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  1. Gov. Chris Christie
  2. Big Tobacco Suing Government Over New FDA Warnings
  3. Saluting, lapel pins, hand over heart pledge and so forth...
  4. How many American Households live on $21,000 or less?
  5. Interesting piece on the increasing "financial inequality" in the US
  6. Farting Preacher
  7. Obamas talking, stocks are dropping
  8. My Presidency will be one term if economy doesn’t turn around in 3 years-ouch
  9. Obama to give jobs speech...after vacation
  10. flashback 2009: Obama will not rest until there are more jobs.
  11. Rand Paul
  12. How would you live on $21,000 per Year?
  13. The spike in Rick Perry's campaign coffin - his association w/George W Bush
  14. Rick Perry: What a Democrat!
  15. Jon Stewart nails it
  16. Too funny, Not work safe anti Obama vidio
  17. Open Carry. City of Upland, CA fast food joint.
  18. Open Carry. City of Upland, CA fast food joint.
  19. Oh shiitake,
  20. Moody’s Lowers Economic Growth Outlook
  21. Observing the Politic...
  22. Finally, a good idea to get DC back on track
  23. Big WIN for Obama
  24. Religious Politicians
  25. What Has Normy Done Wrong?
  26. Stop coddling the super-rich, Warren Buffett says
  27. Pakistan sells us out again.
  28. What has Obama done wrong?
  29. Obama hits 39-----percent
  30. Iran vows to protect nuclear scientists
  31. Left Cheek Sneak
  32. Dumbo-obama-has no game
  33. Barack obama wins re-election!
  34. Obama readies to punch back -- Bus tour.
  35. And here she is!
  36. Tim Pawlenty
  37. ALEC Exposed
  38. More whinning from JErk.
  39. Michelle Bachmann wins straw poll!
  40. Top three winners in the Iowa Straw Poll
  41. Rick Perry: What a joke!
  42. The no win question
  43. discus
  44. Individual Mandate of Obamacare UNCONSTITUTIONAL!
  45. Rambo VS Erkel
  46. !!WARNING - REALLY NSFW!!!..but hilarious.
  47. The War: Strayed AID - 1966
  48. If Rick Perry is elected President...
  49. Obama derangement syndrome
  50. Was GM a trial balloon?
  51. Obama Is Being Taken To School
  52. Good bye and Good Luck to Illinois
  53. Tonights Republican Debate....
  54. it's da Vinci's fault...
  55. $3 TRILLION lost
  56. The Outcome Of The 2012 Election
  57. Chaos Has Won
  58. IS this the way, then, that Europe (the US?) will look from now?
  59. Ratigan meltdown on MSNBC
  60. Market dives again
  61. What comes first? Your Country or Your Money?
  62. Obama Commissions Heroic Hollywood Pic on Bin Laden Raid With Premier Slated For... O
  63. If you don't believe in God please don't read this.
  64. Wisconsin pokes another hole in Obama failboat
  65. Scientists (and even Engineers)
  66. I bet this is a result of man-made global warming
  67. Now This Guy is a Crooks Crook!
  68. What Comes First Your Country or Your Religion?
  69. Will Blacks still vote for Obama in 2012?
  70. Newsweek bias?
  71. Starting to feel like the 30s?
  72. Our economy won't improve until...
  73. More hypocrisy from the left...
  74. UK riots Tottenham
  75. "George the Third wouldn't have done this to you"
  76. wall street prediction until 2012 election
  77. Who is John Galt?
  78. "Tea Party Downgrade"
  79. Am I the first here to buy some $1700 gold?
  80. Gridlock...
  81. Liberals Eating Their Own...
  82. Can we hire this guy to fix the economy?
  83. Is anything better now than when Bush was President?
  84. Archie Bunker critiques The BIG "O"
  85. Was the 2008 economy the fault of Congress?
  86. Obama speech 2011-08-08
  87. Barackalypse Now....
  88. The simple terms
  89. U.S. adds $100M to famine aid
  90. Should Gov. Perry be headlining this group?
  91. How will the market do tomorrow?
  92. Lapd
  93. shift-lock,can't shift out of park
  94. How do we break this paralyzing partisan gridlock...
  95. 20 Years Since the Demise of Gopher
  96. Obama Wont Escape Blame For Credit Crisis, But Others Ar Also To Blame...somewhat
  97. Downgraded?
  98. The ends of fiat currencies
  99. Reid: Mo taxes
  100. Chris Christie Defends Muslim Judicial Appointee
  101. Standard $ Poor's 2 Trillion dollar error
  102. G A A P and Government
  103. What is the USA's FICO score?
  104. S&P downgrades U.S. credit rating for first time
  105. Govt. gone wild?
  106. Obama: Carter or Hoover?
  107. This is NOT the way to promote racial harmony.
  108. 117,000 jobs in July
  109. The Koch Bros - voter tampering?
  110. George W. Bush Statue Unveiled in Muslim Albania
  111. 513 Points down
  112. Getting Bin laden
  113. Happy Birthday, MRM
  114. Social Security: The Wisconsin Connection
  115. Drunk Ben Bernanke tells it like it is
  116. Mad as Hxell and Not Going to Take it anymore!
  117. US borrowing tops 100% of GDP
  118. Compromise and the tea party
  119. Poppy?
  120. Happy Birthday President Obama!
  121. 101 Ways to start a fight
  122. The Next big fight - Budget 2012
  123. This is how things really get done in Washington
  124. Chevy Volt will help cut the deficit
  125. The Slow Growth Economy Will Last For Years
  126. More Dysfunction
  127. new “Super Congress”
