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  1. Can NYC get any worse? Just watch!
  2. Conservatives sure do think about cornholers a lot......
  3. Thank you President Obama!
  4. Comment on this Quote
  5. Ben Carson 2016 - Thoughts?
  6. Is this a Greek F'in Tragedy or what???
  7. New Years at The Beach
  8. Send Out The Clowns
  9. Hurray!!! Republicans are Successful in Beating Back Science!
  10. the world is going to ****? challenge accepted
  11. Those horrible, patronizing Romneys
  12. Sheila Jackson Lee's Holiday pinch hitter
  13. Dems know the writing is on the wall ...
  14. News Media Reputations?
  15. Real Clear Politics - Poll Data 12/30/2013
  16. Is it enough yet?
  17. You All Do Realize That I Won’t Stop Right?
  18. income inequality
  19. OK Then, Who Is In? Sign Up For The Respect Train!!!
  20. oblamer has a new hero
  21. Pravda is alive
  22. The LAME Duck Dynasty
  23. Merry Christmas: Planned Parenthood thinks their customers are sluts
  24. Finding out the Leaders of your Party are Racist
  25. DNC very worried.
  26. Wondering if Its Possible...
  27. Finding out your friend is a racist
  28. Interesting one.... PA Cop can't carry off duty.
  29. obaama's Iran problem
  30. A&E decision to reinstate Phil Robertson deals gay activists stinging blow
  31. We Shouldn't Delight In Our Presidents Failure...
  32. Waiting for Global Warming
  33. CNN?
  34. So How Are the AHC Numbers?
  35. Cook County Sheriff carries concealed.
  36. Interesting, Ex Mayor Riordan, LA
  37. Question about Obamacare
  38. If You Got Some Spare Time
  39. Obamacare poll dancing
  40. dunno if i buy it, but this guy is claiming peak oil already arrived
  41. ObamaCare Will Lower healthCare Costs
  42. Why is Santa gay?
  43. Santa is NOT gay? He's a jolly, gay Santa!
  44. Duck Dynasty Is Fake!
  45. Is any group more sexist than homosexuals?
  46. Should God make more homosexuals?
  47. The Entire Obama Presidency Summed up in a Single Picture
  48. Nsa is coming to town
  49. Cage Match; Glaad vs LGBT
  50. New Obamacare ad/video - Greatness
  51. An American success story
  52. This atheist wishes you a Merry Christmas.
  53. The Citadel: how many PARFers have already signed up?
  54. More bad news for obaamacare
  55. About Modern Christmas........
  56. Virginia will down!
  57. I know you are golfing bayrock but,
  58. Front Lines and Behind the Lines + Obamacare
  59. greater then 1/4 of americans subscribe as atheist or agnostic
  60. Smuggling kids
  61. Why does God make homosexuals?
  62. Taking Christ out of Christmas offends me...
  63. Another show canceled
  64. $15 minimum wage = regressive tax?
