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  1. If You Don't Want To know About The American Economy Don't Open This Thread
  2. Is anybody really this stupid???
  3. Visualizing Obama's Budget Cuts
  4. The Limbaugh Victory: NYT op ed
  5. Guess who came to dinner
  6. Why do liberals LOVE illegal aliens?
  7. Must see Border Videos
  8. chicago violence continues
  9. One sunny day in January, 2013 ...
  10. Obama's economy DROPS again
  11. Dress design for first lady
  12. More crap apologizing for illegal migrants
  13. Speaking of Racist..
  14. Oil changes and warranty question
  15. Palin-stinian refugees are ON THE WAY to South Florida~
  16. Palin-stinian refugees are ON THE WAY to South Florida~
  17. everybody draw Mohammed
  18. am I racist?
  19. Ebay
  20. Immigration laws...
  21. Attention please! To all who boycott arizona
  22. Oath Compels Empathy Restraint
  23. WOW prez calderon and obama are mad at AZ!
  24. A small example of the health care system in the UK
  25. Incumbents
  26. The change has started
  27. If You Don't Like Negative Don't Read This
  28. Elena Kagan Thesis 1981
  29. A ggod Bye Good Bye A good Bye Good
  30. I thought it was obama, but no.
  31. This is f**** b** s***
  32. The Revolution is upon us: Specter loses in Pennsylvania, Paul wins in Ky.
  33. AZ utilities board member responds to Mayor Villaraigosa
  34. The vexing dual roles of cops
  35. Another Crackpot Celebrity
  36. Existing California Penal Code 834b similar to AZ Immigration Status Law
  37. Transocean and BP Liability
  38. The Frog In the Boiling Water
  39. ---Another Republican SEX scandal!---
  40. Seattle Quandry over AZ Boycott
  41. Immigration and age
  42. Gingrich looks to run in 2012
  43. Republican Mark Souder Resigns!
  44. California vs. Texas
  45. Girl who came to U.S. illegally can't get loans.
  46. Just another lying democrat AG
  47. This is Starting to Annoy Me
  48. Obama refuses questions at Freedom of the Press Act signing
  49. Asylum, IF you know the right person
  50. Do you like me now?
  51. Anecdotal Evidence..
  52. In related news, Mexico deports 6000 illegals in 15 days
  53. Anyone want to go to dinner Wednesday?
  54. Good news from GM
  55. The New Robin Hood Movie
  56. Anather darned kid prodigy on the guitar
  57. Newt, the truth about democrats
  58. Budget cut results
  59. Ever been pulled over for "impeding the flow of traffic"?
  60. Albuquerque Mayor follows AZ precedent
  61. Information about Gonorrhea Lectim
  62. Economy In Deepest Crisis Since WW2
  63. Bear Down, Arizona!
  64. Dangerous Illegal Nabbed
  65. NJ Gov. Christie dresses down a liberal reporter
  66. Conservatives rise in support of Kagan
  67. Go Ahead And Put Tabs On Your Ignore List
  68. Racial Profiling
  69. Un-F'ing mitigated gall...
  70. How would you handle this??
  71. GM loan explained on You Tube...lol
  72. Most of my childhood friends became liberals
  73. Quickly becoming America's Hero
  74. Meanwhile, in the oil patch
  75. Our Attorney General Eric Holder is a F'ing Idiot
  76. Poll #6 - Which would you prefer to cut: Departments or Basic Functions?
  77. Poll #5 - Which would you prefer to cut: Defense or Basic Functions?
  78. Poll #4 - Which would you prefer to cut: Defense or Departments?
  79. Poll #3 - Which would you prefer to cut: SS-MED-WEL or Basic Functions?
  80. Poll #2 - Which would you prefer to cut: SS-MED-WEL or Departments?
  81. Poll #1 - Which would you prefer to cut: SS-MED-WEL or Defense?
  82. Lets talk budget cuts - Base for lots of polls
  83. Nutcase school admin nutjob has been in trouble before
  84. Does This Bother Anyone Else
  85. Driver License Office
  86. Help me out
  87. Taxation without Representation, is Tyranny
  88. New Poll shows 59% of Americans in favor of Arizona Illegal Immigrant law
  89. I love our governor.
  90. LA finds way to cut back spending.
  91. Kagan wants "limited free speech"
  92. Kalifornia krazies
  93. EPA set to raise gas taxes 50 cents, then more
  94. global warming, human nature
  95. Health care up another 115 BILLION
  96. Can you identify the people in this mural
  97. Obama's SSN...this might have legs...
  98. Smart dog!
  99. California Mojave Cross Stolen
  100. Beau Biden in the hospital
  101. Is it Time to Start Talking About Winding Up Social Security?
  102. Congressional Campaign 2010
  103. Chew On This
  104. Obama compares his healthcare to success of US Postal Service
  105. I just got a call from my supplier (contractor supplies)
  106. First nationalized health care, now global?
  107. GOP Women are Hotter- Video Evidence
  108. Do I need a Tetanus booster
  109. Obama nominates Kagan
  110. Obama bemoans 'diversions' of IPod, Xbox era
  111. La Raza Rally at UCLA
  112. Why did we spend a bunch of lives and money winning a war and walking away?
  113. No More Kings
  114. Is Obama the Anti Christ
  115. A Class Act
  116. someone mention NARTH?
