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  1. LGBT.......and Q
  2. Presidents will not have to declare their crime !
  3. And the election is still a year away...NSFW!!!
  4. Lets Blame Hillary
  5. Ben Carson explains the Great Pyramids
  6. Ohio gets it right!
  7. Another Dem Governor follows the pack...
  8. Good read about 911 failures.
  9. That Slippery Slope
  10. More obaamacare FAIL
  11. Just Because You Are an Atheist...
  12. I love global warming
  13. What Do Palestinians Want?
  14. Nail in coffin for Coal?
  15. The New Sweden
  16. 2 debates?
  17. Colorado single payer plan
  18. Getting rich of of climate alarmism
  19. Climate lies and other folly
  20. The gas station in Afganistan, another obaama foley
  21. Is mass solar energy really viable today?
  22. Obama to cut lose Felons
  23. Dimwits At Fox
  24. Dimwits At Fox
  25. Stalin
  26. Blue Angels
  27. immigration study/news
  28. NYC bans criminal background checks in hiring
  29. What does Bill Whitttle think of Trump ?
  30. The best Clinton bumper sticker!!
  31. Because obaama/clinton have nothing to hide????
  32. More Climate Change info
  33. did trump actually keep ford in the USA?
  34. Hillary, Exxon, and Climate Change
  35. Beyond Term limits
  36. My BCBS premiums are increasing
  37. Customs seize biblical items 'black market' Iraq to Hobby Lobby
  38. Looking at population by age makes me wonder if there's really a SS problem
  39. Is there any path out of the Culture of Corruption?
  40. So What Is New?
  41. Run Through The Jungle
  42. The Night They Drove Old CNBC Down
  43. Who would you like as POTUS & VP
  44. Anyone watching the Republican deposition on CNBC tonight?
  45. Dems & Union $
  46. Does Carson have a chance in the GOP?
  47. How far off is that 97%
  48. European-Style Gun Control
  49. We need more C02 in the air - Dr. Patrick Moore (co-Founder, GreenPeace)
  50. Bye bye Tea party.
  51. What do you mean he ain't a woman
  52. Repubs frustrate me because Trump is an EASY mark
  53. Big Business and the roots of regulation
  54. Cheap oil...2nd/3rd order of effects
  55. How to spot a democrat?
  56. Romney admits that Romenycare was the precursor to the ACA
  57. There's always a bit of truth in all humor...
  58. Oh snap. Bush is out.
  59. The Grey Suits
  60. For the democrats worried about the money spent on the hillary witch trial
  61. Yahoo news...What a Joke
  62. It was simply an anti Mooslin video
  63. Hillary thanks you
  64. What Americans Think of President Obama
  65. What the Muslim World Thinks Of the President..
  66. Good news for the Yanks, Canada elected a feckless dimwit
  67. republican establishment buys massive attack adds against trump
  68. I Am For Bernie
  69. Villians Monologuing
  70. Joe says it ain't so. "NO" to POTUS run
  71. Trump Predicted 9/11 !
  72. All negativity - all the time.
  73. Bibi is losing his mind
  74. CNN stacking the deck for the HRC coronation
  75. Ryan goes down next.
  76. Another Foxpert down the drain.
  77. Principle decides to void democratic vote
  78. British Gun Control >>> The American Revolution
  79. A typical democrat - eating off Obama's face
  80. Is J. Brennan fit for Dir. of CIA? ....and AOL acct. LOL
  81. Prevalence of serious psychological distress
  82. Seriously Democrats and Obamma Supporters?
  83. This whacks doodle wants to impeach Hillary already.
  84. Uh oh.
  85. oh good, Jeb finally sets Bengazi straight.
  86. Ben gazi and hillary
  87. A Holy Writ
  88. Wrong forum Ignore
  89. Iran deal was so good, O wants same with NK
  90. HilLIARry: Gun Confiscation is A-OK
  91. Ackmed still invited to the White House
  92. Poppycock
  93. trumps healthcare plan isn't socialized medicine because he says so
  94. Trump, Carson Threat To Boycott Debate
  95. The Liberal Alternative to "Gun Control"
  96. "Respect the Flag" vs. "Black Lives Matter"
  97. Toyota Pick-Up Trucks and Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey, and Syria
  98. Measured Proportional Response, NOT!
  99. The official "things I trust more than hillary" thread
  100. No thread yet about the Jeb Bush plant who tried to trip up Trump?
  101. jeb proposes Obamacare-lite (now with more redistribution!)
  102. Hillary says take on the NRA
  103. An Inverse Reality
  104. An Inverse Reality
  105. The Right Stuff
  106. What kills more people per year? Guns or Religion
  107. Too bad Biden couldn't make it to the debate tonight
  108. Those pesky Iranians....
  109. Interesting take on the border wall from an engineer
  110. New KIA ad, no participation trophies
  111. Mush for Brains?
  112. Marx was right
  113. Rubio?
  114. DL = a vote in Cali?
  115. obaama finnaly cuts some pork, from prison menu
  116. People are disconnected because -
  117. House Select Committee fires Major for fulfilling his military service obligations
  118. The Freak Show
  119. parf = pwgf
  120. Interesting letter
  121. Police Too Agressive in Round Rock TX?
  122. Turkey Peace March Bombings
  123. Tuesday, the CNN democrat debate
  124. When do we get our refugee's
  125. Ben Carson and the Holocaust
  126. 97% of Scientists think.....
