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  1. Congress shows that it can get something done. (Obama Veto Override)
  2. Republican Tax Policies Bankrupt Kansas, Oklahoma
  3. Holt and Politifact wrong, Trump right
  4. The Fergusson Effect
  5. Cruz 2020
  6. I think Trump might have a neurological condition:
  7. Did the debate change your vote?
  8. Over/under on debate
  9. Yard Sign Observation
  10. The hag-bag's new book is tanking but the reviews are good reading
  11. What do the candidates want to spend on the mentally handicapped?
  12. Houston Mall shooting
  13. Obama campaigning for Trump
  14. Those Ameriphopic Clintons
  15. over policing
  16. I got a new book!
  17. Cascade Mall Shooting
  18. Those homophobic Clintons
  19. Those racist Clintons
  20. Desperate Leftists, what crazy crap will they pull next?
  21. " ... the actors potentially involved."
  22. Civil lawsuits follow a shooting. Changing the game.
  23. Charlotte
  24. Follow the Trail of Fear Pee
  25. The American Form Of Government
  26. Election - Some Realities
  27. Obama and his birth certificates
  28. The "Science" Underlying Climate Alarmism Turns Up Missing
  29. I'm Below Average
  30. Welcome Refugees
  31. Liberty v Security
  32. HiLIARy riden the crazy train
  33. Johnson/Stein to crash presidential debate par-tay
  34. Charlotte, NC
  35. ISIS using Bio weapons
  36. Media Matters and founder David Brock money laundering scheme
  37. Trump's debate problem.
  38. What the hell is wrong with her eyes?
  39. Can't make this up.
  40. Top 5 issues facing blacks today
  41. Do not arrest The terroist !
  42. Next up, black guys car stalls, cops shoot him
  43. Gin Blossom parade!
  44. California to regulate Cow Farts.
  45. Real Smart. Asking for help online for wiping "VIP" files
  46. I just like the title on this one.
  47. I just like the title on this one.
  48. Clinton Lie Ratchet
  49. Haitian President on Clinton
  50. Please Read! You can help!
  51. Yet another Obama Lie (Iran & pallets of cash)
  52. Oh, that damned silly wall
  53. What an anecdotal coincidence
  54. NYC bombing 9/17/16
  55. Islam once again doing what it does best
  56. More Obama Miliatary Prowess...
  57. California Bails Out Tesla
  58. 5.7%
  59. I Can't Believe It, my wife just donated to Trump's campaign.!
  60. Nassim Taleb The IYI
  61. It must be Miller time
  62. Trump wins endorsement from Fraternal Order of Police
  63. After all these years, I never knew...
  64. HRC is gonna be...
  65. Financial Impact of Obamacare 2016
  66. Harvard Crushes The "Obama Recovery" Farce With 9 Simple Charts
  67. How the DNC rigged the Nevada primary
  68. All the emails...any real smoking guns that would stop the show?
  69. Tuim
  70. Black Lives Matter activist changes tune on police
  71. kasich on CNN
  72. Clinton Banking Fraud
  73. Hillary: I'm the 'Most Transparent' Presidential Candidate Ever
  74. Another US Government failure
  75. Phone Sex
  76. On the 'both sex's are totally equal' front...
  77. Do you know what Hillary's favorite pizza is?
  78. I have an 'opinion' about God & Science...
  79. Can it fit on a bumper sticker?
  80. how an atheist sees the muslim v chrisitan issue
  81. Hillary's gifts from Brunei
  82. Has HiLIARy seen Trumps tax returns?
  83. Donald Trump attends to a woman who passes out at rally.
  84. When HiLIARy passes on...
  85. Hackings - Russian or?
  86. Is there a price list somewhere?
  87. Who is Tim Kaine?
  88. The Big Blue Wall erodes...
  89. Dinosaurs and humans living together...
  90. Lou Dobbs, hit piece on The Hilda
  91. More Trump Racism
  92. Latest leaks are up
  93. A Civil Rights Bridge too far
  94. George W Bush
  95. Will the real HRC stand up?
  96. Secretary Of State Steers Money Towards Daughter's Charity
  97. obama's approval near record highs
  98. It is a mixed up world
  99. Post Questions You would Ask Hillary
  100. First Debate
  101. Which one of did it this time?
  102. the conservtaive case against trump
  103. Gotta call BS on the dehydrated thing
  104. Why are there so many angry conservatives?
  105. Seriously, what will happen?
  106. Hillary deux
  107. Basket of Deplorables
  108. Italian High Court Rules Public Masturbation Not a Crime
  109. All right, which one of you was it?
  110. Unimpressive arguments (part deux)
  111. Who is next? Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian as presidential candidates for 2020...
  112. Another shining example of the open minded liberals
  113. Milo Rules
  114. Access cost to one of Bill Clinton's Special girls.
  115. Which world leaders respect Obama/Kerry...US?
  116. Jason Chaffetz gets DOJ to give Immunity to IT geek Who Deleted HRC's Emails
  117. ATF Screwups
  118. We won't make that cake.....
  119. So far in 2016, there have been 2,949 people shot
  120. This makes you proud to be an American
  121. The Honest BO
  122. pay for play is wrong right?
