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  1. Who pays for Obamacare - the young - the poor
  2. Healthcare Costs
  3. IN DEPTH: What The Affordable Care Act Does - And Will Do Read more: http://www.rand
  4. Romney "Very Pleased With" Individual Mandate
  5. A new campaign slogan for Romney
  6. A Republican Con for whom I have newfound respect
  7. large company is over 50 employees
  8. How long until Romney takes credit for Obamacare?
  9. The Day The America Dream Died
  10. Oops
  11. If this doesn't persuade you to vote for Obama, I don't know what will.
  12. Supreme Court Rules...
  13. Health Care Reform uphelld by SCOTUS..boon for Porsche owners
  14. Obamacare lives
  15. How About This. Rush Limbaugh: Mitt Romney 'Not Ready For Prime Time'
  16. God. A beautifully distilled thought.
  17. Stockton, KA: work for 1 month, get lifetime health care?
  18. Good guy or cheap bastard? Mitt gives supporter a truck.
  19. 35 people sworn in as U.S. citizens at Disney resort
  20. Oh, oh... Federal court upholds Obama EPA’s climate change regulations
  21. Senate votes to ban bath salts
  22. fast and furious, holder in contempt
  23. New pistol coming
  24. Another Mustang Thread
  25. Where's the leak?
  26. Why should we obey federal law?
  27. When you've lost Jimma...
  28. rat rod craigslist ad what is it?
  29. SCOTUS Defanged AZ Anti Imigrant Law
  30. Does congress get "eBay" ratings?
  31. Obama is so DONE it's not even fun to discuss anymore
  32. SCOTUS affirm AZ law
  33. Healthcare Law
  34. Affordable Care Act Decision Coming Soon
  35. Muslim Brotherhood now in charge of Egypt
  36. deliberative process privilege
  37. Serious question on health care in the US
  38. Obama asks the tooth fairy for money...
  39. obama's kids are illegals?
  40. Sandusky, registered republican found guilty
  41. Health Care Studied
  42. there a chance?
