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yama1 01-06-2004 06:34 PM

3.2 performance upgrades
What simple performance options are available for the 3.2.

Increase in HP, but at this time cannot incur too much cost

Air filter, exhaust, manifold mods. Don't want to pull engine now, I'll save that for the rebuild.:D

thanks for the info

85 911 carrera

Steve Alarcon 01-08-2004 07:43 PM

3.2 Bolt-on Performance
How much is too much cost? The Huntley MAF Hot Wire
Induction System will give you a gain of 20-25 horsepower.
I have a used one for sale, give me a e-mail if you are interested.

strokher racing 01-08-2004 08:45 PM

never never never never never use anything huntley sells uses or looks at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are crooks they do not stand behind their products in any way. They sold me a turbo and left out the turbine ring which controls the oil and guess what the motor hydrolocked in 11 blocks and broke 5 piston rings. The motor never got over 3 thousand rpm on the way home. This was not a little cheap 944 this was my low mileage 91 c2 turbo in great shape. Well needless to say they laughed in my face and lied time after time they suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cost me thousands torepair my motor Derrick Huntley is a lier and a crook and I would love to run into him to show him how much I like him. Just my 2 cents might save you thousands I ahve a list of other customers who were screwed and a list of lawsuits they lost and inside info on screwed people bc this guy used to work for them :)

earossi 01-09-2004 10:11 AM

I, too, have been researching what can be done to the 3.2 motor in a cost effective manner. Which lead me to Steve Wong PROM chips. His advice, and it sounds good to me, is to chip the car (about $280 from Steve), and then do things to free up the intake and exhausts. For the intake, look at the K&N cone filter, or any of the knock offs on the market (about $150).

For the exhaust, look at replacing your cat with either a bypass tube or the Euro/premuffler (Pelican has this for about $350). For less $ you can pull your cat and have it gutted to reduce back pressure. Keep in mind that you may not be able to pass emissions testing if you do any of this.

The most expensive, yet cost effective thing to do then, is to put on a high flow sport muffler. Here you are talking $600 +/-.

There are also a few things recommended that I have not been able to validate such as replacing the ignition wires with something other than OEM; installing a high voltage coil and then regapping the plugs to about 0.050 - 0.060".

If you do not need to pass a periodic emissions test, then it appears that going retro on the heat exchangers gives you a big bang for the buck. Suggestions are to retro with SSI exchangers with a decent sport exhaust for the best combo. I think that the SSI exchangers are in the $800 - 900 range (for both sides).

Just my two cents.

Steven Alarcon 01-09-2004 11:29 AM

Strokher....I am sorry for your loss. Did you take Derrick from
Huntley to court and recover your damage. It would seem it
would have been a slam-dunk if he had left parts out of a
turbo, he had sold you. I don't think you wanted to mislead
YAMA1, the Huntley MAF System will not cause your motor to
hyper-lock or cause thousands of dollars of damage that you
had from installing a defective Turbo.


strokher racing 01-09-2004 12:49 PM

no but why would you trust someone on any product who openly ****s people pardon my language. I have heard numerous problems about his mass air units which can in fact lean motors out and blow them. He sucks period and if you have a problem he will not help you. No I did not take him to court my lawyer said the only economical way to do this was through a class action suit. I have documented reports of the turbo through a top shop who is also a national tech adviser for porsche so it was not bs if you know what I mean

MBruns 01-10-2004 04:51 AM

3.2 bolt on upgrades
Autothority had/has a mass flow hot wire system and chip that makes a very nice improvement for the 3.2, if you change the ex system to SSI and a sport muffler or even a OEM 1974 style muff. the gain is impressive for bolt on stuff, I have sold and installed those systems when I had a street shop and they were reliable and affordable, even with the stock ex system it works well.
Mike Bruns

birel23 01-20-2004 09:13 PM

i wanted to join in here i thought i was only one they sold me a "custom computer ) for my 94 3.6 s turbo told me it would give me 75 hp they should have said id need 75 boxes to pick up the engine parts after explosion they suck!!! i had a 31,000 mile perfect 3.6 turbo s i wanted more power out of i had 1 bar spring big fuel lines to4 s turbo & ghl headers it was a bullit then i talked to them they said this program would give more power and make it more reliable got on interstate went from 2nd to third at 5000 she sounded like a diesel and a h-bomb in 3 seconds. after wich i called raising hell then he vsaid they never actualy tried that program i paid 1200 for before he said he had used it 100's of times that little drive cost me$12,600. i dont understand how they are in buis still.

