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  1. It's not Bush's oil spill, it's official!
  2. Nostatic- Moderator
  3. NASA is not NAMA?
  4. Who fares the best in a depression?
  5. Another correction...
  6. Obamaís Immigration Speech: Stop Laughing, Heís Serious
  7. Why the founders gave us a Republic
  8. f**k scotland
  9. Congressional Job Approval for America's birthday
  10. How long can Obama drag out the "Blame Bush" card?
  11. Petraus, then and now
  12. Interesting Article - the Myths of Unemployment, Deficits and Socialism
  13. Happy 4th Obama
  14. What did Steele say that was wrong?
  15. Illinois Stops Paying Its Bills, but Canít Stop Digging Hole
  16. What did tabs say?
  17. OK, Pick a Nation to Re-Design from the Ground Up to Utopian...Ready, Set, Go!!!
  18. Michael Steele losing marbles.
  19. What is the tea party?
  20. Freeway blocked by "Gatorade and grits"
  21. 7.9 Million Jobs Lost Many FOREVER
  22. The Govenator Cuts Pay To Minimum Wage
  23. Whats Up with POP
  24. Can U Say Blago
  25. Mexican Drug Gangs are targeting US Government
  26. Palestinian garbage truck from Gaza.
  27. Who's ready for those Bush tax cuts to expire?
  28. Just for normie
  29. Gun laws in Mexico
  30. I think I found TABS.
  31. A UNION on the property PROBABLY would have prevented "Deepwater Horizon"
  32. A rare case of sound strategy from the retardate [sorry: republican] party-
  33. MORE health insurance greed~
  34. John Boehner works the Washington DC Gay bar scene~
  35. Why the "tea party" has no poets-
  36. republicans WANT a "double dip" recession-
  37. Why we need the Rich?
  38. Chris called it...
  39. Stupid pelosi statement of the day:
  40. G20 citizen 1 vs looter 0
  41. Report shows Obama Administration lying about skimmers in the gulf
  42. Stocks end rough quarter... Obamas fault fault
  43. Senate Pissing Me Off - NFIP!!!
  44. Black Panthers and Holder back in the sunlight?
  45. You won't believe this about the late Grand Kliegal from W. VA
  46. Da boid
  47. Parts of Arizona closed to Americans !!
  48. House Bill 3590, the Health Care Bill Summary of Changes
  49. Stimulate the Economy, Spend More?
  50. US says will take foreign help on Gulf oil spill
  51. The Fate Of The USA Is Hanging On The Election
  52. Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif. "Our borders are quite secure, thank you,"
  53. Grill the Snot out of Kagan
  54. Is Hillary still alive??
  55. Transparent as mother's milk
  56. Internet kill switch
  57. Iconography (hey Milt)
  58. Obama, payback time
  59. Oh crap, the air bags just deployed!
  60. Gramps can play some
  61. California democrats and entitlement. Shameful
  62. OH Those Russian Spys
  63. POll For It IS Already Too Late
  64. Is It Already Too Late
  65. The Third Depression
  66. CALIPERS Predicts 28,000,000 On The DOW.
  67. Why The G20 Won't Listen To BO
  68. more from obama's spititual mentor and leader:
