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  1. Female Pelicans, is this really a problem?
  2. Some info on hosting an Olympics
  3. Obama can't come up with new speeches
  4. News Flash! Obama Angry Over Being Thrown Under A Bus!
  5. SNL Obama address
  6. He liked to spank those bad boys
  7. So the hippie chick working at Starbucks says to me...
  8. OK, which of you is the 47% who pay no tax?
  9. I like this guy - John Mackey CEO
  10. Who Killed California
  11. California - Closer to Utopia
  12. More on Obama's love for Communists
  14. A Competent Congressman?
  15. My question about the 15.1 million U.S. jobs lost...
  16. The Big NO for Chicago
  17. What......No Outrage?
  18. Official unemployment rat now 9.8%
  19. US relinquishes control of the Interwebs
  20. Iran Nuke Inspections - why does this seem so familiar?
  21. Presented without comment
  22. The Clunker, Clinker - Sales off 45%
  23. How's that Gun Ban Working in England?
  24. OH so you want a FAG do you...
  25. Alan Grayson- DA MAN!
  26. Democrats decide to provide healthcare to illegals
  27. Senate Health Vote
  28. Government intrusion at its worst
  29. No more police foot chases
  30. Now we're stepping into the twilight zone ...
  31. Church ordains sex offender....
  32. What happened to Little Green Footballs
  33. Official!!! Supreme Court to review on 2nd Amendment/Chicago Gun Ban
  34. Did ACORN chicanery elect Al Franken?
  35. I Wana Move To France
  36. Cap and trade coming, put the cars in a barn
  37. Sounds like it's in the bag for Chi-town...
  38. Deliver US Obama..a Prayer of Hope
  39. Government Healthcare Plan Fails Vote
  40. Some of the Suckers who fell for the 2007 NIE
  41. Another really stupid idea from the Ca. Democrats
  42. Daily does of crazy
  43. our obama who art in heaven
  44. Obama is inept, still
  45. Are all the combat troops out of Iraq yet?
  46. NAACP protesting the "racist" Obama-Joker image.
  47. Why do you think your employer based health coverage will stay the same?
  48. Long Beach, CA is doomed
  49. You Mislead! Fact Checking Obama on Healthcare
  50. Time for euro to replace dollar
  51. Obama off to Denmark
  52. Support for Health Care
  53. Nina
  54. The Rahm Ometer
  55. This is Happening in America???????
  56. Closer to divinity
  57. Bill Clinton & the VRWC
  58. B ho wants more school time.
  59. Record Unemployment Rates for American Youth
  60. Recent Busts of Islamic Terrorists
  61. Lybia? Honduras?
  62. More funding for foreign companys
  63. Consternation Across The Potomac
  64. What To DO About Iran
  65. Are liberals devoid of logic?
  66. Soft terrorism?
  67. Nobody believed him anyway
  68. FascistCare: Buy insurance or go to jail!
  69. The Role of Tabloid Sensationalism News Media
  70. Obama Does Something Right
  71. Origin of Species- rebuttal to rebuttal- love the chick
  72. Mr Bluff and Swagger Emanuel
  73. Obama picks another winner..Part Deux!
  74. POTUS Poetry
  75. Who Is Lurking Here?
  76. He may not last another 4 yrs...
  77. Americans: We're just not that into HC reform
  78. The New Obama Songs for Children
  79. Obama and UN are naive fools
  80. Just got this e-mail from a friend
  81. FEDERAL JUDGE Carter sets Trial Date for Obama's Eligibility
  82. Obama is a great american
  83. Feinstein is smarter than me
  84. FBI corruption probe nets 3 Fla. politicians
  85. And so the chaos ensues...
  86. Extreme emotional distress
  87. BO Foreign Policy Successes
  88. Mob style Obama Admin strikes again
  89. Obama picks another winner!
  90. interesting spam email
  91. Mass storage & playback for audiophile - CD changer?
  92. Plaxico gets 20 months!
  93. So, the G20 is starting
  94. Canada Set To Boycott Iran's UN Speech
  95. Obama is a Liar!
  96. HHS "Gag Order"
  97. Israel delivers '*****-Slap' to Obama
  98. Is Obama over promising to the world on CO2?
  99. We may be losing another democrat senator today
  100. Opps, ignore
  101. cnn VS FOX Stage II
  102. Small town Republican quits.
  103. the parallels with nazi germany just keep coming....
