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  1. So what if it passes and it turns out to be good, real good?
  2. YouTube: They want to pay me for my video?
  3. Dutch minister calls US general an idiot.
  4. More from obamacare
  5. The lesson of Davy Crockett
  6. Trevor Morse trial
  7. I got a bad feeling about Sunday. Where are we on Monday?
  8. Health care reform means more power for the IRS
  9. president sooooper genius
  10. National Debt Up $2 Trillion on Obama's Watch
  11. How fast can you read?
  12. Today show liars!
  13. Obama's Approval Rating
  14. Are you; Pro Liberty -or- Pro Govt. "Healthcare" ?
  15. More from Biden
  16. Idaho pre-empting Obama-Care
  17. Ready for things to go boom in Iran?
  18. The Dims cut lose the water for the Central Vally
  19. The real reason for so called "healthcare"
  20. Obama interview thread
  21. Another One Bites the Dust
  22. GOP opposition to the Dems parliamentary maneuver....Ummmmm....
  23. Send US Army into Mexico?
  24. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio could care less, is voting for HC bill
  25. NBC says "public split on HC bill
  26. STEAL THIS LETTER (to Congress re: ObamaCare, with apologies to Abby Hoffman)
  27. Obama on Foxnews: Will it help Healthcare?
  28. NJ Chris Christies budget speech today
  29. Healthcare: A good or a right?
  30. Zero on Fox tonight
  31. Social Security to call in IOU's
  32. Obama at the bat
  33. LA Electricty prices to go up by 28% ?
  34. So i'm guessing this is REALLY bad?
  35. Did Obama Confuse the Constitution With the Declaration of Independence?
  36. Now, Why would they???
  37. Who wants to be like the UK?
  38. Premiums will fall by 3000% and you'll get a raise!
  39. Mathematics
  40. Gilbert, AZ ban on religious assembies
  41. States Rights-Wyoming tells Washington DC "Bite me"
  42. Earthquake In LA Precipitates A Financial Crisis
  43. Tree Huggin' Liberal Pentagon
  44. SSI: Tick Tock Tick Tock BOOM!!!
  45. Pelosi confident in passing HCB
  46. The Great Reneger
  47. Image of Jesus
  48. The Second Nail In The Coffin
  49. Devil is in the Vatican
  50. HS Prom cancelled due to lesbian couple
  51. California sickens me.
  52. Atheist haters take one in the butt
  53. A College degree becoming worthless?
  54. Sad but true video
  55. WOW, 1 Person Has it Right..
  56. Slaughter of Christians in Aftrica
  57. Why so serious. ..
  58. Chief Justice Roberts, my Hero
  59. A gift for the neocons.
  60. Biden Embarrassed by Isreal
  61. The Machine-Gun Approach to CCW
  62. The Irs, f&#kin@ over students one at a time...
  63. Single Issue Voting..
  64. Religious Joke Thread
  65. Pelosi Delivers
  66. New York Fed and A.I.G secrecy
  67. The Latest Round of Throat Rape
  68. WTF, how much dough are they planning to piss away on the GD census?
  69. naked as a jaybird, and here comes Rahm Emanuel,
  70. He said "FRAK"
  71. Who broke the jobs machine?
  72. Tell Me About Eric Massa...
  73. Mo'Nique???
  74. Someone put LSD in my tea.
  75. The Dark Days
  76. Michelle's going to be scowling.
  77. Adam Gadahn Arrested
  78. When people say we should get our fair share...
  79. Do people like this really exist? Guns!
  80. Where's Calvin ?
  81. Obama/Unions, a love story
  82. More Global Warming Problems
  83. Holy Shyte
  84. Methane climate change?what's that smell?
  85. Overpaid Government workers
  86. Anti I.R.S song thread !
  87. Only 36,000 Lost Their Jobs Today
  88. B.S. Bingo...
  89. Green Jobs my arse. Epic FAIL.
  90. 911 Truther
  91. Self Made Man
  92. Goodwin Liu: WTF?
  93. Faith under fire history wins
  94. March 4 Demonstrations
  95. PwN3d! - "Anti-Gay" CA Senator gets busted for DUI on way home from gay bar
  96. SNL Presidential Reunion
  97. Socialized Medicine - where you have to game the system to get treated
  98. So, is this "The Chicago Way"?
  99. hi headlights
  100. The Real Reason Why Bush Was A Big Spender
  101. Your future America - firefighters not allowed to resuce you!
  102. Send your kids to college?
  103. Obama CAUGHT!!!
  104. It's going to be a long three years.
  105. Freddie Mac buying then selling at a loss, what gives?
  106. Lib friends what do you think of the Wall Street Journal?
  107. Lee Marvin had it right !!
  108. Hybrid:(I'm baaack)
  109. Well, we are so screwed.
  110. The Union/Democrat Cartel
  111. Turning Point
  112. Vampire-Care MONOlith Pyramid (HBS)
  113. The Genius vs the Liberal
  114. Old McDonald had a gun
  115. Paul walks the walk.
  116. Gov. Daniels (IN) - Good WSJ piece on HSA's
  117. McCain Gets It, Obama Doesn't
  118. Pelosi says Obama has the votes to pass health reform
  119. Pat Robertson: Chile Earthquake Result Of Pact With Chupacabra
  120. The Prez On His Way To Work
  121. Next California Governor?
  122. Female TV evangalists-why so much makeup?
  123. The End Of Days
  124. Algor, laughingstock