  127. The War Mongers
  128. A few good men,
  129. The stupidity of the left knows no boundaries
  130. bristol palin on the innocence of youth
  131. ag e new neo cons
  132. You think we had a hand in this???
  133. PC gone berserk
  134. Here's how the friends of Obama system works-
  135. next Speaker of the House - yea, nay, huh?
  136. GOP still can't find anything illegal happening at PP
  137. The Existential
  138. Dang, Proessional Conference In Baltimore next May
  139. Well, they had to pass it to read it, so now,,,
  140. The Tenth Crusade or Number 11?
  141. Nice article by Mike Mukasky on the Obama Just Us Dept
  142. Iran's Supreme Leader Says Negotiations With The U.S. Are Banned
  143. Does anyone know when Jay Leno's Garage comes on?
  144. that thing that never happens
  145. Never let a dead kid go to waste
  146. How did this idiot become a professor in the first place?
  147. Giving women the right to vote: What difference did it make?
  148. Any experience with Trane furnaces?
  149. Iraq looks to Putin for support
  150. a future for syria and or iran
  151. "I voted to fire her (Carly Fiorina). That was a mistake."
  152. Not looking good for Bernie
  153. Tom Perkins, HP B of Ds. "I voted to fire her (Carly Fiorina). That was a
  154. Proposed idea for CT, Oregon "situations"
  155. Roseburg to Obama: "Please don't come."
  156. Ingrates
  157. Learning from the past
  158. Obama Video: Promotional Genius, or Evidence of Surrounded by "YES" Men?
  159. Hillary Clinton’s legal adviser: Time to lawyer up
  160. Why can't we have a civil debate in this country?
  161. Baltimore, more and more, but,
  162. Hillary promises MORE gun control
  163. White African American
  164. Hllary clinton plays bartender on snl
  165. Good job ruskies!
  166. An interesting climate observation
  167. Thrump Defends Russian Aggression On FAUX
  168. Hillary in the White House
  169. How Steve Jobs Fleeced Carly Fiorina-
  170. Who are the 4%?
  171. Free Government Housing - For Conservatives Only
  172. Where's the outrage?
  173. Can there be a bad religion?
  174. Obamas Speech on the Shootings
  175. Another nutcon goes off the reservation?
  176. How Can US Conservatism Be Rising While Religion Falls?
  177. GOP admit that Benghazi committee was about hurting hillary's campaign
  178. Putin launches air strikes in Syria, but...
  179. Brilliance from Michigan
  180. Sharia Court in Dallas
  181. Krauthammer Has HUA
  182. Obamacare for illegals, Whoda thunk it?
  183. Yet another black victim from a white cop
  184. imbedded with ISIS
  185. McCarthy admits Benghazi hearing were a political phony sham
  186. Romney vs Obama - Debate on Russia
  187. Centrifuges okay in Iran - Ohio, not so much...
  188. T hrump Has To Go And Rubio Is Not Far Behind
  189. Trump's tax plan increases debt by 75%
  190. Carl Icahn ...... danger ahead
  191. Hypothetical - If Trump was elected
  193. The Faltering Giant
  194. pres. psychopath's as i say not as i do
  195. If I Were a Republican Today - Cosmopolitan Magazine, June 1950
  196. Meanwhile, back in Germany...
  197. French attack ISIS
  198. So How Does This Liberal Stuff Make Sense?
  199. Who should replace Boehner?
  200. Climate warming stopped in 1998.....
  201. Boehner out
  202. get the tissues,Boehner resigning as Speaker
  203. Obituary: 2nd Amendment murdered in San Francisco
  204. Black lives matters, 1st Amendment Rights don't matter
  205. "Call off your F***ing Dogs!!!"
  206. San Francisco's Last Gun Shop
  207. Take a shot at a middle east plan!
  208. the problem of good
  209. Putin to Meat obaama
  210. my Donald Trump moment
  211. So, been watching Pope's visit on TV
  212. Fox Dumped by Trump ... Anyone Care?
  213. Iran smells Deal Desperation...
  214. Ben Carson is crazier than we thought.
  215. Green beret discharged for defending rape victim (child)
  216. Miller Time ?
  217. Get off my lawn
  218. Ever Meet an Iranian Jew?
  219. jade held '15 is over
  220. Liberals and fake ethnicity
  221. Obama to Biden - "Governor Deval Patrick Will Be Your VP!"
  222. Candidate Guessing Game
  223. Lewis Black- Political Visionary
  224. Paul Harvey on Politics from 1965, was a visionary
  225. Pope on US soil 2015, how do we protest?
  226. Kerry: US to Increase Refugee Influx to 100,000 in 2017
  227. TABS Speaks About War
  228. Government
  229. Trump on defending obaama
  230. Gun Nazis, argue me this
  231. Obama to nominate first openly gay service secretary to lead the Army
  232. Yachts, speed boats and row boats
  233. Students as Inmates in the American Police State
  234. Fed. More idiocy.
  235. 20th Century Brings New Method of Warfare
  236. Red State Experiment Gone Bad - Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback
  237. Obama sends a basketball team to defeat ISIS
  238. M Obama...another useful fool
  239. Few Towns Away from Clock Boy, a Whataburger Want Serve Cops!
  240. Kid Gets Into Trouble for Homemade Clock...School Thinks its a Bomb
  241. Rossi In!
  242. Tonight's debate
  243. Dixie Chicks yea or nay?
  244. best story yet, warning, idiot content
  245. Mass incarceration
  246. Another Shoot Out In Vegas
  247. Another immigration "success" story...
  248. Muslim Brotherhood Founded 50% of the Mosques in the West
  249. GONADS! fresh gonads!
  250. Words of wisdom from Charlie Reese