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  1. Climate summit
  2. This Global Warming Thing is so Frustrating
  3. December 7, 1941
  4. The Real reason why They were able to crash the party
  5. The Real reason why They were able to crash the party
  6. Ricky Gervais on Creationism.
  7. the NYT finally weighs in on 'climate change"
  8. Why Atheists Are So FK'N Angry!
  9. Food for thought on global warming.
  10. If Florida is just PROOF that his silly religion got in the way.
  11. Secret Service eats the Sword, she gets a pass
  12. Political/Religious Cross Section
  13. Athiests, why are they so angry?
  14. NASA Faces FOI Lawsuit Over Climate Data
  15. Buh-Bye, Dubai
  16. My thought on religion
  17. Your tax dollars at work:
  18. Jon Stewart *roasts* the global warming "scientists"
  19. Snow in Houston again, darn global warming
  20. How Good was Darwin's Brain?
  21. Gates: 'Severe consequences' for Afghan failure
  22. Heh: GOP Introduces Geithner Penalty Waiver Act
  23. Aussie parliment votes down Cap & Tax.
  24. Obama's Speech
  25. Musharraf PWNS Obama
  26. The Objective & The Solution
  27. 30 minutes in, Cadets are bored
  28. Paying for Basic Health Care
  29. Howard Dean not keen on Obamacare
  30. Experience . .. jobs
  31. Liberals Are Neanderthals
  32. Help: Global warming debunked. need info.
  33. FTC to "Rescue" Journalism
  34. Why does stuartj continue to run.....
  35. Congressional hearing for the party crashers?!!!
  36. The Arabs hsve stopped applauding Obama - WSJ today
  37. Another "Duh" Study
  38. The Obama Narrative
  39. Huckabee: WTF?!?!?!
  40. Exactly what is there to win in A'stan?
  41. Obama and Guns at One Year
  42. Michael Moore to the President
  43. Krauthammer on Health Care
  44. Its as if they wanted Osama Bin Laden to get away
  45. Wake up, America--you're getting RAPED by your duly-elected heroes
  46. Four Cops Ambushed & Killed
  47. another failure for obama and the UN.
  48. It apparently had "issues":
  49. To Russians, it's Terrorism
  50. Can't we
  51. A Berkeley Leftist wakes up
  52. New car in time for Christmas?
  53. The ulitimate RIGHT WING forum~
  54. Climategate: five Aussie MPs lead the way by resigning in disgust over carbon tax
  55. are the dems really going to break ranks with capt. zero over afghanistan?
  56. Free Homes if you can't pay?
  57. Chuck DeVore ?
  58. It's started here
  59. Let the cooking commence!
  60. "smear campaign"
  61. Lowered Expectations =Obama
  62. The Breaking Point
  63. How will HC legislation impact you?
  64. Holy media stroking - Couric writes poem for Obamacare...
  65. Here come the taxes
  66. To whom will we give thanks tomorrow?
  67. Nursing home drops patient off at homeless shelter
  68. The new GOP "unity" resolution
  69. Insurance industry anti-trust exemption in conference committee
  70. Majid Ibrahim
  71. $%*#ing hypocrites...
  72. Basic Health Care for Americans
  73. Basic Health Care for Americans
  74. Navy Seals face assualt charge
  75. Tracinski on ClimateGate
  76. Obama and the Czars
  77. Hide the Decline
  78. More proof liberals are racists
  79. 9/11 Trial - A world distraction?
  80. Trial of the century
  81. Proposed Health Care Bill in front of the Senate
  82. Elizabeth Cheney
  83. Candidates like these
  84. Time to Start Shrugging?
  85. Trailblazer SS as tow vehicle?
  86. Dear Shauny
  87. Palin in Nome
  88. Scathing Editorial in the Chicago Tribune...
  89. Iran begins air-defense drills to protect nuclear sites
  90. Dear Sarah: Keep up the good work!
  91. Health care entitlement
  92. Obama Fried Chicken
  93. Geithner Vs. Brady
  94. Al Gore has a Free generator for us
  95. Reasons Why Socialism and Communism Will Never Work in the USA
  96. My New Motto...
  97. Health Bill and New Data on Unneeded Med Tests...
  98. You Boyz Do Realize
  99. Climate Change BUNK
  100. Société Générale tells clients how to prepare for potential 'global collapse'
  101. Palin Haters Pwned
  102. Recovery Projects
  103. $10B spent to Protect Osama Bin Laden
  104. Let's see those palindromes!
  105. BO's High Noon In Washingron
  106. Huge Disappointment
  107. nnsylvania Union Leader Criticized for Threatening Legal Action Over Boy Scout's Volu
  108. The Price Of Education In CA
  109. WTF?!? Nidal Hasan was on the Homeland Security Policy Institute team in May?
  110. Climate change.... not so much?
  111. Chose One: Obama or Obamacare
  112. Job Stimulus - Why it is failing
  113. BO FOX Interview
  114. Palin. Palin: Jewish Settlements Should Be Allowed to Expand,
  115. What The Chinese Told BO
  116. Four sergeants convicted of murder?
  117. best buffet in Vegas?