  128. Funny yet true
  129. PolarBearGate
  130. Tea Party
  131. Keeping An Eye On The Prize
  132. The hippie problem that our nation faces...
  133. Nobody "won" the debt crisis
  134. Old lady and the "green thing"
  135. So they trot out Gabrielle Giffords and celebrate.....what?
  136. Joe Biden collecting rent from secret service.
  137. Another victory for the moderates
  138. Does Putin love obama?
  139. Woodpecker-Saving Daughter Costs Mom $500, Possible Jail Time
  140. Who's Familiar With Bruce Bartlett?
  141. T-Bill Auctions Resume After Near Default
  142. White House pay raises
  143. Reincarnation
  144. Plan for the Best - Boom
  145. How long will it take until US credit rating is downgraded, any guesses?
  146. Walmart Dress Code
  147. TParty -unreasonable ?
  148. Debt Deal reached crisis averted for now...
  149. My cut of 2.5 Trillion
  150. Everything You Worked For
  151. "The Democrats"
  152. Downgrade my be a good thing
  153. Floor Statement of Sen. Franken on Raising the Debt Ceiling
  154. Congressman Mack's "Penny Plan"
  155. Inflation Adjusted Spending 1960-2011
  156. Obama screws everyone under 55
  157. We STILL have Tricky Dick Nixon to Kick Around
  158. Hopey - Changey Strikes Again! Boston Scientific following GE to China too.
  159. A New Low
  160. Boehner nailed it
  161. Obamy Care (Ray Stevens)A must watch
  162. Do you LOVE Obama?
  163. Cry Baby
  164. Herman Cain Apologizes to Muslim Americans for Comments on Mosque Ban
  165. The Debt, Explained
  166. Both Senate & House Plans Avoid Tough Decisions
  167. Gov't Report: 50% of nation's healthcare to be taxpayer-paid by 2020
  168. Once the debt ceiling situation is over, then the 2012 budget battle starts
  169. Warren Buffett Is Wrong
  170. New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hold In Global Warming Alarmism
  171. What would a default look like?
  172. Are the Republicans in the house being vindictive.
  173. 14th Amendment Allows Obama to Raise Debt Ceiling?
  174. Explain the democratic debt approach
  175. While You Weren't Watching
  176. I am sooooo pissed off right now I'm shaking...
  177. Avg black houshold wealth: $5677, white: $113,149
  178. What's going on with Michelle?
  179. Obama - intentional or incompetent ?
  180. Two-Santa Theory
  181. Obama racing ahead in battle to lose White House
  182. We Are Right On Schedule
  183. Piers Morgan, hacker, say it isn't so
  184. GE Moving X-Ray biz to China
  185. Did anybody call their congressman today?
  186. Why is PARF only 8 pages?
  187. Obama Thrown Under The Bus
  188. So is John Kerry a fraud?
  189. Dream act passed in California.
  190. "Religion of Peace" at it again - militants murder 8-y/o boy
  191. Who will the Dem's pick to run in the 2012 presidential race?
  192. Interesting tidbit of Info on GOP Plan
  193. right wing vs. left wing
  194. Well..there is some good news lately !
  195. Can't wait to watch obama's speech tonight
  196. Wu
  197. Someone Blinked
  198. Last words of a Killer.
  199. Norway attacks were Political
  200. If no deal on the debt limit, then what?
  201. An interesting conclusion to a good book
  202. Leonard Pitts nails Fox "News"
  203. Write a political caption for this picture thread
  204. Obama: Unneeded Income Belongs to the Government
  205. Is Boehner serious.
  206. SCOE Great Grandfather
  207. Article VI
  208. Singer Amy Winehouse Found Dead in London, Police Tell Fox News
  209. Fundamentalist Christianity rears its UGLY head-
  210. Argument thread
  211. Wonder if the mods will tell, list the most ignored list?
  212. Todays Press Conference
  213. do you want a civil PARF or no?
  214. So what has made Norway a terrorist target?
  215. Is Dipso God
  216. Marcus Bachmann buys womens clothes.
  217. Harry Reid & Dems holding up debt ceiling increase
  218. Giant Fart causes Global Warming; Kills Species
  219. Obama loses $1.3 BILLION on Chrysler
  220. Is Chuck Norris God?
  221. Humans, Neanderthals got it on
  222. Can a Republican get elected without fraud & treason??
  223. Reagan thrown under the bus.
  224. MSNBC "reporter" gets comeuppance.
  225. The growing power of corporations is a significant threat to our freedom as Americans
  226. California Bill to outlaw per signature payment for ballot initiatives.
  227. Gang of 6 Budget Plan Back in Play
  228. Illinois to drop the writing portion of its state test
  229. Liberals see opportunity for big cuts in defense
  230. I've Found Jesus!!!
  231. A Democratic Businessman rants.....
  232. Will Ecuador's Prohibition Prevent Further Alcohol Deaths?
  233. A Damn Straight Summation Of Politicians
  234. Green car company folds.
  235. Where is this?
  236. Who Was The Fool Who Said The Gold Bubble Would Soon Burst
  237. Something of interest to the liberals here
  238. While The Nation is Distracted on the Debt Limit Talks
  239. Sheila Jackson Lee says the debt ceiling battle is racist
  240. Reporter that blew whistle on Murdoch/Tabloid phone hackeing....Dead
  241. 70% Marginal Taxes may well hit you as well
  242. US communities that want to ban mosques have a right to do so
  243. A Study of Medicaid
  244. Senator Barack Obama Explaining his 2006 Vote Against Raising the Debt Limit
  245. destiny trumps destiny
  246. Anarchists Attack US Govt.
  247. Mr. Pointy Boots Perry - running or not?
  248. Those Who Think Casey Anthothy Should Die Consider This...
  249. Who Here Thinks This Forum Represents Mainstream USA
  250. Tightening The Belt