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  1. Have we discussed the new Boeing plant in SC?
  2. Another simple mistake
  3. Channeling Barrack
  4. Pelosi not inerested in Obama's campaign speech
  5. Rick is running
  6. The Cheese Joins Everyone Else...Illinois Stands Alone
  7. Letters to the Editor-LA Times
  8. A random accident.
  9. the police state
  10. Why do they even pretend it's "strategic" petroleum reserves?
  11. Saab DOA?
  12. Under Obama, U.S. Casualty Rate in Afghanistan Increased 5-Fold
  13. A Video About PARF
  14. This seems like a good thing
  15. moved ot
  16. Gore claims President Barack Obama has failed to lead;
  17. My PM from the whiney JE
  18. How did killing Bin Laden benefit the US?
  19. The Weinerlogues
  20. Man robs bank for $1 to get medical care in jail
  21. Okay, that did not work the first time, How about an adult discussion of Herman Cain
  22. Quote of the day
  23. Governor Perry Adds TSA Anti-Groping Bill to Special Session Call
  24. TSA Mobile Groping Teams
  25. Marco Rubio gets it right...
  26. So proud of our President
  27. Father Corapi resigns from Priesthood
  28. Obama Pragmatist
  29. Nuclear Plants are Dangerous
  30. The Greenspan Interview
  31. At least he got the money....
  32. There's a murderer in the White House
  33. Is there a goal in Libya?
  34. Herman Cain
  35. just something to think about...
  36. Flood control around the world
  37. Did Tabs hit the jackpot!
  38. NBC drops under god from the pledge of allegiance
  39. Republican, Idaho State Senator, Arrested For Drunk Driving, Grand Larceny
  40. Jon M. Huntsman Jr. for President?
  41. Religion of peacy, our muslim brothers and allies:
  42. Department of Injustice
  43. Nobama Golf
  44. climate scientists doctoring sea-level data...
  45. Missing George Bush
  46. Obama '12
  47. Does the War Powers Act need to be reviewed by the SCOTUS or just repealed?
  48. Wanted seats
  49. Sorry Tighty Righty...but Obama is going to win in 2012!
  50. Obama's IQ is 160
  51. Liberal Thinkers take liberalism apart...
  52. Texas Senator tells Mexican testifying at hearing to speak english
  53. Christie = Hitler?
  54. If you're not outraged then you haven't been paying attention
  55. The votes are in. The new President is...Anyone but Obama
  56. For all my friends in a heat wave-a cool down for you
  57. GOP Cuts To Food Aid For Seniors And Food Banks Equals One Day Of Bush Tax Cuts For M
  58. The Republicans are at it again. Lying in the debates.
  59. List of controversial items in Palin Email
  60. Greece update
  61. A broken Weiner pulls out
  62. Rick Perry thinks he's a prophet
  63. California professor setting the example for students:
  64. Sunspots and global warming
  65. $5 raffle tickets for dinner with Obama
  66. It is the banks! And specifically the fault of ATMs
  67. You've got a friend in Obama...
  68. Lawmakers sue President Obama over Libya
  69. Republicans once again show their 'stripes'
  70. Why is the U.S. economy in the tank?
  71. Wisconsin
  72. Democrat President Not Viewed Favorably in Own Country
  73. uh oh, Boehner caught sending nastygram to ...
  74. Is ABC biased?
  75. Republican Presidential Candidates Not Viewed Favorably in Own States
  76. Is ABC biased?
  77. Obama: ‘There are days when I say one term is enough’
  78. "Obama" isn't selling very well.....
  79. Got My Medicare Card Today
  80. Who Is Going to Be Buying US Treasuries in July
  81. ‘Entitlement’ my ass, I paid cash for my social security insurance!!!!
  82. Libya
  83. Is this possible?
  84. Is Fox News biased?
  85. Florida governor signs welfare drug-screen measure
  86. Gotta love the feminazis
  87. A Day That Changed The World
  88. Walter Mitty
  89. Ruining the Economy
  90. Different Decisions
  91. What Ever Happen to the World Peace Movement?
  92. The "Is dipslo Plagiarizing?" Poll
  93. The "Is dipslo Plagiarizing?" Poll
  94. Embarrassments in high office
  95. War #4
  96. nekkid pictures
  97. Limbaugh, flustered and lying.
  98. Ann Coulter gets flustered.
  99. Huma is pregnant. Does that change anything?
  100. Dropping the race card, pathetic
  101. Where is the outrage? II -Libya vs Iraq
  102. Where is the outrage?
  103. You Had Better Pay Your Student Loans!
  104. Now they're going after SS.
  105. GM chief pushing for higher gas taxes
  106. CATO get out of NATO
  107. Is the Weiner Story important or a Distraction?
  108. China has divested 97% of its short term treasuries
  109. Who lies the most?
  110. Breitbart bytchslaps the MSM
  111. Weiner is cooked
  112. ...and it comes full circle....
  113. scoe 911
  114. How about Obama's unemployment ...
  115. The Parfessor Got Banned?
  116. OT: Sarah Palin
  117. The Republicans being called out
  118. Chris Christys out too.
  119. Romney's out
  120. John Edwards indicted
  121. Desmond Tutu is not yet a Christian
  122. Heard something interesting today
  123. Obama & Boehner Go After Each Other with Clubs
  124. Romney Disses Tea Party
  125. the british are coming...
