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  1. Trump: The Art of the Deal. Says his 2nd fave book after the Bible - LOL
  2. How much $ did Gen. Petraeus lover Paula Broadwell make on bio/ book?
  3. New Leader of he DNC?
  4. Putin's Poodle
  5. Professor killed at USC
  6. Another proud moment from the left
  7. US Unemployment rate 4.9% - Lowest in 9 years
  8. Theme song
  9. BLM and Gaza
  10. The Trump Derangement Syndrome Thread
  11. Secret Service Code Names for the New First Family
  12. So full of it, his eyes are brown
  13. High fives in US military - Mad Dog is in!
  14. Victim Group Update thread
  15. Religions and Traditions
  16. Funky Bunch
  17. Can We Do This with Federal Gun Laws?
  18. Trump Flight 1600
  19. O'Leary: Trump vs Trudeau is like Godzilla vs Bambi
  20. The Manchurian Candidate...Islam
  21. Yes, she won the popular vote...BUT
  22. Yet another reason that Trump is the right choice.
  23. Obama Executive Orders to Forgive at Least $108 Billion in Student Debt
  24. What is "Fake News"?
  25. Pray for Nancy
  26. A Comprehensive List
  27. Trump/Carrier
  28. The term, "Alt-Right", finally cleared up.
  29. Knock it off fellas. You're not helping.
  30. Ferocity and Swiftness
  31. A Song For Megyn Kelly
  32. Trump wants jail time or perhaps loss of citizenship for
  33. Miss Sloan
  34. Really ?
  35. Obama announces trip to Cuba for Castro funeral.
  36. Michigan Recount Goes To Trump And Trump
  37. Obama's movin'. Lib corrupted Chicago too ghetto or afraid of the crime? LOL
  38. Ohio State attack:
  39. DNC chair Keith Ellison
  40. The #1 thing I would say to Trump if I had the chance
  41. Standing Rock / DAPL ?
  42. Lets Guess Zigsta Cats New AKA
  43. Castro should not be dead. Demand a recount.
  44. Greens...'hacked election!'
  45. EC denying Trump if he doesn't divest businesses?
  46. Trump's tax plan will raise taxes on some 8 million middle class Americans
  47. Dumbo 'black' Friday protesters Chicago's Michigan Ave. LOL
  48. Secret Service to rent two floors of Trump Tower
  49. pizzagate - WTF - is this a thing?
  50. Should we restart the Shuttle program?
  51. Canada's version of the Clintons
  52. The 187 lb Turkey
  53. Happy "Trump-giving"
  54. Happy THanksgiving Parfer's
  55. Lets Face Facts, The Lib Agenda Gets Old
  56. School Choice
  57. WOW! Warren Buffett sees $11 billion boom on Donald Trump win
  58. 2,000,000 and counting.
  59. Whine with dinner
  60. Go Trump.
  61. Yep, he's doing the walk[back]
  62. Ever order an Oban 18 year old scotch
  63. Main street, Wall street and even the Dalai Lama
  64. Disappointed In Trump
  65. We gots a new deputy sheriff....
  66. Bipolar?
  67. pcardude said:
  68. Interesting Post on KORUS and how it relates to TPP...
  69. When did Trump start wearing a ball cap?
  70. Dear Liberals: Start practicing the empathy you preach
  71. Goodbye PARF
  72. More Lib MSM fake News....
  73. Trump: American Bad Ass
  74. Good semi-non-partisan article I read this morning "Trump's 4% growth challenge"
  75. Trump isn’t Hitler. He’s Hamilton
  76. Snl
  77. Dow Surges
  78. The repudiation of the democrat left.
  79. Donald Trump’s media summit was a ‘f—ing firing squad’
  80. trump guilty of fraud in U case
  81. More Cognitive Dissonance on the Left
  82. The Fallout Upon departation of Illegal Immigrants
  83. Oh, Hey, We've Been Ignoring You...Sorry Bro
  84. The media is abuzz with Trump handling Hamilton speech
  85. More Good News
  86. General James "Mad Dog" Mattis being considered for Secretary of Defense
  87. Grab an adult beverage and listen to this man for 45 minutes....
  88. You are still crying wolf....
  89. Thanks Obama!
  90. Look who wants a safe space now!
  91. Why I find the black community's response to Trump's election a little embarrassing
  92. Great job lefties
  93. Mark Zuckerberg outlines Facebook’s ideas to battle fake news
  94. Trump Memes Thread
  95. Trump and Romney
  96. Why it's best to not have a bumper sticker
  97. Soros...60 Min from '98
  98. FOX News Channel to debut 'OBJECTified: Donald Trump' special
  99. Sessions - Your New AG
  100. Good pro lib article
  101. "President Elect Trump"
