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  1. fox news loves bank fruad
  2. "when even jon stwert turns against you ..."
  3. Do you realize it?
  4. And where is the money coming from?
  5. Number Six
  6. How will they survive
  7. Lois Lerner: Felon
  8. obaama bringing us together,
  9. if cash in corperations hands gave us jobs, we'd be the most employeed nation ever
  10. Those poor disenfranchised women voters in Texas
  11. Straight talk from my employer
  12. DHS orders $500,000 of broadcast pepper spray gear
  13. Democrat's pain and cramping from Obama's Period
  14. Rep Blackburn...digging her!
  15. Yeah, right... the Germans are really seeking US guidance on economics....
  16. Medical Association has weighed in on ObamaCare
  17. Monkey Spanking President; Let's blame the Insurance Companies...Brilliant!
  18. Obama, women and the bus
  19. New site, holy crap! Obamacare lives!
  20. Kathleen Sebelius... 'Whatever'
  21. Cheney going out of the country.
  22. Yes, This Is For Real:
  23. Obama in his own words: Transitioning to Socialist Health Care from 2007
  24. Howard Dean tonight
  25. What an Icehole -- John Kerry predicts ice free Arctic by 2013
  26. The Obama Train
  27. The rats are leaving the sinking ship...
  28. Goodbye browser cookies, hello permanent unique identifiers(?)
  29. How can anyone ever believe Him again?
  30. Asian Bumblebees
  31. If you like your healthcare, you can keep your healthcare, but...
  33. black box in your car
  34. bypassing the swearing filter
  35. Obama lied: NBC news report
  36. Sticky: The beatings will continue...
  37. What? Obama lied? It isn't true.....
  38. one for the "who cares file"
  39. It Can Not Be Stopped
  40. "Vacuous Cipher"
  41. WWII Vet Mugged
  42. More from the Spy in Chief
  43. Nobel peace price?
  44. You would vote for Ted Cruz? Really?
  45. CO fat cat congressman wants healthcare exemption for his district
  46. Anagrams of truth
  47. Government is shut down today and the world still functions
  48. “Indefinite Delivery and Indefinite Quantity.”
