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  1. I need to get some bushings made...
  2. Rice gets a promotion
  3. I need to get some bushings made...
  4. One of the scariest articles I have read in a long time.
  5. The Reverend Al now demands evidence ...
  6. The EPA too?
  7. Jasper police video
  8. Liberal Thinking ( The Left)
  9. The most transparent administration in..
  10. See No Evil
  11. No George Bush on our money anytime soon.
  12. Time give up your DNA
  13. Where's Joe?
  14. harvested
  15. 162 people gave 60% of the super pac money in 2012
  16. 25 most dangerous 'hoods in the country
  17. A crack in the veneer?
  18. Why US Health Care Costs So Much
  19. power to an alternator
  20. Tea Party Draws a Bead on...
  21. More on democrat voter fraud
  22. Tiger shoots 44!
  23. Second Amendment Redux
  24. Free at Last
  25. The Dr in Packistan that helped obama kill OBL
  26. The End of the Light Bulb Freedom Act
  27. Mitt is going to help in 2014
  28. The Swamp III
  29. IRS may have targeted Pro-Israel groups, Oy!
  30. The US is short of money but then, we can give it away
  31. A non-political thread, just pitting women against men
  32. A shocker from Nevada/Harry Reid
  33. Gun control efforts on the west coast
  34. Way to go Ohio
  35. salt lake politics... no different than anywhere else.
  36. bachmann is out!
  37. Chris Christie Announces Presidential Bid...
  38. More from your friendly neighborhood IRS office....
  39. another union fat cat
  40. Dems in Calif/anti fracking bills
  41. The Holy Trinity (A Triune God)
  42. Do we need the 2nd to save us....
  43. Your side is bad, no your side is bad
  44. The real Trayvon Martin....some actual facts
  45. "Missed it by THAT MUCH..."
  47. Democrats are soooooo courageous -- exhibit John Hickenlooper
  48. Name calling
  49. Pope Francis: "Atheists who do good will be redeemed."
  50. NJ: Land of Decree and Home of the Slave
  51. Is limited government a oxymoron?
  52. guitar raid connecting the dots
  53. Interesting developments in NYS Safe Act
  54. Nidal Hassan is still getting paid -- More proof Liberals as sooooo smart
  55. Did anybody punch anybody yesterday?
  56. Salute, no time for those formalities, screw him.
  57. monsanto and the bees that could be resistant to round up
  58. If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon
  59. This is the Chicago Way
  60. Optimus Prime>Jesus Christ. No contest.
  61. Holder needs to go....
  62. But I thought Arizona had it together
  63. It really is Bush's fault!
  64. Plagues of Locusts
  65. Surprise, I agreed with Obama
  66. The problem with freedom
  67. US 'faith healers' charged over second baby's death
  68. Let me get this straight..........
  69. London Calling...
  70. Religion News - God effed up early universe
  71. This is not the wanking you're looking for....
  72. Nicola Riley
  73. Trouble In Paradise
  74. And in other news...
  75. Chicago-the utopia created by the Liberals/Marxists
  76. How about that Apple?
  77. Daily show/Liz Winstead/slime
  78. Stock Market Up 17% YTD
  79. Circling the Wagons
  80. TOP IRS Official to plead the 5th
  81. Have we talked about them bugging the AP and getting their phone records yet?
  82. Oklahoma senators got themselves in a pickle.
  83. They asked about college interns? Really?!
  84. Miscarriages should be reported to the police.
  85. Vermont Legalizes Assisted Suicide
  86. Obama and the IRS union
  87. Why do the lefties here so consistently change the subject of threads?
  88. the n word
  89. Obama Denies Role in Government
  90. This is not the warming you're looking for....
  91. Poor customer or Jack-booted thugs?
  92. C-Span caller made a good point - IRS and GWB
  93. debt ceiling biz nez as usual
  94. AfD
  95. ray-gun/north coke smuggers now on c-span3 at 12 midnite eastern
  96. obama as the CEO Failure
  97. More Chicago Trash
  98. FAA cuts impacting air carrier
  99. Douglas Karpen
  100. Don't worry. Be happy.
  101. What has become of the citizens of this country?
  102. Men who are physically strong are more likely to have right wing political views
  103. Bassem Youssef for President!!!
  104. Is this one true?
  105. Thank you Barack Obama
  106. Benghazi Emails Directly Contradict White House Claims
  107. Shultz got nothin' on Holder!
  108. Any tips/tricks for a GoPro Hero 2 newbie?
  109. social welfare
  110. If this isn't a scandal, it should be
  111. What has Science told us about the Nature of God? just assume there is one...
  112. With All These Obama Scandals...
  113. A Serious Question for Athesists
  114. Talking Points
  115. The Press has turned....
  116. And the deficit continues to shrink.
  117. is the USA a chitlin nation?
  118. Convicted Pa. abortion doctor gets life in prison
  119. You Read it Here First
  120. Leaks to ProPublica - you have got to be kidding me!
  121. Move to lower the DWI threshold to 0.05 from 0.08
  122. I love the smell of tyranny in the morning.
  123. Here's a nice way to abuse power.
  124. 400ppm co2 reached
  125. Fixing Colorado
  126. I have got to get out of NJ
  127. The most transparent administration in history
  128. California can't be far behind, culture tax
  129. I can't keep up!
  130. DOJ snooping on AP? He's you're guy alrighty!!
  131. The Books of the Bible were not written to a comprehensive ancient history textbook..
  132. Breaking news, Riyadh attacked
  133. Looney-tunes knew about 9/11 in 1948? LOL
  134. Does Advertising Work?
  135. What's new in Benghazi?
  136. It's not fascism when we do it!
  137. Boys using girls bathrooms and perhaps showers?
  138. open carry DC protest
  139. Three quotes from NJ State Senators
  140. Sorry for the Inconvenience
  141. Have we discussed the recent 3-D printer gun and its plans being taken offline?
  142. is the USA a christian nation?
