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  1. The Judge gets it right...
  2. No protection to Vets & Families
  3. Careful who you Demonize when you have skeletons in your closet
  4. MSNBC: NRA 'in the Business of Helping Bombers Get Away With Their Crimes'
  5. Opinion of Alan Gottlieb and his organizations?
  6. Police Survey on Gun Control
  7. Decorated Vet Arrested for Rudely Displaying AR15
  8. USPS - Typical Gov't Agency!
  9. Gun Control FAIL!
  10. insiders and the roll back
  11. Wow... So many violations of rights I lost count
  12. How to give away Billion$
  13. so austerity is based on a mathmatical error
  14. Why didn't obama stop this attack
  15. Ricin sent to Senator's Office
  16. Left wing logic
  17. public debt and economic growth
  18. Been to the shooting range lately?
  19. Reid shows his true colors
  20. Learn how DHS keeps our nation safe...
  21. It Must Not Be #2
  22. And Freedom Dies a Little More Today
  23. Did you see what the wicked witch of the west said about the Boston bombing?
  24. Need a Tax Benefit?
  25. What if???
  26. "Mayors Against Illegal Guns"
  27. Adam Scott wins Masters, the first for Australia
  28. This is embarrassing. I ned a drink!
  29. Gay Marraige Infertility Benefits. . . Thank You Liberals
  30. Cool, yo. My VTECH-gun-confiscation-homies-just-kicked-in
  31. California's prop 13
  32. Barber Race ... no really race
  33. Amazing.......
  34. Quality indocrination
  35. Your Intellectual Experience With CS Lewis
  36. Some crazy republicans campaign sticker.
  37. cluster fk
  38. So just what exactly stopped killers @ Columbine, Aurora, Newtown, VA tech?
  39. What your GoPro Hero3 PCB looks like
  40. Fox Paws is a ...
  41. Good News Everyone
  42. Ben Carson
  43. cool GoPro video..
  44. No GoPro's Harmed by Ken Block in Russia
  45. Architect of ObamaCare: "just beyond comprehension"
  46. obama's new dod training manuals claim catholics are extremist?
  47. Chicago complete ban on guns is RIGHT! Store owner wielding bat BEATS perp w/GUN
  48. Safe, Legal and Rare part ?
  49. Stun Guns maybe next on the list
  50. Paul Ryan
  51. This should be fun to watch.
  52. Fox continues to lose credibility
  53. Obamacare is Incomprehensible
  54. Mass Stabbing - Clearly we have to Ban All Kitchen Knives!
  55. NYT: Better to fight back. But with what?
  56. S. Korea v. N. Korea
  57. Why California is Left.
  58. The wind really blows.
  59. Do we still live in a constitutional republic?
  60. Obama Bumper Sticker Has Lost Its Luster
  61. "Better Investments"
  62. bitcoin making a stab at the state
  63. Trayvon's parents get a wrongful death settlement.
  64. Anti Drone Ammo...
  65. Pinko Commie Left Wing Liberals Hide Vocanos
  66. This is fun....
  67. As it turns out, they knew about Holmes in advance.
  68. Why do we keep hearing and seeing these three words?
  69. This make you feel better Fint?
  70. Stuff you won't see elsewhere.......
  71. GoPro Vid of Eurocar Meet & Drive in West LA/PCH (GT3, Cayman S, Exige, M5 Content)
  72. Another genie out of the bottle?
  73. Wonder if DEA monitors PPbb
  74. Consensus failing?
  75. The Constitution State, yeah ******* right
  76. Another disingenuous atheist dies
  77. A quote for the ages
  78. WTF is wrong with L.A.?
  79. And Why Does North Korea Hate Us Again?
  80. CT Gun Control Bill Passes House
  81. N Korea
  82. Lies, Liberals, and video tape
  83. someone should probably read it again ...
  84. Should we Eliminate Estate Taxes for 5% of the Popn?
  85. Stocktown is Bk
  86. If the Media were fair...
  87. Arch Duke Ferdinand
  88. More amazing Ms. DeGette
  89. Obama Looking for $100Mil for Brain Mapping Research...
  90. Well, Rand Paul is out of the race.
  91. Current gun control bills pending in California.
  92. Looks like Hillary is going to take it.
  93. WTF is wrong with Colorado?
  94. Unparralled Idiocy
  95. Good read on 2A and the current debate (long)
  96. Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America
  97. F-Off Krugman - LOL
  98. Gasoline Sulfur Content - 30ppm to 10pmm
  99. Best April Fools day Hack ever!
  100. james holmes
  101. Obama declares April Budget Responsibility Month
  102. Stupid DMV (Vermont/California) and Crazy NADA value of my car
  103. Tie welfare into kids grades??
  104. The Obamas live the 1 percent life
  105. So, as long as you do nothing "wrong"
  106. What does Reagan's budget director think about Republican fiscal policy?
  107. The Republican Party
  108. Anyone notice the Google 'Spotlight" today?
  109. May your chains rest lightly upon you
  110. Response to B-52s
  111. Your government at work.
  112. Origins of PARF Found
  113. IMF & USA gas taxes
  114. Unbelievable!!! With video!
  115. How To Solve The Drug Problem
  116. Documentary on N Korea on Netflix
  117. Austin, but not New York?
  118. banjo and metal-- WTh???
  119. Stock Market All-Time High
  120. Response to B-2's
  121. moving people from welfare to disability
  122. It will be interesting to see how this turns out
  123. Sandy Hook article, who writes this stuff?
  124. Americans migrate from less-free liberal states to more-free conservative states
  125. Feds use fake mobile phone cells
  126. Illegals Call For Free Healthcare in California TV Commercial
  127. Who should build a 200 mph train? the unemployable and unskilled of course
  128. More stuff from your friendly neighborhood fascists!
  129. Forbes article on Chicago being last in Federal firearms law enforcement.
  130. Most Illegal Immigrant Families Collect Welfare
  131. I think he'll regret this
  132. Truths about environment pollution
  133. Interesting article from Cracked of all places....
  134. Drug Dog Searches Ruled Unconstitutional
  135. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and this letter to the US Senator, hmmm...
  136. How many gay people are there in the United States?
  137. Cold Dead Hand....Jim Carrey
  138. Food Nazis got my kid today
  139. I want a girl like...
  140. Nah.... government is not too big.
  141. Are You Satisfied With Your Elected Officials?
  142. It's delicious! Today's fascist rant from Mayor Bloomberg
  143. Some of us are just more equal....
  144. A quote to ponder
  145. Israel speech
  146. Tea Part Defends Right to Ride on Manatees
  147. Nullify the war on drugs
  148. The Venn Diagram of Irrational Nonsense
  149. Another Teen Shooter!
  150. We have no nobility here
  151. more green
  152. Kenya condom advert pulled after religious complaints
  153. Hey! How does that fascism taste? Yummy!
  154. Of Course
  155. Boulder Co, epicenter of segragration
  156. Fomc
  157. Growth and Opportunity
  158. Punish success, embrace failure, the liberal way.
  159. Minimum wage? Can someone explain this?
  160. Racist Prosecutors Lynch Black Doctor
  161. A bit of the ultraviolence...
  162. Dying Iraq vet writes letter to Bush/Cheney.
  163. DiFi's anti gun bill, goes down
  164. PBS The "S' is for SEX
  165. Meanwhile, inside the beltway..
  166. Federal Assets
  167. Paul makes his run for the white house....
  168. Russia protests taxing Cyprus savings accts
  169. Growth and Opportunity Project?
  170. We Are Going Down
  171. Chelsea Clinton Buying $10 Million NYC Apartment
  172. Oh boy, Oh boy.....
  173. A sad example of what political speak does to everyday life
  174. "It's an economy about nothing"
  175. How can this be?
  176. an altercation
  177. Gun control may be working as it is
  178. A new GOP....with Romney & Palin?
  179. Iran fires two nuclear ICBMs into Israel
  180. Bad Lip Reading
  181. Pretty sure guns are illegal in Mexico.
  182. Absolutely wild speculation
  183. 100 rounds
  184. Pictures of biden and holder at a news event, oh no you don't
  185. Caption the photo...
  186. Should the Minimum Wage be Indexed to Inflation?
  187. The Obama administration contradicts itself
  188. Adam Carolla parfs Gaavin Newsome
  189. Well! Since you asked nicely.....
  190. Toronto meets California - Nobody Expects the Toronto District School Bd. Inquisition
  191. Agenda 21
  192. What would you say if you found out God was real?
  193. An Argentine Pope, an Argentine Queen and the New World Order
  194. New Pope
  195. White Smoke - there is a Pope
  196. HowSausage is Made
  197. Scientific Method - The Hits Keep Coming.....
  198. Means Testing Social Security - but how?
  199. How the congress retirement plan compares to yours
  200. Social Security Chain Letter
  201. State Taxes
  202. How to write a grant proposal
  203. Have we discussed Mark Kelly?
  204. Can't Believe This Went Unnoticed...
  205. Long Time Comin'...
  206. Soda lovers in NYC rejoice!
  207. armistice is over
  208. drone attack
  209. Do You Think His Wife Knows?
  210. the President wears mom jeans
  211. What if someone presented to you a new God?
  212. TSA Newark fail
  213. housing and jobs
  214. Mark of the beast is nigh
  215. N. Korea economic sanctions include 'race cars' ??!!
  216. Guantanamo or Manhattan
  217. Classic! Brennan Sworn In On Original Draft Constitution... Doesn't Include BOR!
  218. If McConnell loses, at least we'll have a smoking hot Senator in his place.
  219. droning on
  220. Kpfk
  221. 15
  222. Woman survives grizzly attack with .25 cal pistol
  223. Too many billions-too few results
  224. Halleluja!
  225. Biggest Liars in History...
  226. open discussion topic:
  227. North Korea?
  228. He Tried It His Way
  229. Igold 2013
  230. Moe comedy from the left!
  231. Great, my Rem 870 will soon make me a felon
  232. Here's a good idea.
  233. 16% voter turnout in SmelLA....
  234. Your Political Whores at Their Best: Duplication Nation - as per the GAO...
  235. Bill O’Reilly unloads on Alan Colmes....
  236. Immigration and Fast Tracking Illegals
  237. fint - drone memos
  238. On this day in 1616.....
  239. March 5th -- The best day ever!
  240. Chavez has passed away
  241. Make It Hurt
  242. Colorado and Rape
  243. Time Magazine and Health Care Costs
  244. more subsidies
  245. Does failure to register firearms mean they are illegal or undocumented?
  246. Now Tell Me This Ain't The Way It Turned Out
  247. Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un - say what??
  248. Say what Warren
  249. A victim of my own success?
  250. Fun With Charts...