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Draden 03-07-2014 06:44 PM

Ca registration saga
Hi all. I just moved back into CA with my 911 and was worried about what it takes to get my car registered and titled back in CA after being gone for 19yrs.

Here is the saga and the success:

Ok. I bought my car in California back in the mid 80 from the original owner. I has it registered here in my name up thru 1992 when I then moved out of state to AZ titled and registered from 1992 to 2003 in AZ I later moved to Georgia and left the car in storage in AZ ( I did not non op it, I just didn't renew and let it expire). During my time in georgia ( 2003 to 2006). I took the car out of storage in 2005 and trailered it to Georgia. I registered it and titled it there with no issue and mention or charge for the years it was inop since last reg in AZ. I drove the car a few times. Mostly to and from roebling road to race it. I then moved to Pennsylvania in late 2006 and trailered it there and let the ga registration expire at the end of 2006. I did not non op it or anything with the dmv and I never titled or registered it in pa. I trailered it out to tracks (mostly ponoco) occasionally but never attempted to title or reg it there. Then recently I moved back home to south Orange

Next is about the car itself, 15 some years ago I began tracking the car with upgrade motors and performance mods. In it is a 2.8 twin plug 906 cam motor instead of the 2.0 that I left ca with. Also the car is caged and mods everywhere. So was I nervous about trying to do this adding to the fact she wasn't registered in over 5 years, still titled in GA and hadn't been in California for over 19 yrs.

Was I nervous about going to the DMV? you bet I was nervous .....

Here is how it went.

I am an autoclub member so I went to my local autoclub office at a car dealership near me and brought the Georgia title and had the ca application for title with me. ( I also brought my hagarty proof of insurance and I brought along my old registration docs from ca 1992 ( no one cared to see those).

Car was way out of the system

For title and reg fees, I paid 104 total and surrendered the GA title and that all went well, they inspected my vin. I showed them the door and said I could show them the nose tag and the stamp by the fuel tank. They said they only needed one so the door jam it was.

They did not even look at the engine or anything. No functional test of lights, nothing.

No look at engine serial number either ( in ca it is only required for a motorcycle)

Anyway the issue came with the registration.

The application asked for the year purchased which I enter 1985.

Their computer system flagged me as "woosley" and placed me in an immediate suspension.

I asked to talk to the supervisor and he was an ex dmv worker and explained that it was no issue that the paperwork had to be reviewed by a special branch and then they would release the suspension.

I looked at them cross eyed with doubt.

They gave me plates and the brand new temp registration said "suspended" and had a weird plate number but also had another entry lower on the form that showed the number on the plates they gave me (plates with current tag and all) and they told me I could drive.

I was not chancing getting pulled over trying to explain why a new registration said suspended and tell an officer that the guy at Aaa said it was ok. over so I went to the police station to ask for their take on this. Of course I didn't drive the porsche there.

3 officers all scratched their head and said no, that in their opinion the reg is suspended and I'd get a ticket minimum. And possible the car towed off.

None of them heard of a woosley suspension and didn't care.

We (the police and I)googled the woosley and read about some guy named woosley that started a class action lawsuit against the state of ca dmv.... Something about how the state over charged people for the method of taxing calculation for out of state cars compared to ca state purchased cars.

So I went back to that supervisor at the autoclub and he said I could sue the police if they impounded me etc. I said. Yeah right. I'm not chancing my car.

I also demanded to know why my car is suspended for some board to review a tax method and refund me if applicable. Are you kidding me. For a VLF of 5 dollars out of the 104. He'll I'd pay ten times that. Who cares

So I got flagged by a computer system because I bought my car before 1991 and it came into ca from out of state. And I'm being told that's the computer system doing it. Just wait it out

Didn't matter it was bought here and taxes paid at that time of purchase. I even waived the original purchase receipt from when I bought the car in ca showing the taxes paid.

It also didn't matter the car was originally sold in ca ( vasek polak dealer car) no did it matter I purchased as 2nd owner while living In ca.

It also didn't matter that it was registered here in ca in my name for 7 years before I left In 92

Apparently the application data when entered into the dmv computer does not have any entry point for adding this data so telling these people at autoclub or at dmv didn't matter, what mattered was what the computer system thought and evaluated the car was bought before 91 and an out of state car. Suspended. Period


Over a lawsuit I have nothing to do with.

So I made them give me a temp window tag for 3 months at no additional cost.

Anyway. Sure enough about 6 weeks passes and I get the title in the mail, good so far
Then another week and the registration came. No suspension, everything good to go.

That's my saga and the woosley suspension ended up being a small administrative hold for some anonymous dmv branch office to review, whoever they are, they reviewed and released and the car is good to go

Summary. No smog, no inspection other than a vin check and no one cared the car wasn't registered for over 7 years

104 bucks. Wait 7 weeks. Good to go. CA state registered and titled.

930LDR 03-10-2014 05:09 PM

How did you get away without a SMOG check? My Illinois registered 930 is awaiting importation into our glorious state however I've been holding off on it due to SMOG issues.

Draden 03-10-2014 06:05 PM

In ca I think it's 1975 and newer only require emissions testing. Older are grandfathered. So you can pretty much build a race motor. Noise is the only thing to worry about older cars.

I think if you change an engine on an older car, it must be 1974 or older. Mine happens to be a 1974 case but again nobody bothered looking at an older 1967 car except vin check.

ian c2 03-24-2014 03:12 PM

So you've had the car legal for about 3 weeks and you're allready out racing crotch-rockets ?

Good work draden !!
Way to go :)

I'm about to try to register That out of state shell in my garage on a chassis dolly ....
I'm expecting dmv nightmares :)

And as you know it will be a LONG wait before I'm out racing R1s in it :)

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