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  1. Write a political caption for this picture thread
  2. Obama: Unneeded Income Belongs to the Government
  3. Is Boehner serious.
  4. SCOE Great Grandfather
  5. Article VI
  6. Singer Amy Winehouse Found Dead in London, Police Tell Fox News
  7. Fundamentalist Christianity rears its UGLY head-
  8. Argument thread
  9. Wonder if the mods will tell, list the most ignored list?
  10. Todays Press Conference
  11. do you want a civil PARF or no?
  12. So what has made Norway a terrorist target?
  13. Is Dipso God
  14. Marcus Bachmann buys womens clothes.
  15. Harry Reid & Dems holding up debt ceiling increase
  16. Giant Fart causes Global Warming; Kills Species
  17. Obama loses $1.3 BILLION on Chrysler
  18. Is Chuck Norris God?
  19. Humans, Neanderthals got it on
  20. Can a Republican get elected without fraud & treason??
  21. Reagan thrown under the bus.
  22. MSNBC "reporter" gets comeuppance.
  23. The growing power of corporations is a significant threat to our freedom as Americans
  24. California Bill to outlaw per signature payment for ballot initiatives.
  25. Gang of 6 Budget Plan Back in Play
  26. Illinois to drop the writing portion of its state test
  27. Liberals see opportunity for big cuts in defense
  28. I've Found Jesus!!!
  29. A Democratic Businessman rants.....
  30. Will Ecuador's Prohibition Prevent Further Alcohol Deaths?
  31. A Damn Straight Summation Of Politicians
  32. Green car company folds.
  33. Where is this?
  34. Who Was The Fool Who Said The Gold Bubble Would Soon Burst
  35. Something of interest to the liberals here
  36. While The Nation is Distracted on the Debt Limit Talks
  37. Sheila Jackson Lee says the debt ceiling battle is racist
  38. Reporter that blew whistle on Murdoch/Tabloid phone hackeing....Dead
  39. 70% Marginal Taxes may well hit you as well
  40. US communities that want to ban mosques have a right to do so
  41. A Study of Medicaid
  42. Senator Barack Obama Explaining his 2006 Vote Against Raising the Debt Limit
  43. destiny trumps destiny
  44. Anarchists Attack US Govt.
  45. Mr. Pointy Boots Perry - running or not?
  46. Those Who Think Casey Anthothy Should Die Consider This...
  47. Who Here Thinks This Forum Represents Mainstream USA
  48. Tightening The Belt
  49. FLASHBACK: Every Dem Sen -- even Obama -- voted against raising debt limit in 2006
  50. Cutting Govt. Programs
  51. Rupert Murdoch.
  52. Let's say you maxed out your credit card....
  53. Progressives Pissed at Obama
  54. US Border Patrol going to Libya
  55. Who knew that Hope & Change would bring ....
  56. Would they be running this fast for a $10/hr job?
  57. Would they be running this fast for a $10/hr job?
  58. Predisposed or learned behavior?...just ask Bachmann
  59. Another Example of Why Having The Federal Government Consume 25% of the GNP is scary
  60. Two news stories running at the same time
  61. Who said this?
  62. George Washington and Harvey Milk
  63. President Oblique
  64. Obamanation Redux
  65. At least there is one upside to this epic drought:
  66. ICE agent leaves loaded pistol in Houston Airport Bathroom
  67. Uh oh, Republicans get the blame all the way around.
  68. Only on Fox
  69. We're taking out Fox News!
  70. Republican Presidential candidate TBA extends lead over Barerock Obamba
  71. No wonder he walked out!
  72. Andrew Klavan for fun
  73. So, it's OK for Obama to LIE as long as it makes His point
  74. Trump News: Trump Speaking Spanglish
  75. President Obama abruptly walks out of talks
  76. How many thousands of dollars in income do you have each year that you don't need?
  77. Fox News/Rupert Murdoch is in trouble!
  78. Republicans get OWNED by Harry Reid!
  79. Words have consequences
  80. Is America over 'The Black Thing' yet
  81. Obama more unpopular than Bush
  82. Has anyone on parf been called a racist lately?
  83. Should Obama stop Social Security checks or stop funding for shrimps on treadmills?
  84. Who's to blame for spending the surplus that Clinton left us?
  85. Grinding America Down
  86. Bill maher hopes palin and bachmann ‘split the milf vote’
  87. The Republic In Peril.. Version I & II
  88. Farm Aid
  89. A long way from Hope and Change
  90. Texas, 3 Other States Under New Gun Buying Rule
  91. A call for new economic theory...
  92. The Republic In Peril
  93. Prime example of the logic divide:The marriage vow
  94. when Your Holding A Hammer everything Looks Like a Nail...