  143. Interesting Conundrum In Ohio...
  144. The Girls of FOX NEWS rule!.....
  145. Your Plan for Syria?
  146. Happy Fred day
  147. She's lied her whole life.....
  148. You know the founders never envisioned technology like....
  149. Gun crime down, but peoples' perception of gun crime up?? What gives?
  150. Obamacare, never let a crisis you created go to waste
  151. Sanford wins, Weiner for NYC mayor next
  152. Further proof that Democrat voters are useful....
  153. Fellatio- International Style
  154. A Sheriff Talkin' Like a Dictator
  155. 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy
  156. Air Force Officer In Charge Of Sexual Assault Prevention Program, Arrested For Allege
  157. Fox 'news' gets another one wrong.
  158. Any right wing PARFers missing?
  159. Coming this week, Rice goes under the bus
  160. This can't be good for the economy
  161. The Surveillance State
  162. Israel detonates series of huge bombs in Syria capitol, military dead, WW3?
  163. What's up with Wayne La Pierre?
  164. Sex and alcohol make you happier than kids and religion.
  165. 15k dow
  166. Chalk one up for the good er.. girls!
  167. Every time I think our President...
  168. Israel doing the job BHO is too much of a pussy to handle
  169. California leads the way
  170. Courtesy of Mr. Holder.
  171. Racist liberals
  172. Obama: The fall
  173. Obama: The fall
  174. Why is this Legal?
  175. Poll: 29 percent of registered U.S. voters feel armed revolution necessary
  176. Taking bets. Wanna bet Obama let's these guys skate?
  177. According to Carl Rove, democrats are going to take the House.
  178. Just what we need, another corporate shill in the administration....
  179. Background Checks Died Because GOP Didn't Want To Help Obama
  180. Rattlesnake logic
  181. Are We Allowing Law Enforcement Too Many Donuts?
  182. Senator Gillibrand (D) FINALLY says the obvious.
  183. Are We Allowing Law Enforcement Too Much Surveillance?
  184. How the health care act affected one of my clients
  185. Saudis warned the US about Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2012
  186. hi cap mag commercial
  187. Electric car charging stations companies fued / fraud and taxpayers
  188. State of the Nation
  189. Fisker savior? Bob Lutz and the VL Destino
  190. the GOP war on science: first strike edition
  191. Congratulations to D.Feinstein!
  192. Bend Over Here It Comes
  193. Govt Acct Office to probe Big Sis
  194. Are We Allowing Law Enforcement Too Much Firepower?
  195. Rush Limbag, what tool....middle of the roader rant...
  196. George W. Bush the Man
  197. No Obamacare for Congress
  198. 60 mins. undate tonight
  199. American's Greatest Fear
  200. More CA gun nincompoopery....
  201. learning v education
  202. DiFi's Husband's company gets "bullet" train contract. Inconceivable!
  203. Make it Hurt at the airports
  204. Grandpa Saves the day
  205. Very insightful blog post on gun control -- from a liberal
  206. Newsw Flash - You Don't Get To Be Prez By Being Stupid...
  207. More on election fraud
  208. Goerge Bush library opened today.
  209. chemical weapons used by syria
  210. The underground economy
  211. This one doesn't pass the smell test....
  212. Alimony reform in FL - about time!
  213. Boston Bombing - Gov Conspiracy?
  214. Epic Incompetence
  215. Bombers on Welfare
  216. Irony
  217. Chinese woman sues Fed Reserve for USD devaluation
  218. State Sponsored Terrorism
  219. Lisa Murkowski
  220. It's over - The Constitution is dead
  221. Absolutely
  222. Taxing internet sales
  223. A Conservative Politican on Gun Laws
  224. Wmd
  225. Getting a gun
  226. GDP Accounting Revision coming in July
  227. Your friends on the other side....
  228. crony capitalism D Stockman
  229. He Partied during the Manhunt
  230. The best gun control ad I've ever seen
  231. Boston and the 4th Amendment
  232. So, whodunnit?
  233. The Liberal Pope Has Spoken
  234. Will Boston learn any lessons from this?
  235. No Miranda warnings for Boston suspect. Idiocy.
  236. the "religion of peace" - what's your solution?
  237. We need to have background checks to buy Pressure Cookers
  238. Things we'll do to keep the public safe:
  239. CISPA: Death of the Fourth Amendment?
  240. This should be interesting....
  241. Watching the idiots on the news reporting on Boston bombing suspects
  242. Gun Control Laws
  243. massachusets news alert
  244. Looks Like a terrorist
  245. The Judge gets it right...
  246. No protection to Vets & Families
  247. Careful who you Demonize when you have skeletons in your closet
  248. MSNBC: NRA 'in the Business of Helping Bombers Get Away With Their Crimes'
  249. Opinion of Alan Gottlieb and his organizations?
  250. Police Survey on Gun Control