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  1. Limbaugh lost major advertisers.
  2. re-hypothecation
  3. Why is Jesus so Mad?
  4. Going to Arizona...what papers do I need?
  5. Whats up sluts
  6. Will gives up on presidency
  7. Ca. Lt. Gov. Newsome is a F'in pr!ck...
  8. President Obama calls for Ending Oil & Gas Subsidies
  9. Louis Farrakhan channels dippso
  10. Why is everyone picking on our POTUS?
  11. Sheriff Joe Arpaio
  12. 60 seconds
  13. Meat Industry/Animal Abuse
  14. Christianity and other bone headed ideas, are they funny?
  15. Andrew Breitbart Dead
  16. deleted
  17. Anyone in SoCal see the commercial at the end of American Idol last night?
  18. This'll Teach those Muslims
  19. The gangster in the White House....
  20. the alaskan give-a-way
  21. What if...
  22. Can't get it up? How about a nice rectal exam
  23. LOL be careful who you pick a fight with
  24. Opaqueness
  25. At The Range
  26. HOLY SCHIT!!! This isn't a spoof!!!
  27. Are Americans sheep?
  28. It Is Already happening
  29. nd I think it's "sloppy" when my kids lose $20...
  30. UAW (among others) Thuggery...
  31. American muslim judge makes decision based on Sharia Law
  32. Inside scoop on WH occupants:
  33. The Afgan apology
  34. America’s per capita debt is worse than PIIGS!
  35. Republicans are Grreeaat
  36. If Obama wins re-election in 2012 ..?
  37. language
  38. Obama to Use Rogue Planets to Attack Earth!!
  39. US Prepares to Invade Syria
  40. Market at 13k, 35k postal employees about to go
  41. Obama threatens America
  42. Cops: Dad hit son for not watching Obama
  43. Racism
  44. The Gibson raid
  45. Georgia wants to outlaw vasectomies...
  46. Obama right again.
  47. Genuine question for gun owners...
  48. How your education dollars were spent
  49. Is Black History Month racist?
  50. Is Texas racist ?
  51. what does it mean?
  52. Indiana lawmaker: Girl Scouts in league with Planned Parenthood
  53. There is intrusive...
  54. Found Out The Real Story Behind How Our Neighbor Passed...
  55. Is Santorum Really Satan????
  56. Corporate Social Responsibility
  57. GoPro Vids and pictures you have taken
  58. Does Opey even know who's on first??
  59. Violence in Iraq drops 50%
  60. More bad economic news
  61. Michigan GOP Primary
  62. Archive footage...B-29's in the pacific
  63. Commies Steal Food from Starving Squirrel
  64. New Pelican app?
  65. Keep Hope Alive
  66. Iran again?
  67. A Target
  68. The Sheriff says spread'em wide, he wants to frisk you!
  69. Gay AZ Sheriff, pulls out of Mit's....umm campaign...
  70. Whoops.
  71. The George W. Bush Presidential Library
  72. How Romney Ranks Among Richest US Presidents
  73. Watching Houston funeral...... wishing I got religion...
  74. How to post a successful thread on PARF
  75. Libertarian Anarchist connection
  76. Payroll Tax "holiday" extension
  77. which one of you...
  78. New sign in Mexico
  79. The comedians are turning
  80. Still more bad economic news:
  81. How best to solve the conundrum of the exhorbitant cost of end of life care?
  82. GM Profits
  83. debt and sovereignty
  84. The Swamp
  85. Outmoded thinking, I'm sure
  86. One set of Lunatics pissing off another set of Lunatics
  87. climategate-gate?
  88. The Government can
  89. 2/15/2012 OBAMA's Approval Rating >50%
  90. Apoplexy - some of you will get from this
  91. Why is it there is so little outcry as Mr Obama tramples on the Constitution?
  92. Update: Los Angeles County Beach Boondoggle
  93. Most disquieting aspect of the contraception imbroglio
  94. Who's ready to buy a $67,000 Hyundai
  95. Gas Prices
  96. Highway bill stalled in Senate over Paul's Egypt amendment
  97. Clown Show
  98. Is anyone following this flap about the Mortgage Settlement?
  99. new military budget
  100. A pictorial guide to understanding the GOP
  101. a reason to watch Fox News...
  102. Red States = Biggest Waste of our Tax $$$
  103. Vote for Pres
  104. Exclusive: Obama to pitch lower corporate tax
  105. Is anyone following this flap about contraception and health insurance?
  106. 26 things Dr. Tom Woods
  107. Bar code/country of origin
  108. More Socialist Ideas that Don't work: Gun Registry
  109. Coming to a back yard near you: Nuclear Power!
  110. Los Angeles County raises fines for playing football on the beach.
  111. Sex Selection Abortions
  112. Seattle Library Lets Man Watch Porn in View of Children
  113. Mimi Alford: 'We had races with rubber ducks in the bathtub'
  114. GoPro founder and his Rothmans Porsche
  115. And down the slippery slope we continue to go
  116. Santorum
  117. For you guys that like to laugh at us Floridians
  118. Gay maariage is BAAACCCKKKK!!!!!
  119. My contribution to PARF
  120. NEA staff goes on a cruise (member pay)
  121. An MSM guide to election season
  122. Rove vs Eastwood
  123. Jeb Bush for #2 slot?
  124. You are the matrix
  125. another interesting point-
  126. Ferrari F2012
  127. The deception behind the "payroll tax cut"
  128. A fair shake
  129. Civilian deaths in Afghan war hit record high
  130. Another one bites the dust
  131. Is gas too expensive?
  132. Green Jobs Training Grants
  133. 3 strikes and you're OUT
  134. Why would China and Russia combine....
  135. Ginsburg to Egypt - US Constitution is too old.
  136. Dogs with Cameras - What next, dogs with guns?
  137. Pelican Republican Primary
  138. Does The U.S Negotiate With Terrorists?
  139. Horse Latitudes
  140. A Nation of Dependents
  141. Tom Clancy's Latest Political Manifesto
  142. The Left and the Right
  143. More bad news about the economy:
  144. when will israel strike??? and how?
