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  1. I, for one, welcome robot bureaucrats...
  2. OMG Trumps done it! Bombs Away!
  3. How many wars do you think Trump will get us into? Think he'll nuke someone?
  4. Dear White People - by Netflix
  5. Oh good, I'm tired anyways.
  6. Mellissa McCarhy does another skit.
  7. Niko and Snowflakes shut down airports in the Northeast
  8. Sessions in
  9. God Bless the scared little boys clinging to their guns...
  10. Nordstrom dropping Ivanka
  11. ****gibbon?
  12. Fake News Rap Sheet: Last Week the MSM Was Caught Telling FORTY Lies
  13. "I'm not sure I'm convincing the court"
  14. Aint easy being a pimp
  15. Trump Accuses Media of Not Reporting Voices He Hears in Head
  16. Some people want a bully for president, others want an intellectual
  17. Global warming results fabricated just in time for obama's speech
  18. Eschatology
  19. Boy, did Trump screw up this one.
  20. Indian princess, sit down and shut up
  21. Uh oh. There're already questioning trumps mental health.
  22. If Obama built the wall like he promised.....
  23. All the big Ancestry sites are owned by Mormons
  24. Where on Executive Order 13769 name a specific religious belief o single out Muslims?
  25. For the libbies from your fave news source NBC - woman trained by ISIS
  26. For the libbies from your fave news source CNN - children trained by ISIS
  27. Uh oh! Dipso's source has to pay up! Bigly!
  28. Confirming what we already knew
  29. Now that's a shame .......
  30. Pelosi Forgets Who Is President!
  31. Piers Morgan on Tucker's show last night
  32. DeVo for the win
  33. Who is going to do it first ?
  34. So Finally We Have a President That Is Real
  35. to obama: way to go douche bag!
  36. Maxine Waters on impeaching Trump: "Putin is continuing to advance into...Korea."
  37. They all lie but this guy is special:
  38. Why Comey gave her a pass
  39. He's in total denial
  40. Nationality Act 1952. Law Dem's originally opposed. Commies welcomed to US
  41. The last 6 presidents have imposed some type of travel/immigration ban
  42. Trump should give libbies of America free vacation stay to ghettos of Leipzig Germany
  43. Blame the Judge!
  44. Super Bowl LI
  45. Muslim Brotherhood Protests Removal of Jihad Verses From Jordanian Curriculum
  46. Just as bad as they are...
  47. Lets protect our secrets
  48. The end game: martial law
  49. obaama's last second funding for the UN
  50. 3 million dollar weekend
  51. What do I not know?
  52. New post A list of the President's executive orders so far (copypaste from reddit)
  53. How would an expert tactitioner analyze the left?
  54. Trumps up to 78%!
  55. Dr. Phil on The View
  56. Trump Inheritance
  57. Thank God for Harry Reid
  58. The 10 Commandments
  59. Machete attack on soldier at the Louvre...
  60. The Bowling Green Massacre?
  61. No more vote fraud investigation.
  62. Abolish 501C and let's see who REALLY cares about their mission
  63. Tucker Carlson To Sierra Club Director....
  64. GW/drought takes a turn, oh my.
  65. His first go at CIC. Botched.
  66. So I guess this is a good idea?
  67. Remember Clock Boy
  68. GOP unveils bill to allow political activity by churches
  69. It's the battle of the reality tv show hosts.
  70. Make the American Military Great Again
  71. Memory Holed
  72. Israel to Nominate Trump for Nobel Prize
  73. They are destroying UC Berkley to protest Milo
  74. Yes Alice, there is voter fraud
  75. Iran on Notice
  76. Boycott Starbucks ?
  77. What with it being Black History Month..
  78. Heh...
  79. Paul Ryan is getting frustrated.
  80. Dems stay home and whine, Repub senate acts!
  81. Poor little snowflake Trump.
  82. The Third Jihad
  83. The Insiders Strike Back At Trump
  84. ''So'' you libbies in America want the security of Europe?
