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  1. Top Marine Corps general slams Obama’s handling of Iraq
  2. Lib's do you value an imperial presidency?
  3. 12 Reasons Why Obama Is One of the Best Presidents Ever
  4. Right or Left
  5. Jet Shot Down over Ukraine...
  6. Malaysia plane shot down 777
  7. Liberal Law Prof. and Democrat
  8. Illinois: Soon to be 3 for 3...
  9. Hey O.J., I'm not racist, mmkay?
  10. Climate change alarmists waste more electricity
  11. On the subject of leadership
  12. How Do Obama and Bush Compare on Their Economic Policies?
  13. George W. Bush still the Food Stamp king
  14. Even GOP women don't get it....
  15. the new, New Left
  16. Lib's, how much do you value Jew killings?
  17. Sex Ed
  18. Obama's Masculine Moment
  19. mellennials in record numbers side against the GOP
  20. Lib's (and leftists) Do you value all the border flooding?
  21. Lib's, do you value all the NSA spying and surveillance ?
  22. Rick Santelli. Teaparty Scare Monger.. Wrong, wrong, wrong
  23. Why Government Fails - Brookings Institution
  24. Iowa's Dem Senate Candidate (not a farmer) sues chicken
  25. How to Kill Goyim and Influence People: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel
  26. The Perfect Name for Our Dear Leader's Press Secretary
  27. Socialism 101 - round up the technoligists
  28. Faux Fools
  29. Middle East issue
  30. What's wrong with the GOP? Here are a few!
  31. Who's respresenting you in Congress?
  32. Into The Abyss
  33. Well said...
  34. The police Man Has left his post directing Worlds Affairs
  35. More bad news for the Cons.
  36. mexico makes deal to make it easier for illegals to enter the US
  37. Speaking of great foreign relations
  38. Who loves their Obamacare -R's do..and almost everyone else
  39. Tornado in Upstate NY, Cuomo responds!
  40. free brith control in CO drops teen pregnacy rate by 40% and the abortion rate by 30%
  41. Obama is not interested in photo ops. Or is he?
  42. In times of crisis, Obama will be at a campaign fundraiser
  43. Oh no! the KoolAid has a taint.
  44. Federal Budget Deficit Falls
  45. Why do we have Governmen Unions?
  46. The most open and tranparent admin in history
  47. even the millitary understands climate change
  48. Republican finally proves climate change is a hoax
  49. Candidates with criminal records
  50. Palin has surfaced again.
  51. NJ A2006 Vetoed by Christie (Spoon content)
  52. What's next, Big Mac aversion therapy?
  53. Fiscal Conservatives strike again
  54. 10 States Most Dependent on the Federal Government
  55. obama praises Abbas
  56. Biden Does It Again
  57. History of the Income Tax
  58. One Republican's Basic Math and Basic Truths, a Gaffe?
  59. Reason #1 SCOTUS Will Regret Hobby Lobby
  60. Will Someone Please Explain What is Going on at the Borders?
  61. Cnn op ed
  62. Brigitte Gabriel vs. Saba Ahmed
  63. Pope Francis: Exploitation of Nature, a Sin!
  64. The State Department, such losers
  65. Who's getting one of these shirts?
  67. Exactly The Wrong Thing
  68. Porsches, Potholes, and Patriots
  69. Global Warming?...or Just Lazy Hummingbird???
  70. Libya, ben gazi, obaama fraud
  71. How long does a govt last...
  72. Hillary's Dementia
  73. Joke of the Day
  74. Dow tops 17,000!
  75. Since Congress appears a long way from balancing the budget, what's your poison ...
  76. How's our "leader" doing with Syria and Iraq,
  77. Biden 2016...
  78. If your gonna rip something off make sure you know what it stands for first.
  79. Free pot for the poor? Berkley through the looking glass.
  80. June 2014 Jobs Report: +288K
  81. Borders
  82. What causes the rear wing flutter?
  83. 'So sue me!' and crack jokes????
  84. Florida lottery odds versus IRS
  85. Newspaper apologizes for 2008 Obama endorsement
  86. Na
  87. Well, it's official, people think Obama is worse than Bush. ABOUT TIME!
  88. Obama Cracks a Joke. Michelle not Amused
  89. Obama: America's answer to Louis XV
  90. probably over the heads of most of PARF, but a very good read
  91. William Devane's dad told him to invest in land....
  92. What causes the left wing ignorance?
  93. 6.9 million before you count FL, CA & TX.
  94. They're here! Illegal immigrants already being released to neighborhood near you
  95. The "defense" budget
  96. Data Flaws in obaamacare, who wudda guessed
  97. Union Coercion Fails
  98. ZOMG Hobby Lobby
  99. 25 million and counting
  100. What Causes the Right Wing Hate?
  101. Coulter; the Only Sane One Left
  102. Unconstitutional Obamacare, still
  103. Unions, this will hurt,,,
  104. Will Obama ever run out of money
  105. Neanderthal and the RH factor
  106. Why is Yahoo so obsessed with gays
  107. The Pitchforks Are Coming!
  108. speaking of science....
  109. Things are looking up
  110. June 28,1914: The Day that Changed the World Forever
  111. Xxx
  112. This is important
  113. More on Mexicans shooting at our Border Patrol
  114. Another tell all book, about "Blood Feud"
  115. small potatoes obaama
  116. One less Tea Party wackadoodle to worry about.
  117. Fan-atics
  118. Banks vs. small nursery business
  119. (in touch with my Liberal side) If you Care about the children...
