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  1. Who's to blame for losing the Iraqi war...
  2. Jeb or George. Only a mother could tell
  3. Human Resources
  4. Controlled Experiment
  5. Removal of "top secret" designation...
  6. West Point Historian says yes, Civil War was about slavery
  7. Donald sucks. I hate him.
  8. Now the POW MIA flag is a Symbol of Racist Hate
  9. Why aren't the Dem's lining up for the POTUS spot?
  10. Not looking good for Shrillary
  11. This Col Sanders guy is cracking me up
  12. Why is the moderator of a debate the story?
  13. Are Red State More Primitive?
  14. Surprise: Gun Deaths and Violence Rampant in Red States With LESS Gun Regulation!
  15. Bernie just might pull it off
  16. California at it again
  17. Chuck, the man
  18. 5 cents per round! Ammo Gun Violence Tax WTF?
  19. Environmental Protection Agency??
  20. Let The Promise Of Free Stuff Begin!
  21. Ferguson Idiocy Part 2
  22. Trump
  23. Deceit, Delay, and Destruction --that's Hilliary
  24. Did you watch the GOP debates?
  25. Favorite part of the Big 10 debates ?
  26. 2008 Presidential Debate. Iran Deal
  27. Chris Wallace....
  28. Rick Perry
  29. Carly...
  30. #FREEtheBACON
  31. A True Blue Marxist
  32. You don need no stinin job
  33. GOP Debates
  34. GOP Debates
  35. GOP Debates
  36. Still Think Trump isn't a Democratic Plant?
  37. MORE "truth" from the left...
  38. Lead Exposure
  39. FBI looking into Clinton’s private e-mail setup
  40. Machine Discipline
  41. For The Integrity Of The Game
  42. Political debates
  43. John Kerry's/Obama's State Dept.
  44. B-b-b-Biden???
  45. GOP candidates forum tonight 7 - 9 EST
  46. Diversity is Strength
  47. The Ayatollah's New Book...
  48. Michael Savage: Trump Is the 'Winston Churchill of Our Time'
  49. Fast and Furious, continued. Uh Oh
  50. So Jared Fogle?
  51. Hillary and Huma
  52. Trolling the Donald
  53. Just another Clinton coincidence
  54. What's the difference between a socialist and a democrat?
  55. Has the US spent too much on Israel?
  56. War on Girls
  57. Climate data tampering
  58. the FOURTH planned parenthood video
  59. This May Not Go Away For Hil-rey...
  60. On Socialism...
  61. How are things back in L.A.?
  62. Melowese Richardson
  63. Demorats - contest for the biggest crook
  64. Up In A. Pillar Of Smoke
  65. In a Few Thousand Years From Now...
  66. Cecil the Lion
  67. Syria refugees
  68. a THIRD Planned (un)Parenthood Video
  69. Jonathan Swift's Menu
  70. Which America do you live in?
  71. If he only could,
  72. Jon Stewart's **** don't stink
  73. Fox News - King Maker?
  74. Why There Are 4 Million Fewer Babies in the U.S.
  75. BBQ outlaws
  76. Repubs - contest for biggest idiot
  77. Ted Cruz
  78. Can Hil-rey escape the latest DOJ investigation of her emails?
  79. Can we trade prez's?
  80. If you like your Nuke Plan, you can Keep your Nuke Plan.
  81. Hillary caused Benghazi attack?
  82. real economic data vs rightwing BS
  83. How to create a Monarchy
  84. Obama is releasing Jonathan Pollard now? Unreal.
  85. uh-oh
  86. More Unintended Consequences of Obamacare
  87. TABS On The Doom And Gloomer Spiels
  88. Pelosi - just a stupid liberal whore
  89. Trump Puts Telemundo in its Place
  90. Trump "University" Scam =Class action lawsuit
  91. Obama Strip Oath to Defend the US from Citizenship Oath
  92. theives with the law
  93. Illegal Alien Crime Wave in Texas: 611,234 Crimes, 2,993 Murders
  94. Jefferson and Jackson are out
  95. How's that $15 minimum wage working out for you?
  96. Is Obama a Lunatic or an *********?
  97. How come Texas has more icy road deaths than Michigan?
  98. Donald…the unknown student at Wharton
  99. How many "Less Crunchy" partial birth abortions will buy a Lamborghini?
  100. Trump / McCain
  101. Canfederate battle flag supporter murdered
  102. You can't make this stuff up
  103. Tuim
  104. Kerry is to process this...
  105. Completely Unexpected
  106. I am interested in your thoughts regarding...
  107. Mark Dice - Fun with racist idiots
  108. Gun Free Zone
  109. Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing
  110. Seattle mayor to give interest free mortgages to followers of Sharia
  111. Test: Who would you vote for?
  112. Your sign is offensive!!!!!!!!
  113. 5 Marines - Godspeed
  114. "Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter." Is now offensive?