  95. Another Government Success Story...
  96. The Presidential News Conference on 7/11/11
  97. Pull off the band-aids, eat our peas
  98. The Middle Class Destroyed
  99. Boehner Blinks First
  100. Poll on religious symbols in our Government
  101. Harry Reid caught sipping $700 of wine with other dems
  102. My Dear Nostatus
  103. Letter from the man who delivered my children
  104. This is the thread to post political comments about CA's DMV cheat scam. Link inside.
  105. Where are the jobs Mister President?
  106. Oh Boy, here we go.
  107. Dem's -The Obama Experiment- how's that work'n for ya?
  108. White House seeks delay of Mexican man's execution
  109. Realpolitik in Chicago
  110. TSA Enhanced Groping
  111. Royals coming to town, LAPD biotch-slaps the paps
  112. Connecticut Targets Historic Vehicle Owners
  113. More waste from the democrats in Sacramento
  114. What was the Mayflower Compact of 1620?
  115. Things I Thought I'd Never See Here...
  116. Big Pharma Owns you -- Thanks to Supreme Court
  117. David Duke for President
  118. Changing Veeps?
  119. Spelling Out The Loss Of Confidence
  120. The perfect car for . ..
  121. Video says it well
  122. Fourth of July: A pop quiz about America
  123. Learning a Foreign
  124. Obama's people admit his Stimulus package is total failure
  125. Use 14th Amendment to raise debt Ceiling?
  126. The Crossroads Revisited
  127. Official Calls For Riverside, 12 Other Counties To Secede From California
  128. The economic recovery turns 2: Feel better yet?
  129. Thaddeus McCotter 2012
  130. Navy SEAL and Insurgent...
  131. SCOTUS crooks
  132. Expiration Date for Betadine Solution
  133. Pray for Obammy...
  134. Parades: Right Wing?
  135. Your state's Legislative Session
  136. Mark Halperin suspended over Obama remark on Morning Joe (video)
  137. Amazon ends deal with 25,000 California websites
  138. And When Are You Gonna Let The Bush Thing Go?
  139. Fast and Furious, now Gun Control
  140. Nucular
  141. Another police story....I wonder how much is true?
  142. I own a Corporate Jet!!
  143. US appeals court upholds Obama health care law
  144. Jane Fonda says C^*t on live TV
  145. John Lennon was a closet Republican -Toronto Sun
  146. Obama 42, Anybody else 46
  148. CAn't spell "kick the CAn down the road" without CA...
  149. Greece for sale
  150. The Eye Of The Hurricane
  151. The DREAM Act is being enacted, pass or no pass.
  152. Moonbeam can't get a budget passed?
  153. Is racism dead?
  154. So tragically true
  155. Don't drop the soap, Blago.
  156. Thanks to the TSA, I feel so much safer when flying now.
  157. The Media
  158. Obama's Re-election
  159. Pat for Prez?
  160. Wow! An Honest Republican
  161. BACHMAN Hates the military, Loves gays but...
  162. Newt Is Irrelevant
  163. Interesting article from Forbes re: Obamacare
  164. Senator Roy McDonald
  165. FBI's most wanted list....
  166. How many more episodes of the Glenn Beck Show ?
  167. Are you more knowledgeable than the average citizen?
  168. Have we discussed the new Boeing plant in SC?
  169. Another simple mistake
  170. Channeling Barrack
  171. Pelosi not inerested in Obama's campaign speech
  172. Rick is running
  173. The Cheese Joins Everyone Else...Illinois Stands Alone
  174. Letters to the Editor-LA Times
