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  1. 2 Bills -- One News Agency...
  2. States Rights
  3. Saudi's Up Oil Production
  4. Cornhusker kickback
  5. Why are Americans so ill-informed about climate change?
  6. Westboro Baptist Church vs Anonymous
  7. What's The Big Deal About a Government Shutdown?
  8. Chuck says it best.....
  9. Here's a good one- Bruce Thornton on the strikes.
  10. This is too easy. Another union thug assults citizen (video)
  11. What's that I hear?
  12. Time to stop appeasing radical Islam (video)
  13. Faux News really IS Faux
  14. Aussie PM...she's a disgrace and a lier
  15. Natural Selection - The Rattle Snake
  16. Do you support the Demos leaving Wisconsin?
  17. Can Israel win an all out war against all the muslims?
  18. Public sector unions vs America (video)
  19. Gaddafi: Barakeh Obama is friend
  20. The Public Worker Gravy Train
  21. Union Thug in Action.... (video)
  22. union dues
  23. obama, holder finally agree to cut spending
  24. Who REALLY Pays the Taxes
  25. Wisc. Governor Admits his Secret Plan is to Crush the Unions
  26. Does anyone else remember the world conflict/turmoil during the Carter presidency?
  27. Blaming teachers
  28. Snowstorms, floods, earthquakes, unrest in the middle east, etc...
  29. Democrats calling for Blood in the Streets
  30. Rahm is the Man
  31. which of these rebelling middle east countries have we been propping up?