  43. Miami is burning!
  44. Romney Still Flip Flopping
  45. The Most Interesting Man in the World
  46. obama/biden SS, hookers and fights
  47. What's so bad about communism?
  48. NBC edits Romney speech,
  49. Stealth Democratic Political Agent Back in the News
  50. The most transparent administration in...
  51. Can't criticize man made Global Warming
  52. Torture, worse than waterboarding
  53. sometimes nothing works out right for you
  54. Christian mingle
  55. Really - we can't say the word vagina when speaking about abortions?
  56. North Carolina Wants to Outlaw Climate Change!
  57. In God We Trust...
  58. Happy Father's Day -- Where's Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?
  59. Replacing Front Bushings/Where Do You Support the Vehicle
  60. Two Thirds of Americans Blame Bush for Economic Crisis
  61. A Simple Tax Code Is a Fair Tax Code
  62. Gopher Slayer
  63. Terrific Irony - Santa Monica City Council Votes to End Religious Displays
  64. Don't share my wealth......
  65. Cat Killer goes to prison
  66. AP reporting - Amnesty for younger illegals
  67. Stanford gets life in prison. Blankfein gets paid.
  68. Wind Watch
  69. The Kings win the Cup
  70. Genetic modeling male gayness
  71. Like OBAMA was here...
  72. The Breitbart Crew has done the world a very valuable service in finding a 1991 biogr
  73. Irony fame
  74. US Economy
  75. Leaks & the White House
  76. Judge much? A reminder to a good christian life.
  77. Mark 10:25
  78. Loser, another obama appointee
  79. Facing a second abortion
  80. best video yet --- caught hiding pills in jail--
  81. The war on Furniture
  82. Holder...witch hunt
  83. Will President Obama abdicate?
  84. The Supreme Court
  85. What's worse??
  86. Jeb Bush Slams Republicans
  87. Noonan Nails It
  88. New Bin Laden Information
  89. Scott Walker Defeats Recall Attempt in Wisconsin - then Targeted in Drone Attack
  90. Obama promises for unions . . .
  91. Submitted without comment...
  92. Michelle's book signing
  93. "Europe's Green Energy Suicide" WSJ
  94. Miss me yet? Oh well, maybe a few more years..G2's approval rating...
  95. Obama ignores D-Day... again
  96. France - The Socialist rolls back the retirement age.
  97. Farm Subsidies
  98. Best video yet -- illegal mexicans
  99. Z-man, re
  100. Why was this thread closed?
  101. He Says We Need It
  102. Lefty on TV : BUUWAAAH! BUWWAAH!!
  103. Scott Walker Defeats Recall Attempt
  104. The end of democracy started in Wisconsin
  105. Trouble at the GOP Louisiana convention
  106. Al Qaeda No. 2 leader is dead
  107. Cheese Prize
  108. Fast and Furious - How high in DOJ?
  109. GoPro 2 settings
  110. Where's George?
  111. Rock the Vote Sluts....
  112. The Swamp III: Michael Madigan
  113. 4th of July
  114. 1st amendment
  115. Boortzie, not to be confused with Butzi
  116. how about a death pool
  117. WHo is most directing Barack Obama?
  118. City planners then and now
  119. more scary crap
  120. Do not call list, why dont the politicians..
  121. telephone pedestal removal
  122. U.S. job growth trips again...
  123. Your vote & the economy
  124. Romney sews up the Alzheimers vote.
  125. Uh oh, I have a bad feeling about this....
  126. The Fallacy of 'The Rich not Paying Taxes"
  127. NYC Mayor Bloomberg Seeks Ban on Super-Size Soft Drinks
  128. G.Bush at the white house
  129. John Edwards Verdict
  130. Another Crazy Republican acting like...a Crazy Republican.
  131. BOOOOBS, BOOOOBS, OMG! Cover up!
  132. Boy sings 'ain't no homo gonna make it to heaven' - best to start 'em young...
  133. The Diamond Jubilee
  134. An interesting perspective
  135. Normal church folks exist.
  136. WSJ - Wisconsin Unions See Ranks Drop Ahead of Recall Vote
  137. new film coming about O called 2016
  138. Is Donald Trump secretly supporting President Obama?
  139. More wealthy avoiding taxes
  140. IMF boss...... Let them pay taxes
  141. Steve's just sayin....
  142. Mitt Came To Town
  143. I'm sorry, I was wrong.
  144. Your Favorite Obama Quote
  145. Obama's new VP
  146. War on Women
  147. Memorial weekend 2012 - stories
  148. How does a toke'n slacker get into Harvard? . . .
  149. Presidential Candidate
  150. New Global Warming study
  151. New Troll Hugo930
  152. Defiance,
  153. zombie atack stoped by miami police
  154. Brett Limberlin
  155. darn it. my mountain bike rear bushings are on the way out.
  156. Matching Quiz
  157. The Choomwagon . ..
  158. Obama bucks by Alexandra Pelosi
  159. Half the people pay no taxes, right?
  160. CA's $800 Million Tobacco Tax they won't spend on babies
  161. Who will be the next Bond villainess?
  162. I'm So Hoping That This Happened Exactly As Written
  163. Will nails Fauxcohantas....
  164. Name that Republican II
  165. What drugs should get the distributor/user jail time?
  166. Achtung Birthers!
  167. Name That Republican!
  168. Do any of you know?
  169. Pakistan thumbs it's nose at obama
  170. Hide your wallets...
  171. New line of work?
  172. Capitalist Oligarchy
  173. The revolution devours it's own
  174. Teachers
  175. Palin stumps for Texas senator. In Kansas!
  176. the real unemployment numbers?
  177. John Edwards
  178. Karzai messes with Santa Obama
  179. Voter fraud & DA Attorney General Julie Fernandes,
  180. Koi
  181. Jon Lovitz
  182. Fathered 30 kids from 11 different women, now wants state aid
  183. Are any of them named Julia?
  184. GM funneled over $1 million to Dem lobbyists
  185. America's Antique Air Force
  186. Zimmerman, A Bully And Racist In The Workplace
  187. "Trust us, we're from the government."
  188. disappeared
  189. Zimmerman/Martin: How you gonna explain this evidence just release?
  190. Obama's Literary Agent claimed he was born in Kenya?
  191. we the enemy
  192. Speaking of Jeopardy....
  193. It pays to golf with obama
  194. When you've lost chomsky...
  195. How much $ does the POTUS have?
  196. Enough me talking about me, you talk about me......
  197. Obama's Budget goes down in.....
  198. French Revolution
  199. Watch Hannity Tonight
  200. Romney tries to speak and blows it again.
  201. Apple CEO Tim Cook meets with U.S. Speaker John Boehner (with photos)
  202. AlQueida hates us...for our movies
  203. God to Hollande...damn, I missed!
  204. Canadian healthcare...
  205. Chris Mathews Bombs on "Jeopardy"
  206. Will Hillary get the Dem nom?
  207. Just how desperate is Obama?
  208. You can buy Solyndra, go green
  209. Who is Grover Norquist?
  210. D'oh!, It's the Republicans!
  211. NOT ENOUGH!!! Moonbeam proposes $8,300,000,000.00 in cuts for CA...
  212. What weight oil most used by you
  213. Find the Subsidy
  214. Debt Generation/ The debt generation is voting
  215. madcorgi's new outlet.
  216. Say something nice about your PARF enemies
  217. This is the exact place,
  218. Joining madcorgi
  219. It Is About Time
  220. Obama says his plan will save the average Homeowner underwater $3,000/month
  221. Stand your ground against an abusive spouse in FL? Get 20 years.
  222. Romey's New Hero: Bill Clinton!
  223. I'm Out
  224. if you like (really) dark comedies...
  225. Facebook Co-Founder Saverin Gives Up U.S. Citizenship Before IPO
  226. Gimme My Benifit
  227. Not looking good for Joe Arpaio
  228. The CIA Sting
  229. 'Gay Rights' and the Constitution
  230. why can't I own Canadians?
  231. Romney bully in hs , gay haircut
  232. The FDR Lesson Obama Should Follow
  233. Did Putin diss obama?
  234. Better bone up on our Chinese guys
  235. After running for President, becomes a foreign citizen
  236. The thin blue line
  237. Obama waffles on sausage houses.
  238. If this stands...expect to see A LOT of Chicago politicians go to jail...
  239. Fauxcahontas
  240. A win for ROMNEY = Felicidades!
  241. The Purge has started
  242. North Carolina bans gay marriage
  243. The Right to bear arms?
  244. Has entitlement gone to far?
  245. Have you thanked a politician today?
  246. the proven way to stop entitlements!
  247. Republicans block bill to keep student loan rates low.
  248. Who will police the Super PACs?
  249. Another C-Span caller moment on abortion
  250. Plastic Bag Ban