  118. More Irony and Hypocrisy: This Time from Obama
  119. Dean of the Harvard Medical School: Health 'Reform' Gets a Failing Grade
  120. Liberals Score Another FP Victory For BO
  121. AP Conveeeeeeniently Omits Certain Data from Latest Healthcare Poll
  122. Willful Misunderstanding (Ft. Hood & JFK)
  123. Jobs that do not exist, created with money that does not exist.
  124. Anti-Immigrant Teabaggers Get Punked! (Video)
  125. Is this the beginning of health care rationing?
  126. Dick Durbin: Hypocrite
  127. The Ukraine Flu
  128. Nothing to See Here. Move Along.
  129. WTF?!? Obama has a townhall with Chinese students?!?
  130. Obama to Bring His Friends to Illinois
  131. Tabs, what about this,
  132. Why is the POTUS bowing to royals?
  133. BAMA On The Tightrope
  134. Obama in China
  135. Federal Deficit Hits October Record of $176 Billion
  136. The New Center Of Gravity
  137. More lies about Iraq
  138. Royal Navy watched as couple kidnapped
  139. FDR and Obama
  140. Jaw On Floor: Another Chicago Gun Case...
  141. Congress does not know how or why they can force people to spend money
  142. If the Fort Hood incident isn't terrorism....
  143. Oba Mao Shirts and Flaming Statues
  144. Socialized medicine point of reference
  145. Friday the 13th, 3rd time this year
  146. expansion of government
  147. Obamoply
  148. Look, the latest circus from obama
  149. Gitmo detainees to be tried in NYC?
  150. Do the victims of the Ford Hood shooting deserve the purple heart?
  151. City of Colton closes all libraries
  152. Fort Hood Lady Cop - LIES??
  153. Look, I found some of the new jobs being created.........
  154. Jon Stewart catches Fox News lying.
  155. Obama Makes a Decision on Afghanistan!
  156. We Are Commited To A Strong Dollar
  157. Lou Dobbs leaves CNN
  158. More bad news for obama
  159. 1st act of terrorism on US soil since 9/11?
  160. Is capitalism too efficient?
  161. How come the news won't show this stuff
  162. Dinner time
  163. Catching Wild Pigs
  164. DC Sniper - Supreme Court rejects Stay of Execution
  165. Media Ignored the Truth About Communism
  166. too big to succeed?
  167. The Panic Line Forms To The Right
  168. Ft. Hood Shooter's Mosque
  169. Why are government programs run so inefficiently?
  170. How much will Govt Health Ins cost?
  171. The bill passes the House
  172. So the feds would takeover employers HC
  173. Ft Hood Shooter....disgusting.
  174. At least 16% of your gross pay to go to your HC says op-ed in WSJ
  175. Obama's Frightening Insensitivity
  176. Buy Health Care or Go to Jail...
  177. Almost time to kiss our butts good by
  178. Party Pooper
  179. What's happening at Ft. Hood?
  180. The Quiet Death of the Kyoto Protocol
  181. GOP Health Care Plan
  182. apologist in chief is at it again...
  183. Natural state of the global economy
  184. Sorry Superman....
  185. Will Obama back off, or Double down?
  186. AARP supports Nazi Pelosi
  187. The Success Of Cash For Clunkers
  188. There's No One As Irish As Barack Obama!
  189. "Obama, you are either with them or with us!"
  190. discuss....
  191. Picking Over Bernies Bones
  192. Sound Familar
  193. Hoffman goes down - Owens wins District 23
  194. VA and NJ go GOP
  195. NJ Race - the difference of the HQs
  196. Did Bloomberg buy Independence or the election?
  197. VA Goes to the Elephants
  198. The Pill
  199. BHO's F-you to the Germans.. How to win friends and influence people..
  200. Who would you rather have a beer with HughR or RWebb?
  201. Being Barack Obama
  202. Is there really a pay gap between men and women?
  203. How can I tax thee, let me count the ways...
  204. Jobs created or Saved
  205. Will Gov use Unions to shut Ford down?
  206. Snipe will love watching this cop get schooled.
  207. I saw a $129,000 cell phone in London today
  208. Obama Delays thousands of air travellers
  209. Scozzafava out- Hoffman In
  210. UAW determined to kill golden goose
  211. The basic GOP
  212. Obama still meddling in Honduras
  213. Are the Dems destroying America
  214. Why do you dislike or even hate Obama?
  215. Surgeon General has been confirmed. This is so wrong.....
  216. Your Tax Dollars Used Against You
  217. Flag and Anthem etiquette
  218. Cash for clunkers cost taxpayers $24k per car...yay USA!
  219. Has anyone received their Census survey yet?
  220. Who Is Actually Writing The Health Care Legislation?
  221. HO insults dead Patriots by 'saluting' their coffins under cover of darkness....
  222. Three Card Monty
  223. Historic Inevitability
  224. White house admits it overstated job creation
  225. This is exactly why we shouldn't have bailed out ANY companies
  226. Politicians Butt In at Bailed-Out GM
  227. Get out your decoder ring!
  228. Demokrats to re fund Acorn
  229. Real Life Hitchcock Tale
  230. Team America: World Police
  231. Lberal media and Iraq War
  232. Too Bad the Press Wasn't Listening to me a year ago...
  233. Obama's Minions Are Ingrates (oh, and Liars)
  234. VDH: All Falling Down
  235. Boeing
  236. The war is in Waziristan, where are we fighting?
  237. GM/GMAC going to the well again!
  238. Sarah Palin gets $1.25 mill
  239. Girl gang-raped - I blame the Democrats
  240. The Obamaphone - Unbelievable!!!
  241. "It's Freakin' Sad...!"
  242. Liberman to vote against Healthcare bill
  243. The Government Can..
  244. This is How the Public Health Option Will Cut Costs...
  245. Foreign Service officer resigns.
  246. Why is rush healthcare, but delay Afghanistan?
  247. Politcally Correct Lingerie?
  248. Looks like home depot just lost a good customer
  249. The "Mind" of Pelosi
  250. It's A Matter Of Priorities