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  1. trump the chump not running
  2. Debt Clock should stop today!
  3. Attention Climate Change Deniers
  4. A Must Watch video for PARFers.
  5. $200,000 per year lifeguards in Orange County, CA
  6. French Socialist and head of IMF rapes hotel maid in NYC
  7. el faldero wants to be my friend...
  8. 2 questions
  9. How are the Health Insurance Co.s Doing?
  10. How to control a Con.
  11. one leaves... one joins...
  12. greece going down
  13. Is it 'un-American' to end tax subsidies for Big Oil?
  14. Ron Paul
  15. SEALs wish Obama and his cronies would "shut up"
  16. Krauthammer sums it up again.
  17. Institutionalized racism - when will it end?
  18. Liberal media bought and paid for by Soros
  19. green car tax credit
  20. Another Dem bites the dust
  21. McCain: Torture did not lead to bin Laden death
  22. Demagoguery 101 - Obams's Immigration Speech...
  23. The price of gas
  24. Cultural Bankruptcy in San Francisco
  25. bin laden has been dead for years?
  26. Obama's momma a CIA operative in Africa oin the 60's??
  27. What does it mean, to you, to be a Republican?
  28. Chin-Tastic! Bristol Palin is becoming Jay Leno!
  29. Obama restarting push for subprime lending in minority areas
  30. The VietNam Wall
  31. Mr Obama race baiting in Texas
  32. Why is "No Child Left Behind" so reviled?
  33. I love wet black bush.
  34. Gandhi and Malcolm...
  35. More trash in the White House
  36. "Kids React" to Osama's death.
  37. Pakistan "hints" (or threatens) China interested in Helicopter
  38. Where's that thread about ...... ?
  39. Baja Arizona
  40. CIA Book Review
  41. ok, Who wants access to bin Laden's wives?
  42. Splitsville for Arnold and Maria
  43. Thanks Florida!
  44. A Special Thank You from Michelle Obama....
  45. Chuck Schumer misspeaks
  46. Newt to announce Wednesday
  47. 9,000 lb elephant in the room
  48. My Little Sister Graduated From College...
  49. The "Gold Dinar" conspiracy?"
  50. Pakistan
  51. This just in...ODL used Just for Men
  52. Computers, hard drives, tapes - what the hell was Obama thinking?
  53. SanFran to release all illegals before they can be deported
  54. Channeling Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi
  55. Why didn't Bin Laden get a trial?
  56. No more beastiality in Florida.
  57. Bush blows it again!
  58. Osamas network of caves?
  59. Did Obama make an Error Commanding that UBL be Killed
  60. Palin and Trump. One man's opinion
  61. Still need pic for proof Al Qaeda says he dead
  62. Herman Cain
  63. Al Quaeda seems convinced...
  64. Ah..... The Good Old UN
  65. An eloquent summary of Obama's opening
  66. The power struggle behind the decision to take out UBL.
  67. What bounce?
  68. Religious Affiliation
  69. Father of Todd Beamer speaks out
  70. Obama administration floats draft plan to tax cars by the mile
  71. The price of Rules of Engagement and Honor
  72. Obama makes a big win a loss.....
  73. More progressive big goverment BS
  74. Conservatives Bending Over Already
  75. Obamas Dad was in WWII? Huh?
  76. The story changes yet again...
  77. Something doesn't add up...
  78. They are not goin to release the photo
  79. Obama's high point
  80. Osama Death Certificate
  81. What Canadians Want - WSJ
  82. Liberal American Pride, Out of the Closet!
  83. Is the term "moron" overused?
  84. Another talking point taken from the Republicans.
  85. Obama Birth Certificate Faked In Adobe Ill
  86. CIA Director Panetta discusses role of "inhanced interrogation"
  87. Liberals and "Narratives"
  88. Was Osma taken Alive..
  89. How many times have you heard news media say Obama has been killed?
  90. How we found Bin Laden
  91. Why does this WH have to fabricate the story?
  92. And Hillary says-------Yea
  93. Capricorn One
  94. The To Do List
  95. Cindy Sheehan: Useful idiot no more
  96. Thank you, Barack Obama
  97. So Now That He's Dead
  98. Why it took so LONG
  99. Bin Laden's Islamic Funeral
  100. Dems just have to make it partisan...
  101. Credit for Obama
  102. 2012 Election Cancelled
  103. He may be Dead...
  104. Obama - 1 osama - 0
  105. OBL's death has polarized things here on PParts
  106. Fox News retards: Headlines USAMA Bin Laden Dead
  107. Game over, why bother running?
  108. Osama bin Laden dead?
  109. OBL Dead?
  110. They got Bin Laden?
  111. Qaddafi's son is dead. Now what?
  112. More correspondence dinner tape.
  113. Si vis pacem, para bellum.
  114. Whitehouse correspondence dinner
  115. Muslims in Russia, what next?
  116. Barack Hussein Obama, Sr forced out at Harvard
  117. Christie porn (video)
  118. Obama heckled at DNC fundraiser...
  119. Now Mitt Romney just went off the deep end.
  120. Global Cooling of the Pacific
  121. Without Comment
  122. The Past as Prologue
  123. NRA on Eric Holder
  124. The Progressive Era Is DEAD DEAD DEAD
  125. Need help understanding...
  126. Should a Twon, State or federal Government Be Run Like a Business?
  127. Obama as Putin
  128. If Obama was doing a great job, would we really care if he was born here or not?
  129. Five things the Reps must do to have a chance in 2012
  130. How much sorrier can the Fed Gov get?
  131. FACTS about Oil
  132. Exxon profits $11B Q1 - gas prices out of control
  133. Business tax question
  134. SIG 2340 yay or nay
  135. Trump the Chump
  136. Left-wing fruitcake Nicole Sandler arrested for disrupting townhall meeting (Video)
  137. Mass Dems vote to strip collective bargaining
  138. Stunning news out of Washington!
  139. About Time: Obama's Birth Certificate Realeased
  140. ..