  145. Poll: Do Politics and Religion Belong in PARF?
  146. Romney&Trump
  147. The US Debt Poll
  148. Governor Dimwit
  149. The Close Relationship Between the ATF and the Anti-Gun Lobby
  150. Who says unions don't protect their workers??
  151. Newt will be elected and there's nothing anyone can do about it....
  152. Glad I'm not in school
  153. Does Anyone Here Believe the UAW is Good?
  154. Romney the dog lover
  155. Rush Limbaugh: The New York Times has turned on Apple; they wouldn’t do this if Steve
  156. Obama's going to lose and can't do anything about it....
  157. Even puppets know that FNews is silly....
  158. Mitt-Bot Scores in Florida
  159. Really Guys? Really?
  160. Gingrich and Romney spar over foreclosures, each profited from housing meltdown
  161. from NY Fed economist to Anarcho capitalist
  162. Ford F-150 control arm bushing replacement $$$?
  163. Newts morals.
  164. Obama will be re-elected and there's nothing anyone can do about it....
  165. Tabs Wags The Dog
  166. Ford F-150 control arm bushing replacement $$$?
  167. Barack Obama's 34 Month Report Card by Rich Carroll
  168. Vote Republican
  169. Justice served...Well done Canada
  170. New Temperature Data Released.
  171. No one plays golf until we get this legislation passed
  172. Influence peddling?
  173. Liberal Prejudice
  174. Cain Endorses Gingrich
  175. Red Tails
  176. Santorum is a Conservative??
  177. Obama's car on Ebay
  178. Do You Want Your Investments to Be Taxed at a Higher Rate?
  179. Obama the candidate vs. Obama the president
  180. Campaign Promises Versus Reality: Obama and the Space Program
  181. Just another Obama FAILURE
  182. Athiests Pull One from the Gay Playbook
  183. The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace
  184. Fyi
  185. Jan Brewer for Governor
  186. energy and density
  187. White Noise
  188. Congressional Black Caucus LOL
  189. Romney pays 14% tax on $21.7m income, what do you pay?
  190. Mitch Daniels Response To State Of The Union: Text & Video
  191. Full transcript: Obama's 2012 State of the Union Address
  192. Joe vs. Jose
  193. TV tonight, nothing on.
  194. Total waste of Legislative time and effort
  195. Political Divisions Between Conservatives, Liberals Mirror Reactions To Negative Stim
  196. Is Tim Thomas Douche?
  197. Just a short joke...
  198. Tim Thomas snubs the white house
  199. New social security limits
  200. gold rush . . . show us your papers
  201. We are to blame for the state of the union......
  202. Hear the Roar
  203. Wage inequality - not dems, not repubs, but culture
  204. Gingrich wins SC
  205. The more things change
  206. The religion of peace strikes again
  207. Abbott & Costello explain unemployment figures
  208. Identity theft
  209. Vote Fraud in Iowa??
  210. Newt going in now boys!!!!
  211. Predict the Winner in SC
  212. can you properly delegate a right that you do not have
  213. Dems propose 'Reasonable Profits Board' to regulate oil company profits
  214. Obama on record-setting pace
  215. Bob Hope golf classic-with Slick Willey
  216. Sarah Burke RIP
  217. Typical Obama Day
  218. What if they had an election and nobody showed up.
  219. Ding !
  220. Newt and Marianne
  221. Why is the MSM trying to derail Newt?
  222. National debt video..30 seconds
  223. Ron Paul and Sarah Palin ?
  224. The drum beat on Romney's tax return
  225. Calif Assembly woman steals cloths
  226. Romney & Obama
  227. Their is Pro-Choice, Pro-Life Why Not Pro-Death?
  228. Which way is the country going?
  229. Just in Obama kills XL pipeline
  230. Priceless Palin Quote
  231. Poverty is a self-inflicted malady
  232. If Only They Looked at Chicago...
  233. English Wikipedia anti-SOPA blackout
  234. Iranians are going to return a drone!
  235. Conservatives and Liberals, funny note on the development...
  236. Fox Nation
  237. So who were those guys?
  238. BO can't lose what with all the free air time from the MSM
  239. What would MLK think of today's African-Americans?
  240. EPA Fines Companies Because They Didn’t Use A Fuel That Doesn’t Exist!
  241. Huntsman quits
  242. The Shape Of things To Come
  243. Why did God make Haley Barbour pardon 200 convicted criminals?
  244. NEW 2013 Cadillac ATS...... BMW 3 series killer?
  245. It Comes Down To A Matter Of Trust...
  246. How the Supreme Court Destroyed our Country
  247. What makes a good president?
  248. Catholic pedo-whatHUH?
  249. Part Time Congress?
  250. Time for Romney to implode? Bain advised on the auto bailout...