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  1. Univison connects Fast & Furious to murders of Mexican teens.
  2. California bans "Gay to Straight" therapy for teens
  3. Generous with other peoples money.
  4. Who would Ahmadinajad pick?
  5. Wake the f__k up! Samuel Jackson in Obama campaign spot.
  6. Romney Shaking that Etch-A-Sketch Again.
  7. Taxes in Calif.
  8. Why do Adam and Eve have belly buttons?
  9. An Errand into the Wilderness
  10. George Soros is big bad oil?
  11. Remember That Welfare Lottery Winner?
  12. Inadequate Stimulus
  13. Oil and the Yuan
  14. Obama Administration RE: Egypt - WTF???
  15. Ann Romney drives another nail into Mitt
  16. The True Cause of Terrorism Revealed - Food
  17. The Imaginary Campaign
  18. What's happening over there?
  19. think you have a problem?
  20. Why did the FF do away with cruel and unusual punishment
  21. The U.S. vs Greece
  22. Clever politician joke
  23. you libs are still at it I see
  24. Friedrich Hayek
  25. Mitts favorability even lower than Bush.
  26. Michael Savage won his lawsuit
  27. Reagan;s Farewell prophetic!
  28. How about this
  29. Thank you President Obama
  30. Conservative Colleges
  31. There ARE "Two Americas"
  32. Executive Orders....
  33. Which way will the NPA's vote?
  34. Ohio & Florida
  35. Facelifts should require necklifts....
  36. Is it possible to get out of the Mideast?
  37. Spain & Greece still failling
  38. PARF Challenge of the day - criticize your own party/candidate
  39. THE BIG LIE: “Rich People Create Jobs”
  40. Caption this Photo
  41. It's official! We Have A Black Muslim In The Whitehouse!
  42. Mr President, this is how a leader responds.
  43. The best reason for Obama supporters..
  44. punk'd nypd drone program
  45. Obama Campaign Quietly Ditches Faux Flag
  46. Romney Can't Figure Out Why Plane Windows Don't Open?
  47. Federal Dollars Developed Natural Gas Boom
  48. Fox-News, Yes, Fox-News, Reports: Voter Fraud is Non Existent
  49. Another Obama tie to Arabs
  50. 4 Years Ago Today. Sept. 24. 2008
  51. Another Obumma tie to Arabs
  52. What does your political lawn sign say?
  53. Free Plan B pills available to minors
  54. How come no new thread about the WH changing its tune about Benghazi attack?
  55. The largest lose of airpower since the TET offoensive...
  56. Dear Leader Compares campaign volunteers to fallen troops and diplomats
  57. Chevrolet Volt - 46% of it made in America
  58. 99 Days until the largest tax hike
  59. Obama Apology Tour Sets World ablaze
  60. what is the lesson here?
  61. Is it OK to vote on the basis of race, only?
  62. And your Porsche is?
  63. Romney “foolish” and hypocritical
  64. The Romney's And Abortion
  65. And your profession is?
  66. $4 million to charity, $2M in federal taxes in 2011.
  67. Not looking good for Romney
  68. Iran at cyberwar with US
  69. Julian Assange
  70. birth on the battlefield
  71. Obama will get re-elected...
  72. Embassy sieged, Ambassador dead, America's response
  73. Hey, look, someone in the press FINALLY decided to vet Obama!
  74. The Ultimate Reality
  75. Tax inequity
  76. 12 million for a BJ....