  85. Celebrity Political Opinions
  86. Female professional Killers
  87. 3.3 million acres for sale......
  88. The nominee tonight
  89. Are libs really upset about the temporary travel ban...
  90. Cook County's Current Debt Situation.
  91. Soros the leach - Ties to over 50 'partners' Woman march on Washington
  92. Illegal Aliens Really Do Vote – a Lot
  93. 'Boobgate cop'
  94. You're Fired!
  95. Scientists Criticize 'Hottest Year on Record' Claim as Hype
  96. Poor Shaun
  97. And Why is Increased Airport Security Bad?
  98. And Why Is the Mexican Wall a Bad Thing
  99. Art of the Deal
  100. Tears of a clown. It would be impossible for this to get funnier....
  101. The mullahs say hi.
  102. Welcome
  103. Out of control
  104. Trump values Bannon's military experience over General Dunford's
  105. I have hope for Bill Maher
  106. All right, who was in Canada.
  107. Iran response to Trump's temporary travel ban
  108. Airport Protesters
  109. When your base melts down
  110. Vetting, a big problem
  111. Another interesting take on voter fraud -both sides of the 'fence'
  112. Is it really that hard....
  113. Sanctuary Cities
  114. Why does the immigration ban exclude a few countries??
  115. Hollywierd training the next generation early
  116. liberal fools, Hitler vs President Trump
  117. GM to cut 625 jobs in Canada, move some work to Mexico: union
  118. a liberal commercial
  119. Can't we all just get along, and settle on a nickname for those who support Mr Trump
  120. Poll - Trump Rating 1st qt 2017
  121. Scarborough to Bannon: ‘Taking on the Press Like That — It Always Ends Badly’
  122. 100% behind NATO?
  123. Wooden Stake
  124. Trump calling the boss Saturday
  125. More fun with immigrants and the religion of peace..
  126. Gorbachev says...
  127. New social Meme-It was the Russians!
  128. Uh, oh ....Miami-Dade Complies with the President.....
  129. And You Wonder Why Your Party's In The Crapper
  130. Trump sued for violating the Constitution - Foreign Emoluments Clause
  131. State Department Leadership Resigns
  132. Uh oh, it's on now.
  133. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on meeting with Assad
  134. What's a "Sovereign Citizen"?
  135. How is the ACA supposed to be "Affordable"?
  136. Clips from the Inauguration
  137. The Second Civil War
  138. Loony leftist video collection thread-Amateur caught videos here!
  139. Rule Will Deny Women Access to Abortion
  140. Trump takes on Chicago violence & wimpy blowhard Mayor Emanuel -HELL YES!
  141. Dow 20K, Is it Miller Time now?
  142. Insanity! SJW Meltdown! Check it out!
  143. P***y hat protests
  144. Local news is RACIST
  145. Trump keeping his promises
  146. Trump Wins Again!
  147. Laughter is the best medicine....
  148. New RNC Chair Ronna Romney. Rejoice woman protesters!
  149. Voter Fraud
  150. Wisconsin has spoken. Lowest voter turnout in 2 decades Pres election. Libbie lala
  151. Will not take a bullet for the President
  152. Correcting a lie.
  153. Pruitt, Trump’s EPA Pick, Could Undermine California’s CARB
  154. Musing on Drug Development
  156. Breaking -President Trump approves Keystone, Dakota pipelines!
  157. ACA replacement?
  158. DNC Chair Candidate...
  159. The Reason Putin Dropped The Dime On HRC
  160. What happened with all the Russian hacking noise?
  161. 'Lighten' up rabid America -take a lesson from the late Rob Ford / Toronto CAN mayor
