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tic105 11-09-2017 05:02 AM

AF-Xied question
One of my winter projects will be to install an AF- Xied. My 2004 BCR is stock except a cat delete pipe (stock mufflers). I live at sea level if that makes a difference. Any advice on settings? Should I stick with stock setting?

BikerMiker 11-09-2017 09:12 AM

I'm doing the same on my 12s this winter. Stock muffler, cat delete with O2 sensors. Any words of wisdom appreciated ;).

BigDav 11-10-2017 06:19 AM

AF-xied instructions recommends setting of 7 for BMW and their experience is "6-8 works best".

They also through out a caveat that "free flowing exhaust" might require leaner settings.

I started at 7 and while the bike ran well (no more cold start stalling) it killed my fuel economy. I went from 140 miles before the low fuel light came on to 100 miles.

I've reset to number five and the engine runs like it always has with a cold start stall or two and the fuel economy is closer to what I used to get pre-AF-xied.

tic105 11-10-2017 06:28 AM

Thanks BigDave - this doesn't sound promising. Based on your experience, why are you leaving it installed?

Lowndes 11-10-2017 02:16 PM

You might want to check with Roger 04 RT over in the bmwsporttouring forum. He did the testing for the AF-Xied for NightRider and knows a lot about it. MUCH info on it there.

My own personal experience with three of them (R1100S, R1100RT, K1200RS0) is that it made such an improvement in the R11S that I bought the next two before even taking delivery of the bikes. It was the single best performance and drivability improvement (and the least expensive) I've made on that bike (Wilburs, PR4's, Induct, SJ air filter, EV14 injectors). The RT and RS were less dramatic but still worth it.

If it made any diff in the fuel mileage on the R11S I can't tell it. I ride the bike for smiles, not miles. But I can tell you that in August, headed south on 19 from Blairsville up to Neels Gap, it had 148 miles on the trip meter when the flame went out (turned around and coasted 4.5 miles back to Sunrise gas sta.).

It lets the engine run like it's supposed to run. As the pilots say, "If the mix is too thin the fan won't spin.") The proper A/F ratio does wonders for it, and it runs cooler, too.

terrym 11-13-2017 10:07 AM


Originally Posted by BigDav (Post 9809780)
...They also through out a caveat that "free flowing exhaust" might require leaner settings...

I thought the freer it flowed, the richer it would need to be set. Not so?

Roger 04 RT 11-15-2017 04:22 AM

Regarding the previous post, the answer gets complicated. With an open exhaust, if it actually allows more air into the combustion chamber, you may need more fuel to keep the AFR (air to fuel ratio) at a desired level (e.g. 13:1 at WOT). But it is still correct to use the same XIED setting which adds a certain amount of richness to the AFR. IF you get more air in at WOT, the AFXIED adds fuel to Closed Loop, and eventually enrichens the Log Term Trim factors in the Motronic, which means more fuel at WOT and all other Open Loop fuelings.

The advice for all bikes is the same, start at 7. Then go down to 6, then try 8. There are a couple caveats which are related to the placement of the O2 sensor and its age:

If you have a really open exhaust, fresh air (including the oxygen in fresh air) can find its way from the tailpipe, backwards to the O2 sensor. If it does, the O2 sensor sends a lean signal, which will result in mixture richening. In that case, you want a low setting on the XIED so you don’t add too much fuel. (You could also try moving the O2 sensor closer to the cylinder and further from the exhaust but not closer than about a foot from the exhaust valve.

An old O2 sensor may not create enough voltage and may only work up to setting 5. The solution is to replace the sensor. A GS-911 can report whether the Motronic, O2 sensor and AFXIED are going into Closed Loop—just look for the high/low voltage pattern. If it won’t go into Closed Loop as you increase the XIED setting, a new sensor usually solves the problem.

giarcg 11-15-2017 01:07 PM

The units on my '04 S and RT are set at 7 and both run sweet. Recently installed one on my Buell Ulysses and it made a huge improvement .... I'm a fan.

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