  49. In Search of Republican Grownups
  50. Its really So Simple...
  51. Down with the Democrat Party
  52. Down with the GOP
  53. Nice German cars
  54. Suppressing the Vote
  55. Past the Tipping Point
  56. Interesting conundrum I read today
  57. ObamaCarma -
  58. Why ObamaCare is a fantastic success
  59. Ignorant, right wing lunatic fringe PARFers duped again LOL!
  60. The Great Tech Surge of 2013!
  61. Cadillac Heath care plans
  62. Obamacare Operator fired for talking to Hanity
  63. There Is No Uncertainity
  64. Well what can you expect, he rides a girl's bike
  65. A Washington D.C. nightmare...
  66. Ender's Game
  67. My experience with
  68. faint
  69. You aren't polling great among women, and then you do this?
  70. Sebelius on Obamacare
  71. World Currency ... What if the $$$ goes away, what happens?
  72. Irony
  73. The Obamacare "Tech Surge" Hokey Pokey
  74. bible on the dash
  75. Veterans Receiving Letters Prohibiting
  76. The Just-Us Department's Shakedown of Morgan
  77. The left eating it's own; Jon Stewart on Obamacare
  78. MSNBC panel on Obama secrecy and lies
  79. Good One: Oregon Tea Party Founder Did Not Make Mortgage Payment for Three Years
  80. A Map
  81. One Angry Marine ! (we should be too ! )
  82. Shrinking Workforce
  83. Interesting Correlation
  84. Living in an Obama world; Striving for a Third World experience
  85. Iran and the bomb
  86. Funny skit on OB care
  87. Who wins a civil war - Red or Blue states?
  88. big money-
  89. Repeal of 22nd Amendment
  90. Irish lawmaker tears Obama a new one...
  91. Another Casualty in the "War on Women"
  92. $292 Million dollar website
  93. fact checking fox news
  94. Without Government, people will die!
  95. The Money Has Already Been Blown
  96. Obamacare Screwed
  97. Of green eggs .
  98. What We Already Knew
  99. News Roundup
  100. Today he blocks FCC confirmation
  101. WooHoo!
  102. Soul to Soul with Diana Nyad: "I'm an Atheist Who's in Awe" -
  103. Texas Taliban at it again
  104. Name the positive Obama accomplishment
  105. SE Michigan public ultilities billing_RANT
  106. The next TEA Party Extravaganza
  107. Tanning salons burned by health care bill
  108. The End Game
  109. Score another one for the Political Class
  110. Tea Party Loses Another One: New Jersey Elected Democrat Cory Booker for Senate
  111. Obama, or Other
  112. Romney
  113. Shutdown is over, debt ceiling raised...
  114. The Vitter Ammendment
  115. Two sides of the argument
  116. Will Republicans follow Muslim Precedent?
  117. Ted Cruz clown show still on the road
  118. Great news! Delaware finally has one person enrolled into Obamacare
  119. Thank you Tea Party! For Finally Caving-In.
  120. Daily Kos blogger rips Obamacare
  121. Let's Roll...
  122. Enlighten me about Obama care?
  123. If Obama wants US success, WHY did he...
  124. When Horrible Things Happen To Horrible People
  125. Kaiser Foundation Health Care estimator
  126. How long will it take ...
  127. Discrimination
  128. Govt - Speed of Light !
  129. So.......we can't talk about Costas???
  130. The Real Story in the Rise of Health Care Costs
  131. It Took a Long Time to Plan the Govt. Shutdown
  133. Using the full faith and credit
  134. The Great Transformational Leader
  135. High school girl give drunk friend ride home, gets punished.
  136. All The Nimblness Of Jaba The Hut
  137. Cruz played the House perfectly
  138. GOP polling at record low, obamacare polling at record high
  139. House offer rejected
  140. Obie proposed new 2300 page Constitution
  141. Utah pays $167k/day to Team Obama to open parks in Utah .
  142. EBT Cards
  143. Manufactured Crisis
  144. Brown Vetoed gun Bill!
  145. TSA Loudspeakers - How Orwellian....
  146. That was unexpected.....
  147. Senator Ted Cruz urges R's to `stand strong' in fight - Admits he is funded by DNC
  148. Obamacare; The New Coke of health care reform
  149. Another Petraeus-Style Purge?
  150. Anti-Chemical weapons group wins Nobel Peace Prize
  151. Rubublican Opinion Polls are Tanking: Boehner Waves the White Flag
  152. Feinstein, foot in mouth.....
  153. "Independence" Hall - Wow
  154. It Is Just Another Crack In The Dike Of Confidence
  155. Off the grid for 6 days
  156. The Obama Legacy
  157. Blart and the slow kids----- more drug warrior BS
  158. How did the Universe Start?
  159. A woman is going to be Fed Chair...
  160. Extortion
  161. Breaking Bad in Real Life ?
  162. How long until a Park Ranger shoots someone?
  163. A 26 y/o on Obamacare
  164. Just in: Koch Brothers Not Behind Tea Party Anymore.
  165. It goes to the top!
  166. WoW - Jon Stewart pokes at Big Govt
  167. love to see his evidence on this one ...
  168. Seems fishy to me
  169. Nothing but theatre
  170. Authoritarianism
  171. Here Is To Plain Speaking And Clear Understanding..
  172. Is Obama over his head?
  173. The real reason why Obama was elected...US adults are dumber than.....
  174. Happy Thoughts
  175. Who will replace Boehner?
  176. Interesting read on Gun Control
  177. Hopw many federal government agencies are there?
  178. California - Seriously!?!?
  179. Looking at the polling trend for the shutdown
  180. Incredible lack of foresight
  181. Obama voters shocked - Obamacare means higher premiums!
  182. Yes We CONE
  183. Did people on welfare get furloughed last week?
  184. Are doctors suited for society?
  185. The Change You Need
  186. Harry's gaff encapsulates the Politics > People game.
  187. Boiling Over
  188. House approves back pay for furloughed workers
  189. I Look Forward to Obamacare
  190. Lets make a TV commercial about democrats
  191. Vikings Thread...
  192. Wankers
  193. Are the GOP the terrorist?
  194. Pro rated taxes?
  195. New Secret International Treaty in the Works: TPP
  196. Dems taking no prisoners now.
  197. The Jehovah's Witnesses are anti American, anti Democracy.
  198. So simple even I can understand
  199. Obama Mocks GOP Rep.: 'If You're Being Disrespected, It's Because Of That Attitude'
  200. Unintended consequences of the shutdown
  201. I just spent 10 days subsidizing Canadian healthcare !
  202. shots fired at the capital
  203. Breaking Bad - A Christian Parable
  204. so the GOP is going to cave ... will this break the back of the hosue GOP?
  205. Tyrany
  206. When Will Barack Obama Start Being The President of The United States of America?
  207. Polls on Obamacare: This is why I fear for the republic... stupid people
  208. the real way the shutdown and debt ceiling will get settled
  209. Can anyone here explain the "debt ceiling" and why it's such a big deal?
  210. from the mouth of the GOP themselves: we wanted to shut down the governement
  211. TV network stories blame Republicans, 21-0,
  212. Competing Rights. Whose prevail?
  213. Mona Charen Nails It
  214. Why do the R's Hate ObamaCare so much?
  215. nothing is just satire
  216. Commies Claim Entire World Faces Problems
  217. Social experiment time. ACA- is it a good deal? Post your results
  218. Obama actively blocking monuments....
  219. NY Daily News Front Page
  220. You made Mr. Obama sad!!
  221. Why does it say: "In God We Trust" on money?
  222. Opt out - aimed at the young.
  223. Where ObamaCare Came From
  224. War Games
  225. The Party that Cannot Learn
  226. Why I love Joe Biden
  227. Fox News, tellin
  228. wow, even from fox news ...
  229. The Cloward/Piven Fallacy
  230. Taking advantage of the shut down?
  231. Just a reminder.....
  232. My visit to ban island.
  233. Obamacrash
  234. No one left to blame
  235. WeezAllGonnaDie!
  236. Washington is broken
  237. LEt's Impose American Values on the Whole World
  238. witchcraft (my own religion thread)
  239. My apologies to the PARFers
  240. Pete Carroll
  241. Darisc, "Seriously"?
  242. Obaama fooled again
  243. Unbelievable no one was killed
  244. What is a "Scientist"
  245. International Blashemy Rights Day
  246. "THEY will shut down govt...
  247. OK. PARFers, Now the Other Side of ObamaCare
  248. Rouhani and Obama - New Man-Love?
  249. Scientists More Convinced than Ever of Human Caused Global Warming
  250. the JW came to my house on Tuesday