  162. For you Air Force guys
  163. The Angry Man Election - publ. 6 days before the election
  164. End of the open internet?
  165. First Press Briefing with Press Secretary Sean Spicer - 1-23-17
  166. Flynn calls to Russians being investigated.
  167. Apple backing big league manufacturing plant would be huge win for President Trump
  168. So when do we stop the name calling , hand wring and posturing....
  169. Mad Dog
  170. The Wall
  171. Kellyanne Conway SHREDS Universal Entertainment news NBC Meet the Press - Chuck Todd
  172. Alternative Facts
  173. Just can't make it in America unless you have white privilege
  174. Lawyers in the house? LA to hire immigrant advocate
  175. No tax return release.
  176. POTUS CIA speech
  177. pope-francis-says-wait-and-see
  178. Frank Luntz Recounts Hotel Assault by Trump Inauguration Protester
  179. Wretched Old Hag Harasses Trump Supporter On A Flight And TOTALLY GETS WHAT’S COMING
  180. Trump administration already getting things done.
  181. Trump's Sean Spicer: the new Baghdad Bob?
  182. And What Is It That Is Supposed to Happen That Is So Bad?
  183. BREAKING: Mexico Gives African Migrants Free Pass to Dash Across U.S. Border
  184. WATCH: Bikers For Trump Break Through Inaugural Protest
  185. Madonna Fearmongers At Women’s March on Washington,Wants To “Blow Up The White House"
  186. Ashley Judd Recites 'I Am a Nasty Woman' Poem at DC Women's March
  187. Worldwide Protests
  188. Access Hollywood and main stream News outlets are full of UGLY woman
  189. she said
  190. Willy busted at Trump inauguration - LOL
  191. American Protectionism
  192. Made in a China
  193. Dear liberals against this video....and then get back to me
  194. Day 1 of the Resistance
  195. Can't wait
  196. Celebrating President Trump
  197. BTW- I'm fine
  198. Yup...Trump Won
  199. German translation of Comrad Drumpf's speech
  200. And the Left reaches a new LOW - SNL
  201. GW Bush and friends
  202. Obama didn't take your guns away
  203. Washington flourished but the people did not share in its wealth
  204. The anti Trump underground
  205. So which do you think we'll get?
  206. It's a new world
  207. Trump has been installed! MAGA!!
  208. It's a Beautiful Morning
  209. Toady is the day.
  210. 30k bikers in DC
  211. So long douchepoodle
  212. Barack needs a few bucks
  213. The Fireworks Display today
  214. CNN acts like climate change is a hoax
  215. Please Help Me Understand Why He Commuted a Traitor?
  216. Free or Nearly Free Health Care - What Could Go Wrong?
  217. What I Found out When I Googled "How many boycotted the Obama Inauguration".
  218. President Obama's Last Day Close of Business
  219. Jan 20th Predictions
  220. Snowflakes in Hollywood
  221. Last day President Spanky McDouchecanoe
  222. Mexican /// USA wall -ground breaking Jan 21. Thats right amigo ;-)
  223. Poor *******s
  224. The Liberal Mindset
  225. Thank you President Obama
  226. Religion of Peace Strikes Again
  227. Read Every Word
  228. What has improved for blacks in America under Obama?
  229. Now this is really scary
  230. Selma to Montgomery Freedom Marches MLK
  231. Obama was right about Hope and Change
  232. The democrat crack suicide squad
  233. Presidential Commutations and Pardons
  234. Taiwan, China and the South China Sea
  235. Trump's "Mediocre Negroes"
  236. 2 mo days of President FUPA
  237. Putin who? Never met the guy..........
  238. Dropping like a rock.
  239. traitor freak goes free
  240. Trumps boss speaks.
  241. Only 3 mo days until real hope returns
  242. Riots on Friday
  243. Presidential Quotes, Past, Present and Future
  244. Why don't Chinese vendors Selling on Amazon spend a few $ on translations ?spend a
  245. I have to admit, the Republicans are clever...
  246. Watch Pathetic Reporters Plead With Martin Luther King III To Attack Trump for News C
  247. Donald Trump’s inner circle is studded with links to Russia
  248. The Barrack Obama Legacy
  249. Any predictions for the inauguration address? ;-)
  250. Foe mo days until the most gay presidential couple in history are ejeculated