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  1. Climate change deniers and flat worlders
  2. Four Blood Moons
  3. This just in from the A-hole of the U.S.
  4. Even the Red State blind work less
  5. Does anyone know if Amy Poehler has a religion or believes in God?
  6. Cut the funding, we don't need them
  7. The Geography of Hate - Red States dominate
  8. Sanctuary Cities
  9. Gender Identity
  10. Feinstein continues to work for the people
  11. Jon Stewart calls out Fox on Benghaziiiii
  12. Civilizations Come And Civilizations Go.
  13. Cheney is right
  14. Why are the Red States against marriage?
  15. How have race relations in the US changed since Mr Obama took office?
  16. Red States Get An "F" - Premature birth report cards
  17. Mandatory voting?
  18. Another win for Obama admin.
  19. Kerry, the leftist dream
  20. Commonality in Christian faiths
  21. The Corrupt Red States of America
  22. Racist Inlaws
  23. The Donald…a prayer answered..from both sides
  24. Too much hatin' on the web
  25. BIBI might just win it.
  26. Is this nessary?
  27. Goodbye Mr.Schultz and corporation
  28. Schock Resigns
  29. That Darned Slippery Slope
  30. Interesting NYT piece on Billary
  31. Hands up don't shoot was built on a lie
  32. Ferguson shooter targeting someone else? Ya, right!
  33. Interesting tidbit from DOJ Ferguson report
  34. So I interviewed a Millennial today
  35. The Human Security Index: More Bad News For The Red States
  36. Nine giant invasive snake species threaten U.S. ecosystems, all in Red States
  37. More obaama gun lies
  38. Obama shooting FOIA in the head... From the most transparent administration ever...
  39. Thoughts on Reviewing 60,000 Emails
  40. Female Mortality - Frightening Graph - Red States
  41. Deal Or No Deal With Iran
  42. My party is better than yours
  43. Obama adviser behind leak of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal
  44. Red line time again
  45. California water bill
  46. Obama spending our money to throw the Israeli election?!?
  47. Wage growth... where did the money go?
  48. The ATF Has Heard Us
  49. Can you think of a better use for three-hundred of your dollars?
  50. They're eating their own
  51. Obama's amnesty program, nothing wrong with it
  52. Where's Waldo?
  53. KKK or other Police shot the 2 LEO in Ferguson
  54. Just one more curious case of the fedgov spying on it's citizens
  55. While everyone else is freaking about emails...
  56. "Net Neutrality" Is Really About Suppressing Conservative Speech
  57. Ain't it grand when it all works right!
  58. Smorgasbord of deceit
  59. 2 Police Officers shot in Ferguson
  60. The Camp of the Saints
  61. How big a deal is race in the U.S.???????????????
  62. SS, jsut no r e p e s c t for the POTUS
  63. The US Racial Divide and Realm of Chaos
  64. More Single Parents in Red States
  65. poor management
  66. What has a Wiener, Leather, and a cocked and loaded Democrat
  67. ACA Tax on Medical Innovation (poorly conceived?)
  68. Tom Cotton Letter to Iran
  69. Hillary, Lisa, Eric
  70. The new leisure class
  71. cop v dog. a shot and a miss
  72. zombie Americans
  73. I got it from Fox News
  74. Work and protected classes
  75. The Conservative Obsession with Liberal Media Bias is Right Wing Propaganda
  76. US South is Under Quarantine - Bad News for Red States
  77. El-Sisi Gets it.
  78. The Repubs Address the Ayatollahs
  79. POTUS KO for HRC - Could it Happen?
  80. will obama actually step down
  81. I thought it would be California
  82. Recognizing excellence in PARF
  83. Women authors are difficult to follow, why bother?
  84. Police kill another young black angel.
  85. Are Democrats dumber than Conservatives? Just the facts.
  86. Just the D's doing what they do
  87. N2 in OK
  88. Progressive Indoctrination
  89. The Alien and the Community Organizer
  90. Republicans & Democrats
  91. Is Life Better in America’s Red States?
  92. Obama has opposition critic murdered
  93. The Commando vs the community organizer
  94. Feb 2015 Jobs Report
  95. Holder "Hands up don't shoot" bogus
  96. The Future Is Staring America In The Face
  97. KIDNEY DISEASE—More Red State Tragedy
  98. Racist Conondrum
  99. Which one gets your vote
  100. Does an "R" or a "D" before someone's name create bias for you?
  101. Progressives Against Hillary
  102. Did Boehner just sign the death certificate for the US?
  103. The Sheep Are Now Ready
  104. Saudi take on Netanyahu and Iran
  105. John Boehner is a piece of crap
  106. Hillary Clinton - Email Account
  107. Wondering why US diplomacy is embarrassing? Feinstein on Netanyahu- shut her trap!!!
  108. When does Bibi speak...
  109. Stock performance by party - great year ahead!
  110. Is ISIS a trap....for radical Islam?
  111. Another Republican myth exposed
  112. secret prison
  113. more fun in russia
  114. Red States Do Not Pay Back Student Loans
  115. Carson/Fiorina in 2016
  116. Tulsi Gabbard, one of the few intelligent dems
  117. Obamacare punishes success
  118. Net Neutrality gets it's Jonathan Gruber
  119. Apparently our government is being run by stooges!
  120. Score one for Texas - Request for fact check
  121. Study: Red States Losing Taxpayers
  122. Remember Lois Lerner's crashed hard drive, missing emails and destroyed backup tapes?
  123. So it was republicans who freed the slaves and brought us Civil Rights?
  124. Scott Walker compares American workers to ISIS.
