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  1. Rubublican Opinion Polls are Tanking: Boehner Waves the White Flag
  2. Feinstein, foot in mouth.....
  3. "Independence" Hall - Wow
  4. It Is Just Another Crack In The Dike Of Confidence
  5. Off the grid for 6 days
  6. The Obama Legacy
  7. Blart and the slow kids----- more drug warrior BS
  8. How did the Universe Start?
  9. A woman is going to be Fed Chair...
  10. Extortion
  11. Breaking Bad in Real Life ?
  12. How long until a Park Ranger shoots someone?
  13. A 26 y/o on Obamacare
  14. Just in: Koch Brothers Not Behind Tea Party Anymore.
  15. It goes to the top!
  16. WoW - Jon Stewart pokes at Big Govt
  17. love to see his evidence on this one ...
  18. Seems fishy to me
  19. Nothing but theatre
  20. Authoritarianism
  21. Here Is To Plain Speaking And Clear Understanding..
  22. Is Obama over his head?
  23. The real reason why Obama was elected...US adults are dumber than.....
  24. Happy Thoughts
  25. Who will replace Boehner?
  26. Interesting read on Gun Control
  27. Hopw many federal government agencies are there?
  28. California - Seriously!?!?
  29. Looking at the polling trend for the shutdown
  30. Incredible lack of foresight
  31. Obama voters shocked - Obamacare means higher premiums!
  32. Yes We CONE
  33. Did people on welfare get furloughed last week?
  34. Are doctors suited for society?
  35. The Change You Need
  36. Harry's gaff encapsulates the Politics > People game.
  37. Boiling Over
  38. House approves back pay for furloughed workers
  39. I Look Forward to Obamacare
  40. Lets make a TV commercial about democrats
  41. Vikings Thread...
  42. Wankers
  43. Are the GOP the terrorist?
  44. Pro rated taxes?
  45. New Secret International Treaty in the Works: TPP
  46. Dems taking no prisoners now.
  47. The Jehovah's Witnesses are anti American, anti Democracy.
  48. So simple even I can understand
  49. Obama Mocks GOP Rep.: 'If You're Being Disrespected, It's Because Of That Attitude'
  50. Unintended consequences of the shutdown
  51. I just spent 10 days subsidizing Canadian healthcare !
  52. shots fired at the capital
  53. Breaking Bad - A Christian Parable
  54. so the GOP is going to cave ... will this break the back of the hosue GOP?
  55. Tyrany
  56. When Will Barack Obama Start Being The President of The United States of America?
  57. Polls on Obamacare: This is why I fear for the republic... stupid people
  58. the real way the shutdown and debt ceiling will get settled
  59. Can anyone here explain the "debt ceiling" and why it's such a big deal?
  60. from the mouth of the GOP themselves: we wanted to shut down the governement
  61. TV network stories blame Republicans, 21-0,
  62. Competing Rights. Whose prevail?
  63. Mona Charen Nails It
  64. Why do the R's Hate ObamaCare so much?
  65. nothing is just satire
  66. Commies Claim Entire World Faces Problems
  67. Social experiment time. ACA- is it a good deal? Post your results
  68. Obama actively blocking monuments....
  69. NY Daily News Front Page
  70. You made Mr. Obama sad!!
  71. Why does it say: "In God We Trust" on money?
  72. Opt out - aimed at the young.
  73. Where ObamaCare Came From
  74. War Games
  75. The Party that Cannot Learn
  76. Why I love Joe Biden
  77. Fox News, tellin
  78. wow, even from fox news ...
  79. The Cloward/Piven Fallacy
  80. Taking advantage of the shut down?
  81. Just a reminder.....
  82. My visit to ban island.
  83. Obamacrash
  84. No one left to blame
  85. WeezAllGonnaDie!
  86. Washington is broken
  87. LEt's Impose American Values on the Whole World
  88. witchcraft (my own religion thread)
  89. My apologies to the PARFers
  90. Pete Carroll
  91. Darisc, "Seriously"?
  92. Obaama fooled again
  93. Unbelievable no one was killed
  94. What is a "Scientist"
  95. International Blashemy Rights Day
  96. "THEY will shut down govt...