Brian Cameron 01-20-2004 10:40 PM

Don't know about cheap, but take a look at this:

ChrisBennet 01-21-2004 03:26 AM


Originally posted by birel23
i dont understand how they are in buis still.
I don't think they are anymore.

targa911man 01-21-2004 07:05 AM

The key words in your question seem to be "simple" and "cannot incur too much cost". Even at only a 5% hp increase, which is the minimum claimed, Steve Wong's chip gives you the most bang for the buck and the simplicity. I would recommend drilling a dozen or so 1-1 1/2" holes in your air filter cover. It may or may not add hp, but it's free and sounds cool. Another free "upgrade" for the new owner is to check your throttle linkage adjustment. Unless the po has taken out the slack, you are likely to find that what you think is WOT is 20-30% short of WOT. You can take out slack at the gas pedal and alongside the tranny. There a few threads on the process that will turn up with a rudimentary search.

RickM 01-21-2004 07:11 AM

Adding a second tail pipe to your stock muffler is most likely the most bang for the buck you'll get. A bit more involved than chipping though.

Use the search and you'll find tons of info on Air cleaner cover modification, chips, dual exhaust etc...

Scooter 01-21-2004 07:24 AM

There have been so many threads debating the same question. It appears to me that the overall educated consensus (being those people who actually know about performance mods) is that a chip, pre-muffler, and muffler will give you everything SSI's will and possibly more. This only goes for the 3.2. The 3.0 will definitely be better off with the SSI's. I am in no way an expert, so I am just giving you a summary of lots and lots of opinions, weeding out the individuals that I believe are more experienced than others. There are still some individuals out there that seem very experienced with opinions that may vary.

JeremyD 01-21-2004 07:33 AM

Scooter84 - looks like a good summary

Lorenfb 01-21-2004 07:38 AM

Please, no more "feeling" comments about chips or other performance mods.
I know "misery likes company", but avoid recommending to the naive without
some facts!

targa911man 01-21-2004 07:49 AM


Haven't you admitted that a 5% gain with a chip is possible? If not, prove it's not with dyno or g-tech figures. Your theories are just theories, and the universal weight of experience contradicts them.

JeremyD 01-21-2004 07:52 AM

I didn't see "Feeling" mentioned anywhere else in this thread beside your comments Loren.

JeremyD 01-21-2004 08:01 AM

Ah another one of those threads - SOP is Loren refutes the ability of Steve Wong's chips to positively affect performance - yet dozens of satisfied Steve Wong customers sign on and detail their satisfaction, then loren comes back and accuses them of having a herd mentality...

There - just saved us two pages of drivel.

And Targa911man - Loren does not have an issue with the 5% - it's the 6-8% (or 1-3% difference) without conclusive proof that he has issues with... Oh - and you all are doomed to blow up your engines...

rzepko6194 01-21-2004 08:02 AM

>Lorenfb wrote:

>Please, no more "feeling" comments about chips or other performance mods. I know "misery likes company", but avoid recommending to the naive without some facts!

To me, "feeling" is EVERYTHING! I don't give crap about absolute HP numbers or 0-60 times. The Steve Wong chip gives much better throttle response, driveability and seat of the pants performance. All this for only $280! This mod is a no brainer.


Having fun.

1987 Carrera Targa - 17K miles

Jgordon 01-21-2004 08:41 AM

I have read most of these discussions, and have been pretty amused by how heated the debates get, but I have a question.

I know that there are various upgrades available. These seem to be:

1. Chip
2. Muffler
3. Cat-back Exhaust
4. Heat Exchangers
5. MAF System
6. Cam shafts
7. Porting, Polishing, etc.
8. Getting further and further into the engine -- Increasing compression, etc.

I know there are others available, but:

I am wondering if there is a logical path that one could follow. For example, if you get a chip, then add another mod, it would seem you need a different chip. Many of these mods seem that you have to undo them when you put something else on. Is there a path of least resistance (read cost) that minimizes the undoing necessary when embarking on a mission to increase power?

Thanks very much.


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