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  1. NIRP and the war on cash
  2. Biggest story of 2015 – Turkey (NATO) and ISIS cooperation
  3. Triumph leg humping PC 2016
  4. Gang violence
  5. National trillion dollar lottery.
  6. Super delegates....the "game" is rigged?
  7. How much does a vote cost?
  8. SCOTUS, 5 to 4 against obaama power grab
  9. Admin. uses 'Honesty System' to vet Syrian Immigrants
  10. Uh oh! US Govt. Hack Patrol Agency hacked
  11. Obama’s Final Budget Proposes $4.1 Trillion In Spending
  12. Rubio's rigid scripted responses
  13. while people are being poisoned, the MI senate finds time to ban oral and anal sex
  14. $750 mill to buy new democrats
  15. Someone needs to go to jail over this one, Part Deux
  16. Someone needs to go to jail over this one:
  17. With all the primary news, just think,
  18. What happened?
  19. The list goes on...
  20. Look at what our oil money is paying for - Mega Mecca
  21. 1994 Harley Davidson VR1000 - $75,000
  22. Reublican Debate
  23. Shades Of The Past
  24. Political Promises v. Action
  25. Three of Nine
  26. Trump Drops F Bomb - Then Denies That He Did
  27. Hillary vs Bernie on FP...
  28. Not again! Even more bad news for the Republicans.
  29. coup d’état by the 200
  30. Japan and Iran
  31. Trumps Path To Redemption
  32. Blatant trolling
  33. 10 Dollar per barrel tax
  34. obaama, more taxes
  35. FULL MSNBC Democratic Debate P1: New Hampshire e
  36. Rice and Powell did it too. So, it's ok now...
  37. The Imam at the Mosque Obama visited
  38. Rubio
  39. What happened to the Pussy Cat ?
  40. Trump - He should have run as a Dem.
  41. 2 flavors TrumpNburn
  42. Ted Cruz's eligibility?
  43. Racisim at UCONN
  44. The Presidential Candidates Ranked By Their Usefulness In A Bar Fight
  45. Anyone catch outnumbered today?
  46. What we got
  47. Hillary Lost Iowa
  48. Cruz
  49. Rubbing our faces in muslim
  50. A German wakes up
  51. Nine Reasons Why we can thank Obama !:)
  52. The 2016 Presidential campaign - (game thread)
  53. If you could pay either palin or obama to leave public life
  54. It's over boys. Get ready to turn in your guns. Obama Executive Order 13752
  55. Childrens Book: HRC. Some Girls are Born to Lead
  56. The Republican Way
  57. Weigh in if you dare.
  58. Even a Saudi prince makes fun of Trump
  59. Donald Trump presidential campaign, 2000
  60. Breaking news! Obama admin declares Hillary is at fault
  61. Another phony scandal turns out to be not phony
  62. The "gun show loophole"
  63. Republican masochists
  64. I Found it ! I found it ! The Left's Bus they lost!
  65. Is everyone all right? -- Goremageddon was 1/26/16
  66. The Architecture of Intellectual Freedom
  67. how is there no thread on the terrorist attack currently happening?
  68. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (2016 - film/movie)
  69. Poor Tax
  70. "Politicians pander. It comes naturally to them."
  71. Trump's Motive for Withdrawing - According to - -
  72. Skipping debate...i think i like it
  73. Trump is trolling you
  74. Is the Trump surge a Democrat ploy
  75. Feel the bern
  76. Government is just another word for the things we do together.
  77. socialism for the rich
  78. What happens to health insurance industry with universal healthcare
  79. Man, what will it take for people to wake up?
  80. Obama and Clinton want us to be more like these hand-wringing pantywaists
  81. Bernie Sanders
  82. Uh oh, another fake scandal falls apart.
  83. Hillary’s team copied intel off top-secret server to email
  84. Sarah Palin
  85. East Coast Prepare!
  86. Bloomberg eyeing possible run, what do I need to know?
  87. hillary and her SAP Email
  88. This guy binge watched Fox for a week!
  89. What happens to Hilliary IF BJ Clinton died yesterday?
  90. 2016 entrenched politicians vs outsiders
  91. Ted Cruz - Presidential
  92. Latest Deveopments in the college circus
  93. Would it be possible to end the "winner take all" electoral college thing?
  94. Palin and Trump's Secret Service names:
  95. The Science of Why We Don't Believe Science
  96. Debbie Washingmachine Shultz
  97. TEST: Are you a Democrat, a Republican, or a Southerner?
  98. Sarah says its Obamas fault.
  99. Giuliani: AG Lynch Will Indict Hillary
  100. Trouble in Hollywood
  101. More Fast & Furious News...Buried
  102. Trump gets the Big Endorsement
  103. GQ ranks Hillary 5th worst person of the year
  104. A Quiz on Islam
  105. What if the UK bans Trump from entering the country?
  106. Trump Is A Progressive!!!
  107. " I have a dream...."
