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  1. Poll Today on MSNBC
  2. Obama's bipartisan efforts
  3. Another UN Retraction on Climate
  4. And Another One Falls - Senator Soles, D-NC
  5. What if ObamaCare stalls?
  6. The single dumbest comment about the Brown campaign goes to...
  7. Sending my congressman a postcard
  8. "There will be insurrection"
  9. ****** breaking news ******
  10. I love MSNBC
  11. England: Banning behavior that is costly to healthcare system
  12. Why My Posts No Show Up?
  13. Clarity
  14. Time to throw coakley under the bus?
  15. The medical causes of death
  16. Interesting...
  17. Trijicon: Christian douchebags hurting America
  18. Bye, bye Johnny, goodbye!
  19. Power Grab?
  20. Brown may be moot.
  21. All Fall Down
  22. Is Nancy Pelosi a kook?
  23. Health Ins. TAX
  24. Too Many White People In America
  25. First Bush master kill
  26. USA - Haiti difference
  27. So the US Gov't is clearly leaning on auto manufacturers to build small cars...
  28. Do you think that a Brown win, will help the Demmocrats?
  29. It's a poor mechanic who blames his tools.
  30. Transparency meeting! . . . closed to the press.
  31. You Guys Think Pat Robertson Is Nuts...?
  32. T. B. Bechtel, Who is this guy
  33. Chuck Schumer
  34. Are Indigenous People Lazy?
  35. Is this one true?
  36. Banks reporting massive profits, obscene bonuses--how are they doing it?
  37. Obama sells out to the unions, again.
  38. Here is one for Snipper
  39. Tea-bagger
  40. TARP - Interest 10% !!!
  41. 8-year-old Cub Scout on terrorism watch list
  42. Tabs Second Thought For Thursday..
  43. Obama to "Punish" Banks
  44. I was going to post this in the "alleged.....
  45. Shaun 84, Brown or Coakley
  46. Pat Robertson is a moron
  47. Demo-rats plan to steal votes:
  48. The British Museum
  49. Coming Obama Scandals
  50. Good (and scary) article on drug smuggling from South America to Africa
  51. I had another thought
  52. The Thought For Today
  53. Pat Robertson: the devil did it!
  54. 2 Quick and Easy Ways to Fund Healtcare and the Wars...
  55. Haiti quake
  56. top ten obama quotes
  57. Latest Stimulus Lies from Camp O
  58. Favorite Reagan quotes:
  59. The Taxes Are Coming The Taxes Are Coming
  60. The US Debt Clock
  61. "It's The People's Seat." --ownage!
  62. Local newspaper was had...
  63. Doomsday clock is being reset
  64. UN Scientist : Ice Age on it's way
  65. A Tale of Two Als
  66. Proposition 8 trial SHOULD be videotaped!
  67. Poll: The greatest threat to our liberty is...
  68. CNBC: Most desireable Porsches
  69. Object review on What the GOP needs to do to win in 2010 and beyond
  70. The media and global warming nonsense ?
  71. Obama road work adds no jobs- AP
  72. What do psychologists say about Hitler - crazy or just evil?
  73. Guess who's ALSO still alive?
  74. knife control
  75. TARP Scam? As if you didn't know already..
  76. muslim rape/sex BS
  77. Raaaaaaciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssttttsss
  78. Switch sides for a bit and give credit where it's due
  79. guess who's still alive
  80. INTERPOL rumors
  81. Rudy Giulliani
  82. Where Are The Pelican Liberals
  83. Underwearbomber pleads not guilty
  84. G W Bush - Liberal's gold standard POTUS.
  85. IRS=health insurance cop
  86. He's just trying to make friends
  87. Cap and trade will cost communities $10s of B
  88. White House in full defense mode
  89. Crotch Bomber - We knew he was on board
  90. The green economy is coming
  91. Another $175,000,000,000 In TOXIC Assets
  92. AIG in a positive light?
  93. Jack Cafferty Rips Obama's/Dem's Failed Promises
  94. Frozen Gore LOL
  95. Prescient..
  96. It's gonna get ugly!!!
  97. Thoughts on Modern Liberalism
  98. The pantybomber
  99. Democrat Diaspora...
  100. The Limbo Of 2010
  101. Barbecue? the French do Carbecue
  102. Does anyone regret their 2008 vote yet?
  103. Proof that we're making progress!
  104. The Great 2010 State of the "Union" Propaganda Rally
  105. Industry Associations Ask Congress to be Excluded From 'Buy American' Clause
  106. Chris Corrupto Dodd won't seek reelection
  107. Muslim Demographics - Video
  108. Sitting in the United Red Carpet Lounge Right Now
  109. The Eloquent BO
  110. Jan 5 Obama comments on air security
  111. Profiling - sorry but it's a necessary evil
  112. Do you think BO reads what's written about him and his policies?
  113. About that RE "recovery"
  114. Poison buried within
  115. Obama Pwned by C-SPAN
  116. Movies
  117. Why Don't Muslim Clerics Here Condemn the Terrorists?
  118. Oppression
  119. The on going acts of terror committed by Islamic Extremists
  120. SNL owns BarryO - hillarious
  121. "Alleged / suspect ...
  122. PARF argument logo
  123. 2010
  124. Gun Control
  125. New E Mail
  126. why is home mortgage interest write off a good thing?
