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funy1guy 10-14-2005 07:30 AM

Oil cooler fan removal 89 Carrera
O.K I 've got a new switch coming for my oil cooler fan as well as a new foam gasket and protective stone guard but can someone tell me how the protective stoneguard is removed? I can see one bolt up between the 2 hoses ( and do the hoses need to be disconnected?) are there lower bolts. I just want to make sure I have it all together before digging into it. Thanks !!

vash 10-14-2005 08:02 AM

man o man. gonna be messy.

the thermoswitch is in front of the cooler. the stoneguard and cooler needs to come out as a unit. so yes, the lines need to be disconnected. i would do the lines at the attachment with the hardlines. more room to do the work. the one bolt between attaches it to the headlight bucket. then two on the bracket at the bottom.

why are you doing this? i would just hook up a manual switch and let it go. and blow off the foam gasket. are you overheating? or you just want a lower temp switch?


javadog 10-14-2005 08:08 AM


The right way to do it would be to remove the whole cooler from the car, including disconnecting it from the hoses. There are other ways but they are not worth the effort, in my opinion. The cooler is held onto the car with three mounts; one at the top and two at the bottom. Disconnect the wiring to the switch and the fan and remove the three nuts holding the cooler to the mounts. Pull the upper part of the cooler towards the rear of the car to pull it off the mounting stud and pull the whole thing up, to clear the two mounting studs on the bottom. If your like most of us, the two oil hoses and the rubber gasket will conspire to prevent this removal, unless you can swear in German. At this point, I'd suggest removing the hoses.

Once you have the cooler on the bench, remove the foam rubber gasket and remove the four clips that should be under it, holding the stone shield to the cooler. The rest of the disassembly should be obvious at this point.

You'll note that the reinstallation of this assembly is also a pain in the ass, especially with a new foam gasket and the infernal black aluminum shield bolted onto the inside of the bumper that gets in the way.

When you have the cooler out, you might take a look at your rubber mounts. Sometimes the one of the studs will be shorter than the other and I suggest installing the mounts with the shorter stud facing the cooler. Just make sure that you use have a thread or two of the studs protruding through the nylock portion of the nuts, when the cooler is installed, so it will stay on. Shoter height nylock nuts are available, if you need them.

Hope this makes sense,

funy1guy 10-14-2005 08:10 AM

Thanks Cliff, Yes its overheating and the fan is not coming on. Gets just over the last white hash mark before the red. We are fairly limlited on mechanics up here and the nearest shop is in Boise about 2.5 hours away, so I thought I would try and do it myself and as long as I had it apart would replace the foam gasket which is shot and the protective stone guard which is bent pretty badly. I realize that it might be the fan once I get into it but hopefully its just the switch. Murf

vash 10-14-2005 08:17 AM

murf, jump the switch. go to the fan relay. and attach a wire at terminal 85 (check this, do a search) then turn the ignition on, and ground the wire. your fan should come on. incidentally, this is the same way you attach a manual switch.

if it were me, because i am lazy, and scared of stripping threads on those fittings, if the fan comes on, i would just do the switch. lots of 911 guys, me included, dont even have a thermoswitch. we retrofit fans on coolers that didnt have fans. we live with a switch. the job isnt hard tho, once past those rubber hose fittings. i used two 15" quality adjustable wrenches. not the right way, but it worked. cover your brake rotor with a plastic bag, you will drip....alot

dtw 10-14-2005 08:26 AM

A stock '89 Carrera in Idaho should NOT be overheating just b/c an auxiliary fan is not coming on...something else is going on there. Fix the fan switch but you've got some more sleuthing to do.

funy1guy 10-14-2005 09:00 AM

Thanks everybody!! and JR I did also order the new rubber mounts, Figure as long as I've got it out..go for it!!

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