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  1. Is Obama a Gymnast?
  2. Phoenix Sizzlers looking for some new dishwashers
  3. WH conspiracy on drilling moritorium
  4. Dem Congressman assaults college student (video)
  5. Prsssure is on the libs and they are starting to lose it:
  6. Have ya plugged the hole yet Daddy?
  7. Even NPR makes fun of Bama
  8. Pakistani gov't providing direct support to Taliban
  9. US discovers ~$1T in mineral wealth in Afganistan...
  10. Texas Republican Platform
  11. the BP spill - it's my fault
  12. Tired of politically correct changes in our world
  13. More Obama lies on healthcare
  14. Normy walks the picket line!
  15. Interesting piece on oil spill
  16. Obama =jimmy carter's 2nd term
  17. "I'll take 'Ridonkulous' for 1000, Alex"
  18. Christ and Buddha
  19. Salazar, white house caught in a lie about moratorium
  20. Countdown to Economic Collapse in CA?
  21. A minor win for the Rational....
  22. Flash! Obama finds ass to kick!
  23. How screwed up are L.A. public schools?
  24. Does TABS Have Credibility
  25. Do They Have Credibility
  26. South Carolina Dem. Alvin Greene
  27. Dems pile on BP more
  28. Obama's plan to fix the oil leak
  29. Catch 22
  30. Van Der Slut
  31. The boarder o.t.m. (other than mexicans) .... Muslims
  32. A question for Amercian (or other) Jews
  33. About those Afghanistan supply lines (LOC)
  34. Hillary in Peru, this is funny
  35. I Give Up
  36. Pelosi heckled at speech... by other leftists!
  37. Arizona has the right idea
  38. Little Green Footballs: Reuters cropped photos to remove knives from Activists hands
  39. the religion of boobies
  40. Barry's a 1 term wonder, so who's next?
  41. Imagine if Bush's or McCains Chief of Staff....
  42. ANyone seen the new Mocumentary "McGrubber" ?
  43. CNN and Meg Whitman
  44. Obama in Ass Kicking mode!
  45. Hallmark caves to NAACP
  46. Okay Obama supporters...which parts of this aren't true???
  47. Elton John Sings at Rush Limbaugh's Wedding
  48. White House Jester Beheaded For Making Fun Of Soaring National Debt
  49. Should 5% appear too small...
  50. Iran might escort relief ships to Gaza
  51. this is what makes me proud to have voted for him.
  52. How profitable is a web forum using banners?
  53. Obama and Values, or lack of
  54. Jew bashing, Black bashing, the same?
  55. The Forgotten Rachel's
  56. White House link to "Peace" Floatilla
  57. Helen Thomas... incredible anti Semite statement
  58. What ever happened to Monica L, Linda T and the rest of the people involved in BC's f
  59. Israels piracy official
  60. Rush Limbaugh is getting married again!
  61. Rush Limbaugh is getting married again!
  62. lessons from the lost decade
  63. - Proverbs 14:34
  64. Bobby Jindal
  65. Cheney to the rescue?
  66. Another racist GOP senator blows it again.
  67. It's a moratorium
  68. Obama's Jobless "Recovery"
  69. President McCain, The Oil and BP
  70. Obama Wastes Gov. Brewers time
  71. AZ Pelicans: Hayward or McCain?
  72. The Operative Political Reality In The World
  73. From the nanny state where no one carries
  74. "Day 1" Obama's oil spill headed out to the Atlantic
  75. One Clueless Idiot In The WH Rant
  76. More Involvement in blockade
  77. Flotilla raid offers Israel a learning opportunity
  78. The Swamp
  79. When it comes to the US having Israel's back Obama shows the world his stripes.
  80. DNA collection upon arrest law
  81. Why mention you're a Christian at all?
  82. Seven Junk Cities
  83. words about the war in afghanistan
  84. Blago on Trial
  85. Cynthia McKinney, Helen Thomas and....
  86. Govt Bureaucrats now paid TWICE that in the Private Sector
  87. I find that the rule of law.....
  88. Number two in line for the big chair!!!!!
  89. BP Oil leaked fixed? Yep, James Cameron is going to fix it...
  90. No Meeting in DC for the AZ Governor
  91. New things to do when arrested...
  92. Obama now planning a takeover of US oil industry
  93. You guys are slow...AlGore loosing his sugermomma
  94. Israeli Interception.
  95. Calling On Nostatus
  96. Now U Are Gona Have To Pay To Leave With A Wealth Tax
  97. Obama distancing himself from oil spill
  98. George Bush the idiot ???
  99. The cost of detaining illegals
  100. North Korea, Isreal, who loves ya baby?
  101. Rumors out of Afghanistan
  102. The Dinner Roll
  103. Taking One For The Team
  104. Obama's oil leak may continue through August
  105. Should Obama get a second Nobel Peace Prize? . ...
  106. Can anybody explain how a relief well will work
  107. Is Fidel dead?
  108. Oliver Stone or Saddam Hussein?
  109. Detroit cop chief under fire for paramilitary tactics
  110. Bill Clinton made the Job Offer to Sleestak?
  111. Chris Christy for president.
  112. Obama fall out
  113. US Senate Race in CA
  114. Will Obama Last His Full Term In Office?
  115. Fort Palin
  116. The Barrack Obama Press Confrence
  117. Another Jimmy Carter moment....
  118. Am I Being Racist - of Just Discusted
  119. Public employee salaries impact on state budgets
  120. Poll: Will There Be A War In Korea?
  121. Something Is Going On Here, And You Don't Quiet Know What It Is Do U Mr TABS
  122. I Didn't Know U Could Give A Frog A Haircut
  123. I met Tony Blair today.
  124. Chris Christie says ...
  125. Of Top Hats, Top Kills and Bottom Feeders
  126. Debt passes the 13 trillion mark, more to come
  127. Breaking news: terror alert
  128. Demographics
  129. 1,200 Troops........