  127. So now Yemen?
  128. Pawlenty
  129. For the good of the country...
  130. Muslims begin takeover of our military!
  131. The end is nigh for dems?
  132. Constitutional rights?
  133. Worst Post of 2009
  134. Judicial watch: Obama 7th most corrupt pol in US
  135. With Regards to Being Myopic
  136. ALL you damn republicans and conservatives....
  137. O's gitmo releases returning to terror
  138. 2010 - what's coming?
  139. Chicago politics with Nappy and DHS
  140. The Stimulus Bill stimulates Democrat Districts
  141. Tabs was spot on...
  142. Burning Underwear Man's recruitment?
  143. Limbaugh in hospital.... anybody care?
  144. Rush Limbaugh taken to hospital
  145. The Cancer On The American Soul
  146. AG Moonbeam...where the F are you???
  147. The Coming Tax Revolt
  148. More from the liar in chief
  149. Bankers Get $4 Trillion Gift From Barney Frank
  150. Taking a Run at Amnesty, Again!
  151. ABC Reporter Engaged to White House Budget Director
  152. The system worked?
  153. Why It Sounds Like 1984
  154. My Dog
  155. Pulling Back The Curtain On The Wizard
  156. Priorities
  157. dems dropping like flies
  158. world leaders mock and ridicule zero
  159. Zero: "We Will Not Rest..."
  160. Memphis happy fun time
  161. The terrorists just made my point for me, again.
  162. Do you think the Obama administration dropped the ball
  163. Why Is TABS So Full Of Doom & Gloom
  164. The Next Flash Point
  165. Iran
  166. Barack Hussein Bush, George Walker Obama--same difference?
  167. Victory or Death!
  168. States Withg The Biggest Population Losses
  169. Nice Sermon, preacher man!
  170. Audience did NOT remain silent
  171. The Illusion Of Control
  172. What's up with the Consulate in Isreal?
  173. Treasury plans to give unlimited bailout to Fannie/Freddie
  174. Al Queda attack over US Soil today!
  175. Senate health care bill examined
  176. Eva Braun's horny grand-daughter has a fit of passion!
  177. Neighbors to pastor's family: Thou shalt not steal our electricity!
  178. Tabs's Christmas Wish
  179. Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science
  180. Obama Brought Change
  181. The Train Is Right On Time
  182. My letter to Arlen Specter
  183. Obama 500% ammo tax completely made up, yet still purported?
  184. So why did FDR keep getting elected?
  185. A Great Victory for the American People
  186. Is it civil war if...
  187. As the Canadians inch away from us..
  188. I blame Bush
  189. LOL, payback timne for unions
  190. About that housing 'recovery'....
  191. Are facts important any more?
  192. the POtuS is so good at foriegn relations and policy
  193. Obama Xmas Tree features Chaiman Mao Ornament
  194. Feds going after "Nebraska compromise"
  195. So much for transparency
  196. Stimulus money creating more problems
  197. Recovery not as strong as previously thought
  198. It's offical-Hell hath frozen over
  199. Diane Sawyers "Tough" Interview of President Ahmadinejad
  200. Rule # 14 for Liberals
  201. even CBS is not on the bus for the HC passing
  202. Irony
  203. Guns dont kill people, snowballs do
  204. The Biggest Lie of 2009...
  205. Shaun its Monday, What has O done right?
  206. The Obama/Collor Plan
  207. The Next Step In HC Reform
  208. National boycott week
  209. cop pulls gun on snowball throwers
  210. Maynard Keynes Discredited.
  211. What Are Ya Gona Do Now That They Got 60
  212. Where are the rest of the libs/progressives on this board?
  213. So if you live in Nebraska, the other 49 states pay your medicaid expansion costs
  214. Copenhagen
  215. Nothing Is Inconceivable And Everything Is Possible
  216. Obama without a teleprompter,
  217. IRAN invades IRAQ
  218. Islamic mosque built at 9/11 Ground Zero
  219. China, the bubble country
  220. Will Obama Give Iraq to Iran?
  221. Republican Media Dominated by Entertainers
  222. Good Lib/Con Fight Going on at Facebook Right Now!
  223. Al Franken, Senator Jackass
  224. Obama sends personal letter to North korea
  225. I see you Predator!
  226. David Suzuki Gem.
  227. Tiger Woods for Congress
  228. So what has Obama done right?
  229. So what has Obama done wrong?
  230. Undocumented visitors
  231. Can't be true since Fox reported it.
  232. Who do you want designing a car? An engineer or a lawyer?
  233. E Tu Howard?
  234. Osama escape through Pakistan - graphic
  235. Ma And Pa Kettle Meet The Obamas...
  236. Healthcare discussion-Mike Rogers
  237. Why is Illinoise Getting Gitmo Detainees?
  238. Record high/low temps.
  239. Obama's Kenyan Citizinship
  240. How can 3% be important?
  241. Is it time yet?
  242. If there is Prison overcrowding in Illinois, why is Thomson empty?
  243. Just one more reason to despise sell-out dems:
  244. White House Leaks Endanger Intelligence Resources
  245. Not all Government Programs are Full of Hot Air
  246. Medicare buy in cut
  247. Al Gore--Caught in a GW lie--by the MSM
  248. Blagojevich, the gift that keeps on giving.
  249. neutron initiator - Iran
  250. UN report on the state of Health Care