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  1. What the Dems Do Best
  2. Remember GW and his EVIL SWIFT bank spying?
  3. Hate Speech
  4. UK hospital in Afghanistan copes with bloodiest day
  5. RFID chips
  6. Shouldn't PARF be renamed the mutual masterbation forum?
  7. Health Care Insider lays out the facts for you.
  8. Joe the Plumber all over again
  9. Eugenics Czar
  10. The Stuttering Kenyan Idiot
  11. Hindu Burgerking
  12. OK. First Political Thread Start
  13. Do We Fight Too Much?
  14. no spll tu goud
  15. Here goes Nancy Peloze again
  16. Michelle Wanted To Gouge His Eyes Out...!
  17. G-8 leaders have agreed to control global warming
  18. Whites don't need no stinkin' "Hate Law" Protection...or, why I carry all the time...
  19. Well this aint good!
  20. Gun owners...Is this bill for real?
  21. Maybe it was just Kim Jung Il just trying to send President Obama an email???
  22. Unionized Medicine..
  23. Even if you don't shoot in Cali...
  24. Freedom of the press or .......
  25. States using stimulus to stay afloat
  26. Obama Failed
  27. Porsche 928 - should it have been the Cayenne from the start?
  28. Palin killed Michael Jackson
  29. Congress Baldwin, I presume...
  30. Is it fair to say.......
  31. The govt has screwed up something else: the new GI bill
  32. cap & trade
  33. Al Franken: From satirist to Senator-
  34. McNamara Dies
  35. Riots in China
  36. Formula One Racing Chief Praises Hitler, Saddam Hussein
  37. Was Honduran coup the right thing to do?
  38. A whole lotta 'misreading' goin on....
  39. Is a Canary in a coal mine Black?
  40. Can't cry? May as well laugh
  41. Conservatives: How's it like to be so un-important?
  42. what is n. korea hoping to gain
  43. The real elephant in the room
  44. So is NK going to set one off today?
  45. The Cycle Of Life
  46. Something political that's FUN - Robama!
  47. Could social security be better off than we think?
  48. Alaska or California
  49. Palin is resigning!
  50. Bargaining Chips
  51. CA Legislature Is Mulling New Taxes
  52. Pics of Palin (Runners World mag)
  53. The Real Factor in the Foreclosure Crisis
  54. We've Fallen Behind Again
  55. TABS Fixes The CA State Budget
  56. Stimulus, Obama's Unemployment Promise - and how it's going
  57. "I don't know, I'm callin' from my new Obamaphone".
  58. So it Begins - CA's slide into ruin (IOUs start going out)
  59. WHOOPS There Goes California
  60. President Obama's college transcripts - Smoking gun finally found?
  61. Rep. Congressman Reichert - Yes on Cap & Trade
  62. (read my lips) listen here- no new taxes
  63. Mike Murphy
  64. Mississippi Is First Again
  65. Illinois: 3rd Year in a Row of Budget Impass
  66. Illinois: 3rd Year in a Row of Budget Impass
  67. Illinois: 3rd Year in a Row of Budget Impass
  68. It's National Dog House Repair Month!!
  69. Inouye scams again
  70. An Assesment Of Obama From A Raving Lefty
  71. Got Aids Yet? Month is finally over
  72. Reconciling Sarah Palin
  73. Military Coups
  74. To The MD's On This Board
  75. California is broke. ....and that isn't even the big news.
  76. President Obama's Energy Plan...
  77. WE'VE GOT 60! Senator AL FRANKEN!
  78. Gov't to give Tesla $350 mil, more than the British gave DeLorean!
  79. Our new "Gangster Government".
  80. Like having smog inspections for your car? --It will get even better for you
  81. Less on Global Warming by the EPA
  82. VDH: Well, Obama's lies are "Noble"
  83. The Politics of "Climate Change"
  84. SCOTUS overturns Sotomayer
  85. Rape
  86. - is Obama smarter than Madoff?