  104. I Was Hungary
  105. Words And Not Deeds
  106. The logical conclusion to the welfare state
  107. Sunday Obamathon
  108. Can Obama dissociate himself from ACORN?
  109. Drake-Is this a friend for Normy?
  110. Obama just like his daddy?
  111. Taliban butcher dies in Jail
  112. Should the parents of Hannah & her boyfriend put them in hiding?
  113. Friday Night In Iraq...It's Time To Go To The Races!
  114. Is racism genetic?
  115. Is the recession really over or is it just propaganda?
  116. Leahy introduces bill to remoe anti-trust exemptions.
  117. FOX vs cnn
  118. Obama in Massachusets
  119. Bimbo is Back!
  120. Me and Mrs. Palin - Vanity Fair
  121. How much Hush-Money should the fired ACORN workers get?
  122. Barack Obama doesn't lie.
  123. Whatsit been...9 mos...
  124. Pelosi sheds croc tears as she says that protesters are unbalanced and dangerous.
  125. If you hated Palins travell expenses
  126. Jezza gets shiat dumped on his lawn....
  127. Health plan poll
  128. News Story Graveyard
  129. Obama just killed Missle defense
  130. Hero, Sen. Dorgan, North Dakota
  131. The Mainstream Media
  132. Next stop for ACORN sting - San Diego
  133. Baucus talks about his HC plan - no public option
  134. Linda McMahan to run for Senate
  135. Joe Wilson
  136. Idiots
  137. Jimmy Carter the troll at it again
  138. Newsom endorsed by Clinton
  139. The USD Can't Be The Anchor Currency
  140. janaene garafalo or whatever
  141. It's happened again - Acorn...
  142. US Military: More troops needed in A-stan
  143. Get your story straight
  144. Dems scramble after Obama promises
  145. Obama extends ground war to Somalia
  146. Obama supports Patriot Act renewal
  147. Civil War
  148. I think Obama is trying to Kill Biden
  149. Guns must be listed on 2010 tax return...if the bill passes
  150. Senate Votes to cut off ACORN spending
  151. Waxman, a Democrat killing American business.
  152. Funny article by Bill Maher
  153. "i own it!"
  154. Beer Summit, Part II
  155. What if Christ Was Not Crucified?
  156. Ammo load size
  157. Video...wash. D.C. 9-12-09
  158. fair weathered friends and religion
  159. The numbers speak the truth about the Obama YEAR.
  160. Radiant Heat tube depth in slab vs heat cost
  161. When they rule the world
  162. Teabaggers. Check those chromosomes.
  163. Maureen ODowd. Arch liberal, dried up old hag, cant find a husband
  164. The Democrat attitude
  165. Collapse of the Dollar, Rise of the Amero and the North American Union
  166. The numbers speak about the Bush Years.
  167. Key Blago figure dead
  168. Why the dems "super majority" isn't
  169. Why the dems
  170. The 1.2 million man march
  171. Hello? Nearly 50% of people have gone without health insureance...
  172. Hello? Nearly 50% of people have gone without health insureance...
  173. Obama eligibility case to go to court....
  174. Crowds protest leftist spending in DC
  175. Smoot-Hawley, Part Deux
  176. Obama in the bag for unions, shocker
  177. Semper Fi - Now Just Die
  178. Obama the least effective President in history
  179. Census Bureau Severs Ties With ACORN
  180. $38,000.00 dinner with Sniper???
  181. It's the economy stupid
  182. Whats the Republican plan to fix the health care system?
  183. Here you go...more pro-abortion terrorists...
  184. acorn Pimpin & Hoing in DC Too.....
  185. $38,000.00 dinner with Palin???
  186. Rep Joe Wilson's campaign
  187. What laws have been passed ever that say what we CAN do?
  188. Imagery of September 11.
  189. 2nd Amendment going back to SCOTUS
  190. Why isn't Obama at Ground Zero today?
  191. No one has knocked on my door and taken my guns yet.
  192. Uh oh, Obama wins with speech watchers.
  193. Obama's Ambassadors -- Change We Can Believe In
  194. "STOP Obama"
  195. Cool Calm and Collected
  196. Cracks in the Damn--More on Chicago Gun Laws
  197. Disney To Throw Its Employee Under The Bus
  198. chicago pol tell all book
  199. Joe Wilson was actually correct!
  200. Axelrod Interview
  201. time to trim out a door way
  202. Where I turned the Barry Show off...
  203. The Pied Piper
  204. David Axel Rod: Doctors and Nurses in America agree with Obama's healthcare reform
  205. Who was that TURD who said "WHAT"
  206. Congress laughs at Obama
  207. another one bites the dust
  208. President TABS
  209. Here Comes Mark Foley!
  210. Do you think the teleprompter is nervous about tonight?
  211. Who is the real Dummy
  212. Conservative Best Sellers and the Media that Ignores Them
  213. Congressman wants all 'czars' to testify
  214. Right Way to Health Care Reform
  215. Obama Walks a Tightrope
  216. warrants for 11 ACORN workers, voter fraud
  217. Los Angeles $ 233 million high school
  218. Idea for CO2 Storage to Combat Global Warming
  219. Dear Dipso
  220. (If true) Should Dr. Margaret Flowers have gone to jail?
  221. It took awhile, but environmentalism is now, legally a religion
  222. The Ignore list
  223. Is Obama a Credit to his Race?
  224. For those of you who worried about Glen Beck....
  225. The ART of political control
  226. phasing out incandescent bulbs....
  227. Obama wants our HC system to be more like Kaiser Permanente
  228. Another Afgan problem
  229. The dishonest atract other liars.
  230. Webb Schools Obama
  231. INTAAP Message A Message from President Obama
  232. How Good Is Tabbys Crystal Ball
  233. Religion of peace at it again. More airline bombers found.
  234. Here's the speech. Tell me why you object to it.
  235. Change we can believe in
  236. This little girl knows whats what
  237. China's Flag will Fly at the White House
  238. Is PARF turning me into an A-HOLE?
  239. Van Jones - the bigger issues 1 and 2
  240. Swine Flu path to Martial Law ?
  241. Health Care Idea, maybe
  242. repugnant to the Constitution
  243. The Mansion On The Hill
  244. Please explain to me in a paragraph or less Obama's health care plan
  245. Quarter million more jobs lost in August
  246. Freed by DNA in texas= instant millionaire
  247. The Benefits of the Stimulus Package are Now Clear
  248. Is This The Way That The "Single Payer" Option Will Be Managed?
  249. White house scrubs lesson plans
  250. Anyone want to watch us wreck and blow up a few vehicles tonight in West LA?