  32. Four Americans Killed on Yacht Hijacked by Somali Pirates
  33. Indiana walkout
  34. Concerning Life and Value
  35. Columbia University lowlifes.
  36. Could the U.S. be next?
  37. Gas Ranges - did my neighbor one up me???
  38. The end of the Middle Beast as we know it...
  39. Who is black73?
  40. So how is the new boss better than the old boss?
  41. Could China be next...
  42. Showdown in Wisconsin: A snapshot of future?
  43. How corrupt are union leftists? This corrupt:
  44. Leviticus 18:22
  45. Looks like somebody finally elected a good president!
  46. Robo-Sock-Puppets
  47. Vulgar, ungrateful, socialist union scum throw a fit in Wisconsin
  48. Bam needs to Buzz Off
  49. Once Upon a Time in Afghanistan....
  50. Better than Nothing, but not nearly enough
  51. Scott Walker vs. Pat Quinn
  52. Just Pissed Off
  53. Barry Soetoro aka Barrack Obama
  54. Obama's meeting
  55. I don't do PARF, so please help me understand the issue in Wisconsin
  56. Is a Puerto Rican eligible to become president of the United States?
  57. debunking some Govt jobs myths
  58. This middle-east unrest is really getting out of hand ...
  59. Entitlements
  60. Medicare Fraud
  61. HAppy Birthday, Kim Jong-il!
  62. The SP 500 Up 60% In 2 Years
  63. Madison
  64. This will never happen in California.
  65. We Are Entering The End Game
  66. Perspective
  67. WTF is up with people who don't put money away?
  68. Bernie chucks his partners under the bus
  69. An issue that the GOP should hammer.
  70. Mo Bros (Can a democracy kill itself?)
  71. A New Cable Network
  72. Information Overload:
  73. U.N. DUES-U.S. SECURITY Votes
  74. Who's in for a UPM in Vegas?
  75. Does Romney have a chance?
  76. Uh huh. That's the ticket.
  77. John kerry + Obama=?
  78. OK, This was Pretty Cool..
  79. Best of Luck to the People of Egypt
  80. Will he?
  81. How does our world change if gasoline costs $10 per gallon
  82. Inflation - creepy, creepy inflation
  83. Supreme Recusal(s)
  84. +++Another republican SEX scandal!+++
  85. Howard Dean: "It Is The Government's Job To Redistribute"
  86. I'm too sexy for my shirt . . . for my shirt
  87. GOP's first draft of suggested cuts to gubmint spending:
  88. Webb not running
  89. So what's happening in the refinery world?
  90. Let the Games Begin! (De-funding ObamaCare, government shutdown...)
  91. Obama Tax Hikes
  92. Theodore Roosevelt quotes
  93. Our favorite politics talking head will be back on TV soon
  94. Lowest taxes since 1950!
  95. Ain't just Arizona and California
  96. Another poison pill in the healthcare scheme
  97. The Camel's Nose
  98. Pelosi's chauffeur
  99. White house super bowl menu
  100. Tell us again how obama-turd is being more business friendly
  101. HuffPo sold for $315M
  102. Maybe they should werk on spelling
  103. Guest list for jerry jone's suit superbowl
  104. Try and buy oil-based polyurethane in Los Angeles County!
  105. "Waiting for Superman", the documentary
  106. Sarah® wants to trademark her name!
  107. The ethically challenged Mrs. Thomas
  108. Republican Field
  109. And You really Don't Think It Is Possible?
  110. Ex-Ambassador Leaves Luxembourg Embassy in Shambles
  111. Should we support others who can support themselves?
  112. This Ought To Sober Ya Up
  113. It's good to have friends in high places
  114. Beach Blanket Recovery
  115. Do you have a "right" to affordable health care?
  116. Algor explains Global Warming
  117. Obama administration's contempt of the law
  118. I'm starting to really see treason here....
  119. I should be banned for posting this. Wookie fans, have a look.
  120. 9th circuit liberals, zero for 5 this week
  121. spilled milk regulation no i'm not kidding
  122. Democracks on global warming (Sky is falling)
  123. Any good reason not to show your...
  124. Why would anyone refuse to provide...
  125. Hard out there for a pimp
  126. Palin to Keynote Reagan's 100th
  127. Who is keeping track of the trillions?
  128. Birthers stubbornly refuse to reveal...
  129. Sled dogs shot in Canada
  130. Health Care vote could come today????
  131. GOP: Brand Creepy.
  132. Big news in the oil patch this morning
  133. Guns, Knifes, Religion.
  134. SCAM university set up to help illegals cheat
  135. California Crash Tax
  136. Just out: Judge Rules Health Care Law Is Unconstitutional
  137. More of Obama's buddies
  138. CSM: Definite Liberal Slant
  139. Electric Airplanes and more trains for the US postal service
  140. Singing the National Anthem....
  141. a missing element to BO's speech and in our country
  142. News Flash: Harry Reid thinks we have a voluntary tax system?
  143. Religion of Peace
  144. Why does our response to Egypt matter?
  145. Dipso Ain't So Bad...
  146. Krauthammer nails it again.
  147. Internet off in Egypt
  148. Joe Biden says Egypt's Mubarak no dictator, he shouldn't step down...
  149. Birthers hatch plan to resolve Presidential birth certificate issue
  150. the spudnut moment
  151. So how much does a "green" job really cost?
  152. The First Domino?
  153. Does obama have regrets about the speech
  154. Why did Jesus descend into hell?
  155. Does Your Dishwasher Not Work As Well
  156. Biden rolls out plan to put 1M plug-in vehicles on the road
  157. Kookcinich Sandwich Suit
  158. Post Mortem On The State Of The Union.
  159. Subsidies & the State of the Union speech
  160. A Prayer for the President...(two birds, one stone)
  161. Fact Check, nothing new
  162. the anti-war movement
  163. Ventura Sues DHS, TSA Over Body Scans, Pat-Downs
  164. Anti-Gun Article BS
  165. Human Rights In China
  166. The Advance On The State OF Union
  167. Health Care subsidies
  168. TSA Haters will love this
  169. Wow - Alec Baldwin doesn't like paying more in taxes.
  170. Second Amendment, what do you think they meant when they wrote it?
  171. Rahmbo gets the boot
  172. An oldie but still fun!!
  173. laser bore sighters
  174. Haley being sued
  175. I wonder if Newt Gingrich has a birth certificate
  176. Hu wiped the floor with Obama
  177. Surprise, surprise, surprise... Obama to call for new spending in SOTU Address
  178. Olbermann Gone
  179. 120 Mph In A Porsche
  180. Peaceful Irony
  181. The Governator sticks a finger in the eye of justice on his way out the door
  182. Gunslingers
  183. ObamaCare sales tax on house sales??
  184. Joy Behar - Joan Rivers Banned From Fox & Friends Over Sarah Palin Comment
  185. More civility. . .
  186. Anti-WalMart Thugs Target Developer: Plan Protest Outside of Private Residence
  187. Is this be a good start? 2.5 Trillon in cuts.
  188. Who said illegals can't get welfare?
  189. China comes to dinner
  190. safe legal and rare
  191. Women in combat boots?
  192. Your tax dollars at work
  193. MS Office 2003
  194. PARF is...
  195. Domino’s Pizza Receives $12 Million Government Bailout While Experts Warn of Global F
  196. Budget - Where is the problem?
  197. A New Birther?
  198. Whay do you want from Hu (China)?
  199. Best bob hope movie line
  200. Moderate Republicans Crash the House's Tea Party
  201. Hu Jintao jets into Washington
  202. We gotta another school shooting
  203. Where the he#l is murph(motorcycle travelogue)
  204. Detroit Public Schools
  205. Jan Brewer vs. Suns owner
  206. Donald Trump to run for Pres?
  207. The Afghan govt *is* learning...
  208. Stay the heck out of Camden NJ
  209. How will President Obama react to Hu?
  210. Many Russians here aligning with Republicans
  211. Israel Tests on Worm Called Crucial in Iran Nuclear Delay
  212. Civility
  213. Death Threat Against Tea prty Spokes Person At A Tucson Town Hall Meeting
  214. Hillary or Palin
  215. Edited: Personal attacker removed
  216. Edited - personal attack removed. -Z-man.
  217. Secret Ballots? -team Obama set to sue States
  218. Women in combat units?
  219. Raising the debt ceiling
  220. A "moderate" muslim college student
  221. Sarah Palin's new moneymaker
  222. How should we deal with the Mentally Ill
  223. The Nanny State failed AZ
  224. "Together We Thrive" slogan, Obama, and re-election
  225. Katrina in perspective.....
  226. Oil off on U.S. data but OPEC eyed as $100 in sight
  227. San Diego jewelry heist!!!
  228. More stochastic terrorism
  229. Personal attack title removed.
  230. Another teabag radio fan goes nuts.
  231. Glenn Beck suggests reading Mein Kampf.
  232. USPS EID Stamp
  233. The left mentality and job creation
  234. Obama delivers best campaign speech ever!
  235. Why would anyone need a 33 shot magazine?
  236. Memorial Thread
  237. Illi-noise raises taxes 66%
  238. Hillary - strength and stability.
  239. Well done, Gov. Palin
  240. For Those Who Think It Was Political
  241. Bad Omen for the Cons
  242. If Violent Rhetoric Didn't Cause This Shooting, It Will Cause Next One
  243. Glock Pistol Sales Surge in Aftermath of Shooting of Arizona's Giffords
  244. Ailes to his Stormtroopers: "STFU"
  245. Anyone listen to Glenn Beck?
  246. The Office
  247. Can Noah build another ark?
  248. Bill Maher on AC360
  249. Gun Control, It was Bound to Happen...
  250. I would like to participate in PARF, but..