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bobross 01-28-2018 04:55 PM

Noisy Fuel Pump
Having solved the problem with the rotational noise (wheel bearing), now that everything is back together, I can hear other noises.

Fuel pump sounds much louder than before. Mechanic at the dealer even commented on it. He speculated that it could be when I put the new fuel filter in, I put it in backwards. Or, maybe the quick disconnect fuel lines aren't clicked together firmly.

Or, maybe it has something to do with the AF-xied fuel enricher I put in. Running pretty rich and gas mileage down quite a bit. In that regard, I dialed it back one setting. We'll see if it settles down or needs more adjustment.

anyway, before I start taking the bodywork off and the gas tank too, I would appreciate anyone's thoughts on the noisy fuel pump.

Groceryrun 01-28-2018 09:55 PM

Not much room under the tank with the quick disconnects and also tough to manage,
but could you check to see if the quick disconnects click.

ppetion 01-29-2018 04:42 AM

Are you low in fuel? If your tank has low fuel, the pump will be noisy. Happen to me all the times.

JimMoore 01-29-2018 05:27 AM

when I bought my 02 R1150GS it had a loud fuel pump, so I had it replaced under warranty. With a louder one. 129K miles later it was still loud, and still working fine.

Roger 04 RT 01-29-2018 05:29 AM

The AFXIED setting isn’t causing any change in sound from your fuel pump. If the return QD (or the high pressure line) isn’t seated properly you get a change in sound level because the pump pressure increases dramatically.

There’s also a vibration damper at the rear of the pump. If that rots out, the noise level goes up too

bobross 02-01-2018 10:42 AM

Noisy Fuel pump
Okay. I ran three tanks of gas through since I messed with the fueling system (new filter, quick disconnects, AFxied). Louder pump noise persists. Mileage has been 30 mpg, 36 mpg and 32.5 mpg. Prior to all this, regularly got 42-43. I adjusted the AFxied for the three tankfulls, at 7, 5, and 4. With this kind of mileage/range, may as well get a Sportster, lol.

So, my thought is to take off the tank and check everything. Make sure no hoses are kinked or pinched. Fuel line disconnects firmly connected. filter not installed backwards. If nothing is obvious, thinking to replace the fuel pump.

fuel pumps run from $30 to $425, the latter being the BMW part. Beemer boneyard has some for around $200 plus. I would trust them. I see some others for $69 that claim to be quieter and have a lifetime guarantee. Anybody have some experience in this area?

BigDav 02-02-2018 05:34 AM

bobross, my AFxied experience mirrors yours. I can richen up the mixture to get rid of the cold start stalling at a severe cost in fuel economy.

My bike had early fuel pump failure. I ended up installing a $40 parts store fuel pump (Autozone) for a Camaro (I think). I can hear it prime but do not notice it while running. I have about 10k miles on this aftermarket pump.

bobross 02-04-2018 05:35 PM

Noisy Fuel Pump
Big Dav, So did you leave the AFxied installed and suffer the consequences, or pull it out and go stock? I am mulling, having a few days to decide until the fuel pump arrives.

BigDav 02-05-2018 05:29 AM

No, I leaned out the AFxied to the point where it is near stock. Some stalling cold and MPG's back up near 40.

bobross 02-10-2018 05:09 PM

Noisy fuel pump
Installed a new pump. Much quieter. Don't know if the old pump was failing, or just decided to become louder.

Got the pump from Euro Moto-Electric in Denver. Bosch pump, for $110. Exact duplicate of the OEM pump. BMW wants over $400 for the pump. Crazy. I think Euro Moto-Electric is a good source for parts. Last year I got a Hall effect sensor for my airhead from them that worked and was much less than the dealer price.

Roger 04 RT 02-11-2018 08:19 AM

Just a note on the R1150, R1100S fuel pump. It always pumps the same amount of fuel, all the time (when the engine is running). That’s true at idle, cruise, WOT and every AFXIED setting. It always pumps about 2 liters per minute at 3 bar (43.5 psi). What changes is the amount of fuel returning to the tank (at low pressure), which is the unused amount.

So if a pump is making noise, it’s only the pump that’s in question, unless the fuel pressure regulator is not working properly, the fuel filter is plugged, or a QD connection is not fully seated.

Meeni 02-11-2018 08:35 AM

I installed a walpro unit a year ago. No problem to report.

Lowndes 02-12-2018 07:37 PM

+1 on EME. Lori there is super. The guy - don't remember his name, the owner, is OK, to, but Lori knows her stuff.

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