  123. The world has dropped obaama
  124. Email about Ron and Don
  125. Obama nominates first Muslim federal judge
  126. Clinton Foundation a Charity Fraud? Say it ain't so, Bill..
  127. Where are those heroic bureaucrats...
  128. The election will be won/lost in court
  129. I beleive the ex Fox chicks and this is why...
  130. Money for nuthin, nukes for free
  131. If the tables were turned...
  132. impeach Hillary
  133. It Continues – Greta Van Susteren Leaves Fox News
  134. Apparently, blacks can never be racists
  135. Preaching to the choir
  136. the $18 MILLION honorary chancellor
  137. Above-Top-Secret
  138. ding dong the witch is dead
  139. Ben Gazi Lies and Hilda
  140. Hey tabs - Trump Fed up
  141. Ken Ham on "Light Years"
  142. Bribery or extortion; which is worse?
  143. The Question For The Left
  144. Effing old cant's extreme health
  145. Bleachbit this
  146. "Shut it down!"
  147. at the G20
  148. Brexit "shock" threatens to do far more damage to the European economy than to Britai
  149. Pantsuits and emails
  150. The unimpressive arguments of the devout.....
  151. This must be the solution, more atonement.
  152. The very dumbest facebook posts,
  153. What if you were brought up without learning about God?
  154. Where is Hillary?
  155. Treatise On The American Oligarcy
  156. Illinois Department of Transportation
  157. Well That's Your Problem Right There...
  158. Random Political Videos
  159. Some of you....
  160. Time to put grandma in a home
  161. Judge orders Aurora theatre victims to pay legal fees.
  162. He is trying to lose...
  163. Job growth for August
  164. Why pay to play is different in this election
  165. Take the MSN Hillary Fibs Quiz
  166. Oh Yeah. This sounds like a GREAT idea..
  167. More BS from the Left
  168. GOP giving up on trump, will consider Merrick after all
  169. Would you stay or go?
  170. Stuart Varney tells Obamacare architect Zeke Emanuel, ‘You owe the American people an
  171. Supreme Court voids NC voter ID Law
  172. Once again, midddle class taxpayers may take it in the shorts.
  173. Blm
  174. Trump goes across the border and...
  175. I thought I was reading The Onion when I read this.
  176. rush betrays himself ...
  177. What has Trump done right?...
  178. The demokrats continuing to keep blacks down on the plantation
  179. Background Checks for Govt Positions
  180. Who Needs God by Andy Stanley
  181. Under oath, due September 29th
  182. Best Reason Yet to Vote For Trump
  183. Maybe there's hope for the Democrat Party after all
  184. Gotta Love Millennials
  185. LePage, I Like that guy
  186. Apple ordered to pay record 13 bn-euro Irish tax bill
  187. What a shock: more liberal media bias
  188. when texas becomes a swing state ...
  189. Where has Huma been putting her Weiner?
  190. Wipe it? You mean like with BleachBit?
  191. Trump is doing the impossible. Exposing liberal racism
  192. Islam and black America
  193. Gary Johnson on Chris Wallace tonight
  194. Equal Justice Under Law
  195. 'Disabled' by choice...
  196. Bill Clinton is right on illegal immigration
  197. "I was crazy" Green said.......
  198. NFL Football
  199. The Obama legacy
  200. It Is Now A Civil War
  201. a political soundtrack 2016
  202. How is a military action labled unclear ?
  203. Huma Abedin's Muslim journal
  204. The war in Syria
  205. Turkey is back in Syria - FYI
  206. Burkini Ban
  207. Psychotic Reaction
  208. University Hosts “Stop White People” Workshop
  209. The Bern blows another one
  210. Another PC College campus out of control
  211. Trump is a Racist
  212. Nigel Farage at Trump Rally
  213. Slick Willy: "Buy your favors now, store closes when we get elected'
  214. Defend Youself W/Gun In Home - This Will Happen When The Police Arrive
  215. Greed -- An All in the Family Affair
  216. Hillary Lied on Benghazi
  217. Is Fox covering this? You guys would know.
  218. And the Media Bias Keeps on Coming
  219. More proof that voter fraud is a myth
  220. History lesson on your social security
  221. What the government gives, it can take away
  222. More Hillary Stuff Goes Missing
  223. Seriously, Is there that many stupid people here in the US?
  224. White Lives Matter demo...
  225. millennials just buy buy buy and want want want want ...
  226. State dept warns Iran wants more hostages
  227. Other day, Another beheading
  228. FBI finds another 15k Clinton deleted email doc's.
  229. "The Big Short" now on Netflix
  230. Clintons Make Their Move? – Ninja Prowler Escapes Security At Ecuadorian Embassy…
  231. Secret Service Agent Tells All - Hillary Clinton
  232. Should the Clinton Foundation have to open their books for examination?
  233. Push poll call
  234. She's one of us..
  235. Mecum Auction in Montery. On CNBC
  236. Road to urban despair paved by Democrats
  237. One of my 'buttons' pushed
  238. Iran, our new best friend
  239. What does Tolerant mean today?
  240. "refugees in their own country,"
  241. Hilda lied about Colin Powell, nothing new
  242. Political Science Prof: Trump Has 87% Chance of Winning
  243. EPA slaps HD
  244. who knew that greg gutfeld had a decent head on his shoulders?
  245. $400M cash WAS ransom!
  246. The Trumpster's speech tonight
  247. Hillary supporter BURN
  248. Still more liberal media bias
  249. Finally a recycling program I can support
  250. Clintonian Enemy #1