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  1. President Obama's Last Day Close of Business
  2. Jan 20th Predictions
  3. Snowflakes in Hollywood
  4. Last day President Spanky McDouchecanoe
  5. Mexican /// USA wall -ground breaking Jan 21. Thats right amigo ;-)
  6. Poor *******s
  7. The Liberal Mindset
  8. Thank you President Obama
  9. Religion of Peace Strikes Again
  10. Read Every Word
  11. What has improved for blacks in America under Obama?
  12. Now this is really scary
  13. Selma to Montgomery Freedom Marches MLK
  14. Obama was right about Hope and Change
  15. The democrat crack suicide squad
  16. Presidential Commutations and Pardons
  17. Taiwan, China and the South China Sea
  18. Trump's "Mediocre Negroes"
  19. 2 mo days of President FUPA
  20. Putin who? Never met the guy..........
  21. Dropping like a rock.
  22. traitor freak goes free
  23. Trumps boss speaks.
  24. Only 3 mo days until real hope returns
  25. Riots on Friday
  26. Presidential Quotes, Past, Present and Future
  27. Why don't Chinese vendors Selling on Amazon spend a few $ on translations ?spend a
  28. I have to admit, the Republicans are clever...
  29. Watch Pathetic Reporters Plead With Martin Luther King III To Attack Trump for News C
  30. Donald Trump’s inner circle is studded with links to Russia
  31. The Barrack Obama Legacy
  32. Any predictions for the inauguration address? ;-)
  33. Foe mo days until the most gay presidential couple in history are ejeculated
  34. It's A Trap!
  35. Steele is a real double nought spy
  36. Tucker Carlson Linda Bean Interview
  37. Obama creates 10,000 more Snowdens on his 11th hour
  38. Dems say obaama fails are Bush's fault, still
  39. Yet another shining example of tolerance and unity
  40. 5 mo days for Mr Massengill
  41. Trump Has Too Many Conflicts Of Interest To Favor Any One
  42. Clinton Global Initiative shutting down
  43. Russian hooker who had sex with Donald Trump mocks his “tiny penis”
  44. The debt in California, part two
  45. Gen Errol Schwartz, whose call?
  46. Catch Me If You Can - Congress Can Hide Records From Ethics Probes
  47. 6 mo days for the peckerheaeded douchewhistle
  48. wasserman grills Comey
  49. Illegal Mexicans = Good; Illegal Cubans = Bad
  50. Political garbage
  51. Trump adds 9 trillion to debt.
  52. What will the MSM spin for the next 4 years?
  53. Lynch says gang murders in Chicago are the fault of police
  54. Hillary Clinton's Server Continues to Haunt Her
  55. 7 mo days of the Pilonidal cyst in America's buttcrack
  56. Pat Condell
  57. Rosie O’Donnell Calls for Martial Law to Delay Trump Inauguration
  58. Our Federal Investigators are being Investigated!
  59. Biden got his participation trophy!
  60. A Failed America
  61. Serves you right, George
  62. A call for waterboarding all members of congress, Exec. branch, heads Fed. agencies
  63. 8 mo days of Effen Douchebag threads
  64. History Made
  65. I hate your guts and liver too!
  66. 8 mo days for the lying sack of excrement
  67. Ted Cruz rises from the ashes.
  68. The Dead of WW II
  69. Hillary is a role model!
  70. Don's press conference
  71. Be A Man
  72. Now for something funny.
  73. What would happen if in 9 days Trump didn't take the oath of office?
  74. FBI dumps 300 pages of Hillary emails last nite
  75. Russian Hack Story Proven False-Breaking News!
  76. Farewell, President Obama
  77. Califs new debt
  78. Sessions help walk back more campaign promises
  79. trump compromised
  80. Brown Shirts
  81. Why we call them snowflakes....
  82. CSTREIT: Naperville Annexation?
  83. uh oh, more trouble for the red hats.
