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signit98 06-07-2007 12:49 PM

...Paging SoCal and Cental Cal Riders...
... would anybody from SoCal, Central Califonia and/or surrounding areas be interested in a privated track day at Buttonwillow?

...if we do a Monday, we can rent the whole track (incl. Liability, participant accident insurance and all that stuff) for just under $6000.00

Sounds like a lot but if we get 20 or 30 riders, it is just about as much as you would pay for a regular track day, 'xept you don't have to share the track with 100+ of your best friends...

So, if you guys know folks interested and/or are interested yourself... we ought to go for that... a track day is a wonderful thing, a trackday among friends on an exclusively rented track is MUCH better... and, as it stands, Buttonwillow is one of the best tracks around... it has everything, technicality, fast pace and lots of run-off spaces to make it an all around pleasant experience to ride there...

Lemme know... I'd propose the following layout, has been the most fun over the years... 'specially lost hill (fast blind right) and the sweeper!

SergioK 06-07-2007 01:21 PM

A friend just did this for another friend who is gettin married. We've actually done this twice already and can be quite entertaining. These bachelor parties are dubed Bachelorwillow. :D

signit98 06-07-2007 01:47 PM

LOL... well, if someone's getting married!?...

Dbltailexit 06-07-2007 03:56 PM

by the by Ventura BMW and such still had openings yesterday for Buttonwillow for their BMW only day Monday June 11th.

Jeff W. just needs to call in sick. oops - you know what happens when he does that - the line is always busy... Joy's of self employment.
Jeff i decided to keep the 510.

i'm in. We could even run counter clockwise half day then clockwise. Ingmar

Jeff Williams 06-07-2007 07:16 PM

I don't have a 510 anymore...... its now a 530 with 65 hp.:):):) boo-ya
just enough to keep me out of trouble.

ExarKunONe 06-07-2007 08:59 PM

Definitely, keep me posted

signit98 06-08-2007 06:32 AM

...hmmm, amongst the three of us, we are down to "only" $2K a pop... LOL

There is also the possibility of a "shared Track rental"... or "semi exclusive" as they call it... don't know what that entails but I will look into it.

honard 06-08-2007 03:12 PM

I'm game. Last time I went to Buttonwillow with Fresno BMW for a shop ride/track day. We shared track day with Red Shift School and had about 25 BMW riders in attendance. The cost was about $150 ea.
To get it down to that price we would need 40 riders (13 - 14 riders per 20 minute session x 3 sessions). Very doable especially if we talked it up with our local BMW clubs/shops.

Yinzer 06-08-2007 03:24 PM

Shelly and I just did a Redshift trackday at Buttonwillow this past Monday. It was my first trackday and had a blast. I'm in if we can get enough people.


signit98 06-08-2007 03:45 PM

Tim, on a track like Buttonwillow it does not get crowded that easy... when I am out there with the Track Club, the commonly start A and B groups that have 35+ riders... after a mile it dispurses and then it is just having fun... with 40 riders we could do two groups at 20 each and get 4 hours of riding for each group... that would amount to 160 to 180 miles... that is a lot on a race track...

I would like to keep it below $200 per person... after all, I'll spend about 4 - to 10 hours of driving back and forth and about $80 in gas just to get there and back home... plus the new tires one will have to have and such...

If we get 30 riders that would be great... any more would help bring the price down even more. We'll see what the interest level is and find out what day would suit us (and the track folks) best and then we go from there...

Shouldn't be to hard... and the one thing you can virtually guarantee.... IT WILL BE A BLAST!!!

honard 06-22-2007 04:03 PM


Any further developments on the Buttonwillow Track Day?

I might suggest waiting until fall when the temperature drops, as we are in the 100+F days of summer now, and will be seeing them until the end of August.

If this becomes a reality, I'm sure I can get at least 10 BMW riders from Fresno to attend to help bring the cost down, Maybe more through our local dealer/shop.

I see you're in San Diego, moved from there up to Fresno 2 years ago. Used to ride Palomar, Borrego, etc. every week. As fun as those roads are you would enjoy the Sierra Mtn roads up here. Not many riders, CHP few and far (no traps) and NO traffic. No Julian Apple Pie Company though :(

signit98 06-22-2007 04:17 PM

No worries, Tim... I am doing ok down here as well... very few people in the desert this time of the year and I don't mind the temp... also, it seems that they high gas prices have dropped the weekend SUV crowds considerably... and yes, that Apple Pie...

My friend Michelle manages Mom's up there... so, I am always in for a treat... 'xept Sundays... she takes those off now :(

But, to get back to your original question, no, no further developments... but I will try to fire that engine up in August for September or October... we'll see... I think, if we can get 30 or 40 people together, it'll be one hell of a track day... the last time I had a track day with a number that low, I clocked 183 Miles!!!

That was nice and I was nicely DONE... still had to drive 5 hours to San Diego though... and the Chargers lost to the steelers in the last 3 minutes... yes, it was in 95... the last time the Stillers were worth anything!

I will revive the thread when it comes to that... for now, we'll let Summer pass... I would not be able to ride hart right now anyway...


Moki 06-22-2007 06:30 PM


If possible, can you arrange the track day during first part of September? I'm scheduled to be in California from late August to Sept.14th. I'd love to join in on the fun.

signit98 06-22-2007 07:14 PM

...depends on the rest of the gang, Moki... I am quite confident that I can round up a decent amount of folks down here... and Honard is chiming in with the potential of 10 or so from up north...

Problem is that Buttonwillow is booked on 09/03 and 09/10 (both Mondays) and the respective weekends before (weekend would be to expensive anyway)... we'll see how things pan out... just keep an eye open.

Moki 06-22-2007 10:01 PM


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