  97. OK. PARFers, Now the Other Side of ObamaCare
  98. Rouhani and Obama - New Man-Love?
  99. Scientists More Convinced than Ever of Human Caused Global Warming
  100. the JW came to my house on Tuesday
  101. In the face of obamacare failing dems call us anarchists and appeal to comm. colleges
  102. Anyone noticing more and more "hate crimes" committed by blacks?
  103. Internet noise
  104. Kerry scared them
  105. What if global warming is GREAT for humanity?
  106. Monsanto Protection Act
  107. Amanpour Lies
  108. Politically correct gone too far in Virginia
  109. A proud teacher
  110. He's just not that into you.
  111. Democratic leaders easily suckered and rolled by dictators...Why?
  112. Lois Lerner is negotiating for immunity.....
  113. Liberals talk of the past, but this is NOW
  114. Atheism is an American luxury
  115. Let's burn some FOOD.
  116. The Honey Trap
  117. Democratic Hero
  118. Pakistani Dr still in prison
  119. Kerry looking out for our interests,
  120. christian "morality" bwahahaha
  121. A good Cop
  122. UN Conference
  123. A Hero in the War on Poverty
  124. Is an Unequal Distribution of Wealth Bad Overall?
  125. Flow Of Money
  126. Hold on a second; I can't hear myself
  127. Why do Lefties focus on the past so much, rather than the future?
  128. Lake Wobegon Jihad
  129. Aggressive Probing
  130. Connect these dots, conspiritors...
  131. Why are PARFers so Enthusiastically Defending the US Wealth Distribution?
  132. Allen Brauer, California Democrat
  133. Islamists claim gun attack on Nairobi mall, at least 30 dead
  134. How Many PARF Regulars Have Ignore Lists and Who is on it?
  135. Another Victim of NRA Thought Control Terrorism
  136. Another Mass Shooting with Military Assault Gun
  137. Illinois LP convention
  138. joy division
  139. Power
  140. House approves $4 billion per year cut in food stamps
  141. Capitol Hill police told to stand down. WTF?!
  142. Mourner At The Funeral Said Of The Deceased "He Seemed Like He Was Getting So Much Be
  143. Getting Approved by the IRS...
  144. A Fearless Leader
  145. another Benghazi myth dies ...
  146. Latest from the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change
  147. Rand is talking like his Dad - which is political suicide if he wants to be president
  148. Obama and the Debt Ceiling
  149. Aljazeera America...
  150. Political correctness gone amuck!
  151. Testing chrome
  152. Syria is about SaudiArabian vs. Russian oil to supply Europe
  153. Syria claims proof that Rebels used gas, not Syria
  154. Best thing I have read about gun control...perhaps ever.
  155. Simple math problem to lighten things up.
  156. So...bone cancer
  157. de-Squealing ObamaCare
  158. So much for seperatino of church and state, indoctrination rules
  159. It's a little late, but the point needs to be made....
  160. Is this quackery? Link to site ....
  161. The shootings are just local, nobody cares
  162. Repealing Obamacare
  163. Sailing Up The PARF River
  164. Glen Beck Calls GWB a progressive
  165. Puppets
  166. Shooter(s?) at the Washington Navy Shipyard
  167. Alabama might have the answer...
  168. a victory for assad
  169. The WMD shell game...
  170. The New Pope....
  171. People that assume everyone thinks the same as they do amuse me
  172. George Will Libertarian?
  173. Obama now watching your credit card purchases
  174. Decisiveness Overrated? White House Thinks Yes
  175. Obama Leadership
  176. Paulson Or When Will The Rooster Come Home To Roost
  177. The Great White And The Minnow
  178. Texans Twerking
  179. IRS and Lerner, some good email
  180. McCain on censorship...
  181. "Let me be clear"
  182. Oh no! Here comes McCain.
  183. CA to give illegals driver's licenses
  184. Wow Illinois. How about that?
  185. O's - I have a Drone - speech (on Syria )
  186. welfare queens
  187. If the US attacks Syria, we will be violating the Chemical Weapons treaty.
  188. WankerFest Opportunity
  189. Putin puts a smack down on Obama
  190. 16 year old boy sentenced to 17 years for murder
  191. The Collapse of the Obama Presidency
  192. This place needs new mods...
  193. Where is Obama on Syria...Today?
  194. Radicalising Syria: how the rebels are becoming more Islamist
  195. Dang funny
  196. State overides parents to order treatment for infant
  197. Teachers packing heat in Arkansas???!!!
  198. Hey DARISC, your 'unsubscribe' button isn't working
  199. The Weiner LOST
  200. Who really is in charge?
  201. Our World Leader, never really was.
  202. Californians - Call Jerry Brown today re: new gun laws
  203. Because Obama
  204. Hooray Colorado!
  205. Way To Go Colorado
  206. France stands against Islam
  207. Trying to save face X 20
  208. "Mild Pedophilia"
  209. Today's Quote
  210. Bikers descend on DC
  211. Global cooling over the next 50 years?
  212. Ramifications
  213. Bill Clinton Explains Why He Became a Vegan
  214. Global Warming, DOA
  215. Even the Progressives know they are full of crap
  216. Unbelievable small?
  217. Uh oh,
  218. Bringing the ME to a boil - who has the biggest gaping credibility problem?
  219. Hello??
  220. AIPAC pushs for Syria bombing with hundreds of lobbyists
  221. Mr Obama's Chief of Staph
  222. CCW Soccer Mom carries at all times, gets shot anyways
  223. Obama: The most lying liar ever
  224. The Master Plan Revealed
  225. Aflac
  226. Winston Churchill On Mohammedanism
  227. Putin Love
  228. Does anyone know anyone who supports attacking Syria?
  229. The Irony, the Exquisitely Painful Irony
  230. Another post about Syria
  231. Come on, man!
  232. Question for the Obama supporters...
  233. and screw everybody else.....
  234. North Korea kills more than Syria
  235. G20 - latest news
  236. McCain Playing Poker with Syria
  237. Go Big or Go Home--OR--More Crap from the EPA
  238. Put Her In Charge
  239. Is there anyone on this board that..
  240. Secssion talk in Colorado and California
  241. PARF Addict
  242. Putin says NO to O.
  243. We're not talking about Benhazi....we're talking about Syria!
  244. WTF Colorado?
  245. More Jack Booted Thugs
  246. You short, fat, and white
  247. Finally, some of you can get the help you need
  248. Senate votes for war
  249. It Isn't My Red Line!
  250. Hasan shaved in prison