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degreeoff1 10-13-2005 06:40 AM

2.4 with it sight unseen??
Hello all,

I have the chance to buy a 2.4 with carbs (E I have been told) for $3000 in running condition (65k miles on it). It has not been running in a couple of years though....and not with carbs only the CIS.

a couple of questions?

#1 can a compression test be performed and give a rough est on the internals shape

#2 what engine #s would I need to determine if it is indeed a E motor?

Thank you
Joshua C.

soon to be a 914-6 man........

Zeke 10-13-2005 06:48 AM

E's didn't come with CIS that I've read. The 73.5 911 had CIS, but I don't know that they were still able to keep up with the T, E and S models with the injection switchover. I could be wrong.......

3000 is on the high side except for a known, good condition motor. You could buy it with the right to return it if it doesn't meet your criteria.

Todd Simpson 10-13-2005 07:33 AM

Agreed, $3000 could be a good deal for a documented motor with a recent checkout by a mechanic. This doesn't sound like a good deal so far.

A 2.4E engine will have MFI. The only carb'd '72-'73 engines are the Euro T motors, everything else is MFI.

The '73 T's got CIS injection in the middle of the year, generating the "73.5" designation. The E's and S's continued with MFI until all 911's went to CIS for the '74 model year. doesn't add up. If it's an E motor it should have MFI, but carbs ain't so bad...except it sounds like you aren't getting the carbs. If it has CIS then it's not an E motor it has to be a 73.5T motor.

If someone took the webers off and is selling the longblock and all the CIS stuff you'll have a nightmare getting it running and if it's an E, the cams are too radical for CIS.

'72-'73 E motors will have the following engine type number.

911/62 Sportomatic

6229001-6229248 Sportomatic

6239001-6239319 Sportomatic

Keep in mind by now they could have built something else inside an E case.

If you could mate it up to a trans with a starter you could crank it over to check compression. If not, leakdown may be your only option. I've never done one but I think you're just putting compressed air into each cylinder at TDC so it shouldn't be hard to do with the motor out.

Jim Richards 10-13-2005 07:37 AM

Re: 2.4 with it sight unseen??

Originally posted by degreeoff1
It has not been running in a couple of years though....
I'd treat it as a core and pay $1200-1500 for it. It's not clear what induction system you get with it. Is it carbs or CIS or ???

degreeoff1 10-13-2005 07:52 AM

The gent selling the engine said it did indeed come with CIS, it NOW has weber 40's and a Crane ignition system BUT the webers have not been run on this engine, I will say it is VERY clean and all part that can be powder coated have been....It has been determined VIA your alls info that it is a "T" motor. 73.5

Still a deal??


ed martin 10-13-2005 08:00 AM

I've purchased a few engines in my time and usually I have found that there is a reason the engine has been removed from the car. One engine I purchased the seller indicated that the engine, though not having been fired up in two years, was recently rebuilt by the previous owner. Turned out that when I took it apart it had a cracked head, and the rings weres broken in almost all of the cylinders. It's definitely a crap shoot, so you have to consider that in your purchase. Oh yeah, another engine a guy wanted $2000 for a 912 engine and when I examined it I realized the crank was broken. Ended up purchasing that one for $300.

A lot of times I think sellers may be genuinely ernest in their assertions, but in my experience either through ignorance or by just trying to deceive, you have to take whatever they say with a very small grain of salt.

One last very important thing. Bear in mind that if you have to rebuild it is monumentally time consuming and expensive.

degreeoff1 10-13-2005 10:23 AM

bump titty bump

Todd Simpson 10-13-2005 11:49 AM

Some other engines that have been listed here, still seems like steep price for an unknown.

Do you have any opportunity to do a leakdown or have it checked by a mechanic?

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