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Pele911 05-10-2005 01:14 PM

Classic car Insurance
Anybody got a line on a good, reputable company for classic car insurance?


RickM 05-10-2005 01:17 PM

Lot's of threads on this. A search will spew tons of info.

Seems the hurdle that most encounter is the fact that few (if any) "classic car" insurers will write an "agreed value" policy and allow one to drive that car to work.

My eyes are peeled for any company who'll insure my 911 here in NJ under a "classic car" agreed rate and let me drive to work.

84toy 05-10-2005 01:20 PM

Agreed upon value but can not use to drive to work

Pele911 05-10-2005 01:21 PM

Thanks a lot guys

greglepore 05-10-2005 04:41 PM

Try American Collectors. Restrictions, but you wanted "classic car" coverage. Really cheap.

gassy 05-10-2005 04:54 PM

Try Sneed. They want you to enjoy your car.

valenciacarrera 05-10-2005 06:25 PM

Hey I thought, I was the only person with Sneed. It's great, since I don't have to keep track of miles driven.

carnutzzz 05-10-2005 06:28 PM

I have Hagerty, and specifically asked about driving to work. They told me it's fine now and then, but they expect you to use your primary vehicle for that.

I have agreed value.

scottcip1562 05-10-2005 06:28 PM

I am using Aon. $210.00 a year.

TerryH 05-10-2005 07:23 PM


Originally posted by scottcip1562
I am using Aon. $210.00 a year.
Boy, AON left a bad taste here. I applied online and got a request for 6 photos and sent them the next day. I heard nothing for a month so I emailed the gal twice and never received a reply. I then called and inquired a few weeks later. During my conversation with an agent I mentioned my car was a Euro model. He stated matter-of-factly that they would not insure a euro 911. It seemed like if I hadn't volunteered that my car was euro, they would have insured me on the spot. So beware if you are a euro 911 driver insured by these guys.

I was a little miffed because they ask for the VIN in their online app., so they could have rejected me immediately. Instead they drag this out for 2 months and ignore my email.

Oh well, maybe it's just me. ;)

beamonk 05-10-2005 07:29 PM

I am about to file a suit for a client who wrecked his car after taking it to work then taking the afternoon off to take a pal out in his 911. They refused coverage because he drove it to work in the morning. I would be careful with my choice of providers. Many don't want you to drive the car at all.

valenciacarrera 05-10-2005 08:53 PM

Actually, that's why I went with Sneed. They had more realistic expectations on how the car will be used. As long as I had a proof of alternative vehicle, they didn't care how many miles I put on. Most of other companies told me that the car should be strictly used for show or club events only with the mileage restiction. I guess that works fine for garage queens and show cars, but they weren't for me. IMHO, Porsches are meant to be driven freely on the road not to be caged in a car show events like animals at the zoo.

daka 05-11-2005 02:18 AM

I found that most of the "classic" insurance companies insisted that the car be in an ENCLOSED GARAGE at night, NO CARPORT.

scarletbegonias 05-11-2005 03:39 AM

Here is a response I got from Hagerty. It was tempting, but I like to drive my car a lot when it's nice here in Upsate NY, so I just went with regular insurance. I'll cancel the insurance for winter hibernation and then renew it in the Spring. It will require more trips to the DMV and more money, but I feel more comfortable driving it.

But, I'm thinking about going with collector's insurance after I get multiple p-cars in the collection.

Hello Mr. Kunz!

Thank you for your email inquiry. Our policy is a flexible but limited
use policy. We do not, however, limit you to just show and club use. Occasional pleasure driving fits our underwriting guidelines, but our policy is not intended for vehicles regularly driven to work or school or for running errands. We look for usage that is consistent with owning a valuable automobile and the availability of insured regular use vehicles for daily transportation.

With that said, we do also realize that some people love showing off such a great car to their co-workers. Each situation is underwritten individually, but we can consider writing policies for collector cars knowing that the vehicle may be driven to work a couple times during the summer months. If this is what you intended, then we can more than likely accommodate your request.

We would certainly appreciate the opportunity to give you an insurance quote but first we'll need further underwriting information from you. If you call one of our representatives, he or she will be able to give you a quote in just a few minutes and then mail or fax you the application paperwork.