  77. Former GM CEO: "The Treasury Department should sell every last GM share asap"
  78. Changing the Rules
  79. Report: Never an Anti-American Protest in Benghazi
  80. What Obama will leave behind
  81. Apology
  82. The Presidential Daily Briefing...
  83. This one's too much for even me!!
  84. Nice Lawn!
  85. Governor Berkeley, Bacon's Rebellion and Early Jamestown...
  86. Here comes the E15!
  87. On Iranian Nukes...
  88. Latest from Clint:
  89. Cute little nursery rhyme.
  90. Romney's father was part of the 47%....
  91. trends
  92. Allah Does Not Need The Consent Of Men
  93. Media Stooges for America
  94. Unskewed polls.comm...HMMMMM...
  95. Obama: "I actually believe in redistribution"
  96. Who are those 47% anyway??
  97. FIle Utility for the Mac?
  98. How will Romney do in the Debates?
  99. Looks like Jesus was married.
  100. Guy dies from breathing burning US flag fumes:
  101. Worst that will happen if Mr Obama is re-elected? What's the worst Mr Romney will do?
  102. Tic toc...tic toc...
  103. How Crazy Can Texas Get? Judge Predicts Armed Uprising If Obama Gets Reelected.
  104. Was Chris Stevens CIA?
  105. Obama Fundraiser
  106. Let’s Ban Profits!....
  107. Was Chris Stevens Gay?
  108. question to the parfer's--- TAXES????
  109. Who Ruined Romney?
  110. Obama
  111. Mitt Romney: 'I Say That Jokingly, But It Would Be Helpful To Be Latino'
  112. Mitt Romney, private fundraiser tapes released.
  113. Voter Fraud
  114. Romney's New Economic Plan: Raise Taxes on the Middle Class!
  115. President Obama lectured on foreign ploicy by Rep. Presidential Candidate Romney
  116. Time to shake the etch a sketch.
  117. Porwolf's Graph
  118. Bill of Rights or Sharia Law?
  119. Libya attack was spontaneous? Oh please....
  120. Deterrence, Contingency in the Gulf
  121. Bibi is at it again.
  122. November 7, what will they do?
  123. State by State Informal Lawn Sign Poll
  124. My apologies to PARF
  125. google, you-tube and responsibility?
  126. A MSNBC ball washer is seeing the light....
  127. Santorum: "We will never have the elite, smart people on our side"
  128. Dry humping the Greek columns of Obamunism.
  129. How I know B-rawk will win
  130. We are in trouble if these political ads are any indication.....
  131. $141,450 grant to China to study swine manure
  132. Mittens likes Snooki......just killed it for me...
  133. Gov. Scott Walker, loses
  134. Kenya
  135. The Dead
  136. 332 to 206! Damn!
