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feeshta 06-29-2018 06:35 AM

Horrible scraping noise
Hello all. New here, and in need of some assistance.

Last week, my car suddenly started making a horrible scraping noise form the left rear wheel area. It is speed dependent, and it gets louder when you turn right, and much quieter when you turn left. It also refuses to make any noise when it is up on a lift, which is maddening.

My first thought was that one of the plastic covers on the bottom of the car had come loose and was scraping the road surface, but that wasn't the case. Second thought was a rock in the brake caliper, but on inspection there were no rocks.

I had recently had things apart back there when I did some rear suspension work, and had an issue with the retention springs on the e-brake assembly getting bent (forgot to back that off before trying to pull rear brake rotor, and it jammed) and it wasn't wanting to center properly, so I thought that was the culprit and replaced the retention springs, which are apparently made from plutonium given their price. That didn't work. I even ran the car with the e-brakes removed once, and the sound was still there, although reduced in volume.

When I went to reassemble everything, suddenly there was axle grease sprayed on the rear suspension, and I found a leaky CV axle boot. Pulled everything apart to get to that and then in a fit of frustration just decided to replace everything that I thought could be a problem. So I did all new rear rotors, pads, ebrake shoes, and a new wheel bearing on that side, as that had some play in it and it seemed like the time to replace it as I was already all the way in there. inspection of the cv axle showed the boot wasn't torn, it was just leaking around the factory seal, so I replaced the seal for now. It seems to move smoothly, and a mechanic friend who looked at it didn't see any problems.

None of that worked. There is still a horribly loud scraping sound coming from the left rear wheel area.

Does anyone have any ideas? I'm completely stumped.

Edit: Spoke to a local Porsche Specialist, and described the symptoms. He is fairly convinced it is a bad wheel hub, and would like me to bring it by for confirmation. I can't understand how what is effectively one solid chunk of metal could go bad. Anyone ever heard of that?

faverymi 06-30-2018 06:40 AM

My track car has chewed hubs.

My guess is defective bearing or something that wasn't put together in the right position

GTBrandon 06-30-2018 04:32 PM

Differential maybe? Check the fluid level in that and how viscous it is.

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