  120. Today’s Supreme Court ruling is a big win for groups like Occupy Wall Street
  121. to all of PARF climatologists: 10 grand
  122. The Fear Of God
  123. Coulter. Utter nut job.
  124. The Supremes gave him a knuckle slap
  125. Bachmann Vs Cavuto, Comedy Gold
  126. Iraq could get interesting. Al Sadr issues threat to ISIS
  127. North Korea what will Obama do
  128. Wall Street has finished it's next bubble model
  129. MSM is dead, not the Tea Party.
  130. News from the corrupt IRS
  131. So Clear Now
  132. It's the economy stupid,,,
  133. Tea Party Beat Again. When Will it Stop?
  134. crucifixion of smily
  135. Turning Texas Blue -- How's Abortion Barbie doing?
  136. Do we like soldiers now? I get confused
  137. The Rise of Paramilitary Police
  138. Obama Administration ‘Worst Atmosphere’
  139. Gun culture...culture of violence...any really suprises?
  140. Americans anti-education stand.
  141. Glen beck on Iraq war
  142. Just another poll, how's that hope and change
  143. And now, it's the Cleveland Indians
  144. But, we didn't know anythng about it
  145. Israeli knows how to get respect
  146. Kerry, preacing the Domino Effect
  147. How ia the NYS Safe Act working?
  148. Now this: Shiite cleric issues threat to US military advisers
  149. Understand Islam
  150. We get the government we deserve
  151. The Priority
  152. Proof hate radio interferes with logic centers of the brain?
  153. Would You Support a Draft to Support a Continued Middle East War Effort?
  154. 2014 Best and Worst states for business
  155. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee(Sarah Jessica Parker)
  156. Find your town/match to your politics
  157. Hilary Clinton implies *I* am a terrorist. And many of you, too.
  158. Gowdy gets a standing Ovation for telling it like it is!
  159. The Cold Hard Reality
  160. Hot for Hillary
  161. Cheneys back.
  162. U.S. Patent and Trademark office Yanks "Washington Redskins" trademark
  163. Have we discussed "Clanking of the Swords, Part 4"?
  164. Letterman - Top Ten Things Overheard At Mitt Romney's Retreat....
  165. Governor Rick Perry plans to move to California!
  166. It was, after all, the fog of war...
  167. The Marine in Jail in Mexico
  168. Watch out. Palin is pissed.
  169. News flash.....
  170. PARF Bannings: On - Off - Now On Again???
  171. GoPro Ultra Macro - "Slugs on the Run"
  172. June is half over, let's recap.
  173. More bad news for the Cons.
  174. 10 ideas scientists wish we would stop using...
  175. Obama's IRS, my dog ate the email.
  176. Boko haram
  177. obaama's toxic legacy at the border
  178. The leader of ISIS
  179. Giant squirrel latest GOP weapon against Hillary
  180. If Anyone Bombs Iraq, Shouldn't It Be China?
  181. Bush's toxic legacy in Iraq
  182. Finally Republicans tell why they invaded Iraq.
  183. A little pragmatism re: the Middle East
  184. Misogyny
  185. As the city Burns, Where is he?
  186. A Sober Assessmment of US Foreign Politics
  187. Better than FOX News
  188. Catstrophy
  189. The next time the IRS comes knockin...
  190. watch the Hildebeast dance
  191. ACA adds competition in every state for year 2
  192. Eric Cantor and the Death of a Movement
  193. Sick over our Govn'r...rick perry
  194. Another win-win-win for Foxy
  195. Another win-win-win for Foxy
  196. Clinton The Big Fail
  197. Kalifornia
  198. Is this a bigot?
  199. The safe word is "Choice"
  200. Paging Sheila Jackson Lee -- Hillary needs a history lesson
  201. Natl assoc for the advancement of white people?
  202. Which Democrat is the liar? -- Our Dear Leader or Der Slickmeister
  203. Hillary reminds me of my ex wife
  204. More lead poisoning, this time priests.
  205. Obaama coming to Laguna Beach this Sat.
  206. Libs, isn't it getting hard to swallow?
  207. Anyone else sick of those "EveryoneOn" commercials?
  208. Hagel/obaama/lies
  209. Nader and the libertarians
  210. Intersesting decision...
  211. Iraq falling into chaos
  212. What Happens In Vegas
  213. I've decided to sell my bass
  214. There should be a law banning guns from schools
  215. Eric Cantor
  216. Bush, The artiste.
  217. CC shoots and misses, goes to alleged heaven
  218. Fairy Tales
  219. South Carolina Primaries.
  220. The Mood Is Shifting
  221. so where's the discussion about this shooting?
  222. Oh no! Did Tabs finally go off the deep end?
  223. Only in the Great State of Texas !
  224. Better late than never, Hillary Clinton on Iraq war:
  225. Personal Stories
  226. D Day vets comments
  227. Shocker, eating more food makes us fat!!
  228. DiFi goes full retard
  229. May 2014 Jobs Report: +217K
  230. Well that didn't take long
  231. Synergy
  232. Diane Feinstein's husband
  233. Carpo Diem
  234. What next?
  235. Religion and Cheating
  236. Going Negative at the ECB
  237. Who is the "best" US Senator?
  238. Bergdahl vs the VA
  239. why i left the GOP - salon
  240. How many terrorist will Obama give up for these two?
  241. California has the worst Senators in the country, anyone dispute this?
  242. GOPround closes down
  243. Desperate in AZ. Ultimate loser for con-seat changes name Fistler to Chavez
  244. John McCain Position Switch On Bergdahl Deal
  245. Pentagon: Russian fighter intercepted U.S. plane
  246. Noam Chomsky: A Surveillance State Beyond Imagination
  247. Seattle on the move
  248. Hanoi Jane to speak at UCLA
  249. YES- Portland IS intolerant!!!!
  250. Net Neutrality