  65. Khodorkovsky in Exile
  66. obaama makes another delay in his healthcarescam
  67. Merry Christmas
  68. The case against Saudi Arabia Regarding 9/11/2001
  69. well, we have a buget
  70. Duck Dynasty Star in Trouble for his View on Gayness...
  71. Pajama Boy
  72. Conviction
  73. How's that NSA spy thing working out?
  74. Reddit kicks out climate deniers
  75. The ad every politician is afraid of
  76. The Radio Tabs Report for 12/18/13: The Launch Of QE 3.5
  77. Is Butthead cracking up?
  78. Question about Obamacare
  79. President Obama Stickis it to Putin
  80. More Liberal Censorship
  81. Leon, Leon, Leon, you fit right in
  82. Did the Iraqi WMD's really make their way into Syria?
  83. The ad every Democrat should be scared of
  84. Desperation is setting in ...
  85. Saudi Arabia to invade Syria?
  86. Peace on Earth, good will toward men!
  87. Newest poll out today
  88. Unbeleievable government waste, but there is a good one
  89. More Wisdom from Sheila Jackson Lee
  90. Dipso is really Tila Tequila?
  91. The 10 Truest Things Harry Truman Said About Republicans
  92. The Radio Tabs Report For 12/17/13
  93. How to be a good Communist. NM
  94. Obama to meet tech executives Tuesday on HealthCare.Gov: White House
  95. .Hollywood , Singers, Bands and its political B.S
  96. What is so great about BIG government?
  97. They're going to do it AGAIN!
  98. Why are US Doctors Paid so much?
  99. "If you want to be awe inspired...." Christopher Hitchens
  100. Shortage of MDs
  101. The Surgeon General and Obamacare
  102. What is so great about small government?
  103. Time Magazine - Person of the Year - 2013
  104. Would You Cull A Litter of Puppies or Kittens?
  105. Why doesn't our Government take better care of our war vets?
  106. Terrorist caught in Wichita
  107. There Oughta Be a Law
  108. the perfect card game for the PARFer on your list
  109. Vietnam Vet (Lerp/Ranger) dismayed - new winter coat from Vietnam
  110. Wow - Rape Inusrance?
  111. The least transparent administration in....
  112. Hey Birthers, Wake Up, New Fodder!
  113. North Korean justice
  114. Lie of the Year: 'If you like your health care plan, you can keep it'
  115. So it IS pronounced 'BONER'
  116. Prosecutorial Discretion
  117. Words, just Words
  118. This place needs a breathalizer
  119. Dexron at it again.
  120. The Land of Oz, turnaround
  121. Tort Reform Driving up Healthcare Costs
  122. John Boehner Fed Up With 'Ridiculous' Tea Party Intransigence on Budget
  123. ZIRP : shorthand for screw you
  124. Another Con in trouble with the law.
  125. Caption this Photo
  126. Here is why health care costs are exceeding inflation
  127. I want to see the pictures
  128. The Religion of Peace becomes tolerant of Homosexuality
  129. Hey Nut-Cons Obama just bowed to Raul Castro
  130. The man that make obaama a hero, still in jail
  131. Grayson lost $18 million
  132. What is wrong with these guys?
  133. The radio Dipso report for 12-9-13
  134. Have at it!
  135. Americans Continue to Regain Lost Wealth Under Bush
  136. Government Motors no more!
  137. dateline is the black hole of sucky-ness
  138. A REAL Con Law Professor
  139. CBO:Top 40% Paid 106.2% of Income Taxes; Bottom 40% Paid -9.1%
  140. ATF At It Again
  141. The rest of the story??? Mandela
  142. Sorry liberals…...
  143. Afghan/Iran deal, in your face obama
  144. Unemployment Insurance
  145. obamacare, Emanuel on TV
  146. The Radio TABS Report For 12/7/13
  147. R.I.P. Brian Griffin
  148. Some of our members just aren't as sensitive as they ought to be
  149. When guns are Outlawed only Outlaws will have guns
  150. Jobs Report: +204K
  151. Mother Jones puts the Compassion in Compassionate Progressive
  152. Has Our Dear Leader finally jumped the shark?
  153. Is an Invasion of Nicaragua imminent?
  154. It's official!!! I am the only member in PARF!!!
  155. Gray Matter
  156. Obamacare Will Be Repealed Well In Advance Of The 2014 Elections
  157. Obama caught in another not the truth
  158. cops, warrants and dogs.. good fun
  159. Harry Reid's (not so) shocking Obamacare move.