  125. Scott Walker compares American workers to ISIS.
  126. AR-15 bullet ban?
  127. Obama saying FU to Congress and the people
  128. Net Neutrality - How exactly will the right
  129. more fun in the falklands
  130. Have we discussed the OR governor's resignation yet?
  131. Muslims issues
  132. My Theory; The Rise of Radical Islam is the NeoCons Doing
  133. Mercury in the Nation's Streams - Poor Red States
  134. obama, why do you do that
  135. Welfare queen law comming to an end
  136. Dreamers, Amnesty and the Rule of Law
  137. obama vetoes the pipeline
  138. obaama picks the good ones, another arrest
  139. Detroit ranks #1 in 2014 for...
  140. The diabetes belt - More bad news for the Red States
  141. Holder can't make it stick to Zimmerman
  142. Shutdown coming. Way to go GOP.
  143. The Crossroads
  144. obaama's VA Appointee
  145. CITI Bank Commercial
  146. Infant mortality and preterm birth highest in Red States
  147. Mixed Ticket, 2016 - Who would you pick?
  148. Science is to blame for radical religious problems-
  149. Speaking of narcissists - Carly Fiorina
  150. Bush'a keeps on gettin' better
  151. How do make Bill Clinton stop abusing women?
  152. Warren/Sanders 2016
  153. Giuliani back on his meds
  154. Sanctity of Marriage - Divorce Rates Highest in Bible Belt States
  155. 4-year-old Alaska boy shot in leg when mother's gun falls from holster
  156. You people be careful out there.
  157. Meet the new Bush same as the old Bush
  158. Axelrod ashamed of father
  159. Subliminal Messages
  160. Please don't thank me for my service?? NYTimes
  161. Democ-ide
  162. obaama, takeing us down one immigrant group at a time
  163. Christy/Giuliani in 2016
  164. The Radicalization of the Republican Party
  165. Brian Williams for POTUS 2016
  166. Death map USA: Natural disaster hotspots revealed
  167. Let all pitch in and pay cost of hormone thrapy for illegals
  168. Big Hammer vs. Bosch Hammer
  169. Is Giuliani nuts?
  170. things are getting interesting in venezuela
  171. Should we go it alone?
  172. Get Rich Quick
  173. Next Brian Williams
  174. Tea Party News Network?
  175. Democrats, party of liars
  176. "Blue" States where the Middle Class is dying
  177. His Thinking
  178. The Angry South (More Red State Barbarism Exposed)
  179. He is an embarrassment
  180. Dumbos, the White House is full of Dumbos
  181. It's Good to be a D
  182. The VA and the aftermath
  183. What Obama really wants: The US to be an Islamic state
  184. Concealed Carry
  185. The Incomprensible Fool
  186. 3rd Bush, same as the 2nd Bush.
  187. Freedom of speech going away for religious people
  188. Must read - What ISIS Really Wants
  189. Chinafornia
  190. Holder, don't go away madd, just go away
  191. Article - What ISIS Really Wants
  192. Bozos, the White House is full of Bozos
  193. Sammy, did you light a match
  194. ACA tax of the day
  195. US State Dept: Terrorists just need jobs and they'll stop beheading and burning
  196. Today’s Top 7 Myths about Daesh/ ISIL
  197. It Won't Go Away
  198. Who's gonna be the new republican leader?
  199. Probably a teapartier
  200. Muslims Against Earths Rotation
  201. Union Competition
  202. Ww iii
  203. Nice read on religion of peace
  204. Christians Against Dinosaurs....
  205. A very good reason for the Pipe Line
  206. Listen carefully now....the media is telling us point blank they lie constantly
  207. Sarah Payme on SNL
  208. TABS's State Of The World Address
  209. TABS's State Of The World Address
  210. The "Mighty" TABS
  211. The Party of Tolerance and Diversity? It's time for the Dems to walk the talk
  212. 21 Christians Beheaded by ISIS - Obama Still Calling for Patience?
  213. Quote of the day
  214. Jon Stewart Leaving--Good Riddance?
  215. Waterboard Obama...
  216. Religion of Peace strikes again....
  217. Welcome to the real world
  218. Pope Francis
  219. Trickle-down Economics
  220. Practically the entire southeast is horrible for poor children trying to get ahead
  221. Good job guys! Another Democrat jumps the reservation (and an employee)!
  222. Even more bad news for the Cons.
  223. And not a single **** was given
  224. Obama amnesty creates loophole for illegal immigrants to vote in elections
  225. Angry white atheist shoots three Muslims.
  226. The Clown Commercial, it's on buzzfeed
  227. Why lefty's support Islam/Muslims.....
  228. libt*rd lament
  229. Sowell on obaama's last apology tour
  230. Obama to pay illegals tax refunds for years they weren't in US
  231. DMV and Illegals in CA
  232. Joe Bi-den's butt buddy
  233. 0.2% of welfare applicants use illegal drugs
  234. Ain't It Strange
  235. Another Liberal win!
  236. Our government supplies the enemy.
  237. Good job, make him look bad with his veto
  238. Comfortably Numb
  239. We don need no ground troops---
  240. Left-Wing Activist Manipulates the Media to Spread His Message
  241. The IRS Will Seize Your Legally-Earned Money If You Deposit It The Wrong Way...
  242. I thought ISIS was under control and......
  243. Good job guys! Another nutcon goes off the reservation.
  244. It Has Come Back To Haunt You
  245. Hey TABS, heads up!
  246. So is he right ? Has Sarah hit her expiration date ?
  247. MSNBC host Harris-Perry to AG Holder...Would you quack like a duck for us?
  248. Harry Reid
  249. Sharyl Attkisson: Why Did Hillary Survive a Brian Williams-like Tale?
  250. Randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris