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  1. Why the dems
  2. The 1.2 million man march
  3. Hello? Nearly 50% of people have gone without health insureance...
  4. Hello? Nearly 50% of people have gone without health insureance...
  5. Obama eligibility case to go to court....
  6. Crowds protest leftist spending in DC
  7. Smoot-Hawley, Part Deux
  8. Obama in the bag for unions, shocker
  9. Semper Fi - Now Just Die
  10. Obama the least effective President in history
  11. Census Bureau Severs Ties With ACORN
  12. $38,000.00 dinner with Sniper???
  13. It's the economy stupid
  14. Whats the Republican plan to fix the health care system?
  15. Here you go...more pro-abortion terrorists...
  16. acorn Pimpin & Hoing in DC Too.....
  17. $38,000.00 dinner with Palin???
  18. Rep Joe Wilson's campaign
  19. What laws have been passed ever that say what we CAN do?
  20. Imagery of September 11.
  21. 2nd Amendment going back to SCOTUS
  22. Why isn't Obama at Ground Zero today?
  23. No one has knocked on my door and taken my guns yet.
  24. Uh oh, Obama wins with speech watchers.
  25. Obama's Ambassadors -- Change We Can Believe In
  26. "STOP Obama"
  27. Cool Calm and Collected
  28. Cracks in the Damn--More on Chicago Gun Laws
  29. Disney To Throw Its Employee Under The Bus
  30. chicago pol tell all book
  31. Joe Wilson was actually correct!
  32. Axelrod Interview
  33. time to trim out a door way
  34. Where I turned the Barry Show off...
  35. The Pied Piper
  36. David Axel Rod: Doctors and Nurses in America agree with Obama's healthcare reform
  37. Who was that TURD who said "WHAT"
  38. Congress laughs at Obama
  39. another one bites the dust
  40. President TABS
  41. Here Comes Mark Foley!
  42. Do you think the teleprompter is nervous about tonight?
  43. Who is the real Dummy
  44. Conservative Best Sellers and the Media that Ignores Them
  45. Congressman wants all 'czars' to testify
  46. Right Way to Health Care Reform
  47. Obama Walks a Tightrope
  48. warrants for 11 ACORN workers, voter fraud
  49. Los Angeles $ 233 million high school
  50. Idea for CO2 Storage to Combat Global Warming
  51. Dear Dipso
  52. (If true) Should Dr. Margaret Flowers have gone to jail?
  53. It took awhile, but environmentalism is now, legally a religion
  54. The Ignore list
  55. Is Obama a Credit to his Race?
  56. For those of you who worried about Glen Beck....
  57. The ART of political control
  58. phasing out incandescent bulbs....
  59. Obama wants our HC system to be more like Kaiser Permanente
  60. Another Afgan problem
  61. The dishonest atract other liars.
  62. Webb Schools Obama
  63. INTAAP Message A Message from President Obama
  64. How Good Is Tabbys Crystal Ball
  65. Religion of peace at it again. More airline bombers found.
  66. Here's the speech. Tell me why you object to it.
  67. Change we can believe in
  68. This little girl knows whats what
  69. China's Flag will Fly at the White House
  70. Is PARF turning me into an A-HOLE?
  71. Van Jones - the bigger issues 1 and 2
  72. Swine Flu path to Martial Law ?
  73. Health Care Idea, maybe
  74. repugnant to the Constitution
  75. The Mansion On The Hill
  76. Please explain to me in a paragraph or less Obama's health care plan
  77. Quarter million more jobs lost in August
  78. Freed by DNA in texas= instant millionaire
  79. The Benefits of the Stimulus Package are Now Clear
  80. Is This The Way That The "Single Payer" Option Will Be Managed?
  81. White house scrubs lesson plans
  82. Anyone want to watch us wreck and blow up a few vehicles tonight in West LA?
  83. Obama's plate, just too full
  84. Are "50 million Americans" really uninsured?
  85. Son being fellowshipped - what would you do?
  86. Damn Straight!
  87. obamas message to your kids
  88. First book of democrat
  89. Americas Bolshevik Revolution
  90. Subject: The Last Kennedy
  91. Incoherent Rambling Rant
  92. Gotterdammerung In 2012
  93. (2) journalists now admit they were in NK
  94. SNL and Obama
  95. Van Jones, no class *ss.
  96. Swine flu must be worse than AIDS
  97. Ever had an "indoctrinating" liberal President?
  98. Who needs tort reform? Just abide by gov's best practices.
  99. Top ten indicators...
  100. Al Qaeda Exposed
  101. Quite a track record!
  102. Is Obama a Racist ?
  103. National Endowment for the Arts -- The New Propoganda Ministry???
  104. A-stan is a soldier eating quagmire
  105. Great movies for people who hate Republicans
  106. Mass. Governor to appoint a temp
  107. Blago Spills the Beans
  108. I bring you S.2099- gun control IRS style
  109. Team-O has some strong disapproval going on.
  110. More from the religion of peace
  111. Abortion, a womans right of choice.
  112. Thomas Sowell on Obama's Agenda
  113. lockerbie crap
  114. Have heard nothing bad about the Dutch and French HC system, have you?
  115. Green jobs czar: Self avowed communist
  116. Black Marxist compares Obama to Castro: "GOP Hates 'Obamacare' Because They Want Blac
  117. Airbrushing Out Mary Jo Kopechne
  118. Officer Cheeks
  119. Its Already Started
  120. More christian terrorism-
  121. CIA Dir "The Fall Guy"
  122. You are mostly conspiracy theorists ;)
  123. Just wanted to say Hi!
  124. Obama want the power to control the net?
  125. When an FCC "Diversity Czar" ins't enough. (Presidential Internet control)
  126. The Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddick Health Care Act....
  127. And you thought Geithner was bad?
  128. stomachmonkey's low blow...