  160. Obama showing his Socialist agenda more every day
  161. Hospitals, what are they good for?
  162. Bashir resigns
  163. Hospital error the third leading cause of death in the United States
  164. Abortion Barbie puts the Compassion in Compassionate Progressive
  165. Gibbs calls for firing
  166. Sign this treatie or else
  167. Obama decides to let Insurance Cos "estimate" what he owes them
  168. In Detroit BK, judge's ruling means they can pay pennies on dollar for pensions
  169. Hospital are the Main Reason for Increasing Medical Care Costs
  170. The One Beelion Dollar website
  171. state budgets
  172. obaama releases Iranian but doesnt' care about Americans
  173. Ukraine shows TEA Party how it's done
  174. How pervasive will ID theft be for those that sign up on the "A"CA exchanges?
  175. Hillary going after the black vote
  176. Banned NFL ad
  177. Promises made, Promises kept -- Is Healthcare.Gov working?
  178. Subliminal Advertising
  179. Piano Teacher Monopoly
  180. Obama's third term
  181. Black Friday is racist
  182. ‘Immediately surrender your rifle’
  183. United States is ripe for a takeover
  184. The TABS Report For 11/29/13
  185. Obamacare...Orwell was an optimist
  186. This would never happen here....
  187. K street EU style
  188. Is the deal with Iran a good one, yes or no?
  189. A Special Request of the Moderators
  190. Can't even trust your waitress
  191. Just another healthcarescam delay
  192. Ayers' new book
  193. I'm surprised it was a female.
  194. Herre it Comes: Universal Health Care. And the ACA Made it Possible.
  195. Here is one for you JFK Haters and Reagan Lovers
  196. Just curious - How many subjects have signed up for Obamacare in Oregon?
  197. Pope Francis Says "Trickle-Down-Theory" is Bogus
  198. Calling all Lefties: Thanksgiving Directive from Our Dear Leader
  199. ObamaCare Policy given to CO dog without application
  200. cops mace a womans (pussy)cat as punishment
  201. Karzai vs Rice
  202. Kill Yourself. NOW!
  203. Right vs Left on the economy
  204. obaamacare hurts the poor, smoker
  205. Has Mr Obama improved our relationship with any countries?
  206. Obamacare contract given to favored contractor without bid process
  207. Fuel Prices & Cars
  208. did Kerry and obaama sell us out, to Iran
  209. wind power not so green?
  210. TV Documentry - Urban Survival, need participants
  211. Fisker Bankrupt
  212. In Fairness, Some Noted Things POTHUS has done to date
  213. Our leadership...
  214. It's been 5 years....
  215. Those (Fox) polls still keep a coming
  216. Stock Market All-Time High
  217. Pakistan, Doctor still in prison
  218. Do Trolls have souls, do they care
  219. Are humans important to souls?
  220. Even Calif. won't change for obaama
  221. Behind the Curtain
  222. Democrats on Nuclear Option in 2005
  223. The 'nuclear option' was just voted on and passed.
  224. "You Are Not A Prisoner Yet"
  225. Omamba got zactly what he wanted - Fundamental change
  226. Women in combat?
  227. Biden's shotgun advice
  228. Those Polls, they just keep hitting, harder
  229. Gotta love NYC. Ray Kelly wants armed guards.
  230. I know! Let's call it something else!!
  231. Progressives are so smart -- Our Dear Leader edition
  232. What would happen if there were no hypothetical questions?
  233. Blank Check, yes, I said that
  234. Would You Convert to a Different Religion if...
  235. and she voted for him/this
  236. Obama is coming to town
  237. Another one falls
  238. Obamacure website ( only 60 - 70% complete
  239. Update Just-Us loses in Louisiana
  240. Progressives are so smart -- Democrat House Leadership edition
  241. Progressives are so smart -- MSNBC edition
  242. The next "Phony Scandal" for President Footnote
  243. JW's Move Into A New Era
  244. Just when We Thought We Didn't Have to Kick George Zimmerman Around Anymore......
  245. Kenney Assassination Theories
  246. The SS lives. Comments from Libs
  247. Standing Tough Under Stars and Stripes
  248. What is your position on abortion?
  249. When does a human develop a soul?
  250. Ziimerman arrested again.