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  1. The Trump associate who claimed wanting immunity was a sign of guilt...
  2. I Turned Him Off
  3. Burger King...what to order?
  4. Cybersapian-Sapian
  5. Trump just lost my support
  6. A message from ANTIFA Boston
  7. What's worse...
  8. Really's come to this?
  9. Seattle Sues Trump Admin Over Sanctuary City Executive Order
  10. Senate Intelligence Committee - Russian investigation
  11. The Bell Curve
  12. Trumpster Truths
  13. So ISP's can now sell browsing history??
  14. Obama Administration Staffer admits to spying on Trump before transition
  15. How low can he go?
  16. What'll they do now? 'Member the hissy fit when Preet was axed for his resignation?
  17. Rachel Dolezal Says She Can't Find Work After She Was Outed For Posing As Black
  18. Amazing Invention!
  19. T-rump bans doing anything about global warming but the climate don't care
  20. The legacy going away, a signature at a time
  21. Interesting news
  22. Will Trump return the favor?
  23. Some Love For NPR
  24. MAGA: FORD to announce major investment in 3 Michigan plants...
  25. One Sentence..
  26. Why, what is different with kids today
  27. It Isn't The Show Of Shows
  28. Let's try again. What do you think about the POTUS using a TV show as a surrogate?
  29. Whoops
  30. Another previously undisclosed meeting with the Russians surfaces
  31. Running government like a business
  32. Liberals Prep For Trump Apocalypse - - Watters' World
  33. Angola bans Islam, calls it a sect
  34. Careful, Jared!
  35. When a rape isn't really that important
  36. Trump on April 1st - the longest morning
  37. No wonder insurance rates skyrocketed under the ACA
  38. Trump rallies
  39. *****'S gettin done...
  40. Meanwhile, back in the war
  41. Here is how he'll do it
  42. Why America Must Lead
  43. Another sweet Obamacare deal
  44. CNN chose the Orange
  45. Where is Reince Priebus?
  46. Will ending Obamacare be Trump's Gitmo?
  47. Ryan's faux-peal (RINOcare)
  48. Alternative Health Care Reform or Why Health Insurance is not Health Care
  49. Trumpcare: The Art of No Deal
  50. Trump doubt & Regret...
  51. An 18-year-old US-Israeli citizen is allegedly behind most of the Jewish
  52. The Left is circling the drain.
  53. LA wants to be Baltimore
  54. Mexicans vs. Trump
  55. Things looking bad for Trumpcare
  56. Well..guess what - Trump was wire tapped!
  57. Rockville High School Rape – Montgomery County School Superintendent Press Conference
  58. WSJ: Trumps lies are eroding eroding public trust, at home and abroad
  59. London Attack
  60. On the Cold War, the greatest issue of his lifetime, Kennedy got it wrong.
  61. Poll Health Plan
  62. Am I the only one that thinks this is nuts
  63. Five Ninth Circuit Judges Issue Rare Dissent Rebuking ........
  64. Gorsuch
  65. DNC Chair, Top Dems Remain Widely Disliked as They Treat Bernie Sanders as Outsider
  66. wow no comey thread?
  67. Another day at the office for Trump.
  68. Malibu - now a sanctuary city
  69. Multiculturalism
  70. One more reason to the build the wall
  71. how bigly is trump winning today?
  72. Thorium nukes
  73. In 2020
  74. I Dont Get No Respect
  75. Trump Global dealing...
  76. Thug beats Police Officer – doesn’t notice Patriot pulling out his gun… Ashad Russell
  77. What Do Jihadis Want? The Caliphate
  78. fox news takes a hit
  79. rachel takes a hit
  80. Lukewarmist...Climate middle ground
  81. Canada detaining record number of Mexicans at border
  82. Zinke Being Zinke
  83. Tucker Carlson Tonight 3/17 /17 ...
  84. The Hilda is baaaack, speaking for money
  85. oh donna, you liar
  86. PC Terms and those that define them
  87. 5th Florida vacation in 2 months!
  88. Mexico is dumping it sewage direct into the Pacific
  89. Merkel and Trump
  90. Next Wikileak?
  91. insurance news
  92. Why are we still waiting on Neil Gorsuch's confirmation?
  93. Let Bannon be Bannon
  94. Trump gets to meet with the leader of the free world today
  95. I didn't build that.
  96. Company has developed a "snowflake test" for employers
  97. This Will Cause Angst
  98. Perv Pol - Holy Sheet!
  99. A raped ladies experience at Planned Parenthood
  100. More Proof of IRS Corruption
  101. A Dem notes Trump Derangement Syndrome
  102. Brought to you by the letter F and U
  103. Things that are illegal for private citizens to do...
  104. We're not any more divided under Trump.
  105. Would you support national health care
  106. Customs and Border Patrol Search Authority.
  107. Trump will relax CAFE rules
  108. "Helping" California's tax issues
  109. John McCain: Rand Paul ‘Is Now Working for Vladimir Putin’
  110. Not too surprising - Trump loses on the 'ban' again
  111. More good trump economic news
  112. Bingo baby
  113. California Day of Reckoning... Pension debt.
  114. I like these new commercials about cig co's targeting blacks
  115. mad dog mattis says climate change is a threat to national security
  116. Whoopi Goldberg Responds To Fake News Story | The View
  117. Trump 2005 Tax
  118. Dems...your thoughts?
  119. I find this frightening...anyone else?
  120. Nude pix of Marine scandel
  121. Preet Bharara: Liberal Tool
  122. 53 tons of Chinese goods, imported by Ivanka alone.