  102. Which group are the real haters?
  103. Why is the Electoral College not valid only if you lost?
  104. Please help me to understand...
  105. Media Takes Clinton and Obama to Task for Inciting Violence
  106. Trump saves the auto industry!
  107. Why colleges are "snowflake central" these days
  108. Do you think...
  109. Awww Your feelings are hurt...
  110. Coddling campus crybabies
  111. Are you bored over the Clinton riff-raff? We're not done.......
  112. Finally, A Sober Analysis of Clinton's Loss
  113. Trump accused of not telling media he's going out to dinner....seriously...
  114. Sharmeka Moffitt, burned La. woman, made up story about racial attack, police say
  115. Shapiro Eviscerates Raucous Protesters At U. Of Wisconsin - A Hoot 'n a Half!!!
  116. The media is getting cranky.
  117. Alt-middle....for me
  118. More on why Hillary didn't give a concession speech...
  119. Is Kachi part of the Alt-left?
  120. Wait a minute, I thought this stuff never happened?
  121. On A Serious Note.
  122. Diblasio pretending Trump didn't get elected
  123. Dollar hits 14-year high - MAGA
  124. New study show Millenelials are the most useless population in the world.
  125. Did Dipso Fall Off Planet Earth?
  126. 100 day list
  127. Stephen A. Smith Sounds Off On Colin Kaepernick
  128. The End of Musk....
  129. Hollande says Obama back-door approval of 2015 Paris agreement "irreversible"
  130. People's Republic, by Kurt Schlichter
  131. What if...Ted Cruz were the Presidential Candidate?
  132. House Democrats delay leadership elections in blow to Pelosi
  133. Illegals cost the US taxpayers $113 billion
  134. And in the obvious department
  135. Is Trump part of the Alt-Right?
  136. Hollywood elites
  137. Old, White men.
  138. I can only hope and about time
  139. No comments about Pamela Ramsey Taylor here yet?
  140. Those poor delicate missigin snowflakes, so fragile
  141. Faithless Electors, could it sway the outcome?
  142. Uhhhh the drinking game.
  143. Not an election...a revolution
  144. Trump 60,371,193; Clinton 61,039,676
  145. "...That all men are created equal..."
  146. News Update from Canada
  147. Americans vs. the media
  148. Can we all just agree......
  149. Not happy with either WH choice thus far.
  150. Ad Spending for the Election
  151. Trump on 60 minutes
  152. ANOTHER American "Hero"...
  153. "Spontaneous Protests"? In a Pig's eye!
  154. What Can We Do To Connect With Voters
  155. Peggy Hubbard on the 2016 election results protesters...
  156. World series isn't fair!
  157. The Horror of a Pedophile in the White House
  158. Good read, Trump too much credit!
  159. A message to ZiggytheCat
  160. Because the state is their god.
  161. Saturday Night Live
  162. After reading through basic Obamacare coverage
  163. Political Humor
  164. Oddly I didn't lose
  165. Now look what you have done.....
  166. Don't the prostesters realize that their childish behavior validates keeping Trump?
  167. Trump: 62,972,226 #Clinton: 62,277,750
  168. Hey!
  169. love him or hate him...
  170. Positive that Trump would lose.
  171. Hate crimes unravel
  172. Got into an ugly argument with my 26 y/o son last night
  173. Its the beginning of a Civil War!
  174. Trump Administration First 100-Days Plan
  175. Trump Defeated
  176. New Balance shoes....
  177. What Ronald Reagan Thought of the Democrat Platform
  178. They Still Don't Get It
  179. Trump On Electoral College & Popular Vote
  180. Now the riots are all Trump's fault
  181. Hijab fib
  182. Since Trump is president, when are the
  183. The sore losers step up their game
  184. Liars, liars, liars, and the lefties fell for it, again
  185. Could Faithless Electors save us from a Trump disaster
  186. Inauguration Day
  187. Trump; Campaigning and Post-election
  188. Love Trumps Hate...LOL
  189. Kasich wants to be Trump's buddy now
  190. Whiners going nutz in Portland
  191. Rational (yes, really) article from a Clinton supporter
  192. Military ballots delivered to late to be counted
  193. Elections Have Consequences
  194. Another shining example of open minded liberals
  195. Snowflakes part duex
  196. Racially charged incidents in public schools escalate
  197. The folly of #Calexit
  198. I can't stop whistling.
  199. California Uber Alles
  200. Obama's last 100 days
  201. For The Hillary Cry Babies
  202. Happy Birthday Marines
  203. So whats next for the Clintons?
  204. Will the Obama White house be like the Clintons?
  205. Why isn't Trump doing anything about.........
  206. A Flash of Perception
  207. Ed Klein: Hillary Couldn't Stop Crying, Blames Comey and Obama For Loss
  208. Whatta Load of...
  209. Steve Deace Rips PBS News Hour a new one.
  210. The role of the media ??
  211. DOW hits new record...
  212. Clinton Foundation
  213. So, what's a speech by Bill and Hill worth now?
  214. New Tell All Books
  215. Clemency
  216. My R gov is a twit....won't concede.
  217. Trump's Cabinet?
  218. Sad to see them Canada
  219. You are all wrong! The Democrats didn't vote
  220. Clinton's election party, in pictures. Enjoy.
  221. The precious snowflakes???
  222. Talk about "Hoist by their own Petard".
  223. More Winners
  224. Trump as the CIC
  225. Last week at this time, he was their new best friend.
  226. Death of two families.
  227. More Good News
  228. How quickly will it start being Trump's fault?
  229. Warning Signs
  230. Smile
  231. Seriously?
  232. Faux noise
  233. Shes Really Really Is Inexorably Dead
  234. What did you do on election night?
  235. The intellectual resistance
  236. Congrats to our border states in the SW!
  237. Bye bye Hillary!
  238. The real winner in the 2016 election.
  239. This is a good time in encourage your liberal friends
  240. Proudly Deplorable
  241. What about Pant Suit Nation?
  242. 3AM call
  243. Did dipslo concede yet?
  244. My gloating thread!
  245. And here come the riots..
  246. How about those polls?
  247. Tim Kaine Shows Hillary His Belly Button To Cheer Her Up
  248. Now that we have that over with...
  249. Dipso was WRONG
  250. Canada's immigration website crashes under heavy traffic