  137. Lib's; Think of an Obama second term and the MESS he will inherit.
  138. Help Pres. Obama make his next decision:
  139. So the Pope is going to Beirut....
  140. Wingnuts Falsely Claim Obama Administration Forbade Marines From Carrying Live Ammo
  141. Obama's Administration Knew!!!
  142. What? Mittens is Selling Raffle Tickets to "Hairforce One"?
  143. Obama Widens Lead Over Mitt Romney By 7 Points
  144. Before you guys freak out and invade another country.
  145. Pelosi Still Supports U.S. Aid to Not an Ally
  146. Obama Takes Another Step In Carter's Footprints
  147. Obamacare Summed Up In One Sentence...
  148. This ****E Again? REALLY???
  149. MY God it just doesn't stop...
  150. The Idiot Who Made "Mohamed" YouTube Video Exposed
  151. Kissinger, Arab Spring, Realpolitik
  152. Where was the "apology" from Obama?
  153. Who is Sam Bacile
  154. Cairo, Night #2
  155. Jane Fonda As Nancy Reagan
  156. The Administration Response to the Embassy Attack: Options?
  157. Updated - Terrorist Alert Levels
  158. US Ambassador to Libya killed
  159. Russian Ships Displayed At DNC Tribute To Vets?
  160. Obama Gains Widen
  161. Intersting Southern Viewpoint and Another Obama Vote.
  162. Time to burn some ME flags?
  163. It's time for a 0% corporate tax rate
  164. More Gun Deaths. Woman Shoots Intruder. Turns Out It's Her Husband!
  165. Why are democrats always victims?
  166. Chicago Teachers Challenge Emanuel With Walkout
  167. Sound Investment or Waste of Money?
  168. Daily Intelligence Briefings
  169. Guy will be voting for Obama and gun control!
  170. Tax increases next year
  171. Huge Florida Voter Fraud Dragnet. Result: One Canadian Caught.
  172. Romney Campaign Still Practising Etch-A-Stetch
  173. Biden; the next Bubba....
  174. Violating the 4th Ammendment: connecting the dots...
  175. Reason TV goes to the DNC and asks about "choice"
  176. Holes need Mo' Pie
  177. Romney warming up to Obamacare
  178. The Lead
  179. Remember Obama's Geico attitude?
  180. Are you better off than four years ago?
  181. Are you better off than four years ago?
  182. Palin vs Palin #1
  183. 1,000,000 for Romneys business experience.
  184. The Rich Don't Pay Enough
  185. Bait and Switch
  186. Another Ryan Lie: His Marathon Time.
  187. HK vs Beijing
  188. Michael Moore: "No, Obama Didn't Save Detroit!"
  189. How many Fourth of July picnics......
  190. You didn't build that Obama Hope Poster
  191. Someone pull up a thread from 3 1/2 years ago concerning obama
  192. Lustful Cockmonster. Epic. NSFW. Gay Marriage. 1st Amendment. NFL Content
  193. Countdown to Iran
  194. Ryan Speech
  195. Clint Eastwood Interviewed
  196. US economy adds 96K jobs, unemployment rate falls to 8.1 percent
  197. FactChecking Obama and Biden
  198. Belgium and Muslims Sharia law - radicals breeding
  199. Anyone catch Jennifer Granholm's speech?
  200. I Think I Shall Become A Dem!
  201. Obama's convention speech.
  202. Osama Bin Laden
  203. Nazis... Far right, or far left?
  204. Matthew 26:34
  205. the bank of Iran
  206. So Did The 'Nays' Have It Or The 'Yas'? What Do The Dems Feeel About God and the Jews
  207. Election fraud
  208. ransom-of-mitt-romneys-tax-returns
  209. Why does PARF have more conservatives than progressives?
  210. Race baiters are racists inside the convention
  211. A Question For President Obama
  212. Bill Clinton's DNC template to make it all palatable
  213. the dupe corporate style
  214. 1 Shot Dead At Rally For New Quebec Premier
  215. stagehand shot in assaination atempt
  216. Tell it like it is indeed ....
  217. Obama grades himself: Incomplete
  218. Capabilities
  219. Toure
  220. Millwrights versus Electricians
  221. National Review's 689 Reasons to Defeat Obama
  222. Somebody make it stop
  223. Ryan's Lies
  224. Romney's Fortune
  225. What's your humble opinion
  226. Mike Milken and Romney
  227. The DNC's Bold Lies
  228. is anyone else getting love letters via PM?
  229. Obama: "We're Gonna Need A SMALLER Boat!"
  230. Obama is going to HEAL the Planet
  231. Chairman of CA. Democratic Party compares Republicans to Nazis
  232. The Democratic National Convention
  233. National Empty Chair Day...
  234. Ampad
  235. How Romney Did His Work
  236. Who Romney Really Is
  237. Romney Doomed - No Bounce
  238. TV Media Taking it Extra Easy on Romney/Mormons
  239. Muslims and the Pope
  240. Meanwhile in England
  241. 'Is Obama Just Another Ivy League A--hole?'
  242. Obama’s Military Stop: An Embarassingly Political Flop
  243. Another dummy brings fists to a gunfight.
  244. If YOU were the would you.....
  245. Four more years?
  246. Obama Sent Form Letters to Families of Fallen SEALs
  247. More from artist John McNaughton
  248. What if Romney...
  249. TABS ON Clint
  250. If the US doesn't want Canada's dirty oil...