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  1. I'm just a Bill...
  2. 'Obama Steaks'...anyone a customer?
  3. Healthecare Poll
  4. Hey dipso...
  5. Economic stresses in Germany
  6. Illegal Alien Homeless Guy - Can I Feed Him?
  7. Would it be legal to deport illegal immigrants
  8. Gaslighting of Obamamnesty
  9. Revisiting The Past 6/03/12
  10. 'Omaha Steaks'...anyone a customer?
  11. There goes Benghazi ..again
  12. When will the awesome immigration Obamamnesty web-site launch?
  13. the pope even more liberal than we thought?
  14. GOPlifer: GOP Outlook for 2016 Election......... Not Good!
  15. Legalizing The Illegals
  16. White House And DOJ Colluded With CBS To Silence Fast & Furious reporting
  17. The Lame Duckling Dynasty
  18. So the GOP is going to take the bait. Idiocy.
  19. Obama Violated the 1st Amendment
  20. That's so GAY!, or Paedophobia
  21. OMG! How can he lie that blatantly?
  22. Jesus in Texas
  23. Life Is Transient
  24. Hey Shaun
  25. Where do most Americans go for their news?
  26. Deconstructing The United States of America
  27. US fundamentalist pastor goes to Scandinavia and discovers....
  28. Is There Anything That Could Make You Not Believe in God?
  29. Is There Anything That Could Make You Believe in God?
  30. "Big Brother Obama"? Republicans kill the NSA phone tap bill
  31. What is your political party doing RIGHT for America?
  32. Interesting political demographic art.
  33. Obama 5th BestPresident in America
  34. Wage stagnation
  35. This is What CO2 Does to the Earth
  36. ISIS Now Controls the Libyan City of Derna and Is Aiming to Expand West
  37. Obama Amnesty
  38. Land of the Free?
  39. Obama: We didnít mislead on health care
  40. Let the Games aka Lawsuits begin..
  41. Republican Candidate for '16?
  42. Those darned Palestinians...
  43. Pocahontas 1, Hillary 0
  44. Ass-troturfing
  45. Grubered
  46. Bill Cosby, what if?
  47. Obama channels McNamera
  48. Ten Illegal Police Actions to Watch for in Ferguson
  49. GOP Guide to Election Fraud
  50. every branch of the US military is concerned with climate change
  51. exhaust/muffler and Torque tuning help
  52. Obama will destroy the US
  53. From none other than "Rolling Stone..."
  54. Doofus
  55. One Woman, One Man and a Gun
  56. Al Jazeera America
  57. The beginning of the end of tokenism
  58. Has BH Obama been more disappointing to liberals than GW Bush was to conservatives?
  59. The Lame Duck isn't going to be so lame after all.
  60. Amnesty, what will he do?
  61. Hey, PARF Commies, somethng to cheer
  62. revisionist mythology of the Regan years
  63. Oasdi/ee
  64. Great conversation with my very liberal client from Sweden
  65. Fast & Furious Ferguson
  66. Put a man in uniform.....
  67. Old Tesla news
  68. Keysont and obaama
  69. Hey PARFers, Somthing to Get Your Grandchildren For Christmas.
  70. Bill Nye the Science Guy and God...
  71. Election Day
  72. The Simplest Explanation, Please.
  73. Democrats shouldnít have run from Obama
  74. Obama's climate 'deal' with China
  75. Why all the hate for Robert O'Neil?
  76. CA May be forced to allow more CCWs
  77. From the Chicago Tribune today
  78. Why America is the Greatest Country in the World
  79. 8, going for 9
  80. Paging Rick Lee and others w/ experience in China...
  81. Map of the Day: Cousin Lovin' Red States
  82. Megyn Kelley says the F word on air.
  83. cronyism basking in the sunshine
  84. More on our President in China
  85. Valerie Jarrett for Pres.
  86. Glenn Beck mystery illness.
  87. What Does Your State Legislature Spend Their Time On?
  88. 2014 Election: America, What is Your Problem?
  89. The President and his suit
  90. 2014 Election Results: Cons, Enjoy it While You Can. 2016 Will be Different!
