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  1. Republicans hate 'Made in America'
  2. US Journalist James Foley beheaded
  3. Another “Family Values” Republican Caught Cheating On Wife And Why It Matters
  4. it has all become clear to me ...
  5. Pants up -- Don't Loot!
  6. ISIS is here
  7. this is why we can't have nice things
  8. Black kids that AREN'T thugs
  9. wow really great piece on ISIS ...
  10. Atheists distrusted as much as rapists
  11. Atheism leads to child molesting
  12. New “study” finds one Michigan architect that...
  13. New energy...second order of effects
  14. New Study: Whites More Likely to Support Harsher Laws if More Blacks are Arrested
  15. Don'tcha Get It..
  16. Study: most libs believe an OP/ED piece qualifies as a study!
  17. New study shows...
  18. Sheltered Imbecile
  19. study finds majority of christans are un-christlike
  20. Holder buying votes for dems with autopsy
  21. Red States Are Most Corrupt
  22. Kick a dog in the head
  23. Finally some good news out of Fergusson
  24. Wrong Way Obama
  25. Wrong place
  26. Are we headed in the right direction?
  27. Rick Perry Indicted
  28. Study Confirms it: Conservatives are less Intelligent, More Promiscuous and More Reli
  29. Lib/Con your thoughts please
  30. Chilling documentary: the Islamic state
  31. Jesse Ventura lawsuit
  32. “You Haven’t Changed Nothin. F*ck Y’all!” - Shouts from Ferguson
  33. Is the United States under occupation?
  34. Just curious
  35. Us and them. another story from the police state
  36. Anti-War
  37. Wingtips On The Turf
  38. I want the draft back now!, and i am Serious.
  39. What about the phrase "rest in peace"?
  40. FYI Obama sides with Mexico in suit of Az
  41. Would they tell Putin they are coming after him?
  42. ...
  43. Is this what it means to be Pro-Choice in Colorado?
  44. Militant Atheism at it again.
  45. Lots of Huffpo links on here
  46. Democrat Diversity in Action
  47. Gongress
  48. Taco Bell & KFC
  49. Religiosity in the Unitesd States
  50. Are you a right-wing brother in law
  51. Study: Conservatives have larger ‘fear center’ in brain
  52. Thinking about getting a Bible but I just can't decide on which one is right
  53. Random religious pictures
  54. The Wrath Of The God Of The Old Testament
  55. The Big Spending Senators ! Who woulda thunk it.
  56. Dear Mr President
  57. What's next? Boots on ground.
  58. We're going to war.......again!
  59. Another "D'oh"! Russian sanctions - backfire?
  60. Redistribution Of Wealth
  61. Those Racist Russkies!!
  62. Why Romney Ran
  63. coherence New movie
  64. B. Obama Has accomplished what he wanted to do
  65. Obama and Air Force One
  66. S&P report concludes that income inequality is hurting our economy badly
  67. 69 years ago today
  68. Rupert fails to incinerate America.
  69. What is the profit on 4 dead Americans
  70. Illegals arrested for murder of off-duty BP agent
  71. Grocery Tunnels of the Gaza Strip
  72. so now that every single report, even the houses invesitagtion shows Benghazi
  73. Sucks to be You
  74. Wait! What?
  75. Another Example of that thing that never happens
  76. A Liberal's Wet Dream -- Tales from the Federal Bureaucracy
  77. killing brown poeple now more important than our own veterans
  78. Israel's Engame in Gaza
  79. Eric Cantor Quits
  80. When Genocide is Permissible
  81. Anne Frank
  82. Protecting America for Diversity
  83. City Of God
  84. so when does israel loose the moral high ground?
  85. Is Ziggy Randy?
  86. I wonder how long they will stay?
  87. POTUS: "The only reason I’m doing it on my own is ...
  88. We found the voter fraud!
  89. A new conspiracy!
  90. Missed Opportunities
  91. Hoof Firmly in Mouth
  92. Another Foxspiracy bites the dust.
  93. Libyan Triumph
  94. the truth about who our "democracy" represents
  95. George C. Scott as PATTON
  96. Gowdy hammers Deputy AG James Cole !
  97. How's that crisis working out?
  98. Jousting With Windmills
  99. Inside Israel View: War is Not the Answer
  100. Second Quarter 2014 GDP UP 4%
  101. The Root of so many problems
  102. Anyone see a problem with this?
  103. GOP refuses to honor the pope
  104. More bad news for the Cons.
  105. a great op ed on parenting and sex education
  106. Politics Today
  107. Your guy Boehner is right on top of things
  108. US General: Destruction of Hamas Will Make Things Much Worse
  109. Lib's, do you value Exec Branch amnesty?
  110. why is walmart hated and not amazon?
  111. welcome the best and the brightest?