  87. An open letter to our President
  88. The National Debt Road Trip
  89. Honduras and Obama
  90. Honduras and Obama
  91. The Damage Done
  92. Well, Well. Well, Dick was right!
  93. To all of you democrats...
  94. Obama: "You'll get a tax Cut!" . . . . - N O T -
  95. Bill of the century' passed, unread...
  96. Obama accuses Military of being selfish...
  97. Replacing Michelle O...
  98. Cap & Trade
  99. Cap and Trade/Climate Bill Passed Test Vote today - NOO!!!!
  100. Another Democrat from Detroit bites the dust
  101. What will life be like in the US after the Obama policies are implemented?
  102. I want to see pictures of "Maria"
  103. Do we have a 'Govt Bubble"?
  104. Ahmadinejad is calling out Obama now
  105. Simple question about "public option"
  106. A Weak Spot in Our Defenses
  107. Another Conservative Republican bites the dust~
  108. Rx 4 Amerika - Hugh you are in trouble...
  109. Frank and Paul
  110. Obama fires Walpin for doing his job
  111. Do BO Lie
  112. SC Gov M. Sanford
  113. Gerbilsim -- Journalism under Zero
  114. How long can Zero keep lying before people get mad?
  115. Barney Frank at it again - Lower Standards for FNMA and FDMC
  116. A Moral Dilemma
  117. Political bumper sticker and joke thread
  118. Socialized Medicine - my interview with a coworker in Australia
  119. How many Trillon does it take.....
  120. A Black Texan Speaks Out
  121. The Disgrace Of The Mullahs.
  122. SC Governer Takes hikes to relax
  123. More Obama numbers scam
  124. Working in gubmint...
  125. Do you have the same political beliefs as your parents?
  126. France gets something right
  127. Medical Analysis By Milton Friedman
  128. Interesting Thought - DEFCON-III Because of the NK's?
  129. What part of "Tax and Spend" did the voters not understand?
  130. If we had listened to Obama in 2007, what would we be putting offshore of Hawaii??
  131. Marines to begin martial law training in Indianapolis
  132. Hey all you California Democtats
  133. Is Fascism Really Happening in the United States of America?Share
  134. More Anti-Gun Propaganda
  135. Nazi gun law
  136. Arizona gets it with illegals
  137. The Book Is Open On Iran
  138. BO Stutters While The Iranian Girl Dies..
  139. BO's HC is goin down
  140. Tony Hawk jumps shark in Whitehouse?
  141. If only Iranians Owned Assault Rifles
  142. How Obama killed the American motor industry
  143. Porsche as art
  144. Iranian Revolution - looks as if it's starting...
  145. Obama on Iran
  146. Arnies new plan
  147. Gay/Lesbian community is actually selfish
  148. Anyone here plan to not cooperate with the Census takers?
  149. If Obama was a white dude?
  150. Would Biden be better for America?
  151. Babs Boxer. What a piece of work
  152. What altruistic action has BarryO' ever done?
  154. VW California Biker - New Eurovan Westfalia avail. in Europe
  155. Privacy? We don't need no Stinking privacy!
  156. Firing the new teachers, keeping the hacks in CA....
  157. Obama’s Insurance Proposal May Grab Power From States
  158. Obama’s Insurance Proposal May Grab Power From States
  159. Bill S2433 and the Global Poverty Act of 2007 - I'm not sure in the long run...
  160. Any chance this will get legs...
  161. Horse Trading: How Winners are Picked in Chicago.
  162. Yes Ma'am!
  163. CA Taxes at waste
  164. Democrats expanding their base in CA
  165. good ole bureaucracy
  166. Obama at odds with America
  167. Special Order 40 and LA
  168. BUSTED! NK's Are Hauling Nuclear Contraband
  169. When will the Govt watchdogs learn? -King Barry O' has Wonderful clothes
  170. VDH: Welcome to Obamalogic in Obamaworld
  171. Limbaugh on edge of PaRaNoIa!
  172. the election in iran has sure turned into a cluster *&^#
  173. It make Ya Wana Cry
  174. IMF Should Police National Financial Regulators: E.U. Summit
  175. Open Letter
  176. Giving the Dems a Taste of their Own Medicine Militarily
  177. Walpin Vs the Obamas
  178. Walpin Vs the Obamas
  179. Gay rights or North Korea
  180. One Pizzed Off Teacher and American!
  181. Obama's gay friends
  182. The Governater tried
  183. The New "Depoliticized" White House Science Policies
  184. Taking Notice..
  185. Interesting Note from Pam Geller
  186. Serious Question
  187. The Most Transparent White House in History
  188. Lies, Damned Lies And 'Saved' Jobs
  189. Dead to Rights
  190. CA Is Changing
  191. Dow at $1million?
  192. Air France vic of Terror?
  193. Terrorism and 'I Don't Care' letter
  194. Iran, another challenge
  195. Hate f...
  196. sleeping beauty, superman, pinocchio
  197. ABC Turns news programming over to Obama
  198. Obama administration breaking the law, again.
  199. Obama'scare
  200. FOX news watchers. Retards?
  201. Defense of Marriage Act
  202. Gitmo to Palau and did you know how much we give Palau annually?
  203. New George S Patton speech: Iraq & modern world
  204. when the Lakers win
  205. How much will the Compensation Czar's salary be?
  206. Obama's Spiritual Void
  207. Restoration of a Victorian house??
  208. Freakin' Diesels...
  209. Ahmdinejhad...4 more years?
  210. Demo's against King Hussein
  211. Ironic headlines about the UN
  212. Anti-Abortion movement: Terrorists?
  213. The Only Way to Fix It is to Brush It All Away
  214. "Prisoner Abuse" Photos will not be released
  215. I am optimistic we can discuss MR Letterman's recent comments re Ms Pallin...
  216. Do folks across the pond dream of driving on US roads?
  217. Can anyone explain this?
  218. A Kennedy in rehab. Say it ain't so.
  219. Hallelujah Rev Wright
  220. New face of the Democratic Party
  221. Think YOUR day went bad? Pffft...
  222. California fiscal problems solved!
  223. U Boyz Are All Progressives..
  224. They want to close the Cal Sate Parks!
  225. The Fiat-ization of the American male..
  226. Fascism; Obama's list
  227. The Pope and Nancy Pelosi
  228. The New Obama Stamp
  229. A Gun to the Head
  230. Obama: Terrorists Get Miranda Rights
  231. He Is Only A Minor Deity..
  232. islamic email
  233. Another shooting.
  234. VDH: I no longer quite believe ...
  235. More off-shore drilling?
  236. Jon Voight
  237. Self Reliance
  238. Cash for Clunkers...House passed it...
  239. North Korea: Do you want to kick their A$$?
  240. Salary Limits: Coming to a Job Near You
  241. Nagin in China, WHY?
  242. Political trash
  243. Blainetology
  244. HOA needs to be taught a lesson
  245. Obama: It's OK to borrow to pay for health care
  246. would you freak out if a gay man complemented you on your looks?
  247. Question on gender and the man upstairs
  248. It's official: Obama is God
  249. San Fran. looking at booze sin tax.
  250. FEMA Web Page Shows Martial Law Exercise With Foreign Troops