  125. Duncan Hunter, think he'll run in 2012?
  126. Tell me now I don"t see into the future
  127. "Earthquakes in one place after another"
  128. Baby Boomers responsible for financial ruin? Duh.
  129. DesperatO
  130. Duh.
  131. Your My Witnesses
  132. Even a broken clock.......
  133. Paul Ryan kicks butt
  134. Congressman BoRangels is dancing
  135. So Docs, what are you going to do on Monday?
  136. Booberman gets Teabagged
  137. Alexander and McCain - different ways to slam O'Blahma
  138. Do what you do best and let leaders lead.
  139. The Anti-Federalists
  140. "The elections over John"
  141. They wouldn't fix my car....
  142. How will this creat 4 mil jobs? Nancy, please splain
  143. freedoms we like
  144. Liberals; do you want Republicans in charge of your HC?
  145. Why are TARP funds for infrastructure projects good?
  146. Obama Remarks
  147. Come In Brotha TABS
  148. Come In General Shabazzzz
  149. Attorney General Eric Holder
  150. China doesn't want the Hummer
  151. Will We End Up With "ObamaCare"? A Poll
  152. Patriot Act, Passed again
  153. Janet Nappy finally agrees
  154. Earth First eco group???
  155. Being a bit of a troll here, sorry.
  156. The First Lie
  157. Healthcare and the nuclear option.
  158. Obamacare 5.0
  159. Who's got the MONEY?
  160. Van Jones, a National Treasure???
  161. Daughter's credit card fraud
  162. On Health Care...
  163. ACORN shedding skin, but still there
  164. NPR taking Obama apart limb by limb.
  165. The Science Is.......Just Beginning (Maybe)
  166. Iwo Jima Flag Raising - 65 Years Later
  167. The Straw That Will Break the Camels Back
  168. NY Times: The New Poor
  169. This is what is wrong with America
  170. Best place to buy ammo
  171. Scott Brown votes with the Dems...
  172. Waterboarding...
  173. Cafferty on Pelosi
  174. 11 yr olds speech on freedom
  175. Cronie Balony! John Stossel Exposes More of it...
  176. A Quote
  177. Constitutional Mandates
  178. Not this again, more on Global Warming
  179. Vonn's Medal Rescinded!
  180. We're gonna shove it down your throat...
  181. Cuba and BO.
  182. Did the stimulus bill really help create 42000 jobs in Michigan?
  183. First Greece now Spain
  184. I have gophers so how do I get rid of them?
  185. Conservatives pick Ron Paul
  186. Anyone Catch Glenn Beck's Speech at CPAC today?
  187. spanked hard
  188. FORCE YOUR IRA OR 401K into treasuries????
  189. How about a really progressive tax rate?
  190. Government pensions: the gorilla in the room
  191. Zero's new mantra, "if you can't.......
  192. Have we discussed the Mossad hit in Dubai yet?
  193. George Will at CPAC
  194. Pelosium
  195. You Can Not Legislate Morality
  196. California is fried
  197. The American Prosperity Bubble
  198. Do You Open Carry?
  199. Bend Over Hugh
  200. A question for the Liberals
  201. Palin sez
  202. More sleaze from the White House
  203. What Price for Principles
  204. Harry Reid gets a bailout
  205. Over 50% of your income goes to taxes
  206. If you guys aren't for health care reform...
  207. Chinese Finger Trap
  208. Healthcare "Reform": I'm Not Dead Yet
  209. America's Old fashioned Way To Stop Terrorists
  210. Census workers will be knocking on your door soon.
  211. Ft. Jackson, SC, Army food poisoned
  212. Republican Rep. Paul Ryan introduces Roadmap for America's Future Act of 2010
  213. How America Got Rich
  214. Pilot flies into IRS building ...
  215. Inflation follows printing money - like disaster follows govt spending
  216. Could this article be more full of FAIL? Doubtful
  217. UN Climate Chief Quits
  218. king daley rips anti war left
  219. A Bill For SC To Mint Gold & Silver Coins
  220. Pigs in Spaaaaaccee
  221. Nancy Pelosi wants to put a Windfall Tax on ...
  222. Watch this - Rep Randy Forbes of VA
  223. Party Gridlock in Washington Feeds New Fear of a Debt Crisis
  224. The Fore Shocks
  225. Possibility of economic collapse??
  226. The success of stimulus?
  227. World's Greatest Golfer - Kim Jong Il
  228. China is not longer our biggest foreign debt holder...
  229. Joe Biden: smudge. Barack Obama: no smudge
  230. Carbon Credits
  231. Tea Party defines itself
  232. Learn To Swim
  233. Murderous Alabama Prof: "Obsessed with Obama"
  234. Afghan Rules of Engagement are STUPID
  235. more Socialism
  236. How much will one of these be worth?
  237. A simple question for Conservatives
  238. Electoral Shock Needed..Bayh
  239. Foreign demand for US Treasurys takes record fall
  240. NJ Governor Delivers Swift Knee to the Groin of Unions
  241. The big picture
  242. Climate Realists offer a new warning.
  243. It's Time to Start Over
  244. I Am Beginning To Wonder
  245. Sen. Bayh not running again.
  246. Hillary On Iran Becoming A Police State
  247. St. Valentine's Day
  248. Backpedal much??
  249. Its not Obama's fault, or Bush's fault.
  250. They're starting to eat their own