Or, for your convenience, our Hagerty Website allows you to get
insurance online. If you visit you can not only get a quote, but also complete and submit your application and upload your vehicle photos along with other submission requirements for our underwriters to review.

Our office is open Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM EST,
Saturday 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM and Sunday 12:00 Noon to 4:00 PM. Our toll free number is 1-800-922-4050. Any of our customer service representatives can assist you.

Thank you for your interest in Hagerty Insurance!

Faith M. Kearns, API
Internet Service Correspondent/Licensed Agent
Hagerty Insurance Agency, Inc.
(800) 922-4050

-----Original Message-----
From: Howard Kunz []
Sent: Monday, March 21, 2005 9:49 AM
To: Public Folder - Auto Internet Share
Subject: Classic Insurance Question


I live in Upstate New York and have a 1977 Porsche 911S (about $12,000 value) that spends approximately December through April in storage.

My wife and I have three cars that we use for our regular
transportation (92 Toyota Corolla Wagon, 95 Mitsubishi Montero, 98 Subaru Forester). Neither of us have received any traffic tickets in over three years.

Does Hagerty have an insurance program that would allow me to drive the Porsche as follows:

I would like to be able to use it for occasional driving, including
driving it to work sporadically when we have a nice weather day here (parked in plain sight outside my office window in a rural location).

I would like to be able to drive it about 3,000 (but definately less
than 5,000) miles in a year.


Howard Kunz
Saratoga Springs, NY

RickM 05-11-2005 05:34 AM


Originally posted by gratefuldead

My wife and I have three cars that we use for our regular
transportation (92 Toyota Corolla Wagon, 95 Mitsubishi Montero, 98 Subaru Forester). Neither of us have received any traffic tickets in over three years.


Interesting. When I talked to Hagerty they specifically stated that the alternate/daily driver could not be over five years old. I have an '02 Explorer and '85 MB and they still refused.

Also, you take a risk when cancelling insurance during the winter. If it's stolen, burned, or vandalized etc you SOL. Be careful.

Beamonk, which company are you filing suit against? One mentioned here?

Jared at Pelican Parts 05-11-2005 06:05 AM

Hagerty also said they could not cover me as my daily driver was over 5 years old.

RickM 05-11-2005 06:25 AM

Just called Sneed for a quote. Looks very promising.
I'll share my experience as it progresses.

TerryH 05-11-2005 06:27 AM


Originally posted by Jared Fenton
Hagerty also said they could not cover me as my daily driver was over 5 years old.
Does this mean they can drop you like a rock if your everyday transportation ages beyond the 5 year limit? This requirement is so rediculous it's hard to believe.

Hell, my wifes daily driver is a 1988 Turbo T-bird with 170K miles. She loves the car and won't get rid of it. Hey, it's paid for, still looks good, and runs like a top. She trades off occasionally with a 1986 Buick Grand National. That's two strikes against her. :p

My work truck is a 2001 Ford Ranger. Does each household driver require a vehicle less than 5 years old?

Is the rationale here that an older car might breakdown and now your driving your classic daily?

RickM 05-11-2005 06:37 AM


Originally posted by TerryH

Is the rationale here that an older car might breakdown and now your driving your classic daily?



Sneed asked the following:

- Make, model and year of car to be insured.

- Agreed value? (if over $25k an appraisal may be needed)

- How many total drivers in household?

- What other vehicles are available for all houshold drivers? (make, model, year)

- current company(s) who insure each household vehicle?

- Classic car in locked garage?

- Any traffic violations for any household driver in the past five years? (They don't attempt to make a distinction between DWI or improper turn or speeding....)

- Will the classic car be used daily?

- What limits will you require?

Quote is sent w/in one day. four/five pics of car required. Showing all sides of car, engine bay, interior and trunk. Also want copy of declaration page from current insurance policy.

RallyJon 05-11-2005 06:42 AM

Hmm, I may try Sneed too. My current policy with JC Taylor prohibits driving to work. I guess if I was commuting in rush hour bumper-to-bumper traffic that might make sense, but my commute is from one suburb to another.

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