  141. maybe everybody will agree with this-but then again, maybe not
  142. What's this BS? Forest Labs
  143. Boehner cutting oil subsidies
  144. gasoline for a dime
  145. DARISC is an idiot
  146. Oregon public employees made millionaires
  147. Sex, Lies and Videotape - and other vices - UPM - Vegas
  148. Just How Unpopular is Obama?
  149. 4-11: Trump tops Republican presidential hopefuls
  150. economic confidence is sliding
  151. Lightning does strike twice...
  152. American workers got what they deserved
  153. Really I just don't know what to say...
  154. You going to church on Sunday? Easter?
  155. The gall of this tool...
  156. Racial Violence at McDonalds
  157. Re-arranging the deck chairs.
  158. Good Friday and Holy Week
  159. Shocking News; Oil WAS behind the invasion of Iraq
  160. Congressmen West: Obama is a low-level socialist organizer (video)
  161. red capes are for bullfighters.....
  162. Paul Ryan Booed at His Own Town Hall Meeting
  163. Understanding PARF
  164. Understanding PARF
  165. What was that about the Senate Again?
  166. Drones in Libya
  167. Simon & Schuster's Revenge
  168. McDonalds For That Special Occasion
  169. The Obama Youth
  170. Politician Says Taxes MUST Play Role in Rebuilding Economy
  171. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Says Apple’s iPad Kills American Jobs
  172. Understanding Tax Cuts
  173. Michelle's near miss
  174. Tax Fact #48/2(9+3). Spending: Is it an issue?
  175. When Disaster Strikes...
  176. Tax Fact #11 - There is no Tax Fact #8
  177. Tweeting the Revolution: The Role of Social Media in Toppling Dictatorships
  178. TAX FACT: We need 100% tax rate on those making more than $75,000
  179. Tax Facts # 9. Look at the German Tax System
  180. Union bimbos gettin' down... (video)
  181. A Typical Response To Radio Tabs
  182. The Next Election
  183. Interesting allegations re: Obama
  184. Obama insults reporter (video)
  185. replace all the monkeys-
  186. What's with Jan Brewer in Az ???
  187. Now, this is rich....roll eyes
  188. Ayn Rand on Sexuality (this gonna rile some of y'all up)
  189. Tax Fact #7. Some corporate tax breaks destroy jobs.
  190. Government Spending Per Capita, 1900-present
  191. Leo Berman - maybe not the sharpest knife in the drawer
  192. Charles Manson breaks his silence to warn about "Global Warming"
  193. Ayn Rand on Liberty vs Socialism: A true visionary (Video)
  194. Tax Fact #6. When it comes to corporations, the story is much the same — less taxes.
  195. S&P goes negative on US outlook for first time
  196. Tax Fact #6 - You are getting screwed
  197. Look at the left
  198. What is your actual tax rate?
  199. Tax Fact #5. Since Reagan, only the wealthy have gained significant income
  200. Best Analogy
  201. A Reflection On The Obama Week
  202. Tax Fact #4. 4. Many of the very richest pay no current income taxes at all.
  203. Tax Fact #3. The wealthy are now paying less taxes than before.
  204. Zero and the budget Rant
  205. Global warming?
  206. My Kind of Girl!!!
  207. FoxNews-- Fair and Balanced
  208. Are we on the same page about BO's birthplace yet?
  209. Tax Fact #2. The wealthiest Americans don’t carry the burden.
  210. The Paranoid Soul
  211. Tax Fact #1. Poor Americans do pay taxes.
  212. Death penalty opponents have more blood on their hands...
  213. What's really going on in sacramento?
  214. US Deficit - a short history
  215. Obama Blows up the Bridge
  216. TR - a man's man
  217. What Needs to Happen First
  218. Waiting in line at the food stamp office
  219. What's wrong with the kids???
  220. My triumphant return!
  221. Sleepers at obamas speech
  222. Stoopidity knows no bounds when it comes to unions and teachers
  223. The PARF Defict Reduction Plan
  224. Paul Ryan on Obama's Speech
  225. TABS Agrees With Mossguy
  226. Israeli President Peres Agrees With TABS
  227. Looks like Obama is trying to cut the deficit now.
  228. President Of B of A Agrees With TABS
  229. It's a revenue problem, tax the rich, ?????
  230. No Space Shuttle fro Houston
  231. What happened to the Dip?
  232. UN Plan: Give bugs and trees the same rights as humans...
  233. Teachers support cop-killer
  234. Big Government on the Brink...
  235. The reckoning and re-balancing.
  236. BP money being spent on what?
  237. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - the ultimate meet...
  238. "Pray for Obama. Psalm 109:8".
  239. Budget Compromise: A poll
  240. "Qu'ils achètent de nouvelles voitures"
  241. 11th Hour Budget Deal to Avert Shutdown
  242. 38.5 billion, BFD. the new repubs rolled
  243. Planned Parenthood funding and political contributions to dems
  244. Really going out on a limb here
  245. Where do the Dems find these people?
  246. Letter to my congressman
  247. Modest Proposal to Solve Budget Impasse
  248. Impeachable offenses
  249. Ticket for Driving @ Speed Limit?
  250. Bambam heads off to another vacation