  112. The Sarah Channel
  113. Did You Abandon The GOP?
  114. Some People Say
  115. Four Things the State is Not. Woods at Mises
  116. Israel - Gaza Conflict
  117. America
  118. Let US Legalize Marijuana
  119. CNN Poll
  120. Our congress in action
  121. Go Curt Clawson! (R-FL)
  122. Left Coast Rising
  123. Israele's "Iron Dome" an Iron Sieve?
  124. Palin’s impeachment talk is a gift to Democrats.
  125. Even Palestinians Don't like Hamas...
  126. Now that it's acceptable to hate jews.....
  127. Idiot's Guide to Inequality
  128. Was It Omission Or Ignorance On Mr Chanos Part
  129. Why Obama chose not to focus on the economy
  130. They call them creationists because....
  131. Obama Humiliates Muslim Guests at White House Ramadan Event
  132. Palestine
  133. A message for PARF.
  134. Score another one for Our Future 1st Dude
  135. Enamored of Elizabeth
  136. How to get banned.
  137. 11 Paranoid Obama Conspiracy Theories
  138. Cuomo, what an idiot, just like Obozo
  139. This is really going to suck for liberals: IRS suddenly finds the backup e-mail tape
  140. Media Is Not Biased
  141. FAA initiates a ban on flights
  142. Ominous Developments in the Ukraine
  143. Please explain why the current Jew extermination campaign isn't the same as WW2Nazis.
  144. Please explain why the Gaza Strip isn't the same as WW2 Warsaw ghettos.
  145. No (free gubmint) soup for you. Next!
  146. What POS President takes a vacation when Russia shoots down a passenger jet ?
  147. Hey Lib's do you really value BHO's "Fundemental Change" of this nation?
  148. Best Post Of "Hey OJ" Thread
  149. Hey Harry Get Out of the Ritz Carlton and go to the Border
  150. This Skeksi Has Got To Go!
  151. well the data is in, the states that raised the minimum wage, saw better job growth
  152. Leave your kids at the village if you want lunch w/Clintons
  153. The Next step to the Promise Land: Affirmative Action creates more mediocrity
  154. Does C-Punk work for Mark Dayton?
  155. Obama/N. korea connection
  156. Obama will pay my motgage....2014
  157. Republican National Debt: $12 Trillion and Counting
  158. It takes a village? - Bill Whittle
  159. A familiar Parrot
  160. Top Marine Corps general slams Obama’s handling of Iraq
  161. Lib's do you value an imperial presidency?
  162. 12 Reasons Why Obama Is One of the Best Presidents Ever
  163. Right or Left
  164. Jet Shot Down over Ukraine...
  165. Malaysia plane shot down 777
  166. Liberal Law Prof. and Democrat
  167. Illinois: Soon to be 3 for 3...
  168. Hey O.J., I'm not racist, mmkay?
  169. Climate change alarmists waste more electricity
  170. On the subject of leadership
  171. How Do Obama and Bush Compare on Their Economic Policies?
  172. George W. Bush still the Food Stamp king
  173. Even GOP women don't get it....
  174. the new, New Left
  175. Lib's, how much do you value Jew killings?
  176. Sex Ed
  177. Obama's Masculine Moment
  178. mellennials in record numbers side against the GOP
  179. Lib's (and leftists) Do you value all the border flooding?
  180. Lib's, do you value all the NSA spying and surveillance ?
  181. Rick Santelli. Teaparty Scare Monger.. Wrong, wrong, wrong
  182. Why Government Fails - Brookings Institution
  183. Iowa's Dem Senate Candidate (not a farmer) sues chicken
  184. How to Kill Goyim and Influence People: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel
  185. The Perfect Name for Our Dear Leader's Press Secretary
  186. Socialism 101 - round up the technoligists
  187. Faux Fools
  188. Middle East issue
  189. What's wrong with the GOP? Here are a few!
  190. Who's respresenting you in Congress?
  191. Into The Abyss
  192. Well said...
  193. The police Man Has left his post directing Worlds Affairs
  194. More bad news for the Cons.
  195. mexico makes deal to make it easier for illegals to enter the US
  196. Speaking of great foreign relations
  197. Who loves their Obamacare -R's do..and almost everyone else
  198. Tornado in Upstate NY, Cuomo responds!
  199. free brith control in CO drops teen pregnacy rate by 40% and the abortion rate by 30%
  200. Obama is not interested in photo ops. Or is he?
  201. In times of crisis, Obama will be at a campaign fundraiser
  202. Oh no! the KoolAid has a taint.
  203. Federal Budget Deficit Falls
  204. Why do we have Governmen Unions?
  205. The most open and tranparent admin in history
  206. even the millitary understands climate change
  207. Republican finally proves climate change is a hoax
  208. Candidates with criminal records
  209. Palin has surfaced again.
  210. NJ A2006 Vetoed by Christie (Spoon content)
  211. What's next, Big Mac aversion therapy?
  212. Fiscal Conservatives strike again
  213. 10 States Most Dependent on the Federal Government
  214. obama praises Abbas
  215. Biden Does It Again
  216. History of the Income Tax
  217. One Republican's Basic Math and Basic Truths, a Gaffe?
  218. Reason #1 SCOTUS Will Regret Hobby Lobby
  219. Will Someone Please Explain What is Going on at the Borders?
  220. Cnn op ed
  221. Brigitte Gabriel vs. Saba Ahmed
  222. Pope Francis: Exploitation of Nature, a Sin!
  223. The State Department, such losers
  224. Who's getting one of these shirts?
  226. Exactly The Wrong Thing
  227. Porsches, Potholes, and Patriots
  228. Global Warming?...or Just Lazy Hummingbird???
  229. Libya, ben gazi, obaama fraud
  230. How long does a govt last...
  231. Hillary's Dementia
  232. Joke of the Day
  233. Dow tops 17,000!
  234. Since Congress appears a long way from balancing the budget, what's your poison ...
  235. How's our "leader" doing with Syria and Iraq,
  236. Biden 2016...
  237. If your gonna rip something off make sure you know what it stands for first.
  238. Free pot for the poor? Berkley through the looking glass.
  239. June 2014 Jobs Report: +288K
  240. Borders
  241. What causes the rear wing flutter?
  242. 'So sue me!' and crack jokes????
  243. Florida lottery odds versus IRS
  244. Newspaper apologizes for 2008 Obama endorsement
  245. Na
  246. Well, it's official, people think Obama is worse than Bush. ABOUT TIME!
  247. Obama Cracks a Joke. Michelle not Amused
  248. Obama: America's answer to Louis XV
  249. probably over the heads of most of PARF, but a very good read
  250. William Devane's dad told him to invest in land....