  126. Obama Campaign Funding Sarah Palin
  127. Propagandizing Fourth-graders
  128. Checkmate
  129. Hypo-Christie?
  130. Are we giving foreign aid to nations we owe money to???
  131. Why We Need Liberals
  132. Another 1st for Dems in California
  133. the one state solution
  134. Comment To harlie Rose On The Fahreed Zakaria Interview
  135. Fiscal Conservative Republican...
  136. God Is Not A Christian
  137. Illegal immigrants to get grants for college...
  138. How to sway someone to your political opinion
  139. The truth about the American economy.
  140. O.K. Which one of you called this radio show?
  141. Fox pranked?
  142. I'm not surprised at this little gem.
  143. Who Believes BO On The Debt Cap
  144. The NY Weener
  145. OCD Environmentalist
  146. How offensive is this ad?
  147. The environment and were you live
  148. US-obama-wants to talk to Taliban
  149. Fbi
  150. This is just hilarious.
  151. MSNBC finds it's next liberal intern:
  152. Liberal Media Tactics
  153. Finally, something good on the news.
  154. Kenya to honor Zero's birth place
  155. The Chevy Volt MUST NOT be allowed to fail!
  156. Gov. Kasich responds to obama on sb5
  157. Obama the Weak
  158. French Conservative and Minister accused of rape... just sayin.
  159. Lewis Hamilton Plays the Race Card
  160. Sad day for Americans
  161. OBAMA at the Bat...
  162. Global Warming-How Long Have We Got?
  163. Cutting MediCare
  164. What's it going to take to get BO fired?
  165. Have you logged onto SocialSecurity web site lately?
  166. USPS mail carrier takes dump on somebody's yard...
  167. New beer study!
  168. How about that Obama?
  169. It Is Possible To Change...
  170. Only Some River Deltas to Flood
  171. Shrimp on treadmills; Jello wrestling?
  172. Another lib transparent attempt
  173. C-Span caller comment on Immivasion
  174. How To Predict The Future...
  175. Obama: "We're Working on Gun Control"
  176. TSA Threatens To Cancel All Flights Out Of Texas If 'Groping Bill' Passed... TSA won
  177. Ed Schultz - the gem of MSNBC
  178. Bankruptcy101
  179. Excellence at Colby
  180. Sad To See And Say
  181. Another way to get temperature records of the past
  182. CO2 Records
  183. TABS On The CR Board RE ME & Netanyahu Visit
  184. Anyone Here From New York District 26?
  185. House members side with Netanyahu(from both sides of the aisle)
  186. What should happen to the West Bank and Gaza?
  187. Chalaque
  188. Jon Huntsman - What say ye conservatives?
  189. Does Obama know what year it is?
  190. Water
  191. Palin moves in right by rick lee! Omg!
  192. Flood of felons to be unleashed on CA
  193. "Getting Sarah to meetings and events was like nailing Jell-O to a tree,"
  194. Gene Simmons / Obama has no ...
  195. McCain on Torture
  196. Who Is Going To Clean Up Obamas Mess
  197. what do you suppose are some great "rapture didnt happen" excuses?
  198. Tag and the Rapture
  199. Supreme court: No more search warrent needed
  200. Pacquiao is an idiot
  201. Proposed New PARF Rules for Intelligent Dialogue
  202. Lithgow does Gingrich
  203. Netanyahu tells Jew hater Obama to pizz off
  204. Listened to the ME Speech
  205. Why Are Politics Off Limits To So Many People???
  206. Where Did Western Civilization Go?
  207. From Illinios With Love...not
  208. French Jew and head of IMF rapes hotel maid in NYC
  209. Goodwin Liu: Good Night Now!
  210. Add another FAIL to Obama's list
  211. FOX News and the Secret Service
  212. And Now...The Rest of the Story........
  213. Newt wants the whole country to look like Texas.
  214. The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy...
  215. Retiring the horse
  216. Wow Newt Cant you take a hint
  217. does bush get credit for getting Saddam
  218. Appropriate Comment
  219. USS Cesar Chavez???
  220. Newt
  221. rapture day is may 21, 2011
  222. What's wrong with us?
  223. Paul Ryan not running for Senate
  224. Arnold- the rest of the story....
  225. Who else does Obama have to kill to get re elected?
  226. Not unethical to run up debt, leave it to others to pay
  227. Rename PARF?
  228. It'll never occur but it would be fun.....
  229. trump the chump not running
  230. Debt Clock should stop today!
  231. Attention Climate Change Deniers
  232. A Must Watch video for PARFers.
  233. $200,000 per year lifeguards in Orange County, CA
  234. French Socialist and head of IMF rapes hotel maid in NYC
  235. el faldero wants to be my friend...
  236. 2 questions
  237. How are the Health Insurance Co.s Doing?
  238. How to control a Con.
  239. one leaves... one joins...
  240. greece going down
  241. Is it 'un-American' to end tax subsidies for Big Oil?
  242. Ron Paul
  243. SEALs wish Obama and his cronies would "shut up"
  244. Krauthammer sums it up again.
  245. Institutionalized racism - when will it end?
  246. Liberal media bought and paid for by Soros
  247. green car tax credit
  248. Another Dem bites the dust
  249. McCain: Torture did not lead to bin Laden death
  250. Demagoguery 101 - Obams's Immigration Speech...