  117. Tennessee governor thanks Obama.
  118. Tao Te Ching
  119. Newsweek going away, oh darn
  120. Newsweek going away, oh darn
  121. Washington Times on Chicago Gun Ban
  122. Fear of Global Warming Associated with Mental Illness
  123. How to Shut A Liberal Up
  124. Algor, he is the king
  125. And U Think I Have Been Kidding
  126. Barry Sotero-Obama keeps one promise (so far)
  127. This is what less government regulation looks like
  128. Here's a guy you fellas will love to hate
  129. Laura Bush
  130. Options
  131. Met a USS Pueblo POW
  132. Schwarzenegger: Tea Party 'Not Going To Go Anywhere'
  133. Beginning of a Double-Dip?
  134. only in california
  135. Bloomburg should jump off a bridge already
  136. California Students Sent Home for Wearing U.S. Flags on Cinco de Mayo
  137. Ann Coulter got teabagged in Ottawa
  138. Happy National Day of Wishing
  139. Interesting op-ed piece from a LEGAL immigrant
  140. NJ Governor Chris Christie- Waddya Think?
  141. Another Obama Slip...
  142. Greek Rescue
  143. Interesting potential Supreme Court choice
  144. Anyone get a RNC census questionaire in the mail yet?
  145. Question about the Arizona law and law enforcement
  146. UK election 6 May. Labour, Conservatives or Liberal Democrats
  147. the children are angry
  148. 'More Immigrants' NOT LESS!!
  149. Funny political joke
  150. For All My Dogs
  151. CA ranks LAST in Business Climate
  152. Why are Illegal Mexicans treated (by Obama) like retards?
  153. A Presidency in Peril: Warnings from Robert Kuttner
  154. Miranda rights, citizenship and terrorism...erosion of our civil rights?
  155. Obama administration "Screws the Pooch" on Gulf oil spill
  156. Phoenix Suns vs. Arizona's Immigration Legislation
  157. MSNBC's Brewer: I'm sorry the Times Square bomber has Islamic Ties
  158. Screw the Oregon GOP
  159. OBL in Iran?
  160. Is This What America Want To Become
  161. Phillies Fan Tasered After Running Onto Field
  162. Authorities trying to find out of NY Car Bomber acted alone or had help
  163. Rush figures out oil rig explosion
  164. Is Obama Serious or is the a Photo Op
  165. Ahmadinijab at the UN
  166. Can I have a moment of your time?
  167. New Poll Finds Support for Arizona’s Immigration Law
  168. "The Democratic Party is Destroying Itself"
  169. 40 years ago today
  170. Another interesting take on Arizona
  171. Riding Lawnmowers
  172. Democracy and Socialism
  173. Ignorance and Anarchism
  174. "Made in China" - More Helpless by the Day...
  175. Florida Abortion Bill Shows Republican Inconsistency
  176. Republicans are working hard to rescue Democrats from electoral catastrophe
  177. Our President????
  178. NYC Attempted Bomber
  179. Liberal: One who believes in individual liberties.
  180. Greatness Lost
  181. Wash. DC is now Hollywood East
  182. AZ businesses cut off by cities
  183. AZ just keeps getting better.
  184. Prager University: The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen
  185. Well, this isn't very Messianic
  186. pinal county deputy shot by narcos!
  187. I Love the Romans This Much!
  188. A good read about our history
  189. Global Warming, Mann to be investigated
  190. What will states tax next? A little off the top
  191. Obama's Katrina
  192. Is Obama a bastard, or just a completel Bastard?
  193. Looking good for midterm elections
  194. Oil spill
  195. OOPS! Who's bright idea was THIS?
  196. The republican Civil War~
  197. "'I do think at a certain point, you've made enough money'"
  198. Oh fer Pete's Sake! Now clean air is bad for the environment....
  199. Helicopters Rock My House - OooBama
  200. Anyone get their census visit yet?
  201. The REAL Reason Why CA Is Boycotting AZ
  202. How to fix illegal immigration
  203. The Desert Derangement Syndrome
  204. Professional Associations - When they are totally wrong!
  205. S.E. Cupp
  206. Another Double-Standard
  207. What other crime can we stop . .. by making it legal?
  208. Greece
  209. From The Armchair
  210. So what's happening in the this FL Senate race?
  211. Obama's Post America?
  212. Judicial Watch announces their list of Top 10 List of Corrupt Politi
  213. Better to be paralyzed from the neck down than the neck up
  214. Puerto Rico statehood bill - This Thursday???
  215. Constitutionality of Obamacare
  216. The Genius In The WH
  217. Obama's desperation and race baiting
  218. Goldman Sachs
  219. Lindsey Graham goes hissy
  220. This could have helped us now
  221. Who is goona save the US of A?
  222. "Get What You Can" Double-Standard
  223. Refried Bean Swastika
  224. The Palin's went to Canada for health care
  225. It's working
  226. Virginia will begin teaching NRA gun safety in schools
  227. Martial Law on the streets of Chicago
  228. Obama to meet Billy Graham
  229. Should we Tattoo our Newborn?
  230. Is anyone here happy or satisfied in ANY way?
  231. Immigration: The Inherent Lack of Logic from the Left
  232. Sarah Palin in Hate Free Eugene, Oregon
  233. Us citizens create illegal immigration problem!
  234. Obama "laughing like the devil"
  235. Southern Strategy
  236. Gay marrige, should it be Required?
  237. another Bush Administration Legacy
  238. Archie Comics introduces first gay character
  239. GOV BREWER expected to sign LOS ILLEGALS BILL!
  240. Agnostic, Atheist and Theist
  241. Obamacare the big SCAM
  242. Norm, What do you think about the Traitor obama NOW!!
  243. The little half white emperor, transparency and CPSAN
  244. South Park and Mohammad
  245. Viagra for sex offenders.
  246. Navy SEAL cleared of beating charges
  247. Goldman Sachs thanks zero....
  248. What / Who will deconstruct Team Obama?
  249. Happy Earth Day!
  250. More from the leader of Acorn, obama's friend