  123. Lessons in Islamic Immigration
  124. Trumps ties to Russia.
  125. Chief judge
  126. Fed...maybe 4 rate increases this year?
  127. The Parisitic Presidency
  128. The Greatest Health Care!!
  129. Liberals lowering the bar
  130. Butthurt Media
  131. Trump is doing what Obama didn’t do: reach out and listen
  132. Don’t Believe the Media Hype, Americans Are More Optimistic Since Obama Left
  133. A Perfect Example of Fake News...CNN
  134. Pro buy into all of this don't you?
  135. McCain to Meat Puppet: Put up or shut up
  136. as a tack
  137. Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad Interview With Chinese Media…
  138. A College Good News Story
  139. The Dangerous Safety of College
  140. Not as big as Solyndra but another obaama gift
  141. Vault 7 will help Trump ?
  142. time for a chuckle?
  143. Major blunders by Trump & Repulicans
  144. When someone leaves a turd in Shia LaBeouf's sandbox...
  145. Tomorrow morning's tweets
  146. Trump's NSA chief was lobbying for Turkey at the same time
  147. National debt down $60B since Trump inauguration
  148. You only find when you look
  149. Proof of Collusion
  150. Starbucks' Piss on America campaign being flushed by real Americans
  151. BREAKING: Axe attack in Dusseldorf railway station
  152. Hawaii challenges the immigrant ban
  153. Illegal border crossings down 40%
  154. About the gender bias Clinton faced...
  155. 'White man’ sliced woman's face in post-election hate crime
  156. Racist Talking Head on Fox News
  157. Center for American Progress pays off Russians
  158. putin breaks another missile treaty
  159. Russia Who?
  160. Barbra Streisand tweets: Trump has made me gain weight
  161. More from obaama's Dept of UnJustus
  162. I little swamp draining
  163. GOP Rep. Jim Jordan - calling R's out on fake Obamacare repeal vote
  164. Why do American Progressives turn a blind eye to Middle Eastern abuse of women?
  165. A Day Without A Woman
  166. Explosive job growth under Trump
  167. Uh oh...another boycott backfire!
  168. 61m Americans to Obama: STFU
  169. USA Nike banks on marketing hijab
  170. No Bill of Rights in the constitution.
  171. I'm out
  172. Trump is losing his mind.
  173. The TRUE Christian Religion
  174. Today's WIKI dump...VAULT 7
  175. What will happen when a real crisis occurs
  176. Interesting article about the 21st century economy
  177. Stunning Win – Exxon Mobil Will Invest $20 Billion Building New Refineries…
  178. Has Trump been actively trying to undermine our 45th president?
  179. 4 weekends in Florida
  180. Trump and Iranian terrorists
  181. With all the complaining, it seems clear we should have elected the other one
  182. North Korea's missiles.
  183. Muslim Ban 2.0
  184. Reza Aslan Cannot Be Trusted...
  185. Comey to Trump: STFU
  186. Serious question about America's future.
  187. Great news for all the "Not My President" idiots
  188. President Trump: just some food for thought
  189. paradise
  190. Boulder, Co...
  191. Today's Trump rally
  192. Cabinet of Liars
  193. No US Steel in Keystone pipeline.
  194. Has Obama been actively trying to undermine our 45th President?
  195. One half of College students believe the Govt. will forgive their loans
  196. Proof of a Russian Connection
  197. Build that wall
  198. Latest Trump Tweets
  199. Ban on Lead Ammo and Sinkers Lifted
  200. This is Gold lol
  201. Hey--where's that "travel ban" that is so urgent
  202. Hey--where's that "travel ban" that is so urgent
  203. Prison Population Control
  204. Another Democrat goes off the reservation
  205. Trump's tax records...
  206. The Silent Coup Attempt
  207. More Stupid from EU
  208. The more things change.......
  209. The anti-Trump in the news / Getting canned for Tweets
  210. Lock him up! Lock him up!
  211. Something nice
  212. This is really working well
  213. not actually news, but this humor article hits the nail on the head
  214. Farmers Applaud Trump for Repealing EPA’s WOTUS Rule
  215. Dime Dropped on Sessions
  216. ***Looking ahead - 2018 Midterm Elections***
  217. Dan Grilo
  218. Sweden..Islamic multiculturalism
  219. The REAL Kennedy tragedy: what price for fame and power?
  220. Perez the Pelosi of the DNC? Delivers Bizarre Speech to Party Faithful
  221. I wonder which Dems are on board
  222. Oprah for President?
  223. obaama for President,,,of France
  224. Presidential Address
  225. Official Rag on Trump's SOTU address thread
  226. Californication
  227. Where's millertime?
  228. The latest Trump scandal
  229. Bill Nye vs Tucker Carlson On Climate Change ...
  230. Fellow Democrats, Your Effort to Destroy the President Is Abnormal
  231. House Intelligence Chair - On Russia Communications
  232. fox news invents Swedish "expert" gets called on it
  233. W Bush: "we need answers"
  234. trump: nobody knew how complicated healthcare would be
  235. What? Would local officials lie?
  236. In praise of Palm Springs....
  237. rawknees turbo permanently banned?
  238. Porsche The Ultimate Disrupter on CNBC
  239. Muslims for Human Rights!
  240. Father of dead Navy SEAL refused to meet Trump at ceremony
  241. How far will she go to prove her point?
  242. Maria Bartiromo DESTROYS Clown Liberal Rep. Langevin on Criminal Illegal Immigrants
  243. Trump sets another record.
  244. The Election was Stolen – Here’s How… Crosscheck
  245. Fox Paws has cooties...
  246. The 'Blacks Only' drinking fountain has returned on campus.
  247. Trumps skipping the Correspondence dinner.
  248. Trebek gets the finger
  249. DNC Votes Today For Future of Democrat Party…
  250. Who are those loud screamers at GOP Town Halls?