  108. Answer Me This:
  109. Devoid Of Reality
  110. Oh Snap!
  111. Tonight’s Democratic Presidential Debate...
  112. Gary Johnson: The GOP ‘Is Dictated By The Far Right’
  113. New sanctions on Iran, due to missle test.
  114. Iran releases 4 US prisoners
  115. Abbot and Costello
  116. NY response to Cruz
  117. Understanding Islam - Now That I do - What's the Plan?
  118. There Is No War On Terrorism
  119. Gop debate...2016
  120. Obama's SS Number
  121. If Obamacare survives....
  122. Barack
  123. Not looking good for Ted or Marco
  124. Bernie overtaking Hillary
  125. The last of AJAM.
  126. Why would a Navy officer in charge GIVE up HIS boat?
  127. The Last Newsweek?
  128. The Speech From The Aesthetic Intellectual Reverie Of Mt Olympus
  129. The Speech From The Aesthetic Intellectual Reverie Of Mt Olympus
  130. Tonights SOTU
  131. Google pimping Obama's SOTU tonight
  132. Iran detains 10 US sailors after vessels stopped in the Gulf
  133. Christianity ‘Bulwark Against Something Worse
  134. Hillary Prison Term? (Poll)
  135. Stolen Valor legal
  136. The Perfect Storm Is Forming On The Horizon
  137. You're right to be paranoid
  138. Only the full on crazies are left.
  139. Conservative U.S. justices prepared to deliver blow to unions
  140. the empty ocean
  141. midnight power grabs
  142. El Chapo and Sean Penn
  143. The treasons of Democrats
  144. Copyright up on "Mein Kampf'
  145. Hating the West
  146. The City of Los Angeles is thinking stupidly on the homeless
  147. Racism Is Not The Cause Of Black Failure
  148. Texas Governor calls for a convention of states to amend the U.S. Constitution
  149. "The Holy Koran" - As Obama Calls It
  150. More "religion of peace" - now with MSM biases!
  151. More bad news for the Cons
  152. Just when yomore sickening
  153. Just when you think the "religion of peace" can't get more sickening
  154. How can a Low life traitor Pig run for president ?
  155. P.S.A.- Microsoft, GOOGLE, Apple in bed with Wallmart+BigBox
  156. The Free Pass
  157. WTH is obama doing, and where is millertime?
  158. Do you know anyone who really supports Jeb! ?
  159. The Tears Of A President
  160. Socialist/democrat, hill doesn't know the diff.
  161. Obama's Empty tears. Meaningless tears. Fake tears.
  162. Progressives Should
  163. In recognition of Barry's exec order gun bs I'm buying a gun
  164. Along the lines of Black Lives Matter
  165. Smith & Wesson Raises Guidance...
  166. Begining to really question pepole in this world
  167. It Is All Obama's Fault
  168. Is Trump a spoiler for Clinton?
  169. Obama says the stupidest things
  170. In Anticipation of the Upcoming Town Hall Meeting
  171. Crime up in sanctuary cities
  172. putting a face on part of the illegal immigration issue
  173. Saudis cut the ties
  174. Do you need something to worry about ?
  175. SCJ Scalia speaks
  176. Hijrah is Muslim strategy of supplanting the native population of the host country
  177. MS Democrat says pelt police with rocks
  178. Obama's executive action on gun control next week.
  179. Rose Parade Trump message.
  180. Bill Clinton is not a sex abuser
  181. Bye Hillary, 1,200 times.
  182. Terrorist released from Gitmo emerges as face of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula
  183. Its Miller Time
  184. 2016
  185. Most admired people in the World
  186. Comedians in cars getting coffee... Obama
  187. Climate change again....
  188. Fed's allowing food price fixing? Cost of oil dropping further, food / grain surplus~
  189. Fear
  190. How's Obama doing on deportations?
  191. Obama Vs isis
  192. Iranian Nuke Deal
  193. Expensive vacations
  194. Well Looks like Trey Won't be Trump's AG now!
  195. An Interesting Grid
  196. Small gun safes
  197. Hillary
  198. How many of you have "Potential"?
  199. The "Perfect Day"...
  200. The Meaning of the Word "God"...
  201. David Spade claims the President lacks "dignity."
  202. The Brilliance of Hillary Clinton unmasked
  203. Obama knows nothing about Islam and it's history
  204. Bowe Bergdahl: Taliban Asked Me If Obama is a Sodomite
  205. Alternatives to religious belief.
  206. Perfumed Prince
  207. Merry Christmas to Ya'll
  208. UK and the muslim brotherhood
  209. Mystery Solved: Why the Left hates Christmas
  210. Forget Red vs. Blue -- It's Slave States vs. Free States
  211. The least educated states of the union vote red
  212. My muslim neighbour brought me a christmas gift
  213. The Ghost Of Elections Past, Present and...
  214. What happened to Happy Holidays?
  215. The cartoon with Cruz and his two girls
  216. Big John Cash got it Right ! Happy Holidays !
  217. Obama's Christmas vacation is going to run taxpayers $3.6 million
  218. Are we really in debt 18 trillion dollars?
  219. Voter turnout discussion - 2016 election
  220. Hispanics love Hillary...this is funny
  221. Putin just played Obama again
  222. Another unloved American Ambassador
  223. Victory for the "little people" today
  224. The Loser Complex
  225. Democrat or Republican.
  226. To Muslim sympathizers - point for your side
  227. Hillary Clinton Wants a 'Manhattan Project' to Cure Encryption
  228. GOP Candidate Calls it Quits...
  229. Opinions on the 2011 Touareg?
  230. Yay Congress
  231. Another "You can't make this **** up" news item
  232. Did Martin O'Malley have Hilliary's debate talking points?
  233. More fun with the opressed college twits
  234. The Best US Regions to be a Porsche Owner (Moved)
  235. 'It's A Trap!'
  236. Where's the dirty laundry?
  237. Barry's speech today
  238. Dipso...this one's for you
  239. CAIR...death benefits for terrorists
  240. Hagel on nancy obaama
  241. Paul Ryan must love Hilliary
  242. Charles drops the Krauthamer on BO
  243. Three most divisive factions in the USA....
  244. OK, Putin likes Trump....what does that say?
  245. Should the US be exporting oil?
  246. Dick's called the cops about an Indian woman asking about .223 ammo.
  247. Whew, that was a close one.
  248. It's Not Paranoia...
  249. CAUTION, this person is VERY angry.
  250. the new center