  130. Gold The New Reserve Currency
  131. America Surrenders to Islam
  132. Obama to Skip Memorial Day at Arlington Cemetery
  133. M4, not enough range?
  134. Busted
  135. Fokking census and Obama wasting my money
  136. I Owe You Guys an Apology
  137. wierd google images hit
  138. UN needs more lillions for Haiti, Bill Clinton
  139. What To Do
  140. Alabama Campaign ad
  141. A depressing analogy
  142. Obama's problems
  143. What is up with the government and Porn?
  144. Got this letter from my congresscritter
  145. "There Is No More Money"
  146. 1930 Revisited
  147. Can Anyone Explain the Broken Oil Pipe Photo
  148. Meanwhile, back in the mines
  149. Worth a look - Palindrome Video
  150. Here is one that will get Bill worked up. Old woman shot by the police
  151. Are you ready for Global COOLING?
  152. Sestak is gonna get the WH into trouble.
  153. obama on a unicorn?!
  154. Unemployment rate visualized.
  155. Police Escort for Union Thugs
  156. Pelosi - Musician or Artist? Quit your job, we'll cover your healthcare
  157. Why are we not doing more to stop the oil leak?
  158. I Believe in America - my wife's first youTube
  159. Unintended humor
  160. Interesting article on midterm elections
  161. Political policy / economic reality - real time or lag time?
  162. How's that election going in Hawaii?
  163. Obama remembers Daniel Pearl
  164. Our Sanctuary City, SJC
  165. How do terrorists enter the USA???
  166. Like Father, Like Son
  167. Stop the fed now; bury goldman!!!
  168. Rand Paul is like Sarah Palin
  169. Why Rand Paul will damage the Tea Party
  170. Alwaki got a $20K US grant for college
  171. First Healthcare, now the Financial System!...
  172. Nazis...I knew it, you's in cahoots
  173. The Party of Dough
  174. Blair, obama's latest scapegoat
  175. Courage
  176. UN arms control agreement signed?
  177. Nancy Pelosi
  178. Someone knows something...
  179. YouCut
  180. Chicago's Daley, Dick...making an arse of himself on gun control
  181. Federal Law is much stronger than Arizona Law
  182. Rand Paul
  183. If You Don't Want To know About The American Economy Don't Open This Thread
  184. Is anybody really this stupid???
  185. Visualizing Obama's Budget Cuts
  186. The Limbaugh Victory: NYT op ed
  187. Guess who came to dinner
  188. Why do liberals LOVE illegal aliens?
  189. Must see Border Videos
  190. chicago violence continues
  191. One sunny day in January, 2013 ...
  192. Obama's economy DROPS again
  193. Dress design for first lady
  194. More crap apologizing for illegal migrants
  195. Speaking of Racist..
  196. Oil changes and warranty question
  197. Palin-stinian refugees are ON THE WAY to South Florida~
  198. Palin-stinian refugees are ON THE WAY to South Florida~
  199. everybody draw Mohammed
  200. am I racist?
  201. Ebay
  202. Immigration laws...
  203. Attention please! To all who boycott arizona
  204. Oath Compels Empathy Restraint
  205. WOW prez calderon and obama are mad at AZ!
  206. A small example of the health care system in the UK
  207. Incumbents
  208. The change has started
  209. If You Don't Like Negative Don't Read This
  210. Elena Kagan Thesis 1981
  211. A ggod Bye Good Bye A good Bye Good
  212. I thought it was obama, but no.
  213. This is f**** b** s***
  214. The Revolution is upon us: Specter loses in Pennsylvania, Paul wins in Ky.
  215. AZ utilities board member responds to Mayor Villaraigosa
  216. The vexing dual roles of cops
  217. Another Crackpot Celebrity
  218. Existing California Penal Code 834b similar to AZ Immigration Status Law
  219. Transocean and BP Liability
  220. The Frog In the Boiling Water
  221. ---Another Republican SEX scandal!---
  222. Seattle Quandry over AZ Boycott
  223. Immigration and age
  224. Gingrich looks to run in 2012
  225. Republican Mark Souder Resigns!
  226. California vs. Texas
  227. Girl who came to U.S. illegally can't get loans.
  228. Just another lying democrat AG
  229. This is Starting to Annoy Me
  230. Obama refuses questions at Freedom of the Press Act signing
  231. Asylum, IF you know the right person
  232. Do you like me now?
  233. Anecdotal Evidence..
  234. In related news, Mexico deports 6000 illegals in 15 days
  235. Anyone want to go to dinner Wednesday?
  236. Good news from GM
  237. The New Robin Hood Movie
  238. Anather darned kid prodigy on the guitar
  239. Newt, the truth about democrats
  240. Budget cut results
  241. Ever been pulled over for "impeding the flow of traffic"?
  242. Albuquerque Mayor follows AZ precedent
  243. Information about Gonorrhea Lectim
  244. Economy In Deepest Crisis Since WW2
  245. Bear Down, Arizona!
  246. Dangerous Illegal Nabbed
  247. NJ Gov. Christie dresses down a liberal reporter
  248. Conservatives rise in support of Kagan
  249. Go Ahead And Put Tabs On Your Ignore List
  250. Racial Profiling