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  1. This show will play well in Minny soda
  2. A little Seuss for the Pelican troops
  3. Another Republican "Stands His Ground" in Florida
  4. Read all 10
  5. When a liberal has his smug removed(Smugectomy)
  6. PAR Word of the day
  7. They just can't keep their fingers out the cookie far.
  8. More from batty Harry
  9. Did Obama get elected because he's part black?
  10. Nothing happening, might as well golf
  11. Ken Ham is building an Ark. You're paying for it.
  12. How Obama Controls the Media
  13. How is "Gun control" working in Russia
  14. Spelling Lesson from the Smartest President ever
  15. Why are liberals so religious?
  16. Every bad thing that has ever happened in the history of the planet
  17. The perky US jobs report for February in two simple charts
  18. Honest Question: When May I hit another car?
  19. Ted Cruz said it!
  20. What Scares You More?
  21. The world went quiet
  22. Who is more at odds with their party?
  23. Will Obama ever enforce his health law?
  24. Western Posturing May Actually Force Putin to Do What They Accuse Him Of.
  25. White Guilt
  26. Obamacare question.... non political
  27. NPR lies
  28. And the nobel peace prize nominee is ....
  29. Example of Minnesota Nice at the Progressive public school
  30. liberal racism and white guilt in hollyweird
  31. interesting tax code article
  32. Abortion Barbie's electile dysfunction
  33. Lois Lerner's nasty accident
  34. Help in understanding Ukrainian problems
  35. That Gavin Newsome is a smart, smooth talking guy
  36. Georgia
  37. Build me a time travel device thingy.
  38. obama lost one today
  39. Obama scores again
  40. Godwin's Law
  41. A pretty good Nut Lib website.
  42. 12 years a slave
  43. Looking for ONE,
  44. I don't get warm and fuzzies from gov't employees taking the 5th
  45. Time to ban finger guns
  46. A complete lack of forethought
  47. "If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan"...Well...
  48. Southern Belle Lindsey Graham blames the Ukraine on bengazi.
  49. Nationalization of Freddie, Fannie and the Obama Regime's Securities Fraud
  50. Cell phone kill switch? really ?
  51. Columbia says Fox News presents more opposing views...
  52. Our enemies must be trembling
  53. here is one for you putin lovers
  54. How long before the US heads over to the Ukraine! Pssssst, there is oil there...
  55. Another Government shutdown -- Global Warming doing the work Ted Cruz couldn't
  56. "Green" Buildings use MORE energy
  57. Obamacare Exchange Accidentally Enrolls 4,000 Illegal Aliens...
  58. California Democrats lose supermajority in the senate
  59. What Europeans are calling Obama....
  60. Jonathan Davis from KORN wants to country to be what it used to be.....
  61. US Immigration Issue...
  62. US Customs and Immigration thrown open the doors?
  63. A question for the Law and Order Special Victim's Lobby
  64. Hitler on Obamacare
  65. the ACA IS contributing to inflation now-
  66. Obama: "The 1980's called-wants it's foriegn policy back"
  67. The Idiot Biden strikes again
  68. Honest Question: When May I Shoot a Student?
  69. Idiot Anchor?
  70. Knife Violence
  71. Back When We Were Proud Of Our Leaders
  72. Clinton Library
  73. "Alaska" virus?
  74. The new face of food stamps in Obama's Amurca
  75. So I Can Get My Way If I Threaten You?
  76. Hairy Reid: You Amurcans are liars
  77. Leader of the free world
  78. A New Low for Republicans: They Turn Their Backs on Veterans
  79. Score one "I told you so" for Alaska
  80. Please tell me it's true
  81. Peggy Noonan, Progressives win, whats the prize?
  82. Democrats; Why do they worship power-crazed totalitarians?
  83. This is horrible! The deficit is continuing to shrink!
  84. Sounds like she'd fit in nicely right here in PARF
  85. Pussification continues, to a new low
  86. More of that THING that never happens
  87. gentrification - a viewpoint by Spike Lee
  88. Wil no one rid me of the troublesome ....
  89. Dems want immigration reform so they have people to clean their toilets
  90. "there has got to be some downside to having a woman president"
