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mikester 10-05-2014 06:34 PM

Ever left a bag behind at a hotel or resort and gotten it returned?
I've never left one behind.

I have turned a few left behind bags into the hotel when I arrived in a room though.

Well - it's happened to us finally. My 6 year old left his backpack full of toys and books in the room on the way out the door this morning as we were leaving the resort.

It was a time share presentation weekend and we were actually seriously considering signing up and were just taking a few days to think it over. It seems like it would work out really well for us and the cost is not that great. The sales pitch meetings went well and weren't high pressure or anything and overall we dug it.

Anyway - I called the resort after we drove home and realized we left a bag in the room and they said they hadn't seen it. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise...

I spoke to the bellmans, front desk and house keeping. FD and HK said they would check with the folks who were on shift today when they came in tomorrow but ultimately at this time there is no bag to be found.

Well, if a simple bag full of legos can't be returned honestly to its owners then what if I leave something more valuable in the room or something like that?

I sent the sales folks a note in reply to their note to me today - if that bag is not found and returned I can't in good conscience sign up with their resorts. I've never had anything taken from a room that I am aware of. I am a good customer of their brands but my kid's not going to want to go back to a place where his school bag and toys were lost and stolen.

We're certain we left it in the room because were only there for 2 nights and it was only used to carry stuff from home into the room and never left. We know where it was when we left - we simply failed to make sure he grabbed it.

I'm willing to accept my part of course but ultimately it shows the honesty of the folks who work in a place and if I'm going to make an investment so far - it's not looking like a good one.

masraum 10-05-2014 07:44 PM

I forgot a pocket comb in a hotel room once and received the silly thing in the mail a week later. I was thoroughly impressed.

I think that's the same room where I left to go work, and because I had taken my suitcase (to carry tools, laptop, etc...), I guess they thought that I had checked out and had cleared out the rest of my stuff. I did get all of that back, but I was thoroughly freaked out when I got back to the room that day and my sandals and a few other things were gone.

Evans, Marv 10-05-2014 07:52 PM

A friend left my rain proof tent cover in the room we were staying in in Yosemite before going on a week long hike. He called after he got back home & they asked where he wanted it sent.

BeyGon 10-05-2014 08:13 PM

Two friends and I flew into San Jose Cost Rica, we were going to my house in Tamarindo, as we got into a taxi we left my bag of very good fishing reels sitting on the curb, we picked up my truck, went to a hotel for the night. When I got up in the morning I saw something missing and panicked, I jambed back to the airport, went into lost and found and there was my bag. They gave it to me and asked if anything was missing, I looked through and the only things gone were my motion detector lights for the house. I said thanks and ran out. If you say something is missing they keep it and you won't get the bag back until after an investigation. And you probably won't get it all back. I had some high end big reels in that bag.

Holger 10-06-2014 01:17 AM

My son was missing his Nintendo after our summer vacation (south Spain).
We did not notice until we arrived at home.
I thought it had slipped out of my bag on the flight.
Contacted the Belgian airway. No response.

Forgot about it.

After three or four weeks I contacted the hotel via email. "Yes, I have the Nintendo here. It was found in the poolbar-area! We are so happy that you contacted us!", was the immediate response on the same day.

After a few emails the sending was arranged and we had the Nintendo four days later.

By the way: I can recommend Melia Atlantico in Isla Canela! :-D

widgeon13 10-06-2014 02:51 AM

My wife left her iPad in a hotel in San Juan PR and fortunately got it back within a week. No problem.

oldE 10-06-2014 03:12 AM

Ever left a bag behind at a hotel or resort and gotten it returned?
Only on purpose.

I do some work for Tourism Nova Scotia and, on occaision have been tasked with doing some "mystery shopping" or property reviews.
As part of the property review we leave an item in the room and call to enquire about it next day.
I have had good results each time.
So, if you are travelling in Nova Scotia, I can recommend Pictou Lodge and a sister property Port Hawksbury Inn as places which will make sure your belongings get back to you.:)


GH85Carrera 10-06-2014 04:48 AM

I left my laptop power cord with the built in charger transformer behind once. I called the hotel and they said it had been turned in by the maid. They mailed it back to me. It took several weeks to get it back but it did show up.

bowenx 10-06-2014 05:30 AM

Many years ago i had left a power cord for a boombox (if that gives you an idea of the time) in a hotel room in upstate NY. I called the next day after getting home and they were able to find it and mail it back. I was shocked as the cord had fallen behind a dresser in the room and they had already found it by the time i had called.
The most recent issue was that my wife had left her purse on an Aer Lingus flight and we were able to get that back quick enough (we hadn't left the airport yet).

AFC-911 10-06-2014 05:40 AM

I left a small camera in a jacket I borrowed for glacier hiking at the Columbia Icefields. It was mailed to my house a few weeks later.

Jolly Amaranto 10-06-2014 05:45 AM

My wife left some diamond ear rings on the bathroom counter once. Did not realize it till they came in the mail a week later. My in-laws left a bag at a hotel in San Antonio and got it back. My brother-in-law and I drove from Houston to pick it up but they would have shipped it. It had their meds in it so had to be retrieved in a more timely manner.

bowenx 10-06-2014 06:04 AM

I'd say with online review sites/social media being as widely used as it is - it is in the best interest of the companies to ensure their staff keeps an eye out for lost/left bags so that they don't get written up. Just a few bad reviews can seriously impact their business and that can take a huge effort to recover.
of course - a bad apple in the bunch is still possible.

legion 10-06-2014 06:25 AM

I left some eyeglasses on the side table of a hotel in Warrenville, IL when I was up there for a friend's wedding 13 or so years ago. I had worn my contacts on the way out and didn't notice that I'd left them. I went back to the hotel about an hour after checkout and no one had seen them or could find them. :mad:

I was really angry, as my prescription only changed every four years or so, so I bought really expensive glasses that would last me 4 years. Getting another pair for $400 was not something that I could not really afford just a year out of college.

pc100porsche 10-06-2014 06:39 AM

Pants left at Sofitel, Beverly Hills .. recd a few days later in NYC.
Laptop AC Adapter left Hilton, Queenstown New Zealand .. recd back OK.

BUT Unopened Alcohol mistakenly left on transfer from Moana Surfrider Waikiki to Marriott Waikiki .. Gone, within minutes of departure .. heehee

stomachmonkey 10-06-2014 06:48 AM

Wife left small camera bag with 6 or so SD cards full of precious memories that she had not backed up.

Called a few times asking if it had turned up. NG and she was upset and pissed that someone would just keep her photos like that.

I found it 6 months later under the passenger seat of her car.

widgeon13 10-06-2014 06:59 AM

Left my Amex card at a restaurant (having business lunch) in SLO years ago and it was at my hotel in LA the next morning before I checked out.

widgeon13 10-06-2014 07:00 AM


Originally Posted by stomachmonkey (Post 8293652)
Wife left small camera bag with 6 or so SD cards full of precious memories that she had not backed up.

Called a few times asking if it had turned up. NG and she was upset and pissed that someone would just keep her photos like that.

I found it 6 months later under the passenger seat of her car.

Did you tell her or just write a note?

Gogar 10-06-2014 07:26 AM

With all due respect,

I think if I worked in the sales office and some dude called and said

he wasn't going to sign up for a timeshare because

the maid "stole his forgotten legos"

I might breathe a sigh of relief.

MikeSid 10-06-2014 09:14 AM

I left a drawer of clothes at the Sheraton Midtown. Arrived at my house via Fed Ex, neatly folded, before I even realized they were missing. Made me think twice about hauling luggage around. It was incredibly efficient and no charge to me.

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