  91. Bad cop, no donut!
  92. WWI Whose fault was it?
  93. Rush to sue democrats
  94. Obamacare truth of the Day
  95. I would consider supporting amnesty IF....
  96. Fox Lie of the Day
  97. Thank You Mr. President
  98. so now we will see the true corporatist agenda of obama
  99. Happy 239th, Marines!
  100. Fox news blogger tears down Mia Love...
  101. another general explains why we can't seem to ever win in the middle east
  102. Hitler would have loved this. You shouldn't.
  103. Please tell me this is urban legend or a hoax
  104. Nov 8, 1939
  105. Nov 9 1938
  106. Nip and tuck econ style, faking the numbers
  107. SGM (R) Jon Cavaiani's MOH funeral
  108. Seriously, the Democrats have lost their minds
  109. The Kumbaya Temptation, Pat nails it
  110. Obamacare goes back to court
  111. Et Tu China, POTUS, Insipid and Banal
  112. Obama Orders Two-Year Supply of Crossword Puzzles
  113. 90-year-old Florida man cited for feeding homeless -- again
  114. More Golf News
  115. But everybody already knows that
  116. But everybody already knows that
  117. Holy Crap! I think President Obama DOES have the discretion to grant amnesty
  118. Kings Of The Hill
  119. Another reason why we "fired" God in America...
  120. Another Coverup
  121. Djia 17,554.47
  122. Rand :D #HillarysLosers
  123. How Wrong is Obama on illegal immigrantion?
  124. The sting has settled in
  125. Most Republicans since the 20's
  126. Oh brother, here we go again.
  127. so pot won, raising the minium wage won, and gay marriage won ... how did the GOP win
  128. Time for a beer summit
  129. Greenville SC police taze man, then beat him
  130. If the "nuclear option" was right for democrats why would it be wrong for Republicans
  131. Krauthammer Does Not Get The Obama Mindset
  132. "We Are The Only Ones Who Act" FED Gov Richard Fisher
  133. Palin maybe right this time
  134. More good news
  135. 'i don't really care to be president without the senate'
  136. Libs show typical hate and hypocrisy at Tim Scott win
  137. Tea Party has completely...ruined the Republican Party
  138. Dem Underground nails it
  139. Since Mr Obama literally has nothing to lose at this point, what will he do?
  140. Which state will be the first to go bankrupt?
  141. I Think it's Going to be Veto Season
  142. Red states have multiplied! A public service announcement.
  143. Dennis Miller-We gave this guy 6yrs and he has stunk up the joint
  144. Republicans Were Elected to Stop Barack Obama, Not to Work with Him
  145. Red States: 250% more cans of whoop-ass
  146. 28 senators who voted for Obamacare and won't be part of new Senate
  147. IRS Misery index Up for 2015
  148. F yeah!
  149. Now that it's over you have to ask, Were They Trying To Lose??
  150. Red States have more.....
  151. Congressional Elections Outcome:
  152. Red Paint sales in Michigan at record highs!
  153. Our Republic
  154. Another pussy cop shoots a dog.
  155. The obaama Funk
  156. Et tu Illinois?
  157. The end of a Democrat era
  158. GOP taking over Senate...out of the frying pan and into the fire...
  159. taking bets ... how long until the GOP shuts down the government?
  160. Thanks, Barry!
  161. Fast and Furious 64,000 pages document dump the day be fore the election
  162. $4 Billion spent
  163. A New Do-Everything POTUS?
  164. A New Do-Nothing Congress?
  165. Voting Machine Shenanigans: Virginia Beach
  166. R' WOMEN Set to Make History Tonight
  167. I got to vote today!!
  168. Who to Vote for?
  169. Stay-at-home moms are chickenchit - BHO
  170. BOMBSHELL MEMO: Jeanne Shaheen Conspired With White House Insider On IRS Targeting
  171. The failed hostage rescue
  172. Fox News, the Story Behind it
  173. Another Example of Obama Letting in a Deadly Virus
  174. QE3 is over
  175. Amnesty for illegal aliens
  176. Gas prices and elections
  177. Famous Presidential Lies Contest (move to PARF pls)
  178. Tough Love in the Congo
  179. What do; "tea + party + patriot + Israel + occupy + progressive" have in common?
  180. Trick or Treat
  181. that First Admendment. And "unregulated speech"
  182. One Map Shows Exactly What Obamacare Has Done To The Country
  183. President Ebola
  184. The Pope and Evolution. More comedy from the church.
  185. Do you like pina coladas...
  186. That "Thing" again
  187. Nine out of 10 'most miserable' states are red, surprising no one
  188. The Republican Platform
  189. firing squad
  190. Romney steps in it again.
  191. that 2nd Amendment
  192. Harkening back to the bygone days of investigative journalism
  193. Are the Dem's fracturing into two parts?
  194. School say Islam OK, Christianity: Bad
  195. Proof of the Obama Effect on Business
  196. 'You Can Only Vote Once ó This Isn't Chicago, now ' --BHO
  197. Republican Cheap
  198. The Bigger Narcissist; Hillary or Barack ?
  199. More feminine; Hillary or Barack (Barry)
  200. Hillary In Mouth Disease
  201. So Brownback Cut Kansas Taxes Dramatically. But No Jobs Materialized
  202. Things could get interesting next year regarding Israel
  203. National security elevated today
  204. Please, don't campaign for me you bonehead!
  205. thieves
  206. NSA and Data Collection
  207. generation cheap
  208. In Cold War, U.S. Spy Agencies Used 1,000 Nazis
  209. Godless millennials could end the political power of the religious right
  210. Government overstepping it's power.
  211. 12yr old at 'Fury'
  212. Another reason to better protect the border
  213. Inside the Liberal Media with Sharyl Attkisson
  214. (sniff, sniff) Pew...I think the litter box needs cleaning again.
  215. Pew Research. Conservatives prefer propaganda
  216. Pew Exposes Lmbaugh as the fraud that he is.
  217. School gets it right over separation of church and state
  218. "Donít let anybody tell you corporations & businesses create jobs,"
  219. So Ya Believe in Karma...
  220. Quickie Current Events Test
  221. CNN Anchor Thinks Assault Of Palin's Daughters Is Hilarious
  222. Red States Watch Fox News More
  223. Why do they run
  224. Travon Missouri -- This years Democrat get out the vote campaign
  225. Ramdom terroist attack in queens, ny
  226. More Fast & Furious Stonewalling
  227. The "What is he going to do after the midterms" thread...
  228. Dog Haters
  229. State of WA wants to outlaw/impede gun transfers
  230. Who are the independent thinkers in PARF?
  231. RELEASE the HOUNDS!!!
  232. How Is It Possible To Believe In God?
  233. Another fence jumper at the White House?
  234. Chris Matthews sings - I lost that lov'n tingling
  235. Hey Mod's, I'd Like To Know
  236. Why
  237. Liberal Intolerance
  238. Even more of that thing that never happens in Colorado
  239. Women's war for regained victim status
  240. Parf poll- if you do not have legit id, vote here. No id required!
  241. Copycat Terrorism Attack
  242. And what would the down side be to amnesty for illegals?
  243. How to Beat ISIS...
  244. was the universe made for meercats?
  245. Crist vs. Scott
  246. Vote Fraud in Chicago
  247. Nothing to see here/Canada
  248. Ebola
  249. Say what?
  250. N. (Narcissist) I.C...