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  1. The terrorists just made my point for me, again.
  2. Do you think the Obama administration dropped the ball
  3. Why Is TABS So Full Of Doom & Gloom
  4. The Next Flash Point
  5. Iran
  6. Barack Hussein Bush, George Walker Obama--same difference?
  7. Victory or Death!
  8. States Withg The Biggest Population Losses
  9. Nice Sermon, preacher man!
  10. Audience did NOT remain silent
  11. The Illusion Of Control
  12. What's up with the Consulate in Isreal?
  13. Treasury plans to give unlimited bailout to Fannie/Freddie
  14. Al Queda attack over US Soil today!
  15. Senate health care bill examined
  16. Eva Braun's horny grand-daughter has a fit of passion!
  17. Neighbors to pastor's family: Thou shalt not steal our electricity!
  18. Tabs's Christmas Wish
  19. Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science
  20. Obama Brought Change
  21. The Train Is Right On Time
  22. My letter to Arlen Specter
  23. Obama 500% ammo tax completely made up, yet still purported?
  24. So why did FDR keep getting elected?
  25. A Great Victory for the American People
  26. Is it civil war if...
  27. As the Canadians inch away from us..
  28. I blame Bush
  29. LOL, payback timne for unions
  30. About that housing 'recovery'....
  31. Are facts important any more?
  32. the POtuS is so good at foriegn relations and policy
  33. Obama Xmas Tree features Chaiman Mao Ornament
  34. Feds going after "Nebraska compromise"
  35. So much for transparency
  36. Stimulus money creating more problems
  37. Recovery not as strong as previously thought
  38. It's offical-Hell hath frozen over
  39. Diane Sawyers "Tough" Interview of President Ahmadinejad
  40. Rule # 14 for Liberals
  41. even CBS is not on the bus for the HC passing
  42. Irony
  43. Guns dont kill people, snowballs do
  44. The Biggest Lie of 2009...
  45. Shaun its Monday, What has O done right?
  46. The Obama/Collor Plan
  47. The Next Step In HC Reform
  48. National boycott week
  49. cop pulls gun on snowball throwers
  50. Maynard Keynes Discredited.
  51. What Are Ya Gona Do Now That They Got 60
  52. Where are the rest of the libs/progressives on this board?
  53. So if you live in Nebraska, the other 49 states pay your medicaid expansion costs
  54. Copenhagen
  55. Nothing Is Inconceivable And Everything Is Possible
  56. Obama without a teleprompter,
  57. IRAN invades IRAQ
  58. Islamic mosque built at 9/11 Ground Zero
  59. China, the bubble country
  60. Will Obama Give Iraq to Iran?
  61. Republican Media Dominated by Entertainers
  62. Good Lib/Con Fight Going on at Facebook Right Now!
  63. Al Franken, Senator Jackass
  64. Obama sends personal letter to North korea
  65. I see you Predator!
  66. David Suzuki Gem.
  67. Tiger Woods for Congress
  68. So what has Obama done right?
  69. So what has Obama done wrong?
  70. Undocumented visitors
  71. Can't be true since Fox reported it.
  72. Who do you want designing a car? An engineer or a lawyer?
  73. E Tu Howard?
  74. Osama escape through Pakistan - graphic
  75. Ma And Pa Kettle Meet The Obamas...
  76. Healthcare discussion-Mike Rogers
  77. Why is Illinoise Getting Gitmo Detainees?
  78. Record high/low temps.
  79. Obama's Kenyan Citizinship
  80. How can 3% be important?
  81. Is it time yet?
  82. If there is Prison overcrowding in Illinois, why is Thomson empty?
  83. Just one more reason to despise sell-out dems:
  84. White House Leaks Endanger Intelligence Resources
  85. Not all Government Programs are Full of Hot Air
  86. Medicare buy in cut
  87. Al Gore--Caught in a GW lie--by the MSM
  88. Blagojevich, the gift that keeps on giving.
  89. neutron initiator - Iran
  90. UN report on the state of Health Care
  91. 22 million missing Bush White House e-mails found
  92. The picture says it all
  93. Obama the hypocrite and the bankers
  94. Obama loses his cool on 60 Minutes
  95. If They Ask for Money, Tell Them to Go To Hell!
  96. BO gave himself a solid B+ for his first year in office
  97. A trip down memory lane
  98. Ruger SR-556
  99. Houston gets another bush.
  100. Crop Circles Expalined
  101. The Government Closed EM Down
  102. The Trajectory Of History
  103. Dems to increase deficit to $14 trillion
  104. Will the show trial of the Gitmo terrorists lead to a terrorist attack in NYC?
  105. climate summit and snow storms
  106. Cartoon
  107. Krauthammer nails it again.
  108. obama has trouble with minorities
  109. America FAILED
  110. They were right
  111. this one has Hugh R's name and address on it...