  175. A random accident.
  176. the police state
  177. Why do they even pretend it's "strategic" petroleum reserves?
  178. Saab DOA?
  179. Under Obama, U.S. Casualty Rate in Afghanistan Increased 5-Fold
  180. A Video About PARF
  181. This seems like a good thing
  182. moved ot
  183. Gore claims President Barack Obama has failed to lead;
  184. My PM from the whiney JE
  185. How did killing Bin Laden benefit the US?
  186. The Weinerlogues
  187. Man robs bank for $1 to get medical care in jail
  188. Okay, that did not work the first time, How about an adult discussion of Herman Cain
  189. Quote of the day
  190. Governor Perry Adds TSA Anti-Groping Bill to Special Session Call
  191. TSA Mobile Groping Teams
  192. Marco Rubio gets it right...
  193. So proud of our President
  194. Father Corapi resigns from Priesthood
  195. Obama Pragmatist
  196. Nuclear Plants are Dangerous
  197. The Greenspan Interview
  198. At least he got the money....
  199. There's a murderer in the White House
  200. Is there a goal in Libya?
  201. Herman Cain
  202. just something to think about...
  203. Flood control around the world
  204. Did Tabs hit the jackpot!
  205. NBC drops under god from the pledge of allegiance
  206. Republican, Idaho State Senator, Arrested For Drunk Driving, Grand Larceny
  207. Jon M. Huntsman Jr. for President?
  208. Religion of peacy, our muslim brothers and allies:
  209. Department of Injustice
  210. Nobama Golf
  211. climate scientists doctoring sea-level data...
  212. Missing George Bush
  213. Obama '12
  214. Does the War Powers Act need to be reviewed by the SCOTUS or just repealed?
  215. Wanted seats
  216. Sorry Tighty Righty...but Obama is going to win in 2012!
  217. Obama's IQ is 160
  218. Liberal Thinkers take liberalism apart...
  219. Texas Senator tells Mexican testifying at hearing to speak english
  220. Christie = Hitler?
  221. If you're not outraged then you haven't been paying attention
  222. The votes are in. The new President is...Anyone but Obama
  223. For all my friends in a heat wave-a cool down for you
  224. GOP Cuts To Food Aid For Seniors And Food Banks Equals One Day Of Bush Tax Cuts For M
  225. The Republicans are at it again. Lying in the debates.
  226. List of controversial items in Palin Email
  227. Greece update
  228. A broken Weiner pulls out
  229. Rick Perry thinks he's a prophet
  230. California professor setting the example for students:
  231. Sunspots and global warming
  232. $5 raffle tickets for dinner with Obama
  233. It is the banks! And specifically the fault of ATMs
  234. You've got a friend in Obama...
  235. Lawmakers sue President Obama over Libya
  236. Republicans once again show their 'stripes'
  237. Why is the U.S. economy in the tank?
  238. Wisconsin
  239. Democrat President Not Viewed Favorably in Own Country
  240. uh oh, Boehner caught sending nastygram to ...
  241. Is ABC biased?
  242. Republican Presidential Candidates Not Viewed Favorably in Own States
  243. Is ABC biased?
  244. Obama: ‘There are days when I say one term is enough’
  245. "Obama" isn't selling very well.....
  246. Got My Medicare Card Today
  247. Who Is Going to Be Buying US Treasuries in July
  248. ‘Entitlement’ my ass, I paid cash for my social security insurance!!!!
  249. Libya
  250. Is this possible?