  129. Who's in YOUR wallet?
  130. Clunker rebates: Taxed as ordinary income
  131. Is Obama Actually A Fan Of Rush?
  132. Are people who hijack threads inconsiderate?
  133. Ever had an "indoctrinating" liberal teacher?
  134. 3 days
  135. Nicest Thing You Can Say About the Panamera
  136. ABC, NBC Refuse to Run Ads Critical of Obamacare
  137. This is cute!
  138. Kennedy, Unsentimentally
  139. 545 PEOPLE By Charlie Reese
  140. Richardson Cleared
  141. Obama's Health Rationer-in-Chief
  142. Capitalism: A Love Story
  143. The Lion Is Dead And Who Is the New Lion Again?
  144. Mick Got It Wrong...
  145. CBS Report: Mapes knew W had volunteered to go to Vietnam
  146. The crazies are still out there
  147. Ted Kennedy is Dead-never mind, can't delete
  148. Ted is Dead...
  149. Oh Great, another socialist Czar
  150. Israel outraged over Swedish freedom of speech.
  151. Nice Work Adam Sandler
  152. Stupid Tax deduction
  153. Taking back TARP
  154. Gadhafi wants to set up house in NJ?
  155. Here's one I probably won't download soon!
  156. More Gems in the Main Healthcare Bill
  157. A "profanity-laced screaming match"
  158. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts!
  159. ...against all enemies, foreign and Domestic
  160. any liberals 'round these parts??
  161. PC Guy too busy w/ Team-O for more Mac commercials
  162. What will the recovery look like?
  163. Tiger, no golf with the prez
  164. An interesting take on why democracy won't work in Afganistan
  165. What will the collapse look like?
  166. What Have We Done? - Black Woman Doesn't Like Obama No-More
  167. I'm a Conservative on health insurance!
  168. Every Good "UNAMERICAN" Should Join
  169. Which Nintendo DS?
  170. What Obama really thinks about Vets
  171. Stimulus bailouts = bonuses for those who took us down
  172. Jordan Downs Housing Project-Los Angeles
  173. Man steals Virgin Mary painting for abortion.
  174. Lethal language from Tiller to Tel Aviv
  175. Rumors influencing health care debate-
  176. Health care debate is making me sick-
  177. What is progressive about Progressives?
  178. Today's Quote:
  179. Narcatics in Mexico
  180. White House: Deficit will be $9,000,000,000,000 over next 10 years
  181. Guess WHO I AM?
  182. A one question poll
  183. Barry & Michelle Obama's Shattered Marriage
  184. Sarah Palin's Shattered Marriage
  185. Levi Johnston's Mom Pleads Guilty to Drug Charges
  186. Is team-obama trying to draw fire?
  187. Lou Dobbs tonight
  188. Cash for Clunkers is Over!
  189. How old is Byron today?
  190. Let's see some ID!
  191. Jewish religion question
  192. Who is the Lubemaster?
  193. Who is Jesus Christ?
  194. What is thew Bible
  195. What Is God?
  196. What Is Heaven?
  197. PanAm 103 Bomber Released!
  198. How to stop Jehovah Whiteness from coming to my house?
  199. I Just Don't Get It
  200. random thoughts..
  201. Lets Make Dipso Happy
  202. Warren Buffet Betrays President Obama
  203. He's lost Jon Stewart and now....
  204. Vacuous Ideologues - who's keeping tabs?
  205. cindy sheehan
  206. Another Fire Cause
  207. She Destroyed Lucent, then hp AND NOW...
  208. Global warming sparked by ancient farming methods
  209. Does God have power?
  210. Do you regret your Obama vote?
  211. Public Option: It's a dead parrot!
  212. Here they come! The Pro-Reform commercial blitz is on
  213. Cash for Clunkers Program Working
  214. Climate Change is HERE! --Thanks Team-Obama
  215. Team-O's FCC "diversity czar"
  216. Who's giving the best deal with the "Cash for clunkers" cars?
  217. Using Canadian Healthcare system as a model...
  218. Americans without health insurance attack plan to give them health insurance
  219. Obama tripling size of govt workforce for clunker program
  220. Of all the people you DON'T want to piss off....
  221. Here's a guy with a pair of brass ones.
  222. is shutdown
  223. Tort Reform - Where is it in Obama's Plan?
  224. California Politicians and Pay Raises
  225. Insurance compay employee describes his tactics...
  226. If she's dim and Obama is brilliant, how did he lose the argument to her?
  227. Bizarre press propaganda
  228. Wholle Foods, wish they were close
  229. Seniors leaving AARP
  230. Common Sense
  231. New Law 'Prevention Detention' - For Future Crimes you might commit
  232. Big deal about having no ID.
  233. Lipstick on a pig, on Astroturf.
  234. Dipso sage futurist or vacuous ideologue
  235. Instead Of Mature Adults We Got Imature Children
  236. Skater Dude Dies of Bee Sting
  237. Mike Adams: A Health Quiz For Barry
  238. Joker's thugs to round-up perp's / what happened to free speech?
  239. Who needs a bullet proof vest?
  240. Nazi Pelosi's Hypocrisy
  241. Interesting but Would Never Happen...
  242. John Edwards IS the "baby daddy"!
  243. (Another) Zero-Care Myth Debunked .. by the CBO: Prevention Costs More
  244. You know what the difference between people at Town Halls for and against Obamacare?
  245. The Bush Years
  246. Madison man walks downtown with gun in broad daylight, ticketed
  247. Smart Dog!
  248. The Westwood standoff...
  249. 26 Guns Seized in North Side Raid (Chicago)
  250. A look into a future with Socialized, government run health care