  91. Well written piece on business owners being sued for refusing to support gay weddings
  92. Oh, that Ted
  93. Doing The Lords work.....
  94. Putin Wins the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Medal Race, Loses Ukraine
  95. You know your govt is corrupt when...
  96. How to Opt Out of Obamacare
  97. Another nail in the global warming coffin
  98. Warthogs
  99. Biden: Obamacare frees single moms from the need to work
  100. Fox News Laugh
  101. Big Cajones - he speaks truth to power to the POTUS
  102. More Obama threats
  103. Is a bi-lingual job requirement discriminatory?
  104. The Vindictive Obama
  105. Cutting food subsidies for military families. Are you kidding?
  106. The Game Is A Foot In The Ukraine
  107. Uganda's President Is A Mental case
  108. My liberal parody
  109. Seahawk: Young People Are Not Knuckleheads
  110. Liberals Killing people
  111. Predictions for the 2014 Mid Term Elections
  112. Help with stubborn stuck shower valve removal
  113. Obama Loses The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Medal Race
  114. Good riddance Piers Morgan
  115. I have a Confession...I'm 330 and 718...
  116. Why did Dem's pass/push ObamaCare?
  117. With which faction will Fox News back?
  118. Question for the mods
  119. Arizona, no thread yet?
  120. january 2014 the 4th hottest january on record
  121. It's ironic isn't it?
  122. Election 2014: Is PPOT PARF representative of voters?
  123. Michelle Obama hates young people
  124. Michelle Obama: 'Young People Are Knuckleheads,'
  125. wow, couldn't not post this in PARF
  126. America is becoming more secular.
  127. Another over reach by Herr Obama & Co.
  128. Nice kids
  129. amazing daily show segment on the right's facination with russia and putin
  130. Obama threatens again
  131. Economist Imprisoned
  132. Anti- government protest around the world
  133. Tesla Finally Dead
  134. A Social Experiment
  135. They've obviously never visited PARF
  136. Un-Constitutional Things Un-Happen
  137. Texas Voting Roundup
  138. ObamaCare Care (Jimmy Kimmel /ABC)
  139. Why taxpayers will bail out the ... well, just read and see what you think.
  140. Moderates Unite!
  141. Obama on Bush executive power
  142. economics in a comic, so hopefully PARF can understand them
  143. Congress is changing
  144. Kansas spanking Laws
  145. Mel Reynolds, WTF is wrong with these guys?
  146. Catholics support ritual animal slaughter
  147. What God or Gods do Dogs Believe In?
  148. Why are they called "Democrats" .. .
  149. NK who'd a thunk...
  150. Snake bites Pentecostal pastor. He be dead.
  151. "It's just part of grow'n up" BWAHAHAHAhahaha.....
  152. Hillary the Magnificent
  153. Kerry, the Irrelevant tool
  154. Question about Obamacare
  155. The Working Man...
  156. Any Advice for a Day in St. Kitts and a Day in St. Maarten?
  157. ObamaoCare - Thinning the heard.
  158. Brilliant Strategy?
  159. Another lie about Obama care....
  160. Texas Welfare Recipient Says - "Working is stupid!"
  161. Is it possible to play nice for the next 48 hours?
  162. File this in the "some of us are more equal" file. Cuomo aide given firearm waiver.
  163. 2016 Who's on top? Holder or Hillary?
  164. NYC Mayor caught in a Lie already
  165. Is Kathleen Sebelius Incompetent or a Liar?
  166. VW INVITED the Union in
  167. CA Concealed Carry Requirement Ruled Unconstitutional
  168. The Universe is big. Really, really big.
  169. Sentencing
  170. More legislation too unjust to tolerate
  171. Holder: Ban On Felon Voting 'Too Unjust to Tolerate'...
  172. The Orwellian Creep
  173. The shift
  174. As the Republican party becomes more irrelevant.
  175. Bible Got It Wrog...About Camels Anyway...
  176. Thank you President Obama!
  177. Nagin, going to jail
  178. Rumors
  179. More on Global Warming
  180. eric bollen thinks he has stumbled on something brilliant
  181. 2014 election cycle starts in San Diego
  182. imminent stock market crash?
  183. GOP is all about small government, of until they arn't
  184. Wow -- Democrats, Hypocrisy and their War on Women
  185. Wal Mart ad lamenting the loss of American mfg..
  186. House Republicans FINALLY do something Worthwhile !!!)
  187. "I can do anything I want"
  188. Suicide Bomb Instructor Accidentally Kills Iraqi Pupils
  189. Why do you "deserve" healthcare exemption?
  190. Why do you "deserve" healthcare?
  191. Anti Voter ID marchers require Photo ID to march
  192. Rand Paul
  193. Why is the Right so afraid of Hillary Clinton?
  194. Is this acceptable behavior?
  195. Fox headline
  196. The GOP today
  197. The don't want Trader Joe's? Really?
  198. You know Congress is FUBAR'd when .. .
  199. Blood Money
  200. A Gender Differentiation Issue
  201. When was the last time you got your money's worth at the movies?
  202. Joe Biden: Can't think of a reason not to run for the Presidency
  203. Is there a handbook for going on the take?
  204. Ah Oh: Fox Desperate for Better Ratings, Hires Carville!
  205. Attack on power substation in San Jose, last April. Anyone hear about this?
  206. Kerry, bring the terrorists in,
  207. Colonel Captured
  208. War on Chicks
  209. We Need One New Law
  210. Hillary's platform
  211. RELIGIOUS CONSCIENCE EXEMPTION - AHA can Muslims opt out?
  212. Bat Guano Crazy - Two stupid Democrat ideas for the Price of One!
  213. 4+ Minutes of freefall, sound barrier+, No GoPro's in 1960
  214. Seinfeld puts it in perspective for the PC morons.
  215. Does all in life move left?
  216. Why are Feminists so anti...
  217. This just in from the Congressional Budget Office
  218. The Tennessee Promise
  219. So why do all the bleeding-heart commies...
  220. Diver Dave - GoPro - Cozumel Mexico video FUN
  221. RINOs
  222. The Whigs
  223. Bill O'Reilley
  224. Grab yer popcorn - creationism/evolutionism debate
  225. The NSA Violates the 3rd Amendment
  226. Washington Post: Universal Basic Income
  227. Dipso made it to the Superbowl
  228. Who Benefits from the Minimum Wage?
  229. Grimm Fairytales
  230. Does Hollywood still have any recent former servicemen and women?
  231. Government Series II Les Paul
  232. Article V Convention of the States?
  233. A crackhead leaves Washington
  234. John Stewart last night
  235. Oh look, nobody would have expected,
  236. It's time obaama, stop dithering
  237. Soul Sisters
  238. MSNBC is so enlightened a Racist attack on a Cheerios Ad for the Superbowl
  239. Netflix Streaming Video
  240. Obamacare. $4 per month.
  241. These are YOUR Leaders Democrats
  242. Obama Caught, FINALLY!
  243. immagration reform held up because of racism says GOP lawmaker
  244. Even Hitler can't keep his doctor under the ACA
  245. I wish global warming was real
  246. Just when a nice woman speaks for the GOP...
  247. Hmmmm
  248. What Drives Success?
  249. Maybe wind power is a bad idea.
  250. A possible candidate in 2016