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  1. Holes need Mo' Pie
  2. Romney warming up to Obamacare
  3. The Lead
  4. Remember Obama's Geico attitude?
  5. Are you better off than four years ago?
  6. Are you better off than four years ago?
  7. Palin vs Palin #1
  8. 1,000,000 for Romneys business experience.
  9. The Rich Don't Pay Enough
  10. Bait and Switch
  11. Another Ryan Lie: His Marathon Time.
  12. HK vs Beijing
  13. Michael Moore: "No, Obama Didn't Save Detroit!"
  14. How many Fourth of July picnics......
  15. You didn't build that Obama Hope Poster
  16. Someone pull up a thread from 3 1/2 years ago concerning obama
  17. Lustful Cockmonster. Epic. NSFW. Gay Marriage. 1st Amendment. NFL Content
  18. Countdown to Iran
  19. Ryan Speech
  20. Clint Eastwood Interviewed
  21. US economy adds 96K jobs, unemployment rate falls to 8.1 percent
  22. FactChecking Obama and Biden
  23. Belgium and Muslims Sharia law - radicals breeding
  24. Anyone catch Jennifer Granholm's speech?
  25. I Think I Shall Become A Dem!
  26. Obama's convention speech.
  27. Osama Bin Laden
  28. Nazis... Far right, or far left?
  29. Matthew 26:34
  30. the bank of Iran
  31. So Did The 'Nays' Have It Or The 'Yas'? What Do The Dems Feeel About God and the Jews
  32. Election fraud
  33. ransom-of-mitt-romneys-tax-returns
  34. Why does PARF have more conservatives than progressives?
  35. Race baiters are racists inside the convention
  36. A Question For President Obama
  37. Bill Clinton's DNC template to make it all palatable
  38. the dupe corporate style
  39. 1 Shot Dead At Rally For New Quebec Premier
  40. stagehand shot in assaination atempt
  41. Tell it like it is indeed ....
  42. Obama grades himself: Incomplete
  43. Capabilities
  44. Toure
  45. Millwrights versus Electricians
  46. National Review's 689 Reasons to Defeat Obama
  47. Somebody make it stop
  48. Ryan's Lies
  49. Romney's Fortune
  50. What's your humble opinion
  51. Mike Milken and Romney
  52. The DNC's Bold Lies
  53. is anyone else getting love letters via PM?
  54. Obama: "We're Gonna Need A SMALLER Boat!"
  55. Obama is going to HEAL the Planet
  56. Chairman of CA. Democratic Party compares Republicans to Nazis
  57. The Democratic National Convention
  58. National Empty Chair Day...
  59. Ampad
  60. How Romney Did His Work
  61. Who Romney Really Is
  62. Romney Doomed - No Bounce
  63. TV Media Taking it Extra Easy on Romney/Mormons
  64. Muslims and the Pope
  65. Meanwhile in England
  66. 'Is Obama Just Another Ivy League A--hole?'
  67. Obama’s Military Stop: An Embarassingly Political Flop
  68. Another dummy brings fists to a gunfight.
  69. If YOU were the would you.....
  70. Four more years?
  71. Obama Sent Form Letters to Families of Fallen SEALs
  72. More from artist John McNaughton
  73. What if Romney...
  74. TABS ON Clint
  75. If the US doesn't want Canada's dirty oil...
  76. Romney's Speech...
  77. Surprised this wasn't on here earlier
  78. Surprised this wasn't on here earlier
  79. I Didn’t Vote for Obama in 2008, but I’ll be First in 2012
  80. Israel - Iran
  81. RNC, It's all over now. Was it good for you Republicans?
  82. What the hell is Clint Eastwood doing?
  83. Clint!!!!
  84. Obama's Failboat . .
  85. Dis a Religion
  86. You are Libertarian
  87. And ANOTHER guy carrying concealed stops crime.
  88. The absolute worst person you have ever dealt with
  89. I know it's risky....
  90. now THIS is a body slam.
  91. Ryan's Speech...
  92. Would Ayn Rand endorse Paul Ryan
  93. Your opinion of PARF
  94. Mormons
  95. OT Post Slamming PARF Posters
  96. Local Brou-ha-ha
  97. Challenge to the Liberals on this board...
  98. Take two breasts and call me in the morning
  99. Voltage Regulator, Alternator 'G' light, and OXS Light
  100. Made a mistake...visited PARF
  101. What do you think about natural gas as a choice?
  102. ron paul @RNC
  103. Another GOOD gun carrying story which of course you won't hear about.
  104. Oh, this will warm the hearts of so many Americans...
  105. Soldiers Charged with Plot to Kill Obama
  106. Obama "You didn't build that"
  107. Batman shooting suspect framed?
  108. Michael Mann vs. Mark Steyn -- I'll buy the popcorn!
  109. Obama Will Get Re-elected...
  110. Obama was right
  111. Charlie Crist is Right
  112. States in Play
  113. The Bill Clinton Ad For Obama
  114. Rich People Admired, Disliked, Under-Taxed
  115. A Romney Win = Disaster for the Republican Party
  116. Really? I Mean Really?
  117. HA! Obama has millions of fake Twitter followers
  118. A computer virus warning to OPEC
  119. The Fiscal Cliff
  120. How many times did you vote for Obama
  121. Anyone know of anyone who had an exorcism done&worked?
  122. The truth about the middle class
  123. Gun control is really working in Chicago
  124. 2016 the movie
  125. This just in
  126. Voters,
  127. Who said it: Joe Biden or Michael Scott?
  128. The Party of NO is Back?
  129. The RNC Thread
  130. Athiest Summer Camp
  131. Of Thee I Sigh: Baby Boomers Bust
  132. $20T in debt by 2016
  133. U. of Colorado study Election Prediction
  134. From the Huff Post no less.....
  135. Norway's mass murder
  136. Romney's sign of leakness
  137. "clear choice" Obama, clinton add....
  138. 6
  139. Ex Navy Seals Video 'Unprofessional, Shameful Action'
  140. obama's war, but the left doesn't care
  141. This is Mitt's Residence?
  142. If you just read headlines.....
  143. Here come the leaks.
  144. If at first you don't succeed .....
  145. Newspeak
  146. Karnac come thru again!!!
  147. The Teleprompter is Back
  148. baptist forum.... wow. just wow.
  149. What we should be discussing
  150. Elderly woman destroys 19th-century Spanish fresco
  151. The Bane of Bain
  152. the corn lobby in action
  153. Religion of Peace?
  154. Spoons
  155. skinny-dipping publicans
  156. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the House of Deputies
  157. Akin stays in - deadline passes
  158. CCW in Illinois
  159. Time to Rename PARF
  160. Young driver + e46 M3 + GoPro = fun off road video
  161. Fisker going down in flames - literally.
  162. Ryan stimulus flip flop
  163. Obama up, Romney down.
  164. Obama campaign's spending outpaces its fundraising
  165. Bill Kristol: Romney's 13% Tax: "Kind of Weird"
  166. Here we go again--LAPD caught beating a black guy on tape:
  167. Interesting article from Fred Reed
  168. What will happen to Julian Assange?
  169. Obama Campaign in Disarray
  170. Are swingers better off now ...
  171. Mittens "Trust Me" issues in the past.
  172. Ryanomics
  173. That's a New One: “Legitimate Rape”
  174. Oh my
  175. You must be 21 to purchase .22LR ammo? WTF?
  176. If Mitt Romney’s nephew needed an operation and Rachel Maddow had to pay for it ...
  177. looks like sex may be over boys
  178. More Economic Trouble Coming?
  179. Are there really no jobs for those looking?
  180. Hottest july ever!
  181. Good enough for me...
  182. Romney only paid 13% of his income to taxes
  183. Prove It!
  184. dems sink to a new low
  185. Pussy Riot
  186. Taxes & Consequences
  187. Israel, Iran The Breaking Point?
  188. Another Gun Rampage..This Time Adverted
  189. One Good Chance for Romney
  190. Another Right Wing Shooting
  191. Ex Navy Seals Video, have you seen it?
  192. Sarah Palin tells Obama to Dump Joe Biden
  193. Why We Fight for Economic Freedom
  194. Paul Ryan's knowledge of our economy
  195. Before that thread was locked....
  196. Obama press photo...lolz
  197. This is going to baffled on Mitt.
  198. Do any of the Republicans here think Ryan was not a good choice?
  199. Something You Don't Hear Every Day...
  200. Talking down to Negroes
  201. Paul Ryan’s Insider Trading - Rumor or Fact?
  202. Why NOT to use progressive for your insurance company
  203. Abandoning Obummer
  204. Let the promising being
  205. The mental capacity to be president
  206. Early SWB Fuel pump bushings
  207. Two Minutes Hate
  208. What would Walt do?
  209. Who is Paul Ryan?
  210. what is funnier than being caught out as a racist?
  211. victimless crime spree
  212. Paul Ryan. You Didn't Build That Career
  213. NOAA requests bid for ammunition?? Real or Fake?
  214. The Panic
  215. Are the majority of Dem's really so Socialist?
  216. But you will still lose your luggage
  217. Mitt Romney Miami Campaign Event Held At Juice Shop Owned By Convicted Cocaine Traffi
  218. '60 Minutes’ Edits Out Crucial Point by Ryan
  219. "Obama That I Used To Know
  220. Romney's Double Standard re Tax Returns
  221. On 2nd thought, I now support Romney & Ryan
  222. Another Gun Homicide by Law Abiding Gun Owner
  223. Did Romney raise foreign cash?
  224. Huma back in the news.
  225. Gerald Celente- the untouchables
  226. Break down in a bay, swim to an airport get arrested.....
  227. Mitt Romney is not capable of lying, neither was GWB
  228. Trickle Down Fairy Dust
  229. Why the VP pick now?
  230. what if Obama loses and ...
  231. Wow...
  232. Big Pimpin
  233. LOLO, libs, what's your problem
  234. 2016 The Movie, anyone going to go?
  235. How to Avoid Taxes like Romoney
  236. want some more big brother paranoia?
  237. Thank you Mr. President
  238. U.S. Government Debt Grows $10 Million a Minute
  239. See something? Say Something!
  240. Even more wackadoodlery from the left:
  241. Guns. Is this simple statement true or false?
  242. Truthfully...are you a MINION?
  243. Chris Mathews
  244. Obama misunderstands "success"...
  245. Got to love it when Blago opens his mouth...
  246. Bonus Bit: “Well, maybe you can teach the vets to milk cows.”
  247. wasting time
  248. Governmetn doesn't create jobs or stimulate the economy
  249. So many positive Obama threads...
  250. Sinaloa Cartel - 'Fast and Furious’ Is Not What You Think