union thug assults citizen (video)
  192. What's that I hear?
  193. Time to stop appeasing radical Islam (video)
  194. Faux News really IS Faux
  195. Aussie PM...she's a disgrace and a lier
  196. Natural Selection - The Rattle Snake
  197. Do you support the Demos leaving Wisconsin?
  198. Can Israel win an all out war against all the muslims?
  199. Public sector unions vs America (video)
  200. Gaddafi: Barakeh Obama is friend
  201. The Public Worker Gravy Train
  202. Union Thug in Action.... (video)
  203. union dues
  204. obama, holder finally agree to cut spending
  205. Who REALLY Pays the Taxes
  206. Wisc. Governor Admits his Secret Plan is to Crush the Unions
  207. Does anyone else remember the world conflict/turmoil during the Carter presidency?
  208. Blaming teachers
  209. Snowstorms, floods, earthquakes, unrest in the middle east, etc...
  210. Democrats calling for Blood in the Streets
  211. Rahm is the Man
  212. which of these rebelling middle east countries have we been propping up?
  213. Four Americans Killed on Yacht Hijacked by Somali Pirates
  214. Indiana walkout
  215. Concerning Life and Value
  216. Columbia University lowlifes.
  217. Could the U.S. be next?
  218. Gas Ranges - did my neighbor one up me???
  219. The end of the Middle Beast as we know it...
  220. Who is black73?
  221. So how is the new boss better than the old boss?
  222. Could China be next...
  223. Showdown in Wisconsin: A snapshot of future?
  224. How corrupt are union leftists? This corrupt:
  225. Leviticus 18:22
  226. Looks like somebody finally elected a good president!
  227. Robo-Sock-Puppets
  228. Vulgar, ungrateful, socialist union scum throw a fit in Wisconsin
  229. Bam needs to Buzz Off
  230. Once Upon a Time in Afghanistan....
  231. Better than Nothing, but not nearly enough
  232. Scott Walker vs. Pat Quinn
  233. Just Pissed Off
  234. Barry Soetoro aka Barrack Obama
  235. Obama's meeting
  236. I don't do PARF, so please help me understand the issue in Wisconsin
  237. Is a Puerto Rican eligible to become president of the United States?
  238. debunking some Govt jobs myths
  239. This middle-east unrest is really getting out of hand ...
  240. Entitlements
  241. Medicare Fraud
  242. HAppy Birthday, Kim Jong-il!
  243. The SP 500 Up 60% In 2 Years
  244. Madison
  245. This will never happen in California.
  246. We Are Entering The End Game
  247. Perspective
  248. WTF is up with people who don't put money away?
  249. Bernie chucks his partners under the bus
  250. An issue that the GOP should hammer.