  115. Ben Shapiro converts tran-fem back to manly man with magic word
  116. UFO's spotted more in Red States
  117. Bitterly clinging to Hope
  118. Trumpism
  119. Stupid Kafir
  120. So ****ing compassionate
  121. Planned Parenthood and the Right Wing Fakers ..again
  122. Sideshow Donny
  123. Children are less safe in Red States - Map by the CDC
  124. Polaris Slingshot - I don't get it...
  125. Home grown Islamic killers
  126. Cavemen with anti ship missiiles
  127. The next few months
  128. Proposed new rule in PARF
  129. Four American hostages in Iran
  130. Southern girls answer to Kratch
  131. This is why Hitlery will win the election
  132. Ethnic diversity is linked to violence
  133. WHY to VOTE Democrat
  134. FBI says Red States have more violent crime and murder
  135. Go Set a Watchman
  136. Skipping Lunch
  137. Christians "attacked" by facebook rainbows
  138. Minorities NEED assistance from whites
  139. Deal - Iran. Billion $ floodgates to open
  140. The Great State of TX Will Sleep Well Tonight....
  141. Question for the Democrats
  142. pushing the envelope
  143. The Last Sane Democrat
  144. Do you feel that LGBT is a mental disorder?
  145. Troll news from Psych Today
  146. What does this say about climate change?
  147. This is a box
  148. Birth control for almost all women…even Hobby Lobby
  149. How pansy arse liberals win an arguement
  150. Why isn't this a "hate" crime?
  151. Ferguson/Baltimore vs Charleston or North vs South or Blue vs Red
  152. Another bold-faced Hillary lie...
  153. WTF Oregon?
  154. High School Trap Leagues
  155. George W. Bush was paid $100K for appearance at charity event for wounded veterans
  156. Death Race 2000 - Red States Win
  157. Another installment: Just The Facts
  158. Bibi no, COMMUNISTS OK
  159. Do you think Hillary would make a good POTUS?
  160. Ask me how I feel about the right to bear arms.
  161. Baltimore Mayor fired the Police Commissioner
  162. Anti-Capitalist Culture
  163. It's Awesome to have Money and Powerful Friends
  164. Dem mouthpiece Matthews admits Dems want illegals for votes
  165. Yanis Varoufakis
  166. Kids and no role models
  167. John Kerry- where is he?
  168. "If you like your can keep it!"
  169. Another Illegal - Six times-deported - Charged with Felony Hit and Run in Arizona
  170. I hate...
  171. Happy Birthday GW.
  172. "Blue Dog Democrats"
  173. Now that SCOTUS sez "Dignity is a Right"
  174. Marxist Ameture
  175. Greece...closer to home
  176. Luv iz Luv
  177. $135,000 fine for not making a gay wedding cake
  178. 4th of July terrorist attack on home soil
  179. Illegal alien shoots and kills woman in San Francisco, deported 5 times already
  180. People who overreact to new guns jamming.
  181. Anti Gun Politician convited
  182. Question about law enforcement
  183. Media Bias
  184. National Debt today
  185. OK, show of hands. I support illegal immigration because...
  186. Looking for Whitehouse photo
  187. Cause you know you have bad blood...
  188. Test - Can you identify this bush?
  189. sorry- wrong forum again!
  190. wrong forum- please delete
  191. A Fourth of July Message from Red ...
  192. But, but...they just want a better life...
  193. Five Hostages
  194. Book: One Second After
  195. The I 5 Parking lot
  196. obamacare, one piece at a time
  197. Good Parenting
  198. happy place
  199. Seattle's $15/hr minimum wage folly
  200. Jim Webb joins the race, nary a peep.....
  201. ISIS Attack on the 4th of July
  202. More bad economic news..for the Cons
  203. Another Clown enters the race
  204. A letter in rebuttal to Dr. Laura and comments about Homosexuals.......
  205. Shiite Riots/Protestes in Saudia Arabia
  206. Why the Trump fear?
  207. Colt May Be Purchased by Real Americans
  208. Happy canada day
  209. Even Jimmy sees it
  210. The deadline, or is it Red line, again
  211. Michigan's new spoon bill
  212. Man applies for marriage license for goat
  213. You're fired Donny Boy
  214. Biggest piece of property on Earth up for sale
  215. We have a winner
  216. The McCarthyism in Climate Science
  217. Capitalism
  218. I'm Voting For.....
  219. Tranny's With Guns
  220. Greek Banks will not open tomorrow
  221. Prayer
  222. And Webb Is About To Announce
  223. Dad! Isn't it Great !! Gays can now marry any place in the US!!!
  224. Trump/Chistie 2016
  225. In America You Can Be Anything You Want To Be
  226. PARF Hidden Camera
  227. GMO farming- Monsanto/Dow/etc
  228. Meanwhile in France, Tunisia and Kuwait
  229. Charleston shooter wanted AR-15
  230. Judicial Putsch
  231. Supreme Court upholds Obamacare, 6.4 million keep coverage
  232. gay marriage wins
  233. Trump rising in polls
  234. Bristol Palin says she's pregnant for second time
  235. Confederate Battle Flag and other BS..
  236. The other enemy
  237. The North South poverty divide - better head north
  238. no, its totally not racism
  239. Lerner E-mail Debacle Was Intentional
  240. Supreme Court Rules That What A Law Says Doesn't Matter
  241. Massachusetts state flag under does it feel?
  242. The New Exceptionalism: Eight Categories In Which America Now Leads the World
  243. What woman for the new $10 bill ?
  244. Comrade Valerie
  245. New source of revenue for ISIS
  246. Interesting read about Charleston
  247. First they came for our spoons
  248. An obama plan that is working, very well
  249. The Momentum Of Events
  250. "Climate deniers" what are they denying?