  84. 10 days of the limp wristed steamin pile to go
  85. Zsa,zsa is a spy!
  86. The Russia hacking report is an indictment of Obama, not Trump
  87. Russia ships Uranium to Iran
  88. What's worse?
  89. Fiat-Chrysler in the news today
  90. A Window Into a Depraved Culture
  91. with the wimp leaving, things are changing
  92. BO A Failed Presidency
  93. Listen to Mitch, Comrade
  94. Florida Shooter
  95. 11 mo days of Ballsack Inssain Pojamas
  96. Golden globes?
  97. Now I KNOW Sessions is the right choice.
  98. 12 mo days ya Effin douchebag
  99. Unimpeachable Ethical Standards
  100. More jobs/money coming back to America
  101. Nice job draining the swamp, Comrade Trump
  102. From Turning Stone
  103. The Obama Effect in Israel
  104. A much needed poll.
  105. December Jobs Report
  106. A question about 2011-2016
  107. Pay your bills crooked Donny
  108. Shooter.... Fort Lauderdale
  109. I missed something
  110. Will Trump take the crooked win?
  111. Lol, she can't stop herself
  112. The Trump Bamboozle
  113. Accidental Courtesy
  114. While Pouring Another Cup Of Coffee
  115. California Legislature Hires Eric "Place" Holder, just because they can
  116. Just kids acting stupidly...
  117. Countdown to Bergdahl pardon
  118. The Anti-Science Mainstreaming of Mental Illness
  119. California Democrats legalize child prostitution
  120. Trump won't be able to 'reform' obamacare....time for national healthcare?
  121. Hey Crowbob!
  122. Tne No. 1 problem facing our country:
  123. Ford cancels Mexico plant
  124. Obama's scandal-free legacy...
  125. Good news for Trump.
  126. And Yet Another Reason I Don't Dig Churchys
  127. A revolution in human attitudes and belief...
  128. They just need some gun laws and good dimocrat leaders
  129. License to steal
  130. I've found something good about Obama
  131. Look what Big Brother has been up to.....
  132. Guys read, What Women Really Think
  133. For the Dopers
  134. ProLibs...marching orders
  135. Putin's Plan and Trump's Role - It's Gold Baby!
  136. "Israel can either be Jewish or democratic"
  137. U.S. expels 35 Russian diplomats, closes two compounds
  138. What to do with the UN?
  139. Trumps pastor
  140. "Friends don't take friends to the security council"
  141. NPR Fresh Air replaying Carrie Fisher interviews
  142. Why is Kerry making one last attempt to hurt Israel on the way out the door?
  143. The Liberal double standard continues!
  144. He's Not Wrong
  145. obaama says
  146. Obama does his version of "fiddling while Rome burns"
  147. Obama Quietly Signs The "Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act" Into Law
  148. Talked to a Chicago Cop this weekend
  149. In Wake of Trump, Democrats Suddenly Discover Freedom of Association
  150. Is it their religion, or their behavior?
  151. Fun with the inlaws...
  152. The deficit...and Trump.
  153. And he's not even Pres yet!
  154. Racial profiling opresses minorities
  155. People are getting sick of the bias of "open-minded" liberals
  156. Do liberal preppers have money?
  157. The guy Chuck Schumer supports for DNC Chair
  158. Artists want paintings taken down.
  159. Finally an Alpha Male
  160. Merry Christmas Carrols
  161. Pretty good Post-Mortem of the election
  162. Oh those Tolerant Gay libs
  163. I hope Trump....
  164. Northern US Neighbor Media - Obama Lover!
  165. Populism
  166. More Obama Legacy
  167. More Faux hate crime
  168. Mississippi Burning?
  169. Faithless Elector replaced in Colorado
  170. Lol, stupid topic of the day..Can a Dyke be a Misogynist
  171. Melania T. VS Michelle O.
  172. #1 New Best seller coming out
  173. The End of Hope...and other stupid stuff
  174. Chicago explained
  175. To Parfer's on this Holiday Season
  176. Tom Clancy would've been back in business!
  177. How much longer before California stops voting?
  178. Looking for a Legacy?
  179. Apparently, God is Oprah Winfrey and The Faithful are unimpressed.
  180. First Trump 2020 Campaign ad
  181. Obama Snow
  182. How To Make A Federal Agency Subserviant
  183. Today's U of Kentucky humor
  184. That Darned Media Again
  185. Trucks need to be OUTLAWED
  186. Adam Corolla on the millennial snowflakes
  187. Michelle and anonymity
  188. another NOT the Russians story
  189. Uh oh! Historic Number of Electoral Defections...
  190. Perps in Chicago 'rev it up' even in the frigid cold. Open season unarmed Chicago
  191. Just one more voting date for Hillary left
  192. Breaking News: Hackers have hacked the Democrat Electors
  193. Jill Stein demands EC recount...
  194. More broken campaign promises?
  195. The religion of peace...
  196. Sheriff Joe was right... forged birth cert
  197. Russian ambassador shot in Turkey
  198. Hillary Loses Again - Electoral College Confirms Trump
  199. LOL- The Sound of Music movie. Uncle Max "whats wrong with you glooming pussies?"
  200. Real Question - not looking for fight
  201. The Clintonistas have run out of excuses
  202. PLEASE Save the Snowflakes!!
  203. Over and under on the 20th
  204. ProLibs...Please do this
  205. The Media Still Doesn't Get It
  206. No Hope...
  207. Just a few more weeks and
  208. Only 28 leftists applied
  209. China stole a drone
  210. Election fraud in Detroit - Should we blame Putin?
  211. Tucker Carlson
  212. FYI....child killers
  213. Obamacare wins again
  214. Top Secret information being emailed?
  215. Another false report about a hate crime
  216. How the Russians Hacked shiite!
  217. If Trump is buddies with Putin - he's a genius.
  218. Why are liberals complaining about Putin and Russia?
  219. Don't elect a President that didn't get the majoriity of the popular vote
  220. Merry Christmas is back
  221. Mr Trump's position on 2nd Amendment
  222. IBM Lays out plans to hire 25,000
  223. An Affirmative Action President
  224. A cabinet filled with people who get things done.....
  225. Allepo falls...and along with it the "Obama Doctrine"
  226. Kanye West at Trump Tower
  227. кислый виноград (Sour Grapes)
  228. Now they are attacking Super Mario, yes the video game
  229. Wisconsin Recount finished
  230. Why couldn't Obama prevent Putin from hacking?
  231. I'm a smart person!
  232. Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi - Who Would You Rather Bang?
  233. Trump to be part-time president, keep lucrative job with ‘Celebrity Apprentice’
  234. Allen West at Trump Tower
  235. How is the Carrier deal not socialism?
  236. Some American Islamist friends
  237. Another Rogue Employee
  238. A short poem
  239. adding to the lefties misery, another R Senator
  240. Obama Domestic Legacy
  241. More on Global Warming
  242. REPORT: Trump Has Chosen His Secretary Of State?
  243. California Professor Calls Trump’s Win ‘Act of Terrorism
  244. And They Wept...Crying Over HRC Loss Thread...
  245. Heroin deaths more than total gun related deaths
  246. And Putin wins.
  247. Madam President
  248. Marxist Vegan Restaurant Closes
  249. Its the future, son.
  250. Black Employees Suing CNN for Racial Discrimination