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Les Paul 03-27-2016 02:23 PM

Type 99 Japanese Spoon

Going through some pics long lost at my wife's childhood house we came upon some interesting WW2 pics. Her dad recently talked about a souvenir they latched onto when given the OK to go through the caves at Okinawa after the smoke had cleared. My fil on the left in the top pic said after leaving they were told they would be thrown in the brig if caught with any guns. So this one went over the side that night. At 93 he's got one foot in the grave and another on a Bananna peel but still recalls those days after never talking about them till recently when he took a major fall nearly a year ago.

The guy on the left was his brother who he kept out of trouble during their time on the ship. That information coming from his estranged son who came back into the family fold after being gone 50 years. He had plenty of stories about my fil his dad had told him my wife and I had never heard. Like the fact he was the enforcer in a family of 6 big old raw boned farm boys growing up in dust bowl Ok in the 30's.

fred cook 03-27-2016 07:01 PM

Great pictures and interesting story. When I came back into the states after my last Seabee deployment, I had a US Navy K-bar knife in my sea bag. They told us the same thing about not wanting to get caught with weapons, but I took a chance and buried the knife way down in the bag. Turned out that the customs search was a minimal effort and no one found the knife. Still have it and it is one of my favorite possessions!

Les Paul 03-27-2016 08:42 PM few of his shipmates with a Japanese battle flag.

Wife's dad was a spotter for one of their 5 inch guns that shot down a Kamakaze on one of the island invasions. This was a publicity shot taken several weeks after they shot it down.

Arizona_928 03-27-2016 08:52 PM

That is pretty cool. My grandfather was part of the 27th Bomb Group
16th Squadron in the Philippines. If that catches anyone's attention, I will be happy to share his full story.

Les Paul 03-28-2016 07:17 AM


Originally Posted by AZ_porschekid (Post 9056007)
That is pretty cool. My grandfather was part of the 27th Bomb Group
16th Squadron in the Philippines. If that catches anyone's attention, I will be happy to share his full story.

My daughters best friend growing up Grandad was a co-pilot on a B-17 that crash landed in the swamps of New Guinea. Her dad was on several expeditions that finally found the plane half underwater but mostly intact. Not sure if they ever got it out of the country to restore it or not.

GH85Carrera 03-28-2016 07:43 AM

Back when boys were men. 18 and 20 year old men running ashore under withering enemy fire.

Now the 18 to 20 years old children need a safe zone to keep from hearing a bad word and god forbid they see the name of a presidential candidate scribbled in chalk on the sidewalk, they have a breakdown and need counseling.

Those are cool pictures. If those Oklahoma farm boys above grew up in the dust bowl they grew up in hard times. No one coddled them, they just did what had to be done and got on with it.

Les Paul 03-28-2016 08:35 AM

They grew up in Oilton. My fil didn't graduate from HS till he was 19 because he'd spent so much time missing school in the falls picking cotton. My fil graduated and took a train to San Diego where he worked at an aircraft factory till his younger brother graduated HS. They joined the Coast Guard because they allowed brothers to serve on the same ship. Ironically it wasn't till last spring that we heard many of the war time stories from my fil's brothers son. Five of the six brothers served in WW2 all making it out. The youngest brother wasn't old enough to make it in and caught grief the rest of their lives. My fil is the only one still alive at 93.

kevin930t 04-06-2016 05:34 PM

What a amazing story

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