  69. A nsix month police sting on strippers.
  70. SCOTUS rules Chicago handgun ban...
  71. Whoo Hoo! Supreme Court rules FOR McDonald
  72. Da boid is dead
  73. Biden, Smart A$$
  74. Jessey Jackson, Biden, and now reporters
  75. Oil Spill Scenario to come ?
  76. Jan Brewer Rocks
  77. Biden's foot
  78. Obama the Commy? Has this been posted?
  79. G8 & G20 is there a point?
  80. Guess who signed the letter?
  81. How stupid can the left get?
  82. Ronald Wilson Reagan: The Original Tea Partier (video)
  83. Dipso, I'm a Conservative that changed my mind
  84. AZ not on the border????
  85. Rats at the white house
  86. Caption this Barney Frank Picture
  87. Where You At, Sniper? Got Another One For Ya!
  88. Whatever happened to Obama's oil leak?
  89. What does McChrystal have up his sleeve?
  90. More illegal activity from Sarah.
  91. Putin boasts new jet fighter better than U.S. plane
  92. Sacramento latinos still trying to give my money to illegals
  93. US ranks bad on health care!
  94. Five more states considering Arizona style immigration laws
  95. Over time reduced for...Border Patrol
  96. Whatever happened to Obama's transparency thingy?
  97. Afghanistan
  98. Zero's Greek Tragedy
  99. Confidence in Obama circling the drain
  100. GORE: "...started to moan and demanded she go lower."
  101. When has a counter insurgency ever worked?
  102. No Surprise
  103. Another bad week
  104. I just subscribed to Rolling Stone-
  105. a Rupert Retraction
  106. Obama to grant amnesty by exec order????
  107. Chicago Crime
  108. Oil spill - LIVE Feed
  109. Flying in the face of teamO
  110. Hell Hath No Fury Like Obama Scorned...
  111. Planned Parenthood
  112. Nanc Pelozi has an excuse
  113. So what happens if Fed Gov cuts spending 25% and then taxes 25%
  114. Unraveling
  115. Suicide tracking
  116. Looking over there, but whats going on here???
  117. Drilling moratorium found illegal
  118. Gun Control sure is keeping Chicago safe
  119. Congressional Caucus list
  120. McCain: my once favorite Republican falls on hard times
  121. Fremont Nebraska puts their boot heel on the throats of illegal immigrants
  122. Allah Akbar Mr Obama
  123. Can muslims be good americans?
  124. The Apology
  125. Is it just me, or is this absurd?
  126. Another one deserts the Obama row boat
  127. Minerals Management Services - name change a big waste of money!
  128. MSNBC: Totally in the Tank for BO (video)
  129. Grayson Caught Running Fake Tea Party Candidate
  130. Pretty Damning
  131. N. Korea shows soccer game live, oops!
  132. So It Begins
  133. Why isn't there a moratorium on MINING??!!!
  134. I see those gun control laws in Chicago are working out.
  135. Hopey Changey, GITMO
  136. Sen. Kyl and another obama lie?
  137. Obama's thuggery is useless in fighting spill
  138. Obama Secretary of Labor says illegals have a RIGHT to fair wages
  139. "Bush dit it" is not foreign policy
  140. Meanwhile, back on Wall Street
  141. Rham leaving,
  142. International Rock Star President Barack Obama
  143. HGP and Co. 1, Parasites 0
  144. Karzai to give Japan first take on mines
  145. Anyone know who this guy is ??
  146. Obama The Measure Of The Man
  147. Obama positioning himself for "Plan B" of 2012 election - DOJ to fight AZ SB1070
  148. How Can Barack Obama Say This? Oil Addiction and Consumption
  149. Religion of peace is everywhere, so is Anti-Semitism
  150. WSJ: Why Obama turned down foreign ships to clean up the Gulf
  151. Vladimir Obama
  152. Lawyered Up
  153. AZ 1070 is working already
  154. US DEBT & Greece Analogy
  155. Spill drowning Tea Party
  156. Clinton to Equador: Feds to sue Arizona
  157. obama is all over this one, big alert
  158. In our back yards!
  159. Death by Firing Squad...
  160. GOP Rep. Barton apologizes to BP
  161. Funny
  162. Shooting of the Elephant
  163. California says no to fixing the problem
  164. The effective Obama
  165. TABS The Fakir
  166. Amateur Hour at the White House...
  167. This Is Why Stewart is Great
  168. Dear mr. President: Get out of the way!
  169. School Kids Chant: "I Am An Obama Scholar"
  170. 20,000,000 Barrels A Day
  171. BP is Obama's B**** !
  172. Seattle Cop video... here we go again...
  173. Now the British hate Bam Bam
  174. Part of Arizona declared unsafe and off-limits to Americans
  175. It is Hurricane Season In The Gulf
  176. Okaloosa tells Barry-O to blow
  177. Louisiana poll says Bush did better on Katrina than Obama on oil spill
  178. Nationalizing BP?
  179. Dear Mr Soft Targa
  180. BlamO's energy speech
  181. God Today
  182. Al Gore cheated on Tipper with Larry David's wife?
  183. Seriously....Sammy, you're a bright
  184. Thanks Guys! For paying for Niki Tsonga's Election Propoganda!
  185. The NAACP is an insane organization (video)
  186. The only good thing about Obama...
  187. I'll Say It Again, Unions = Extortionists
  188. Bobby Jindal to Obama and BP... Bite Me!
  189. Nancy Pelozi still screwing us
  190. Is this all real woman flesh?
  191. US Postal Service
  192. Is Obama a Gymnast?
  193. Phoenix Sizzlers looking for some new dishwashers
  194. WH conspiracy on drilling moritorium
  195. Dem Congressman assaults college student (video)
  196. Prsssure is on the libs and they are starting to lose it:
  197. Have ya plugged the hole yet Daddy?
  198. Even NPR makes fun of Bama
  199. Pakistani gov't providing direct support to Taliban
  200. US discovers ~$1T in mineral wealth in Afganistan...
  201. Texas Republican Platform
  202. the BP spill - it's my fault
  203. Tired of politically correct changes in our world
  204. More Obama lies on healthcare
  205. Normy walks the picket line!
  206. Interesting piece on oil spill
  207. Obama =jimmy carter's 2nd term
  208. "I'll take 'Ridonkulous' for 1000, Alex"
  209. Christ and Buddha
  210. Salazar, white house caught in a lie about moratorium
  211. Countdown to Economic Collapse in CA?
  212. A minor win for the Rational....
  213. Flash! Obama finds ass to kick!
  214. How screwed up are L.A. public schools?
  215. Does TABS Have Credibility
  216. Do They Have Credibility
  217. South Carolina Dem. Alvin Greene
  218. Dems pile on BP more
  219. Obama's plan to fix the oil leak
  220. Catch 22
  221. Van Der Slut
  222. The boarder o.t.m. (other than mexicans) .... Muslims
  223. A question for Amercian (or other) Jews
  224. About those Afghanistan supply lines (LOC)
  225. Hillary in Peru, this is funny
  226. I Give Up
  227. Pelosi heckled at speech... by other leftists!
  228. Arizona has the right idea
  229. Little Green Footballs: Reuters cropped photos to remove knives from Activists hands
  230. the religion of boobies
  231. Barry's a 1 term wonder, so who's next?
  232. Imagine if Bush's or McCains Chief of Staff....
  233. ANyone seen the new Mocumentary "McGrubber" ?
  234. CNN and Meg Whitman
  235. Obama in Ass Kicking mode!
  236. Hallmark caves to NAACP
  237. Okay Obama supporters...which parts of this aren't true???
  238. Elton John Sings at Rush Limbaugh's Wedding
  239. White House Jester Beheaded For Making Fun Of Soaring National Debt
  240. Should 5% appear too small...
  241. Iran might escort relief ships to Gaza
  242. this is what makes me proud to have voted for him.
  243. How profitable is a web forum using banners?
  244. Obama and Values, or lack of
  245. Jew bashing, Black bashing, the same?
  246. The Forgotten Rachel's
  247. White House link to "Peace" Floatilla
  248. Helen Thomas... incredible anti Semite statement
  249. What ever happened to Monica L, Linda T and the rest of the people involved in BC's f
  250. Israels piracy official