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  1. Watch out. Palin is pissed.
  2. News flash.....
  3. PARF Bannings: On - Off - Now On Again???
  4. GoPro Ultra Macro - "Slugs on the Run"
  5. June is half over, let's recap.
  6. More bad news for the Cons.
  7. 10 ideas scientists wish we would stop using...
  8. Obama's IRS, my dog ate the email.
  9. Boko haram
  10. obaama's toxic legacy at the border
  11. The leader of ISIS
  12. Giant squirrel latest GOP weapon against Hillary
  13. If Anyone Bombs Iraq, Shouldn't It Be China?
  14. Bush's toxic legacy in Iraq
  15. Finally Republicans tell why they invaded Iraq.
  16. A little pragmatism re: the Middle East
  17. Misogyny
  18. As the city Burns, Where is he?
  19. A Sober Assessmment of US Foreign Politics
  20. Better than FOX News
  21. Catstrophy
  22. The next time the IRS comes knockin...
  23. watch the Hildebeast dance
  24. ACA adds competition in every state for year 2
  25. Eric Cantor and the Death of a Movement
  26. Sick over our Govn'r...rick perry
  27. Another win-win-win for Foxy
  28. Another win-win-win for Foxy
  29. Clinton The Big Fail
  30. Kalifornia
  31. Is this a bigot?
  32. The safe word is "Choice"
  33. Paging Sheila Jackson Lee -- Hillary needs a history lesson
  34. Natl assoc for the advancement of white people?
  35. Which Democrat is the liar? -- Our Dear Leader or Der Slickmeister
  36. Hillary reminds me of my ex wife
  37. More lead poisoning, this time priests.
  38. Obaama coming to Laguna Beach this Sat.
  39. Libs, isn't it getting hard to swallow?
  40. Anyone else sick of those "EveryoneOn" commercials?
  41. Hagel/obaama/lies
  42. Nader and the libertarians
  43. Intersesting decision...
  44. Iraq falling into chaos
  45. What Happens In Vegas
  46. I've decided to sell my bass
  47. There should be a law banning guns from schools
  48. Eric Cantor
  49. Bush, The artiste.
  50. CC shoots and misses, goes to alleged heaven
  51. Fairy Tales
  52. South Carolina Primaries.
  53. The Mood Is Shifting
  54. so where's the discussion about this shooting?
  55. Oh no! Did Tabs finally go off the deep end?
  56. Only in the Great State of Texas !
  57. Better late than never, Hillary Clinton on Iraq war:
  58. Personal Stories
  59. D Day vets comments
  60. Shocker, eating more food makes us fat!!
  61. DiFi goes full retard
  62. May 2014 Jobs Report: +217K
  63. Well that didn't take long
  64. Synergy
  65. Diane Feinstein's husband
  66. Carpo Diem
  67. What next?
  68. Religion and Cheating
  69. Going Negative at the ECB
  70. Who is the "best" US Senator?
  71. Bergdahl vs the VA
  72. why i left the GOP - salon
  73. How many terrorist will Obama give up for these two?
  74. California has the worst Senators in the country, anyone dispute this?
  75. GOPround closes down
  76. Desperate in AZ. Ultimate loser for con-seat changes name Fistler to Chavez
  77. John McCain Position Switch On Bergdahl Deal
  78. Pentagon: Russian fighter intercepted U.S. plane
  79. Noam Chomsky: A Surveillance State Beyond Imagination
  80. Seattle on the move
  81. Hanoi Jane to speak at UCLA
  82. YES- Portland IS intolerant!!!!
  83. Net Neutrality
  84. Oklahoma.......
  85. Kiddie fiddler gets a stamp, Obama approves.
  86. Barry and Michelle movin on?
  87. Thought we didn't negotiate with terrorists??
  88. Bloomberg's Commencement Speech
  89. Make political cartoons
  90. Quiters
  91. flash bang in the crib
  92. How We All Miss the Point on School Shootings
  93. A Pleasant And Affable Conversation
  94. Presidents Speech to W.P.
  95. Pot makes you stupid
  96. Liberal Apologists For Obama In Wonderland
  97. Voter ID
  98. Oh Montel is mad about the VA scandal....
  99. Obama says if The USA doesn't lead no one will
  100. It seems that our current administration chooses falsehood over truth
  101. "Not one more"
  102. Barry O'...classless POS
  103. The Putin Cat Has Just Eaten The Canary
  104. Ziggythecat Fake acct. * MODS*
  105. Did I miss something? No more PARF Banning?
  106. Did I miss something? No more PARF Banning?
  107. Obama wants to take on Syria, again!
  108. News can't SOLVE mental illness!!!
  109. I get so tired of telling you I told you so.
  110. Outing a top spy.......
  111. The IRS Just Killed The Economic Recovery
  112. Cooling fan pix
  113. What is this
  114. Watch Thailand
  115. Santa Barbara drive by shooting
  116. Good old Fox.
  117. Democrats don't have time for Benghazi committee but send a letter to the NFL.
  118. A 3rd term for Obama?
  119. It's Amateur Hour With The Benghazi Select Committee
  120. Disengaged ????
  121. What Caused The Great Recession
  122. Scientists say cold winter linked to Global Warming
  123. Obama's mad as hell
  124. obaama sends troops to Chad.