  112. Buyer's Remorse
  113. Obama's Whoppers, more of them.
  114. The ACLU Loses Biggest Donor...
  115. Barbra Walters picked Michelle O's arms.... as the most interesting person this year.
  116. Obama defends war
  117. The Plan: Healthcare "Reform"
  118. Greatness...
  119. Weatherize
  120. Climate Skeptics
  121. Norwegians - ha!
  122. The Democratic Party has become the Lawyers’ Party.
  123. From the "you gotta be sheeting me" file:
  124. The Comprehensive BO Character Review
  125. Liar! Liar! Pants On Fire!
  126. TARP (AKA political slush fund) bailout extended 10 months
  127. Public Option, dead in the Senate
  128. Anatomy of a Failed Presidency...
  129. Fists of Fury-coming to a jr high near you
  130. It's official: Obama worst president in history
  131. Journalism and Freedom
  132. Athiests. Why are they so hungry ?
  133. So What Am I If I Believe...
  134. Will Recovery Last?
  135. Race in America 2009
  136. 10 tips Obama can take from Tiger
  137. NPR Pressures Reporters
  138. Non Christians and Atheists in the USA: Do you celebrate Christmas?
  139. Banning Christmas lights?
  140. Climate summit
  141. This Global Warming Thing is so Frustrating
  142. December 7, 1941
  143. The Real reason why They were able to crash the party
  144. The Real reason why They were able to crash the party
  145. Ricky Gervais on Creationism.
  146. the NYT finally weighs in on 'climate change"
  147. Why Atheists Are So FK'N Angry!
  148. Food for thought on global warming.
  149. If Florida is just PROOF that his silly religion got in the way.
  150. Secret Service eats the Sword, she gets a pass
  151. Political/Religious Cross Section
  152. Athiests, why are they so angry?
  153. NASA Faces FOI Lawsuit Over Climate Data
  154. Buh-Bye, Dubai
  155. My thought on religion
  156. Your tax dollars at work:
  157. Jon Stewart *roasts* the global warming "scientists"
  158. Snow in Houston again, darn global warming
  159. How Good was Darwin's Brain?
  160. Gates: 'Severe consequences' for Afghan failure
  161. Heh: GOP Introduces Geithner Penalty Waiver Act
  162. Aussie parliment votes down Cap & Tax.
  163. Obama's Speech
  164. Musharraf PWNS Obama
  165. The Objective & The Solution
  166. 30 minutes in, Cadets are bored
  167. Paying for Basic Health Care
  168. Howard Dean not keen on Obamacare
  169. Experience . .. jobs
  170. Liberals Are Neanderthals
  171. Help: Global warming debunked. need info.
  172. FTC to "Rescue" Journalism
  173. Why does stuartj continue to run.....
  174. Congressional hearing for the party crashers?!!!
  175. The Arabs hsve stopped applauding Obama - WSJ today
  176. Another "Duh" Study
  177. The Obama Narrative
  178. Huckabee: WTF?!?!?!
  179. Exactly what is there to win in A'stan?
  180. Obama and Guns at One Year
  181. Michael Moore to the President
  182. Krauthammer on Health Care
  183. Its as if they wanted Osama Bin Laden to get away
  184. Wake up, America--you're getting RAPED by your duly-elected heroes
  185. Four Cops Ambushed & Killed
  186. another failure for obama and the UN.
  187. It apparently had "issues":
  188. To Russians, it's Terrorism
  189. Can't we
  190. A Berkeley Leftist wakes up
  191. New car in time for Christmas?
  192. The ulitimate RIGHT WING forum~
  193. Climategate: five Aussie MPs lead the way by resigning in disgust over carbon tax
  194. are the dems really going to break ranks with capt. zero over afghanistan?
  195. Free Homes if you can't pay?
  196. Chuck DeVore ?
  197. It's started here
  198. Let the cooking commence!
  199. "smear campaign"
  200. Lowered Expectations =Obama
  201. The Breaking Point
  202. How will HC legislation impact you?
  203. Holy media stroking - Couric writes poem for Obamacare...
  204. Here come the taxes
  205. To whom will we give thanks tomorrow?
  206. Nursing home drops patient off at homeless shelter
  207. The new GOP "unity" resolution
  208. Insurance industry anti-trust exemption in conference committee
  209. Majid Ibrahim
  210. $%*#ing hypocrites...
  211. Basic Health Care for Americans
  212. Basic Health Care for Americans
  213. Navy Seals face assualt charge
  214. Tracinski on ClimateGate
  215. Obama and the Czars
  216. Hide the Decline
  217. More proof liberals are racists
  218. 9/11 Trial - A world distraction?
  219. Trial of the century
  220. Proposed Health Care Bill in front of the Senate
  221. Elizabeth Cheney
  222. Candidates like these
  223. Time to Start Shrugging?
  224. Trailblazer SS as tow vehicle?
  225. Dear Shauny
  226. Palin in Nome
  227. Scathing Editorial in the Chicago Tribune...
  228. Iran begins air-defense drills to protect nuclear sites
  229. Dear Sarah: Keep up the good work!
  230. Health care entitlement
  231. Obama Fried Chicken
  232. Geithner Vs. Brady
  233. Al Gore has a Free generator for us
  234. Reasons Why Socialism and Communism Will Never Work in the USA
  235. My New Motto...
  236. Health Bill and New Data on Unneeded Med Tests...
  237. You Boyz Do Realize
  238. Climate Change BUNK
  239. Société Générale tells clients how to prepare for potential 'global collapse'
  240. Palin Haters Pwned
  241. Recovery Projects
  242. $10B spent to Protect Osama Bin Laden
  243. Let's see those palindromes!
  244. BO's High Noon In Washingron
  245. Huge Disappointment
  246. nnsylvania Union Leader Criticized for Threatening Legal Action Over Boy Scout's Volu
  247. The Price Of Education In CA
  248. WTF?!? Nidal Hasan was on the Homeland Security Policy Institute team in May?
  249. Climate change.... not so much?
  250. Chose One: Obama or Obamacare