  125. Billy and Hilly lose one.
  126. McConnell wins again
  127. Negro Project
  128. Libya, then, now
  129. walmart cites food stamp and public assistance cuts as "risk factors"
  130. So glad we spent the money to save GM
  131. This Week in Progressive Lies
  132. WTF is up in Thailand
  133. Another business flees liberal politics-Remington facility moving to Alabama
  134. Proof That Global Warming Does Not Exist?
  135. Is it time to abandon hope ?
  136. Koch who?
  137. Militia vs Hashtag
  138. Executive Action on Gun Control
  139. 16 years
  140. Thanks Obama
  141. congress has your back
  142. The Early Koch Brothers
  143. Oh, the Fun Watching Republicans Eating Their Own!
  144. 30 Million Gathered in Wasington to Oust Obama, Biden, Reid, Boehner, Pelosi,McConnel
  145. The Work Of Government Must Go On
  146. President Clinton
  147. Hillary & TV Dinners
  148. The Wet Paper Bag Syndrome
  149. Ha- Hillary pitches what "WE" need.
  150. GM "Newspeak"
  151. And Obama is trying to cut senior home healtcare visits to fund Obamacare
  152. And What If There Is No Heaven?
  153. Farewell (2009) movie - how the Iron Curtain really fell
  154. And the fighting begins.
  155. The trial attorneys got a measure on the ballot to repeal MICRA
  156. PARFers, is that what your new leaders of America look like?
  157. games
  158. Pragmatism
  159. The Order Of Things
  160. This week in the War on Women
  161. NY Times checked its privilege: woman and equal pay out black in
  162. Curious about heaven
  163. The Price Of Milk
  164. Frontline report on the NSA Program
  165. While I was gone
  166. Illinois: "Temporary" Tax Increase a Lie
  167. They are alive in Nebraska
  168. Good news for the housing market.
  169. Is there a correlation between being poor and having more kids than the avg. family?
  170. Carl Rove is back.
  171. twitter campaigns
  172. USA Today: IRS
  173. When did Alan Grayson stop beating his wife?
  174. Another IRS insult
  175. The Nixon In Hillary
  176. Americans fighting in the Ukraine?
  177. Pat Buchanan w Tom Woods on Churchill
  178. Islamophobia
  179. Hardwired (2009 - movie)......the "what if"
  180. When will Super PACs
  181. Hillary 2016/Continued
  182. Message to conservatives.....
  183. beer goes croney in fl
  184. HBD F.A. Hayek
  185. microsoft, amazon, and other companies stand up for net neutrality
  186. Feeding off Garbage sold to us...who does this serve?
  187. U.S.: Russian planes flew near California, Guam, in upped activity
  188. CIA Whistleblower faces ire of angry Justice Department over Benghazi questions
  189. The festering Benghazi transparent Lie
  190. Why is finding Lerner in contempt of Congress not a question of law?
  191. Racist Democrats killing innocent people in a cartoon
  192. The new face of the democrat party
  193. Catharsis
  194. Not the first time Clarkson has stirred controversy...
  195. and then they came for Jeremy Clarkson
  196. trouble at the bundy ranch ...
  197. What's Your Favorite All Time Campaign Slogan?
  198. Cooking The Books.
  199. The left - Right thing, again
  200. House of cards
  201. Why do we have to have a (D) or (R) after a politician's name?
  202. 2 More Days, and Beygone and his Brilliant Contributions Will be Back!
  203. Oh no! I've been discovered!
  204. Have the Republicans become the Bengazi party?
  205. Racism not limited to Basketball owner...
  206. April Jobs Report
  207. Fed-up freshman’s ‘white privilege’ essay goes viral: ‘I apologize for nothing’
  208. 8 million so far.
  209. a lot of truth in this oinion article
  210. So another jerk makes a racist remark
  211. You know Carney is in trouble when he repeats the reporters first name
  212. ...waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists
  213. So a jerk makes reprehensible and ugly remarks.....
  214. "Ich bin ein point one percenter!"
  215. The New Bentley In The Thrift Store Parking Lot
  216. Failed execution, why the fuss?
  217. A question for the Atheists and believers alike
  218. chokepoint, your account is terminated
  219. When did you stop being a racist?
  220. Guantanamo: How is it possible?
  221. Defying the Victim Tribe
  222. What Does The American Dream Mean To You?
  223. The Great White's Next Move
  224. Clippers owner Donald Sterling. What to do?
  225. Clive Bundy Video
  226. NRA Convention in Indy
  227. If we could only talk......
  228. How is war profitable
  229. Anyone care to defend BHO's foreign policies?
  230. Net neutrality
  231. dipso for president
  232. Why do nut libs
  233. Soylent Green Energy
  234. That Bundy, He's Quite the Character ...
  235. even in the south, poeple would rather work to improve the ACA than repeal it
  236. I wish nothing but misery for you, especially your family
  237. No comments on the affirmative action ruling?
  238. Thomas Piketty, Economist: Capitalism Does Not Work!
  239. Did Obama have a fighting chance?
  240. Hooray for Hollywood
  241. Fifty Million Well Spent
  242. A Good Analysis of Obama's Administration.
  243. The Bush crime family, still at it.
  244. So, Who Would Like to Have Webb Back on the Forum?
  245. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  246. In The Presence
  247. More Obama Failure
  248. What if Jesus Christ Wasn't Crucified?
  249. The CEO makes 1000 times my salary
  250. Failed Heartbleed check